The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

(Jung Ryeo Won)
(Wi Ha Jun)
(Scriptwriter: Park Kyeong Hwa)
(Director: Ahn Pan Seok)
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
(You who accomplished your goal are the pride of Daechi Chase.)
I don't it's a consultation.
He said you'd know the name Pyo Sang Seob.
Is something up?
Someone's here to see me.
Ms. Seo.
Mr. Pyo Sang Seob's here. Do you know why
He's here to see me.
It has been a while.
It has been a while, Mr. Pyo.
(Episode 10)
Pyo Sang Seob.
Pyo Sang Seob?
I heard that name before.
Oh, gosh.
Please take a seat.
What's going on? Don't you even knock
What are you doing?
Shoot. I can't hear a word.
I just don't know what he's here about.
There's no need to be too nervous.
I just came by to say hello.
That makes me even more nervous.
I don't think we were close enough to say hello.
We met
after the mid-term, right?
Once in the school teachers' office,
and then at a Japanese restaurant.
We met twice.
Since then,
I felt like we were always together.
As teachers.
But please excuse me
I can't bring myself to refer to you as a teacher.
Are you surprised I called you a teacher?
Yes. A bit.
I should apologize first.
You really never know where life will take you.
I was too rash.
I didn't think I'd throw in the towel.
Do you not get what I mean?
I don't. Can you explain so I do?
Why did you feel like we were always together?
And what's this about throwing in the towel?
I quit as a schoolteacher.
To be more exact, I submitted my resignation.
There still are some formalities.
The Office of Education and principal must approve.
It's a complicated process.
What did you just say?
I'm sorry, I mean
What are you saying?
I mean why
Why did you make that decision?
It's a bit awkward to say
I made the decision.
I just wonder
if it were meant to be this way.
- Is this about
- Yes.
Ever since that day in the teachers' office.
I need you
to explain in detail so I get it.
Did you go over our final exam?
- Yes.
- How did you find it?
Why would you ask me that?
I don't exist to evaluate school exams.
"Chanyoung High's exams are always well thought-out."
"The options were quite refreshing."
Isn't that
what you said?
Don't you remember?
I said that to mean I understood the intention behind the question.
I see.
Ever since
you paid a visit to my school,
I became
a mess.
I said I'd show you the strength of public education
that an academy could never infringe upon.
That thought poisoned me.
After that day,
academies were all I could think about.
"How do academies teach this passage?"
"Do academies teach this as a whole?"
"Would academies think this question was well thought-out?"
Academies, academies
I guess
that's why it felt like I taught my students with you
for the rest of the semester.
I'm quite stupid for realizing that only now.
You didn't have to resign over that.
Did you hear what I told the students after that?
That's you'd use passages from the textbook.
Zero related passages.
Short essay questions.
That was the exam guideline.
Did you hear the reason
for those guidelines?
No, I didn't get to hear that.
You wouldn't have.
Because I never got to explain.
I had prepared a fancy speech
to give to whoever
asked me about it.
What it means
to read through and master the textbook.
What it is that I want to teach the students.
But no one asked.
The ill-tempered lashings out of a teacher
who was humiliated
by an academy instructor.
That was all it became.
I'm not offended.
If I think about it,
I wasn't entirely innocent or naive.
Whether it's a class or an exam question,
for a teacher to doubt No.
To verify themselves.
I think
that's a must.
Yes. It is.
I'm ruined.
The students
and teachers
consider me a time bomb.
About the mid-term question.
I didn't lodge a complaint through a board meeting
On the outside,
it was to handle it quickly.
But on the inside
Wasn't it a rumour that you wanted?
For no one but yourself.
That's the conclusion
I reached after looking back on that day hundreds of times.
If you had admitted from the start
that there were two possible answers
the students and parents alike would consider you
a hero.
Even if the fight were to snowball
Even if
you didn't get what you wanted, it would've still worked for you.
You'd be called a fighter
who took on a school.
