The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

(Jung Ryeo Won)
(Wi Ha Jun)
(Scriptwriter: Park Kyeong Hwa)
(Director: Ahn Pan Seok)
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
Put them down here.
(Choisun Grammar Commentary, Lee Si Woo)
(Korean Non-literature Commentary)
(Korean Literature Commentary)
You didn't make photocopies
to keep, did you?
Even if you did,
there's a solution for that too.
We got stabbed in the back before.
No, it's fine. You can go now.
Don't you need to give me a receipt or something
that says I returned the books?
What if you say I didn't return them?
Don't you trust adults?
(Lee Si Woo returned)
(the textbooks)
Will this do? Now go.
Take it.
Why are you still here?
Sign it too, please.
(Park Ki Sung)
Lee Si Woo.
Sign this.
Say you won't leak our textbook contents.
(Episode 8)
- Here.
- What's this?
A tablet PC.
The one you're using seems old.
Why did you get one?
I saw it when I went to get a new phone.
It was pretty and I thought of you.
Will you accept it?
got an offer from another academy.
I see.
Did you?
Recently, it just so happened.
take it.
Call it a farewell present.
I want something bigger when we really say farewell.
- Then
- I won't leave.
- You won't?
- Shall I?
No. That's not what I mean.
Give this to Ms. Nam.
Ms. Nam?
She works hardest and best.
Encourage and support the new hires.
I'm a good judge of character.
You're magnanimous and understanding.
Altruistic and bold.
It wasn't that. Heewon High class
I want to do well with that class.
I have a class soon.
Oh, yes. You should go.
You have a long day. Sorry for keeping you.
Wait. Could you
tell me which academy made an offer?
Where do you think it was?
- Was it
- Was it?
Choisun Academy?
That White Haired Witch, the sly hag.
Send a text to the Chanyoung High moms.
There won't be a special lecture for their kids' final exam.
Even if you don't teach it yourself,
you could assign another instructor.
Mr. Park.
You want me to take the leftovers?
I apologize.
Bring the Chanyoung High material we reviewed last time.
Yes, Director.
You can go.
Okay. But I have something.
- Here.
- What is it?
Take a look.
What is this?
Si Woo came to return his books, so I had him write and sign it.
I don't know if the kid's twisted because his family's poor,
or if he was trying to hide his inferiority complex,
but he showed no remorse at all.
Did he ask to write this himself?
No. I told him to write and sign it.
Get out.
Darn you.
Reputation, rumours,
honour, self-esteem, money.
What did we get with this?
You dared to use Choisun Academy's name
to get a snotty kid to sign a rag like this?
I apologize.
Get out.
Stay out of my sight forever!
Forgive me.
Mr. Lee.
Is everything okay?
Did you go through the material I sent?
Yes, that's right. Ms. Seo seemed worried.
I'm not a kid.
Okay. See you next week.
Wherever you go, study hard.
I root for you always.
Choisun Academy, Choi Hyung Sun.
Is Ms. Seo worried about something?
We have a Heewon High kid who used to go to Choisun Academy.
She saw him go in to return his books.
I should nag a bit.
To me?
No, to Hye Jin.
Even if she made up her mind, people will talk
if they see her there.
She said you knew about her decision.
Ms. Seo changed her mind.
She told me she'd leave.
Ask her yourself. It's not for me to say.
- Okay. I'll do that.
- Bye, then.
Hey. Thanks for the tip.
You. Go back to your classroom.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Good luck with your class.
- Thanks.
I'll get a seat and wait in time for the end of your morning class.
I hope to see you.
Did you promise her a different profit split
or another incentive?
No, I didn't.
She wants to do well with the Heewon High class.
What kind of reason is that?
I reviewed Ms. Seo's contract.
On paper, it won't be easy for her to leave and steal our students.
But how about we give her a warning?
- Ms. Woo.
- Yes?
It's not the time to assault an ally.
What do you mean "assault?"
