The Missing (2014) s01e06 Episode Script


1 We found something else on that day.
Karl Sieg.
They're members of Caid de Cite.
Karl Sieg! Sieg! ~ A Bruxelles.
~ He's in Brussels? We know where Karl Sieg is.
'What do you want from me?' 'What do you think I want from you?' I want something I can use.
I will give you what I can.
Where were you the night Olly went missing? You're so sure there's nothing you've done that you regret? Hello, Mrs Hughes? I am sorry not to have called sooner.
We were pursuing a lead.
I wanted to speak with you because, er I know ~ 'you had some questions that you needed answering.
' ~ Yes.
'I believe I have the answers to these questions.
' It's about Ian Garrett.
'Tony, it's me.
'Just call me back when you can.
I've got some news.
' Oh, Jesus.
~ I've been waiting for hours.
~ I'm sorry.
There was a What happened? There was a big accident on the motorway, I'm sorry.
Did you get my messages? No.
Detective Baptiste called.
He looked into Ian Garrett, just like we asked him to.
So he wasn't ignoring us.
A security guard at Ian's office saw him working late.
The same time that Olly was taken.
So he said it couldn't be him.
Ian Garrett didn't take our son.
Oh, my love We pray each day May you come home And be OK For now we'll wait for you For you to come home.
Je caressais le temps Et jouais de la vie Comme on joue de l'amour Et je vivais la nuit Sans compter sur mes jours Qui fuyaient dans le temps J'ai fait tant de projets Qui sont restes en l'air J'ai fonde tant d'espoirs Qui se sont envoles Que je reste perdu Ne sachant ou aller Les yeux cherchant le ciel Mais le coeur mis en terre Ignorant le passe Conjuguant au futur Je precedais de moi Toute conversation Et je donnais mon avis Que je voulais le bon Pour critiquer le monde Avec desinvolture Hier encore J'avais vingt ans Mais j'ai perdu mon temps A faire des folies Qui ne me laissent au fond Rien de vraiment precis Que quelques rides au front Et la peur de l'ennui What do you drink? ~ Red wine.
~ Red wine.
A beer, please.
It's a nice place.
You want to buy it? Guaranteed to bleed your bank account dry within a year or you get your money back.
You're Karl Sieg.
I am Andre Touloux - you have me mistaken.
Oh, please.
Do not make me go through the long and boring process of proving that which all of us here already know.
Mr Sieg.
I want you to tell me everything you know about a job you took in the summer of 2006, in Chalons Du Bois.
A job which may have involved the abduction of a boy called Oliver Hughes.
I am becoming an old man, you know.
I can't remember what happened two weeks ago.
Perhaps that's why I've got three ex-wives! And the bills that come with it.
We have evidence that you were outside the house where my son was taken.
Did you see me there? Then I've nothing to tell you.
Just pretend you knew something, anything - what would it take for you to tell me? When I bought this place two years ago, I was convinced that it would take care of itself and would see me through my retirement.
I even thought I could save and buy myself a nice new car.
Like this second hand Aston Martin I had my eyes on.
Like James Bond.
~ You want money? ~ Tony Like a fish needs water, my friend.
~ How much? ~ Please! ~ NO! How much? 15,000.
15,000 euros to keep this place afloat? No, my friend.
That's for the Aston Martin.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Inspecteur Relaud.
'Hi, It's Daniel Morgan from the IGC Lille office.
' Just thought I should let you know the permission finally came through on Ian Garrett's Audresselles property.
'The embargo on development has expired - 'I thought you should know.
' When do the works start? 'Today.
' Thank you for telling me.
Allo, Laurence.
Oui? D'accord.
Where am I going to get 15,000 euros? We will find a way through to Karl Sieg, I promise you.
But at this moment I must leave.
Why? Is it your daughter? If I had any other choice, I wouldn't go.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Be patient.
We found Mr Garrett's boat this morning, drifting out at sea, but no sign of him anywhere.
His car is still here.
No-one can reach him.
Do you think he fell? There have been lots of rains out in the Channel - storms.
So yes, it's possible.
But we found something.
These were on the boat.
We couldn't watch them all - it's more than a man could ever take.
It shows sexual abuse of minors.
Jesus! So what do you think? Perhaps someone found out who he was and he tried to run, and got into trouble at sea.
