The Missing (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Pray For Me

1 The crowd was, er I mean, he was thirsty.
There was a big crowd watching the game.
I was holding his hand.
I don't blame you, love.
Olly! I came back.
I thought you should know why.
I found something.
As you've probably noticed, the gaskets have gone to rot.
The soil pipes and the stacks are rusted.
So for those of you who don't speak plumbing, refitting this system is going to be an absolute bastard.
Pardon my French.
Now, it's important that you understand what we're doing here.
We're trying to get a heartbeat out of a building that died over three centuries ago.
As we restore, we need to cling on to every morsel of historic fabric Anyway, you've all worked with me before.
You know I'm a stickler for detail.
But this isn't just one of our development jobs.
One day this will be my home.
'If you have him, we are begging you, please let him go.
'Take him to somewhere safe and let the police know where he is.
'Please bring him back to his family, 'who love him.
'Please bring him home.
' - Now, who loves you? - Dad.
Cheers, bruv.
Hi, it's Mark Walsh.
I'm the UK liaison officer.
- Laurence Relaud.
- Do you speak English? - Yes, I do.
- Thank God.
So what's happening? This is Vincent Bourg.
Baptiste picked him out from our list of sex offenders in the district.
Do you think he's our guy? Yes.
Yes, I do.
Oh my love We pray each day May you come home And be OK For now we wait for you For you to come home.
- Show me.
- Er So, Oliver drew this the day that he was taken.
It's the same as the one down there.
You can see that, right? - I see the similarity, of course, but - Similarity? It's identical to the one in the basement.
He drew that in there.
He was kept in there, I know it.
Julien? You are a parent too now, aren't you? For my sins.
Six months.
So you understand.
As well as anyone might try to.
But what if you are clinging to shadows, Tony? I cannot simply tell the procureur to re-open this case because of a picture.
Oh, Jesus Christ, am I going mad? That is the same as that! I am asking you to try, Laurence.
As a friend.
I'll talk to the procureur as soon as I can.
Thank you.
Thank you.
~ I cannot make any promises.
~ OK.
Vin rouge.
You pay now.
Je n'ai pas de, um I don't suppose these are on the house? ~ Didn't think so.
~ C'est bon, c'est bon.
~ C'est pour moi, merci.
~ Merci.
So what happens now, huh? They'll send forensics in, eh? Go over the whole scene for fingerprints and DNA? I mean, there's a chance, isn't there? That basement looks like it hasn't been touched in years.
Listen, this is not Laurence's decision.
I know she'll do her best, but In the meantime, we should go through this.
Now we have an address, maybe there's something in here that we missed.
Something that ties the two together.
Please, Tony.
Tony, please.
One step at a time.
I know.
I know.
You've got the police reports? Yeah, everything's in there.
Every article, every lead.
I mean, I've got more here.
Some of these documents are in French.
Vous avez appris a parler francais? I mean, I read it better than I speak it.
I was calling her all last night.
Um It's a bit loud in here.
I'm going to go outside.
~ Emily, thanks for calling back.
~ 'No, Tony.
It's me.
' ~ Now is not a good time.
~ 'Yeah, well, I need to speak to her.
' It's Robert.
He's getting worse.
Oh, Jesus.
~ Penny told me he was in the hospice.
I was going to call, but ~ 'Yeah.
~ 'Well, it's not the right time.
' ~ I know.
I know.
But listen to me.
I've found something.
We could find Oliver.
~ Listen! Don't phone back! ~ This has got nothing to do with you.
Hello? That's good, Dad.
Try and have a bit more.
~ Who was it? ~ Carol.
She wanted to know about numbers at the venue.
~ It's nothing.
~ With me? My phone was off, so she tried yours.
~ Hey.
~ I am capable of answering my own phone, you know? ~ I know.
It's just wedmin, don't worry about it.
Wedmin? Wedding admin.
~ Which I've done none of.
~ I love it.
Come on, sleepy drawers.
It's time to go home.
~ I want to stay.
~ I know, but it's time to go home.
Come on, up.
Oliver? Oliver, how are you? How's school? Dad, this is James.
Oliver, come here Dad, this is James.
Mark's son.
Oliver's not here any more.
Home time.
Oh, phone? ~ 'Hello?' ~ Did I wake you? Tu sais bien que non.
~ Curse of being a night owl.
~ Hm.
