The Morning Show (2019) s02e03 Episode Script


- Daniel, wake up.
- Jesus! What the fuck?
We've gotta get out of Wuhan before
10:00. They're locking it down.
Locking it down? What? How long?
Roads are already closed.
We're not gonna make another
train if we don't make this.
- Okay.
- Eleven million people had the same idea.
- We've gotta go. Go.
- What's going on?
- Temperature check.
- Temperature check?
- They're screening for symptoms.
- Let's go.
Excuse me. Sorry.
'Scuse me. Sorry.
He says we can't.
Tell him who we are.
Let's go, let's go. Let's go, let's go.
Did you tell him that we worked for UBA?
No, I told him my
mother's dying in Beijing.
It's time to wake up, America.
Something big is coming.
To the mountains, to the prairies,
to the redwood forest, to
the amber waves of grain.
From sea to shining sea.
Get ready for an important announcement.
Monday, January 27th at 8:00 a.m.,
Eastern Standard Time
on The Morning Show.
Your mornings will never be the same.
Only on UBA.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Hot dog.
You guys, guys, guys, guys,
you've been really, uh, busy.
There's a lot of stuff.
- Mmm. I'm so glad that you liked it.
- Yeah.
For a second there,
I thought I'd wandered into
the wrong screening room.
It's like watching promos
for the Second Coming.
Well, yeah, we hired his ad guys.
And I don't want to take
anything away from Jesus,
but this is a big deal.
- We're over the moon, right?
- Oh! Way over it. Definitely.
The ads are just the start.
- When are you sitting down with Laura?
- Uh
Actually, we're having a little
bit of difficulty scheduling that.
What's the issue?
- Laura wants two days.
- I talked to Laura.
She wants to follow
you as you say goodbye
to the quiet life you've been living
and get ready to come back.
She wants to chronicle that transition.
- That sounds good.
- There's a lot of ground to cover.
And, uh, she wants to get
into your life a little bit.
Laura's a professional.
She doesn't need two days to follow me.
She could get that in
one afternoon at my place.
- She just wants to do it justice.
- I appreciate that.
And I will win Laura her Emmy.
All eyes will be on The
Morning Show the next day,
and I can do it and still
have time to make dinner.
- Well, I'm sold.
- Great.
Stella, you'll get on
scheduling that and call Laura?
- Of course.
- Great. Thank you, guys.
Oh, and I landed on
someone to be my producer.
Oh, great. Who is it?
Um, Chip Black?
Yeah. Look, Chip did not deserve
to be banished to the hinterlands.
He was Fred's scapegoat
from a bogus investigation.
And he was the best producer I've
ever had, and he's who I want.
Stella, you'll get into that?
Of course.
Okay. Excellent.
If there's anything
else you need from me.
Oh, and I'm so excited
for Monday's announcement.
Really good, guys.
Help me out here. What are
we considering big and special?
I'll read you Mia's
text. "Need week to work.
Alex back, sweeps, all eyes. Not big
and special equals not this week."
- Where we at?
- All set for Thursday.
Oh, fuck. That's great.
Um, okay, before we get into it,
Alex just gave us some really big news.
- Chip is coming back to produce for her.
- Yes!
Does that seem right?
- He was fired for no reason.
- Okay, listen. Listen.
This network is going through a
lot of changes. Good change. Okay?
I worked with Chip for a
mighty long time. All right.
And, uh, let's just all get
on board with this. Okay?
So you guys keep going with this.
I'll be back in a few
minutes. Thank you.
Hey, what happened with Daniel?
Uh, network is quarantining him.
Fourteen days. Beijing Hilton.
- Oh, sweet!
- Wow!
We're all feeling fine so far,
but we're only coming up on
our fifth day in this room.
And we won't know for certain that
we're in the clear for another nine.
Wow. It's tough to even imagine.
So, there's over 50 million
people quarantined in China.
Do they think that's
gonna stop the spread?
They hope. But the
efficacy is still unknown.
Uh, public health experts
and epidemiologists
suggest that people exercise
caution. Social distancing.
- What? What?
- Wait, what was that?
"Social distancing"?
I feel my family's been social
distancing for a long time.
Hey, listen, Daniel,
get home soon, okay?
We'll check in with you
tomorrow, Daniel. Stay safe.
- I
- Truly extraordinary.
Yes, it really is.
And speaking of extraordinary, we
have hit the eight o'clock hour,
and it is time.
