The Missing (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

The Meeting

1 That is Vincent Bourg from a list of sex offenders in the district.
You thought I would tell on you? As of this moment, our association is to be terminated.
'As far as you're concerned, we never even met.
' Olly! Olly! What are you looking at? Trouble for Tony Hughes.
Have you seen it? Cos he'll want it when he comes back.
~ KNOCK ON DOOR ~ Mr Hughes? It's Julien Baptiste.
OK, um Coming, just one minute.
~ What is it? ~ We need you to come to the station with us.
We need to ask you some questions.
What questions? Please come with us to the commissariat now.
Why? Why do you need to talk to us? It's just your husband we wish to speak with for now, Mrs Hughes.
It's better that you stay here.
I'll put my shoes on.
I should I should come.
I'll be back soon, OK? THEY KISS RAISED VOICES OUTSIDE Oh, my love We pray each day May you come home And be OK For now we'll wait for you For you To come home ~ Where have you been? ~ I'm on time.
Yeah, exactly.
You're usually early.
~ Merci.
~ Yes, thank you.
I have found you a corner of the office.
Follow me.
~ Bonjour.
~ Bonjour.
Ça va? ~ Très bien.
~ If you need anything, come to me.
~ What about the basement? A forensics squad is already there working on the room.
I will do everything in my power to help you.
Oh, and before I forget Thanks for meeting me.
Don't flatter yourself.
I do not get many visitors.
And I got your little present.
I was simply trying to demonstrate that the way I write about you in my book can paint you in a very positive or a negative light.
You do want your story told, don't you? What do you want? It's about that man again .
Vincent Bourg.
He was on the solitary wing in this prison - the same wing you were placed in for your own protection.
What about him? I tried to get ahold of him while he was inside, but he declined to respond.
Putain de merde, this case again.
Did I not help you enough back then? What do you want with Vincent Bourg? He can help me .
because I know what happened to Oliver Hughes.
Did he talk to you? Gardien! CROWD CLAMOURS OK.
Sit down, please.
Do you know this man? Are you going to tell me what this has to do with my son? His name is Greg Halpern.
In February 2000, you assaulted him.
He required stitches.
Several ribs were bruised.
Of course, you were never charged, but your financial record showed an unusual cash withdrawal in February 2000, paid to Mr Halpern.
With Detective Walsh's help, I managed to find the original incident reports.
It's amazing, to put a man in hospital and never see the inside of a police station.
Lucky for you that your father-in-law is a very experienced lawyer, non? Anyone else Could you tell me what this has to do with my son being abducted? Are you a violent man, Mr Hughes? In September 2004, your son was almost three years old.
You took him into hospital.
He had a fracture on his ankle.
~ You think I had something to do with this? ~ Did you? No.
No way, no way, this is wrong.
What happened with Greg, it shouldn't have happened, OK? It was a mistake, that's all.
Is that how your wife sees it? Physically assaulting this man a mistake? Emily didn't know about it.
Her father and I agreed that .
she didn't need to know.
She still doesn't, and I'd like it to stay that way.
We've got enough on our plate at the moment.
The night Oliver went missing, what were you doing between the hours of 10.
16pm and 10.
25pm? Olly broke his foot because he jumped off our bed - that's why he ended up in hospital.
He jumped onto the floor, he broke his ankle.
~ Where were you? ~ This is insane! You can't possibly think I was looking for Olly, my son.
I was just running around looking everywhere I could.
I was scared.
Someone must have seen me.
There are nine minutes in which no-one can account for your whereabouts.
Because they were watching the fucking match! ~ Jesus Christ, you can't think ~ Sit down.
Sit down! Come on.
You cannot possibly think I'd ever, EVER do anything to hurt my son! Tony, sit down.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Christ.
MAN SHOUTS IN FRENCH PHONE BEEPS L'addition, s'il vous plait.
They will find him, my love.
What if they don't, Mum? Tony is going to be out of that station .
You look so tired.
I can't sleep.
I mean, I do, for a few minutes but then I dream about him.
And then I wake up and I remember he's not here.
I got you something.
You can get them over the counter here and they're not too strong.
They'll just help you get some rest.
I'm fine.
Where were you? The changing rooms .
male and then female.
Then back into the pool, then outside.
Where? ~ Into the car park? ~ Yeah, I think so.
I mean ~ You have a demanding job, Mr Hughes.
