The Missing (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Eden (aka 'Pilot')

Pleeeeease! Pleeeease! Please, Mummy! Mummy, please! How old are you? Thirteen.
I have a son his age.
No, no.
It's fine.
I can't come to the phone 'but please leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can.
' It's me.
I hope you're well.
Well, I heard the news, so I suppose you are.
Erm I came back.
Same room, everything.
TV still doesn't work.
Anyway, I'm here.
I thought you should know why.
I've found something.
Oh, my love We pray each day May you come home And be OK For now We wait for you For you to come home FRENCH LANGUAGE ON CAR RADIO Bonjour! Ca va? CHILD CHUCKLES What you drawing, Olly? It's Daddy! Shall we show him! No! Not again! Why do you always draw me with such big ears? I don't have big ears, do I? It's you.
It's Daddy Big Ears! My ears aren't really that big, are they? Huge.
PHONE VIBRATES Already! I'll be quick.
No work this side of the Channel.
Deal? Deal.
CAR FAILS TO STAR ENGINE STRUGGLES TO TURN OVER ENGINE FAILS Try again? How long Er, combien pour la voiture? Uh One hour? Non Un jour ou deux.
One day, maybe two.
(Oh, bloody hell!) Um, bit of a change of plan.
Come and help me with the bags.
Est-ce que la une hotel ici? Un hotel un hotel L'hotel le plus proche est L'hotel L'Eden.
Premiere etage, la derniere porte a gauche.
~ Bonjour.
~ Bonjour.
Erm, do you speak English? Yes, hello.
~ Have you got any rooms? ~ We only have one room, monsieur.
Oh, great.
Yes, we'll take it.
~ The television does not work, I'm afraid.
~ Oh, that's fine.
I would have preferred if you said you must have one, so I could give you this one! MAN SPEAKS FRENCH ~ The World Cup is all he thinks about.
~ Ah! Fancy your chances? Er, what? France against Brazil - France? Ah.
yes, good, good.
These are the keys, please, Mr Fox.
It's a nice little fox.
I'll bring the portable bed for the little one later.
OK, good.
~ What's the number, Olly? ~ Seven! ~ Seven.
I've found it! Oh, wow! Ooh, it's very big.
It's quite a big room! Yeah, good, yeah, I'll get the bags(!) REPEATS HIS ENQUIRIES IN FRENCH Vous avez vu ce jeune homme? Vous avez vu ce jeune homme? Have you seen this boy here? Look at the photo, will you? Mr Hughes? Laurence! Been a long time.
Last time I saw you was Tony We have had some calls about you.
~ Look ~ Complaints.
You are bothering people.
You understand? We have to address these things.
And you being here, it's not No, I understand.
You're doing your job.
Will you stop this? No, OK, yeah.
I'll stop.
Show me this picture.
That's the scarf Olly was wearing when he went missing.
This boy was in Chalons.
Do you recognise him? No.
I'm sorry, I You should go home, Tony.
Yeah, I know, I will.
Oh! SHE CHUCKLES How are they? The colony is well under-weight, I was off on the flow.
They need syrup and water.
You should never have built that hive.
You're not a carpenter, my love.
'Allo? C'est Julien Baptiste.
Laurence! Comment ca va? Bein, merci.
Au revoir.
Tony Hughes has gone back to Chalons du Bois.
Why? He thinks he's found something.
Laurence says he's being a nuisance.
A drunk.
Nobody wants him there.
I can't imagine why.
My honey bees will only survive the winter if they think there is still a nectar flow.
To live through this cold, they must believe the world outside the hive is warm.
That there is food, that nothing has changed.
Tony is in Chalons du Bois because there, he can believe that his son is not gone, and that somewhere he is now 13 years old and playing football, starting to think about girls You're not thinking about seeing him, are you? Hey.
N'inquietes pas! Qu'est-ce qui se passe, alors? Gimme a bise.
I'm ready.
Mmm! It's that one! That's the one, 100%! No! The expensive one's the other one?! ~ Correct.
~ Liar! You're just being a cheapskate! Yeah, cos 15 grand's not enough to spend on a day? Well, we'll just have to blindfold all our guests.
Mmm interesting! Oh, look, I found your phone.
Oh! My hero.
Fell into one of the boxes.
'It's me.
I hope you're well.
'Well, I heard the news, so I suppose you are.
'I came back.
'Same room, everything.
'TV still doesn't work.
I'm here.
'I thought you should know why - I've found something.
' So, er So, sorry, what? The car is fixed? Fixee? OK.
Thank you.
Car's fixed.
