The Mentalist s07e06 Episode Script

Green Light

Previously on The Mentalist: Lena's on a short list for a position in commerce in D.
, so we're celebrating.
It's not a done deal.
I have to be confirmed.
Could take months.
What can you tell me about Rio Bravo station? I don't think I wanna go to D.
- Why? - Because you're gonna be asked questions and if those questions involve Rio Bravo, you need to say you don't know anything.
Hi, welcome to Alamo Brewhouse.
Christy will show you to your table.
Hey, guys.
Come on, join us.
We have a great Chilean sea bass today for you guys.
Let's sit you right over here.
Search warrant.
Come on, let me see some hands.
Hands on the table.
Down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Stay right where you are.
Hands behind your head.
- Sit.
- What's going on? We have a warrant to search the premises for illegal narcotics.
- This is a restaurant.
- Sir, read the warrant.
Let me do my job.
Okay? - Let's go talk in my office.
- Your office? Yeah, let's start there.
I'm checking again.
What do you got? - We searched the office, dining room, freezer canine went through everything.
We got nothing.
- Okay, search again.
- Okay.
Don't walk away.
I'm talking to you.
- We are gonna finish our search.
- This is harassment.
- The more you interfere, the longer it'll take.
- Who's gonna clean up? - I'm talking to you, bitch! - Hey! Hey! Okay.
Don't talk to my agent that way.
Hm? Okay, easy.
Pack up and get out of here.
- I'm watching you, pal.
- Little dog, put your hands on me? - Excuse me, I'm looking for Bill Peterson.
- There he is, right there.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Dennis, you look good.
- Oh.
- You lost weight.
- Yeah, a little bit.
- How's Lena? Oh, she's in D.
Big things doing.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
Oh, good for her.
So Dennis Abbott is handling the after-action report on my team's failed raid on Alamo Brewhouse.
Yeah, well, D.
You know, they want someone outside of DEA.
- You know, I don't want this to be awkward.
- Why? Because when you worked for me you were barely shaving? Heh.
Something like that.
Ah, it's been a long time since Rio Bravo station.
You've come up in the world.
Still, we did some good work.
Yes, we did.
So look, I'm gonna need to talk to your people and take a look at the files.
Have at it.
Alamo Brewhouse was just bad luck.
And you didn't find any drugs? Different day, we would have.
I'm gonna start with the agent who led the raid.
You know, I understand that the restaurant owner filed a complaint against him.
Gonzo got a little overheated, you know.
He's on administrative leave.
I'll, uh I'll get you his home address.
Um, Dennis, I'm gonna wanna take a look at that report of yours before it goes in.
Well, you know, that's not how we do things, Bill.
A lot of people in this agency got their gun sights set for old Bill Peterson.
I need to know if you're handing them any bullets.
Well, I'm sorry, my hands are tied.
When I was your boss at Rio Bravo, I had your back.
You telling me you don't have mine now? Is that how you wanna play this? Come on.
I'm just looking for a little professional courtesy.
I'll see what I can do, Bill.
- All right.
- Thanks.
I don't understand why you have to write the damn report.
It's nothing.
I'll write it, D.
Will ignore it, and we'll get on with our lives.
- How are you, baby? - Good.
Had lunch with a senator.
I'm meeting with the chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee.
- It's exciting.
- Oh.
I wish I were there.
- I'll call you tonight, okay? - I love you.
I love you too.
Agent Gonzalez, are you in here? Abbott said it was the death of a DEA agent.
- By the way, keep tomorrow night open.
- Why would it be closed? - Your birthday.
- Oh, that.
I already told everybody at work.
No songs, no cake, no gifts.
- Good, thank you.
- Except me.
- Oh, you have a gift for me? - A surprise.
- A surprise? - That's right.
You think you can keep a secret from me for that long? I don't think I can.
I know I can.
I admire your confidence.
So, Vega, I've got tickets to that blues festival and I was wondering Not Vega, Michelle.
