The Mentalist s07e08 Episode Script

The Whites Of His Eyes

There you are, Mr.
I see you found the place okay.
It's nice to meet you.
Full disclosure, we're not turnkey yet.
And I'm in big trouble if anyone finds out I met you here.
But brochures couldn't do this justice, am I right? It's a work in progress, but that's why now's when you get in.
Put your own stamp on it.
It's a killer view, right? That's no Oh, you are going down, yo.
One more.
- You realize this is a game.
- I'm not competitive.
I just like to win.
You know what? That's cheating.
- That was spinning.
That was spinning.
- There's spinning in Chicago.
- Whoo.
- Oh! There it goes.
Down the Ha-ha-ha.
Did that hurt? Did that hurt? All right.
I'm sorry.
Is everybody here watching the man get beat by the girl? You guys, can I close out this check? My shift's about to end.
One second.
One second.
Hands off.
- One.
- Ooh! Three.
I'm gonna give you advice.
Never play foosball with a woman that's raised three brothers.
Thank you.
It's exhausting.
- As they exited their car.
In addition to the two FBI agents, a third victim, Edward Hu was on his way to testify today in the high-profile murder trial against Kelvin Bittaker.
Bittaker is currently being held on suspicion of murder of AU scholarship student Jamie Owen.
Owen, from San Diego, California, was allegedly beaten to death by Bittaker after a dispute in a bar.
- Can we get some chicken wings? - Sure.
We may have to get them to go.
- Can we get some chicken wings to go, please? - Yeah.
Several witnesses in the bar claimed Mr.
Bittaker appeared Hey, boss.
All right, we'll be right there.
- We need to go now.
- Yeah, uh, 86 the wings.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
You recall Agent Spackman, Dallas FBI.
He called us in on this one.
Agent Spackman.
Good to see you.
I missed that face.
We got four murders in under three minutes 29-year-old realtor, and two FBI agents.
Good men.
Good family men with young kids.
No security cameras.
No fingerprints.
Guy was in and out like a ghost.
The murder victim, Edward Hu he was the key witness in a murder investigation of one Kelvin Bittaker.
He beat a guy to death over a spilled drink.
The family's been of interest to the Dallas FBI for some time.
Their import-export car warehouse is a front.
This murder case, this is just a thin edge of the wedge.
Now, the hope here is to use Kelvin's conviction to take the whole family down.
Kelvin might be looking at the needle, which might make him more pliable.
You said the hope "is," not "was.
" You have another witness to the murder? We do.
A young woman.
Young mother, actually.
If we can convince her to testify after today, and if we can keep her alive.
You think the Bittakers have a hit on her also? That'd be a pretty bold move.
You can count on it.
This woman's testimony is enough to bring them down.
If Kelvin goes to jail, he's gonna take the whole family with them.
The young woman, Lily Stoppard, is scheduled to testify in two days' time.
With a hit man of this caliber, we've been asked to come and join the investigation.
Three perfect shots from close to a thousand yards.
How many snipers can make hits from that distance with that accuracy? - That should narrow it down, right? - I wish.
The truth is the shooter could have been anybody.
These Bittakers can choose any number of their contacts to call in a hit.
Shooter can be any nationality.
He can be any age.
- No, he's a regional guy.
- And here we go.
Local boy with a sweet tooth for powdered-sugar beignets.
See? And, uh, they shook hands, obviously.
How do we know that the, uh, victim wasn't holding the beignets? No.
He's trim.
He's spruced.
He's on the job.
He's not a pastry buff.
Doesn't mean the shooter's regional.
A lot of people like beignets.
I would argue that a lot of people don't even know what beignets are.
- But I will concede you that point.
- Thank you.
And I will focus on who hired him and what Kelvin did to that boy from San Diego.
I'm guessing the Bittakers have very little tolerance for outsiders.
It would have been somebody they were comfortable with.
- Yeah.
Someone from down home.
- All right.
So we'll run the profiles.
And, Jane, the last remaining witness that we have, Lily Stoppard she's in HQ under high security right now.
- Spackman would like you to talk to her.
- Why? Because she might be reluctant to testify and we could do with a little charm.
- A little charm? - Yeah.
- I don't know if I should be insulted or flattered.
- Well, whatever works.
A little bit of both.
I don't see the difference.
You couldn't protect the other guy.
- Let's just hear them out.
- Mrs.
- Lily.
- Lily.
Now, you will continue to receive our full protection.
