The Mentalist s07e04 Episode Script

Black Market

It's a 57-facet round brilliant pink.
Three-point-eight-two carat.
It's gorgeous.
It's one of the most exquisite diamonds we have.
It's such an unusual color.
It must be really expensive.
It's on the higher end of our line but unique and very special.
Should we do it? - We'll take it.
- Excellent.
I wish you every happiness, Mr.
Cho, Mrs.
- Honey, I love it.
Oh! - Mm.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Here you go.
- She's a beaut.
- Ahem.
- You all right? - Yeah, just a little, uh You sound like you're getting a cold.
- You should see a doctor.
- I don't need a doctor.
Frauds in white coats.
Whatever, just don't sneeze near me.
The last thing I need is a cold.
- Will do.
- We've got a live one.
No question, this diamond's part of the stolen cache.
Carat, cut, color, all match.
Let's go get the bad jeweler.
Why don't you go back to my place, jump into bed? - I'll tuck you in as soon as we're done.
- I'd rather be here with you.
Is something wrong? FBI.
The engagement's off.
Six weeks ago, two security guards were killed outside of Fort Worth transporting half a million dollars' worth of diamonds.
What does that have to do with me? The diamond you sold was part of the stolen shipment.
No, wait.
Six weeks ago? I was out of the country in Barcelona.
- Wren will tell you.
- It's true, he was.
We don't suspect you killed the men yourself.
Not with those hands, you didn't.
But you planned it.
Or got the diamond from the people who did.
I purchased the diamond legitimately two weeks ago.
I bought many gems that day from several dealers.
- We'll need their names and the receipts.
- I'm sorry, receipts? Little pieces of paper they give you when you buy something.
Yes, of course.
I just don't know what I can put my hands on.
We have a new office manager.
Everything is in disarray.
Isn't it amazing how easy it is to spot an illicit couple? And they always think they're fooling everyone.
It's just - I just think it's amazing.
- I assure you, that's Don't even try to defend yourself here.
Look at you, with your petite manicure and your pocket square, your spray tan.
Everything screams mid-life crisis and pending divorce.
And sweet Wren's charming blush tells us the rest of the sordid tale.
If you're planning on getting a divorce, Mr.
Joubert, you'd wanna hide your assets.
- Is that why you don't have any receipts? - I'm not getting a divorce.
That's ridiculous.
- I love my wife.
- Huh? - She speaks.
- Wren.
- Take that back.
- We are gonna need those receipts.
Word of advice.
He cheated on her, he's probably gonna cheat on you.
And I know that probably seems very difficult to believe right now but it's the way of the world, kid.
- Morning, agent.
- Vega.
How'd it go at the jewelry store? It went okay.
- Make any arrests? - No.
Get anything useful? Not sure yet.
Sir, I know you're angry.
And I just wanna say again, I am sorry for lying to you.
Abbott did not give me clearance to go on the mission, and yet I said he had.
It's inexcusable.
Let me know what I have to do to make it up to you, and I'll do it.
- Are you sure you're all right? - Oh, yeah.
Just a little lemon and honey for the throat and I'll be right as rain.
- You look pale.
- Thank you.
- Hey, you get the receipts from the jeweler? - Wylie's working on that right now.
- Okay, good.
- Has your wife heard back from the Commerce Department yet? - No, not yet.
She better hear soon.
She's been waiting for months.
- Wound tighter than a piano wire.
- Tell her I said good luck.
- Me too.
- You look pale.
Told you.
Wylie, where are we with the jeweler? Joubert Jewelers has been a family-owned business for three generations.
No troubles.
- And what about Joubert's alibi? - It checks out.
He was out of the country.
And, uh, the story that he bought the diamond legitimately? It also checks out.
His receipts show that someone named Josef Rosales sold him $50,000 worth of diamonds two weeks ago - including several Australian pinks.
Who's Rosales? He's a vendor at a traveling gem show.
It Uh, it's a gem market that travels from city to city.
Vendors buy gems in large quantities and then sell them at the show to retailers.
- Where's this gem show now? - Houston through the end of the week.
Why don't you head over and talk to Rosales? We'll hang back here and work on the receipts.
- See who else Joubert bought from.
- Sure.