That sounds a bit
The world we live in,
this academy industry. It's a true jungle.
It is.
Don't you think
now is the time for us to show
we trust our instructors and support them staunchly?
We have ten more minutes. Shall we read a short passage?
The next passage.
I really hope you study it.
Shoot. I knew it.
Okay? It's Erich Fromm's "The Art of Loving."
"Love is the active interest in the life and growth"
"of the person you love."
That's a great quote.
Doesn't it prove just how much I love you?
Did you have lunch?
I don't have to eat to feel full.
I brought a packed lunch. Shall we share? It's enough for two.
I have a feeling one-half of that wasn't originally for me.
You're right.
I don't have to pay you back for it, then?
I knew you were shrewd.
(YG Science Academy)
Once Jun Ho moves out too,
the apartment will feel too big.
I worked so hard to raise them,
but sons are just boring.
I guess he decided to
come home early until he moves out.
He still cares.
- I'm home.
- You're back early.
- I'm home.
- What's that for?
I'm here to pack.
I won't have much time after the special lectures start.
But still, you
I had dinner, Mom. Good night.
Good night.
Where's the lunchbox?
What's that?
I found a pretty good side dish shop.
I brought some from home because it's perfect with alcohol.
Not knowing you wouldn't drink.
My throat dries up if I drink before a morning class.
You're such a dedicated teacher.
How did the likes of you ask to see me on a weekend?
I didn't want to go to an empty home today.
You feel lonely too?
I'm human too.
Hey, then shall we get
the once-scrapped blind date project back on track?
Yes? I'll bring you only the greatest catches.
Not at my age.
Dating is nonsense.
Don't you know retirement homes are rife with affairs,
passion, and love triangles?
Even when I'm in a retirement home,
I won't be a part of any passionate affair.
I'll probably just sit and watch.
Why would you say something so chilling?
I don't know. I just can't relate to it.
Why not?
Why not?
Why not?
Aren't I
a cogwheel that's slightly askew?
What cogwheel?
It doesn't apply to everyone,
but in general, people of similar ages
have similar goals and priorities.
In high school, getting into college is a priority.
Once in college, you care about studying or dating.
Around the last year there you look for work,
and once that's sorted, you slowly consider marriage.
Yes. And once you marry and have a kid or two,
getting into college becomes a priority again.
Right. But not for me.
While my college friends studied and dated,
I worked like crazy for money.
When you sat the last bar exam,
I hadn't even graduated yet.
My gosh.
Creditors came after us every single day,
and my brother was still in school.
By the time I didn't have to worry about money,
the grades of other people's kids had become my priority.
It's like my clock doesn't tick in time with someone else's.
Do you think your cogwheel will stay askew
until you move into a retirement home?
I did my best and worked hard on all my given assignments.
And I got this far.
But I never had a decent boyfriend.
I'm just saying life isn't fair.
That sounds so cowardly.
When my husband and I were all fired up with passion,
I passed the first round of the bar.
Don't you remember?
You did.
- I remember.
- My gosh.
It was such a sweaty summer.
My studio wasn't just cold.
The walls were paper thin too.
- You're crazy.
- We stayed close
in that heat.
Who would have known clothes so thin
- could be so cumbersome?
- Stop it.
- No one had to give a signal.
- Stop.
- We both
- Stop!
Do you have to go into such detail?
Drink some more.
- My gosh.
- It's true that
you had to grow up before the rest of us.
But I don't think that's the reason
you never dated properly.
What is, then?
Either you're an idiot who has too big an expectation
or illusion of love
Or you're an idiot who thought too little of it.
Which do you think I am?
The latter.
You paid off a huge debt at a young age,
and that was really impressive.
You're pretty successful too.
Money, a car, an apartment.
Once you get the things that everyone works for,
it becomes pretty easy to deceive yourself.
You tell yourself you don't need love.
And you act all cool and posh.
