The Mentalist s07e07 Episode Script

Little Yellow House

Keep yourself centered.
Very good.
That's it.
Now, just keep your head nice and clear.
What are you doing? Jane's teaching Vega balance.
Oh, that's useful.
- How long? - Forty-three seconds.
Don't think.
If you have to think, thinking about dropping will lead to dropping.
What should I think about? Anything.
I love s'mores.
- Graham crackers, chocolate, Sixty seconds.
toasted on a campfire.
S'mores are better in a microwave.
- It's true.
- Well, I don't even know what to say to that.
- Very good.
- Thank you.
Is Agent Teresa Lisbon here? - Hey, I'm Lisbon.
- Julie Sandoval.
- U.
Attorney for the Northern district.
- What can I do for you? I was getting a deposition and heard your name mentioned.
- Your brother is James Lisbon? - What about him? - Have you spoken to him the last few days? - No.
What's going on? A warrant is being issued for his arrest.
I thought you'd like to know.
What did he do? He's a material witness in a federal investigation.
A man named Nathan Barnes was beaten to death 10 days ago.
He's the son of Judge Jacqueline Barnes.
We think your brother was in contact with the victim the night of the murder.
So they were in contact.
Arresting him seems a little over the top.
- We'd prefer not to, but he fled.
- He what? We sent officers to your brother's house in Oklahoma City.
He slipped out the back door.
He hasn't responded to our attempts to communicate with him.
Can you reach him? - Yeah, I think so.
- Are you not close? No Yeah, of course I can.
Tell him to turn himself in.
It'll be better that way.
Thanks for your time.
Yes, it's serious.
An arrest warrant is serious, Stan.
No, it's not okay.
What'd he say when he called you? Well, if you hear from him again, tell him to call me right away.
Stan says Jimmy called him, said he was in Chicago, but he doesn't know where.
Well, if he's in trouble, he's gonna go someplace he feels safe.
- You know where that might be? - My parents' old house, probably.
Sounds right.
Vega and Wylie filled me in.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
How many siblings do you have? Three brothers.
I'm oldest.
I'm the oldest of five.
Some days, keeping them in line You wanna strangle them.
All of them at the same time.
I'll clear your leave.
- Take as much time as you need.
- Are you sure? Go and take care of your family.
I have to go to Chicago, find Jimmy, bring him back.
I should only be gone a couple of days.
- I can come with you if you want me to.
- Wouldn't be any fun for you.
- Fun's overrated.
- If you wanna come, you could come.
Do you want me to? I would very much like it if you came.
All right.
Then I'm gonna come.
We'll do it together.
My parents bought this house when I was 3.
I lived here all through high school.
I haven't been here since my dad died.
This has gotta stir up some feelings for you.
Could use a lick of paint, but it's nice enough.
You don't have to be polite.
I never lived in a house when I was a kid, Lisbon.
A little envy here.
Still there.
Stan said he was fixing the place up so his family could move in.
He didn't say it was a disaster.
Beer and pizza.
Jimmy was here.
Look, I'm gonna go call Stan.
Where's your old bedroom? It's up the stairs.
First door on your right.
I love your, uh Your wall graffiti there.
Jane? - No.
- Jane? What's going on? - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- I take it that wasn't your brother.
- No.
Yeah, definitely.
The drywall will be in by the 12th.
- Teresa, come in.
- Stan.
Let me finish up with this butthole.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Where are your cowboy boots? I expected cowboy boots on the Chicago gal living in Texas.
- Patrick, this is my sister-in-law Karen.
- Hi.
- Is that Joey? Hi.
- Joey's 3 and a half.
Him and Annie are at preschool.
This is Brian.
- And you have a newborn as well, right? - Paul.
He's upstairs asleep, thank God.
- So you're Patrick.
- Yeah.
Fun to meet one of Teresa's boyfriends.
She tell you about Woody Squire? - No.
- Have you heard from our brother? The one in trouble with the government.