That's it. Ty, Alison, Yanko.
- Get on down here.
- Here we go.
Come on, join us.
So unless you've been
living under a rock,
you know we've been promising
a really big announcement.
And with me sadly bidding farewell
to the show in a couple of weeks,
the big question
everyone's been asking is
who is going to be sitting
here with Bradley Jackson
to help you start your day at
7:00 a.m. on Monday, February 10th.
And whoever you imagine it
might be, it is way better.
Let's not keep the people waiting.
- Let's do it.
- Okay, okay. You talked me into it.
Starting Monday, February 10th, the
person sitting to my right will be
none other than the one,
the only, the incredible
- The living legend.
- The living legend, thank you, Ty.
We cannot keep this
secret one second longer.
Okay, okay Alex Levy!
Give me Alex Levy ♪
Give me Bradley Jackson too ♪
It's amazing!
After the break, we will have details
on Alex and Bradley week
here on UBA, the entire week
before Alex reunites
with my friend right here.
And just like Alex Levy,
we'll be right back.
So fun.
And we're clear.
Two minutes, people. Let's clean up.
Okay, the press release went out.
All good reaction I see on
Twitter, and we're up 3% premarket.
- So, congrats.
- Oh, you seem excited.
- Yeah, I'm super excited.
- Lots of work left to do.
Hey, great job, everyone.
Great job. Great job.
Wow, you got me excited, and
I already knew the surprise.
I wanna moderate the debate in Vegas.
And would you say that that's
indicative of your moderating technique?
I'm not joking.
I appreciate that, but I'm gonna
defer to Stella on this one.
- Oh, so now you defer to Stella?
- Do we need to talk?
We are talking. These are my lips
moving, and they're making words.
And the words are saying,
I'm not gonna get edged out
just because you paid out the ass for
a piece of talent with a bigger name.
- That's not happening at all.
- No, it's not. Not on my watch.
This a broadcast network.
And they need somebody who people
know is an independent thinker.
Alex Levy will always be
associated with The Morning Show.
But moving forward, whenever people
think about political coverage,
I want them to think of me.
Yeah, and everybody is going to
see Laura Peterson interviewing you
in prime time while you
cover the Iowa caucus.
That's politics.
I hear you're having
lunch with Alex today.
I am going to moderate that debate.
Bradley, is your microphone on?
- No.
- Good.
'Cause I can't have you
talking to me this way
in front of a studio
full of my employees.
Okay, people, clear.
- Ten seconds, everybody.
- Good show.
- Six.
- Can you take that? Thank you.
So we have been kicking
around Italy for a while
until Milan Fashion week.
Geneva goes every year, as you
know, and now I get to join her.
Geneva says I get to look
at all the pretty models,
like haute couture are a major turn-on.
If I wanted to see skinny teenagers
wearing nothing but two lampshades
- and a serving spoon
- Just shut the fuck up.
What are you doing? What are we doing?
Is this what you wanted to discuss?
No, but we haven't talked in a while.
Yeah, there's a reason for that.
We both got nailed.
What's the point in
staying mad at each other?
Just say it. Just say what
you want to talk about.
Let's be civil, Mitch. We're
on the same side. Co-defendants.
The same bullshit, cash-grab lawsuit.
Yeah, that's what lawyers are for.
I don't know how much
your lawyer's telling you,
but we were generous trying to settle.
Yeah. You're such a kind man.
No, it's true.
They have a stinker of a case.
Mitch, we didn't kill this poor girl.
Neither did UBA.
They should sue the guy who
sold her the fucking drugs.
You have no guilt.
Sympathy? Yeah. Guilt?
Not on your fucking life.
All right. Well, let
me ask you something.
How stable was this girl
before she slept with you?
You really think your dick is so
powerful that's what messed her up?
This is not a joke.
She was bright, and she was capable.
If she was unstable, she never showed it.
There was one time when she
was a little out of sorts
because we were
covering a mass shooting.
And I don't think it's fair
You know what? Fuck it. I don't
need to talk to you about it.
Pout and wallow to your heart's
content if that's what you wanna do.
But the point is, we bear
no legal responsibility.
I'll be goddamned if I'm gonna
shell out tens of millions
'cause I feel bad that some girl
couldn't handle herself
in the real world.
- She has a name.
- Yeah.
And it's gonna get
dragged through the mud
in the courts and press. For what?