Michelle, I've got tickets and I was Hey.
- You okay? - Yeah.
So, uh, Michelle Abbott wants us.
Caught a case.
- Yeah, uh, I'll be right there.
- Okay.
Morning, everyone.
This is Bill Peterson, San Antonio DEA.
Our victim's name is Darrell Gonzalez.
He's been with the DEA for seven years, served in Afghanistan before that.
I want you all to know how much I appreciate your help.
We're gonna get the pigs who did this.
We understand how hard it is to lose somebody.
We will extend every courtesy to you.
Every courtesy? The Sosa cartel tag.
Looks like they're trying to send a message.
Gonzo had just led a raid on a restaurant that was distributing Sosa narcotics.
- And it was owned by this man.
Steven Korbell.
How does a restaurant owner become a drug dealer? He used to manage a hotel in Mexico City that was owned by the Sosas.
That's when he began working with them.
In the raid that Gonzalez led, they didn't find anything.
Why would Korbell order a hit after an unsuccessful raid? - I mean, it just calls more attention to him.
- Exactly.
The animal that escapes a snare doesn't necessarily go after the poacher.
Okay, everyone, we can ask these questions in San Antonio.
So saddle up.
What does this Peterson have on you? Why do you ask? Because you're acting like he has something on you.
He doesn't.
Gonzalez's desk.
Yeah, we were neighbors.
Man, he used to listen to the worst music.
- Smooth jazz.
- Hm.
- That's the Alamo Brewhouse file.
- Yeah.
- That's thorough.
- Yeah.
He didn't talk computers.
He kept a hard copy on everything.
Financial records, witness interviews, surveillance photos.
Mm, my kind of people.
Mind if I take a look? - Dig in.
- Thank you.
How long had Agent Gonzalez been investigating the Alamo Brewhouse? - Months.
- Gonzo was relentless.
He slept here on the couch half the week.
Agent Bordick, you were the analyst working with him? What are you implying? You were the analyst working with him.
We had this one right.
That restaurant was a front.
And we must have just missed the supply re-up.
Wasn't your first time coming up empty.
Your team's had other misses.
How long have the two of you been out of the academy? - An hour? - Whoa.
- Easy, Jeff.
- It's okay, Agent Orosco.
We'd be happy to send you our CVs if you like.
Did you make contact with Gonzalez in the days following the raid? - After he was on leave? - No.
No, but that wasn't unusual.
Do you know what he was doing? Probably obsessing over why that raid went south.
That's the front of the restaurant, right? Yeah, those are the surveillance photos.
- Taken over a few days.
- We staked it out for a few weeks.
Do you know where the owner of the restaurant is? He's here.
He's talking to Cho and one of the DEA agents.
What is he doing? Mr.
Korbell is a community pillar.
He sponsors chili cook-offs and youth baseball teams.
He's not a killer.
He's got a hell of a PR department, I'll give him that.
Where were you yesterday from 8 a.
To 3 p.
M? In Dallas.
I had business.
Produce evidence of a crime.
So far you've done a bang-up job of the opposite.
- Hi.
Patrick Jane, FBI.
- What the hell is this? - Hey, Cho.
- Hey, Jane.
- Korbell? - Yeah.
Important question.
What time does your restaurant open? Noon.
- So you'll be opening in a little under an hour.
- If I'm not wasting my time here, yeah.
- Uh, they're free to go.
- Hey.
Have a lovely afternoon.
Thanks for your time.
You can't do this, man.
Yes, he can.
You can go.
What the hell is this? Easy, tiger.
The FBI is sending a team in to raid that restaurant this afternoon.
If we find drugs, we wanna make sure Korbell's there.
Why didn't anybody tell us? What did I just do? Hey.
You're never gonna believe what this guy just told me.
Sunset Limited, service to New Orleans with stops in Houston on to Lake Charles now boarding center platform number 304.