Or perhaps someone wanted revenge for the things he had done.
Ian Garrett is a well connected man.
I was told that the press are not allowed to hear a word of this until we have more information.
Bien sur(!) What? All of the concrete foundations here have set properly - they are smooth and flat.
All apart from this section, here.
I don't believe an architect with a reputation like Mr Garrett would let such a thing happen in his own home.
~ Everything all right? ~ Yeah, no, everything's fine.
We just have a few questions we'd like to ask if Yes, please.
~ Is your husband here? ~ He's just in the bathroom.
I'll just Tony? Uh-huh? The police are here.
They want to talk to us.
Did they say why? What is it? Have you news about Olly? I am afraid not.
We're here about Ian Garrett.
Have you heard from him at all recently? Ian? Erm I saw him a couple of days ago.
Why? His yacht was found floating on the ocean this morning.
We've found no body so far but we're assuming the worst.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
But how do you think I can help? Where were you last night? I'm sorry but we must ask.
Where was I?! Well, just answer the question.
I was, erm I went to pick up Emily at six from the station.
She'd been back to England to get some things from home.
So I picked her up and we went to dinner in Lille.
Isn't that right, Em? Mrs Hughes? Mrs Hughes? Is this true? Yes.
Yeah yeah.
He picked me up at six and then we had dinner and then we came back here.
Thank you for your patience.
We'll try not to bother you with this matter again.
Em Don't you dare.
What do you think? We know what he did to Vincent Bourg and Greg Halpern.
Emily? Covering for him? I don't buy it.
I can look into the alibi more closely.
And maybe we look at what's inside that concrete.
Excuse me.
Celia? 'You've got to come! It's Sara - she's in hospital.
'Will you come?' I'll be there as soon as I can.
~ 'Will you?' ~ Yes.
~ Everything all right? ~ I am afraid not.
I have to go to London.
Inspecteur, des nouvelles informations, s'il vous plait? I didn't want the police getting distracted.
So I thought it simpler if you confirmed where I was.
~ They can focus on looking for Olly.
~ We'd be going home today.
What? Our holiday.
We'd be sweeping the place up, packing.
Well, I would be.
You and Olly'd be in the pool.
One last swim.
You would've spent most of the week in that pool, the two of you.
He wouldn't ever have put his sun cream on.
I'd have had to tempt him out by offering him ice cream.
Where were you? Don't.
Just don't.
I just lied for you.
Tell me.
Tell me the truth.
You knew I had to go and see him.
So stop playing dumb.
It was an accident.
I went down to the site where he's building his new house.
I saw his yacht tied to the jetty.
I went inside I found things.
A camera.
I watched the tape, Em.
I saw He was sick - he hurt children.
Children like Olly.
He even admitted to me what he was.
He tried to fight me, we struggled.
It was an accident.
But I thought he killed Olly.
Tell me the world's not a better place without monsters like Ian Garrett.
~ I can't be here.
~ Em! Don't you dare touch me! ~ C'est a moi! ~ C'est a moi! C'est a moi! ~ C'est a moi! ~ Les enfants, qu'est-ce que j'ai dit? S'il vous plait, ca suffit! I didn't take you for a family man.
You and my ex-wife.
So, why are we meeting here? The fewer people who see us together, the better.
You do enough damage.
So have they found out about our connection? Baptiste suspects.
He wants me away from the Hughes case.
So my career is Is finished.
I'm sorry to hear that.
No, you're not.
You're sorry only not to have a source any more.
So you have a new job now, hm? A proper journalist in London.
There will be other stories, other cases.
Why are you still here? Because this case is important to me.
After my father died, he left behind a lot of unfinished business.
And in amongst it all was a story about an unsolved murder in Morocco and a name - Charmataines.
And when I saw you on the television, as part of the Hughes case I knew.
I just knew instantly that I'd been given an opportunity.
You know, that I'd been given a chance to follow in my father's footsteps.
It was a sign.
I was guided to this case by forces out of my control.
It's not over for me yet.
I believe I have more to offer.
Baptiste sent me to re-canvas the crime scene before he left for Paris.
He wants me out of the way.
But I found something.
What? You have 24 hours before I formally check it in to evidence.
And then we're finished.
Papa, il ne veut pas partager.