In other words,
you had
two outcomes which were both favourable.
And I
was trapped.
I heard that in the academy world,
what instructors need the most are rumours.
And rumours are also the most dangerous.
The rumour that you bashed into someone's fortress.
And we want the one in power to be angry.
Anger will turn to interest,
and that'll become a value that can't be measured by money.
No one's allowed to come in.
- Ms. Seo.
- Leave, Mr. Lee Jun Ho.
I see.
Is this the Lee Jun Ho?
I heard a lot about you.
I'm Pyo Sang Seob.
Starting with this winter break,
I will work at Choisun Academy.
Mr. Lee.
I'd wanted to meet you too,
but would you mind if today
I speak just with Ms. Seo?
Sure, that's fine.
I'll leave you to talk.
(Consultation Room 2)
What's going on?
I don't know.
He's from Choisun Academy.
What do you mean? He's Chanyoung High's
Oh, my gosh.
It's because of what she did.
What did she do?
Don't you remember?
The new instructors don't know.
We hired them after the mid-term exam.
Do you think
I'll be able to start my career as an instructor
with a crazy rumour?
Would there be a point in apologizing
Why apologize?
If it hadn't been for that,
I'd never have realized.
- You are
- What it means to help the kids.
What teaching Korean is really about. To be honest,
it's possible I didn't even care about that.
I thought
you had more pride and self-respect
than anyone as a schoolteacher.
Your students must respect you a lot.
That's what I believed.
I saw something interesting in your lobby.
The Hall of Fame.
Could there be anything
that boosts your pride and honour
as sending more students to a top university?
Sending our students to a good university
is our pride and joy.
- Let's work together.
- Let's work together.
How did you choose Choisun Academy?
I was made an offer.
I was surprised too.
I didn't expect
a Daechi-dong academy to want a has-been like me.
The work will be much harder than you think.
Do you think I'll send fewer students
to university than you?
No, that's not what I meant.
I regret it.
It might have been nicer
if I'd joined this industry sooner.
I feel so free,
and I could've enjoyed the luxury of money for longer.
That's what you called us academy instructors.
That hurts.
You looked so nonchalant then,
I didn't think it hurt you.
That was because I thought hearing such insults
was part of my job of improving kids' grades.
I guess you must put up with that kind of hurt here.
I learned something today.
I met Choisun Academy's director, Choi Hyung Sun too.
As good as the offer is,
she'll demand a great performance.
If you're that concerned,
will you send over some of your Chanyoung High students?
Yes, hello.
I took the day off to be somewhere.
No, you don't have to.
If you insist
Yes, I know the place.
Okay. I understand. Bye.
The Chanyoung High students
won't flock to my class from the start, will they?
But I want to teach them
in my own way.
What must I do to win them over?
I suggested we do a free lecture.
It'll be a huge affair.
Discuss that with your director.
Yes. I guess I should.
I heard
you taught many Chanyoung High students.
So I came to ask for advice.
But something urgent just came up.
I won't go far.
(Consultation Room 2)
I hope
we can have the meal you took a rain check on.
- No way.
- Goodness.
That's cute enough.
Going up.
The doors are closing.
What's going on?
Wasn't that Mr. Pyo?
- That was Korean Pyo, right?
- Yes.
What was he doing here?
We won't schedule a test for the regular students.
Announce we'll split them into classes
based on their mock exam results.
(Seo Hye Jin)
Send in med school class teachers Gu In Hui and Cheon Soo Yeon.
I want to go over questions for the future 10th-graders.
And schedule a dinner with Lee Sang Hyeon.
I'll tell him we won't extend his contract.
He might refuse to join you for dinner.
He seems to know his contract won't be extended.
He's already scheduling special classes
in Pyeongchon and Jukjeon.
(Seo Hye Jin)
It's Seo Hye Jin.
Can we meet?
Invite Lee Sang Hyeon to dinner just once.
If he doesn't know how hard it is to eat with me,
that's the extent of his perception.