Cho, why don't you, uh, take Vega? I'd rather take Lisbon.
Take Vega.
She told me what happened and apologized.
What she did was wrong but she's young and reformable, I think.
- Vega, let's go.
- Oh.
Yes, sir.
Right away.
Also on display is our blue and purple tanzanite from Mount Kilimanjaro.
This is a highly-prized gem due to its scarcity.
Another color-changing gem is the alexandrite from Russia's Ural You ever interrogate a suspect? I've done practice interrogations.
Then you haven't.
Follow my lead.
If you're not sure if you should ask a question, don't.
Try not to lie to anyone.
We have several black opals - Got it.
in the back.
These have a fire in them, trust me.
Don't go by their name.
And, finally, sapphire, the gem that radiates with every variation of blue.
- Our full cooperation, just let me know.
Is, uh, something the matter? I'm Agent Cho.
This is Agent Vega, FBI.
Kirk Upton.
Uh - I saw your badge.
- Yeah, we're looking for Josef Rosales.
Um Yeah, his booth's right over there.
Is he in trouble? - How well do you know him? - Not really well.
I haven't really been with the show that long.
Agents Cho, Vega.
Elon Bell, head of security.
I was told you'd be coming.
You think stolen gems are being sold? - Is that why you're here? - Mr.
Upton, give us some space.
- If you don't mind.
- Yeah, sure.
If someone's using the market to sell stolen goods, that's of significant concern.
My bosses want me to help any way I can.
We need to speak to your vendors, starting with Josef Rosales.
- Absolutely.
This way.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
- Lena.
Hey, what's up? I was gonna call, but I wanted to tell you in person.
You got the call.
Bob Ackerman texted me half an hour ago.
You are looking at the next undersecretary for the Department of Commerce, baby.
Oh, baby, I knew it.
I knew it.
- I'm glad you did, because I didn't.
- No, no, no.
See, you deserve this.
You earned this.
Because you're Wonder Woman.
We gotta celebrate.
- We gotta celebrate big.
- It's not a done deal yet.
- I have to be confirmed.
Could take months.
- I don't care.
Okay, you know what this is? - This is your chance to make a difference.
- I know.
It's Oh, God.
I can't tell you how much I've wanted this.
Oh, I know.
Ackerman wants to meet for drinks tonight and talk about the vetting process.
Around 7? - Absolutely.
- Great.
Hey, Lena.
You're there, baby.
We're there.
- See you tonight.
- Yeah.
Yes! Yes, I sold diamonds to Jacques Joubert.
He's a long-standing customer.
He purchases from me every year.
- And you sold him stolen diamonds.
- You think I'm stupid? - Maybe, I don't know you yet.
- You know what? Go.
Take your little FBI badges I suggested he calm down.
Even if I wanted to do something as stupid as pass stolen gems, it would be impossible.
- Why is that? - The gems are registered, accounted for.
- How do you register a gem? - Every gem has a number saying when and where it was mined, where and by whom it was cut.
Every gem I sold Joubert had that number.
If he had one that was stolen, it wasn't from me.
- We need your records.
- I have customers.
- Not until you're done with us.
- Secure the area.
I'll be right there.
Agents, can you check something out with me? It's that guy who approached us.
Kirk Upton, 31 years old, San Antonio native.
- Recently divorced, two kids.
- Any arrests? Uh, yes, two misdemeanors and a felony, which didn't stick.
None of it violent.
All more than 10 years ago.
What's he been doing lately? Uh, trying various money-making schemes, it looks like.
None of them lasted.
How is Upton's murder connected with the heist? We don't know.
- But he did not sell Joubert that diamond.
- He didn't have any stolen gems in his booth.
Of course he didn't have any on him.
He must have had a partner.
Why? The gem heist was engineered by a pro.
Not someone looking for career counseling.
Upton probably panicked when he saw Cho and Vega.
Told his partner to confess or run.
Who's the partner? Well, let's take a look at Upton's associates.
Lisbon, why don't you talk to the ex-wife? Cho, why don't you and Vega talk to anyone and everyone who came in contact with Upton? Wylie, tap into the security cameras at the Convention Center.
See if you can find footage of Upton's movements before he died.
- Jane? - Yeah? - Go home.
- What, and miss all the fun? Poor Kirk.
