The Morning Show (2019) s02e05 Episode Script


- You need to call off your dogs.
- My dogs?
I know you're trying to have nasty
stories published about Hannah.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
- Do you know what time it is over here?
- What time it is where, Fred?
Do I need to explain the
concept of a mobile phone to you?
I don't know where the fuck you are.
I'm in Milan. I'm trying
not to wake up my wife.
Cory, I called you days ago.
These nasty stories,
and it seems to me
they're true, not nasty,
they're your fault.
My fault?
I called to talk about
getting the case dismissed.
You didn't call me back, so I
took matters into my own hands.
- Pays to call back business associates.
- Hey, you and me, we're square.
Let's cut the shit. You woke
me up from a deep fucking sleep.
I don't wanna waste one second
on the phone with an asshole
who's pretending to have any scruples or
the least bit of fucking power over me.
You don't.
And who the fuck knows
what's in that fucking book?
But once it comes out,
those liberal motherfuckers are
gonna act like it's the Bible.
Maggie Brener is the voice
of God. Hannah Shoenfeld
- You need to shut your fucking mouth.
- No.
No. You're gonna do what I say
and keep your Woody Woodpecker
fucking comments to yourself.
The target is on me. You were
there to give me my exit package.
The woke mob won't like hearing you
paid me off to make yourself CEO.
That was the deal, remember?
Do you really wanna spend
the rest of your life
wondering what I had to say that was
important enough for me to come here?
Cory, they need continuity,
someone who can keep building up,
who doesn't feel the need to
take the place down to the studs.
They need someone unsullied by Mitch.
If it helps you process it, I
am Nixon, and you are my Ford.
You give me my pardon
and my exit package,
and I get on that helicopter
and fly off into the sunset.
And then you can tell the country that
our long national nightmare is over.
That's where it ends.
Then you're free to do whatever
you want with my company.
I'll be gone. I'm not gonna stick
around and watch you fuck my wife.
That was the deal.
If that goes away,
Cory, I will have no reason to spare
you, and good fucking luck to you.
Oh, hey. Uh, hey.
I I texted you. You didn't reply.
How long have you been
standing outside my door?
Uh, well, I choose not
to answer that question
on account that the answer
will be incriminating.
- Okay. Uh
- Um, may I May I come in for a minute?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Oh, fuck.
Do you know how long it's been
since I've worn shorts just because?
You know I have to get up at
3:30 in the morning, right?
I know, I know. But what if I was, uh,
I don't know, like, you know, a surfer.
Would you still like me?
Something that didn't have "chief" in
front of it and "officer" at the end?
Okay, what's wrong?
I just I'm
I wanted to see another human being who
I think cares for me as a human being.
Seemed like a healthy thing to do.
I wanted to talk to
somebody who knew Hannah.
What's What's going on?
This wrongful death suit.
It is heavy, heavy business and
- Right.
- And
easy to forget that
she was a real person.
- Yeah, she was.
- Yeah.
Did she tell you anything about
her her past or her family, or
not really.
Uh, she told me her mom
died when she was little,
and she wasn't very close to her dad.
You're not trying to get
out of paying him, are you?
Definitely not.
And the only place you'll see
Wednesday's Democratic debate
live from Las Vegas is on UBA and UBANC.
And make sure you tune in
early and stay tuned after
to see Bradley lead the pre-
and post-debate analysis.
Why, thank you, Alex.
It's Valentine's Day.
Plenty of love to go around.
Okay. "His company's
financial information computers
will do everything, including
give you a blow job."
Oh, impressive.
"I guess that puts a lot of
you girls out of business."
No, no, no. Wait till you read the part
where Bloomberg
calls Fergie "a fat broad"
and Princess Anne "a
horsey-faced lesbo."
- Horsey-faced?
- It says "lesbo."
Plus, he tried to stop us
from drinking large sodas.
- Which is just un-American.
- Well, that's That's it. Out.
I'm not gonna ask about sodas, you guys.
Come on.
- I didn't mean you should ask.
- Thank you.
- But
- It's not about "should."
- It's gross.
- I know. Guys, I'm sorry.
Listen. We just don't
have a lot of time.
We're threading a
really fine needle here.
And if it looks like I'm
letting them steamroll me,
or or that people think
that I'm picking favorites
or that I ask the wrong question
or I ask the right
question the wrong way
Whatever it is, it's all
All the attention is gonna land on me
and not choosing the leader
of the free world, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- That cannot happen.
- Yep.
- It cannot happen.
Okay, so what else are we
Uh, he was, uh, pro coal expansion.
- We could pivot into that.
- Turn that into renewable energy.
- Let's do health care.