Why are you staring at me?
Aren't you worried?
Not really.
I think this is pretty serious.
It didn't look like Ms. Seo would lose to him.
Do you think this is about winning or losing?
He's just trying to start a childish fight.
He must've wanted to get into her head,
but he won't even get a tooth into Ms. Seo.
The friend of mine that you met. The post-grad student.
He wants your number. Can I give it to him?
Don't give it out unless it's a student or a mom.
Don't be like this.
You don't have to.
If you quit like this, how would it make me look?
I'm sorry.
I lost control when I saw how many kids had gotten
all the multiple-choice questions right.
I shouldn't have talked like that to you.
You suffered a lot
because of me, Ms. Lee.
Mr. Pyo.
The students like you.
Study hard.
I hope you pass
the teacher certification exam.
All the senior and supervising teachers
chewed me out.
There's nothing
I can do for you about that.
That's not what I'm asking.
Mr. Pyo. I won't say a word about
what you teach
or how you teach from now on.
Why did you
want to become a teacher?
Why are you asking me that out of the blue?
Whatever the reason,
your initial goal,
determination, and intention.
I hope you keep and stick to them.
Mr. Pyo.
If you'll excuse me.
The person you have reached is unavailable.
My gosh.
(History Department Office)
Why not?
It's just a phone number.
Hey, did you explain
why I wanted to see her again?
I have a lot to say about how humanities is taught.
Well, I'd say
she's not at all interested in you.
As a human, as a scholar,
or as a man.
I'm busy.
I have a class soon. Let's talk later.
And text in advance if you want to sleep over.
Or I'll change the passcode.
Lee Jun Ho.
Darn him.
Seoung Gyu.
Kim. What are you doing here?
I applied to take some time off.
The professor asked to see me.
Are you joining the army?
- No.
- Then what?
I'll retake the KSAT.
To go to med school?
Good for you.
- How about a coffee?
- Sounds good.
Are you in shock?
Yes, a bit.
I'm more amused and excited.
What should we plan this time? My heart's pounding.
He doesn't look like much of a striker,
but I don't let my guard down.
What did you say?
That teacher.
Choisun Academy seems to think
he's their hidden card,
but he's no big deal.
Do you not know?
Know what?
There was an issue in the last mid-term.
You went to the school and demanded another exam.
You knew.
Our counsellor told me.
And I thought you did what you would do.
Did you hear the full story?
And you're still saying that?
He quit his job as a teacher because of that.
I get the feeling there's no direct correlation,
but even if there were,
shouldn't that Pyo guy be bowing to you with thanks?
He looked old enough to have at least 20 years experience.
Do you think it's easy to get such an offer at his age?
He had his own belief and philosophy.
He had pride in the fact he chose
his career in high school.
I'd wanted to ask this when I started here.
Why are you so determined to devalue your own job?
No, I'm not devaluing my job.
Kids who give up.
The first thing they give up on
are their school classes.
What do you think schoolteachers teach
that makes them so special while you talk
as if we have no value at all?
He taught in schools for a long time.
And he's that much older.
How could he survive in an academy?
Are you devaluing schools?
As a place you can survive at
if you just have a belief?
The point isn't where you teach.
Isn't it who sends more kids to better universities?
That's enough.
Ms. Seo.
Don't pile on the guilt that you don't deserve
and relax and teach.
Come to my place after work.
No. We're not on the same page.
Why not?
Choisun Academy was always famous
for hiring ex-schoolteachers from the area.
This is an unusual case.
Ms. Choi took a slight peek.
She said he was nicely dressed
and looked pretty normal.
But I don't think the students
will go for a teacher like him.
He's an older man which is what students
and parents like the least.
And he caused
quite an issue at Chanyoung High.
The White Haired Witch
wouldn't make such a move unless she weighed things out.
(Daechi Chase)
Ms. Yeon Joo, hi.
It's been a while. Have you been well?
Me? My days are pretty much the same.