How is the hive? 'Fine, as far as I can tell.
'But I'm not the expert.
'Only you know what's really going on in there.
' I'll be back soon.
As soon as the case is reopened, Laurence will take over and I can come home.
I promise.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
I have to go.
I love you.
I love you too, Julien.
Although sometimes I can't remember why.
Soon you will know.
~ What's going on? ~ No-one's telling us anything.
~ So, they're currently questioning a person of interest.
~ Who is he? They won't release the suspect's name.
Look, the process here is different from at home, OK? But from what I understand, there is a witness who can place him at the pool.
He denies it, but he's a regular there and his alibi is, um It's unsatisfactory.
He claims he was out walking in the local park, ~ but no-one can confirm that.
~ And, um is he I mean Does he have a history? We can't discuss that.
Oh, God! That means he does, doesn't it? Look, it's important not to think too far ahead.
Right now, we have someone we're talking to.
Yeah, but if he's done this before, that means he's not a killer, ~ doesn't it? Which means Cos he'd be in jail, wouldn't he? ~ Stop it! For Christ's sake, just I can only imagine how hard this is for you.
For all of you.
And I promise that the moment I know anything, anything at all, I will let you know.
But for now, we just have to wait.
~ You have my card, right? ~ Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What's he saying? Um Baptiste wants to know why he ran.
He says he panicked.
He's afraid of the police because of his record.
Baptiste wants to know where he walked.
Where he was at the time the boy went missing.
The park.
Off la Rue Jean Buridan, he says.
~ Ca suffit, tes conneries la.
~ Lachez-le.
~ Alle? Alle ou? Il est ou, le gamin? Il est ou, espece de sale pervert?! Lachez-le, tout de suite.
Tu m'as fait mal.
Il m'a fait mal, vous avez tous vu.
Il m'a On va noter dans la main courante.
Je suis désolé.
Vraiment désolé, monsieur.
He's asking about the park again.
He is looking for um incoherences um ~ Inconsistencies.
~ Yes.
No, no, no, no, no.
They are on the house.
Et les croissants aussi.
Everyone's being so nice.
I'm not hungry.
Me neither.
Maybe we should try and eat some of it, you know, just to be polite.
What if that man who took him has him locked up somewhere ~ .
and we're just sitting here being polite? ~ I didn't mean What if that man knows where Olly is, he knows where he is? We're just sitting here having coffee like we're still on holiday? What else are we supposed to do? Sit and think about what might have happened? What good does that do? No, you're right, just sit here and be polite.
I'll see you back at the hotel.
That's Bourg's file.
No-one can know where you got it.
- Ah, mais c'est dégueulasse! Mais c'est - So Bourg's got no-one to confirm his alibi, and he was seen at the swimming pool the day Oliver Hughes went missing? No, not for sure.
The attendants, they are saying they recognise him.
That he comes in all the time, that he come in that day Yeah, but he's been done for child pornography though, right? Done? Yeah, done.
Er, charged.
Found guilty.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Two separate terms.
It's all in here.
So is this your titre? Your headline? "Why was this man allowed to walk the streets? Down with France.
" What I write is none of your concern.
When you publish Mr Bourg's name, it will be my concern.
Because they would like to know who told you.
And how you got the information in that file.
You write for local news, huh? Local newspaper.
So, you've done your research, then? You're not even a proper journalist.
I have everything I need.
You'll be seeing it in the papers tonight.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, I know.
Well, that means a lot.
Will do.
That was Peter.
They're going to give me as much paid leave as I want.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Where did you go? I just went for a walk.
You were gone ages.
I didn't mean to snap.
No, don't worry, no it's the both of us.
C'est bon, c'est bon.
Mr Walsh.
Would you care to join us? Sure.
He's hiding something.
Erm, I have an idea and I need your help.
Cafe, monsieur Merci.
~ Vous parlez anglais, Monsieur Bourg? ~ Oui.
This gentleman is Mark Walsh.
He works for Interpol.
Well, it seems our officers have had great difficulty tracing your IP address back to your computer.
Well now, I don't even know what an IP address is, technology these days.
Mr Walsh is here to help us.
He is a specialist in computer crime.
You see, storing your hard drive off premises or using a proxy VPN isn't enough these days, Vincent.
Well, we found it and as we speak they're combing it for images.
Well, as you are on the register, Mr Bourg, you know the implications if we are to find any damaging materials on there? This is your chance to tell your side.
