The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

(Jung Ryeo Won)
(Wi Ha Jun)
(Scriptwriter: Park Kyeong Hwa)
(Director: Ahn Pan Seok)
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
I've been thinking,
but there was not a chance you didn't know.
That my first love
was you.
What are you talking about?
I can't push my feelings away
with the excuse of first love anymore.
I'm struggling to control my feelings for you
as they get bigger.
You're going to catch a cold.
- I don't care.
- No, I care.
Keeping our throat healthy is very important for instructors.
You must have misunderstood me.
I told you I didn't want to go back because
I mean, I was once against you joining the academy.
But you're adjusting to this field better than I thought.
So I wanted to be a good influence on you
- A good influence
- Ms. Seo.
You're the one who misunderstood me.
I just confessed my feelings to you.
You should dry your clothes first.
Seriously. Your special lecture is around the corner.
If you catch a cold I'm begging you.
Dry your clothes first.
Sure, if you need some time to think.
- Pass me my bag over there.
- Sure.
Ms. Seo didn't come back.
Mr. Kim is probably holding her hostage.
Darn it. I can't seem to book a driver.
What if something happened to her?
No way. Mr. Lee is with her.
Nothing's going to happen.
how about raiding Mr. Kim's liquor cabinet in his office?
What was that called?
He has that fancy liquor. Single-something liquor.
Let's go.
Hey. Off to his office.
It'll be fine as long as we take a few sips.
I feel bad that I'm leaving before you.
- Gosh. Don't worry. Go ahead.
- Right. Wait.
- I know I can fool him.
- Bye.
- Be safe. Go ahead.
- Hey.
- No.
- Gosh. Stop that.
Let's go home together.
- I'll go around and drop you off.
- What?
- No. Wait.
- No.
I'm sorry. I must get going first.
- Gosh. It's fine. Bye.
- Sorry.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Gosh.
- Stop it.
The taxi fare is incredibly expensive.
Why would I take a taxi? That's crazy.
I've been thinking,
but there was not a chance you didn't know.
That my first love
was you.
I must have lost my mind.
Why are you here?
What are you doing here at this hour?
Why are you here?
I should be asking you that. Didn't you leave to meet Mr. Kim?
- Is that
- No.
That's mine.
That's mine.
Gosh. You startled me.
Well, I challenged the director
because of what he did with my students from Chanyoung High.
When I told him I wanted an apology,
things got heated. So
He jumped into the water because he didn't want to apologize?
No. That's not what happened.
He just missed his footing or something like that.
They weren't on good terms
because of the recent change with Chanyoung High.
I was going to stay put and observe the situation.
When he missed his footing,
he grabbed me tightly. So this happened.
everything seems to make sense and not make sense at the same time.
You can ask the director. He will give you the same story.
Gosh. Why would I ask him that?
I'll take your word for it.
It's not like I saw you guys doing something improper.
Even if I did,
I don't have any right
to tell you what to do with your romantic feelings.
Gosh. Romantic feelings? It's nothing like that.
Right. I believe you.
But what are you doing here at this hour?
It's pretty late.
I couldn't get a taxi.
I see.
That was a lie.
I didn't want to waste money on the taxi.
I was going to stay here until the first bus started running.
The sofa in the director's office seemed nice and comfy.
I see.
If you don't mind, come to my house.
Your house?
I was going to call a taxi.
I'd feel bad leaving you here, knowing you'd sleep here.
Gosh. It's okay.
I'll just stay here until the first bus starts running.
I wouldn't feel good about it.
- What about your family?
- I live alone.
But still. What if I end up becoming a nuisance?
Gosh, no. A nuisance? No way.
Then I'll really take you up on that offer.
Please do.
Let me go and get my toothbrush and stuff.
Mr. Lee. Your shirt is dry. You can wear that now.
Wait. What's this?
- What?
- We're not done talking yet.
I explained everything to you.
No. What explanation?
By the way
- Yes.
- Why do you look so startled?
Nothing. What is it?