So .
ne veut partager, Papa! The warrant to excavate Ian Garrett's house? Rejected.
They say it's not enough to build a case, it will never go to trial.
No body, no case.
What about the forensics, the tapes? Ian Garrett is a "friend to the department".
He's having dinner with politicians and he's godfather to their children.
Dig too deep and they're scared we find skeletons.
And this makes them look bad, you understand? And you think that Georges will push to have it rejected? I mean, it's the procureur's call, surely? I've heard that Ian Garrett is funding his campaign for mayor next year.
I am sure Baptiste will take care of this on his return.
But for now, there is an embargo on touching Garrett's property.
Olly! Olly! What do you reckon? They're a bit pink.
Sh-h! I know I'm a woman and I'm supposed to love them, but I've no idea about flowers.
~ We have more wedding bouquets in here.
~ Oh, thank you.
~ Hello? 'Em? Hi, Em, it's me.
' What do you want? These are better.
'Sorry, I didn't know who else to call.
' I need money.
~ 'Why?' ~ There's a man - he was at the scene, at the house where Olly was taken.
He says he'll talk to us, he'll tell us what he knows if we give him 15,000 euros.
~ What? ~ '15,000 euros.
' Well, who is he? 'He was there, Em, he knows.
' And how do you know that he? 'Please, Em.
If you really care' How dare you? How dare you? How dare you say that? Like you're the only one! 'Isn't he worth it?' I've got to get off.
I'll have a think about it.
What did he want? Him and Julien, they They've found someone - a suspect.
And they can place him where Olly was kept.
But .
he won't talk.
Not unless they pay him.
How much? 15,000 euros.
For information you have no idea is any good? Is he nuts? You're thinking of paying.
We don't have 15,000 euros, Em.
We don't.
Yes, we do.
Has the area been excavated yet? Well, we just started working two hours ago.
So Well, I imagine Mr Garrett kept his site very clean.
He was a great man.
I hope something turns up that might help you find him.
Allo? ~ Vraiment? ~ Oui.
Her child is unwell.
We'll continue.
Oh, where's that? I don't know.
Stratford, probably.
The The doctor says she needs to rest.
They asked about her addiction.
She has damage to her kidneys .
which they say that they can treat if she stays clean.
But if she carries on the way she is, he says that That it's most likely that she'll die.
~ Dad? ~ Sh.
Non If we need anything else, we'll contact you.
Thank you.
Officers? Emily You're OK, I've got you.
I was just following him ~ Yeah, I know.
~ I was just following Olly.
I've got you.
What?! Yeah.
Em! I would've come anyway.
You didn't have to send the video.
I don't want to think of him like that.
Now I keep seeing him in that house.
Seeing him scared, and desperate.
Seeing that man I would've come anyway.
Would you? I was hoping to get here earlier but withdrawing 15,000 euros, people ask a lot of questions.
Like what I was using it for.
I told them it was for my son.
~ Mrs Hughes.
~ Julien, hi.
Everything OK? We should talk - after your meeting.
Sit! I was worried you were not going to come and I'd be left to foot a bill I can't pay.
Eat, eat! I apologise, I was hungry.
In my old age I start eating earlier and earlier.
Monsieur! It's not often you see this amount of money.
These days it's all in the air.
Perhaps that's why mine continues to blow away! So You have your money, so talk.
Don't you want to order first? I'm not here on holiday, Mr Sieg.
I'm here because I saw my son for the first time in eight years in a video last night - scared and alone in a strange house - and I want to know what happened to him.
You've accepted a bribe from us.
Anything you say would be empty in a law court.
They're acting against my advice so you can speak freely, Mr Sieg.
I used to work for people - people in the Caid de Cite.
Romanian crew.
I did odd jobs .
driving important people, transporting goods, you see? And sometimes they would ask me .
to clean up after certain incidents.
It was my trade, after all.
And I ran a good business for a while.
Get to the point.
I was called to Chalons Du Bois.
There was a room that needed cleaning in the street where you saw my car.
Number 70.
I'm kept away from the high conversations.
You see what I mean? I don't ask questions.
For my safety, you understand.
What happened in that house? Pro Nettoyage.
The man who showed me in was wearing a mask.
He didn't speak very much.
The boy must have been removed while I worked.
