The Missing (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Gone Fishing

1 'Je ne dirai rien.
' = I will say nothing = 'Je ne dirai rien.
' 'Ne dirai rien.
' 'Ne dirai rien.
' "The Mock Turtle said: " 'No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise.
" " 'Wouldn't it really?' "said Alice, in a tone of great surprise.
" " 'Of course not,' said the Mock Turtle.
" 'Why, if a fish came to me, " 'and told me he was going on a journey, " 'I should say 'With what porpoise?' " " 'Don't you mean purpose?' said Alice.
" 'I mean what I say,' the Mock Turtle replied in an offended tone.
"And the Gryphon added, " 'Come, let's hear some of your adventures.
' " Now you read, Cami.
" 'I could tell you my aventures" ~ Ad-ventures.
~ " 'Adventures beginning from this morning,' "said Alice, a little timidly, but' " OK, continue.
" 'It's no use going back to yesterday " 'because I was a different person then.
' " 'Explain all that,' said the Mock Turtle.
" 'No, no! The adventures first,' "said the Gryphon in an impatient tone" It's open.
What you've seen, no father should ever see.
But I thought you should know .
we found something else on that tape.
So, uh Somebody told the press about Tony Hughes assaulting that man.
You think it was him? Yes, I do, and I want him kept far from this case.
Especially after this.
~ Laurence? ~ Excuse me.
These Caids des Cites, there are not many who would speak about their activities.
For fear of ending up like Antoine.
But there is someone who might know what information he had for us.
His girlfriend.
You should come.
I've been called back to London.
So if Oliver Hughes is a victim of some sort of trafficking gang, after five days, what are the chances of finding him alive? Mark.
I think perhaps you should come with me.
I'll get this.
~ OK, get back, get back.
~ Emily, what's happened? She was at the swimming pool, freezing cold.
She needs to rest.
Emily? Hey, hon.
Hey, hey.
What happened? You all right? I saw him.
What? ~ What, love? ~ I saw him.
OK, come on.
Let's get in.
(I'm sorry.
) (I know you blame me.
) (I blame myself.
) (We'll find him.
) (I promise.
) (We will find him.
) Malik Suri.
You should be ashamed of yourself, kicking a family when it's down like that.
I'm a journalist, detective.
I was just doing my job.
~ You're a leech.
~ A leech? Really? So am I the first person to ever make a living from writing about the misfortune of others? When someone writes a book about the Holocaust, or a bestseller about some genocidal dictator, does that make them a leech, too? Tony Hughes was cleared, but thanks to the article you wrote, with information you acquired illegally, that shadow's going to follow him for a long time.
I reported the truth.
Nothing more.
And today I'm meeting with The Telegraph for a permanent position.
You know, it may be that the worst day in that family's life could turn out to be the best day of mine.
It's Newton's Law of Motion - every action has a reaction.
It might not be fair, but that's life.
Yeah, well, good luck with that.
You know, we should do an interview sometime.
Yeah, be good to know what the spare part in the investigation has to say about it all.
~ Bonjour.
~ I'm looking for ~ Tony! ~ Ah.
~ Come on up.
~ Thanks.
Get past the press OK? Yeah, I managed to shake them off.
Since the article came out, it's been feeding time at the zoo back at the hotel.
I'm sorry to drag you here.
I wanted to come to you but I'm having a bit of a nightmare with this hospital we're building.
Anyway, this shouldn't take too long.
I've put the money into a new account.
I want you to be a signatory, because I don't want you to have to come running to me ~ every time you need to use it.
~ Ian, this is your money, I can't I'm not asking for permission here.
This is non-negotiable.
When I do something, Tony, I follow it through.
Pisses my wife off no end, but that's me, take it or leave it.
Whatever it takes to get your boy back, yeah? I appreciate it.
~ You're a good man.
~ Yeah, tell that to the wife.
What happened there? I broke into Vincent Bourg's flat last night.
~ You did what? ~ That's how I cut my hand.
I was looking around for anything - anything - and, uh then he came back.
Did he say anything? Nothing.
Vincent Bourg has been cleared.
A solid alibi.
Now, I'm good pals with Georges Deloix.
He's a juge d'instruction in the Department of Justice here.