- Care to tell me why we're here? - Of course.
In three minutes.
How do you know Peterson? I worked for him a long time ago.
You must have been very green.
Oh, you have no idea.
Agent Peterson.
Were your ears burning? Dennis, what's up? - You're raiding Alamo Brewhouse? - No.
This one here told my people you're sending in a strike team.
I did.
- That was a lie.
- What? A fib.
An untruth.
I made it up.
Have a seat.
I'll explain.
Do either of you notice the difference from this photo to this photo? Where's Waldo? There's a light bulb on the sign that's off in one photo and on in the other.
So they had a broken light bulb.
But then it's on again here.
And off.
And on.
It's a signal.
When the light is on, they're selling drugs.
When it's off, they're not.
This photo was taken the day of your raid.
You notice how the light is off? That's why your guys didn't find anything.
- They weren't selling.
- But why that day, huh? Was it just bad luck? Here we are.
Twelve on the dot.
The green light is on today.
I turned it on.
What do you think Korbell's gonna do when he thinks another raid is coming? Wait a minute.
How could Korbell know that? He has an inside source.
Someone from DEA.
And if I figured it out, Gonzalez did.
That's what got him killed.
What are you saying? That someone on your team is a killer.
So we're looking for a cop that killed a cop.
Gonzalez figured out there was a mole, the mole killed him before he could go public.
Whoever it is, he's been at it a while.
There've been over half a dozen bust raids in the past two years.
Peterson's explained them all away.
Bad intel, tactical mistakes.
In hindsight, it had to have been an inside man.
For now, we don't rule out anyone.
It can be any one of Peterson's agents.
That's 30 suspects.
You forgot Peterson.
Peterson doesn't have much of a bedside manner, but he's not a traitor.
- I thought we couldn't rule anyone out? - Abbott's right.
Peterson's not a suspect.
So we'll, uh, just dig down into his team.
Personal reviews, bank records anything that points to a motive.
Ego, revenge What, you disagree? Well, they're all poorly paid government employees.
You're not gonna have to dig too deep to find motive.
Oh, you have a better idea? Maybe.
But first, I need someone to run an errand for me.
Back at the DEA, what were you and Orosco saying to each other? Oh, he was apologizing for his partner being a jerk.
I said it was fine.
Mi hablo at a ninth-grade level.
- Heh.
- I can say "grandmother" and "hall pass.
" - Do you speak any other languages? - I'm fluent in Pig Latin.
I'm not really sure that counts.
- Listen, l - Vega I need you to do something.
But first a question.
Uh, we shoot pictures for ID badges every year.
Does every federal agency do that? - I think so.
- Excellent.
I need you to go back to San Antonio.
I need you to get all photo IDs for Peterson's DEA team for the past three years.
We just got back from there.
I know.
No rest for the weary crime-fighter.
- See you when I get back.
- Yeah.
- Abbott.
- Dennis.
I'm in Austin.
Like to talk if you got a minute.
Come by the office.
Actually, I'd prefer talking outside your office.
Mind meeting me at Grand Plaza? Evening, Bill.
Uh, you want a drink? - Club soda.
- Another one.
Hell of a thing to know that one of your people betrayed you.
- Killed a colleague.
A friend.
- Yeah, it's hard.
I know.
You didn't tell your team anything? No.
They think it's an investigation of a cartel murder.
Well, my people are the best, Bill.
We'll get this guy.
I'm sure you will.
When you do, I need to share the collar.
What do you mean? I want credit for the arrest.
We'll come up with something I did.
You know, something vital to the investigation.
So you want me to lie for you? I told you, I have enemies.
They find out one of my people was working for the cartel they'll take me to town unless I do something.
- I need to be part of the solution.
- You have been asleep at the wheel.
One of your people has been in bed with the Sosas for two years and you didn't see it.
Now you want me to cover your ass? We should be having a discussion about your resignation.
We've all done things we're not proud of, Dennis.