Remember him? Yeah.
She doesn't wanna talk about Woody.
So, uh, Jimmy has some information about a murder or something? Yeah, a guy named Nathan Barnes.
Son of a judge.
Jimmy will be okay.
He's dumb but he's not stupid.
An arrest warrant is serious, Stan.
- Oh, damn, I thought that nap was gonna take.
- Damn.
Come on.
Let's go talk in the living room.
So, Woody Squire, eyeliner and a lip ring.
He pierced himself, got infected before prom, swelled up.
- Ask her.
- Hilarious, Stan.
Uh, Jimmy called three days ago.
He said I might hear from some people that he was in town but if anyone asked, I should say I don't know where he is.
You didn't think that was suspicious? I figured whatever Jimmy got into, he could handle it.
- Not all of us are cops, T.
- Was anybody with him? We went to Mom and Dad's to look for him and somebody jumped Jane.
Holy crap.
You okay? Oh, yeah, right as rain.
Wait, so this person was, like, in the house? You have any idea who it was? No, I mean, it must have been somebody looking for Jimmy.
He's playing cards again.
Great, great.
So you think it's a poker thing? Somebody's after Jimmy to collect a gambling debt? Definite possibility.
So how's business, Stan? You're a contractor? Yeah, well, home remodeling contracting.
Kitchens, bathrooms.
How's that going for you? Things have been great, yeah.
Money's awesome, yeah.
That explains why you haven't been out to your parents' place.
That's a nice little place.
Needs a little TLC though.
- Yeah, I've been swamped.
- Can we get back to Jimmy? Oh, absolutely, boss.
Uh, so, what can I do? Call his friends, see if they heard from him.
We'll check out the bars.
Oh, I forgot.
Baby's christening's on Saturday.
- Any chance you can make it? - I'll try.
- You got it.
- What? T, we all know with you, "I'll try" means "I won't.
" I'd like to come.
It's just, I got a job.
I got a job too.
You're not the only busy person on the planet.
It's fine.
- Let me know if you can make it.
- I will.
- Patrick, nice meeting you.
- You too.
All right.
I'm sorry.
My family's messy.
Oh, no need.
Messy people are good people.
- I'm not messy.
- You're messy on the inside.
Wylie, what's up? I talked to a friend in the Dallas office, got some info on the Barnes murder.
- What'd you find out? - They found his body in an alley behind the Wrightwood Hotel The M.
Found bruising and cracked ribs in addition to a busted skull.
That doesn't sound like a robbery gone wrong.
He did pro bono work for battered women.
Dallas cops think it was probably an angry boyfriend or husband.
- Why do they want to talk to Jimmy? - They found his business card on Barnes.
That's weird.
All right, thanks.
Don't hang up.
Thank you.
Wylie, it's Jane.
Yeah, I got in a little tussle with someone when we first got here.
Could you run a description, see what comes up? Yeah, sure.
Hit me.
Male, Caucasian, hazel eyes, brown hair, mustache, beard.
About 25 or 26 years old.
Six-foot-four, 210 pounds.
An inch-long scar running vertically under the left eye and a tattoo of a spider on inner right wrist.
That is pretty detailed.
Anything else? Yeah.
He smelled of Aqua Velva.
Aqua Velva.
I don't think there's anything uncommon about that around here though.
He's not here.
Teresa? Teresa Lisbon? TJ Mullins.
- Hey, TJ.
- Hey, how's it going? Oh, my God.
- TJ Mullins.
- I heard.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
This one used to babysit me.
- Really? - Yeah.
Remember when you sat for me and I locked you out? You threw a brick through the window to get back in.
It was completely my fault.
And you paid my dad for the window.
You were such a straight arrow, Teresa.
You know, we're looking for Jimmy.
Have you seen him? No, I haven't seen him.
- Have you talked to him? - No, no, definitely not.
TJ, you seem like a very nice kid, but you're a terrible liar.
