The Mentalist s07e03 Episode Script

Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Previously on The Mentalist: - Hello? You were watching me.
Why? - Hi.
It's my job.
That was Erica Flynn.
She wants to help with the investigation.
We should fax over the case file and get her a gun.
You're skilled at getting people to trust you.
And there's a question whether you use that skill to help people or to manipulate them.
You can find happiness again, even true love.
You have to let me help you.
- Did you know Erica would do this? - Try to escape? - Of course.
- I know you have feelings for me.
This was a car bombing in Pakistan fourteen months ago.
Seven people died, 30 injured.
Egypt, eight months ago, This was an attack on a hotel in Indonesia.
All of these were made possible by this man: Jan Nemec, Slovakian.
He was trained by the Russian mob as a teenager.
He's based in Beirut now.
- Part of a terrorist group? - Not with a face like that.
- He's obviously in it for the money.
- Correct.
This is Danitra Cass.
She's CIA.
They're here to ask for your help with the Nemec case.
Nemec's a supplier.
He sells weapons, explosives.
We've been struggling to get solid intel on him for years.
But he's careful, won't use computers, doesn't leave a data trail.
You must have something, or you wouldn't be here.
A source in Beirut claims that Nemec just sent a shipment of passport chips to the U.
They use these chips to forge passports to get people in and out of the country undetected.
Our informant says that he was paid 1.
5 million euros by a jihadist group in the Philippines.
We think it's the first step towards an attack on American soil.
We need to find these passport chips and arrest Nemec and that is why we're asking for your help.
Actually, it's because of this woman.
- Erica Flynn? - I understand you've dealt with her.
She ran a dating service in California.
We arrested her for killing her husband.
She escaped from prison about a year ago, been on the run ever since.
Well, she ran into Nemec.
She's his girlfriend.
What exactly was your relationship with her, Mr.
Jane? - Me? Why? - Because we contacted Miss Flynn and she's agreed to help us find the chips, arrest Nemec in exchange for a reduced sentence of her charge.
But she insists on working with you.
- Says no other person will do.
- Mm.
- Excuse me.
- "No other person will do.
" Don't ask me.
- Abbott, we got the link set up in your office.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Join us, please.
If Flynn's not asking to work with me, why am I part of this? If Jane goes to Beirut, he's gonna need a partner to go undercover.
You've done it before.
Seemed logical.
Is there a problem? I arrested her.
I don't know how I feel about helping her.
It's a tradeoff.
I know but it's worth it, I think, with the issues at hand.
- Jane? Good.
- Me? No.
No problem.
Well, Lisbon, if you still have concerns, we can discuss it after the meeting.
Okay? Mm.
Here we go.
Miss Flynn? Everyone's here.
Patrick, it's so good to see you.
- And Agent Lisbon.
- Hello.
What is this about, Erica? Isn't it obvious? I need you.
- Really? - Jan uses a courier to send messages.
They're coded.
The courier has to memorize a long string of numbers.
I can't think of anyone with a better memory than yours.
Nemec's courier was killed in an accident.
He's looking for a new one.
He has to let the people that bought the passport chips know where to pick them up.
We'd like you to go to Beirut and be the courier.
He'll give you the code, we'll crack it, get the chips and him.
Well, I guess I could do that.
See you when you get here.
I look forward to working with you again, Patrick.
Interesting woman.
- Sir? - Mm? No need to meet.
It's an important mission.
- I'm happy to be part of it.
It's no problem.
- No? - None at all.
- So we're all good then? Yeah, we're good.
Thank you.
You know what they have here? Great orange-blossom ice cream.
- Oh, that sounds good.
- Yeah, we'll get some.
- Ah, here we are.
- Here we go.
Patrick, welcome.
Teresa, it's so good to see you.
- Hi.
- Erica, I was wondering if you'd be here.
Thought we should talk when you got in.
I hope you don't mind.
- Not at all.
- I had them prepare tea.
So thoughtful.
- Teresa, may I? - No, thanks.
So the FBI.
That's quite an accomplishment.
If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.
Of course.
Erica, please.
How did you get involved with Jan Nemec? It's kind of embarrassing actually.
I ran into some trouble in Säo Paulo.
Money trouble.
You're in a foreign country, cut off from everything.
- You know how difficult it is to live like that.
- I think you're born to live like that.
You flatter me.