Now, look, the network is dragging
its feet on filing a motion to dismiss.
We need to present a united
front and demand they do it.
Leave me out of it.
Alex, how does it feel to be
coming back to The Morning Show?
Wouldn't be there if
it didn't feel great.
- Is Trump gonna get impeached?
- He was impeached.
- My friend's waiting.
- Alex!
- It's Alex Levy!
- Hi.
What? Oh, my God!
- Thanks, my dear.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hello, hi.
- Hi.
Hi. This place is
teeming with journalists.
Oh, don't worry about it. It's
not like we're having an affair.
But I do wanna talk to
you about some things.
I feel like we kind of left
on bad terms the other night.
- I know.
- You know?
I know, we really did. I was
thinking the exact same thing.
- Oh.
- Can I go first?
- Sure.
- Okay.
You know, um, I've been doing a lot of
reassessing over the last nine months.
And I always believed
in the golden rule.
But I just think that my life became
so different than everyone else's,
that I I couldn't put
myself in other people's shoes.
You know, I just lost touch.
And I just want you to
know that I am trying.
I really am, Bradley.
And I heard every single
thing that you said.
And so I I I And I
also was just racking my brain
trying to remember what it
was like when I started out.
And if
if Mitch ever just left
me and didn't call
that would really hurt.
I just want you to know
that I'm very sorry.
Well, thank you for going there.
- I I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
I do.
Yeah. Good.
But just to be clear, I'm
still going to compete.
So am I. We're gonna
make each other better.
- Yeah, well, I like that.
- Yeah, I do too.
But I I wanted to
- Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
- What?
Sorry, Maggie Brener's
walking to our table.
- Who cares?
- Just let me do the talking, okay?
- I can talk for myself, Alex.
- Maggie?
- Alex.
- Hi.
- Bradley.
- Hi.
I guess even the
dynamic duo needs to eat.
Uh Yes. I guess
you saw our commercial.
- It was showing in my cab.
- Oh.
It's very exciting, isn't it?
- It is. Very exciting.
- It's very exciting.
Well, it's good to see you both.
I will be watching February 10th.
- Whoo-hoo.
- Mmm.
Oh, God, she bugs me.
Oh? She seems perfectly nice.
- Oh, Bradley.
- What does that even mean?
Nothing. Listen, nothing, nothing.
Let's just order. Let's just order.
Did you, um
Did you talk with her for her book?
- Yeah, I did.
- Mmm.
- Why wouldn't I?
- I don't Just wondering.
I didn't say anything bad about you.
Let's hope not.
Jesus, I didn't just start
existing the minute you saw me.
I've been in this business for decades.
I'm not gonna let
some journalist wrangle
me into saying something I don't mean.
I know. I know that you have
been doing this a long time.
But you might not be used to
the Maggie Breners and the
Laura Petersons of the world.
Oh, my God, Alex.
Will you please not poison
my brain about Laura Peterson
before I even have
an interview with her?
I am not trying to poison your brain.
Bradley, why are you so dramatic?
God. Okay, look, I've had a life,
and I've had experiences in that life.
And some of those experiences
have included Laura Peterson, okay?
Who I do not particularly trust,
and I don't think she
particularly likes me.
So I'm just trying to protect you.
What in your mind are
you protecting me from?
Okay, okay.
I just think we need to
get our facts straight.
We need to decide what the truth is.
- Did you hear what you just said?
- I did. I heard what I said.
Listen, there's been so
much drama and speculation
about how you and I came together.
And I just don't think it's
anybody's business but our own.
No, I mean
Well, like, okay, for instance,
what what are we going to say?
What happened on my last day at work?
That I was trying to get you fired
because I found out that you
interviewed Mitch behind my back?
That's a big one.
Or that you interviewed
Hannah the day that she died?
And do we really need people to know
that I announced you as my co-anchor
on a whim to get back at the network?
I I I don't know that
Right. That's why we
need to have this talk.
And I don't have to tell
anybody how you got hired
if you don't want people thinking
you were unqualified for the job.
'Kay. Okay, I got it, yeah.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Let's order.
So, you're really against filing
a motion to dismiss with prejudice?
Right. Well, it might be cleaner
for us to keep this under our control
so we can settle it appropriately.
Fred's name is always going
to be associated with UBA.
I don't think it does any good
to have it all over the papers.
Sorry, I told them to
interrupt at 4:00. Come in.
