The Missing (2014) s01e05 Episode Script


1 The bosses have been distracted.
They are transporting something.
He heard about the storage warehouse.
He says he has more information.
He wants to meet me at eight.
What do you want? Rini, if I had any other choice I wouldn't be here.
~ Do you know this man? Karl Sieg.
~ No.
Perhaps you know someone who does? I wanted somewhere near the office I could stay when I'm over.
It's a beautiful little place called Audresselles.
Someone once told me guilt, it's like a cancer.
You can treat the symptoms, but never the cause.
I've found some things out about Vincent Bourg.
He knows Ian Garrett.
The two of them know each other.
What? WIND CHIME RINGS SOFTLY Do you mind if I clean here, please? No, no, of course not.
It's so peaceful here.
Well, we try.
So, you find that you are happy here? I like to make sure our guests are happy.
Madam? BUZZER ~ Oh! ~ Voila! ~ Thank you.
~ It's no trouble.
You're French.
I went to Paris once - it wasn't for me.
What brings you to Oxford? Just someone that I used to know.
An old friend? No, not exactly.
I don't even know if he's alive any more .
but I made him a promise many years ago and I intend to keep it.
Well, you don't hear that every day.
Very noble.
You are most kind.
But, no, I don't think so.
Darling? Darling! Are you? HE CHUCKLES Ah, that's all I need, eh? Another bloody day at the office.
THEY CHUCKLE HE SIGHS Oh, my love We pray each day May you come home And be OK For now we'll wait For you For you to come home.
MURMUR OF CONVERSATION I don't know what you expect me to do.
Ian Garrett is a respected local businessman.
And he's connected to Vincent Bourg.
What is your proof? A story? The exact same story told the exact same way.
I'm sorry, but it doesn't make any sense.
I mean, this guy is helping you.
He has put up a lot of money to encourage people to come forward.
Someone I've never met turns up and throws money at us, you've got to wonder why.
You must know Mr Garrett experienced a similar tragedy to your own.
His daughter.
I'm sure he felt an emotional connection to your case.
Listen, I'm not asking you to go out and arrest him.
I'm just asking you and Detective Baptiste, please, to look into Garrett and see if there's any connection between him and Vincent Bourg, that's all.
Listen, I cannot imagine what you are both going through, but this This is definitely not the way to get your son back.
Well, I I think at the very least it's worth looking into, even if there's a slightest chance that there could be a lead.
There is a lead.
Detective Baptiste is in Paris right now.
I'm joining him today.
What lead? What's in Paris? It's too early to say.
Course it is.
Thank you for your help.
Come on.
They can't expect us to just sit back and do nothing.
~ We just need to have a word with Baptiste ~ Give me the car keys.
What? I need to speak to Vincent Bourg.
Look, the police aren't going to do anything.
JOURNALIST: Mrs Hughes! Have the police told you anything? Look, we're both so desperate for the slightest thing, the smallest hope, but if you accuse Ian Garrett he could withdraw the reward money.
Em, I swear to you, I heard what I heard, word for word, the exact same story, told the exact same way by two people who claim to have no knowledge of each other.
I have to try .
for Olly.
~ I'm going to drive.
~ No, no, no, no.
I'll do this on my own.
You should be back at the hotel.
What, resting? That's what everybody says.
I'm not an invalid.
I'll drive.
How do you know he comes here? He comes here every day.
Have you been following him? Tony Right, I think we should go back.
I think Wait here.
Tony Oi! What do you want from me? I already told you, I don't know what happened to your son.
~ Do you know Ian Garrett? ~ Leave me alone! ~ Do you know Ian Garrett? ~ I'm calling the police.
Please, I didn't do anything.
Ian Garrett's number.
Tell me about Garrett! MUFFLED SHOUTS Leon called me.
He told me he had information about Oliver Hughes and, you know, by the time I went to meet him So, we've run his phone records.
Shortly before calling me, Leon received a phone call from your brother.
Eh? ~ You think Martin ~ Yes.
~ .
has anything to do with some missing child? Yes.
No No way.
If the Caid had anything to do with this child's disappearance, your brother will know.
You think he told Leon? That is my hope.
All I ask is that you meet your brother and find out what he told Leon about Oliver Hughes.
Listen, myself and several other officers will be close by.
Once you spoken with Martin, we'll get you somewhere far from here, somewhere safe.
And then, I assure you, I will not trouble you again.
He knows Ian Garrett.
They've shared things.
Oh, God.
Bourg's alibi was a lie.
Garrett paid for it.
Garrett was worried that if Bourg spent too long in police custody, he'd start talking, ~ reveal who the real Ian Garrett is.
