The Missing (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

'Till Death

1 I've found something.
See the boy in the background there? Oliver's scarf.
It's there.
What happened in that house? I don't ask questions, for my safety.
Now I keep seeing him, scared and desperate.
Seeing that man.
~ He was here.
~ The bosses have been distracted.
~ They are transporting something.
~ Sex trafficking.
Antoine! They're members of Caid de Cite.
This is what Ziane gave Malik Suri.
As long as you carry that picture, you'll carry your son with you.
Thank you, Sylvie.
I know what it is.
I know who it belongs to.
Oh, my love We pray each day May you come home And be OK For now we wait for you For you to come home.
Let love and faithfulness never leave you.
Bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.
Then you will win favour and a good name in the sight of God and man.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding.
You've come here today to seek God's help to control these desires within you.
Because you understand it would be wrong to hurt a child.
And I tell you this - God will grant that help.
Your thoughts are not your actions.
Your sexual desires are not the same as your behaviours.
We are all God's children.
Stay the hour.
You may not have faith, but you'll find the lessons we teach could be useful.
I shouldn't have come.
I'm ~ I'm I'm sorry.
~ Why are you leaving? I'm not an old man .
but I feel tired as one.
I thought science would help me to get rid of this sickness but my body rejected it.
And now I'm here .
thinking that God will save me? Or Jesus will? If we believe this, we must also believe that he was the one that made us this way.
Monsters that we are.
It's never too late to make a change.
~ Why don't we just go in and speak to her? ~ No.
What if she goes quiet? Asks for a lawyer? Search warrant? ~ That won't happen.
~ It can happen.
Maybe she's involved.
~ No, no way.
~ Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
I did trust you.
You slept with my wife.
Tony, just stop it.
There she is.
Wait, wait, wait.
Seven, eight There's nine.
Is it there? Five goes there.
Seven Julien? It's missing.
Bonjour, Madame.
Nous revenons pour Alain Deloix.
La chambre en face, mais il doit repose Where is he? There.
Sylvie showed me something recently.
Your sobriety chips.
She keeps them all in a box at the hotel.
One for every year .
only one was missing.
Back in 2006, you hadn't had a drink for 12 years.
This was found near the pool where Olly was taken.
It's yours, isn't it? Er je suis fatigue.
Look at it.
Alain regarder.
Regarder le.
~ Look at it.
Look at it! ~ Please, please.
Tony, please! What did you do to my son, eh? What did you do to my boy? Tell me what you did with him! Tell me! Tell me what you did with him! Alain.
) (Listen) .
you're dying, aren't you? Aren't you? (Look at me.
) Look, you have nothing to lose by telling us the truth.
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you.
You had just arrived at the hotel.
You were with your boy.
Um, we want to go here.
Well, it just looks very close on the map, I wanted to check Oi.
It is not too far.
Oi, stop that! ~ From this place, go to left, about ten minutes.
~ Uh-huh.
You turn right and voila.
C'est tout ce que j'ai dit.
~ Cherie.
~ Oui? Whoa! I got you, I got you.
One more? One two ~ Three! ~ Whoa! ~ What would you like to drink? ~ Er I think a cup of hmm, I know - some hot butter? No-o! It's delicious, I'm telling you.
~ What about some frogs' legs? ~ No! ~ Lemonade? Yeah? ~ Yeah! Come on, then.
Hold my hand.
One beer, one lemonade.
Whoo-hoo! Don't be scared.
No, no.
I-I checked his pulse but there was nothing.
I couldn't hear him breathing.
He was lying there .
so still.
'Allo? 'Allo?' Olly! Olly! Olly! Olly! Je suis desole.
Je suis desole.
Olly! I was .
I panic And the body .
what did you do with it? You could never have done this alone .
with the roadblocks we'd put up, with the search parties.
You had help.
Mr and Mrs Hughes, I am Georges Deloix.
The juge d'instruction assigned to this case.
I assure you, my men are doing everything in their power to find your boy.
Can you tell us exactly what's happening? You are in excellent hands.
If you will excuse me now ~ Pardon.
~ Oui.
I thought you might like something to drink.
The machine here is, um.
Who's he? La juge d'instruction.
The investigating judge.
Not a judge like you have in England Allo? ~ OK.
OK, calme-toi.
OK? ~ Oui.
Georges Deloix.
'OK, what is it?' Listen, a long time ago, I did you a favour.
I need to call it in.
Georges, he gave a call to someone to dispose of the body.
Who? I I thought I thought he was dead.
I didn't know.
If I'd known Who did Georges call? He called a man he knew from his early career.
A Romanian, he said.
The Caid de Cite? Georges had the connection.
Why? Why did they keep him in there? Georges told me Water.
If Olly was alive, why didn't Georges take him to the hospital? Please, please don't make me say Tell me.
Tell me! It's all right, it's all right.
You don't need to hear this.
~ Yes, we can finish ~ No! I want to hear it.
We need to hear it.
~ I will call a team to pick up Georges right now.
~ Yeah.
Mon Dieu.
Your brother screwed up.
~ The boy was still alive when I got here.
~ What? He was alive? Where is he? Did you take him to hospital for Christ's sake? He saw my face.
You think I would take the chance? You called me to get rid of the boy.
It's done.
'Our son Oliver is five years old.
' He loves cars, ice cream, animals, foxes in particular.
He's everything to us.
He's our little boy.
If you have him, we are begging you, please, let him go.
Take him to somewhere safe and let the police know where he is.
Please bring him home to his family who love him.
