The Missing (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Return to Eden

1 Ziane never submitted any evidence during the investigation.
I found something.
We're finished.
All I need you to do is to confirm some facts for me.
These are facts that will help me prove what happened to Oliver Hughes.
I'll tell you what I know.
What good can come from sending you to prison? If you tell anybody about Charmataines HE SCREAMS HE PANTS CHEERING THEY SPEAK FRENCH Alex? ~ Alex?! ~ Alex? ~ Alex! ~ Alex? Alex?! Alex? Alex?! Alex! SHE SPEAKS FRENCH Alex! Alex! Alex?! SHE SPEAKS FRENCH Alex! MUSIC: Come Home by Amatorski Oh, my love We pray each day May you come home And be OK For now we wait For you, for you To come home.
It wasn't the way I hoped my career would end.
And thanks to you, the last case I worked on remains unsolved.
If you had stayed on the Hughes investigation, you think that you would have found the boy? We'll never know.
I had no choice.
You understand? I could not let you see that file And yet I did, Monsieur Charmataines.
I saw it.
After everything I have done for that journalist.
Everything I gave him he still turned me in.
Look, I didn't come here to talk about the past, Monsieur Charmataines.
Then why do you keep calling me by that name? You were seen at the pool where Oliver was taken.
You took something, placed it in an evidence bag.
And yet you never submitted anything into evidence.
How come? I don't remember.
We have a witness.
Are you listening to me? Someone saw you.
EMILY: What did you take? What did you take? It takes nothing to tell us and it means everything to us.
But you must bring my son to see me.
Excuse me? You bring my son to me and I will tell you what you wish to know.
EMILY SCOFFS You want to see your son? Your son? Listen, if you concealed any evidence that stopped us finding Olly Look, I cannot compel him to visit if he doesn't wish to.
Then I suggest that you try.
Because that will be the only way that I will talk to you.
My son Anouar is studying at UPEC, Paris-Creteil.
Don't hang up.
' Why? Because I know what happened to your son.
'I have Vincent Bourg on record.
He's saying that you attacked him.
' Tony? 'That you broke into his flat.
' And he told you Ian Garrett paid for his alibi.
Your assaults on Greg Halpern and Vincent Bourg establish a pattern of violence.
'And your knowledge that Garrett was a paedophile, 'well, that establishes motive' What are you trying to say? What do you know about my son's disappearance? 'I believe Ian Garrett killed your son.
'Why else would he pay for Bourg's alibi?' The police cleared Garrett.
'But you didn't know that when you killed him, 'did you, Mr Hughes?' With Mr Bourg's statement, legally, I can make the clear implication.
The police will do the rest.
They'd open up an investigation.
'Any parent in your position 'People will understand, but only if you tell your side of the story.
' CELIA: I still can't believe they actually post bees.
Yeah, the queen must be placed in a separate cage to the other bees.
The only thing dividing them is a wall, like a plug of sugar, which the other bees will eat away at until the queen is free.
It is a way of getting them accustomed to her scent, so they accept her as their queen.
Just the way we met, yes? CELIA CHUCKLES Why couldn't you have just taken up bird-watching? Well, you might as well count blades of grass on the ground.
This this will give us honey.
Since when have you ever eaten honey? JULIEN SPEAKS FRENCH Come on, come and sit down and have something to eat.
C'est un ordre.
JULIEN CHUCKLES Have you seen this? Yes.
I saw it when the story first broke.
You don't think it's got anything to do with the Oliver Hughes case, do you? I don't know.
Maybe, I don't know.
Have you called Laurence to find out more? Of course not.
I am not interested any more.
You wanted me to let go.
That man Ziane hurt you.
All those surgeries We thought you were going to lose your leg altogether.
He could've killed you, Julien.
And call me selfish, but no case - not Oliver Hughes or Ian Garrett - nothing is more important than having you here safe and well with me.
~ Come on, amour.