And I can assure you that every effort will be made to protect you and your family.
But it's your choice.
Up to you.
Door's open.
Then no.
- Matt - No.
This is nuts.
Why should you risk your life for these people? What about our baby? He needs you.
Are you even thinking about him? Of course I'm thinking about him.
But I'm also thinking about somebody else's child too.
That poor kid.
Jamie Owen didn't even fight back.
I mean, he couldn't.
It was brutal.
I knew right away he was dead.
I didn't know what to do.
I was scared so I just stayed in my car and You called the cops.
You did your duty.
That's enough.
We've got a baby at home, and he's only six months old.
I don't understand how I'm the only one who gets that.
Stoppard, I can assure you we understand your concerns.
- And they're pretty darn reasonable.
- Thank you.
What's your baby's name? Henry.
After Matt's dad.
That's a good strong name.
I hate to talk to you about doing the right thing.
Doing it is the easy part.
Knowing what it is, is tough.
You know what the right thing to do is? No.
No, I don't, Matthew.
But, uh, I'm gonna ask you this.
In years from now when, uh, you tell Henry this story, how will it go? Did the three of you take an evil killer off the street or did you play it safe? Is Henry's birthright gonna be one of proud bravery or sensible caution? Tough call.
Nice work.
I thought you were blowing it back there.
Yeah, nice work.
You better look after that woman.
Hey, we will.
You have my word.
I don't want your word.
I want her safe.
Kelvin Bittaker.
Supervising Agent Dennis Abbott.
Sit down.
My mama taught me never to talk to strangers.
Four good people are dead.
Don't test my patience.
A whole lot of good people are dead, hoss.
It's the way of the world.
Sit down.
So, what four people we talking about? Outside of the courthouse this morning, two FBI agents, a realtor, and Edward Hu.
You're kidding me.
Thank you.
Bittaker didn't know about the murders before I told him.
He didn't order the hits himself.
We got profiles on the family members from the Dallas office.
- Tell me about them.
- Middle brother, Ethan, has a record.
He also has some health issues.
Caleb's only 19.
The kid's a real smartass.
He's being groomed for something bigger.
Intel's sketchy on the mom, Belinda.
One of them must have reached out to the hit man to make the contract.
We don't know which one or how.
Spackman's team's been through their phone records.
The family's been wired.
They searched their computers? No communication regarding hits.
No coded messages.
But they're not.
Go see the family.
Take Jane.
You got it.
Who are you people? - How'd you get in here? - Ethan Bittaker? - Who wants to know? - FBI.
You can keep walking.
Gotta have an appointment.
The feebs are here.
Oh, Ethan.
Please, don't be rude.
- How can I help you agents? - We wanna talk about four dead men.
And the hit you have on Lily Stoppard.
That's quite a leap.
How did we arrive there? What four dead men? Who's Lily? Mrs.
Bittaker, you are a fabulous liar.
Sir, please don't mock me.
My oldest boy is in jail for a crime he didn't do.
And Ethan here has terrible health problems.
Honey, you know I love you.
We're just making it hand to mouth until this whole mess is cleared up.
And I have no idea what you're talking about.
Really? These Ferraris and Phantoms don't say hand-to-mouth to me.
It's like a master class of dishonesty.
You can't just bust in here and accuse us of assassinations, or whatever else.
- That's harassment.
- Yeah.
- Where's your warrant? - Ethan, I understand.
Being a Bittaker middle child can't be easy.
And I sympathize.
But you really do have to take control of these attention issues.
Where have you been for the last three days? Beauty shop.
Oh, head shot.
Oh, check your left, FunGuy.
Snipers on you.
Cal Da King crushes again.
Ha, ha.
Kneel before me and die.
- This Caleb? The one with the smarts? - This is a private office.
Get out.
What's that game he's playing? Looks fun.
- Come on.
Get out of here.
- I'm going.
I'm going.
Did you break her yet? Ah, okay.
Let's go.
Pleasure meeting you, Mrs.
You have a wonderful family.
You must be proud.
- You can sneer at me all you like.
- I will.
Thank you.
Hey, lay off the anti-depressants.
They're making you slow.
And you're still not happy, are you? Don't ever make me tell you this again.
Do not play this game when people are here.
Got it? Here we are.
"Warlord 3.
" Hold on.
Cal Da King, you say.
I will run the logs.
Yup, he's in a tournament circle.
Caleb's gamer tag is Cal Da King.
From there, they can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
If they're in your circle.