Good guy, basically.
Just could never figure out what he wanted to do.
There was a new scheme every month.
Eventually, I had to get out of the marriage.
There's only so many fresh starts you can take.
What was his money situation? Kirk was in a motorcycle accident last year.
Doctor's bills? Forget it.
Plus, our boy Pauly is special needs.
- Kirk was paying for his tutor.
- Is that why he got into the gem business? He said some of those guys make up to $100,000 a city once they get going.
But he never saw that kind of money.
Records show that Kirk has two misdemeanor convictions and an arrest? He hung with some bad guys when he was younger.
But be involved in a gem heist? Kirk just wanted to be a dad.
Did he mention any friends from the gem show? Someone named Lake No, Pond.
Walker Pond.
This whole thing just kills me.
- Any idea who could have done this to him? - No.
No, God, no.
Kirk's a Kirk was a sweet kid.
People liked him.
- You worked with him? - Um Ahem.
I tried to help him.
Um Kirk's, uh He was always amped up.
In a hurry.
I told him, "Slow down.
You've gotta build your business.
" - But, uh, he didn't hear me.
- How's a gem seller go about building his business? You've got to learn the trade, and that takes time.
- Kirk wanted a shortcut.
- Anyone else Kirk was close to at the show? I really don't know.
We only talked about business.
- Did you talk to him today? - No.
I got here late.
Anyone you might have seen him talking to? However briefly? Yes.
I saw him a couple times recently with Greta.
Mm, it seemed like they were having an argument.
- And who's Greta? - Greta Fortensky.
She's the gem show appraiser.
- She's been here 15 or so years.
- What's that? Vendors can't sell a gem without first having an appraiser tell them what it's worth.
Wylie, what's that? Security cam footage from the gem show.
- Mm.
Live? - No, it's from this morning.
- I was tracking Kirk Upton.
- Oh.
Well, uh, ahem Ahem.
Possible to make it live? I'd like to see what's going on there.
Uh, sure.
I'm contracted by the gem show as an independent appraiser which allows me to monitor the show's integrity which stays sterling because I keep the vendors honest.
Their gems are priced appropriately because of me.
Bibby, don't do that.
- Sorry, Mom.
- Come here.
My daughter Bibby works with me.
I learned how to appraise from my mother.
And Bibby will pick up when I leave off.
It's nice to meet you.
You and Kirk might have had an argument? - He thought I was under-appraising his gems.
- That happens a lot with younger vendors.
They dream of striking it rich fast.
- Not my problem.
- What happens when a vendor thinks he's being under-appraised? - We'll usually discuss it with them.
Then after we do, my appraisal generally stands.
- Was Kirk Upton angry? - Kirk was never angry.
He was just sad.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
- Hey, Cho.
- Your fly's open.
- Jane, where are you? - The office.
Where else? - You're using the security cameras.
- Ha, very good.
And, uh, who is it that Vega's talking to? Greta Fortensky.
She and her daughter are appraisers.
You think you could show me the woman Vega's talking to? Yeah, I think so.
She looks like a barrel of laughs.
- Think she's the killer? - Don't know yet.
- It looks like she's got it in her.
- You think? Sure.
Look at that posture.
I'd bet money she has a riding crop hidden in her closet somewhere.
And her daughter looks like she'd like to give you an earful.
Who are you talking to? - He's talking to Cho.
- Cho.
- Oh.
May I? - Oh.
Hey, Cho, hang on for a second.
I want you to hear this.
Put it on speaker.
Wylie, what did you get on Upton's movements? Uh, he left his booth after talking to Cho and Vega.
According to the map of the Convention Center the person he visited was Walker Pond.
Pond? You sure? - Yeah, why? - Pond told us he hadn't talked to him today.
- Talk to him again to see if his story stands.
- Yep.
Uh, I'm just gonna Whoa, I'm getting the spins.
Hey, why don't you go home? Yeah, just go home and, uh, I'll get someone to drive you.
Yeah, that could be a good idea.
Hang on one second.
Think he's running? Bell.
We're looking for the vendor, Walker Pond.
You know him? Pond, sure.
He packed up in a hurry about 45 minutes ago.
- Didn't say why.
- He's running.
- Anything I can do to help? - We got it.