We closed down 1%.
The Dow and S&P were both down
1.6%, so 1% is kind of a positive.
I like the optimism.
Happy days are here again.
Hey. So, who's out there?
Cory, Mia, Stella, Teresa
- A lot of ring kissing.
- Hey.
- Hi, thank you.
- See? People are excited, you know?
Lots of people looking to get some
rub off of UBA News's big stars.
You should get out there.
- Greet everybody.
- Mm-hmm.
I will. Are we done?
We're pretty done, right?
- You look great.
- Thank you.
- Oh, is Laura out there yet?
- I don't think so.
Oh. Well, then what am
I running out there for?
- I know that move.
- What?
Can we just Let's get off
on the right foot, you know?
Let's not do anything that could
be looked at as diva-like, or
Honey, listen, if you want to go out
there and keep everyone entertained
while Laura gets her
touch-ups, go right ahead.
Then just come and get me.
You know?
Right. Yeah. Hmm.
Go out fighting for her.
It's funny 'cause, you know,
my deal still isn't closed yet.
- Oh, boy. Oh, gosh.
- Maybe I shouldn't even be here right now.
Waiting any longer isn't
gonna make it any easier.
Thank you for helping get this together.
Hope we can get something
worthwhile in the time you gave us.
We just have Alex's
schedule packed so tight
since she's coming back in 13 days.
Laura is such an important
part of the UBA family.
We're just so grateful she
made the time to do the special.
Excuse me. One second.
Charlie Black. You're back.
Charlie Black is back.
Please, you know my
friends call me Chip.
So that's the right thing
you called me, actually.
God da Come on,
don't do me like that.
You know I'm kidding. Mostly.
- Chip. Here comes trouble.
- Mia!
- I Oh.
- Okay.
- The show is so great. So great.
- Oh.
Gordon, long time no see.
I hear you've been keeping busy.
Glad you were able to get back.
Oh, allow me to introduce my very
worthy replacement, Stella Bak.
Stella, it's great to meet you.
- Look forward to working together.
- Oh, yeah.
Thanks so much. Should be good.
Okay. Uh, I'm gonna go, uh, check
to see if Alex is ready. Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
Um, Miss Laura Peterson, I presume.
Aw. Lord Cory of Ellison.
You put the CE in CEO.
Oh, and and you put
the The L into LGBTQ.
UBA365 is still kicking ass.
Imagine what it would be
if you came back full-time.
Oh, I put almost 20
years into that show.
I'm ready to be the absentee parent.
My mother did it so gracefully herself.
So only four hours,
and she's late for that.
Well, you know Alex.
But you're a genius,
and you're gonna get
God's fucking nectar in these four hours.
Well, from your lips to God's nectar.
Yeah, I do have a favor to ask you.
Another favor?
Well, it is part of the same favor.
Well, tangentially related, in any case.
You're gonna spend, I don't know,
maybe 36, 48 hours with Bradley in Iowa.
Yeah, that's like
seven lifetimes in Iowa.
Yeah. Now, see, that's more than
enough time for you to maybe,
I don't know
coach her a little bit.
Aw, you mean
reporting on sweatshops through a
scowl is not exactly "Morning Show"?
I didn't say that, and you
didn't hear me say that.
You might have seen me
think it. Listen, to be fair,
she got thrown into the deep end.
You had the luxury
of watching Blair Todman up
close for all those years.
Absorbing all that knowledge and
skill before you became an anchor.
Would you have been able to
do the job that you did at YDA
if you'd been thrown right in?
Well, that turned out well, didn't it?
Well, that's a different story.
You're already going to Iowa with her.
Just take a look at her, please.
And maybe gently, gently
offer a little bit of guidance.
Well, look who's here.
We gotta get going.
- There she is.
- Here I am.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, honey. Oh.
- How's Lizzy? Is she here?
- She's gr Oh, God, no.
She doesn't hang out for
this sort of stuff anymore.
- Cory, I can see you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Get over here.
- Oh, hot dog.
Stella, you too, come on. Come in.
Okay, enough of that already. Alex,
if you're ready, you're over here.
I'm gonna grab a water.
I'll be right there.
- Thank you.
- Okay, everybody, I'm ready.
Everybody who doesn't need
to be here, don't be here.
We've got three hours and
37 minutes to get this thing.
Oh, plenty.
- You good? Okay.
- I'm great.