~ What? You've been taking phone calls from the office, even on holiday.
That puts a man under a great deal of stress, non? Then your car breaks down.
You find yourself stuck here, of all places.
A man with a history of violence, under stress Was it too much? What? Did something happen? Help me understand.
No I You You say there's nine minutes that I can't account for.
I didn't have a car, it was being fixed so where the hell am I supposed to have gone in nine minutes? There is a lake in the woods, just behind the swimming pool.
Nine minutes would give you time ~ No, no! ~ If you speak now, the procureur will be easier on you.
~ KNOCK ON DOOR ~ If not Il y a quelqu'un qui veut vous parler.
I'm telling you the truth DOOR CLOSES I thought you were here to help, not just sit there.
Answer his questions, then we can move on.
THEY WHISPER IN FRENCH Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude.
No, it's OK.
Mark, this is Antoine Arnette.
He has been undercover for 14 months as Leon, working his way up the ranks of an organisation - ~ the Caids des Cites.
~ I'm connected to a Romanian outfit working out of Paris but with links across Europe.
Antoine THEY SPEAK IN FRENCH What is so important? What brought you here? The last two days, the bosses have been distracted.
They are transporting something.
If it is drugs, usually, or weapons, then we learn about it.
But this nothing.
From what I understand, this package is to be transferred from somewhere just outside Lille to Thailand.
Thailand? Sex trafficking.
At three o'clock this afternoon .
in an abandoned warehouse off the road leading into Lille - this is where they will be handling the transaction.
MUSIC BLARES VOLUME DECREASES Georges! Listen, the reason I'm calling you is because I'm putting some money into a fund for Tony and Emily Hughes.
'An appeal, you know, a sort of keeping-up-awareness kind of thing.
' Most generous of you.
If I were you, though, I would be most careful about putting money in this case.
'It seems Tony Hughes is now being questioned on the matter.
' Oh.
Um Thank you for letting me know.
'You're welcome.
Bye-bye, then.
' Hello, sweetheart.
EMILY: I want to speak to my husband! Asseyez-vous, si'l vous plait.
I want to speak to my husband.
I want to know what's going on! ~ What questions?! ~ MARK: They're just routine, I promise you.
Now, the best thing you can do is to go back to the hotel and wait.
I will call you You're supposed to be here to help us.
Your only purpose in this job is to keep us informed, so why don't you just do your bloody job?! Rentrez a l'hotel, madame.
I've got this.
Thank you, thank you.
Mrs Hughes, when Detective Baptiste is finished with your husband I WILL call you, I promise.
TEARFULLY: Please just tell me what's happened My son is gone .
and he is the same age as yours.
Just imagine if somebody took him .
and you didn't know where he was .
or what was happening to him.
Please just tell me what's happening.
Please SHE SOBS ~ Hey.
I didn't hear you come in.
~ You working? I'm just doing the lesson plan for the substitute.
Can't someone else do that? I volunteered.
Keep myself busy.
~ Oh, thanks.
They're lovely.
~ And so they should be.
Those are not run-of-the-mill petrol-station flowers.
No, those are the real McCoy.
Tony's gone back to Chalons Du Bois.
Julien's with him.
They think they've found something.
Yeah, I know.
You knew? Tony called, a couple of times.
He called ME and you you never told me? Well, your Dad had just died.
I thought you had enough to deal with.
I really don't need to be protected, and I really don't need you lying to me, ever.
I'm sorry.
It was stupid.
I'm sorry.
Do you think they've found something? I don't know.
You're thinking of going back, aren't you? It's just, after last time .
it can't happen again.
I know.
And Tony's phoned before with news .
lots of times.
I remember.
What? Fingerprints of the family, bien sur, but the room is clean.
There must be something.
Well .
it is, I think, perhaps TOO clean.
Like somebody who is covering their tracks.
A very professional job.
A basement like this, left undisturbed, would have prints that traced back to maybe 15 or even 20 years ago.
All we have is the picture your son drew on the wall.
It's strange to leave that behind, no? Perhaps they didn't realise your son did it.
So, where does that leave us? The important thing is that for the first time in eight years ~ we know where Oliver was taken.
~ Yes.
The owners of the house were away, so the first question is, who knew this? A postman who saw their house was vacant? Anyone who had knowledge that this house would make a good hiding-place.
And we must consider, a small suburban street such as this ~ .
perhaps somebody saw something unusual.
