The Mentalist s07e05 Episode Script

The Silver Briefcase

Stand down.
Exercise complete.
- We'll get you guys next time.
- We won? Yeah.
- FBI is having a good showing this year.
- Thank you.
- Colonel.
- Yes.
I believe you have something for me.
Week is not over yet.
Bring it on.
This idea you have about quitting, were you ever gonna bring it up again? Oh, it was just a thought.
For the record, I enjoy what we do.
Well, you might enjoy Paris or learning pedal-steel guitar.
Pedal-steel guitar? The world is infinite in its possibilities.
It's not gonna be as easy to walk away as you think.
Why do you say that? You enjoy the mental stimulation far more than you've led on.
Agent Lisbon.
Colonel Raymond.
We met at a seminar, "Tactical Solutions to Urban Terrorism.
" Colonel Raymond, this is Patrick Jane.
He works as a consultant with the team.
That was some fine work back there, clearing those rooms just now.
If you ever decide you're tired of the Bureau, I can have a space for you.
That's flattering.
Thank you.
If you'll excuse me, I need to talk to a couple men about ambush tactics.
Did you? Did you ever have a fling with that guy? What? Of course not.
It's just strange.
Strange that I didn't have a fling with Colonel Raymond? Yeah, there's something going on there.
- You don't know? - Know what? His wife was murdered eight months ago.
- Really? - It was all over the news.
- Did they catch anyone? - Yeah, they arrested somebody right after.
I need a shower.
Eight months ago, huh? The murder of Colonel Raymond's wife is closed.
You're not interested in hearing my theory? Okay.
What's your theory? I don't have one yet but that's why we need to look into it.
Excuse me.
Cho needs you to sign this.
So you don't have anything? No, at this point, I'm just curious.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Also cured polio.
Aaron Raymond is not just a colonel in the Marines.
He's a decorated war hero.
And they've already arrested a man for the murder.
So, what makes you think that man didn't commit the crime? Well, I'm not sure that he didn't.
I'm just saying there's something off about this Colonel Raymond.
Lisbon, what do you think? If Jane says it's worth looking into, it's worth looking into.
You know to trust his instincts.
No interrogations, no searches.
If you wanna talk to anyone, use a cover story.
A civil-rights case for the man who was arrested maybe.
Raymond is not to learn that we are looking into this.
Anyone finds out that we're investigating here, it's over.
Pound it.
Thank you, sir.
You want a coffee or something? I'm good, thanks.
Yeah, it sucks anyway.
I gotta tell you I'm not thrilled to have my work checked by the FBI.
I'm not thrilled to be here.
Mind if I ask why? The man you charged, Zach Jefferson has taken steps to file a civil-rights violation against your department.
- Civil-rights violation for what? - You tell me.
We caught your man Jefferson in Nicole Raymond's car one day after she was murdered.
The victim's wallet was in the car as well as jewelry stolen from the house.
Murder scene had signs of a break-in.
Slam dunk.
You look at any other suspects, the husband maybe? Yeah, yeah, nine times out of 10, husband did it.
- This is time number 10.
- How can you be so sure? Check this out.
Aaron Raymond's car was in the shop that day.
They took Nicole's car.
She dropped him off at work.
They got caught in a red-light camera.
Says, based on liver temp Nicole Raymond was killed no earlier than 10 a.
Aaron Raymond got to work that day at 9.
We got confirmation he never left.
You wanna tell me how he could be the killer? What's this about? We wanted to talk to you about Nicole Raymond's death.
Why? Zach, the FBI assures me this is an off-the-record chat.
They just wanna hear our side.
Tsk, yeah, right.
Why don't you tell us what you were doing before you were arrested.
I was living in a halfway house.
All right? Bagging groceries.
Then I moved in with a friend, you know, couch-surfing.
He got a new girlfriend, she didn't like me, so I had to move out.
You were homeless.
Yeah, I could've moved back into the halfway house but them people be on your case.
What were you doing the day of the arrest? Look, I found the car, all right? Keys in it and everything.
Is it stealing if someone just leaves something like that? You've been arrested three times.
- Shoplifting, possession.
- So? It's not crazy to think you might try robbing somebody's house.
Let's just cut right to it.
Did you kill Nicole Raymond? Man, I never killed anybody.
What? Well, what do you think? Do you believe him? Agents.
It looks bad, but Zach didn't do this.
He's probably gonna get the needle.
If there's anything you can do, it'd be appreciated.
If he's telling the truth, then Raymond killed his wife then dumped the car in a bad neighborhood hoping somebody would steal it.
Well, that's not outside the realm of possibility.
Every good plan needs a little bit of luck.
We should go visit the crime scene.