~ JULIEN SPEAKS FRENCH I still have one good leg.
I assure you, I don't miss it.
Not at all.
Huh? OK.
Someone's at the door.
Huh? Could you get it? DOORBELL RINGS Could you get it, please? Yeah.
Did you talk to Peter? ~ No.
~ If you keep not showing up, they'll have to let you go.
DOOR OPENS I thought you were coming tonight.
Oh, my God! What? What is it? It'll be all right.
You don't know that.
How do we decide? Mrs Price? What? It can't be a coincidence.
The sports ground's only two miles away from the swimming pool and he was taken fast, just like Olly.
~ We don't know that for sure.
~ They're connected.
They have to be.
We should be there.
I'll see what time there's a train.
Listen, are you sure this is a good idea? What? If they're connected and they find any leads on this boy Oh, yeah.
Maybe you shouldn't come, Em.
No, I'll be fine.
Look, we can do this on our own.
No-one's going to judge you.
No, I want to come.
Right, I'll book the three o'clock.
Thanks for asking.
Thanks for seeing us.
So, what's happening? What do you know? Please, Mr and Mrs Hughes, I understand you are anxious, we all are, but you shouldn't have come.
~ We have every right to be here ~ We want to help.
I have no time to brief you now.
Perhaps if you call Baptiste Baptiste is here? He called as soon as the news broke, offering his advice.
He knows what I know.
And when I have time, I promise ~ Excuse me? ~ .
I will call you when I can.
I'm sorry.
I'm just so sorry.
~ You too.
Thanks for fitting us in.
The moment I heard the news, I thought about your boy.
He was always in my prayers.
SYLVIE SPEAKS FRENCH He still doesn't have the smoking ban through his thick head.
ALAIN COUGHS And this is what comes from such a habit.
~ So, room number six.
~ Thank you.
~ Please.
You will always have a home here.
Thanks, Sylvie.
~ TV TURNS ON ~ TV works in this room at least.
Tony, I think I've made a mistake.
TONY MUTES TV I thought I'd be OK, I thought I'm coping a lot better now, but I just This room, it's just the same.
Sylvie's been so nice to us, you know, so good.
I mean, Christ knows the amount of business we must've cost them over the last few years, her and Alain.
It's the least we can do.
Doesn't it get to you? Of course it does.
Why are we here? We need to go.
I want to stay somewhere else.
Why? So we can forget? No.
No, I didn't mean it like that.
I just I think I think this is punishing ourselves.
Well, you run away if you want.
That's all you've done ever since he disappeared - run away and pretend like it never happened.
How much did you drink on the train? I'm surprised you even noticed, the amount of medication you're on.
I'll be at the Marquis.
Why don't we just go in and ask to see him? We are here to ask for his help.
Not to embarrass him.
PHONE RINGS PHONE STOPS RINGING Is everything all right? Oh, yeah, it's just the bank, again.
I'm not their favourite customer.
Do you speak English? ~ Yeah.
We're here about your father.
Khalid Charmataines.
I have nothing to say about my father.
Anouar! Anouar, your father Your father knows something.
Something that could help us find our son.
But he won't tell us, not unless you agree to meet him.
~ You must know what my father did.
~ Yes, we understand that.
No, you don't.
You can't.
I had no idea who he was.
I had no idea what he had done.
When your son was taken, all of that changed.
Because of this - I found out that he caught my mother in bed with another man.
That he beat her and she ended up dead of those injuries so I would never know her.
Then he just left me.
He left me on my own, he ran away, changed his name and had a new family.
That man has no right to call himself your father.
You don't have to feel sorry for him.
You don't have to speak to him.
But trust me, I'm telling you, if you don't look him in the eye, you'll regret it until your dying day.
I do understand.
Every son needs to know who their father is.
Even if he is a monster? I'm begging you Anouar, please.
'Hello?' Mark.
This is Julien Baptiste.
'I hope I am not disturbing' Hey.
No, not at all, not at all.