Jan was very charming, and he wanted to help.
We started seeing each other, fell into traveling together.
I didn't know what he does for a living.
He told me he was a businessman.
And you believed him.
He was very secretive about his work.
I suspected it was unsavory, maybe illegal but not what it actually involved.
When the CIA told me, I was horrified.
And that's why you're turning him in, because he horrifies you? No.
Mainly because I wanna go back home.
I miss it more than I thought I would.
- You're homesick.
- Is that so strange? When you were away, weren't there things you missed that you would've given anything to get back? Yeah, there were.
I can see you don't believe me, Teresa.
I just hope that, in time, you'll see that I'm telling the truth.
- We should go see Jan.
He's expecting you.
- Okay.
Patrick has to go alone.
He's very suspicious.
He doesn't even know you're here.
- I don't think I like this.
- Don't worry.
It'll be fine.
- Lead the way.
- Excuse me.
So you and Lisbon are together, as in a couple.
I can tell by the way she looks at you that you have more than a professional relationship.
That is, in fact, correct.
- I'm happy for you, Patrick.
- Thank you.
For both of you, but especially for you.
I know how much you wanted love in your life.
I'm very happy you found it.
What is this really about, Erica? What do you mean? Why are you doing this? I told you.
I wanna go home.
Yes, but there's something else.
You're wrong.
But thank you for suspecting me.
Makes me feel very interesting.
These men will take you to Jan.
- Yes.
- Come.
Guess I'll see you a little later.
Good luck, Patrick.
I'm here to see Jan Nemec.
Uh, where are we going? I don't need to go to the bathroom.
What? What is this? What is this, uh, all about? If you're planning on scaring me, mission accomplished.
I'm scared.
Am I gonna get to see Mr.
Nemec? - Listen.
- I'm listening.
"Helicopter, electric range, Neawoundland albino, retrovirus, wheelbarrow.
" - Oh What? What? - "Battery, tractor, fox hypotenuse, slender, elm.
" Stop.
Please, stop.
"Stone, harmony, lint, banana, ladder.
" Patrick Jane, right? Jan.
Jan, uh, Nemec.
That was pretty nasty, I know, still I need you to repeat the words he just said to you in order.
- Yeah, sure.
First the words.
- I want a towel.
Thank you.
Helicopter electric range, Neawoundland, albino retrovirus, wheelbarrow, battery tractor, fox, hypotenuse slender, elm, stone harmony, lint, banana ladder.
Erica said your memory was good.
She's right.
- Is this a trick? - No, I tested the others.
You're the only one getting everything correct.
- I didn't say it was an easy trick.
- Like I said, uh, I'm sorry.
Let's have something to drink.
- I'd rather talk about the job.
- No.
You don't wanna have a drink? What kind of a man are you, Jane? Okay.
The job.
I need you to carry a message up here.
- What kind of message? - Eighty-one unrelated numbers.
You'll have to memorize them.
They cannot be written down.
When you get to the other end, repeat them in precise order, or it's useless.
What does it mean? What's it about? That's exactly the point.
You don't know.
- What are you paying? - Ten thousand euros.
If it works out, there's more.
- Fifteen.
- Ten.
Twenty, just for getting me wet.
- Ten.
- Get someone else.
I'm not interested.
Erica said you were an actor.
- Sort of.
- And a policeman? Yeah, I worked with the police.
There was something I wanted, and when I got it, I left.
- Because you killed someone, she said.
- More than one actually.
But who's counting? You know, if you wanna check me out, look me up.
It's on the Internet.
Oh, we have, Patrick.
We have.
Everything looks okay.
- Erica says you're a good guy.
- Mm.
It's all good.
Uh, I have only one question though.
Who's this? And, uh, why is she with you? Hi.
Why are you wet? Uh, it's a little gag of Jan's here.
Jan Nemec, this is my girlfriend, Teresa Lisbon.
We traveled together.
So, uh what are you doing in Beirut? LISBON: Patrick thought it'd be a good idea.
She has nothing to do with this.
Can she just go back to the hotel? You can ask me anything.
Well, maybe you can tell me if you're with the FBI.
- No, why? - Well, it says here FBI website, there's a Special Agent Teresa Lisbon.
It's a mistake.
That's crazy.
Check again.
- What's that? - Someone searching for Lisbon in our FBI database.
