The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

(Jung Ryeo Won)
(Wi Ha Jun)
(Scriptwriter: Park Kyeong Hwa)
(Director: Ahn Pan Seok)
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
You should get inside.
- Come closer.
- What?
That was a lie.
Then you should change it as soon as
Actually, I had milk at home.
That was pretty smooth. Wasn't it?
Let's go upstairs.
Let's go up.
Wait. Do you want to watch a late-night movie instead? Then
Gosh, no. Of course, we should go upstairs.
(Episode 9)
Answer it.
Gosh, no.
I told you. Some students call us before the exam.
Gosh, I don't have to answer this. It's Seoung Gyu.
Excuse me for a second.
Hey, what is it?
Hey. You'll be home soon. Right?
I'm going to order fried chicken. Come and pay for it.
Okay. Sure. Go ahead. Order it.
What is it?
Is something wrong with Seoung Gyu?
No. Well,
Seoung Gyu helped me move into my new place today.
- He's still at my house.
- Okay.
Let me go and feed him. I need 30 minutes. No.
I mean, I'll come back as fast as I can.
- As fast as you can?
- Yes.
I'll come back in a jiffy.
So could you wait for me?
- Gosh. Thank you.
- We must've made you wait long.
- Gosh. Come on.
- Oh, no.
What am I going to do?
I'm sorry.
- Thank you. I appreciate it.
- Bye.
This too.
It's fine.
- Anyway, - Yes.
wait for me.
Don't fall asleep.
- Promise me.
- Okay.
- I'll be back soon.
- Okay.
Hey. You're home early.
What do you think? I did a great job cleaning the house, didn't I?
Yes. Hey, thank you. It's so spotless I got goosebumps.
Let's see.
- What are you doing?
- What?
Well, you worked hard to clean the house today.
You should drink some nice liquor.
Why did you just sit down like that?
What do you mean?
You've been outside.
Wash your hands and change your clothes first.
I was about to get changed.
This is good.
Hey. Should we invite Ho Jae?
He said he had a company dinner today.
Let's invite him for the second round.
Gosh, what are you talking about?
He has work tomorrow morning. Why would we invite him here?
Let's just drink by ourselves.
All right. Here.
This is so good.
You know what?
Invite Seo Hye Jin over.
You said she lived nearby.
Gosh, what's up with you, jerk?
Why do you want to invite people whenever you drink? Seriously.
You know, when I was mopping the floor all day,
I solved a very important puzzle.
How should I put it?
As a scholar of history, I would say it was a major discovery.
- Yes. What is it?
- You know?
- I wanted to tell you about that.
- I see. Gosh.
That sounds incredibly boring. Seriously.
It's about you.
Over the years, I've met your ex-girlfriends several times.
So what?
You want me to invite my current girlfriend,
so you can tell her about my dating history?
- What are you, a lunatic?
- Come on. Just hear me out.
Strangely, I couldn't figure out your type.
From my observation,
your ex-girlfriends didn't have anything in common. You know?
That's how I felt.
If I must find something in common with all of your past relationships,
you dated them only briefly.
So what?
But they did have it.
All of them had this critical feature in common.
What was it?
- Are you curious?
- Come on.
Yes. Tell me.
Drumroll, please.
The dimples.
All of your ex-girlfriends had dimples.
Right? That's Seo Hye Jin's trademark feature.
Gosh. You haven't changed, have you?
Don't wait for me. Go to sleep.
Hey, where are you going?
Come on. You know where.
Invite Ho Jae or do whatever you want.
By the way,
if you don't use a proper title to call her next time,
I swear. I'm going to kill you.
I'm on my way now.
I'll cut you some slack tonight.
Come on in.
- Gosh.
- Goodness.
You're sweating. Aren't you cold?
I think I just ran 100m
in eight seconds.
I should be a gold medalist.
Oh, no.
I'm coming in.
The light Let's turn that off.
Ms. Seo.
I want to see your face.
- I
- I won't turn on the light.
All right.
Can I
- Ms. Seo. I
- Could you move?
Oh, no.
Goodness. Are you hurt?