That's how they communicated with the hit man, through the game.
There's a thousand people in Cal Da King's circle.
Conversations aren't logged.
- There's no way to narrow it down.
- Is there some kind of ranking, uh, thing? Of course.
That's the point.
So if someone entered the "Warlord's" circle who wasn't really there as a gamer then They would suck, basically.
So let's run an ID trace on the bottom three cyber warriors on that list.
Of course.
Just in time.
Ballistics came up with a match.
We have a suspect.
He has two previous hits with the same make of bullet.
You were right.
This guy's from the region.
Or he's been operating here for the last few years.
The realtor's smartphone says he was meeting someone named Lydon.
Which is obviously an alias.
We got no fingerprints on this guy.
Got no facial recognition.
No ID, nothing.
- Did we verify the connection to the Bittakers? - Not so far.
With a guy like Lydon, there'll be a go-between.
An intermediary who side steps harder cyber links.
The problem is tracking him.
There's too many potential methods of communication.
They could be using anything.
They could be using dating sites or dead e-mail drafts.
Hell, they could even use the old school meet-on-the-street.
- We don't have time to go through all of Sorry to interrupt.
Jane, I've got three names for you.
The Bittaker-Lydon connection.
The bottom three are JuniesDad, OldGalsRule, CountMeln66, - Her.
Definitely her.
- Excuse me.
What are you talking about? I highly doubt your go-between lives in Nova Scotia or the UK for that matter.
So I'm gonna vote on Miss Louisiana.
Hey, Wylie, what do you got? Her real name is Peg Baily from Lafitte.
Her ex used to work as an enforcer for the Bittakers.
Thanks, Wylie.
Looks pretty deserted.
No, I think there's someone here.
We have to assume there is.
All right, here's the plan.
Lisbon and I are gonna check it out.
Jane, you stay.
- Really? Stay? - Listen to me.
For all we know, this lady's just bad at video games.
And I don't wanna go upsetting the locals.
I'm happy to wait here.
I'm not your dog.
Anybody here? Wait here.
I'll check around back.
There's someone there.
Excuse me, sir.
Does Peg Baily live here? Oh, uh, Peg's not here.
We're with the FBI.
I'm Agent Lisbon.
This is Patrick Jane.
Who are you? Austin.
You come a long way.
Uh, hope it's nothing serious that brought you down.
I'm Peg's cousin, Billy.
What's the issue, ma'am? - Can we come in? - It's a bit of a mess.
If you want.
I can't say when she'll be back.
You can tell your friend he can come in.
Jane, stay with him.
Spackman, look at me.
One, two.
One, two.
Good job keeping his heart rate down.
Probably kept him from bleeding out.
Take care, Spackman.
Hey, boss.
They're bringing Spackman to a hospital in Port Arthur now.
- They have stabilized him? - I don't know.
I think so.
He's gonna be okay.
We found a picture of Lily Stoppard on Peg Baily's computer.
I want you two to get back here ASAP.
We'll put you in a room with a forensic artist.
All right, we'll get there as soon as we can.
- The problem is we got too good a look at him.
- How is that a problem? - This is who we saw.
- Uh-huh.
And Lydon knows we got a good clear look at his face.
He'll never be that good old boy again.
Wylie, can you take this and generate disguise variations on it? Hair length.
That kind of thing.
- Yeah, sure.
- Excellent.
See what that turns up.
You wanted to see me, boss? - The arrogance of it all.
- Normally is.
Our people.
Now this Peg Baily.
Jane figures they communicate with her through video games.
And just like that, she's dead.
God, I wanna crush these people.
Me too.
Ethan Bittaker has kidney dialysis four times a day.
I'm thinking he might be a tad fragile with his health issues and all.
- And he has 38 months left on his parole.
- You want me to lean on him? Let's both go lean on him.
- Let me go.
Let me go.
- What's going on? - What are you doing? - What's it look like? It looks like you're arresting a dangerous parole violator, Agent Cho.
- A parole violator? What did I do? - Consorting with a known felon.
- Who? - Kelvin Bittaker.
- That's my brother.
- That's ridiculous.
Jail time for the rest of your sentence.
He has to be on dialysis in less than an hour.
Well, that is a problem.
Well, how's this? We'll take his IV pole with us.
Just while we hold you.
I can't say what'll happen when he goes back to the pen.
What's going on? Care to illuminate me, agent? - Supervising Agent Dennis Abbott.
- My.