- That a problem? No, we're set up for it.
- Different woman.
- Told you.
It's all right.
No harm done.
Well, we're going back to the hotel.
If you need to talk to me, you know where to find me.
Metropole Hotel.
Wiley suggested building the fake profile.
So now when they see any other mention of Teresa Lisbon they'll assume it's that woman.
- Tell Wiley I owe him one.
So, what do you think? Is Nemec on the hook? It's hard to tell.
Jane made an impression, that we know.
We'll get back to you.
- Are you all right? - Fine.
You've a lot of nerve showing up here.
- What do you mean? - You told Nemec about me.
It was you.
You're the only one who knows I'm here.
Of course I did.
- Why? - She's trying to gain Nemec's trust.
I've been trying to convince Jan to hire Patrick.
He's suspicious.
Telling him about you helped prove that I'm trustworthy.
- You should've told us.
- I'm sorry.
I was working fast.
I assumed you'd be prepared for the possibility that he'd find out.
We are.
Good, because it worked.
He's downstairs.
He's ready to make the deal.
Do you mind if I stay up here? He doesn't want me down there.
I'll be going.
Bye, y'all.
Get a little room service.
Twenty thousand.
But I need you to go right away.
Five thousand now.
Fifteen when you come back.
- Where am I going? - The U.
Atlanta, Georgia.
You need to go tonight, tomorrow at the latest.
When you get there, call this number.
The guy who answers will say his name is John Paul.
When he gives you that name you say, "Dad sends his love.
" He'll say, "I miss him.
" That means everything is fine.
You can meet.
He'll tell you an address, you go there, give him a message job done.
What's the message? Left to right, top to bottom, in order.
- Can I have a few minutes? - Yeah, sure.
Erica says you're the smartest man she ever met.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
Never heard her say that about anyone else.
You had her, right? I'm working.
Of course.
- You speak Lebanese? - Just enough to say "please" and "thank you.
" - Would you like some? - I'm good.
I hope you don't mind me saying so but I'm very happy that you and Patrick have found each other.
Patrick likes to pretend that he's this lone wolf.
He's needed someone in his life ever since his wife died.
- I'm very glad it's you.
- Did he say something to you? I used to be a matchmaker.
I can tell when someone is starting a new relationship.
It's a beautiful thing to see.
I also sense some tension between you and I and I really don't want that.
You have nothing to worry about.
Why would I worry? What? Did Patrick not say anything? About what? I should've known.
It's so typical.
Men like to pretend like the past never happened.
We're the ones who remember.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Please forgive me.
Three hundred.
That's 81 numbers.
Jane, are you sure about these? There's a lot hanging on this.
- Yes, I'm sure.
- All right.
We got it from here.
You got a plane to catch tomorrow.
Lay low.
Okay? Will do.
You know, I'm not that tired.
How about you? - No.
- Wanna go get something to eat? Bellboy told me about a restaurant that does a great manakish.
Yeah, sure.
- Everything okay? - Fine.
You're liaison.
Give him the numbers and any other support that they ask for.
- Tell Vega to stay close and help you.
- Got it.
- What if they can't crack it? - What are you thinking? This guy John Paul.
He have any idea when Jane's arriving in the U.
S? No, and Nemec won't risk getting in touch with him.
Jane said he was only given a window of arrival, not a specific date.
Far as he knows, Jane's here.
Does he know what Jane looks like? No, he doesn't.
- So let's set up the meet.
- We get the message to John Paul we follow him to the location, we grab him and the passport chips even if he can't crack the code.
- Is that okay with the CIA? - As long as we're in on it.
Our pleasure.
- This is John Paul.
- Dad sends his love.
- I miss him.
- Where should I go? - You're in Atlanta? - Yes.
How soon can you meet? Five hours.
There's a roadhouse in Brookhaven.
Little Ed's on Walthrop.
- Turn your coffee cup upside down.
- Okay.
Fire up the jet.
So anyway, the analysts are trying something called modulo-2 arithmetic which sounds very cool.
I just wish I knew what it meant.
- Hello? - Hm? Sorry.
- What were you saying? - Nothing.
Looks like they're getting ready for the meet.
- Yup.
- Pretty exciting, I guess.
Anyway, um, how can I help you here? Go with Cho.
I don't need your help.
- No, I - It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
- You mean it? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
You're the best.
- Of course.