I bet we will find a call from Jimmy on here.
Where'd you get that? That's my phone.
Yes, it is.
- He called this morning.
- We need to find him.
It's important.
I said I wouldn't tell if anybody came looking.
It's a family emergency.
He said something about going fishing.
That's all I got.
Your mom called.
You should probably call her back.
See you, TJ.
What are you doing here? There's a warrant out for your arrest.
You're wanted for questioning by the U.
Attorney, and you ran away.
Look, do you have any idea how much trouble you're in? You catch anything? No.
Your boyfriend? - Yeah, Patrick.
- Hi.
I wanna help.
Did I ask for your help? - No, but you're my brother.
- Yeah.
Funny how I'm only your brother when you think I messed up.
Look, talking to an FBI agent is not a great idea for me right now.
Talking to the feds is gonna get me in hot water with a dangerous guy.
The guy who came looking for you at the house? - Someone was at the house? - Yeah, somebody broke in to the house.
Stan thinks he was there to collect a gambling debt.
Maybe it has to do with what happened in Dallas.
What is it? - You talked to Stan? - Yeah, earlier today.
Is he right? Was the guy collecting a debt? - I don't know.
- You're gambling again? Playing poker? Would you back off me for one minute? Do you mind if I have a little talk with your brother alone? No offense, but "sister's boyfriend" isn't exactly a position of authority to me.
Let me offer you a deal.
If you come back to Texas with your sister and me, you'll never have to testify.
And no one will ever know that you helped us.
How do you swing that? We'll catch the killer in a way that your testimony will be unnecessary.
Just like that? Well, I skipped a few steps in the middle, but, yeah.
I don't even know you, man.
Why should I trust you? I haven't told your sister about the man in the house and why he was there.
I know he's not from Dallas and I don't think he was there to collect on a gambling debt.
Do I have to go on? No.
Look, I don't like keeping secrets from Teresa.
I care about her.
And I care about the people that she cares about.
You come back to Texas and you'll be fine.
I promise.
We're good.
- This is where you work? - It is, yeah.
Step up from the fryer at Casper's.
It's probably better for your face too.
I'm Jimmy Lisbon.
- Can I help you? - Jimmy, come on, let's go.
- Later.
- Ahem.
- Get in.
- Okay.
You're recording me? You gonna read me my rights first? I have to put this on record.
For your own good.
What were you doing in Dallas the night Nathan Barnes was killed? You're gonna be mad.
- Jimmy.
- Okay.
But I don't wanna hear about it.
I was at a poker game at the Wrightwood Hotel.
- You drove to Dallas for a poker game? - It's three hours from Oklahoma City.
- You'd drive three hours for a good game.
- No, I wouldn't.
It must have been my other big sister who taught me how to play cards.
Was the victim at the game? Yeah.
Nathan was there.
We got to talking.
He said he had electrical work needed done.
I gave him my card, said I was an electrician.
- Did you see him get killed? - No way.
- Do you know who did it? - No.
- Jimmy.
- T, look What happens is, I go to the Wrightwood, okay, and Nathan is there.
I know him and a friend of his named Charlie McInnis, he's another law clerk.
They're the only ones I know, by name at least.
Do you remember anybody else who was there? A woman named Vicki, I think.
And a dude named Ben.
You said there was somebody there that you were afraid of.
Don't tell me you can't remember his name.
The game's run by a guy named George Holiday.
George Holiday, 50 years old.
He's a major player in the Dallas organized-crime world.
Union kickbacks, sex trade, drugs suspected of a few hits in the '90s before he moved into management.
Mobster in cowboy boots, and a bigtime gambler.
- Nathan Barnes was in a ton of debt to Holiday.
- How much? Hundred and forty, 150,000.
He was a chatty drunk after a few gin and tonics.
So there you go.
Have fun catching him.
I'm not sure Holiday's our guy.
- Why not? - It's hard to get money out of a dead man.