Are you okay?
What did you land on first?
Oh, no. You didn't fall on your head first, right?
Well, could you explain to me what's going on first?
Oh, no.
- Did you have a change of heart?
- No, that's not it.
Are you that dense?
- What?
- Gosh. I
I don't know how much more I need to teach you.
- Wait. Ms. Seo. What
- Hey, that!
- Don't do that.
- Ms. Seo.
Don't call me like I'm still your teacher.
Gosh. When I hear you say that,
I feel like I'm doing something wrong to you.
Let me see.
What did you land on first?
Gosh, seriously.
We got really lucky.
If I fell forward like this,
you would have lived alone for the rest of your life.
That's your fault, though.
Then teach me properly.
I thought you were
I have to confess something.
I can't see your face now.
Go ahead. Confess.
I can't teach this.
You knew that, didn't you?
Gosh, no. I thought you were a total pro.
What else?
Is there anything else I should know?
I don't think so.
Then, I'll tell you something this time.
Seo Hye Jin,
I love you.
For much longer than I thought,
I've loved you.
Should I say it one more time?
Seo Hye Jin
You don't have to say it.
I can feel it
more than enough.
You can sleep more.
You have to go, don't you?
Gosh, Seoung Gyu. I should've just stopped being friends with him.
- I'll go to work separately.
- Okay.
I think I should at least feed that punk Seoung Gyu breakfast.
Go home and get some more sleep. You have time in the morning.
Since I have more time
Oh, my! Where are you going?
Excuse me.
Are you perhaps Mr. Pyo Sang Seob?
Yes, I am.
Why have you come to see me?
It seemed you didn't answer calls from numbers you don't know.
I mean, what does an academy want to do with me?
Could I perhaps escort you to my car?
I will explain to you on the way.
Well, it won't be something that makes you uncomfortable.
I'll see you at the academy.
Don't be late.
In case you miss me until then?
- Kids get their grades today.
- Gosh.
Aren't you nervous?
Not really. I taught them perfectly.
I even held myself back from wanting to hug someone.
- Hello.
- Hello.
The doors are closing.
Good morning, friends.
Finally, the day of the Korean exam is upon us.
Don't get nervous and think of today as the day
where you'll be repaid for your effort until now.
Let's keep up your energy just a little longer.
For questions you know, don't make mistakes.
For confusing questions, get through it with the energy of the universe.
Let's go! Our whole class will get perfect scores!
You can do it!
What's with these emoticons?
Is this really Ms. Seo?
Hey, do you think Ms. Seo has been hacked?
She sounds like a totally different person.
No way.
Ms. Seo seems to be in a good mood lately, doesn't she?
I'm sure she is happy.
They'll get some free time too once our exams are over.
What do you think today's questions will be like?
I'm so scared.
I'm totally confident.
Ms. Seo even summarized Sang Seob's breathing sounds for us.
There are too many eyes watching in Daechi-dong.
Also, it's during exam season.
First, our director, Ms. Choi told me to tell you
that she wanted to apologize for meeting you like this
under these conditions.
If you look next to you, you'll see an envelope.
It's a contract with Choisun Academy.
The director's business card is also inside.
Please take a look and give us a call.
Please stop the car at any subway station you see next.
Yes, Ms. Choi.
Yes, I met with him.
He left the contract as is and got out of the car in the middle,
just as you predicted.
Yes, then I will head to your house right away.
(Exit 1, Junggye 3-dong, Exit 6, Nowon Community Hall)
- You are ready for it, right?
- Oh, gosh.
Let's call it even after you tell me the passcode to your house.
"Call it even?" You punk.
Gosh, don't worry.
It's not like I'll come every day.
I'll only come on days when school gets out late.
Get lost.
Hi, Mom. Have you gone to work?
Oh, yes. Jun Ho's move went well.
But yesterday, this punk
Zero, three, two, seven.
- Zero, three, two, seven.
- Gosh, he must've been tired.
He passed out as soon as he got home.
I'm sure he is tired.
The makeup classes for finals just ended yesterday.
Yes, okay.