I'm making sure he keeps me up-to-date on this case, and I promise you, if there was a shred of doubt about this guy Bourg, I would be on it like a flash.
Now let's let the police do what they do.
Our end is getting your story out there, and encourage people to come forward.
That's what we can do to help.
Thank you.
je ne dirai rien.
What did you say? Pardon? To the man.
You said, uh "je ne dir" No, no.
The man says to me don't tell to his wife that he is smoking.
or he is in danger, you know? And I know his wife.
So, I say to him, "Je ne dirai rien".
It means, "I will not say anything".
OK? Monsieur! This image cannot be made any clearer.
There is no way of identifying the men who pulled Oliver away from the window.
But the tape continues and, uh This is where it jumps to the next morning.
The mother has picked up the camera to tidy it away.
She doesn't know she's turned it on.
And then You see this van? "Pro Pro Nettoyage"? ~ Nettoyage.
~ Nettoyage.
Yeah, it means cleaning.
This van wasn't parked here when your son was seen at the window.
No-one on that street owned, or was ever affiliated with, Pro Nettoyage.
So I thought to myself, "On a quiet Sunday morning in Chalons Du Bois, "who's calling for cleaners?" You know how little we Frenchmen like to work on Sunday.
Which led us to this man.
Karl Sieg.
He was the owner of Pro Nettoyage, until a few years ago.
He's never been arrested for any crimes, but he's been photographed on several occasions with these men.
I looked at them in 2006.
Perhaps I missed something then.
They are members of a Caid de Cite working out of Paris.
Romanian mostly.
And this Karl Sieg - is he involved in trafficking? We don't know for sure.
But a man with his connections, parked outside the house where your son was kept ~ we need to speak with him.
~ Where is he? We don't know yet.
But, uh .
I have an idea how we can find out.
James said he was going to call for a lift.
I mean, he should've called by now.
You were saying? About the meeting? There were maybe 15 people in this big, ugly room.
I mean, half of them weren't even listening to what Julien was saying.
Did you speak to him? Detective Baptiste? No.
There wasn't much point.
I spoke with Laurence, and she thinks that Georges only reopened the case as a favour.
They don't have anything concrete.
It's as simple as that.
It must've been hard, though.
You know, going back.
But I had to find out.
I had to find out if it was real, or if it was just going to be like 2009 all over again.
Tony has a way of pulling you back in.
No, it's over.
Anyway Anyway, that's not why we're here.
Congratulations on your promotion, DCI Walsh.
I'm sorry to leave like this.
Oh, don't be silly.
You came here to work.
I shouldn't have followed you.
I just didn't know what else to do.
Hiding from our own daughter.
Christ, Julien, is that what it's come to? I mean, she could get money from anywhere, couldn't she, if she had to? But she still comes home.
That's a part of her that still wants some kind of connection.
And here I am - hiding from her.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
So do you think she'll be able to help? I don't know.
It's been a long time.
And whether she'll even agree to What, so we could be going all this way for nothing? It's better that we speak in person, and safer.
I only hope it's the right decision.
We're doing what we have to, to find my son.
I know.
But all too often, for the right reasons .
we can make the gravest of mistakes.
Rini! Rini, Rini.
He's not there, he's not in hospital.
He is dead.
We told you already.
He was murdered last night.
He was working undercover investigating the gang your brother works for.
What are you looking for? Argent.
We need to know if Leon told you anything about why he was meeting me.
Help me and I'll help you.
Fix me up and I'll tell you what I know.
Fair enough.
It's a deal.
Julien? This is harassment.
Call the police.
Back at your apartment, when you knew someone had broken in, you said something - "Je ne dirai rien.
" ~ "I won't say anything.
" What did you mean? ~ Nothing.
~ What? ~ Nothing.
Nothing, I I was scared for my life.
I meant I wouldn't say anything to the police if the intruder would just leave me alone.
You know something.
I'm going to find out what it is.
Believe me, Mr Hughes, if I knew where your son was, I would tell you.
It would be some kind of atonement.
You're guilty.
I know it.
Guilty? I've felt guilt all of my life.
Someone once told me his father said to him on his deathbed that guilt, it's like a cancer.
You can treat the symptoms .
but never the cause.
'You can't do this!' 'I'll jump.
I'll jump out the window! 'Do you hear?' We are on the 12th floor.