~ I don't understand, did Vincent Bourg take our son? He swears he didn't, but he's terrified of Garrett.
We need to talk to the police.
No, I'm going to meet Garrett.
He invited me to go and watch the cup final with him, ~ take my mind off things.
~ You're not going to go? Yeah, yeah.
He's coming to Chalons.
We need to be sure.
We need to do these things properly.
~ You can't just turn up and ~ And what? And do whatever you just did to Vincent Bourg.
What did you do to him? Look at you, you're shaking.
We need to talk to the police and we'll tell them Why? You heard Mark, they don't believe us.
~ I want to go there now.
~ I need to look Ian directly in the eye.
Tony, please.
I'm just going to talk to him.
Go to the police if you want, but I'm meeting Garrett.
So these corridors will be just over regulation width.
Hello? It's me Vincent.
Tony Hughes .
he knows.
~ I see.
~ 'He beat me.
' Thanks for telling me.
You're not going to hurt her right? You said you wouldn't hurt my mother.
And you said you'd keep your mouth shut.
'I'd rather not pay your mother another visit.
Got you a beer in, too.
Probably a bit on the warm side now.
Thanks for coming all this way.
This wee place is starting to grow on me.
COMMENTARY CONTINUES ~ How's it going? ~ 1-1.
Zidane penalty, then Italian header.
Pretty cagey stuff.
You all right, pal? I know what you are, Garrett.
I know your wee secret.
SIRENS APPROACH HE SIGHS CAR DOORS CLOSE You shouldn't have gone after Vincent Bourg.
You're out of your depth, sunshine.
Emily told them you paid for Vincent Bourg's alibi.
Better give that lawyer friend of yours a call.
No, Tony I don't think so.
I'm sorry, Mr Hughes, but we need you to come to the station.
You're under arrest for assault.
What? Stand up, please.
Don't be ridiculous.
It's not me you're after, it's him.
Stand up, please.
~ What are you talking about? ~ Please.
~ I'm not going anywhere.
~ Mr Hughes, stand up.
~ No, get your hands get off me! ~ It's not me, it's him you want! ~ I'm only trying to help you, Tony.
It's not me you want! He knows Vincent Bourg! Garrett knows Bourg.
What are you doing with me? He's a paedophile! I thought you only want information.
This is for your protection.
~ We need to know what's going on inside.
~ Protection? CHEERING OUTSIDE When we left Romania, we had nothing.
Didn't know where to go, what to do.
We only had each other.
My brother looks after me.
He will want to help me and I go in wearing this? The people he works for know you were involved with an undercover police officer, so you will wear this.
CHEERING, LAUGHTER Let's go over the story once more.
Leon told me about SHE CLEARS HER THROA .
a man called Karl Sieg.
How he was involved in Oliver Hughes' abduction.
And then what do you say to your brother? Then I say I have no money.
I want to blackmail Karl Hughes.
It's Karl Sieg.
~ Yes.
~ Sorry.
I want to blackmail him, I threaten him to go to the police.
And? And I ask for the address, for Karl Sieg's address, and I will split the money with my brother.
That's good.
~ Karl Sieg.
~ Yes.
~ Oliver Hughes.
Remember, we are not far away and we have a man in the cafe.
Are you ready? ~ MAN: Vous desirez? ~ Un cafe.
Is there a problem? Sorry, doctor, it's James Walsh, I'm his father.
It's all right, there's nothing to worry about.
His ankle is broken and he'll need a cast.
A bad fall, but he'll be fine.
We've got him on some painkillers but it was quite a shock.
~ He's been asking for you.
~ Thank you.
Mum ~ Where's Mum? ~ She's on her way.
~ You called her, right? ~ Yeah, I did.
It's all right.
Mum'll be here soon, I promise.
It's OK.
It's just a fright, that's all.
It'll be all right now.
There must be someone else who can help us find Karl Sieg.
No-one who's talking.
So we bring her brother in ourselves.
Why would a prominent member of the Caids de Cite speak to us? There is no reason to help.
Our best chance is Rini.
But what we are asking her to do is hard and it's dangerous.
~ We cannot compel her if she is afraid.
~ So what do we do? Karl Sieg's a ghost.
There isn't a single trace left of him.
I know.
Celia loves to text.
Why we cannot simply pick up the phone and talk escapes me.
Is she still in Chalons? No, she returned home.
Our daughter will have moved on.
Sarah, my daughter, she's an addict.
From time to time, she returns to our home.
Sometimes she breaks in and steals.
Other times, she she tries to threaten? No, bully.
She will bully my wife into just giving her money.
All of this is my fault.
I am at a loss.
No, please, no.
You can't leave now.