~ Hmm.
So, to answer your questions, it leaves us with a lot more work to do.
PHONE RINGS HE SIGHS ~ Julien Baptiste.
~ 'Ah, he lives!' I'm sorry, darling, I should have called earlier.
You know, I've been busy with the The what? Hm? Finish your sentence, man! The case has been reopened.
Of course it has.
I know how you are when you set your mind to something.
There's a condition - I have to lead the investigation.
But you know, I'm the only one Georges trusts to be discreet and keep the investigation out of the press.
Yeah and you're the best.
HE CHUCKLES You didn't come here just to see me, did you? The joy of being married to a detective.
No, I came here because .
it's happening again.
And I I don't know what to do.
Tu as parle avec elle? Yeah.
She came to the house.
Did she hurt you? No.
SHE SOBS Tell me.
Qu'est qu'il est passe? Dis-moi.
The timeline, again.
I've been over this with Baptiste.
Then we will do it again.
SHE SPEAKS IN FRENCH Seems that your lawyer has arrived.
They cannot hold you any longer, Mr Hughes, you are free to leave.
But until we have searched that lake entirely, you will remain in Chalons Du Bois.
OK? There he is now.
BARRAGE OF QUESTIONS Listen, I am I need to let Emily know I'm OK.
It's all right.
She'll want to know why I was taken in.
I'm going to have to tell her.
~ I'm going to take you for a drink first.
~ Huh? We'll take the car because they say there's going to be a storm.
HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH THUNDER RUMBLES Do they really think I could have done this? I mean, why? Why are they looking at me when they should be looking at sick bastards like Vincent Bourg? ~ They let him go, didn't they? ~ A known paedophile who used that pool regularly.
Huh? Jesus I saw his police file.
How did you get that? Some journo trying to buy goodwill.
Jesus, Ian, you want to see it.
~ The stuff they found on his computer ~ Don't go there, pal.
OK? He is not your guy - they cleared him.
Someone else is behind this and we're going to find them.
That's what you've got to focus on - moving forward.
I should get back.
Em's going to be worried.
Finish your drink - you need it.
BLUES MUSIC PLAYS Why are you doing this, Ian? First the money, then the lawyer, now this.
I've been kicked before.
I've been laid low, no-one there to help me.
I don't want that for you.
God, I love this bloody song.
~ It's not a patch on the original.
~ You're a blues man? Who couldn't love Robert Johnson? Selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads - best decision he ever made.
IAN LAUGHS Ah, you know that voice, eh? The tone of it.
It's like you can feel him aching, you know? Always makes me feel better about my own life.
THUNDER RUMBLES HE WHISPERS IN FRENCH THEY SHOUT IN FRENCH THUNDER CRASHES REPORTERS CLAMOUR You should've given me that interview, Mr Hughes, but it doesn't matter.
I got you your front page.
BARRAGE OF QUESTIONS Em, I was going to tell you.
When? When were you going to tell me that you put Greg Halpern in hospital? And then you got my dad to help you buy his silence? ~ It's not your Dad's fault.
~ Olly was just a baby.
I didn't think a prison sentence for the father would benefit anyone.
And you didn't think to tell your own daughter? Tony knew it would upset you.
It wasn't my place to go against his wishes.
Not your place?! You're my dad! ~ Sweetheart, listen ~ Get out.
~ Please listen ~ Get out! Come on.
This is why the police are wasting time looking into you when they should be looking for our son.
~ It was a mistake.
~ What, lying to me? ~ Or beating the crap out of my friend? ~ He wasn't exactly a ~ What? ~ Forget it.
~ No, what did you say? He was more than a friend.
Christ, I told you at the time there was nothing going on.
I went to him and he admitted you kissed him.
I am not the problem here, Tony.
The problem here is your utter inability to ever let anything go.
You fixate on every little detail.
I pay attention, there's a difference.
If you'd been paying attention, our son wouldn't be gone! DOOR SLAMS SHU ~ We should begin.
~ No, no, no, a few more minutes.
These people are volunteering their time.
If we wait any longer, they may start to leave.
There were over 50 names on that list, everyone that lived near the house where Olly was held.
I thought the idea was to get them all together, ~ so they could share memories and try and trigger something? ~ Yes, yes, but we could stand around all night.
We must work with what we have.
HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH Pardonez-moi! Ecoutez! Ce le papa du petit Oliver.