'In the basement there was blood.
' I believe your son was held in that basement, there.
We know all this.
It's useless.
What else? What else? I was sent to the street, by the pool, to remove anything that might be linked to the boy.
But when I got there, one of your policemen was already there.
He bagged some evidence.
What that was I can't say.
That's it? That's all you have? And you expect us to let you walk out of here with all that money for that? Tell me about this policeman.
He was a Moroccan, I guess.
~ Khalid Ziane.
~ That can't be all you know.
You must know something useful.
I think he does.
Ziane never submitted any evidence during the investigation.
You're sure? There was hardly any evidence to work with.
I'm absolutely sure.
Whatever he took from that scene, he never shared with us.
~ We need to talk to him.
~ Yes.
You're not leaving? I just ordered a bottle for the table.
You can manage it fine.
I left something, you know, when I cleaned up that room.
I saw something which I left.
And I should have got rid of it.
The boy had drawn .
a small stick figure onto the wall.
It had these funny big ears.
I left it there .
because I didn't think it right that he should disappear completely.
Khalid Ziane is in jail in Chalons du Bois.
We must wait until morning to speak with him.
Oh, Christ.
You really think he might know something? Some evidence that he may or may not have logged from a man like Ziane? It's the best we have, Mrs Hughes.
I didn't think I'd be staying the night, I need to go and pick up some things.
OK, let's get going.
Perhaps you might go on ahead, Mrs Hughes.
Tony and I have something to discuss.
Oh, well, I'll see you at the station? Bruxelles-Midi, yes.
What is it? It's Laurence.
I'll have to call her back.
I went to Audresselles, to the home Ian Garrett was building.
Buried in the cement, I found this.
Don't you want to look inside? I know what's in there.
DNA tests will show the blood belongs to Ian Garrett.
Many years ago, I reported my own daughter to the police.
She was arrested on drugs charges and theft.
She was given a 12 month sentence - two years suspended, in addition.
I thought there was no other way to end her addiction.
I thought she would kill herself with drugs.
I was sure I was doing the right thing.
But I was wrong.
She fell in with a far worse crowd, turned to crimes far more serious.
And she wouldn't talk to me.
However hard I've tried to help her .
to make her listen .
it was too late.
I pushed her away.
I betrayed her.
So I ask myself, how is justice best served? What good can come from sending you to prison? You've been in a prison ever since your son was taken.
Laurence? C'est Baptiste.
~ Je vous rappelle.
~ 'OK.
' Vincent.
You've been looking for me.
May I ask what's changed your mind? Sorry? Well, I've been trying to speak to you for years but you've always refused.
So why now? I've changed.
I must forgive those who have hurt me.
And I must apologise for the bad I've done.
I wish to speak.
All I need you to do is to confirm some facts for me.
These are facts that'll help me prove what happened to Oliver Hughes.
Tony, you are back! ~ Yeah.
~ Good, good.
Come with me.
I found your son's drawing.
It was in the laundry you left me ~ I'd lost it? ~ .
folded in your shirt pocket.
I know what it means to you.
Thank you.
It's silly, I know.
Far from it.
Alain was given this after one year's sobriety.
One for each sober year.
So long Alain struggled.
But this year, he has 20 years.
And still I keep this - a reminder of how proud he made me that day.
And as long as you carry that picture, you'll carry your son with you.
Look after it.
Why are you going home? Will you be coming back to Chalons Du Bois? Why are you going home?! How can you go back home when? How can you go home if the police haven't found Oliver? Mrs Hughes, how can you go home now? You've had 24 hours.
I need the evidence back.
We had an agreement.
I've done everything you asked from me.
And so far everything you've given me has amounted to nothing.
~ I gave you evidence! ~ Well, you shouldn't have given that to me in the first place.
I just gave it to you to make you go away.
Now, if you tell anybody about Charmataines Don't threaten me unless you want Baptiste to find out who you are.
Perhaps I'll just break your legs.
Come on, try me - find out what kind of enemy I am.
Inspecteur Baptiste? ~ Merci.
~ Au revoir.
Julien! Stay down.
Stay down! When you've got a good friend That will stay right by your side When you've got a good friend That will stay right by your side When you've got a good friend That will stay right by your side Give her all your spare time Love and treat her right.