Is your child growing up well?
Cooing over your child is one thing, but you should get back to work
before you lose your touch.
Right. Well,
it's no big deal,
but can you get me someone's phone number
and keep it between us?
The mother's back is part of her body
which is why honorifics were used indirectly.
That concludes today's class.
The empty seats bring us back to reality, doesn't it?
Let's applaud ourselves for the good work we did.
I hope many of you enrolled in my special lecture for the vacation.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Also, who here will take additional classes
in classical poetry?
Check out Ms. Nam Cheong Mi's class.
Who's Nam Cheong Mi?
The new instructor here. I heard the rumours.
I bet you haven't heard her
recite "Song of the Northeast" as a rap.
Teach me how it goes after learning it.
- Sure.
- Sure.
Right. Enjoy the last day of the semester,
and I'll see you at my vacation lecture.
Ms. Seo, Pyo Sang Seob
Is Mr. Pyo going to teach here?
But I saw him earlier at the academy.
That was for something else. Why do you ask?
His classes are actually nice.
He's not as humorous as you are,
but I liked his after-school classes.
- What?
- Right?
Ha Yul even filled in the reading notes.
Stop it.
Gosh. You're making me jealous.
Don't be. You're the one we love.
Where are you? I'm waiting at the subway station.
I don't want to meet up today, so head home.
What You can't just cancel on me.
If there's a difference of opinion, we should talk it out.
Through a healthy discussion
- What now?
- Keep taking my call like that,
and I'll show up at your house.
Where are you?
I'm on my way home.
I thought about it.
If you can't get me her phone number,
setting up
a casual get-together like last time is also an option.
I have something to say to her, that's all.
What the
Shouldn't this usually happen between a man and a woman?
Don't get me started.
- Would you like to join me?
- Really?
- Are you buying?
- Of course.
Sounds like fun.
It's Seo Hye Jin.
I'm outside the academy. Can we talk for a bit?
(Daechi Choisun Academy)
Thanks for the great meal.
- Sure. Have a good one.
- You too.
What brings you to this place?
I was hungry after class, so I grabbed a bowl of noodles.
- Hello.
- Yes, hello.
What about Ms. Seo?
Didn't you two get off work together?
It just happened this way.
I see. Then
- Enjoy your meal.
- Sure.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hey. Call her back.
- What?
- This second!
(Night Flight)
- Ms. Nam, wait.
- Yes?
If you're not too busy, have a drink with us.
- The bus will stop running.
- Sure.
Then I'll
I'll drive you home.
With what car?
My mom's.
I was told to escort you up.
So Mr. Pyo
It's Vice-director Pyo.
When did you first meet with Vice-director Pyo?
Aren't you here to talk to the director?
You can ask her yourself.
She's not someone you can meet easily,
so I'd ask everything I could when I have the chance.
By the way,
is Lee Si Woo doing well?
Yes, I guess.
He's a tricky one, isn't he? He also speaks his mind.
I see.
Come in.
Just a second.
I apologize,
but I have a lot to handle before the school semester ends.
Did I make you wait long?
Yes, you did.
Please have a seat.
I also apologize to you, Mr. Park,
for keeping you around this late.
Since you're here though, please wait around a while longer.
This won't take long.
Did you have
unfinished business with us?
The empty office you showed me.
The vice-director's office.
Can I accept the offer?
It's too bad,
but we found the right person for the job recently.
That was fast. It didn't take you very long.
It would've been better to have you on board,
but I'm quite satisfied with our recent choice.
You seem to have
already met the man who occupies that office.
It's too late into the night for silly riddles.
I want to know why. Why him of all people?
That's a rude question to ask
both me and the vice-director.
What reason would I have
other than him being a great teacher?
He should be teaching at a school.
That side of you is what I like about you.
When your own job is at stake, you turn into a wrecker
Sorry about that.
You wield your sword like a true champion.
But after you win your battle,
you go back to being righteous.