I want the lawyer.
This will be easier for you if you tell us what you know, Vincent.
Any connections that could help us, it's I want a lawyer.
Andre Chassaus.
That's his name.
Call him.
That is your right.
As is choosing the same lawyer that landed you in jail the last time.
Perhaps I will need alternative representation.
I'll bring you a list.
~ Vous l'avez fait transpirer? ~ He believed us.
He thinks we've got something on him.
Well, for now.
Moi, j'ai dit qu'il faut continuer l'interrogatoire.
I think we should keep pushing.
How long have we got? Well Chassaus would have had him out of here in half an hour.
But now he's looking for a new lawyer trying to find someone who will even take the case could take a while.
Giving you enough time to break him? Whether he took Oliver Hughes or not, he is troubled, obviously, something's wrong.
I'm afraid things will not end well for him.
And are you on any other medication? No.
This treatment's only in its infancy, Mr Bourg.
We're piloting it to a limited cross-section of offenders.
People like me.
Does it work? It's an effective treatment, yes.
But if we are to proceed, you need to understand the possible side-effects of tryptorelin.
Weight loss, lethargy, depression, emotional lability are not uncommon I understand.
But you're unsure? I'm afraid.
I'm afraid to rely on something so greatly that .
without it I will be nothing .
I'm sorry.
I will do this myself.
I'm sorry for your time.
Did Laurence even try to get the case reopened? I'm sure she tried to do her best.
But we've got a chance with the mayor? It's possible.
The mayor has no power over the justice department.
But the realities of power are nothing to do with the letter of the law.
~ He was here when it happened.
He'll understand.
~ It's my hope.
But he must be handled carefully so, please, let me do the talking.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Monsieur Baptiste, Mr Hughes.
Malik Suri, we've met before.
What do you want? I heard you were back here.
How? So have you found anything? I gather you and Monsieur Baptiste have been making enquiries all over town.
You really think I'd help you after what you did? And what did I do? All I did was my job.
Really? Go home, Mr Suri.
There's nothing for you here.
When you've had the chance to think about it, please, give me a call.
I imagine you know why we are here, Monsieur le Maire.
Captain Mureaux denied a request from Detective Relaud to reopen the Oliver Hughes case.
I felt if you heard our case in person, you might reconsider.
Years ago, I would go to Le Beffroi, the Belfry Hotel, for a drink after work every night.
I would often meet my niece, who worked there, and we would talk.
About nothing very much, at first, but in time we came to enjoy our chats a great deal.
You know, Chalons Du Bois is a small town.
It's not Paris, of course, it's not even Lille, but there was a time that people would pass through here and sometimes they would stay.
And then Then we became a ghost town.
People would go out of their way to avoid us if they saw us on a map.
Le Beffroi closed down.
My niece lost her job, and now I see her only rarely, and it's not the same.
But I'm sure you still go for that drink after work each day, yes? Yes, of course.
L'Esperance around the corner has Meteor on draught and a billiards table so So life goes on for all of us.
But not for Mr Hughes.
What he has found is real.
Evidence of where his son was kept when he was taken.
This is the scarf Oliver Hughes was wearing on the day he went missing.
We've traced it back to a house in Chalons.
70 Rue de la Montagne.
If you reopen the case, there is every chance we will find the truth.
And, um, every chance we'll find my son.
Er I've lost everything and everyone I ever cared for.
This is all I have left.
Don't stand in the way.
I have reviewed the evidence, as did Captain Mureaux.
I see no reason for me to interfere in police matters and insist we reopen some old wounds.
We need a forensic team in that basement, we need to see what they find.
I am very sorry for you, Mr Hughes.
I truly am.
But it has been eight years now.
Perhaps it's time to leave the past where it belongs.
You're not listening to us.
You have got a chance to do something, and you're just sat there refusing to Thank you for your time.
A bientot.
Tony! ~ Tony! ~ So what? We're just supposed to roll over and give up? We're so close.
We know the room where Olly was kept, that's got to mean something! We'll find a way.
Give me time.
Time? That's a joke, Julien.
It's been eight years.
~ Oh, please, Tony.
~ I don't need you.
I don't need them.
I'll finish this myself.
I was wondering if I'd run into you.
Thanks again for getting Dad in here.
This place has really helped.
It's fine.
Any time.