Right. Was there a time when it was
just the two of you at the academy like today?
(1st-year High School, Korean, Seo Hye Jin)
Why are you suddenly asking us that?
I get that feeling that something like this happened
once before.
Oh, yes. We had to stay behind to prepare for our joint lecture.
- I'll go and get my stuff.
- Yes.
Get home safely.
I'll call you.
It's so cold.
It's cold.
Gosh. Darn it.
Come on.
Maybe, we should've stopped by a convenience store.
I have nothing to offer you.
I told you I was fine.
- Water will be fine.
- Well,
I have beer and coffee.
Then beer it is, of course.
You have a nice house.
Things are going to be tough starting now.
It's an old apartment, so it's cold in winter.
They said the pipes were old or something.
They said I had to pick a day and remove all of them.
But I live in this cold apartment because I don't have time for that.
I currently live in a one-bedroom.
I've been saving up aggressively.
I want to live in an apartment.
You should live in a new apartment, not an old one like this if you can.
You bet.
You might not know this, but I signed up to a savings account
for the housing subscription plan at the age of 20.
(Ms. Seo: My phone must have)
My phone must have been damaged when I fell into the water.
I'll contact you tomorrow.
Given the situation, I know you can't text me back.
So I won't wait for your reply.
It would've been better if we could talk a bit more.
But well,
we have a lot of time ahead of us.
(I don't care if you tell me)
(you want to switch to Choisun Academy)
I don't care
if you tell me you want to switch to Choisun Academy
or fly to the moon for that matter.
I hate keeping secrets.
But I won't tell anyone what I saw today.
I think that will be better for everyone.
Thank you.
It'd be great if you don't speak to me so formally.
don't tell anyone that I went back to the academy
instead of calling a taxi.
It makes me look pathetic.
I won't.
Gosh. I'm going to sleep now.
(I don't care)
(if you tell me you want to switch to Choisun Academy)
(or fly to the moon for that matter.)
Lee Jun Ho
He's a teacher now.
It's 2.2 dollars.
Thank you.
Hello, Ms. Woo.
I hope I didn't call too early.
Well, it's nothing serious.
I was wondering if you met with Mr. Kim last night.
Is that so?
Around what time was that?
Well, I'm only asking because
he didn't attend the meeting today
with the support team when he has a lot of documents to approve.
I can't reach him either.
I must call 911.
Nine, one, one
Nine, one, one
Oh, no.
- Mr. Yoon.
- Hey, you got here early.
Sorry. Since the director lives alone,
it felt awkward to go there by myself.
No, I'm glad you called.
All right. Let's go.
It's Yoon Ji Seok.
Director, it's Yoon Ji Seok. Aren't you home?
- Director.
- Coming.
Aren't you home?
Gosh, I've been saved.
- Come inside.
- What?
- Come on.
- Wait a little.
I'll open the door for you soon.
(Authorized Dealer, Internet, IPTV, CCTV, Door Guard)
Yes, it's me.
You haven't gone to work yet, have you?
I'll come to you.
Let's have lunch together, and then
I'm outside right now. I'm busy.
- Hey, come in.
- Yes, I'll get back to you soon.
Yes, Ms. Woo.
Yes, well
He seemed very sick.
No, with Mr. Yoon.
Yes, during the housewarming party last time.
Right. We'll keep an eye on his condition
and take him to the hospital if we have to.
Will you be able to go and catch a taxi?
- Shall I call an ambulance?
- No.
Where do you keep your emergency medicine?
In the
Pardon? Gosh.
Gosh, you wreak of alcohol.
Are you sick or hungover?
Okay, then. Bye.
(Daechi Chase)
Is he sick?
I'll get approval afterward.
Take care of the things
that need to be approved today.
Yes, ma'am.
And get me Ms. Seo Hye Jin's contract.
What are you doing?
Oh, okay, ma'am.
I've contacted
all of the Chanyoung High mothers who attended the info session.
First of all, their expectations for your leadership
and lecture skills were very high.