Not everyone can be as brazen as that.
You truly are someone I wish to work with.
During mid-terms
You hung Mr. Pyo
at the center of the teacher's office
and beat him to a pulp so to speak.
In front of his colleagues, might I add.
But now you say he should be teaching in school.
That has to be the joke of the year for me.
That was out of line.
Was it?
Before opening classes for Heewon High students,
you tried to mess with me with the days you chose.
Then, you plastered the streets of Daechi-dong
with ads that were obviously aimed at me.
But what did you say
when you declined my offer to come work at this academy?
What I want to say is,
the reasoning for my decision has nothing to do
with what you offered.
I'll remain at my current academy.
Can you tell me the real reason?
I want to teach Si Woo.
He's a smart student.
Wouldn't he take classes here if you chose to move?
He gave up his scholarship
and chose to study at my current academy.
I couldn't possibly tell him to come back here again.
If he comes back, he'll have the same scholarship deal.
If that's what he wants,
I'll let him
take your class instead of mine.
Moving academies might not seem like a big deal,
but to someone as young as him, the decision must've been tough.
And it required courage on his part.
I couldn't possibly change my mind
and shatter his decision.
At that moment, you sounded like the teacher
from "Dead Poets Society."
What was his name again? Keating or Keaten?
I'm asking why you offered Mr. Pyo the job.
I don't deserve
your sarcasm.
Don't think of it as sarcasm.
I'll say it again,
but that's what I liked about you.
An educator but also a businesswoman.
There aren't many people like you
who can blindly ignore the disjunction between the two.
Mr. Pyo
shouldn't turn into
a wrecker like me.
He's the one
who made this choice.
All I did was make an offer.
In that sense,
aren't I more reasonable than you are?
He's not on the younger side.
If he fails to prove himself, he'll be at the edge of a cliff.
Are you sure you don't want him to fail
since he might take Chanyoung High students from you?
I may be a wrecker, but not one that cruel.
could you still be
looking down on him since he once
got a good beating from you in the teacher's office?
- Ms. Choi
- If neither is true,
there is only one thing you can do.
Show support.
Go, Mr. Pyo!
I appreciate you taking the time to see me.
Yet, I'm still a big fan of yours.
That is why I'm telling you this.
You should be worried about the competition.
Now that Mr. Pyo has shifted gears,
he will be an opponent
that might give you a run for your money.
His acumen has been verified
by me personally.
"I don't want to meet with you today."
How could she say that?
Hey, let me be honest.
I'm barely getting used to you dating our teacher,
but now you want me to give you dating advice as well?
Hear me out.
The one whose feelings are deeper is at a disadvantage,
but how could she do this to me?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Did you and Hye Jin perhaps get into an argument?
No, I just had to take it, no questions asked.
What? But Hye Jin isn't the type to vent her frustration
out on people.
Tell me about it. I'm frustrated because I know that.
So much for the relationship being a secret.
Is there anyone in Daechi-dong who doesn't know?
Hang in there.
What's on your mind?
That a younger guy is not ideal
to date.
- What? Why?
- Why?
I wasn't like this at 29.
Or maybe age isn't the issue.
What do you mean by that?
Ms. Seo
It's not that she doesn't want to see you. She probably can't.
What exactly did Mr. Pyo say?
I didn't ask.
You're a disgrace to all men who date older women.
Without asking about what he said,
you just told her
he was the competition to beat?
Was I wrong to say that?
Ms. Seo is tough and
Yes, she's tough.
But even people like her hurt just as much.
As if.
Their offensive strategy is pretty obvious.
The teacher she challenged and won against
quit his school job of 20 years and told her
he was entering the private sector.
That was more than him declaring a simple war
that would end in a few Chanyoung students jumping ship.
Of course it was.
But then her favourite student
Hold on.
What? Why are you looking at me like that?
I feel bad for Ms. Seo.
- You're done for.
- Hey!
What do you mean it's over for me?