I'm gonna lay this out in words that are designed to resonate.
You're gonna call off the hit on Lily Stoppard.
You will call it off.
And you will deliver us Lydon.
Or I won't be able to answer to your son's well-being.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm truly lost in this conversation.
You wanna call my bluff? Well, do it.
Because while Ethan suffers, or whatever happens to him it'll be on you.
He's nothing to me.
But he's not, is he? He's not nothing to you.
You're a lawman, a supervising agent, and he is a citizen.
You may make him unhappy or uncomfortable, but you're not gonna let him die.
You're too damn ethical for that.
- They don't know me, do they, Cho? - No.
I think I do.
And I'm gonna bet my son on it.
Nice chatting with you, ma'am.
Okay, go get that damn pole.
I've set it for slide show.
Let me know if you need more.
Hold on.
That's not it.
- Can you print those out? - Sure.
Send them to the hotel Lily's staying at as soon as you can.
Nice job.
Of course, "Battlefield" was always my favorite, but that's just me.
- "Battlefield"? - Oh, yeah.
You know, the big-boy game? But some people can't handle that pressure.
That little simple game with a couple of keys? Left trigger.
Right trigger.
Oh, it won't be so simple when I no-scope you for a team wipe.
A little one v.
One might clear this whole thing up.
Pistols only.
Any day.
The hit is still in play.
We'll hold Ethan for 24 hours, but Lydon has been a step ahead of us the whole way.
We have to get ahead now.
- Lily's testifying tomorrow.
- First thing in the morning, yeah.
Lydon probably already scoped out her hotel, so we'll change her.
Lily's safe as long as she's in her hotel room, yeah? Yes.
She has full protection from the car to the courthouse.
But not en route to the car.
You wanna stay ahead of Lydon you leave Lily where she is.
We make our own plan.
Okay, which is what? The general who chooses the field of battle wisely, wins before the fighting starts.
I'm listening.
Lobbies are porous.
Multiple ways in and out.
Lots of camouflage too.
We'll need all hands on deck.
The moment we leave her room, it's on.
Lydon will take advantage of small spaces and passageways.
Areas not seen by the public.
He'll use it all.
Can't leave the husband behind.
We'll have to position him too.
He'll have an exit plan well in place.
We're gonna want one too.
- Bang.
- Bang.
By my count, I've been shot six times.
Seven, but, uh Okay.
That's good.
I got it.
Thank you.
You all right? Ah, yeah.
Everything's gonna be okay tomorrow.
You know that, right? We know what we're doing.
It's a good plan.
It's a really good plan.
He has a good plan too.
We're gonna be safe.
Someone could get hurt.
It's always dangerous.
This is different.
Everybody will be fine.
I promise.
We're all gonna be fine, if that's what this insomnia's about.
Yeah, you're right.
I am right.
Everything's gonna be okay.
No, it's what the insomnia's about.
Come to bed.
Please? Come on.
Do you want me to sing you a lullaby I used to sing to my brothers to make them sleep? Um I really, uh don't wanna hear that.
- Okay.
Oh, we're halfway there Livin' on a prayer Take my hand And we'll make it I swear Come on.
Livin' on a prayer Take my hand Wylie's in position in the van.
Okay, good.
Everyone should be getting into place soon.
We have to run the timeline with Lily and Matthew.
Vega, would you mind getting them? Did you confirm that the monitors are up? Yes.
Wylie was able to tap into the hotel security system.
- All the monitors are on live feed now.
- Excellent.
- Hey, Lily.
How you doing? - Fine.
- That's good.
Matthew, holding up? - Is it time already? No.
Not yet.
Lily's, uh, expected to be in the courthouse in two hours.
So we'll leave in about an hour.
Matthew, we need to get you into position ahead of time before Lily leaves the room.
The car will be in the garage.
The elevator goes directly to them, but we do have alternative routes just in case something happens.
Can you people guarantee that this will work? Today's plan has your wife's safety as our only goal.
We don't know exactly how this is gonna play out.
But I can say that we've explored every possible scenario and we're prepared for it.
Thank you.
All of you.
All right.
Vega, if you don't mind.
If anything happens to her today and I could have stopped it Matthew, your wife wants to do this.
We'll do everything to keep her safe.
It was a good decision.
You need to trust her on it, okay? I'd like to run through the schematics one more time.
I'm gonna take another quick look around on the back areas.
Okay, it's happening.
- What's happening? - Smoke in the hallway.