'What kind of cop are you? What kind of cop are you?' 'If you want, I can pleasure you? Would you like that?' I remember.
Or lollipops.
I love you too.
Hey, love.
I just came to see how you're doing.
I'm fine.
I was thinking .
maybe it's time that you and Dad went home.
I know you're still angry with him, but we want to stay.
He's our grandson.
I know but me and Tony, we have to deal with this on our own.
We have to find our own way.
Mum? If that's what you want.
But if you need us, you call us.
OK? ~ OK.
~ OK? ~ Yes! OK.
Chris, hi.
'Emily, I'm worried about Mark.
'I'm hoping you can talk him out of handing in his notice.
' Rini, if I had any other choice, I wouldn't be here.
You don't have to apologise, Julien.
We are looking for a man called Karl Sieg.
He is heavily connected to the Caids de Cite, the same group Leon was part of.
Do you know this man? No.
I am sorry.
Perhaps you know someone who does? I've built a life here.
I am Noelle Deschamps now.
I understand.
One call is all I ask.
As if I had the phone numbers of these people.
To help you, I must go to Paris.
And to do so, I risk everything.
I will keep you safe.
Don't say that.
How can you say that to me? Please.
I thought you never wanted to keep things from me.
I'm guessing you've spoken to Chris.
Why would you lie about getting promoted? You turned up wanting to celebrate and I didn't know how to tell you.
So, you lied and then you handed in your notice? Isn't that something that we should talk about? My job is not something we talk about.
What does that mean? I tried.
In the beginning, I tried.
There was this homicide.
I was telling you about the crime scene and the knife wounds and you started to cry about Oliver.
Wondering whether he'd suffered like that, whether that happened to him.
And I realised that everything I deal with every day just fuels your nightmares.
So, I shut up.
And that's why you quit? No.
I'm quitting because I don't have a career anymore.
I'm quitting because I got together with Emily Hughes.
I'm the man who swooped down on a victim.
I gave my career up for you, my choice, but you never even noticed.
Well, why marry me, then? You know that journalist, Malik Suri, he said something to me a long time ago.
He said the day that Oliver went missing was the worst day of your life and the best day of his.
And I think, in some messed-up way, maybe that's the same for me.
Cos it's the day I met you.
So, what do we do now? Back to square one, I suppose.
No, no.
We must simply explore other roads.
It may take some time, but no longer than it has already.
It is quite a thing to find these days, somewhere like this place, unchanged in eight years.
The same furniture, the same walls, the same people telling the same stories, no doubt.
And yet, in that time, Rini has changed her entire life.
What about you? Since you were last here.
Have you changed? Bien sur.
Ten years ago, my life was chasing demons across the country, herding them into prison.
Nowadays, I spend my time herding bees in my hive.
You keep bees? Yeah.
My wife thought it important I find a hobby.
It has become perhaps more than that.
You, I think, like me, have the need for an obsession.
And this obsession has become your life.
I've given up a lot.
But I don't regret any of it.
Really? You are so sure there is nothing you have done that you regret? What exactly do you think I've done, Julien? It's late.
We should sleep.
Bon nuit.
'How have you been feeling?' 'Good.
'I can feel the difference already.
'Just to know I have this chance to rid myself from this darkness.
' I feel new, you know? ~ Every day, I do the same thing.
~ Hold still.
I eat the same thing, at the same time, at the same table.
This morning, I sat on my couch and I ate ice cream.
You know, these routines I have, these tracks my life has run on, they can be changed.
I can make new tracks.
Right? There are things in my life, things in my past, they are unresolved.
They need to be attended.
I'm going to see an old friend.
And then my journey can truly begin.
Same time next week, Mr Bourg.
Thank you.
May I ask what changed your mind? Lunch.
Chicken broth.
It will settle your stomach.
Or strawberry flavour? Lollipop.
Sometimes a hit of sugar will do the job.
You know? You have experience? My daughter.
I have been through this more times than I care to remember.
Mark Twain.
You can borrow it.
I finished it last night.
You read this in one night? All? Yeah.
I didn't read a book since high school.
Take it.
It is one of life's great pleasures.
~ He was policeman? ~ Yes.
A true policeman? You know the gang he was investigating .
and what they're capable of.