After you do that for a while,
it gets a bit awkward and embarrassing
to say you want to fall in love too.
So you have no choice but to deceive yourself again.
what if I lie and deceive,
but I don't fall for it anymore?
What then?
Is this
related to what you said last time?
About not being able to go back to the past.
One beer should be fine.
How lovely.
Today was a really close one.
I acted like I was his instructor and all.
Today, I almost ended my class early
to go out and eat lunch with him.
I barely regained control.
Hey. Lunch is nothing at all.
Hey. I was and am his instructor.
I can't get drawn in.
I should slam down the brakes.
He has a lot of qualities.
He's cheerful,
and responsible.
My job is to help him reach his goal.
I don't want him to become gossip over something silly.
Aren't I cool?
Okay, let's say you are.
I get that you want to think so.
- I get it completely.
- Okay.
You said you didn't think you were falling for it anymore.
How do you really feel? Honestly.
You saw him, didn't you?
I saw him.
Can you
not fall for Jun Ho?
Tell me if there's a way.
Gosh. I had this.
Why are you crying?
I don't know.
I must be drunk.
It was sweet and scary.
What was?
He said that I was
his first love.
If he were to know I'm an idiot,
he might snap out of the fantasy he had of me.
Why do you want to be part of a fantasy?
Just throw yourself and let instinct take over.
That's harder than you think.
You frustrating thing.
I bet it's Jun Ho.
Shall we bet a grand?
- Yes.
- How do you know?
"How was your drive home?"
"Did you get back safely? When will you go to bed?"
He's the only one who asks such questions at odd times.
That's how I found out how it feels to be lonely.
Why do you feel lonely?
I'm dead jealous a younger man texts you at night.
It feels so strange when he doesn't text at night.
He'll be asking if I got home safe.
I didn't see him leave tonight.
What is it?
I won't ask for the 1,000 dollars. Who was it?
- Well?
- It was Jun Ho.
But what?
Hey. What is it?
They're the notes you gave me.
Tenacious Seo Hye Jin.
You tried so hard to get Lee Jun Ho to study.
The day I studied hard.
The day I skipped class to go to an internet cafe.
The day I did well in an exam and the day I didn't.
The day it was hot, the day it was cold.
The day I found an interesting book in the library.
The day we rented comic books together.
The day we solved a math problem together.
The day we started counting down to the KSAT.
The day before the KSAT.
The day of the KSAT.
The day I got my certificate of admission and
Even when it was an ordinary day.
I guess you had a lot to say to me.
Why are you crying?
Hey. You were a great teacher.
I'm not a great teacher.
Come on.
He's saying that
because of you, he got through those tough times.
Something like that means
I didn't do this for any of the other kids.
I only did that for Jun Ho.
After I took a break from university,
I really didn't want to live.
While you went on field trips and to lectures
and went on dates
In the mornings,
I handed out flyers, cleaned offices during the day,
and taught at night.
It was really
I thought my life was a mess, and it drove me crazy.
But then I realized I had stopped thinking like that.
Not because life had become bearable.
On some days, I was just in a good mood.
Not because I made money.
It was just
When my life felt dark and hopeless
I got through it because he was there.
(You seem really tired today so I'm not waking you up.)
(Hye Jin)
(I'm so glad you grew to like books.)
(I'm so glad you grew to like books.)
(Admission Results)
(Admission Results for Class of 2013)
I got in.
(Daechi Chase)
(For the past 3 years, you worked hard.)
(Thank you)
(Hye Jin)
Hey, pick up. Lee Jun Ho's calling.
- Pick up.
- I can't pick up.
- Hello, Mr. Lee.
- Oh, no.
Are you crazy?
- It's Cha So Young.
- Give me that.
- Yes.
- You're insane.
Yes, we met, didn't we?
Give me the phone. Did you hang up?
Are you crazy?
- Hey. What now?
- Come here.
- As soon as he texted
- Don't.
- Let's see.
- Don't you dare.