Hi, Judy.
Uh, my girlfriend and I are out house hunting and we saw a lovely place on Roosevelt.
Wondering if we could take a little peek inside.
Yeah, we're out front.
See you soon.
- On her way.
- Nice.
As you can see, this house is move-in ready.
There's a lot to love about this place but if you ask me, this cozy living area is a real dream.
- How long has it been on the market? - Um, couple of months.
Really, at this price? What's the catch? Ha-ha-ha.
Wait until you see the master bath.
Is there something you're not telling us, Judy? Out with it.
Oh, um.
Well, there was a death here.
A murder.
Shouldn't you have told us that to begin with? Isn't there a law about that? - Yeah.
- I don't know if it's my responsibility.
We're gonna have to talk about this, if you don't mind, privately.
- Mm.
- Oh, sure.
Well, I have some calls to make, so I'll be out in my car.
Just take your time.
Window was open, screen outside.
The cops think that's how Jefferson broke into the house.
- Through here? Okay.
- Uh-huh.
Uh, Lisbon, take a look at this.
Maybe there wasn't anybody there that day.
What was the weather like day of the murder? Crime report says it was mid-70s, clear skies.
Perfect day for the park.
Which begs the question: Why would you break in through that window when you can break in around the side through there hidden from the street? Now, the body was found here with a half-finished crossword puzzle and a pen so we can assume that she was sitting there.
- She would've heard him.
- Yes, she would've heard him.
But if Raymond was the killer very easy to push that screen out from the inside.
- But the time of death, he couldn't have done it.
- Sure.
That's calculated from body temperature, right? Liver temperature, yeah.
She had a fan pointed right at her like it was really hot.
But it was mid-70s.
Perfect day, fan.
You ever cook a roast? - Of course.
- Yeah.
My aunt used to do it this way.
She turned the oven way up high.
You heat it, you put the roast in, then you turn it off.
So maybe he turns the thermostat all the way up tells her it's broken.
It's broken.
And then he turns the thermostat off after he kills her.
The room and Nicole cool off slower.
Making it seem like she died later than she actually did.
What about the fan? He turned off both the fan and the thermostat.
And then he leaves.
Then he leaves.
Front door.
- Looks like it was wiped down.
- For prints.
Raymond doesn't have to worry about prints.
It's his house.
- Well, maybe he got blood on it.
- No, he's too meticulous.
You're right, he wouldn't make that mistake in the first place.
Maybe he was wiping off somebody else's prints.
A woman.
Had to have been a woman.
There was a woman with him for the red-light photograph.
- After Nicole was already dead? - Yes.
We need to find out who that woman was in the car.
It gives him motive.
How do we find her? I think it's time I pay our Colonel Raymond a visit.
Have a little talk about tactical solutions to urban terrorism.
- I told you.
- Told me what? You can't quit.
You're having too much fun.
- Judy, I'm sorry.
- Oh.
- I think we're gonna have to pass - Not enough closet space.
You heard the woman.
Colonel Raymond.
The FBI consultant, right? You here for the seminar? Oh, that's no way to learn.
I prefer one-on-one.
That's why I'm here.
You need some advice? Given the way your boys performed in that game I thought you might be asking for advice yourself.
Ha, ha, your agents got lucky.
Now, I try to teach my men not to let the other side get lucky like that.
Yeah, I could hear your men whispering their plans back and forth.
Let me tell you something about plans.
They get in the way of instincts.
You don't believe in battle plans? Was it Napoleon that once said, "No plan survives the first shot"? A student of combat.
More of people.
Well, Napoleon did all right in his day.
But I'd tell him the secret to that is never let your opponent fire that first shot.
That's a little unsporting.
Sports are make-believe, Mr.
War is real.
Maybe the only real thing we have left.
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
You're trying to provoke me.
Why? To see how you react.
Did you learn something? Yeah.
I think I did.
Thanks for your time.
It's called a rungu.
It's a Maasai warrior war club.
It's normal decor for a soldier.
Yes, but the African art doesn't have any analog in the crime-scene photos.
Excuse me.
Everything in the office, the books, the photos, the patriotic art all had something similar in the house the way it was decorated the day of the murder.
- But there was no African art? - No.
So maybe he had a girlfriend.
And maybe she had an interest in African art.
Should we tail him? He's a soldier in military intelligence.
He can spot a tail.
Most affairs are with people that you meet in your everyday life.
They're familiar.
So she's a Marine.
The Wynn complex has over a thousand government employees everything from the NSA to the post office.
- How do we narrow that down? Send someone into the Wynn complex.
Someone that hasn't been involved in the training exercises.
- That leaves out Lisbon, yourself - I was there for military training.
- Huh.