The same gang your brother works for.
What do you want? Huh? What do you want? I need from you information.
I am many things but I am not a rat.
You can go if you like.
You are not a prisoner.
But if you walk out that door, you are on your own.
And I would watch your back because these men will come looking for you now they know your boyfriend was a cop.
Just tell me what you know and I will help you with your rehabilitation, relocate you, give you a new name, a job.
They will never find you.
I'll make sure that you are safe.
That soup.
Is it still warm? Yes.
It's good.
Ian, it's Tony.
'Tony, come in, second floor.
' Hello? Good afternoon.
I wasn't expecting company.
I'm sorry for barging in.
No bother, you're always welcome.
Beer in the afternoon always gets my vote.
This is this is great.
Well, I bought this place because I wanted somewhere near the office I could stay when I'm over.
Only temporary, while my own place is being built.
What? Here in Lille? No, no.
A beautiful little place called Audresselles.
By the coast.
Somewhere where the wife can join.
She won't come here.
She calls this place the "Gentleman's Club.
" She does.
Look, Ian, you know you said you know Georges Deloix? Ah, the juge d'instruction.
Yeah, he's a friend.
I was wondering could you have a word with him about Vincent Bourg? Tony, we've been down this road.
I know, I know.
But when I was in Bourg's flat, I overheard him say something.
It doesn't add up.
He's hiding something.
Please, just ask Georges to take another look at him.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Yes, now fire away.
You mean you want to start that all over again? Mm-hm.
I painted that myself.
From memory.
It's your daughter? Was.
I paint one of those every year to remind myself what she was like.
Her spirit or whatever you want to call it.
Something about painting my Molly, getting her eyes just right .
something that looking at photos can never do.
What happened to her? I went to bed one night .
and I woke up and she was gone.
Police said she'd, eh, wandered out.
No sign of a break-in, no blood, no nothing.
The official description was she had run away .
but I know that isn't true.
We were very happy.
God, Ian, I'm sorry.
Maybe I didn't lock the door or the window.
I didn't hear anything, I was in the same house, damn it.
We're not all that dissimilar, you and me, Tony.
Carrying around all that guilt .
for something that's out of our control.
I remember advice my old man gave me.
He'd made some mistakes.
Other women, you know? Later on, on his deathbed he told me he regretted it.
And he said that guilt was like a cancer.
You can treat the symptoms but never the cause.
I should get going, Ian.
You go.
Go be with your wife.
You'll be all right, chum.
Bonjour? Le voiture de Hughes? Of course.
One moment.
~ It is right? ~ Thank you.
What happened? Excusez-moi? Qu'est-ce que c'est le probleme avec le voiture? The battery, it failed.
~ The battery? ~ Yes.
I don't understand.
Just bad luck.
~ Where've you been? ~ I went to collect the car.
I found this.
Look, Em.
The police .
I think they've missed something.
I've found some things out about Vincent Bourg.
He knows Ian Garrett.
~ The two of them know each other.
~ What? Yeah, so the only suspect in this whole thing has a link with someone that we've never met before who turns up out of the blue and starts throwing money at us.
I mean, what does that mean? Ian Garrett? Tony, I think we should just think.
~ Listen, Em.
Listen, please, listen.
~ Just wait, wait, wait, stop.
I need you to believe me.
Believe me - they know each other.
Em .
if we keep shutting each other out .
we're going to lose each other.
And if that happens, what else is there? They know each other.
I believe you.
I do.
I do.
I do.
~ Bonjour.
~ Bonjour.
Ian Garrett? C'est important.
Parlez-vous anglais? Yes.
Did I hear you say you were looking for Ian Garrett? Yes.
This is his company, right? His French office? Yes, yes, but Sorry, how do you know Mr Garrett? He's an old acquaintance.
Well, he's not here now.
He's Did you not hear? Hear what? He went missing.
Eight years ago.
He was finally declared dead end of last year.
How did you not know? I was away in the UK.
Well, I'm I'm very sorry, I really am.
No, no.
It's no bother.
Thank you.
~ Merci.
Au revoir.
~ Au revoir.
MUSIC: Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson I went to the crossroad Fell down on my knees I went down to the crossroad Fell down on my knees Asked the Lord above, "Have mercy now "Save poor Bob if you please.