We're too drunk.
- Hang on.
- Don't.
I need to go home now.
I'm going home.
What have we done?
Give me that. I'll call for a driver.
No. I'll
get my husband to pick me up.
This isn't mine. Where's my phone?
- Give it to me.
- I'll call my old man
for a ride home.
We'll get all sweet and cuddly in the car.
I can't let you hire a driver to take you home.
Have you gone crazy?
Hello? Hi.
I need you to come over.
- Who are you talking to?
- I'm at
- It better not be Jun Ho.
- It's not.
Jun Ho!
- Right here
- Where's my phone?
A fantasy couple might just form.
It's a matter of
- whether or not it'll happen.
- Don't.
It's an important moment.
You should've downed the beer on your own.
I still have a table.
Okay, fine.
Yes, okay.
I got it, okay. Bye.
I'm sorry, but it's closing time.
Oh, right. Sorry.
Gosh, Mr. Lee. Hello.
Gosh, hello.
- So this is where we meet.
- Right. Hello.
You must be here for Hye Jin.
- I am.
- Shall we?
What the
Let go.
- Gosh.
- Careful.
Watch your head.
- Get home safely.
- Sure.
I'll treat you to drinks sometime.
I'd love that. I'll await your call.
- Sure.
- By the way,
I'm not sure if I should be saying this, but
The expert shows off his skills.
You should be proud of yourself
for drinking with a teacher who has a morning class.
You'll be absolutely shocked
when you hear what I just did.
As if. Don't try to take credit.
They would've started dating soon even without you nudging.
Did you know about them?
I knew the day Hye Jin brought him to the bar.
I see.
Seo Hye Jin is such an idiot.
Only she doesn't know
what everyone else can see.
People tend to be blind when it comes to themselves.
Who knew probation existed when it comes to love?
That sounds like lyrics from a famous song.
Who knew probation existed when it comes to love?
I'd love them
to enjoy the most passionate romance.
One that's bone-crushing.
I can
Watch your step.
Gosh. Seriously.
Ms. Seo.
- Gosh.
- You'll be locked out at this rate.
That'd be bad.
Get it for me.
- It's 04
- Quiet!
What if someone hears you?
Of course.
Come close.
- What?
- Come.
I'm so tired.
- Open it.
- Sure.
Can I leave after seeing you go to sleep?
Could you?
Come in.
Could you see
all my lies?
That you shouldn't waste your time chasing your first love.
I also said I wasn't interested.
What else was there?
You said there were no magical moments in life,
and that I was a nuisance to teach.
Why didn't you forget about it?
I have forgotten it all.
Jun Ho.
My head hurts.
I'm proud of you, Jun Ho.
It turns out you're quite the gentleman.
Right. Good job.
You did well.
Gosh. My head.
Seo Hye Jin, you must be proud.
Did you forget you had classes all day today?
My head
I couldn't go rummaging through your things,
so I got you soup and medicine.
Don't tell me you don't remember.
I'll go wash up.
Ms. Seo?
Are you all right?
Last night, I
I have a few announcements.
Go ahead.
First of all, do you think you can stomach anything?
Even the water makes me queasy.
I'll cover the first class of the morning and afternoon.
Don't be ridiculous. Never have I
An IV drip and some sleep will cure the hangover.
I'll make a good excuse at the academy.
No, those classes are mine, and I'll teach them.
Then I'll tell Ms. Choi
that we were together last night.
But once Ms. Choi knows,
the whole world will get wind of it.
I found a clinic that opens on Sundays.
Got it?
What's the next announcement?
We have someplace to go after class today.
We should go on a date to commemorate this day.
A date?
For now,
I'll let you know where my class material is.
My laptop is on my desk at the academy.
Just a second.
I have one more announcement which is the most important one.
What is it?
My patience
has gone completely.
Don't turn away.
(Bangbae New Green Hill 201)
(Daechi Chase)
Good morning.
All right.