Just go ahead and say it.
Well, I think
many people thought it was
hard to handle the change in schedule.
We were dealt a big blow by Daechi Chase.
The number of students who were certain about registering
wasn't that low.
But to open up your in-person lecture, it was a bit Yes.
Which of these kids has the highest grades?
Yes, it's Her name is Byun Ha Jung.
Oh, right.
She got a second class in the March mock exam,
and she got a fourth class in the last midterm exams.
Her school grades aren't that great.
Have you not heard back about the contract you sent?
She won't be able to turn it down.
They're the perfect terms.
You live alone, but you don't even have emergency medicine.
What is this?
You're only making Mr. Yoon suffer.
You don't have to be sorry to me.
Not that.
I'm really apologizing.
For what I couldn't do yesterday.
That's fine.
In the early morning,
I was aching so much.
I thought I was really going to die at this rate.
When I thought I was dying,
I thought of just three things I regretted.
You have to ask me what they were.
What were they?
The first one was
the scenario.
It was so bad that I had stuck it in a drawer.
In case someone saw it.
I should burn it before I die.
The second was
Gosh. My parents
whose hobby is to worry about their unmarried son.
And the last one was Seo Hye Jin.
Is it all right for me to be included in there?
I know
that you were greatly disappointed in me.
When you said the thing I broke
wasn't the Chanyoung High class
but our trust
That was really mean.
Even if
you look for another job because of this,
I'll accept it.
I'd appreciate it even more if you didn't, though.
How shameless am I?
What is up with you?
We should check the other kids' notes on this too.
I saw this in Heewon High's past exams. I'll go and make a copy.
(Print, Grammar Chapter 1)
(Printing pages 1 to 21 currently printing page 14)
(Printing Room)
Ms. Seo, when are you coming?
Oh, right.
I got a job offer from Choisun Academy.
What? I couldn't hear you well over the water.
Choisun Academy asked me to come.
I've pretty much decided.
The issue is that my contract right now
prohibits me from working in the vicinity for a year.
But Choisun says they will handle that themselves too.
Oh, well Wait.
Gosh. No, it's fine.
Oh, thank you.
It's a good thing.
It'll be a huge blow to the academy, though.
And it'll be a huge shock to that guy,
but it's a good thing for you, personally.
You've already shown enough loyalty so far.
I thought you'd say that.
Then, will you move after the final exams?
We'll still meet often even if you move academies, right?
Of course.
You were here, Mr. Lee.
Oh, yes.
I'm sorry. This is going to take me a while.
I'll wait a bit, then.
Why didn't you come back yesterday?
The team dinner.
Oh, I had some stuff to do afterward.
I feel kind of disappointed that you keep bailing on us each time.
Gosh, I can't believe I've disappointed you.
I have been neglecting my duties as a junior teacher.
Then, buy me a meal sometime.
- What?
- Why?
Is there some reason why we can't have a meal together?
Like a girlfriend, perhaps?
There is someone I like.
She's not my girlfriend yet, though.
I see.
Is it finished?
Does your fling not even like you eating with a colleague?
I'm sure she doesn't.
Then buy me a meal.
My fling?
My fling.
By the way, Jun Ho might be disappointed.
Well, he just looks up to you so much.
The two of you pulled off the Heewon High thing together too.
I don't care
if you tell me you want to switch to Choisun Academy
or fly to the moon for that matter.
He says he doesn't care.
You already told him?
He should be the first to know.
This is about Heewon High School.
Oh, that's true.
It is about Heewon High.
Sorry, we're late.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Is the director very sick?
Yes, it's pretty bad.
But how did you know?
If Ms. Choi in the office knows,
it's only a matter of time before the whole world knows, right?
If our team is all here, shall we have a meeting in ten minutes?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Big news.
It better be big.
Seo Hye Jin.
She might be quitting.
The vice-director asked to see her contract.
Are you sure?
The director is out sick.
And the vice-director is totally down in the mouth.
I'm not sure, but doesn't it feel totally weird?