You should be grateful that Seo Hye Jin is earnest.
Or else, you would've been dumped.
What did I say about you saying her name like that?
She has to play the role of your sweet first love
and also be the mentor who changes your life.
Although she's bleeding internally,
she has to cut off the enemy commander's head.
What else was there?
Oh, right.
When you whine,
she has to indulge in a healthy discussion with you.
Unbelievable. Seo Hye Jin is a true saint.
You fool.
Ms. Nam, I'm sorry, but can I take off?
Yes, but get the bill.
I'll get it, so just go.
No, I should pay for today's class. Thanks.
Make sure you get her home safely.
Don't worry and beat it.
- I'm heading out first.
- I see.
- I'll see you around.
- Sure.
- See you.
- Bye.
Hey, So Young.
Yes. I'm going to head home now.
Yes. I've been busy today.
I heard you guys had a fight.
How do you think I heard about that? I have my informant here.
Actually, if you're not far, why don't you stop by here?
I'd love to hear about your quarrel with your boyfriend for once.
Seriously. What on earth happened?
No, it's nothing serious.
I just
had a small problem.
So Young.
I had a very long day today.
Yes. Right.
Let's take a rain check on our year-end party.
And stop talking about Jun Ho.
Actually, I miss him like crazy.
Sure. Okay.
Yes. I know that you're busy. I'll always be understanding.
Okay. All right then.
Drive safely. Yes.
She told me she missed him like crazy.
What? What is it?
I don't think it's a typical fight couples have.
- Earlier, Mr. Lee was here
- Okay.
with his friend and another teacher.
Well, you can drop me off in Donam-dong.
Wait. Is that where you live?
I thought you lived a bit farther north.
I won't have to pay a lot of money for the taxi if I catch one there.
That area has a lot of taxis too.
Gosh, don't do that.
Let me drop you off in your neighbourhood.
It's the year-end holiday season. It'll be difficult to get a taxi.
We live in a scary world these days.
I can't let a stranger know where I live.
- Gosh.
- Goodness.
You can't find a guy with whom you can feel safer than with me.
I'm Jun Ho's friend, Seo Hye Jin's former student,
and Kim Hyo Im's son.
Which area of study do you specialize in?
Among literature, reading, grammar, and so on.
I would say classical poetry.
I like it because it's fun.
I like studying too.
No way.
What? Was that unexpected?
I heard you majored in history
because your grades weren't good enough
and joined the graduate program because you couldn't get a job.
I have to say that
so that they don't ask me questions and leave me alone.
But studying is fun for me.
If my mom hears this, she will be shocked
and ask why
I couldn't get into a better college if I liked studying this much.
Where are you?
Your car isn't in the parking lot. I'm worried about you.
I understand that you don't want to see me.
But I still want to be with you.
You won't even hear me breathing.
Let me just stay by your side.
- Would you like a receipt?
- No.
- Thank you.
- The food was great.
- Thanks.
- Thank you for treating us.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
I'll clean up quickly. Just wait a little longer.
Gosh. I wonder how that feels.
What? What did you say?
Say that you hate
- this certain side of you.
- Okay.
You've been living your life, overlooking that side of you.
But one day, out of the blue,
you encounter that very same side
in someone you hold dear.
It just pops up as if it's always been there.
Gosh. That
would be scary.
Just watch over me.
I'm scared.
When was that?
When did I say something was off about Jun Ho?
The day Hye Jin's event became a total bust?
Yes, that's when it was.
Yes. I remember saying this that day.
I said a certain aspect of Jun Ho reminded me of Hye Jin,
and this resembling aspect might be provoking Hye Jin.
Hey, I just mindlessly thought that it was a sign
that they started to think of each other romantically.
I guess that wasn't everything.
Jun Ho.
What are you doing here? Why didn't you go upstairs?
Get in. There's somewhere I want to go with you.
I'm sorry.
I scared you by telling you how you were
my first love and my teacher.