Ms. Nam.
When one teacher has to cover
for another teacher,
is a written notice mandatory?
Or do I just tell the vice-director?
Ms. Seo is feeling under the weather,
so I'll be covering her first class.
How is Ms. Seo being unwell a delight to you?
Does it seem that way?
I'll cover for her.
No, I'll do it.
We need to talk.
Is Ms. Seo not able to notify the boss herself?
I'm afraid so.
She's probably sleeping while getting some fluids in.
I see.
I'll notify the boss.
No, I'll do it.
How did you know she was sick?
Saying that I knew about it first
seems to be the key to world peace.
Of course.
I'll cover her class as well.
That I'm fine with. I can do it.
Sure. Do that, then.
Isn't it better to just be with her?
How could I ever repay you?
You don't have to.
I already received something in advance.
- What?
- The tablet PC.
Ms. Seo will know.
What on earth
What are you doing over there?
It's nothing.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Why were the two of you in there?
- That
- Well
Ms. Seo is unwell,
so we were discussing her class.
Is Hye Jin sick?
Apparently, she has a terrible cold.
I see. Got it.
Ms. Seo?
Maintaining one's health speaks to her capacity as well.
Are you sure you can cover her classes all day?
Of course.
Tell her to take the whole day off.
She should fully recover to be ready for special lectures before finals.
Sure thing.
By the way,
you must be getting along with Ms. Seo.
I don't have anyone I'm especially close to.
Don't teach halfheartedly because you're covering for someone.
That's only reserved for amateurs.
A professional uses this to his or her advantage.
During school breaks, the competition will be heated.
I hear you.
Can you call Lee Myeong Jun for me?
(Vice-director's Office)
(Mr. Yoon Ji Seok)
You must be in a good mood.
I am.
I'm only filling in, but I'm surging with energy
since I'll be able to teach today.
Teaching must be in your blood.
I get along with students.
I see.
Things must be different here compared to where you used to teach.
What I meant was
I wasn't implying anything.
It's just that I've been here longer than you.
If anything like this happens,
I should be the one you first come to,
not Mr. Lee.
But you and Soo Rim
both have classes all day today.
The only ones who could fill in
were Mr. Lee and me,
so that was why we discussed it among ourselves.
Of course, I know that.
I hope I didn't offend you.
I meant that I was here to help with anything I can
even though I'm younger.
When did he leave this morning without even having breakfast?
He thinks he grew up all by himself
when his parents and teachers
helped him in close proximity.
You can take it off after 30 minutes.
- Right, thank you.
- Sure.
It's me, Mr. Yoon.
I have a lot of missed calls from you.
What's wrong? How sick are you?
(Join the prestigious schools with Yoon Ji Seok.)
How could I not worry about you?
You had never cancelled a class,
let alone been late to one before.
But I heard you passed out from being sick.
You're okay, right?
I guess I'm getting older.
I suddenly didn't have any energy in my body.
Yes. I'm really okay.
Shouldn't you be in class right now?
I distracted you from your class. You should get back to class.
Okay. See you on Tuesday.
How do you feel?
Why are you already here?
Did you cancel my class?
- My class can't be cancelled.
- Gosh, Ms. Seo.
Don't worry.
I sent in a decent teacher although she may not be as good as me.
If you take a look at this passage,
you can see what I mean. Do you see that?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Great. Then how about this?
Would it be helpful to read this passage or not?
- Helpful.
- Helpful.
(Designated Medical Facility for COVID-19 Vaccines)
I suddenly got a lot of time to spare.
I don't know how to spend my time now.
- Isn't the answer obvious?
- Going down.
Have you forgotten my announcements?
Doors are closing.
(Kwon's Korean Academy, Jangwon Real Estate)
This is where our old academy was. What are we doing here?
You'll see when you go in.
They'll start demolishing this unit tomorrow for a new academy.
So I wanted to come here with you today.
It's not a fancy place or anything.