That killer is almost certainly a part of that game.
- We need to get in on that.
- Forget it, it took me weeks.
I had to charm Holiday with my mad poker skills.
Let us take care of it.
How do we find him? He's a silent partner at a sports bar in Dallas called Donovan's.
I just had a contentious phone call with U.
Attorney Sandoval.
Her office was alerted by TSA about your brother's flight.
- She asked that we hand him over.
- Whoa, you said I wouldn't have to do this.
You won't, just yet.
I told her we caught a break in the case.
She wasn't happy but she agreed to let us follow it for 72 hours.
Now, if we find a suspect in that time, the collar is hers.
If we don't, then we need to rethink our strategy.
Cho and I need to make friends with a mobster.
We're gonna need some cash.
I'll see what I can do.
- Jane, that guy who attacked you in Chicago? - Mm-hm? I found someone who fit the description.
Name's Delfino.
Low level thug.
It's odd, though.
Lisbon said he was after Jimmy but I can't find any connection between the two.
Delfino's Chicago, born and bred.
No connection to Oklahoma City or Dallas.
If he was after Jimmy, I don't know who he was working for.
Want the locals to pick him up? No, let's sit on this.
And don't tell anyone, okay? Sure thing.
- Holiday.
- They're gonna run it.
- They're gonna pass.
- Okay, let's put it up there.
Let's see, shall we? - Come on, now.
There we are.
Sixty? - You're on.
Run it.
Run it.
- Yes.
I do love taking your money.
- Well, I'll have my revenge.
- Mm-hm.
- Mm.
- Another? - Yeah.
Uh, bartender, two more drinks, thanks.
Oh, drinks on me.
Sir, you want a drink? I'm buying.
I buy my own drinks, thanks.
Smart man.
Never put yourself in a person's debt.
Let's make this a little more interesting.
A thousand says next drive ties the game.
- That's too much for me.
- Nah.
Thousand dollars, come on.
A thousand dollars.
Anyone want in? Money on the bar.
Do you know anything about football? Why don't you take the bet and find out? You ought to be more careful with your money.
And your mouth.
Thank you for the advice.
Goodness, you look delicious.
Fishing with the wrong bait.
Charlie McInnis? I'm Agent Michelle Vega.
I'd like to talk to you about the murder of Judge Barnes' son, Nathan.
Yeah, terrible what happened.
Um, Heidi Pendleton, this is my fiancée.
We work with Judge Barnes.
- Hi.
- Nathan was an amazing guy.
L - Um, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It seems so senseless, what happened.
I helped Nathan with some of his domestic abuse cases.
We became friends through that.
Nathan was at a poker game the night he got killed.
You were there too, weren't you? - Yes.
- So you know George Holiday.
- Yeah, just from the game.
- Who else did you know at the game? Um Nathan, obviously.
A kid named Jimmy Lisbon.
There was a woman named Vicki Shell.
- And Benjamin Bennett.
- You played poker with Bennett? Yeah, it was nothing.
What do you know about Benjamin Bennett? Judge Barnes ruled against him in a patent case a few months back.
He was ticked off.
There was a lot of money involved.
That's how we know him, through paperwork.
And the poker game? Isn't that a conflict of interest? I never discussed the case with him.
But someone did? Well, Bennett was working Nathan about it.
Wanted to get his mom to revisit the ruling.
Nathan said no, of course, but Bennett wouldn't let it go.
So there were six players at the poker game.
George Holiday.
Nathan was in debt to Holiday for 140 grand.
That's a big chip for Holiday to play.
Charlie McInnis.
He lost big that night.
Not a good night for him.
Benjamin Bennett, "BenBen.
" Former college-basketball star trying to make it as an entrepreneur.
The victim's mother ruled against him in a patent case.
Vicki Shell, avid cyclist, CEO of a Dallas bicycle manufacturer.
According to Jimmy, she had an eye for the victim.
- You sure one of them killed Nathan? - Seems likely.