Things we'd like kept quiet.
So you're gonna hang Rio Bravo over my head unless I play along? I wish it was just you.
Lena's confirmation is coming up in a couple of weeks, right? Rio Bravo could be a real problem there too.
I need this, Dennis.
Keep me posted.
You ready to get out of here? - Uh, I think I'm gonna stick around.
- Okay.
Any guesses about your present? Or have you given up? Does it weigh more or less than three and a half pounds? Why three and a half? - Because.
- Less.
- Is it made of kryptonite? - No.
Is it something that I would wear on a cold winter's day? No.
That is my guess.
Promise me you will not open it until tomorrow night.
- You're bluffing, aren't you? - See you later.
I'm guessing by your look that you just talked to Peterson.
I'm listening.
I worked for him about 10 years ago.
When he was running the task force on the border.
Rio Bravo station.
We were working with the Mexican police trying to do something about the cartels.
Tough work.
It was war.
The Zeta cartel would send their men out dressed like soldiers.
They would wait for a bus to come through stop it force all the passengers off and shoot them.
All of them.
Just so they didn't work for another cartel.
There were bodies everywhere.
Men, women, children.
Scattered all over the road like trash.
Yeah, that's That's not a picture that anyone should have in their head.
And one day, I was sitting on a Zeta safe house just watching who came and went.
Gathering intel.
And I saw this Zeta commander walk out.
Dressed in a military uniform? And I knew what he was going to do.
I couldn't call the local police because they were terrified of the Zetas.
I couldn't arrest him.
So I sat there thinking for, I don't know, maybe three seconds.
I got out of my car, I walked across the street and I shot him.
You did the right thing.
I don't know.
But no buses were stopped that night.
And the next day, I quit the Rio Bravo station.
Did Peterson know what you'd done? He guessed.
The death of a commander hit the news.
Tons of speculation on who killed him and Peterson knew where I was when it happened.
And now he's threatening you to do what he says.
Peterson can end my career.
I can go to prison.
But it's not just about me.
Any mention of this can end things for Lena before it even starts.
You can't let him do it.
I appreciate the thought.
How do we stop him? I'm not sure.
But when I know, I'll tell you the answer.
- Hey, can you help me with something? - Sure.
Abbott asked me to look into Korbell's records.
See how he's communicating with his contact.
I've looked at Korbell's phone e-mails, texts.
Nothing jumps out.
- Too smart to use something that easy.
- They must have been making contact.
Check his day-to-day.
What was Korbell looking at on the web? Based on the sites he visits, he's a Houston fan he buys a lot of protein powder, he's into Persian longhairs.
- The cats? - Yeah.
No way.
He spends a lot of time on a Persian longhair website.
I've read his file.
There's no way Korbell's into cats.
- He's too macho, too desperate for approval.
- Must have been going there for something.
Maybe their communicating through the message boards.
Nobody will look there first.
I'll check it out.
- I got the ID pictures.
- Thank you.
The past three years for each person on Peterson's team, 30 in total.
- Most recent pictures on top.
- You're a marvel, Vega.
Well done.
What are you looking at? Their eyes.
Windows to the soul.
You can't be serious.
Good call, Vega.
Really, what are you looking at? Don't wanna ruin the surprise, but since you're interested there may be something you can help me with.
Requires some bravado, which should be right up your alley.
- Help you with what? - A little something to catch a killer.
- You want me to help you with a trick.
- Lf that's what you wanna call it.
Problem? Speak your mind, soldier.
It's just I very much appreciate being a part of this team, sir.
You get results.
I respect that.
Thank you.
But? The things you ask people to do It's It's not what I thought working for the FBI would be like.
At all.
No, and, uh more importantly, you wonder if your father would approve.
He was strict.
Thirty-seven years in the military makes you a stickler for the rules.
I'm sure he was.
And a good father.
I mean, you're proof of that.
But I can't tell you what your father would approve of.
That's for you to decide.