Gonna put out a BOLO.
- Call Wylie, tell him to start Yes, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
We got a hit off Pond's credit card.
- He bought gas at a station outside Galveston.
- What was he doing there? I checked.
Pond was in the Air Force at Galveston.
So, what did he do? He monitored planes to and from South America.
- You think he's trying to leave the country? - I think he might be.
- There's a plane leaving for the Yucatan.
- Cho and Vega, they're in Houston? - Yeah.
- Okay, so, uh, it's a 45-minute drive to Galveston.
Tell them to go to the airport and wait for that plane to leave just in case Pond arrives.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Lena, everyone at Commerce is delighted.
You were our first choice.
Well, I'm gonna choose to believe that, Bob.
All right, let's dig in, talk about getting you confirmed.
Here we go.
Well, it's not you.
The other side, well they just wanna stop the administration from accomplishing anything.
- They will use whatever they can against you.
- We're ready.
So Lena's résumé is impeccable.
Uh, no problems there.
We've got some people following your paper trail.
So far, so good.
What about your personal lives? I have to ask.
- Uh, there's nothing to talk about.
- We met in college.
- Married 17 years, never been happier.
- All right.
What about you, Dennis? - What do you mean, what about him? - Well, I'm not being confirmed here.
Well, you're part of the package.
You've had an exemplary career, some good talking points there.
What can you tell me about Rio Bravo station? Wow, you have a file on me too.
- Wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't.
- Right.
Oh, well, Rio Bravo was a joint task force, FBI-DEA.
We were taking down cartels near the border.
I was on the job about a year, did good work took down some bad guys.
Dennis is really proud of the work he did there.
Going after the cartels is tough.
- It's tricky.
- Yeah.
- Dirty war.
Hard to tell the criminals from the cops sometimes.
Anything to talk about? - No.
- Nothing? Absolutely not.
We're all good here.
All right.
- Well, I'm starving.
- Me too.
- Let's eat.
- Thank you.
I appreciate you inviting me to work on this case with you.
It wasn't my idea.
Abbott made me do it.
I did apologize.
I understand what I did.
It's about trust.
Okay? If we're gonna work together, I need to be able to trust you with my life.
An apology is easy.
Trust is earned.
Just tell me how.
It's Pond.
FBI, stop! Okay.
I didn't I - I didn't know it was you.
- What are you doing? - I thought you were the other guy.
- Who? What other guy? - Know who that is? - His name's Losa.
Vega, stay here.
Get Galveston P.
Down here.
- I'm gonna go find this guy.
- Okay.
Stop! Hands in the air.
I said, get your hands in the air.
Off the ladder.
That's right.
Do not move.
I said, stop.
I will shoot Aah! Name's Uriel Losa.
He's muscle for a Fort Worth loan shark.
Pond apparently owes a lot.
Now, Losa didn't know we were FBI.
- Thought we were there to collect from Pond.
- So why did he start shooting? - Said he was just trying to scare us away.
- What happened? Dealing with Pond.
It's nothing, minor sprain.
Job well done, you guys.
Both of you.
Whatever you gotta do to me, go ahead.
It's my fault.
Why is that, Mr.
Pond? Because I got Kirk killed.
How exactly did you do that? My business was off.
So I borrowed money from Losa's boss.
A lot of money.
I was having trouble paying it back.
- Why not just throw him a few rubies? - Yeah.
That's what he wanted too.
I had to draw a line.
I owed him money.
Wasn't gonna hand him my career too.
But he sent Losa after me.
But he killed Kirk instead.
Why would he do that? I let Kirk borrow my hoodie that morning.
You know, and we, uh We have the same color, same build.
So Losa must have thought Kirk was me.
And when Kirk went out that fire exit, he killed him.
Why was Kirk using the fire exit to begin with? To have a cigarette.
Some secret smokers' area.
Kirk went out there at least six times a day.
Losa must have followed him out.
I hate to burst your bubble but Losa was nowhere near the Convention Center the day Kirk Upton was killed.
- Seriously? - We tracked him.
He was 30 miles away.
He had nothing to do with it.
Still, it was a nice try.
You know, I almost hated to tell him.
He had it all worked out.
I know what you mean.
A guilty conscience is a terrible thing to waste.