I don't think it was a good
idea to bring Chip back.
I wasn't gonna say anything,
but we need to talk to Alex.
Okay, when we're not in a tailspin,
then you can practice
your loop the loops.
Right now, you need Alex
to land as much as I do.
I'm not doing loop the loops.
And by the way, it's not like I wanna
just go around not approving of shit.
I just actually care about things.
I want to approve of things.
I want to build things,
but I can't build them
if the ground isn't level.
I hear you.
I do.
And the thing that's gonna give us
the power to make those changes
Right now,
we need to keep Alex happy so
she can be successful, right?
So, are you sick and tired of people
yelling Paddy Chayefsky lines at you?
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm
not gonna take it anymore."
Yeah, I know. I mean, I'd
rather they say, "Hey, Alex."
But, you know, I'm I'm just happy
that it meant so much to so many.
You yourself that day even said
- that you had been part of the problem.
- Mm-hmm.
So if you today could
talk to you 15 years ago,
- what would you tell yourself?
- Um
Well, I would first say, "You're not
going to believe who's president."
Mind blown.
Uh, and then after I said that,
I think I would have said
"Success is not the endgame."
I-It's It's not even
the game necessarily.
But I think we've all woken
up to what was happening
Well, I should just speak for myself.
When I was worried about
my my own success.
Well, the network has made
sweeping changes since that day.
Do you feel like the important
things have been addressed?
I do. I do.
I mean, we're all trying, you know?
It's, um It's an imperfect science.
But we're all feeling
our way through the dark,
and I just know that it will never
go back to the way that it was.
No one should feel
unsafe in the workplace.
I know that a beloved member
of the TMS family passed away
the morning of your great awakening.
I'm sorry, I don't feel
comfortable talking about that.
This was someone who valued her
privacy. So I'd like to respect that.
Of course. Absolutely. Not a problem.
Okay, thank you. Mm-hmm.
Um, so there has been a lot written
about the way things were at UBA,
including the forthcoming
book by Maggie Brener.
She provided me with an
excerpt from her book, and it
It provides some fascinating insight into
the world of The Morning Show back then.
She tells the story
of a show and a network
that was rife with sexism and ageism,
of Machiavellian scheming,
of a lust for ratings that allowed even
the worst behavior to be permissible.
Does that line up with your experience?
To some degree, yes.
What was the nature of your
relationship with Mitch Kessler?
He was my best friend.
He was my best friend.
But Mitch could be many things
to a lot of people, clearly.
- And do you still talk to him?
- No, I do not.
They would hire a
documentary filmmaker to,
you know, to do pieces
in a news, uh, magazine.
Is that what you consider
yourself? A documentarian?
- Primarily, yes.
- Mm-hmm.
But I would like more
consistency in my life.
- Hard deadlines.
- Yeah, I get that.
Um, I could see if there's someone
that I could send some of your work to.
- Are you gonna get that?
- No, it's
There's an old colleague who showed up,
and he's been texting me incessantly.
Not a thing.
Maybe it's your kids.
- Um, I'm going to go.
- It's
- What? You're leaving?
- Yes, I am.
No, no, please. Don't take my Okay.
- Don't take my phone.
- Just don't.
You don't want me to scream, do you?
Sorry. But that's what
you got upset about?
You should feel pity for her.
Choosing to live in her past.
You have a chance to move on.
I have moved on.
This was an important part of my life.
- It You know, it just
- Oh, poor you.
You're never going to outrun the
sadness, so get some fucking balls.
- Okay. Yeah, that's what I'll do.
- Yes.
I mean, you don't need
the world to forgive you
to do something useful with your brain.
I mean, don't you want to
use it before it's worm food?
Before some sparrow eats it
and your brain is sparrow shit?
Okay, that's horrible. Thank you.
I know it's horrible.
The truth is horrible.
This has been a joy. This
whole thing has just been a joy.
- That's what we do
- Thank you so much
- we expose horrible truths.
- for this wonderful meeting.
No. No, that's what I did.
Actually, that's not what I did.
What I did was playact
exposing horrible truths.
Listen, listen, you can only look ahead.
You cannot undo what you did.
But you could do good
things for the world.
You can help people.
Nobody wants my help.
Yes, I could use your help.
I want you to do a documentary with me.
- Ah.
- Do you want to hear what it is about?
An appeals court in Italy
overturn a rape conviction
- because the defendant said
- I'm not in a position
the victim was too ugly to be raped.