God, it's been an age.
~ I haven't seen you since ~ Yes.
I'm praying for you, every day It must be nice.
What? Believing in something.
~ Do you want me to ask the ~ No.
Thank you.
I should go.
It was good to see you again.
Hey, you too.
I worked the night shift so I wouldn't have to deal with kids.
You know, they're a pain.
~ OK.
~ Do you mind? I'm on my break.
Yeah, can I get chicken nuggets and a burger, thanks.
Here, take it.
Oi! Mr and Mrs Hughes.
My name's Malik Suri.
Please forgive my directness but, er Well, I think it's time you gave an interview.
~ You're a journalist? ~ How the hell did you get in here? People want to hear your story.
This is a hotel, with rooms available.
Let's go.
Quite frankly, you're not good for business.
Say that again.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
I've no intention of upsetting you.
My intentions are quite the opposite.
I want to help.
This is the police file of the man currently being questioned.
His name's Vincent Bourg.
Why would you give us this? To show you I can give you more information than the police will.
~ Who are you? ~ He's a journalist.
Look, if you think that liaison officer is here to help you, he's not - he's here to manage you.
Get out.
All right, all right.
Look, I can promise you, whatever the police know, you will know too.
I have my sources.
Get out of here! When you're ready to talk, please, call me.
Who are they? The witnesses who confirm Bourg's alibi.
Are they reliable? Well, he is the CEO of a cancer research charity and she teaches at the University of Lille.
They live near the park, Rue Jean Buridan, and they are both sure they saw Bourg out walking in that park during our timeframe.
~ Au revoir.
~ Au revoir.
But he went to the pool.
The guy knows the place.
He's sick.
He wasn't at the pool.
He was out walking.
A couple who live by the park spotted him.
~ What does that mean? How can they be sure? ~ It's reliable.
No, no, no.
You're missing something.
Vincent Bourg's just going to walk straight out of there?! How do you know his name? That information wasn't released.
Officers said it at the station.
Look, I know it's not what you want to hear, but the alibi is rock solid.
Whatever Bourg did, he didn't take your son.
I'm sorry.
I promise we're doing everything we can.
Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.
Oh, Holy St Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and charity for His creatures made you worthy when on Earth to possess miraculous powers.
Miracles waited on your word for which you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble or anxiety.
And so I beg you I'm begging you.
Find my son .
and bring him home to me.
Find my son .
and bring him home to me.
Find my son.
Oh, sorry.
Excuse me.
Emily, come here.
This is Ian.
Ian Garrett.
A pleasure to meet you.
Bit late for an interview, isn't it? Ian's not a journalist.
I'm in construction.
We're doing a build up at Audresselles and .
I saw your wee boy on the TV.
Ian, er He's put up a 100,000 euro reward for anyone with any information about Oliver.
It keeps up public awareness.
That's very kind of you.
Why would you do such a thing? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I just Look, I've got a construction business.
But on the side, my passion is doing up old buildings, renovating them.
I keep the past alive .
even when it seems impossible.
Listen, a few years ago, we got a few French backers.
IGC's been expanding through Europe ever since.
And to tell you the truth, I've got more money than I need.
And when I saw your boy on the telly .
I knew I could help.
I want to help.
Look, I'd best be off.
It's late and you two need to try and get some rest.
I've left my details in case you need me for anything.
Listen, Ian, thank you.
Thank you.
Where have you been? I was worried.
I just went for a walk to get some perspective.
Did it work? I hope so.
You burning the midnight oil? Er, sorry, it's, erm working late.
I've got those statements for you.
Sorry it took so long.
That's England for you.
Releasing something like that to another government.
Can I, er? This is nice.
You know, the Nazis used it as the official theme music for their weekly newsreel service.
Even they could see the beauty in it.
It reminds you that the people who do these terrible things, they are just people.
Not some kind of devils.
Just ordinary people.
That's why you wanted Tony Hughes' bank statements? You think he could I think I need to know everything.
At the moment I don't.
So, I did the piece on him.
On Vincent Bourg.
Wrote it.
Sent it to them.
They loved it.
Then, about an hour ago, my copy got pulled.
Do you have any idea who that was for? Of course you don't.
It was for The Telegraph! I gave you information.
It is not my fault if he had an alibi.
No, no, no.
Information? You gave me the first thing you could get hold of.
You gave me Chinese whispers.