Hey, Seoung Gyu. You should eat something expensive.
If he asked my precious son to do hard labor,
he should at least buy you a good meal.
Okay. Bye.
Why did you come so early?
I couldn't sleep well because I was nervous on the kids' exam day.
Even the great Ms. Nam Cheong Mi gets nervous too.
Only during the kids' exam season.
Don't worry.
From the moms to the kids, you have great reviews.
Reviews aren't done with words but with grades.
Hey, Min Ji. I'm on my way to work now.
Send out a notice to tell the kids to send us their estimated scores
as soon as they're finished.
And you know how some kids go silent when they tank their exams.
Reach out to those kids separately.
Yes. I'll stop by the bookstore before I go to work.
(Things to note during exams)
Anyone has questions about the exam questions?
Could I please have another OMR card?
(Kids who finished their exams)
(Choi Min Ji)
Hey, Min Ji. The kids are finished, right?
Yes, Ms. Seo.
Yes, both Chanyoung and Heewon High Schools are finished.
The kids have started sending in their estimated scores.
From Heewon High, Si Woo, Hye Seung,
Han Gyeol, and Yun Chan
got perfect scores on the multiple choice section.
I think it'd take me some time to sort through Chanyoung High's.
There are so many who got perfect scores on the multiple choice.
I'll take a look at Chanyoung High's scores when I get to work.
Gosh, having too many perfect scores on multiple choice is hard too.
No, I feel great.
But in that case, the grading for the short answers will get picky.
Anyway, let's talk once I get there.
Yes, please print out the exam papers that we got.
Okay, Ms. Seo. I'll see you later.
Ms. Choi.
Our predictions on three passages were correct.
Oh, really?
And from the classics too!
Oh, my! Congratulations!
This is awesome.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Gosh, I'm finally starting to feel less nervous.
That's great.
Thank you!
What's great?
Oh, my.
(Chanyoung High School, 2023 2nd Semester Final Exams)
Here are Chanyoung High School's exam questions.
Should I try to meet Mr. Pyo Sang Seob again?
He didn't even think to open up the contract,
so it was hard to talk to him.
Leave it.
First floor.
Going up.
The doors are closing.
You're here early, Ms. Seo.
You're early too, Mr. Lee.
It seems like the kids who took exams today will have good results.
I got the message too.
If you're not too busy,
could I have a 1-on-1 meeting with you for a bit?
- Well, I'm a very busy person.
- I see.
It'll only take five minutes.
Did you send Seoung Gyu off well?
I got a message from Si Woo that he did well on the exam.
I heard it from Min Ji.
This is seriously awesome.
Did you feel like this when you were watching me?
What's this? I thought you didn't get nervous.
I don't let on when I feel nervous or anxious.
It doesn't look cool.
This won't do. I'll head out first.
Come outside a little later.
My face has turned red.
- Stay still.
- Okay.
Darn it.
- Hi, Ms. Kim.
- Hello.
- Are you just coming into work?
- Yes.
Then, why are you coming up from here?
Oh, I left something after teaching class yesterday.
How about you?
Oh, I left my pouch in the classroom yesterday too.
I must've been exhausted from doing makeup classes right before exams.
Wait. But
Wasn't your class yesterday in the small lecture hall here,
not downstairs?
I was mistaken. I'm going to go there now.
I see.
I guess even you make such mistakes at times.
I must be exhausted too.
- Okay, then.
- Bye.
Leave the room later. And take the elevator on your way up.
Mr. Lee?
Oh, hi, Ms. Kim.
Why did you come here before coming to the office?
I came in early and decided to practice
on the blackboard.
- Oh
- Why are you down here?
I left something behind.
I see.
You're so hard-working,
practicing right after the exam lecture.
There's always a lot to do.
You'll be a great instructor.
Thank you. Bye, then.
Do you know something?
I'm the best at writing on the board.
People sometimes say I'm even better than Ms. Seo.
Yes. I heard through the grapevine.
Do you need a special lecture?
Will I have to break into
my savings to pay you for it?
I'll give you a special deal.
I'll teach you for the price of one dinner.