Good luck with that. Really.
I wish you the very best.
- No, it's it's okay.
- Drinks are on me.
Have a good one.
- Thanks, you guys! Bye.
- Thank you, you too.
What the fuck was that?
Uh, to be clear,
which "what the fuck was
that" are we talking about?
"What is the nature of your
relationship with Mitch?"
That's what the fuck I'm talking about.
- Could mean a lot of different things.
- Don't be an asshole, Chip.
You knew exactly what it meant,
and it was completely inappropriate.
I thought you handled it really well.
Of course I did. That's not the point.
That was an accusation.
It was not a question.
It should not have
been in that interview
that is going to air
on national television.
From someone that works at our network.
Okay, you're right. You're right.
- How could you approve that question?
- I didn't, okay?
The question I approved was more,
"How was your relationship with Mitch?"
There was no "nature of,"
and there was no
discussion of Maggie's book.
- How do you let that get past you?
- I'm not a a goalie.
What do you want me to do? Am I
supposed to waterboard Gordon here?
What What What
is What is this, okay?
Look, I can't imagine the
network's gonna use it anyway.
I don't wanna take that risk.
Look, I really think you might
be overreacting a little
Well, I'm just saying, you know,
we got a lot of shit
to do before the 10th.
We don't need to be worrying
about stuff like this.
Honestly, all right?
It's all bullshit anyway, right?
I'm not No, I'm not asking.
I'm saying it's all bullshit,
so we don't have to worry.
Hey. All right, I'm
I'm clearly not doing a good job at this.
I'm just Try not to worry, okay?
- Mmm.
- You have your book coming out.
- It's going to be great.
- Mmm.
You are going to tell this
story exactly how it happened,
straight from the source.
Straight from the source.
I know you're still
working Mitch's chapter,
and it's hard, but you'll find it.
If you do want someone to read your
book, no pressure, but, you know,
- if you'd like some input from a friend
- So nice.
I actually just finished
up notes on that.
I'd love you to read it when I'm done.
All right. You gotta get some sleep.
- Mm-hmm.
- Big day tomorrow. 8:00 a.m.?
Okay, ticktock.
Ticktock. We don't stop.
Good job today.
Thank you.
I'm talking about Punxsutawney
Phil from Punxsutawney, PA,
because today is Groundhog Day.
Hey, pop quiz, Ty.
What does it mean when
Phil sees his shadow?
It means six more weeks of winter.
So, did Phil see his shadow today,
or can we all please just
hang our winter coats
in the back of the closet?
Ladies and gentlemen, Punxsutawney Phil.
And so, ye faithful, there is no shadow.
He did not see his shadow!
Come on, early spring it is.
Oh, my Listen, you can keep your
bears and your monkeys and your tigers
because, at least for today, the
groundhog is truly my spirit animal.
And I think for anyone who's sick and
tired of shoveling their front walk,
the groundhog is their
spirit animal too.
We'll be right back.
And we're out.
Be sure to tune in to UBA365
for a very special interview with
Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson
as they team up once again
to help you start your day.
Hosted by Laura Peterson.
Sunday night at UBA.
Hey, I'm about to get on
a plane. What's going on?
Yeah, I know.
Look, I have to tell you something
you need to know before it's too late.
Okay, Alex, I asked you not to do this.
- I'm not doing anything.
- What? What is it? What is so important?
This is not the puff piece
you think it is. All right?
She has her own agenda, Bradley.
She crossed a line with me.
What do you mean?
She She asked I mean, she
phrased it in a way to suggest
if I had ever had a sexual
relationship with Mitch.
Wait, what? Why would she ask that?
Because she's not a very nice person.
I I don't know what motivates
these people. All right?
So you need to be on your guard. Okay?
And for your information, I did not.
- I did not.
- Yeah, I I wouldn't assume.
Okay, thank you. Bye.
Right on time. Everybody's set up.
Yeah, okay.
So, how you get a hundred
New Yorkers out of a pool?
"Fuck you."
How do you get a hundred
Canadians out of the pool?
- Just ask.
- Oh, my God, okay. What is the
- Never heard that one before.
- It's a good one.
Oh, well, if it isn't Bradley Jackson.
Yep, that's me. I've
heard so much about you.
- Only good things, I hope.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. All good.
Well, welcome. Come on in.
- Okay. Thanks.