'How did it go with Ziane's son?' Not as we would hope.
We have returned to Chalons du Bois without him.
'I'm sorry to hear that.
' We will try another approach with Ziane.
In the meantime, I was hoping for your help.
' Ziane was leaking information to that journalist Malik.
'There's a chance that Malik knew 'about the evidence Ziane found.
' 'I'll get right on it.
' Thank you, my friend.
KNOCK AT DOOR ~ Monsieur Baptiste.
~ Merci.
Ah, Baptiste.
DOOR CLOSES PEOPLE GROAN Go home I'm OK, I can work Just go home.
You've been looking like shit for days.
Sort it out.
Don't worry.
We'll find a way to get through to Ziane.
How can you be so relaxed? I'm not relaxed.
I'm just getting used to it.
You've clearly been spending a lot of time with Julien.
It's good for you.
Before I came out here, Mark and I called off the wedding.
Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes I wonder if I was just lying to myself anyway.
Like having this new family was just a plaster to cover up the pain, to stop the bleeding.
Maybe I don't want to cover it up any more.
So what about you? What do you mean? I mean, what is going on with you? Just getting what's coming to me.
What do you mean? Malik Suri.
He knows about Ian Garrett, he knows what I did.
How? I've no idea.
But he says he's got enough to go to press.
Maybe it's what I deserve.
Don't say that.
You shouldn't say that.
It was an accident.
Wasn't it? I killed him.
I'm sorry.
(I'm sorry.
) Are you all right? (I'm sorry.
) This bloody place.
Tell me about it.
I'm a bit drunk.
Let's get you back to your hotel.
Oh, no, let's just wait here a moment.
This place it's actually beautiful.
I've spent so long resenting this town, I forgot to ever really look at it.
It's like the world conspired against us.
That night when when we lost Olly .
I didn't just lose him.
I lost you too.
I thought we could survive anything, us two.
I thought, if anything, something that horrific would make us stronger.
I pushed you away.
It was my fault.
I was the one CLOCK CHIMES Hey.
~ Do you mind if I join you? ~ No, come on.
I thought you were at the Eden.
Tony is.
How's James? He's good.
He's with his mum this weekend.
Always mentions you every time I see him.
Well, actually, he talks about "the pretty lady with the presents".
How was his swimming race? He did really well.
He came second.
Aw, he looks so pleased.
Listen, tell me to mind my own business are you and Tony OK? Well, you see us pretty regularly.
What do you think? ~ I shouldn't pry ~ No, I was serious.
You're a detective.
What do you see, when you look at me and Tony? I see two people who have been through something dreadful.
I see an alky and a basket case.
Hey, come on, that's not fair.
You picked yourself up after that night on the bridge.
You went back to London and you forced yourself back into work, back into some kind of life.
You've got to give yourself credit for that, even if Tony won't.
It's not his fault.
He blames himself for Olly.
And I told him, a long time ago, that I blamed him too.
I don't think he's ever forgotten that.
But you are trying to put yourself back together and you can't let Tony stand in the way of that.
They're beautiful pictures.
He's such a lovely boy.
You're very lucky.
I am lucky.
CLOCK CHIMES I should've known you'd follow us out here.
I have a job to do.
Is that what you call it? Oh, and a new mouth to feed, I can see.
Yeah, maybe.
There's quite a high risk of my child having cystic fibrosis.
They want to run some tests to make sure.
But to do the test, well, that carries a risk of miscarriage.
Then if it is positive, then what? Can I see? If someone had told me when Olly was born, you're going to lose him, he's going to be taken from you .
and you'll never know why .
and you'll never see him again .
I'd still have had him.
Not that it's any of my concern.
What, no questions for me? No.
~ Tony! Thanks for this, it means a lot.
We arrested Claude Duchamps an hour and a half ago.
Just remember, please, it is against protocol to show you in here.
If Detective Walsh was not a friend ~ We'll be discreet.
I promise.