I am no use to you here.
If you turn around and run away then you're no use to anyone.
~ Please, let us sit and talk.
~ There's nothing to talk about! Do you want to talk about this? Hmm? The police were outside last time also .
and yet I almost bled to death.
I understand how much you want to find your son.
No, you don't.
If you leave you don't.
I'm sorry I need to go.
~ I need to make a life.
~ No, no, wait wait wait! Listen! ~ Let me go! ~ You owe Julien! Without him, you'd have no life.
~ Tony, stop, get a hold of yourself.
~ I have no life! ~ Please.
Fine! Go home.
Enjoy your life.
Voulez-vous une cigarette? ~ No.
I'm, uh I'm fine.
~ English? Irish.
Something about Irish people's face that just gives them away, no? Eyebrows maybe? What about you? ~ What do you do? ~ Me? I'm I'm Tony.
Tony Hughes.
Monique Pelletier.
HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH TV ON WITH FOOTBALL COMMENTARY Listen, I don't care what happens to me.
What is important is that Bourg admitted to me that he knows Garrett.
Emily was on her way over here to tell Mark Detective Walsh.
Ian Garrett paid for Bourg's alibi.
Mr Hughes, two witnesses identified Monsieur Bourg and provided an alibi.
We cannot simply ignore that just because you say so.
All I am asking is that you take a look! And I am sure Detective Baptiste will consider every angle of investigation once he is back from Paris.
I'd like to call my wife now, please.
' Where the hell are you? I need you to do something for me.
There's someone you need to find.
What? Who? 'You need to get on a train to London.
' Here? HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH Who is the other guy? She said her brother would come alone.
THEY SPEAK IN ROMANIAN HE TRANSLATES ROMANIAN INTO FRENCH What's he saying? He tells her a lot of people are looking for her.
She says, "What did you say to Leon when you called him?" She shouldn't be talking about Oliver already - it's too quick.
SHE CLEARS HER THROA If we pull her out of there, we lose our last chance to find Oliver.
SHE GASPS AND CHOKES Rini! Rini! Hang on.
HE SPEAKS IN FRENCH COMMENTARY ON TV, CROWD CHEER DOOR OPENS Georges said it was all right if I come in and see you.
He's a mate, so I had a dog once when I was a boy.
His name was Snowy, he was a mongrel even though he only had a wee splash of white on his neck.
I was a big Tintin fan, me.
He was a timid thing, Snowy.
Jump at his own shadow.
He was a big bastard, but he was timid.
And one night, during a thunderstorm, he got himself all riled up.
And a neighbour came by, his power had gone out.
And when I opened the door, Snowy went for him .
took a chunk out of his leg.
Gentlest dog in the world, I swear.
But he was scared.
He wasn't thinking.
So, he had to be put down.
even though the poor fella was trying to protect me.
Lashing out in your state is only going to get you hurt, son.
Where were you the night Olly went missing? Working late, as usual.
It's true, I promise.
All I'm doing is trying to help you.
Your daughter, Molly.
She didn't just walk out of the house that night, did she? You be very careful what you say about my Molly.
You took her, didn't you? Cos you're sick.
I'm sorry it's come to this, Tony.
That dog of yours had to be put down cos it was a dangerous animal .
in case it might have hurt someone else.
Dangerous animals like you need to be put down, Ian.
That's as may be .
but .
I'm not the one in the pound right now, am I, sunshine? We made up a place where the boy was supposed to be .
and we only told Leon.
Some buildings in a field, outside of Lille .
and a camera was placed there to see who came.
So, the call to Leon about Oliver .
the location You knew nothing of his whereabouts? You You fed my friend with lies to draw him out? This was just a ploy to kill him? We We had to flush out the rat.
What about the man who ran away? We need to speak with him.
Talk! Do you really think I will tell you? You have to.
After what happened to Leon? And to my sister? No way.
SHE KNOCKS ON DOOR LIQUID POURING FOOTSTEPS APPROACH Would you like some cream? Milk? Me neither.
I have some, though, for when guests come ~ and I have some biscuits in the cupboard ~ No, I'm fine, thanks.
So Sorry, I didn't catch your name.
And you're a friend of Ian's? An acquaintance.
You haven't been reading the papers lately? Oh, no.
I find them much too upsetting.
Are you sure you wouldn't like to have a biscuit? They'll go stale soon, so No, I'm fine.
I wanted to talk to you about Ian, actually.
Oh, I haven't seen him in a while.
He's always away on business, you know? He's a very busy man.
And when he's not doing a build for other people, he's working on our summer place in Audresselles.
SHE TUTS This stain just won't give.
Honestly I've tried everything.