- Well?
Please tell me if they're
coming to me this segment.
No go.
What? No go? They're bumping me?
They apologized. They're running long.
But we'll try it again tomorrow.
In the meantime, we're on
UBANC in a couple of hours.
What's so important that they're
bumping me from my own show?
I'm here with Professor Marcus Debs,
chair of the poli-sci department
at the University of Iowa
to help me break down
what will happen tonight
here at one of the many caucus sites.
The gymnasium is just starting to set up
Oh, God.
the room is already electric.
Professor, how many people do
you expect to show up tonight?
This is your first caucus?
The West Virginia primary was,
you know, the only one I've ever been to.
Never a caucus.
This was, um, suddenly a
big leap for you, right?
Well, going from reporter
in West Virginia
to covering a national election
for the most storied morning
news show in TV history.
Yeah, I know it seems like a big leap,
but I've been working towards
this for a really long time.
A lot has been made about that big leap.
About how exactly it happened
with no one seeing it coming.
I mean, there's been a lot
of ink spilled on the subject.
But there's there's something
that's fascinating to me
that no one's ever touched upon in full.
What What does it feel like?
You know, to be at this stage in your
career at this point in your life.
I mean, by your own admission,
you were toiling in small
stations around the country.
Right. Right.
And to suddenly be
given this opportunity
that must have seemed
like it would never come,
how does that feel?
You know I grew up thinking
that there weren't necessarily gonna
be a lot of possibilities for me.
There just were gonna be certain
doors that would never be open.
But then I found this
thing that I'm good at,
and it seemed like I could
have these big dreams, you know?
And then life happens,
you know. Stuff happens.
And, um, I got to this point
where I thought this level of
success was just not possible for me.
I just wasn't gonna achieve it.
And I convinced myself,
actually, that I
I guess I convinced myself
that I didn't really want it.
And And that was a handful
of Of pretty tough years for me.
And I I did that a long time.
And really up until everything
happened about a month ago.
And how how How did this
month change things for you?
This month?
Um, you know, I was in
a place where I felt like
I had control over my life,
control over my destiny.
And then, like that, I
realized I feared
I I just I thought, I
don't have any control at all.
And so then I did something
rash, and I acted out.
And every day that passed,
I thought to myself,
"What if I lose this?"
It took me so long to get
here. What if I never get back?
And then I realized, like
On Once I realized how I felt,
that's when I realized how
What this job means to me.
Oh, shit.
That how you throw your coffee out now?
Just drop it wherever you stand?
- No. I swear. I just I'm picking it up.
- No.
- I'm sorry, I'm such an idiot.
- Because I called you on it.
- I'm gonna get you another cup.
- I'm gonna get you new shoes.
I don't need new shoes. I
like coffee-stained shoes.
I can't afford your
beautiful shoes anyway.
- What time is it there?
- Where I am time has no meaning.
2:36 in the morning.
Uh, clearly my time
is meaningless to you.
You sent me nine million miles away
to the epicenter of a viral outbreak
which I now have to wait 14
days in this godforsaken hotel.
Hilton is not godforsaken.
It's godforsaken.
Hey, hey. Hey, how are you? Could
you please put Daniel on the phone?
You bumped me.
We're in the middle of the
third impeachment in US history.
The caucus is today.
Shaq was on to talk about Kobe
Bryant. This stuff is a big deal.
- This is a big deal.
- And you said it yourself.
You're on the other side of the
globe. We don't even air there.
I can hear TVs turning off in Wyoming.
People need to know what's coming.
News isn't just the
stuff you wanna hear.
Listen, you're 13 hours ahead,
and it might be news there.
I'm telling you, I'm walking
around midtown Manhattan.
There's a million people on the street.
It is not impacting everyday life here.
And, you know, Alex is
coming back in a week,
and I need a home run, dude.
I-I be Shit, I need ratings,
you know, Daniel?
I can hear you breathing.
Goddamn it. Daniel.
My life can't be all about making
everything okay for you in every moment.
Will you do something for me
for once and be a fucking man?
Fuck you.
Uh, Yanko?
Apparently, it's not good to say
something is your spirit animal anymore.
- It isn't?
- Christ, something else?
Oh, I I didn't say
anything offensive.
That's so stupid. But thanks
for the heads up, Zoomer.
- Hey.
- Hey, Chip.
Oh, my God, Chip!
- Oh, my God, you. You're so pregnant.