Could you do me a favor? - Mm.
Next time Wylie steals a glance at you, could you wave him in? What? Stop it.
Hey, I'm from IT.
- What can I help you with? - Wrong office.
All right, thanks.
Hey, from IT.
Hi, I'm here from IT.
Thank you.
Come in.
Hey, I'm from IT.
Is this about Candy Pilots? Because I know you're not supposed to download games.
I have a lot of downtime.
What? No.
Okay, then, what's up? I'm here to check your data stacks.
What's a data stack? - Huh? - I asked, what's a data stack? Oh, right.
Here, I'll show you.
Denise Sparks, 36.
She works as an information analyst for the DoD.
Could she and Raymond have crossed paths? She does a weekly anti-terrorism briefing for top brass, including Raymond.
- Love springs up in the unlikeliest Mm-hm.
I found her Facebook page.
She's got lots of photos of her in Africa.
No pictures of her and a boyfriend.
Could you put her next to the red light photo? Mm-hm.
That could be her.
Can you engineer a meeting? Get a read on her, see if she's our girl? - Yeah.
Well, why should I have all the fun? What was she like? I don't know, she seemed nice.
Well, just looking for impressions.
She was very clean, Mm-hm.
Manicured hands.
But she chewed the skin around her nails.
What did she order? Coffee, black.
Paid cash.
She waited until the woman behind the counter could see her put her tip in the tip jar.
I wonder if I do that.
- Four sugars.
That's a lot.
- Yeah, that is a lot.
- You said, "I like your bag.
" - How'd you know that? That's what you think other women talk about.
- Well, it worked.
We talked.
- Tell me about her.
I don't know, she's reserved.
It's the kind of quiet where maybe she could be a raging bitch or she's just shy.
What's your verdict? You want me to say if she's a killer based on one minute with her.
- Sure.
- Well, how do I do that? Your brain has processed the information.
You just have to listen to it.
So on the count of three, you're gonna say yes or no.
One - Two.
- The answer is yes.
I don't need three.
She could've done it.
Everything about her.
It just seemed like she was wearing a mask.
Okay, then.
- Very nice, Agent Lisbon.
- Thank you.
So the theory is Denise helped Raymond kill his wife and then she dressed up like her.
Jane thinks they ran the red light on purpose.
The photograph would give Raymond an airtight alibi.
- May I see that? - Yeah.
Don't do it fast, do it right.
- We have nothing approaching hard evidence.
- Well, that's where you come in.
This is where the red-light photo was taken.
They dumped the car where Jefferson found it.
- Walking distance to the Wynn.
- They walked there after the murder? It's the only way the timing works.
Denise had to change back into her work clothes at some point.
- Notice she's not driving.
- So? Jane's theory is she changed clothes in the car, then she had to throw them away.
Maybe she threw them out the car window.
Or she pulled over and threw it away in a dumpster.
I don't think they'd risk getting out of the car.
Even if Jane's theory is right, that's at least five miles.
- I can't search five miles.
- You won't have to.
Don't rush.
L I mean, she wouldn't have rushed.
We want it to time out right.
So now what? We grid search.
Divide the side of the street into one-foot squares examine every square carefully.
That's gonna take a long time.
Keep talking, it will take even longer.
You head north, I head south.
Hello? Hello? FBI, anyone home? Vega, I think I've got something.
Agent Lisbon.
- May I have a moment of your time? - Sure.
- Have a seat.
- Someplace private.
How can I help you? I just wanted to know if you think I murdered my wife.
Well, I certainly think you did.
Then arrest me.
That's what I thought.
What's going on here? Just got ambushed.
A Detective Rios called me.
He wanted to know if the FBI had been in touch about a civil-rights case.
Do you know anything about this little investigation? Oh, that's a damn shame.
I liked you.
The investigation ends now.
Thank you.
You seem like a smart person.
Know when you've overplayed your hand.
My office, now.
We've got the fabric at the lab right now, rush job.
If it holds either Denise or Raymond's DNA or some of Nicole's blood I think we've got a real shot at this.
A piece of fabric from a homeless encampment.
Even if the lab turns up anything you don't have it.
Now, I think that you and Jane did some nice work but not enough to reopen the case.
No prosecutor is gonna go after this man without having solid evidence.
We've gotten as close as we can working off the books.
If you put us in front of a judge Anything short of a confession and they will never reopen the case.
I'm sorry.
It's over.
When we get the results from the lab, we'll just try again.
- "Anything short of a confession.
" - What? Let's go for the confession.
What are you doing here? I got your message.
I didn't send you a message.
Could you have a seat, please? I'm sorry.
Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon.
He didn't tell you we're investigating you? This is outrageous.