Well, the thing is
Shall I help you with it right now?
Oh, no. I think I should practice a bit first.
Okay. Then
Text me after you practice.
- I'll come and help you out.
- No, it's fine.
You don't have to refuse.
I don't eat much.
These were fine, but it's a shame Ye Eun got this wrong.
- Right?
- Yes. She must've been sloppy.
I taught this.
Excuse me.
Hey. I'll go through the rest in my own time.
- You can get back to work.
- Okay.
I'm locked up in here.
Ms. Kim's going to check my blackboard skills.
Ms. Seo.
Ms. Seo.
What's wrong? Are you unwell?
Shall I rescue you?
Can someone call Mr. Lee?
Why isn't he in yet? I need to talk to him.
- I'll call him.
- He's here.
He's downstairs practicing his board-writing.
I'll call him.
Lee Si Woo.
Why are you here?
Tell Mr. Lee to run upstairs.
You're saying you got them all right
but not because you knew how or why?
If not for the list of questions you gave me the day before,
I'd have gotten it wrong.
First, you deserve praise.
If what you said was true,
I'd have lost control at number five.
But you got through the rest of the exam well.
That's impressive.
That's nothing.
And second, even after getting it right,
you thought about what it was that you didn't get.
That's even more impressive.
I'd have gotten it wrong if I didn't recognize the passage.
Even now, I'm not sure what the options mean.
I just memorized what you said
the traditional singer's soul meant
and guessed based on that.
What Mr. Lee means
is that you're thinking on a high level.
Students in their final year
and only just the best few wonder about that.
Because it feels like literature isn't about finding
the answer among five options.
What is it?
That's exactly
how I feel.
I want to take the exam with trust and belief
that I'm perfectly prepared.
I'm like that with the other subjects.
But Korean
Especially literature
I'm always left with that weird feeling.
That's why I bullheadedly try to solve more problems.
I spend more time studying,
but I don't see an improvement.
So the reason you came over as soon as the exam ended is?
I just
You wanted to talk, right?
Your friends would kill you if you said this at school.
Especially boys.
They'd say things like, "The jerk's showing off."
- Yes.
- I'm glad you came over.
You gave me a great assignment.
Can you help me?
There's something you don't know.
I do almost everything I set my mind to.
I'm tasked with making sure
your Korean score stays at the top.
But I just changed my goal.
Will you send me to med school?
It's not something that silly.
I want to help you get full marks at the KSAT.
The best student in the country.
You'd better mention me when you're interviewed afterward.
Si Woo's so serious about his studies.
I suddenly got scared.
Why did you say you'd help him get full marks in the KSAT?
I'm not scared of that.
I was wondering if I would lose the title of your favorite student.
Does it not matter now?
Because I'm not your favorite student anymore,
but your boyfriend.
Are you crazy?
Academy life is so thrilling.
(Chanyoung High School)
This answer here.
Should I deduct a point?
Yes. It's missing the word "positive."
It's still a good answer.
We might have to deduct points for not putting a full stop.
Be strict.
You don't have to go that far.
Should we have added more question so they'd be short on time?
We lost to the students this time.
They studied,
understood the textbook, and did well.
If the average score goes up, the teachers lose,
and if it goes down, we win?
Why even say such a thing?
Because we must categorize their grades.
We must line them up from first to last.
That's why we're staring
at the short-answer questions trying to find reasons
to dock points until our eyes bleed.
We just check if they paid attention in class.
I wish I got hit by a car during
the grade confirmation period.
Why would you
Don't say something like that.
I know what the kids and their parents will say.
I'd much prefer an accident.
That doesn't scare me.
Then will you go on
It must be so nice not to be scared by that.
Ms. Lee.
He's a full-time teacher.
He'll never have the same stance as temporary teachers like us.
That was foolish of me.
I forgot the gap in our status.
Stop it, Ms. Lee.
Even full-time teachers like me
dislike getting complaints from students and parents.
It's about our belief, not our status.
What belief?
Did you ever try to understand my intentions?
Helping the students read and gain a broad understanding of
I quit.
"Gain a broad understanding of the texts?"