- Smoke bomb? - Yeah.
It's okay.
Everybody just stay back, okay? All right? It's a decoy.
He wants the chaos.
We push on.
Let's get into position.
The elevator's gonna get shut down.
They do that in emergencies.
Jane, I need you to get down to the van where Wylie is.
Take the stairs.
Everybody, let's go.
Make your way to the exits.
This is an emergency.
You cannot go back to your rooms.
Make your way to the exits.
Everyone calm down.
Slow down.
Take your time.
This is an emergency.
You cannot go back to your room.
Make your way to the exits.
Abbott and Magath are in Lily's suite on monitor one.
Excellent, how do we talk to them? Thank you.
Abbott, it's Jane.
I'm in the van.
All right, copy that.
Lisbon and Cho are in the bedroom with Lily.
Everyone's accounted for.
Where's Vega? I'm here.
I'm in position.
Everyone listen up.
Watch for emergency personnel.
Anyone in a uniform.
That's how Lydon's coming in.
Make your way to the exits.
We are evacuating the building.
Make your way to the exits.
We are evacuating the building.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
We're evacuating the building.
Uh, you need to go now.
Copy that.
Moving out.
Are you good? - I'm good.
- Let's go.
What do we have here? Is that him? Is that him? Lisbon, west stairwell, entering the sixth floor.
Could be him dressed as an EMT.
- I got it.
- Don't get close.
Just try to confirm if it's him.
Jane, I got it.
Jane, I'm on the sixth floor now.
Lisbon, It looks like he may be at the other end.
Keep going.
Ma'am? You okay? What is it? All right.
Let me get you out of here, okay? Jane, it's not him.
We're headed down to the seventh floor.
By no means rushing you, but if things get tight, we may have to rethink things.
Good to know you're not rushing me.
Jane, the lights went out.
Yeah, I, uh, saw that.
He is there.
Be careful.
Help me.
I've been shot.
- I got this.
- You got it? - I got it.
- There's a shooter in the hotel.
- He went downstairs.
- Okay, buddy.
Hold on.
- Tell them to be careful.
- All right.
Let me see where you got hit.
- Elevator's in lockdown.
- Try the stairway.
Get down! Suspect is down.
We got an agent down.
Service stairwell.
Seventh floor.
- Everyone all right? - Jane.
That's confirmed.
Target secure.
Great work, team.
Did you get that, Lisbon? Lisbon, where are you? Yeah, I got it.
I'm here.
I'm just getting back with the team.
It's good news.
Well, here we are.
Lily Stoppard took the stand today.
Testified against your son Kelvin.
We got a positive ID on Lydon.
Hard evidence against you and your family for five murders and two attempted murders.
So now you want me to crack? Throw a child of mine under the bus to save myself? - No.
- Good, because I won't.
Someone like you doesn't have the faintest idea about the love a parent has for a child.
You're right.
I don't.
But I'm guessing it's what Jamie Owen's mom felt about him.
And the other five victims, they had parents too.
No deals.
No bargaining.
You're all gonna go down together.
It'll be a family trip.
Have you figured it out yet, Belinda? How your never-miss hit man missed so badly? He was close too.
But we knew that.
That's why we moved Lily out of harm's way and subbed in one of our own.
Right before his eyes.
Sometimes people just see what they want to see.
I don't mean to gloat, but Hey, Vega.
You see this? What? Oh, sorry.
Not this.
I meant Ha.
No way.
- Oh, it is so on.
- Oh, yeah? - Oh, yeah.
- You think? Pssh.
I know.
- You are going down.
- Uh-uh.
- Ha! - Won't happen.
- Hey, that's cheating.
- Ha, ha.
It's not.
- I am so going for you.
You are going down.
- It's not gonna happen.
You're gonna lose.
You ready? Ready? There you are.
- Here I am.
- Yeah.
Uh, okay.
What's wrong? Why? You must already know.
Yeah, I took you - You took me off.
On purpose.
- Mm-hm.
You knew that wasn't Lydon on the sixth floor.
But you sent me there anyway.
Yeah, that's right.
I wanted to protect you.
- Protect me? - Mm-hm.
- I'm an FBI agent.
It's my job.
- I know.
I know and I'm sorry.
But what? You'd do it again? Yeah.
I probably would.
- That's a problem.
- It's not a problem.
A really big one.
You can't do that.
You have to let me do my job.
If you can't - I understand.
- If you can't, I don't know.
How do we work together? Well we work it out.

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