In the meantime, we've got nothing and the gem show ends tonight.
Well, not completely nothing.
Pond said Upton was a smoker.
I think that tells us who's behind all this.
- Certainly how I can get a confession.
- How? - There is one problem.
- What? Well, I'm a little sick.
And I'm not I'm not sure that I can do it.
So, what are we gonna do? - Well, you could do it.
- Me? Sure.
You've seen me do this sort of thing heaps of times.
I have no idea what you're gonna say, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no.
Come by the Airstream and I'll explain it to you.
- Why can't you just tell me now? - Because I'd like to see you.
And I was hoping you would bring me some soup.
- Fine.
- Tomato or bean, please.
I got it.
No, it's cool.
It's like the red badge of courage, only tan.
- The tan badge of courage.
- It's nothing.
- You brought the guy in, that's something.
- Well, it wasn't enough.
Cho will come around.
Hey, Bob.
- Hey.
- Thanks for coming.
- No problem.
What's this all about? - Let's take a walk.
You asked if there was anything in my work with Rio Bravo that could be problematic.
Now, let's just say, what if there was? Well, then that's gonna be a problem for Lena.
- She had nothing to do with it.
- Of course not.
But we need squeaky clean.
If the optics start to look bad, well, we may have to look for someone else.
Okay, then what do I need to do? You know how hard she worked for this, Bob.
And I really want her to have this.
All right, look.
As long as you're in the picture, you're potentially an issue.
But if you're not a part of the picture, if there's some distance What good is that gonna do? I'm still her husband.
If, for instance, we can put out the word that you and Lena are going through a trial separation - Are you serious? - She won't have to say a word.
We just have to make sure the other side hears it.
It might convince them to leave you alone.
- No.
I can't do that.
- All right.
You want a way to fix it? I'm suggesting a way.
Let me know when you decide.
Yes, Lisbon.
So do you think you can do this? Jane walked me through it.
I think I can.
She'll have an earphone.
I'll be talking to her the whole time.
I'll be able to see everything that's going on.
She's gonna be fine.
And what do you need? Uh, I need Wylie to monitor the security cameras with me.
Hello, Lisbon.
- Can you hear me? - Yes.
You look good.
Very convincing.
I cannot believe you talked me into this.
Oh, you're gonna be just fine.
I'm right there with you.
Inside that head of yours.
- I'm gonna throw up.
- Me too.
Pre-show jitters.
I always get them.
Good afternoon.
Little louder.
Good afternoon.
My name is Teresa Lisbon.
- I'm a psychic medium.
- Good.
I work as a special consultant with the FBI.
As many of you already know we're investigating a gem heist and the murder of two security guards along with the murder of one of your colleagues, Kirk Upton.
The person behind all this is in this room right now.
Using my gifts, I'm gonna reveal who that person is.
They're hooked.
Yes, I will unmask Kirk Upton's killer.
Very, very soon.
What do you got? What do you got? - Um - Let's try her.
I got nine hits here.
Gonna need a little time before I can get the right one.
Lisbon, mind stalling for a minute? Would anybody like to ask me a question before we begin? Lots of people.
Um - You.
- There's no such thing as psychic powers.
- L I disagree.
- What's my star sign? Come on, you gotta sell it, Lisbon.
Make him believe.
I'm sorry, the spirits won't listen if there's any negative energy in the room.
Now you're cooking.
- Got her, Mary Kate Barrows.
- Okay.
Lisbon, you're gonna be talking to someone called Mary Kate Barrows.
Just like we practiced, okay? I'm getting something.
Is there someone named Mary in this room? - Middle name Christina or a Cathy.
- Kate? Mary Kate.
Last name Your last name, it's two syllables.
It's Ba Ba Barrows.
Mary Kate had a Havanese called Roger that just died.
- What's a Havanese? - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- It's a little dog.
- It's a dog called Roger.
Oh, my God.
Mary Kate, Roger, he wants to say hi and that he's okay.
He can talk? Oh, yes, of course.
All of God's creatures can talk in the afterlife.
Move on while you're ahead, Lisbon.
Time to lay the gaff.
I'm getting something else, people.
I'm hearing another voice right now.
It's a man's voice.
Kirk, is that you? Yes.
I will speak on your behalf.