What was it? He explained it mostly in French, though I wouldn't understand it in English.
Swimming tomorrow, Olly.
~ Swimming NOW! ~ Where? ~ Now? Bit late, love.
It's way past your bedtime.
~ Ooh.
There is a pool there.
~ Please? But we'd have to go all the way back to the hotel to get your trunks.
There's plenty of holiday left.
Pleeeeease! Pleeeease.
~ Swimming it is, sir! ~ YAY! All right, absolutely no longer than half an hour, you two.
All right? CHATTERING AND LAUGHTER PLAINTIVELY: I'm thirsty! MIMICS: "I'm thirsty!" "I'm thirsty!" Come on, then.
We'll get you out.
STILL AND QUIE What would you like to drink? I think a cup of Hmm I know, some hot butter! No! It's delicious, I'm telling you.
~ What about some frogs' legs? ~ No! ~ Stop being silly.
~ ROWDY FOOTBALL VIEWERS Give me your hand.
CROWD GOES WILD Olly? Olly? CROWD SINGS Olly? CHANTING: Allez les Bleus! Allez les Bleus! Olly, are you in here? Olly? Come on.
Olly? Olly, are you in there? Ol? Olly! Olly! Olly! Have you seen a little boy? Little boy about this size? Running up there? No? Olly! Olly! Olly! Olly.
Hey, hey! Les gars, baissez le son! Oui? Tres bien.
On arrive.
Les gars, il faut y aller.
DOGS BARKING POLICE SIREN DETECTIVE SHOUTS ORDERS TO CROWD On me bloque toutes les sorties, toutes les sorties.
OFFICER SPEAKS FRENCH ~ I don't understand what you're saying.
~ We don't know what you're saying to us.
~ What are you saying? ~ Look, you don't understand! I don't understand what you're saying.
He's asking you to come to the station.
What's happening? That detective asked a couple of questions, then went off and left us.
~ What's he doing? Eh? ~ I can bring you to the station myself.
~ No! And on the way I can tell you everything I know.
No, we don't need to go to the station, ~ we're not going, we're staying here until you find our boy.
~ Olly! Hey, Emily? We can't go to the station.
OLLY! Emily, Emily! Olly! I don't want to go! Mr and Mrs Hughes, I'm Georges Deloix.
Le juge d'instruction assigned to this case.
Can you tell us exactly what's happening? You're in excellent hands, if you'll excuse me now.
LAURENCE: I thought you might like a drink.
~ The machine here is Anyway ~ Who's he? The investigating judge.
Not a judge like in England, but he's in charge of the situation ~ Photo.
I need a photo of your son.
~ Why? What's going on? Tu montes un alerte? They are issuing an alerte enlevement.
This is the abduction alert.
Oh, no! Well, have you looked everywhere? He's just run off.
We must move quickly.
I need a photograph, please.
Chalons is a small department.
The alert makes it a national case.
We'll get support from Paris.
This alert will show his photograph on screens everywhere - television stations, highways Merci, Relaud.
Wait, wait, can she stay? Mrs Hughes, Agent Relaud is not a detective.
No, no, she's staying.
This one.
It was taken today.
Wait, he's not smiling He's always happy.
This one.
He's smiling in this one.
The crowd was, er I mean, he was thirsty.
There was a big crowd watching the game I was holding his hand.
I don't blame you, love.
I'm going out there.
~ What? Where?! ~ He might've gone back to places we were today.
~ Somewhere familiar.
~ But that doesn't make any sense.
You should stay.
What if he tries He might try to come back If he comes back, then you'll be here.
It's fine.
I'll go and look for him, and you stay here, then you'll be here when he comes back.
It's OK, I'll go.
Thanks for calling.
I heard you were back.
Vin rouge.
How's your leg? I'm not sure if it stopped hurting or I just got used to the pain.
Either way, I don't notice any more.
You should know, you being here again Well, people are talking.
So what? After the things that were written about me? I mean only, you must know how uncomfortable this makes people.
My son being taken was such an inconvenience for them.
~ For those who live here ~ Life goes on.
One way or another, yes.
For us all.
Who is he? I have no idea.
Sylvie, the manager of Hotel Eden, two weeks ago she posted this photo on Facebook.
A friend of hers on Bastille Day in Chalons du Bois.
I knew the moment I looked at it.
Look - see the boy in the background there? Look what he's wearing.
A scarf.
Oliver's scarf.
~ A coincidence, perhaps.
~ No, no, no.
You don't understand.
I don't mean it's the KIND of scarf Oliver was wearing that night, I mean, it's exactly the one.