HE CONTINUES IN FRENCH You got my calls, then? Yeah.
I'm sorry, it just took me a little while to you know.
You look well.
Ah, it's your hair - I like it.
Oh, yeah.
It took a few misfires.
It's been a long time.
How did you know we were up there? Laurence told me.
I went to the commissariat and they filled me in on where you are on the case if you can even call it that.
It's the best lead we've had since it happened.
There's no DNA evidence.
Julien had to blackmail Georges to even get the case reopened.
No, we're close, I know it.
What? You think this little village meeting is going to lead us to our son? Last year, it was the sighting in Toulouse that HAD to be him.
The year before that, it was the skeleton that they dragged ~ out of the Mediterranean.
~ What about the scarf, the drawing? There's nothing else there, Tony.
No proof.
No evidence.
Even if we let ourselves believe that our only son was trapped in there for God knows what reason, what, the last remaining image we have of our son is going to be that? It's OK to be scared by it.
You're looking at shapes in the clouds and you're trying to turn them into things.
And every time you do this, you drag me into it too because Because you know I want to see them too.
You know that I need to see them as much as you do.
And every time I do, it breaks my heart into pieces all over again.
I'm not as strong as you.
I can't survive in a nightmare the way that you do.
I have to try and live, Tony.
I have to try and have some kind of a life.
You're doing a pretty good job of it, as far as I can tell.
Oh, I forgot to say - congratulations! DOOR BELL RINGS Mr Bourg? My Bourg? It's Malik Suri.
I wrote to you while you were in prison and if you'd read any of those letters, you'd know that I just want to talk.
It wasn't easy finding this address, Mr Bourg.
I just want to talk to you.
It's about Oliver Hughes.
Mr Bourg, I just want to talk.
CAR DRIVES OFF HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH The electric company checks out.
No-one came to read the meter at number 75 for at least three months since your son was taken there.
We're wasting our time.
No-one's calling back.
That meeting was a joke.
I didn't expect results straightaway.
I am sure You're sure of what? No-one saw anything, no-one heard anything.
Why else would they keep silent for so long? Look, we'll press on.
Try again, fail again, fight better.
Have you met anyone since your divorce? No.
Perhaps one day, though.
~ Bonjour.
~ Bonjour, Georges.
HE SPEAKS FRENCH I heard about your little town meeting last night.
HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH If the case is to be reopened, I must do it properly.
That's why this meeting was I am just trying to protect the people that live here.
Some of them have lost their jobs because of that kind of bad publicity.
Now, I asked you to do this quietly for a reason.
This case can be closed as quickly as it was reopened.
What the hell does he mean by that? He is simply covering his back.
I need to get out of here.
It's not finished.
We have more calls to do.
For all the good they're doing.
HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH You all right? It's Antoine.
He heard about the storage warehouse.
He doesn't know what happened, but he says he has more information.
He wants to meet me at eight.
It's a bit of a wait.
But it's good news, right? When I confronted him with his drug use, he said he was maintaining his cover, but I think it is more than that.
I called his superior.
Apparently he's fallen for a woman, a junkie connected to the people he works for.
~ I thought it was too good to be true.
~ We'll find out.
SHE LAUGHS Olly! (We were so worried.
) (I've been so worried.
) (I've been so worried.
) (We were so worried.
) (So worried.
) (We were so worried.
) DOOR CLOSES Hey! HE CALLS OUT IN FRENCH Vincent Bourg? I'm Tony Hughes.
This is criminal.
Get out.
Get out! I'm going to call the police.
~ I will do it.
~ Go on, call them.
Don't come any closer! You went to that pool regularly.
I know what you are.
TONY ROARS Where is he? Where's my boy? I did not take your son.
You must believe me about this! I do not let my dreams become reality.
I do not act on my desires.
I I only look.
What is it? Have you found something? The people who lived opposite number 70 back in 2006 .
they got our message late last night.
It seems they are big football fans.
The night of the quarterfinal they threw a party .
and they filmed it.
What's on the tape? What did they film? Are you sure you want to see this? CHEERING ON RECORDING ~ What? ~ You see that window here? ~ Yeah.
~ What? ~ We've zoomed in on it.
If you go away on this summer's day Then you might as well take the sun away All the birds that flew in the summer sky When our love was new and our hearts were high And the day was young and the nights were long And the moon stood still for the night bird's song