~ Follow me, please.
MUFFLED FRENCH SPEECH The child was abducted by his own father.
He and the mother had a bad divorce, so he feared he would lose custody, so he arranged for his brother to take the child.
Somewhere public, so he would be above suspicion.
He was thinking of your son's case when he planned it.
He knew the connection would be made in the eyes of the public.
Who would do that? Who would let someone believe that their own child was It's more common than you'd think.
Most child abductions are done by the parents.
MUFFLED FRENCH SPEECH CONTINUES He says, "You ask me why? "She was going to leave the country with her new husband.
"I lose the right to see my son, my own flesh and blood.
"You ask me why? It is because I love him with all my heart "and I would do anything for him.
" Tony.
~ I can't believe it.
~ What? ~ You're not ~ What? Relieved? No, I am.
Jesus Christ, Tony, that woman, she thought she'd lost her son.
We did lose our son.
Why would you wish that on anyone else? How can you be upset about that poor boy being found? Because I thought we might be on to something.
Because I thought it might be connected.
And you're sad that they aren't? That this child isn't? What the hell is wrong with you? Don't tell me there isn't some small part of you that wanted it to be related? So that it might tell us something.
So it might point us in some kind of direction after all these years.
~ No! ~ Why? Because you've given up on him?! Is this what our lives are now? We don't talk any more, we don't sleep together.
Christ, I can't even remember the last time I smiled.
We're allowed to smile, Tony.
It doesn't make us bad people.
It makes us human, because we have to at least try or we might as well just give up on life.
But you already have, haven't you? Haven't you? I think we should get a divorce.
EMILY SOBS No, erm ~ Listen, I ~ I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
~ I'm so sorry.
~ No, no.
The truth is, I think Mark's better for you than I ever was.
He's been there for you.
All these years, he put you before everything else.
I didn't.
After Olly was taken, I couldn't even see you any more.
All I saw was him.
His eyes, his smile always reminding me it was my fault.
I just want you to be happy.
You deserve that.
Life is short.
Maybe just stop thinking about Malik and what's going to happen if it all comes out and just .
just grab life where you can.
Just grab it.
What? You've had too much to drink.
HE COUGHS WOMAN: How many times this morning? Twice.
There is a bug going around at work.
You have been feeling nauseous all week, though, no? I went to Oxford, maybe the travelling I think we'll take a week off the treatment.
No Your body is rejecting the chemicals.
It needs time to adjust.
Perhaps a smaller dose You don't understand! It is working! On the contrary, Mr Bourg, it's doing the opposite.
It's making you sick.
Without it, I will be sick.
My mind will be sick.
Help me.
Listen, I I need to talk to you about something.
~ I have to something to say.
~ Yeah, hold on.
Malik Suri called me yesterday.
He knows about Ian Garrett.
About what I did.
How? He didn't say.
Just that he has enough to go to print.
Well, he doesn't have any proof.
The only proof is The shirt, I know.
And I destroyed it.
But he doesn't need proof, Julien.
He just needs to make an allegation.
Then people will start looking into it, and then you could be dragged into the whole mess.
Those construction guys at Audresselles saw you take the shirt.
What if Laurence asks them about it? I make my own decisions.
I am prepared to face the consequences.
It's not right.
I'm going to confess.
If I get in front of it, then you won't get sucked in.
I need to write a statement.
Well, you've made up your mind.
I will not try to change it.
But please allow me to help you with your statement.
We must place events in a certain light, just so, in order that people may fully understand what you did.
OK, then.
And first we will go and see Khalid Ziane.
Why? He won't see us without his son Then it is a good thing Anouar will be joining us at the maison d'arret, huh? I spoke with him last night.
I wanted to tell you when I came in but, you know your statement You can call Emily now.
~ May I? ~ Er, yeah.
BUZZING BUZZING INAUDIBLE THEY SPEAK IN FRENCH Someone had him killed because he was going to talk.