Emily had it made for him, with his initials on it - look ONH.
You're telling me that a scarf with my son's initials on it, shows up in the same town from which he was taken, and it's a coincidence? It's his, Julien.
Huh? That means someone left it somewhere.
That means someone found it, and somehow it ended up with this boy.
~ If we could trace it back ~ "We"? We can't do anything.
I am retired, you have no authority here.
~ If there is any news ~ Oh, what? The police will pass it on? Yeah, yeah, I told Laurence - she couldn't have been less interested.
Maybe Ziane would give a shit, if he wasn't rotting in jail.
Look, I came here as a courtesy.
As a friend.
You need to stop this.
You need to go home.
This This isn't good for you.
You're lucky.
All those years as a detective, and you've just switched it off.
Washed your hands of it.
Well, good for you.
And don't say you were here as my friend.
We were never friends.
C'est bon, madame.
I shouldn't have bothered with the movers, James you've been putting them to shame all day.
I really appreciate it.
Oh, I don't mind.
Hey, I was thinking that since I'm paying the removal men, I ought to pay you something, as well.
Really? Awesome! Are you spoiling him again? I don't spoil him.
Oi! All clear upstairs? Yep.
Ems, erm you left these in the attic.
I don't know if you forgot it, or No, no, I hadn't forgotten.
Do you want me put it with the other boxes? They're just They're just things.
They're not They're not really him.
~ Are they? ~ No.
We should get the guys to drop it off at Queen Charlotte's, at the children's ward.
PHONE RINGS Mrs Hughes? BREATHING Emily? You're up late.
You should never have introduced me to shopping online.
Tony really did find something.
~ I'm so transparent? ~ To me? Always.
Well, he thinks he has.
I didn't promise to help him.
I told him to go home.
Try to forget Chalons du Bois.
He won't.
~ No.
~ Any more than you.
Ne te couches pas trop tard, mon amour.
MOBILE PHONE MESSAGE MUTED FRENCH NEWS ON RADIO La police continue sa recherche pour retrouver Oliver Hughes, cet enfant de cinq ans avec nationalite anglaise qui a disparu hier dans la soiree.
Tony, I don't know what to say, I'm so sorry.
Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.
~ There's police everywhere.
~ I mean, do they have any leads? Any idea what might have happened? No, there's a guy from Paris called Baptiste, he's in charge.
But no-one's telling us anything.
Sylvie, these are my parents, Robert and Penny.
My thoughts are with you.
Oh, and this is Alain.
He's Sylvie's husband.
Sylvie's been very kind and said that we can stay here for as long as we like.
~ And of course, no charge.
~ Yes.
Of course.
And I'm sorry your room is not ready yet ~ so can I offer you a cup of tea or ~ No, we'll wait in our room.
He says Olly could have run off and got lost but it's unlikely.
What is likely? He thinks he could still be alive.
He thinks we'd already have found him if he was You know, cases like this, I see it all the time at court.
It's very often someone you know.
Someone with a grudge.
You don't think that after what we did No, that was a long time ago.
Not that long.
We should go inside.
~ Are you Malik Suri? ~ Monsieur Ziane.
What does this mean? I think you know what it means.
Or else you wouldn't be here.
~ You're a journalist? ~ I am.
What do you know about Chamartaines? Enough.
I want information on the Oliver Hughes case.
Why do you ask me? They have brought in some "expert" from Paris to tell me what to do.
Meanwhile they give me an agent as a partner.
No experience as a detective but the family like her, so Yeah, you're still part of the investigation though.
Tell me what you know and no-one will ever hear about Chamartaines.
FRENCH RADIO NEWS Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! ~ I need to get out, I need to get out! Stop! Stop! Stop! ~ Emily! ~ Olly! ~ Em! ~ Olly! ~ Emily! Emily? What? What's wrong? ~ I saw Olly! ~ What? ~ Olly! I saw Olly! ~ Where? ~ He was just Olly! ~ Oh, my God! Oh, my God! ~ Olly! ~ Olly! ~ Hey, hey.
I'm sorry.
I thought I thought he was I thought he was my son.
~ It's all right.
~ I'm sorry.
~ It's, erm It's Mr and Mrs Hughes, isn't it? ~ Yes.
I'm Mark Walsh and this is my son, James.
~ Say hello.
~ Hello.
~ Good boy.
Are you all right? I gave you a bit of a scare, didn't I? Sorry.
~ We should get going.
~ Going to the press conference? Me too.
We were on holiday nearby when your son went missing, I volunteered.