Kirk says he was working with his killer.
They were selling stolen diamonds through the gem show.
Kirk? Kirk.
Tell us who did this to you, Kirk.
Wait, Kirk.
He wants to speak directly to his killer.
He says, "Shame on you.
" He thought you were friends.
Everyone's on the edge of their seat.
Keep going, keep going.
The smoking bit.
I can't hear you, Kirk.
You gotta speak louder.
Smoking? Wait.
What does smoking have to do with this? Oh.
He says, "I hope they have a lot of nicotine gum in prison.
" Tell us, Kirk.
Just give us one name.
He says he'll tell us but he wants the killer's mother to guess first.
He wants the killer to see the shame in her eyes.
Kirk's murder? You? - Bibby.
- Stay out of it, okay? You got them, Lisbon.
Now close the deal.
If the killer identifies themselves, they'll get a deal with the FBI.
If not, I'll find them myself, no deal.
- Bibby, don't be stupid.
- I'm not stupid, Mom! I'm smart! And I can do whatever I want with my life because it's mine.
It's not yours, it's not Kirk's.
- It's mine.
- Bibby, please.
Kirk and I ran into each other one night at a bar.
He had just gotten divorced.
We had a few drinks.
One thing led to another.
We realized that we both needed money.
Him for his kids, and me to get away from my mom.
So we came up with a plan.
I knew when the gems would arrive from the U.
Buyers that I had gotten to know over the years.
And Kirk knew someone who could pull off a heist.
Someone who also needed money.
A friend from his teenage years.
So Elon Bell stole the diamonds? Yes.
No one was supposed to die.
When Bell killed those two guards, Kirk freaked out.
But by then, it was It was too late.
Once I got the gems I used my cover as an appraiser.
I switched the vendors' registered gems with the stolen ones and then I sold the vendors' gems on the black market.
- And then we showed up.
- Yes.
Kirk wanted to come clean.
And I said we should discuss it.
But there was no discussing it.
Everything I had been holding inside just came out.
I couldn't stop it.
That woman didn't really talk to Kirk, did she? Of course not.
So how did she know I was chewing nicotine gum? Mother like yours isn't gonna let you chew bubblegum.
- You okay? - Mm.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just a long day, that's all.
I've been looking for houses in Georgetown.
They're not as expensive as you'd think.
I mean, they're expensive, but they're beautiful houses.
Look, Lena.
I don't think I wanna go to D.
You know, I have a good unit here, seniority, and I don't wanna give those things up.
- What? - We could be a two-city couple, right? - Dennis, stop.
- No, other people do it.
I think This is about Rio Bravo, isn't it? I never asked you what happened down there.
You didn't wanna talk about it.
I respected that.
But I can't do this anymore.
Not if you're acting like this.
- Lena, I can't.
- Baby, it's me.
- You can tell me anything.
- Trust me, it needs to be this way.
- Why? - Because you're gonna be asked questions.
And if any of those questions involve Rio Bravo then you need to be able to say that you don't know anything about it.
You need that, Lena.
Now, we'll see each other on weekends, holidays.
You're gonna be working seven days a week anyway.
It's probably better that I live here.
Sir, could you please stand up? - Why? - I'm gonna fall and I want you to catch me.
- What? - Then I'll do the same for you.
- No.
- It'll just take a minute.
- You fall now, you're gonna hit the floor.
- It's a trust exercise.
- I know what it is.
- We did them in training.
They really work.
- I'm sure it did in Quantico, but not here.
- Then what do I do? - I mean, I have to do something.
- Do your job.
- I understand.
- Good.
I'm going to the firing range tomorrow after work.
You wanna come along? - I'd like that.
- Good.
- You need to get some sleep.
- Mm.
You were very good.
Very good.
- We were very good.
- Hm.
It was fun.
Talking to all those people with you whispering in my ear.
I'd do it again.
What if we just left? Just took off? Like on vacation? No.
Just leave.
Mm, go someplace different.
Move on.
- What do you wanna do? - I don't know.
Are we really gonna work for the FBI for the rest of our lives? Look at dead people, chase bad guys? - It's who I am, Jane.
- I know.
Just thoughts.
Just thinking.
Good night.
- I'll come and check on you in the morning.
- Okay.
Good night.

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