The question is, who knew that he was about to speak to us? What, so that's it? There's nothing else that we can do? There is some hope.
A small hope.
Someone Ziane fed information to.
Deep breath, deep breath.
THEY INHALE THEY EXHALE Let's turn that off.
DOORBELL RINGS ~ Good job, we'll take it off now.
~ I'll get it.
Finished now.
Come on, then.
Oh, missed.
Oh! High-five.
Oh! Can we talk? So what's this about? Back in 2006, the man you exposed as Khalid Charmataines was leaking you information from the Hughes case.
I believe he gave you something that he'd found on a re-canvas of the scene.
Something that you never gave back.
You've got a very vivid imagination, Detective.
~ Can I still call you that? ~ What? Detective.
I heard you were leaving the force.
No, no, I'm still a copper.
Which is how I got hold of this.
These are the financial records of Evett-Reed Associates - a private forensic firm, based in Amersham.
I knew you wouldn't be able to resist playing detective.
This shows that you submitted an item for analysis around about the time of the Hughes disappearance.
Paid for it in cash, so it didn't show up on your statements, but your name was still recorded.
I think I'm going to call my lawyer.
Oh, I think that's the worst thing you could do.
Julien Baptiste says you're going to make a claim in your book that Tony Hughes killed Ian Garrett.
When the case is reopened, you'll find that's more than just a claim.
The case isn't going to be reopened though, is it? Because I'm going to make you an offer.
If you co-operate and if you give back whatever you're holding, along with the lab report, and kill this story, then I won't have to put you in a French prison for obstruction of justice.
You ever been in a French prison, Malik? Obviously not.
Charmataines was in one.
In fact, he was murdered in one a few hours ago.
Have we got a deal, Malik? I've made bad decisions, yeah.
But that doesn't make me a bad person.
Why would you say that Tony Hughes killed Ian Garrett? Why would you say something like that? PHONE DIALS RECORDED MESSAGE: 'This is the voicemail of Tony Hughes.
'Sorry, I can't take your call.
Just leave your name and number 'and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
' RECORDED VOICE: 'Please enter the four-digit code 'to access your voicemail.
' EMILY: 'Tony, I just told you I wanted a divorce 'and you looked at me like it was nothing.
'God, I'm just trying to get through to you, to talk to you and 'I don't blame you for what you did to Ian Garrett.
'I mean the things he did 'If you care about us at all, please call me back.
'Maybe it's not too late.
' 'Message deleted.
' 'You have no new messages.
They say on the news that they found the boy.
~ It's good news, huh? ~ Uh-huh.
Look, Sylvie, I'm going to be staying for a while anyway.
The missing boy might have nothing to do with Olly but I've been doing some digging of my own.
I'm going to get hold of the old police files.
Even without them, I think I've got a couple of leads.
So no time like the present.
And I'd like my old room back, if it's still available.
Are you sure? It's not too much a reminder? I want to be reminded.
Of course, yes.
~ Hey.
I was just checking you were OK.
Yeah, I-I'm fine.
Do you want to come in? Yeah.
I-I saw you and Tony, at the commissariat We're getting a divorce.
Oh, shit, I'm sorry.
I think this last year we just stayed together because of Olly.
Because being with Tony reminds me of him.
Of what it was like to be a family.
But neither of us were really there for each other at all, or ourselves.
I suppose when .
all your dreams are about drowning or suffocating, it's probably time to get out, eh? I've been through it.
I know.
ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA IN FRENCH We appreciate you coming, Mark.
Ca va? So, this is what Ziane gave Malik Suri.
The initial lab reports were inconclusive about the bloodstains, but we have got enough to run more DNA, so hopefully it'll come up with something.
I know what it is.
I know who it belongs to.
MUSIC: Heartbreak Hotel by John Cale Since my baby left me I've found a new place to dwell Down at the end of Lonely Street Heartbreak Hotel Oh, feeling so lonely, baby Feeling so lonely, baby I could die