I'm the English police liaison officer for your case.
~ Good.
That's good, isn't it, love? ~ Well, I'll catch up with you there.
And when I get up to speed, I'll sit you down and you'll know what I know, all right? Thank you, that's appreciated.
~ Say goodbye.
~ Bye.
Seen this boy here? No? You sure? The yellow scarf Are you sure? HE SHOUTS IN FRUSTRATION Excusez-moi.
I'm looking for this boy.
Je cherche I'm looking for this boy.
I thought you went home.
I did.
I knew you believed me.
Have you found out anything? I found out who the boy in the photo is.
~ How? ~ As you know, this was taken on Bastille Day.
Some old colleagues in the department helped search every available image of the celebrations here in Chalons du Bois - social networking sites, publications, whatever we could find online.
We found this.
From the licence plate - a rental - we found the family.
That's the boy! What did they say? Did they see Olly? What did they say? They were here on holiday.
They say they bought the scarf from a second-hand shop.
~ Do you believe them? ~ I have no reason to assume they are lying.
In the meantime, it can't hurt to explore the story.
You've been going to charity shops.
I have visited four already.
Yeah, but if we can find the shop If we can find that, we can find out who handed the scarf in There are three other second-hand shops in this area.
And if indeed one of them received this scarf, it was in all likelihood many years ago, so, one step at a time.
BOTH: Madame, breakfast is served! Wow, look at this! Just thought, for the first day in our new house.
Your new house, our old one.
Dad was just going to go to McDonald's.
~ Yeah, and what's wrong with that? ~ That's very sweet of you.
~ I made the pancakes, too.
~ Yeah.
Don't touch the pancakes.
Aren't you two going to have anything? ~ No, we're just going to watch you.
~ And steal some pancakes.
It's lovely of you.
Both of you.
I'm just going to nip to the loo, I'll be back in one second.
Don't be too long cos we'll eat all the pancakes! Your records are very thorough, Madame.
Well, I started this shop after I lost my husband.
I would sift through his things in the wardrobe to get to mine.
~ Is it in there? ~ You cannot live that way forever.
So I began to sell his things.
All his clothes.
But I never forgot.
That knowledge, that your life's possessions, that they have a life of their own, that even beyond you Since then I take people's names and when someone makes a purchase, I send a postcard.
"Your pink teddy bear has been sold to a little girl for five euros" Yeah, you probably think me silly.
You know, I was a police officer for 40 years.
I know better than to make such judgments.
It's there.
Yellow scarf, ONH.
Look, here.
And the name and the address of the woman who brought it in four years ago.
It's been here four years, while we Have I helped? Oh, you've been a great help, Madame.
~ Thank you very much.
~ Thank you.
De rien.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Bonjour, Madame.
~ Mrs Hughes.
~ I'm not here to give an interview.
Well, if you're not here to give an interview, why did you call me? ~ Tony's gone back.
~ To Chalons du Bois? He thinks he's found something.
~ And you're telling me this because ~ You're a dog with a bone.
I know you're going to follow him out there and when you do I want to know what he's found.
What he thinks he's found.
I don't do errands, Mrs Hughes.
If you don't want to know what he's doing out there, don't go.
If you want to know what he's doing there, why don't you ask him? I'm asking you.
Aren't I? I'll call you when I know something.
Je le reconnais.
~ What's she saying? ~ She remembers you.
And the scarf? Does she recognise the scarf? Merci, Madame.
Merci beaucoup pour votre accueil.
Il y a quatre ans quand on a renove la maison et j'ai vide la cave.
J'emmenai des caisses au magasin de seconde main.
Pensez-vous que l'echarpe se trouvait a l'interieur? On a rassemble tout ce dont on n'avait pas besoin.
~ What's going on? ~ L'echarpe.
~ L'echarpe.
The scarf? Dites-moi.
Il y a huit ans durant l'ete quand Oliver a disparu, ou etiez-vous ou votre mari? ~ On etait en vacances ~ Tell me.
What's she saying? Vous pouvez le verifier.
Four years ago she had her house decorated, emptied the cellar and several things were taken to the second-hand shop.
~ Oliver's scarf must have got mixed up in there.
~ Well, how? How? In July 2006, she and her family were away, the house was empty I think perhaps your son was taken here.
Here? CONVERSATION FADES OU Tony, nothing is certain.
Yeah, I just need to splash some water on my face or something Monsieur.
I understand.
But we need to go.
Monsieur? Monsieur.
Tony, I will make some calls.
I will do this through the proper channels.
Please, trust me.
He was here.
What? Olly! Olly!