I tell you what doesn't work is white wine.
That's one old wives' tale A week ago, my son, Oliver, went missing.
I was on holiday with my husband and he was taken.
Oh, dear.
That must have My goodness, how awful.
You had something similar happen to you too, didn't you? Yes.
It was a long time ago.
What has any of this got to do with me? ~ I'm not sure I ~ When your daughter went missing, did they question Ian? Did they? Get out.
I'm only asking if they questioned him.
~ Will you leave my house now, please, Mrs Hughes? ~ I I'm sorry, but I never told you that Hughes was my surname, Mrs Garrett.
You know who I am, don't you? Don't you? So why are you lying to me? Why? I'll see myself out.
'I found her, like you asked.
I spoke to Mary Garrett.
' ~ OK? ~ 'I'm fine.
'There's something not quite right.
'It's like she's not all there.
' I don't know think that her and Ian have even seen each other for a while.
She said that he's either always away working or in Audresselles working on the summer home.
And when I asked her if Ian had ever been questioned, about Molly, 'she practically threw me out the door, 'like she's hiding something.
' What time's your train get in? ~ 'Six.
' ~ I'll pick you up.
I could stare at this for ever.
It won't go away though, will it? Wherever we go.
But we got away, didn't we? And we're together .
just like you wanted.
It's not what I want.
I think you might have had one too many.
Maybe you need a wee lie down.
Don't ever talk down to me.
Don't you dare .
not after what you did.
And not just to Molly, to You're right, doll.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Not many wives out there would keep a secret like you did.
But we came here to disappear .
to put it all behind us.
You need to start trying to let go We both do.
Till death us do part, right? Aye.
Death us do part.
DOOR CLOSES Where have you been? I've been calling you.
Um my phone ran out of battery.
I thought you were leaving.
Thank you.
THEY CONVERSE IN FRENCH Do you think he'll believe her? Rini's brother is a criminal, a greedy one.
Greedy men like him believe that all around them are greedy also.
He's in Brussels.
We have what we came for.
Now put the knife down.
Don't ruin what you have built all these years.
Hurting your brother will never stop haunting you.
Rini? Did he tell you? We know where Karl Sieg is.
~ You've got it wrong.
~ Where is he? Wait, it's not It's not what you think.
Is this him on here? Is this Olly? I wouldn't look at that, son, if I were you.
I wouldn't look.
Oh, God.
Like I told you.
It's not him.
How many other tapes are there like this? I don't know.
I never took your boy here.
I swear, I never even met him.
So you contacted me out of the blue, offering me money, out of the goodness of your heart? I've done bad things, Tony and they eat away at me.
You ever hear about those billionaire philanthropists? People who hit the rich list and then they decide to do their bit? You think they're saints? You think they don't do it because of some niggling guilt? All the necks they've stood on to get where they are.
You don't get to the top without making a mess along the way.
There's no such thing as human kindness.
You're a rapist.
You're a murderer.
You're a paedophile.
Why should I believe you didn't do to my own son what you did to your own daughter? Molly was a mistake.
I didn't want to It just It just happened.
I'm calling the police.
You're going to confess everything you've done .
and then you're going to tell them what you've done with my son.
~ What? ~ Tapes.
You asked how many tapes.
Where are they? It's not my fault.
My grandad .
used to come into my bed .
every night.
And he would He would .
to me and my brother Shut up! Where is he? Where's my son? Where's my boy? If you want revenge, Tony .
I'm here.
I never touched your boy, I swear.
He was beautiful though, wasn't he? ~ Argh! ~ LOUD THUMP HEAD CRACKS TONY HOLLERS IN DESPAIR There's someone here to see you, Mrs Garrett.
It would be nice to say hello to them, wouldn't it? They've come a long way.
Can she hear me? I'm not sure.
Most of the time she just stares out the window.
Occasionally she'll offer up something or she talks to herself.
Sweet lady.
Go on, speak to her, I think she likes it.
Many years ago, your husband threatened the only person in the world that really cared for me.
He told me he would take my mother's life if I spoke .
and I swore that one day I would get retribution for this.
I would tell everyone he ever loved what kind of monster he really was.
But I can see I'm too late.
Obviously you too are a victim of this man.
I have been so angry for so long .
at your husband, at the world.
Perhaps it is better simply to let go .
not to dwell on the choices we have made, whether we should have gone this way or another LOW CONVERSATION Instead we should always go forward .
and try not to get trapped in the past.
HE BREATHES HEAVILY I got a kind-hearted woman Do anything in this world for me I got a kind-hearted woman Do anything in this world for me But these evil-hearted women They will not let me be You well's to kill me, as to have it on your mind.