But isn't this a perfect spot for our first date?
You won't be able to say that if I tell you why
the previous academy went out of business.
The instructors got involved romantically.
It was a huge scandal.
The academy closed down.
The instructors could never work in this neighbourhood again.
You know, that's what I heard too.
If an academy would go down because of a love scandal,
it would've gone down eventually.
The light is out.
It's fine.
I realized too late that
the Seo Hye Jin in this room was just an ordinary college student.
You acted like a super grown-up
because of your title as my teacher.
I was fooled by your title. And I realized too late
that the title had stopped me.
The whole thing was so not fair.
Gosh, I'm glad it's dark in here.
When you say stuff like that, I don't know how to react.
I don't want to look silly to you.
Go ahead and talk.
You know,
I spent a lot of time with students.
I'm well-versed in new slang words.
But I'm actually clueless about the things
women around my age like to discuss.
I have no idea what kind of things they like to watch, listen to,
feel, or think about.
So whenever you say stuff like that,
I keep trying to figure out the right facial expression to make.
At times like this, thinking isn't required.
You're right.
I lived,
acting like a grown-up for a long time.
that act is only convincing in a classroom like this.
In general, I am How should I put it?
I'm slow and awkward.
Let me elaborate.
I'll probably be awkward and mess things up occasionally.
So be understanding.
Don't tell anyone about us.
You saw what happened with the free lecture, right?
A lot of people are watching us like hawks
and hoping that we would make a mistake.
If people find out about us,
I won't have a say in anything like scheduling and so on.
Let's say they aren't happy with me.
Then they'll start saying stuff like I lost my mind after seducing
a former student of mine.
Tell them that your former student seduced you.
You tend to bulldoze through things without being more careful.
They will blame me for it.
They'll say you're running wild because I'll back you.
The problem is that this gossip will end up shaping our reputation.
We can't let that happen. You know?
Don't get out of the car. Just drive home with it.
You want me to leave?
But today was a big day. We had our first date.
You're not going to invite me upstairs for tea?
Or you won't offer stuff like ramyeon?
- No. I can't just leave like this.
- Wait. Stop.
I need to study.
Drive home safely.
- Ms. Seo.
- Yes.
I need more of you.
Gosh. I told you we should just make another trip.
Hey. Can I go in with my shoes on?
No. I finished getting the floor cleaned.
- Keep going.
- Don't push me.
Darn it.
- Goodness.
- Good grief. That was so heavy.
It's so cold.
Where's water?
Water? Check the fridge.
What's this?
All done.
Gosh. That was so exhausting.
Hey. You managed to move a lot of stuff in advance, though.
I did it whenever I had time.
Your dad doesn't need his car these days?
It wasn't his. I moved them with Ms. Seo's car.
Seo Hye Jin.
Ms. Seo lives nearby.
What? Why are you staring at me like that?
I thought you knew everything.
But you had a crush on her years ago.
Who cares about that?
Well, it's what you're thinking.
You're dating her?
Gosh. Come on.
Hey. I'm going to need a drink to listen to this story.
Do you have a beer?
I have a pile of them in the fridge.
You can drink them all if you want.
- What about you?
- I must wash up and go to work.
This is the high season for special lectures.
Gosh, that jerk.
I didn't have a single day off over a month now.
Gosh. Seriously.
Where's the light switch?
Darn it.
- Hey.
- You startled me. What?
What do I call her when I see her?
Ma'am? Ms. Seo?
Or Hye Jin?
Address her respectfully, you lunatic.
"Hye Jin?" How dare you?
I'll get going first.
Hello, Ms. Seo.
Gosh. Already?
Now, it feels like the end of the semester, doesn't it?
Yes, it does.
The university entrance exam ended only two days ago.
Go to the director's office. He wants to talk to you.
I'll come right back. Let's decorate the tree together.
I love decorating a Christmas tree.
Sounds good.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Gosh. I guess I'm getting a year older once again.