Who? The students?
Do you really not get it or are you pretending not to?
You all did well preparing for the final exams.
Ms. Nam and Mr. Lee.
Congratulations on getting through the first exam with us.
You taught and led the students well.
Thank you. You were a great help.
Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to
figure out Pyo Sang Seob's style as well as I did.
I must be lucky.
Two great instructors joined
and settled in so quickly.
Can we have a team dinner?
Sounds good.
Go to a classroom, grab any kid,
and ask to see the material from their academy.
Handouts and notes from their class and the others.
They collected them all and had them memorize it for a month.
They even pointed out which word we read in a higher tone.
That's the academy instructor's job.
Are we doing this to make instructors feel better?
The textbook
is the most basic and organized frame of thought.
- We must have a belief that
- If you care so much about belief,
run for office as superintendent of education.
- Ms. Lee.
- I said I quit.
At this rate, it's obvious
my evaluation will be a disaster.
I'll be badmouthed online too.
I want out before that happens.
Then Ms. Lee,
what do you think I should do?
- Shall I really tell you?
- Yes.
We don't understand each other well.
Can you just
not do anything?
(Daechi Station)
(Seo Hye Jin, Korean)
(Soar to SKY with Yoon Ji Seok)
(Whatever subject you choose, choose Min Hui Ju)
Are we putting it on your card?
No, on the director's.
He's pleased our team did well.
- Goodness.
- Nice.
Mr. Lee must be sick of this.
Can you just not do anything?
(Choisun Academy, Park Ki Sung, TA)
(Night Flight)
So what? You'll make him first in his year?
Yes. He promised to mention me in his interview
when he gets full marks.
My gosh. You're hilarious, Mr. Lee.
- Am I?
- How are you so funny?
That was crazy funny.
- Seriously.
- Here comes
the gambas you ordered.
- Mr. Lee.
- Yes?
Be sure to come here for your post-interview gathering.
You bet.
Okay. Enjoy yourselves.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Eat as much as you want.
- Thanks.
Ms. Kim. You're drunk.
What? No, I'm perfectly fine.
- Guess what?
- I have water here.
I knew he was different when I saw him then.
We should keep our wits about us.
Neither of you majored in Korean, right?
Tell me if you need anything.
I'll help if I can.
What's up, Ms. Nam?
Are you showing off that you majored in Korean?
Yes. I showed off.
Let's talk about something else.
This is boring.
How about a toast?
- Sounds good.
- Yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Cheers, Mr. Lee.
What are your plans for the year-end?
I don't have any special plans.
Why not? Visit Jeju Island. It's amazing.
- I see.
- Oh, right.
You can stay the night.
Is that what's special?
- Yes.
- It's fine.
- It's nicer in the winter.
- I can stay at the academy.
No. I want to talk with you some more.
- Really?
- Really.
That's incredible.
Can I stay for one more
- Let's just go.
- I want to sing.
- Bye.
- I'll get her home.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- Take care.
- Let's go.
- Wait, I didn't
- We can go now.
Get home safely, Mr. Lee.
Our taxi's on its way.
What? Don't you live near here?
Oh, no. I moved.
To Ms. Seo's neighborhood.
What's going on?
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Drive safely.
We'll get some stuff here. You can go home.
I'll carry the stuff for you.
It would be even better if you'd let me join in.
Can you not be so nosy?
- Hey.
- What's going on?
It's just me.
Hello, Ms. Seo.
- Long time no see, Seoung Gyu.
- Yes.
I heard, Ms. Seo.
- I see.
- Shouldn't you go home?
- Yes.
- Hey.
See you.
This is Ms. Nam Cheong Mi. She's on our team.
This is my friend Choi Seoung Gyu. He's a post-grad student.
His mother is our counselor Ms. Kim.
My gosh.
I feel so much better now.
The suspense was killing me.
We met, didn't we?
Yes. Outside your apartment block.
That's right.
After I realized
Mr. Pyo taught at a school here,
I went to see the counselor.
To ask if I could teach a Chanyoung High class.
I see.
Are you allowed to discuss that so openly?