- Oh.
Oh, they said you were just
making that up to get attention.
No, my life just felt empty
without a baby to take care of.
- I'm the baby.
- Mmm.
Yep. I get it.
- Layla. Hi.
- Hey, Chip.
It's great to see you.
Do not take that personally.
It's just that there
are some people here
that don't think they
should've brought you back.
- I see.
- But they'll get over it.
They just need some time.
No, no, it's okay. I I
understand. Not a problem.
You don't have to take care
of me anymore, remember?
I just wanted to see you and say hi.
It's good to see you.
And good to see you.
Oh, you too.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You look great.
- Oh, thank you.
What was the nature of your
relationship with Mitch Kessler?
He was my best friend.
He was my best friend.
- But
- I'm sorry, can you rewind that, please?
Mitch was
I didn't approve this question.
So let's see if we can
tighten this up a little.
What was the nature of your
relationship with Mitch Kessler?
Yes, Noorean. I just
spoke to someone at the DNC
that said there will not
be final results tonight.
As you said, this is not the start
that the Democrats were hoping
for the primary season,
but tomorrow is another day.
And if they can't get it sorted out,
maybe they'll call the whole thing off.
Well, I guess we'll see. Thanks,
Bradley. Really good stuff.
Thank you, Noorean.
After the break, we'll be talking to
Senator Elizabeth Warren's
campaign manager, Roger Lau.
- Okay.
- We'll get the campaign's reactions.
Stay with us.
Everybody going to bed?
I don't know. I'm not
sleepy. I know I should be.
- I'm tired, but I'm not sleepy.
- Oh, thank you.
Uh, I am both tired and sleepy,
so yeah, I'm going to bed.
- Oh, okay. Good night.
- Good night!
Was the caucus everything you
thought it would be and more?
Well, in terms of there was no results,
- I don't know.
- Yeah, I know.
- What the fuck happened?
- I don't know.
Well, on the bright side, there's
only, um, 49 more of these things.
Oh, no.
- So, Cory
- Yeah?
who I love, by the way.
But he asked me to look after you.
Okay. Wait Wait. Mentor me?
Oh, no. Well, the word "mentor"
was never uttered, but yeah.
I mean, it came from a good place,
and I probably shouldn't have told you.
But after watching you all
day, I don't think you need it.
Did you think I needed
it before you watched me?
Well, that's not the point.
The point is that you
surprised me in a good way.
- I did?
- Yeah. You were a dynamo out there.
I mean, it's a side of
you I've never seen on TMS.
You're fun. Do they
know that you're fun?
Well, I used to be fun. That's
how I got pregnant when I was 15.
Oh, that doesn't sound
like much fun to me,
but probably just a matter of taste.
Point is I don't think they're
using you in the right way.
You know, the people who stay
on The Morning Show forever
are kind of the people
who can't do anything else.
You're bigger than that.
- Thank you. I really appreciate that.
- You're welcome.
Wow, Laura Peterson.
I have to be honest, I I
was kinda surprised by you too.
Oh, let me guess, Alex got in your ear.
I'm right, right?
We talk.
- We're partners, you know?
- No, no. Of course. Nothing wrong with it.
How is that, really?
Am I sensing a tone of voice? I
think there might be a tone of voice.
Yeah, well, when you
know someone long enough,
there's bound to be a tone of voice.
- Jesus, it's freezing out here.
- I know. Okay, let's go inside.
So, um, do you think you got
everything you needed for the interview?
Oh, yeah. I got plenty. I could have
left before we went inside yesterday,
but I was having too much fun.
- now that the cameras are off
- Yeah.
and now that I see how
truly awesome you really are
do you mind if I ask you a personal
follow-up question, just between us?
Sure, you can ask me anything.
Did you actually get
vetted for this job?
I'm sorry. I just I
- Goodbye, E!
- Oh, yes.
- Eric, it's been a pleasure.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations. We're gonna miss you!
- Thank you, Bradley.
Good luck with everything. Okay.
But I think we've all woken up
to what was happening.
Well, I should just speak for myself.
When I was worried about
my My own success.
What was your relationship
with Mitch Kessler?
He was my best friend.
He was my best friend.
But Mitch could be many things
to a lot of people, clearly.
Welcome back.
Welcome back.
Okay, last looks. Moving in!
Eight, seven, six, five, four, three.
Two. Start your move, cue her.
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