Mr. Jang. Would you like to join me?
- I'm a Buddhist.
- I see.
I can join you.
Gosh, thank you.
Come in.
- I heard you wanted to see me.
- Hey.
Goodness. I barely got to see any of the teachers or team leaders
because of these last-minute makeup classes.
I asked to see you, so we could catch up.
Let's sit down.
Do they look that weird?
Why can't you look at my face?
They don't look weird.
Really? Then look at me.
Look at me.
- I'm good.
- Gosh.
My mother got my fortune read by a shaman or whatnot.
The shaman said
I needed to get my eyebrows done to make this academy successful
and be able to find a woman I could marry. That's what she said.
I hope it works.
I hear the shaman is pretty gifted. Should I introduce her to you?
Gosh, no. I'm good.
Aren't you curious to see
if one of your students will have the highest grades again?
I think you're more curious than me.
Aren't you curious?
I had always been curious before.
- But not this year.
- Why not?
All of my students will do well.
I've done everything I could.
Both Chanyoung High and Heewon High will hold their Korean exams
on the same day, of all days.
Our students will get their grades all at once.
How was it?
Did you like the class?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Great. Lastly,
I will nag you one last time
even though I've already done it 100 times before I let you go. Okay?
As for the essay questions
and especially the short-answer questions,
they aren't important just because they're worth a lot of points.
The ability to organize your thoughts
and express your knowledge clearly while following the rules
will be a great asset for the rest of your lives.
I'm not asking you to be some great writers like the poet
we learned about today, Paek Sok,
Novelist Kim Chun Su, or Novelist Kim Ae Ran. Okay?
Think of it as learning the basic knowledge
one must naturally have
after receiving a proper high school education.
Make sure to review the materials to the end.
- Understood?
- Yes.
Good job, everyone.
As long as you kept up with my class,
you can be confidently bold when taking your exam tomorrow.
Because I feel confident.
It's time for you to shine now.
Class dismissed.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Good job.
Bye. Get home safely.
- Don't make mistakes.
- Good job.
- Wait.
- Good job.
- Good job.
- You got this.
Well done.
- Good job.
- Well done, Si Woo.
By the way,
is there a class next week?
Why do you ask?
Well, could you hold a special lecture on literature?
Just like the free lecture.
Hey, if we tell the other students that we'll start the class
right after the exam, they'll badmouth us.
I think it will be fun.
If you think it will be fun, we ought to do it.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Good work.
- Get home safely.
- Good luck.
- Bye.
Well done, Mr. Lee.
Thank you for your help, Ms. Seo.
It's finally over.
Good job.
We should leave quickly
before anyone stops us now that the lecture is over.
Wait for me at the subway station.
Someone might see us at the parking lot.
We should have watched a late-night movie like I suggested.
Our students have an exam tomorrow.
Some students call us.
Let's take a rain check for the movie.
Oh, right. I ran out of milk at home.
- I totally forgot.
- I see.
- Would you like a bag?
- Yes.
The bag costs ten cents.
Do you need a receipt?
- Yes. I see.
- I packed it up for you.
You should go.
I'll walk you home.
My house is literally only a few steps away.
You should change the passcode of your house.
I don't think I should know the passcode.
Oh, that. I already did.
I see.
You should get inside.
Come closer.
That was a lie.
Then you should change it as soon as
Actually, I had milk at home.
That was pretty smooth. Wasn't it?
Let's go upstairs.
Let's go up.
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
See you at work.
But why are you coming up from here?
Come up later. Take the elevator when you come up.
I'm asking why someone from an academy wants to talk to me.
He wasn't even interested in reading the contract.
The evaluations are done not by words, but with numbers.
By the way, yesterday, that punk
Let's call it even with the passcode to your house.
- Hello, Ms. Seo.
- Hey.
I was wondering if I would lose the title of your favourite student.
Does it not matter now?
Because I'm not your favourite student anymore,
but your boyfriend.
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