Come on. No way.
But what if she really is quitting?
Think about how much revenue Seo Hye Jin alone brings in a month.
And the teachers whose time slots are before and after hers
bring in quite a lot of money too.
What if the academy is ruined?
Quiet down! Watch your mouth.
Should we try to get Min Ji to talk?
See if she noticed anything strange?
Sure, she'd totally let Min Ji know about her plans.
She's the great Seo Hye Jin.
Be strict about attendance.
We have to reduce makeup classes for absentees as much as possible
in order to stay energized during the special lecture season.
And I'll be checking your daily work logs for the time being.
I've left it up to you until now,
but I think I should take a look to teach new teachers good habits.
Thoroughly record attendance records, homework completion,
personal progress, test results, and parent conference details
and report everything to me each day.
I'll assume you've understood me.
- Okay.
- Shall we get going now?
Mr. Lee, please see me privately.
What is the percentage of a fling becoming an actual relationship?
How can you measure that in percentages?
Based on your personal experience?
Personal experience
For me, zero?
We have no time to date. We work on weekends too.
Why did you come so late? I was waiting the whole time.
I made sure the director took his meds
and waited until he fell asleep.
That drunk kindergartener.
Jun Ho.
I'm going to go to Choisun Academy.
I said I didn't care.
The academy will be quite noisy for a while.
There will be lots of kids who switch academies too.
And you'll hear a lot of negative comments about me
because of the teachers who will be affected by this.
Envy, jealousy, slander, and rumours
are the fuel that drives this neighbourhood.
Students, parents, directors, and teachers
all live on that too.
Just ignore everything you hear.
I'm not sure I can do that.
And we'll stay like we were before.
- Just on the outside?
- On the inside too.
Why must we do that?
- We've already
- Only think about your goals.
Being laid back and going on about your first love
won't get you everything you want.
Didn't you hear what I said?
I clearly said that my feelings were sincere
I can only help you out until this semester.
You have to learn everything you can from me until then.
Are you playing hard to get?
Stop playing around.
I think you're the one who's playing around.
You said you wanted to become famous and go somewhere better.
Don't think about anything else and focus.
You doing this makes it harder for me to focus.
I mean, "Why is she acting like this?"
"I thought we were on the same page yesterday."
In the time that I worry about these things,
I'd rather work on another test question.
Lower your voice.
I'm saying keeping your personal life nice and neat is important too.
But we
What isn't neat about us?
Are you tacky enough to care about our age difference?
Being a teacher and student in the past?
I mean, do you think these things will become obstacles for us?
Are you
- I've said everything I have to.
- Well, I haven't.
Oh, you were here, Mr. Lee.
A student is here from Heewon High.
I see.
- I think you should come and see.
- Okay.
- The teacher is here. Go on.
- Thank you.
Hey, Si Woo.
Good to see you.
What's up? The lessons start next week.
Oh, right.
Here. It's what you asked for.
Oh, your notes?
You didn't have to give me these already.
You need to prepare as well.
You're really something.
Who's this?
Hello. I'm Lee Si Woo.
I know that.
I was upset I didn't see you for the consultation last time.
Were you?
Your class.
Out of all the Korean classes I'd heard so far,
it was the best.
I'll remember it for a long time.
What an honour.
You won't be able to teach like that all the time.
That day
You braced for humiliation on a planetary level.
Still, I'd like to listen to another class like that.
Oh, I need you to make copies of my notes right now.
- I have to go to math class.
- Oh, okay.
- Let's go that way.
- Okay.
See you in class.
- Okay. See you next week.
- Sure.
Why didn't you tell me that?
Why would I say that to another guy?
I'd forgotten completely.
The camera symbolizes the main character's idea,
and the combat boots symbolize the main character's reality.
Ms. Seo. Don't you have a class?
Let's talk after work. I'll wait.
Let's not. I don't have the capacity to argue with you today.
Great. Then let's not argue.
Forget the silly options and calculations
and tell me how you really feel.