I told you I loved you,
but I only saw the side of you I wanted to see.
I'm sorry.
Did you get a crash course on relationships?
Put on your seatbelt.
I went to Choisun Academy.
I understood why Choi Hyung Sun was the best in the field.
She summed up what kind of person I was
and made it very clear for me to understand it.
I'll never forget it.
What did she say?
She called me a wrecker.
Is she crazy?
Gosh. Seriously.
Just forget what she said about you.
She said I bulldozed over my enemy like a wrecker in a fight.
But once I came out on top,
she said I took the moral high ground.
She went over how big of a hypocrite I am
and how selfish and cunning I am.
She picked me apart.
I bet she tried to find the most hurtful things to say.
This is my point. Why did you go there?
- That wouldn't change
- Don't talk back.
I'm driving us there, so we can talk about this.
I walked this path to barge into the office,
acting all confident and proud.
Your students' grades were on the line.
I did it for my own gain.
The answer is number five?
I thought, "The schoolteacher is going to be stubborn."
"If so, I should make a big scene for everyone to see."
"It's a chance I can spread my name without spending a dime."
In the beginning, I was happy because I got to teach more classes.
I vaguely sensed that something had gone wrong
when Mr. Pyo said
he was going to base his questions only on the textbook.
I thought, "He will be in a tight spot at school."
I could see that coming.
But I didn't care. Why would I care?
I didn't want to lose the new students I got,
so I was even more determined.
- Was that the time
- Yes.
That's when you insisted on joining the academy.
I thought about ways to stop you from joining the academy.
But I stopped because of that incident.
Seriously? Who knew Mr. Pyo was doing me a favour?
Gosh, don't say that.
While we worked together at the academy,
think about what he had to go through at school.
That breaks my heart.
But what are we doing here?
Walking this path might help me understand,
even if it was only a fraction of what he went through.
Like how heavy his heart must have been every morning
as he walked up this path
and how difficult it must have been to cross that gate.
Do you think I'm overreacting?
A bit.
The White Haired Witch is the one with the evillest intention.
That's what I wanted to think too.
When I realized what I was doing, I was in front of Choisun Academy.
"You're responsible for making Mr. Pyo quit his job."
I guess I wanted to criticize her.
But in the end, it backfired.
I want to turn back time.
That's impossible.
I know.
But shouldn't I at least give back what I gained from Mr. Pyo?
That's also impossible.
Are you telling me you want to split your students?
If you do anything that negatively affects the academy,
the director and vice-director won't let that slide this time.
Remember what you had to face because our free lecture was a bust.
Let's go to my house.
I have self-restraint too. I won't make a move on you.
Please understand that
I don't want to leave you all alone after what happened today.
Gosh. They're all too big for you.
Let's see.
Does listening to this kind of sound help you fall asleep?
Yes, according to other people.
But I sleep just fine every night without stuff like this.
I can't remember the last time I went to the beach.
This is nice.
(Certainly, 1st Class, Korean Teacher: Lee Jun Ho)
Hey, Mom.
Is the passcode to your house different from our home passcode?
What do you mean?
Not there.
It's cold. You might catch a cold.
- No.
- Where then?
Over there.
Behind the clothes rack. Come here.
Be careful.
Stay here for a bit.
Your shoes.
Here. I'm really sorry.
What are you doing?
Mom! Let me put on some clothes. Wait.
Hey, Mom.
- Hey.
- Gosh. Give me that.
You should've called me before you came.
(The Midnight Romance in Hagwon)
How could you break your mother's heart like this?
Why are you upset?
I'll focus on my job.
I get the feeling she might not spend time with me for some time.
Are you also considering Ms. Seo's next position?
I hope I didn't disappoint you.
Our purposes may be different,
but we may have the same goal.
You brought me Seo Hye Jin's head.
You're not playing fair.
I want to date, though.
Why don't we date?
I'll make the study materials again.
It's the same as getting rid of everything all at once.
Lee Jun Ho!
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