- I'm calling Abbott.
- Oh, feel free.
Heh, oh.
That's embarrassing.
Guess I picked up the wrong phone.
You'll have to talk to him later.
Then I want my lawyer here.
You will be talking to your lawyer soon enough.
We'll get to that.
- You wanna tell me what's going on? - Yes, in this briefcase I have a report from the crime lab.
I sent something in to be tested.
When we open it, we will know if it implicates one of you or both of you.
If one of you confesses before I open the briefcase, we'll cut you a deal.
After the briefcase is open, no deals for anyone.
I'm gonna open the briefcase in five minutes.
And that five minutes starts now.
You don't have anything on us.
Well, we'll soon see, won't we? So exciting.
- I'm walking out of here.
- Go.
- We should go.
- You should stay.
I don't think you understand how much he hasn't told you.
We'll sit here for five minutes.
Let them open the briefcase.
See that they don't have anything on us.
Then we walk out of here.
- Aaron.
- Not a word.
- Definitely in a relationship.
- Yep.
That's not a crime.
- There's no need.
- No, I love him.
I love you.
I love you too, but now is not the time.
- But you know that I would never - Of course.
And you know.
If either of you were smart, this game would be over by now.
Do you ever lay awake wondering what's gonna happen to you when he gets tired of you? Just like he got tired of Nicole.
Colonel, you've carried out battle plans before.
How hard could the perfect murder be? - You did a nice job.
- Very nice.
- One little mistake.
- Was it the thermostat? Or the wig? Or was it the clothes you threw out the window on? Where was it? - 23rd Street.
- 23rd Street.
Time waits for no man or woman.
- This is - Stop talking.
- But Aaron - Woman, I'm telling you.
What is it you wanna say? - Don't be stupid.
- Mm.
All right, I'll talk.
- We did it.
- No, you did it.
No, he's the one who did it.
I didn't do it, he did it.
You Nicole said she'd fight the divorce.
She'd take the house, everything.
What right did she have? Up until the moment she did it, I didn't think it would happen.
He said it would be one bad day and then a lifetime of happiness.
He told me that she would drag us both through the mud that I'd be labeled a homewrecker.
She said it'd be quick.
She was a different person.
He let me in.
It was so hot.
And when he let me in, he got the knife off the rack.
And he smiled when he did it.
He st He stabbed her.
He said something under his breath when he killed her.
I don't know what.
He stabbed her.
I just I just stood there.
And watched.
She wasn't the same person.
Call Zach Jefferson's attorney.
Give her the good news.
Got it.
Jane, which one was it? Uh, what do you mean? Who stabbed Nicole? Was it Raymond or Denise? - I don't know.
- You don't know? No, does it matter? Well, what? Well, what's in that? - Did you really get evidence on one of them? - Good night.
- Curious about what's in that briefcase? - Haven't stopped thinking about it for a second.
Should we take a look? - I don't know.
- Come on, let's take a look.
Oh - Okay, admit it.
- Admit what? You enjoyed yourself.
You love this job as much as I do.
I love eggs, but that doesn't mean I want to eat nothing but omelets the rest of my life.
- Fair enough, but what's the alternative? - Pork chops.
- Cole slaw, french fries.
- What's the alternative for us? You talk about quitting, but what's the plan? I don't have one as yet.
- That's the problem, isn't it? - If we wait for a plan, we might never leave.
Maybe we just need to quit and stand still for a while.
Let life happen.
Let a plan take seed.
Wait for plan seeds to grow? We'd drive each other crazy.
Maybe, maybe not.
Maybe we'd be very happy.
- Won't know until we try.
- Aren't you happy now? I am happy for the first time in you know how long.
But I'm scared.
Jane, one of us could get run over by a bus.
Not if we're on a beach in Polynesia.
Buses can't go on sand.
- You could get eaten by a shark.
- Not if I don't go in the water.
- Sounds pretty boring, don't you think? - They have palm trees and hammocks and cocktails and sunsets.
- Pineapples.
- And endless boredom, sunburn bugs the size of helicopters.
I've been on vacation.
Now you're just being negative.
It was an example to avoid buses.
But we can do anything we want.
- We could buy a boat, sail around the world.
- Ha, ha, right.
What? I always wanted to do that.
A lot of people do it.
I mean, we could do it.
There's whales and storms and pirates.
- Besides, I get seasick.
- You do? - Yeah.
- How badly? - Pretty bad.
- Oh.
Maybe you'd get over that.
We are not sailing around the world.
- All right.
Beekeeping? Who doesn't like honey? You just come up with the best ideas.
Beekeeping? I think you'd look very cute in one of those little beekeeper masks.
How is that romantic? Just stop.

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