I'll accept it without complaint.
Why won't you listen?
Were you always like this?
- Ms. Seo.
- Ms. Seo?
I'm coming.
Let's go.
I wish all Daechi-dong instructors were like you.
I think I could beat everyone, then.
As if.
We start next week, and you seem to have time to kill.
You're mistaken.
That's good to know.
I wouldn't stand a chance if everyone were like Ms. Seo.
I don't think she slept much last night.
Is she taking wild ginseng?
Her fridge was bare.
(Daechi Chase)
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
What's the matter?
I have a headache.
Shall I get you some medicine?
No. Let's go upstairs.
Good job, Min Ji.
Thanks. You did a good job too.
I'll do that.
- Leave this up.
- Okay.
I'm off, then.
Ms. Seo.
You didn't leave?
As you can see.
Sorry. I really don't have the energy to fight.
Then use me as a driver.
I won't say anything. I'll just drive.
Give me the car key.
(Daechi Station)
Do you have a headache?
You said you wouldn't talk.
Where are we going?
I can't send you home when you're not well.
I'll hang around until you feel better.
Why do you have a headache?
I'll get some medicine.
It's fine. Leave it.
No. I'll be really quick.
I got punched.
What do you mean?
Who? When? At the academy?
No. It was Si Woo.
Ms. Seo.
"Out of all the Korean classes I'd heard so far, it was the best."
"I'll remember it for a long time."
As soon as he said that,
my head felt like it would split apart.
It hurt so bad.
That wasn't our lecture.
It was Si Woo's.
I didn't think of that.
I lured a 16-year-old over
only to think of my pay and vice-director position.
When I think of that My gosh.
I feel so embarrassed and pathetic.
I wanted to die.
You're right.
Let's get some air.
I need to hear more about Si Woo.
The wind is cold outside.
I need to wake up.
He didn't pay tuition at Choisun Academy?
He cared most about our scholarship program.
He gave that up to come to you and me.
He even said he went up against Choi Hyung Sun one-to-one.
He seemed to have explained pretty well
why he would switch.
This is insane.
We really have to pluck him the moon and stars, then.
He can't go back to Choisun Academy now.
He can't.
Then I can't go either.
I don't think that's a wise decision.
I clung to your pant legs and asked you to stay too,
but you must know I did that for personal reasons.
I can teach him well on my own.
I'm working real hard prepping for the class,
so you should grab your opportunity.
You said it was a shocking offer.
You're acting
quite cheeky with me.
- What?
- If I go to Choisun Academy,
how hard do you think I'd work?
Do you think you can even focus on Heewon High?
I'll poach all your Chanyoung High students.
Then Daechi Chase will invest all they have to put on a defence.
Do you have to throw down the gauntlet?
I might love money a lot,
but isn't it wrong to do that to Si Woo?
Plus, I think he preferred my lecture to yours.
No way.
I want to teach him until he graduates.
Teaching a smart kid.
It's more awesome than you think.
You make me look like a loser.
If you switch things around like this
"I like you."
"Consider me a man."
"Let's date."
It would look bad to say that now.
Let's go home.
But keep it in mind.
That I like you.
Even when the hottest girl in school asked me out,
Seo Hye Jin
was all I could think of.
Just don't push me away.
When I was stone-cold sober. When I hadn't fallen in the water.
I told you very clearly.
How can you say things like that with zero embarrassment?
Because I've been practising since I was Si Woo's age.
Do you need something?
Wait just a moment.
What's all this for?
I heard your fridge was bare.
According to Ms. Nam.
My goodness.
Do you come to this store often?
- Yes.
- Good.
I'm moving in upstairs.
- Why?
- I signed the lease.
When I put my mind to something, I get it done. You know that, right?
("A Raw Youth" by Dostoevsky)
Mount Seorak was busy early this morning with hikers
ready to enjoy the peak fall foliage.
Min Hye Jin has the story.
Between the ridges,
you can see the colourful fall colours
lining the landscape.