I won't know for sure until we get into the game.
- How'd it go with Holiday? You in? - Not yet.
He needs a different kind of motivation.
What kind? Scotch on the rocks please.
On the house.
Thank you, kind stranger.
George, please.
- Teresa.
- Teresa.
So, what's your story, Teresa? Hey.
I gotta tell you something.
You got a much better sense about women than you do about football.
Well, it's just money.
Ha, ha.
If you really mean that, you've never been broke.
Well, what's the point of having money if you can't have fun with it, right? Betting on sports is fun but no skill in it.
It gets boring after a while.
- You play cards? - Iggy's terrible at poker.
- Stop it.
You're drunk.
- You're drunk.
I'm good at cards.
He lost $27,000 in one poker game, and then he told me it was fun.
It was fun.
It was fun, for a while.
I mean, here's the thing with cards.
It's like a showdown in the Wild West.
Kill or be killed.
I mean, who doesn't love that? It's nothing like that at all.
You know, I might know of a game.
Big one.
Five grand buy in.
Is that something that might interest you? Deal me in there, partner.
Jane's in the game.
- Wrightwood Hotel? - Presidential suite.
We're gonna need surveillance cameras all over that place.
Got a plan for getting him in? Yeah, I believe we do.
Wedding's next year.
We're thinking about holding it here at The Wrightwood.
We were shopping and thought, "What the hey, let's check it out.
" - It's nice, huh? - I guess.
We have an array of all-inclusive wedding packages - We just wanna see the room.
- Oh, of course.
It's here.
And here we go.
And the table is set up for an event tonight.
- Wow.
This is nice.
I think this could work.
- You think? You care what I think? You don't like it.
Does it matter? You only care what your mother likes.
Don't talk about my mother.
- Oh, I think we need to talk about your mother.
- No, you need to calm down.
- Do not tell me to calm down.
- Seriously, you're embarrassing me.
I'll leave you to talk things over.
I'll be at the front desk if you need me.
Camera in the corner, camera on the counter, camera on the thermostat.
- I didn't know you were gonna flip to Spanish.
- Spur of the moment thing.
Understand it? - Something about ripping my head off? - You've been studying.
Hand me the wrench.
You don't see that at all.
How's the toilet? Busted.
Let's go.
Teresa, I didn't know who else to call.
Karen? - What's wrong? - Stan got beat up.
Oh, my God.
Is he okay? He said it was an accident at work.
I don't believe him.
Leave it alone, T.
- No, your wife is scared to death.
Who did this? A couple of guys got drunk and were looking for trouble.
All right? That's not what you told Karen.
Why are you lying? I'm not.
I know crap when I hear it, Stan.
I am gonna kill Jimmy for getting you involved in this.
- Just stay out of it.
Please? - I'll talk to you later.
In the end zone.
- Gotta catch that.
- Johnson had him wide open.
He overthrew it.
What's going on with Stan? What? Nothing.
It's what Jane was talking to you about at the lake.
Why you agreed to come out here.
You're hiding something about Stan.
Come on.
Tell me what's going on.
Stan had a couple bad breaks with his business.
Karen's last pregnancy was tough.
He got behind on his bills.
He owes money to the wrong people.
A loan shark.
What's he in for? - Over 30 grand.
- Thirty? God.
The man that attacked Jane.
He wasn't looking for you, he was there for Stan.
Why'd you cover for him? It's Stan, he's He's working so hard to be good.
- Just wanted you to be proud of him.
- I am proud of him.
- I'm proud of all of you.
- Really? Did you call when I got my electrician's license? You only call to yell at me.
Just like always.
Look, I know I was tough on you when you were a kid.
Come on, you know what Mom and Dad were like.
Somebody had to be responsible.
Somebody had to be in charge.
Yeah, you were in charge then you left.
Jimmy's gonna be a part of this.
- He has to be.
- He's gonna play? - I need him there.
- Then I'm gonna be there.