Please bring him home.
Where is he now? Georges tells me .
it is not good that I ask those things.
You're a monster! This cancer is my punishment.
I beg you .
please .
do not tell Sylvie.
I beg you.
Do not punish her for my sin.
Do not punish her.
A team are on their way now to arrest Georges.
I cannot believe he was involved.
Laurence, tell me something.
Georges called you earlier when we went to the Hotel L'Eden.
What did he want? He wanted an update on the case.
- Alors? - It est parti avec son passeport.
Erm I'm checking out.
Tell me what happened.
Did you find out something? Oliver's dead, Sylvie.
He died not long after he was taken.
I'm so sorry.
Say goodbye to Alain for me.
I'll do of course.
Take care, Sylvie.
Look after yourself Tony.
Yes? I will.
And start trying to live your life, eh? I will.
I just keep thinking .
the only person that saw the body was Georges The search is in hand.
but in the reports, it says that you investigated a lead in Paris.
An undercover source had heard that the Caid de Cite were planning to move a package to the Far East.
You must've thought that could've been Oliver, eh? It turned out to be nothing but a ruse to flush out Leon.
But the rumour must've started somewhere.
Tony Alain confessed to us what happened.
His own brother, the man who he trusted with this secret, would have no reason to lie to him about seeing Oliver's body.
Yeah, but that's just it - we don't have a body.
More often than not, this is the case in these situations.
It's the sad reality.
I am sorry to say this but the painful truth is what happened to your boy is perhaps the best you could have hoped for.
Rather he died than end up in the hands of a man such as Ian Garrett or that he became one of those poor children, kept captive, away from sunlight and human contact in someone's prison of a basement for their whole lives.
You wish he were alive.
But what kind of a life is that? But how can I leave with Georges still out there? Without knowing This time, we must leave the search to others.
Laurence is on the case.
And stop torturing yourself with what might have been when we've already heard the truth.
I got you this.
It's a rehab centre in London.
It's supposed to be the best.
I just thought your daughter I know it's none of my business but I thought, um You can't give up trying.
Trust me.
Just don't give up no matter what.
Thank you.
Well .
have a good trip home.
What home? Home home is not just a place, Tony.
It's whatever there is in your life that stops you feeling alone.
Il est la.
Georges! Lachez votre arme! Non.
No! He had to ask the suspect how the new Lexus he was driving handled.
He seemed more interested in the transmission modes than the four pounds of coke we'd found packed inside the spare wheel.
Ladies and gentlemen, to Mark and Emily! To Mark and Emily.
Right, erm I know it's not usual for the bride to make a speech and in this instance, she probably shouldn't with the amount of wine I've drunk.
And I wasn't going to, but, um I wanted to say something.
I wanted to thank you all .
for everything.
When something bad happens, um, a tragedy like ours, it's the other people that help you through it.
Me and my ex-husband, we were both .
So much so that we even lost each other along the way.
But there were other people there to help us 'to stop us from drowning '.
and to help us to try and start living 'so we could stand on our own two feet.
'And you see, 'without these people, we'd be nowhere.
'And the good things that happen to us would mean nothing '.
and neither would the bad.
' And you've always been there.
And that's what's kept me going.
People always tell me how "brave" I am.
But, to be honest, I think that's bullshit.
You're the brave one, Mark, for sticking with me.
To Mark and Emily! To Mark and Emily! Now cheer up and put some bloody music on! Hey.
Oh, hi.
Sorry, I got some cake on my sleeve.
Oh, let me help.
~ Oh, God, that's yours, isn't it? ~ Mm-hm.
I like that you put it up.
~ I think it was Mark actually.
~ Oh.
Well, he's a man of taste.
God, the amount of '80s music he listens to, I actually started to miss your damn blues obsession briefly.
That's not really doing the job.
Ah, don't worry about it.
~ No, it's fine ~ It's fine.
It's Julien.
I'll speak to him later.
It's a lovely wedding.
Bit last-minute, but didn't really have any money for it since Yeah.
Did you read about Vincent Bourg? He was in some kind of treatment programme for what he was, and, well, he committed suicide.
I don't know.
I think he was wrong for giving up.
I believe that people can change, they can leave their past behind them.
Anyway .
are you OK, Tony? Yeah, I'm fine.
Can I tell you something? Anything.
When we found out that Olly died, I actually felt relieved.
Just to know what happened.
I only felt it for a split-second.
But isn't that just awful? No.
I understand.
But it's a new day.
It's your day.
You should be out there.
No, I'd like to stay here with you .
well, if that's OK.
'Hi, Tony.
' ~ Listen, I'm sorry, I hope I didn't wake you.
~ 'It's OK.
' I got your message.
Georges, Jesus.
Did he leave anything behind? ~ Any clues, anything that could help us? ~ 'Please, Tony.
' What about the Romanian who cut Rini's throat? If the Caid de Cite helped Georges get away, and we find them 'Listen, Tony.
Your son is gone.
That's enough.
' But we don't have his body.
All we have is what Alain told us, and and, you know, which means we don't have anything for sure.
'If you can't live with your doubts, they will destroy you, Tony.
' It's you.
It's you, isn't it? My boy.
My little boy.
Olly, come here.
No, I don't want to hurt you.
I'd never hurt you.
Open it, open it.
You see? Olly? My boy.
Come here.
Yes, Olly.
It's you, tell me.
Tell me it's you.
Tell me, Olly, tell me it's you.
No! No, he's my son! Olly, come here, come with me! No, no! He's my son! No! Olly! I've found you!