Did you sleep well?
Good morning, Mom.
What do you do today?
Work, of course.
After breakfast
Shall we go hiking together?
The brightly coloured trees
This is what a dad who sent three sons
to prestigious universities does now.
Don't you remember I was busiest on weekends in school?
Lee Jun Ho. Make it up to me.
- I got you into college.
- I brought in all the money.
Anyway, I'm busiest on weekends now.
Oh, and
- I move out next month.
- Already?
Mother. Can you put down the knife when we talk?
Do you have to move out?
Where will you go?
This neighbourhood's too expensive, so I'm going a bit further out.
Isn't it easier to get to and from work from here?
I'll give you the address. Come by when I've settled in.
We talked for the duration of the walk that reached 15m.
The continued climb made them breathless,
but it's precious family time.
I hadn't been able to
Seo Hye Jin.
What's this feel?
What feel?
Never mind.
You look a bit different from usual.
I ordered something with honey for your hangover.
Drink that.
Good for you.
- Do you like the choice?
- Yes.
I want to drink and hang out with you too.
How can you say that?
You're the one who's too busy to make the time.
Get to the point.
- You have to get back.
- Oh, yes.
Mr. Lee, your order's ready.
What's this for?
A token of my appreciation.
Thanks for going over my contract.
Pay me in cash.
I bought clothes to wear when I tag along
to the contract signing.
It's so cold and formal.
You're always so exact when it comes to favours.
I feel bad.
I won't go to Choisun Academy.
Why not?
There's a kid I want to teach.
That's a reason I never heard before.
Because of one student,
you'll give up that amazing offer?
You're an academy instructor.
I made the human choice.
Isn't it more human to choose money?
Is it a choice a teacher should make, then?
That sounds too grand.
Let's just call it a sentimental choice.
Is that it?
Last time,
you said you were hesitant to leave.
Is that unrelated?
It's unrelated.
You know I'm on standby 24-7, right?
Call me any time if you want to talk.
(Choisun Academy)
I didn't expect a visit when there are so many people.
I didn't think it would matter if I had nothing to hide.
You and I both have to start our day soon,
so I'll say my part and then leave.
First, thank you very much for the great offer.
If I must say so myself, I put a lot of thought into it.
I could tell.
It was the best offer I'd received,
and the terms were concise. I'm full of respect for you.
I realized again there was so much
I could learn from you.
What I want to say is,
the reasoning for my decision has nothing to do
with what you offered.
I'll remain at my current academy.
(Choisun Academy)
Ms. Seo.
We met at a weird place.
Why are you here?
What about you?
I came to meet an instructor I knew.
What about you?
I came to return my textbook.
It was free because it was included in the scholarship.
I see.
Shall I wait?
I could buy you a soda or something.
I have an English class right after.
Oh, right. Yes.
See you next week, then.
- Okay.
- Go ahead.
(Famously Korean)
(Strategic Special Lecture)
Why are you calling this early, Mr. Lee?
What's this about?
Did my call cheer you up?
Where are you?
You could've stayed there.
Why are you in a good mood?
Why did you want to see me?
Ms. Oh Jeong Hwa made gimbap.
Let's eat together before work.
I want to hurry to work.
I want to study.
I met Si Woo.
By chance.
How ashamed, embarrassed, and horrible would I have felt
if I had moved to Choisun?
Just the thought gives me chills.
I made a great decision.
That's what I thought.
You're full of love and praise for yourself.
I'm in such a darn great mood.
A darn great mood?
You say stuff like that?
You were right.
For once in a long time,
I like myself a lot.
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
I didn't want to go to an empty home today.
You feel lonely too?
Wouldn't it be better to be with her?
Could you see all my lies?
You're dating her?
But you had a crush on her years ago.
Address her respectfully, you lunatic.
It's a secret.
If people find out about us,
I won't have a say in anything like scheduling and so on.
We got stabbed in the back before.
You want me to take the leftovers?
Can you not fall for Jun Ho?
My patience has gone completely.
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