- We'll have eyes on him.
- He's my brother, I'll be there.
- Yeah, of course.
- How's it gonna go? Jimmy's gonna contact the suspects.
Holiday will send the invitation.
Jimmy's gonna make sure they show up.
Charlie, hey.
It's Jimmy from the poker game.
Well, hello, Jimmy from the poker game.
What's going on? Did you get George Holiday's invitation? There's a game tonight.
And then he will use the word that makes every poker player smell blood.
I'm telling you, Ben, this guy's a whale.
Okay, one of my friend's played with him.
This guy dropped, like, 20,000 in one night.
For real? He's a terrible player.
Doesn't care if he wins or loses, just wants action.
We'll clean him out.
Where are we with the surveillance? Cameras coming online now.
Holiday, Jimmy Lisbon, Charlie McInnis, Vicki Shell and BenBen are in the room.
All right.
Tell Jane and Lisbon we're ready.
That was Wylie.
They're all set.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm ready.
Let's go.
Your brothers don't hate you, you know.
- Yeah, they do.
- No, they don't.
Jimmy's right.
I left.
After my mom died, I was the parent, and I left.
Well, you felt trapped.
Of course you did.
Now Stan's life is a mess, Jimmy's got a gambling problem and God only knows what Tommy's up to.
- Look, they've got their problems but they're good people.
They wouldn't be here if you hadn't loved and protected them when they were kids.
You're uncomfortable around them because you feel guilt.
I understand that.
But you need to know they're not mad at you.
They're not.
They just miss you.
You knew exactly what was going on.
It was Stan and Jimmy and the guy at the house.
You figured it out and you didn't say a word to me.
Well, it's not my business.
Thank you.
- All right, let's go.
We got a game to get to.
- Absolutely.
- Welcome.
- You remember Teresa? I'm just here to watch.
Make yourself at home, darling.
You take any more of my money and you're gonna have to buy me dinner.
We'll see.
That was a bad beat last night, Charlie.
You don't have to do anything other than play poker.
Focus on the game, let me do the work.
- What work, exactly? - You'll see.
First, another drink.
Toilet's busted.
- Plugged? - It's not flushing.
Don't go in there.
All right.
You guys want to pull up stakes and take it to another room? We're gonna relocate just because there's a plumbing snafu? I didn't come here to go to the bathroom.
I came to play poker.
Let's just play poker.
The man wants to play cards, so be it.
All right.
There is a washroom down at the end of the hall by the health club.
Take a walk, or hold your water.
Patrick Jane, my girlfriend, Teresa.
I'm just here to watch and enjoy the open bar.
The game is Texas Hold 'em.
No limit.
We'll start it off a little slow.
And away we go.
All right.
Ante up.
Charlie, you're the big blind.
So is Jane cheating? Yeah, but he isn't playing to win.
He's watching the others so he can learn their tells.
What do we have on 4th Street here? Subtle behaviors a player makes when he has a good or a bad hand.
I know what a tell is.
Nose rub.
Last time she did that she got a flush.
The nose rub is her tell.
Told you.
Okay, game on.
He rocks side to side.
Ooh! Eyebrow scratch.
- Hair scratch.
- That's all of them.
It's time for phase two.
So it's back to me, huh? We all feeling good? You feeling all right there, honey? I don't know.
There's something disturbing in this room.
Well, she's a little sensitive.
Almost psychic.
- Psychic? - Almost.
Was somebody killed here? Recently? - Oh, my God.
- Uh Not in this room but, yeah, one of our players was killed.
Nate No.
Uh, Nathan? - Is that his name? - This is getting a little weird.
Amazing, isn't she? It's kind of uncanny.
We're playing poker, aren't we? - I'm in.
- Sorry.
- Wait, wait, wait.
There's more.
- There is? I'm feeling a darker presence.
- The killer is in this room.
- Oh, come on.
One of you killed Nathan.
Don't touch your cards.