Agent Wiley doesn't need my help.
Okay if I come with you? You run it by Abbott? Did he okay it? Yes, sir, he did.
Suit up.
We leave right away.
We're only two minutes passed the target hour.
Everybody stay loose.
Male, 30s, from the north.
- There she is.
- Hey.
False alarm.
Another male, late 20s, possibly Filipino.
He can hold his liquor.
How you guys doing here? Hey, hey.
Everybody stay calm.
You bitch.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Oh, thank you.
What? What was that thing you said was good? - "Mana" something - Manakish.
- Yeah, it's like a little pizza.
- Oh.
What's up? Nothing.
Did something happen between you and Erica Flynn? Why? She made a point of letting me know that it did so did it? Uh Well, um Actually, yes.
Something did.
- When we were working together, we kissed.
- You kissed.
- Just once, in her hotel room.
- The story just keeps on getting better.
- It was nothing.
- Don't say that.
Okay? Okay.
Well, you're right.
It wasn't nothing at the time, but it was a long time ago, and, uh It was never gonna amount to anything.
It just It couldn't.
- Why didn't you tell me? - I didn't think about it.
When you found out we were coming here, you could've told me.
I thought about it then, but I made a decision not to tell you because I was worried that, um That it would come between us.
I just wish I'd heard it from you first.
That's all.
I understand.
Yeah, uh I should've told you.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Are there any others that I should know about? Like people we've worked with? - It would help me if I knew.
- No.
Lorelei? I always thought that maybe something happened with you two.
Lorelei? Uh-huh.
Okay, how about this? I'll tell you about Lorelai if you would tell me about one Walter Mashburn.
You said that manakish is like a pizza? - Yeah, that's right.
Let's get some.
- Yum.
Tea? Please.
Is that your phone? - What's up, boss? - We've got a problem.
His full name is Jean Paul Navarro.
He was connected to a jihadist group in the Philippines.
We're still looking into that.
What about the blank passport chips? It looks like they're in the Atlanta area, but we just don't know where.
How's the CIA doing with the code? They can't crack it.
They think it's a onetime pad.
- What's that? - It's a code made with a key.
Person who encodes the message has the key, so does the person who decodes it.
Without it, you can't make sense of it.
Nemec and Jean Paul must have the key.
Did you check Jean Paul's apartment? Yeah, but we need to know what we're looking for.
It could be anything.
A magazine, a book.
- It's a book.
- Why? Well, Nemec has two bookshelves filled.
And he's not a reader.
We still need to know which book it is.
So in the meantime, you two need to get out of there.
Pretty soon Nemec is gonna find out Jean Paul's dead and when he does, you two need to stay out of sight.
Change hotels, stay indoors and get on that plane tomorrow.
We'll definitely do all of that, but I think we can find those chips.
- How? - Uh, I'll tell you later.
- What's your plan? - Uh, the key is probably a book in Nemec's apartment.
- I just need to figure out which one.
- How are we gonna get into the apartment? - Taxi.
- Don't tell me you're calling her.
- I am.
Yes, we do.
- We don't need her help.
Hey, Erica.
It's Patrick.
Sorry to wake you.
Jan's got a meeting across town.
It should be fine.
Do you need help? Uh, yeah.
No, actually, I'm fine, thank you.
- Do you know what you're looking for? - Sort of.
I always think of you as having a plan but never admitting it.
That's funny.
That's how I think of you.
- How much longer? - Not too much longer.
Be patient.
He's here.
He's back.
Uh Light.
I think we're fine.
Whoo! That was close.
I'm sorry you didn't get your book.
Oh, no.
I got my book.
Right here.
Let's go.
Excuse me, sir? Hey, what do you got? The CIA analysts think the code treats each book page like a grid.
First number tells you what page number.
The second's the number of letters across the bottom.
The third's the number of letters up.
- Each three-number set gives you one letter.
- How long to work it out? - If they're right, 10 minutes.
- Call Cho as soon as you got it.
FBI, open up.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Clear upstairs.
- Doesn't look like anybody's been here.
- You sure your people got the right address? - Any sign of the chip upstairs? - No, but they're looking.
Maybe we wanna bring in some techs.
Start tearing up the floorboards.
They could be anywhere.
- Are the shades drawn upstairs? - I think so.
This one isn't.
I guess this is the right address.
That's great.