- Sir.
- Yes, Vega? What do you want me to do? Well, when I'm finished here, I'll tell you.
Thank you.
- Abbott.
- Dennis.
Any progress? - Some.
- Don't make me chase you down.
What's going on? We're gathering information.
Let me know as soon as you got something.
Don't hold out on me.
That will not go well.
- Making progress? - Yes, actually.
Got something.
Korbell was trading messages with his contact on Peterson's team through a cat blog.
What was in the messages? Coded language about DEA investigations.
The first letter of each word spells the message.
So for instance: "Reactive allergies in declawed animals, try for preventative measures.
" That spells "raid at 4 p.
" - It's actually pretty cool.
- Heh.
- Do we know who Korbell was dealing with? - No.
Covered his tracks with proxy servers and VPNs.
- Whatever they are.
- But here's something.
As of yesterday, he suddenly stopped posting.
There are no new messages.
- He's getting ready to run.
- Maybe he's just laying low.
A poker player that stops betting isn't laying low, he's cashing in.
If he's about to rabbit, we better move quickly.
Call San Antonio, tell them there's been a breakthrough in the case.
Have them gather up these 10 agents, and I'll go talk to them in two hours.
Everybody's here.
You needn't worry.
I'm not worried.
Vega, you're on.
Just stay relaxed.
You'll be just fine.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go.
Agent Peterson.
You're one of Abbott's people, right? I'll be down to whatever he's doing in a minute.
Actually, sir you're under arrest.
I'm what? Thank you for coming.
Could you all take a seat up front here, please? Thank you.
I know you're wondering why you're here.
The answer to that is simple.
One of you killed Darrell Gonzalez.
And I'm gonna tell you who in about five minutes.
Cho and Lisbon will come to the aisles.
We're asking you to give up your guns.
You gotta be kidding me.
- We'll return them when this is over.
- If you're innocent, there's no problem.
If there's a killer here, we don't wanna risk a gun fight.
We don't want anyone to get hurt.
I'm afraid I have to insist.
One of you is working with the Sosa cartel.
Betrayed your team.
If you're not interested in knowing who, by all means, keep your guns.
Thank you.
Have any of you recently inherited some money from a deceased parent or grandparent? I'm not talking about a little bit.
A pile.
Enough to make a difference.
Raise your hands, please.
Don't be shy.
I'm very sorry for your losses.
Uh, none of you killed Darrell Gonzalez.
You can move to the back of the room, please.
Thank you.
What does an inheritance have to do with who killed Gonzalez? That is a good question, but I am the one asking those right now.
Now, is there anyone here in a relationship with someone from the beauty field? Yeah.
- My husband runs a couple of styling salons.
- How long have you been together? - A year.
- Congratulations.
I'm very happy for you.
Um, you didn't kill Gonzalez.
Would you move to the back of the room? Anyone here get divorced in the past three years? Law enforcement, tough on the home life.
On the plus side, you didn't kill Gonzalez.
Back you go, please.
Oh, wow.
You think one of us are in bed with the Sosas? - That's crazy.
- Really, why would we do that? Money, I assume.
But I don't care about the motive.
I'm interested in what happened after one of you became a traitor.
I looked at your ID pictures for the last few years.
All 10 of you have improved your appearance most notably by sprucing up your hair.
Some of you because you inherited money, others because you're back in the dating scene.
Are you seriously saying that one of us is the killer because we got a better haircut? - A killer, no.
A traitor, yes.
Whoever sold out to the Sosas made bank and got a big ego boost.
When you have a good secret, it makes you feel important.
If you're so sure, which one of us is it? - Well, that's the question, isn't it? - Jane.
- Just a minute, Vega.
- I found the killer.
It's Bill Peterson.
You're seriously doing this? I was certain it was gonna be one of the others.
Are we sure about this? Wylie found a link to an offshore account in Belize.
It was hidden under aliases and shells, but he traced it back to Peterson.