The killer is the one who has the ace.
I think things just got interesting.
She says the killer's holding an ace.
I'm curious.
It's McInnis.
Looks like Daddy's going to the big house.
Gonna go get myself a drink.
Not so much of a psychic after all, I guess.
Now, can we play cards? So are we ready to go? Not yet.
Now, Jane makes sure McInnis wins.
- Aw, take it.
- Oh, look out, Daddy.
Looking good.
- This is good.
- Boy, you're hot.
You're having a good night.
Okay, I am now gonna take the long walk to the little boys' room.
I feel warm.
I don't know about anyone else.
Getting time for a drink.
Or two.
- Can I get you something? - What the hell is this? - What? - Honey, we're leaving.
What? Why? - We're in the middle of a game.
- There's a hidden camera here.
- You kidding? - A what? There.
It's a camera.
What the hell? Mr.
Agent Kimball Cho, FBI.
- What's going on? - You killed Nathan Barnes.
What? That's ridiculous.
Our agents in the room are telling Holiday it was you.
McInnis has been winning all night.
He's got someone watching in another room, feeding him cards.
Barnes owed Holiday a lot of money.
By killing Nathan Barnes, you cheated him out of it.
This is a live feed.
Turn yourself in for the murder and we'll protect you.
Look, I don't know what this is, but this is really crazy.
Have fun telling Holiday that.
Come on back.
We're waiting on you.
Come on, son.
It's your turn to deal.
Come on back and play.
Get me out of here.
Good choice.
Let's go.
Where you going? My fiancée, Heidi, started spending a lot of time helping Nathan with his pro bono legal work.
I suspected she was cheating on me.
I didn't have proof until Nathan showed up at the game that night.
I was losing that night, bad.
Something was off.
Then I figured it out.
Nathan was wearing one of my shirts.
How'd you know it was your shirt? My monogram on the cuff.
Nathan was sleeping with Heidi.
He must have grabbed one of my shirts at her apartment instead of his.
He took a lot of money from me that night.
And he smirked when he did it.
God, that bastard.
He was just rubbing in my face.
He knew I knew, and he loved it.
I followed him out.
I confronted him.
He had the nerve to deny it.
Deny all of it.
But he was wearing the proof.
We spoke with your fiancée.
Heidi had gone to coffee with Nathan in her neighborhood that day.
Nathan spilled coffee on his shirt and she gave him one of your clean shirts to borrow.
The only thing he ever did to you was beat you in cards.
Nice party.
This is how we do it.
- Cheers.
- Where's my beer? Oh, Texas girls drink margaritas.
Give me the beer.
Hey, we got burgers, brats, veggie-patty crap if you want veggie-patty crap.
- Your face looks better.
- It's still a little sore.
I know you're in trouble, Stan.
Whatever I can do to help, let me help.
- You don't have to do that.
- I know I don't have to, I want to.
Just enough to keep you from getting punched in the face.
I thought you wouldn't mind seeing me get punched.
I'm the only one who gets to punch you.
Want one? I'm good.
Hey, I'm glad you made it out.
It means a lot.
Karen's family was really impressed with you.
I'm impressed with you.
- I'm proud of you, T.
- Thanks.
- We should hang out more.
- Oh, like normal people? - Yeah, like normal people.
- We should, this has been fun.
- It's too bad Woody Squire couldn't make it.
- It's a real shame.
You shut up.
What's that behind your ear? - We talked about Patrick.
- You did, did you? - Yeah.
- And we like him.
He's a good guy.
Don't mess this one up, okay? I'll try not to.
I'm glad we came back home.
Me too.
It was nice.
I don't think I've said this.
I mean, I know I haven't said this but I don't really know if I need to because you always know what I'm thinking.
Well, not everything.
Would you be surprised if I said "I love you"? I'd be I'd be lying if I didn't say I would be moved by that.
I love you.
I said it.
- I'm surprised.
- Ha, ha.

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