You gave me nothing.
What do you want from me? What do you think I want from you? I want something I can use.
And I want it quickly.
Why are you like this? ~ Why am I like this? ~ Yeah.
Some of us want to be remembered for who we are and what we do.
Clearly you don't.
Don't mistake me, Monsieur Ziane.
I'm serious.
Chamartaines I will give you what I can.
Do you think I'm bluffing? I will give you what I can, OK?! Bonjour.
You been here all night? For my sins.
What are you looking at? Trouble for Tony Hughes.
~ Who is it? ~ It's nothing.
~ Marcel.
~ Comme d'habitude, Monsieur le Maire? ~ Comme d'habitude.
So that's why the bees, they need to go through the winter thinking the world outside ~ Georges! ~ Bonjour, Julien.
You know Malik Suri I know who he is.
What are you doing here? Having a drink.
After work.
~ Excuse me.
~ Look, I haven't got all day for this.
We came here to talk about the Hughes case and all you've done is talk about your bees.
One moment, please.
Uh, bonjour.
Bonjour, Monsieur Lombard.
Je m'appelle Tony Hughes.
Do you speak English? Yes.
I'm phoning round everyone that lived on Rue de la Montagne eight years ago, it's in conn Hello? You know it was the drinking that made Alain sick? You don't need to worry about me, Sylvie.
What is it? Detective Baptiste.
Monsieur Baptiste now.
I am retired.
At last.
~ Cafe? ~ Avec plaisir, Madame Deloix.
Your son's case has been reopened.
How the hell did that happen? Georges is a politician now.
The last thing men like him want is uncertainty.
Were a journalist to learn what we found in that basement, the Mayor of Chalons Du Bois would find himself ~ in a difficult position.
~ You blackmailed him? No, I narrowed his options.
The journalist wasn't happy.
But he can now write a nice article about nectar flow, I think.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
But listen, Georges insisted it must be kept quiet.
The papers cannot know.
The budget will be limited and there will be a review after one month, to decide if it will continue.
But the case has been reopened.
We're looking for Oliver again.
~ I need to call Emily ~ Tony.
Nothing is certain.
To give someone hope can be a dangerous thing, no? ~ She has a right to know.
~ Of course.
But at this moment we know nothing.
You and Emily have found very different ways through this.
All I am saying is, do not make her promises you cannot keep.
) How long will it take? The hormone suppressant acts differently for different people.
But - just press it - within a few days, the testosterone in your bloodstream will be that of a prepubescent child.
Sexual desire will become a thing of the past.
What made you decide to come back? Do you remember that English boy that went missing in France? Oliver Hughes? I got accused.
I was innocent of course .
but it made me realise I had to put this sickness behind me.
I tried.
I really tried.
But I was weak.
I got arrested, again.
I got sent to prison for possession of indecent materials.
But now I am free once again, I must be cured.
Didn't think I'd see you back so soon.
Well, your ex-husband and his old friend Baptiste didn't exactly roll out the red carpet for me, as you can imagine.
And? And.
And Tony's a drunk.
And Baptiste is retired.
Bored, as far as I can tell.
I asked around and apparently they tried to open the case again, to appeal it.
That's all you have? What? That those two lost souls are out there chasing rainbows? No.
Far from it.
No, I have some information of my own that I'm in the process of corroborating.
If you hurt us again Please.
I'm not trying to hurt anyone.
I'm trying to find out the truth.
And if you'd ever agree to a proper interview with me You must be joking.
I know what you did, Emily.
You and Tony.
And I'm going to prove it.
Monsieur Garrett? Vincent.
Thank you for coming.
Tell me, did you see the couple in the park? The ones who gave you the alibi? They were walking their dog.
Yeah, I remember.
You're a terrible liar, Vincent.
They never saw you.
They were paid to say that.
I don't understand.
Why? I I didn't do this thing.
I I didn't hurt this boy.
I believe you, Vincent.
I knew it couldn't have been you.
You haven't got the stomach for it.
Why are you telling me this? I want you to know why you're a free man.
You thought I would tell on you? I was concerned that the longer the police held you, the more chance there was of our connection coming to the surface.
But it didn't? No? Good.
As of this moment our association is to be terminated.
As far as you're concerned, we never even met.
I understand.
For your sake, I hope that you do.
MUSIC: Me And The Devil by Gil Scott-Heron