Isn't that a trade secret?
It's in the past.
And I hate secrets.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy the food.
There are kids like that.
Reading's fine because there's a logic to it,
but things like literature that need imagination is daunting.
It's not the kids' fault.
Neither school nor academies teach how to empathize with the author.
It takes a lot of courage to actually do that.
Can you even imagine or empathize during an exam?
Isn't that too idealistic?
Was it back in 2013?
During a 12th-grade exam,
all the students burst into tears.
No Hee Kyung's work, right?
A woman cared for her mother-in-law who had serious dementia,
raised her kids well, and supported her husband.
She was a hard-working mom.
She's diagnosed with cancer.
She says goodbye to each member of her family
before her life comes to an end.
The last page of her script came up in the exam.
All the kids bawled at that part.
- Yes.
- Yes.
It is possible to imagine and empathize during an exam.
There's just no guarantee it translates to good grades.
That's no good, then.
Hey. Don't you teach like that.
Stay true to the duty of an academy.
What is it?
Isn't it to be repetitive and drill in the basics?
Send lots of kids to med school and make yourself known.
Don't you want to be a landlord?
- I do.
- Right.
history, the arts, and philosophy.
You shouldn't teach that stuff in detail.
I ended up like this, a history major, because it was
the major my KSAT scores allowed.
Don't get anyone interested in that stuff.
What do you mean you're "like this?"
It's like Yes.
Even when I feel like ordering delivery like this,
I shudder when I think of the bill.
I'm a poor student of humanities.
A surplus human?
Yes. Dregs of society?
Why do you talk like that?
If everyone
treats studying like the people do here,
the world would collapse.
- What?
- Studying because it's worth it
helped us grow as a society.
Why talk like that when you're a scholar yourself?
That's pathetic.
Why was Si Woo so drawn to you and Mr. Lee?
I want to know.
Your free lecture.
I liked and enjoyed it too,
but it had nothing to do with improving grades.
I think so too,
but does it really have nothing to do with grades?
I'm not so sure.
Promise to tell me if you find the answer.
Can I ask why you keep stealing my bed?
Hey. Give me her number.
That instructor.
I could've beat her if I hadn't been drinking.
Go to sleep.
What a punk.
(Woosung Apartments)
(Special Lecture for the Winter Vacation)
Where's Ms. Nam?
She felt bedsores forming on her bottom.
She went out for a walk.
- Are you okay?
- My bottom?
You saw it for yourself last
- Have you lost your mind?
- I won't talk.
Darn you.
How was it?
You look amazing in suits because you're tall and slim.
You don't look at all like the man who came in.
Will you take this one?
- I'll pay.
- Okay.
(Century Store)
The director said
you're invited to dinner if you're free.
I'm sorry, but I have plans today.
I'll pass it on,
I haven't yet resigned.
That title is inappropriate.
Plus, you're a TA.
You don't have to act like my assistant.
No, sir. I should and will, Vice-director.
Where are you going next?
I'll drive you.
I apologize.
Can you take these for me instead?
Be sure to mention this.
This bit of grammar was added after the textbooks were revised.
Check the teachers' answers after each exam.
Let's see the reading section.
You tend to underestimate the kids' standards and levels.
It's different from when you were a student.
I don't underestimate them. I'm helping cement the basics.
Open the file.
Don't you regret it?
Regret what?
You'd have gotten a promotion this year
if you'd kept your job.
Assistant Manager Lee Jun Ho.
I prefer being called a teacher.
Hello, Ji Eun.
Yes, I'm at work.
I don't have a consultation today.
I don't it's a consultation.
He said you'd know the name Pyo Sang Seob.
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
I will work at Choisun Academy.
What did you just say?
Wasn't it a rumor that you wanted?
For no one but yourself.
It's because of me.
I want to turn back time.
It's just a phone number.
She's not at all interested in you.
Don't you wish for failure in case
we steal your Chanyoung High students?
Good luck. Go for it.
Ms. Seo is strong and capable enough.
She is strong.
But strong people get hurt too.
I still want to be with you.
I'll just be next to you.
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