What about the group Jean Paul belonged to? Did we get anything on them? Most of the membership's in the Philippines.
Pretty low level, barely on the radar, but we have our eyes on them now.
Tell me, how did Jane know which book it was? It had to be a book that Nemec read recently.
He looked for one that had a cracked spine and didn't have any dust on it.
- Nice.
- Nemec in custody yet? - The Beirut police are arresting him now.
You think you'll get away? I'll find you, Erica.
I'll find you! I'll cut off your head and I'll spit in your neck, you little bitch! Erica! Jane? I was just helping Erica for a moment.
- Helping her? - Yes.
Jan was furious.
It was very upsetting.
A Beirut police officer will take you into protective custody until the embassy arranges an escort back to the U.
That's fine.
Jane, can I talk to you for a second? Sure.
Look, Lisbon, she's just very upset.
No, I don't wanna talk about her.
This is about you.
- You lied about kissing her.
- I didn't lie.
You insisted on getting her help even after I asked you not to.
- I'm working with her.
That's what we're supposed to do.
Ever since we got here, you're talking about her, trying to find ways to spend time with her.
Lisbon, there's no reason to get emotional here.
It's nothing.
Whatever happened between you two, it's not over.
- Just admit it.
- That is not true.
It's not.
I need to bring Nemec in with the police.
You do what you want.
I'm done.
Uh, I guess this is the officer that's supposed to take you into custody.
He's not going to, is he? No.
You always have every angle covered.
Don't you? - It's here, isn't it? - What? That thing you wouldn't tell me about.
The other reason you did this.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The 1.
5 million euros Nemec received for those passport chips.
The money, it's in this room.
- You needn't deny it.
- You're the smartest man I ever met.
- It's pretty, isn't it? - Gorgeous.
You took your chance when the CIA came to you about turning Nemec in and you had his courier killed.
Made it look like it was an accident.
- Why do you always think the worst of me? - Then you thought that you could use me to take care of Nemec and take his cash.
After all, you'd already gotten away from me once before.
You never intended to go back to the U.
All you wanted was Nemec's money and freedom.
- You're not as smart as I thought.
- Why say that? - It wasn't just about the money.
- What else? I missed you, Patrick.
I'm a professional in the field of romance and relationships and it pains me to admit it but in my professional opinion, you and Lisbon will not last as a couple.
- Why is that? You're drawn to each other for the wrong reasons.
You're attracted to her virtue, her honesty and her goodness.
Things you think you lack.
She's interested in you for your danger your unpredictability your transgressions.
These superficial qualities are alluring, even erotic but they don't make for a lasting relationship.
- What does? Finding your soul mate the person who sees the world the way you do who laughs at the things you laugh at and wants the things you want.
- And that's you? - Here I am.
I love Lisbon and I'm taking you to the real police and they're gonna lock you up for the rest of your life.
Oh, Patrick.
I tried.
On your knees, Erica.
Do it.
Jane, you all right? Yeah.
I'm okay.
Just Ooh, just need to walk it off a little Mm.
- Lisbon sent this? - Yeah.
- What's gonna happen to her? - Abbott says deal's off.
When she gets back she'll serve out her sentence.
- Vega.
- Come here.
- Yes, sir.
Sit down.
You did good work today but Abbott says he never approved you leaving the office.
You said he did.
Did you lie to me? - Sir, I - Answer the question.
I'm sorry.
I know that I just got excited.
- I thought I'd be a lot more help - That's not your call.
I can't work with someone I can't trust.
- You can trust me.
- No, I can't.
- You're not going out in the field with me again.
- For how long? We'll see.
You okay? What are we doing? We need to get to the airport.
- Come on.
You'll see.
- It says we have to be there two hours early.
Oh Oh, my God.
It's amazing.
You did this? Of course.
- Please.
- Thank you.
- And - What? Orange-blossom ice cream.
- You are good.
- Dig in.
Thank you.
What's that? - Fireworks.
- Fireworks? It's the end of Ramadan.
They're celebrating.
- Fireworks, beautiful.
- Yeah.
It is beautiful.
You thought it was a bomb, didn't you? No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
- I did not.
You did.
You know, this ice cream is only just okay.
Don't take it out on the ice cream.
I'm just saying, it's a long way to go for an okay bowl of ice cream.
As they say, "You can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.
" Okay.

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