You're accusing me? Get your people in line.
Take him out of here.
Abbott, you think I'm gonna forget about this, huh? - Is that what you think? - You have evidence against Peterson? You can pick up your firearms on the way out.
We're done here.
Yeah? You look like you're in a hurry.
What's the rush? Nothing.
I mean, none.
- You got a go bag in your trunk, don't you? - What are you talking about? You killed Darrell Gonzalez.
Where are you headed? The Gulf? Airport? - Why would I be going to the Gulf? - You killed Darrell Gonzalez.
So you thought you were gonna get away? Excuse me? When we arrested Peterson, you thought you had time to escape.
But I know what you did.
What? You killed Darrell Gonzalez.
No, Peterson did.
You guys said so.
You arrested him.
It was you.
I'm not letting you alone until I prove it.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I am going to tail you every day until you're in cuffs.
I don't care how long it takes, I am gonna put you behind bars.
This is Abbott.
- We found your go bag.
- Yeah, quite the trip you were planning.
Fake passport, Croatian kunas.
Hey, Lisbon, does Croatia have an extradition treaty with the U.
S? I don't believe they do.
We also found the tracking program you installed in Gonzalez's computer.
He'd suspected a mole.
It was only a matter of time before he latched on to you.
So why did you start working for the Sosas? Why betray your team? My team? I've been in DEA for six years.
You know how many times my team has passed me over for promotions? You wanted to show them how smart you are? No, wait a minute, he couldn't be that smart.
I mean, we caught you.
It took you years.
That whole time I was tipping off dealers ruining busts, stashing payoffs.
I was the most powerful guy in that building.
Nobody knew.
So who's the smart one? Let's get this smart man a nice jail cell.
We found enough evidence in Orosco's apartment to arrest Korbell and several of his employees.
Korbell's gonna flip against the Sosa cartel.
Feels like a win, all in all.
You humiliated me in front of my people.
You perp-walked me through my own office.
We had to make Orosco feel like he had a chance to get away.
You were the misdirection.
Not the best part, but you played it adequately.
You were supposed to tell me what you were doing.
We couldn't.
You would've blown the shot.
Look, I'm sorry, Bill.
Really, I am.
I was supposed to get the credit.
We had a deal.
There was no deal, Bill.
Just a crazy idea you had in your head.
You're done, Abbott.
It's over for you and your wife.
I'm gonna see to that.
Okay, I've been patient.
I've been polite.
Not anymore.
Take it back.
What? Take back your little threat and apologize to my friend here.
Why? This display, this tantrum, it isn't about anger, is it? It's about fear.
Fear? Of what? That we weren't too far off about you keeping a stash of dirty money and that with enough time, we will find it.
Give my best to Lena.
- Are you sure about this? - Absolutely.
We have him right where we want him.
No, I heard you were awesome down there.
Really? Oh.
Because I felt like I was gonna throw up the whole time.
Lisbon said you nailed arresting Peterson.
Like a pro.
Well, it was actually fun.
I didn't think it would be, but, uh, it was.
- Oh, God.
- What? Um It's Bordick from San Antonio DEA.
He's asking me out.
Oh? Fortunately, I can honestly tell him I have no interest.
I'm so not into that right now.
I just wanna focus on work.
- Sure.
- Know what I mean? Yeah.
Me too.
Um, I am taking these files down to admin but will you be here later? Almost certainly.
See you.
- The lights are a nice touch.
- Mm.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Make a wish.
And here is your gift.
Open it.
The one and only from the CBI.
You kept the pieces.
It looks pretty nice, doesn't it? It's perfect.
I'm speechless.
This is You really didn't know what it was? You can see for yourself.
You really didn't know? I'm genuinely surprised.
This is This is such a beautiful gift.
Thank you so much.
I'm amazed.
Are you sure you're not just pretending to make me feel better? - You don't have to make - Oh, come on.
Please, Lisbon, just take the compliment.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.

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