- That'd be good.
Okay. How about this,
you guys? How about this?
So that it's about more
than just Bloomberg.
Um, "Senator Sanders,
how do you believe the recently
resurfaced quotes about women
attributed to Mayor Bloomberg
will impact his electability
in a general election
against Donald J. Trump?"
Hmm. Okay.
Senator Sanders, two minutes.
The American people
deserve someone who represents them
- That's Bernie.
- and not just the one percent.
- Dude, you could just say it.
- Women make up over 50% of voters
Ouch. Fuck. Right now?
Mayor Bloomberg's treatment
of women, quite frankly, is
- Be right back. Excuse me.
- a detriment to the Democratic party.
- You lost her.
- You gotta quit doing Bernie.
You lost her. But he
got the hands right.
Wha What a surprise.
Alex, what a cool office.
Uh-huh. Thank you.
So, how has it been being back?
They're giving you
quite the hero's welcome.
- It's good. It's been been really good.
- Yeah?
- Hey, Audra, what are you doing here?
- Um, I'm a little bit early
- Uh-huh.
- for a bite with Daniel.
And I thought I would
just, I don't know, pop by.
Well, we don't really have a
"pop by" kind of relationship.
True. I just figured that if I called you,
you would ask what it was about,
and then we would have this
whole conversation over the phone.
And this really feels like
more of a "in person" thing.
Oh, what is this dire
conversation that has to be had?
Maggie Brener's book is
coming out next month,
and her press agent wants her first
stop on her book tour to be at YDA.
That makes sense.
And I wanna make sure
that you're okay with it.
Because, Alex, if you're
not, I'm not gonna do it.
Why wouldn't I be okay with it?
Well, I don't know. I mean, I
don't know what's in the thing.
They're making me go to
their office to even read it.
But I do assume that
you're a main character.
And, of course, I would assume
that you're okay with it,
me doing the interview.
Because if it wasn't,
you wouldn't do it?
- I wouldn't.
- Mm-hmm.
But I am so glad that I have your blessing.
Well, I have to get back to it.
I do appreciate, though, you stopping by.
Keep fighting the good fight.
Okay, you know what, Audra?
Come on. Let's just cut the
bullshit for just a second.
I I have always been
gracious to you, have I not?
Oh. You honestly believe that.
Huh. Well, nonetheless,
the past is in the past,
and I'd like to hope that if
the shoe were on the other foot,
you would offer me the
same courtesy. Bye, Alex.
New York will see highs of 45.
We have a cold front coming
in that'll that'll, uh
Okay, next graphic, Tom.
Okay. Good, good. Good.
Uh, out west, a high of 61 in Vegas.
Alex, Bradley, I'll
talk about the debate.
Check conditions in your neck of
the woods. We got this. It's good.
Hey, Mia. Mia. Hey.
Hey. I just need a minute, okay?
Why Why am I not, uh,
going out into the plaza?
I can't send you out.
It's too unpredictable.
We gotta put this "spirit
animal" thing to bed.
- Okay, I I apologized.
- Yeah, well, that came off as insincere.
But I talked to Stella. We have a plan.
I can't send you until everyone's back,
but you and a crew will
go to Florida next week.
You'll tour the Tah-Thi-Ki Museum,
sit with members of the Seminole tribe,
you'll learn about their culture.
Then that will be that.
Okay. I mean
I'm fine going to the museum,
and I'll talk with the people.
But why does it have to be filmed?
I mean, w-wouldn't it seem more genuine
if I did that in my private time?
Maybe, but then our audience
wouldn't know you learned your lesson.
You're setting an example.
I think I set an example
by being a pretty decent
first-generation Cuban in this country.
What, you gonna teach me
something about racism now?
You trying to go down
this road with me today?
- 'Cause we're gonna need some snacks
- Oh, come on.
- on this road. Yanko
- I'm not talking about you, Mia.
I'm talking about the
collective you. Come on, Mia.
You know what the
problem with racism is?
You don't fix it by
pretending to wanna fix it.
And she's full of shit. Stella.
She's I mean, prejudice, it
It's like a scavenger hunt for her.
You should have seen her eyes light up
when she decided I
was a Republican, okay?
Now if racism If that's
still an issue here with me,
I'll deal with that quietly.
But I'm not gonna be Stella's tool
and go and pretend to fight it on TV.
No, I'm not gonna publicly genuflect at
the altar of her progressive bullshit.
- Okay? I'm sorry. Not doing that, okay?
- Yanko
Actually, I'm not sorry,
and I'm not doing that.
- Rena, could you give us a second, please?
- Sure.
- You're welcome.
- You're amazing.
What's up? You were gone so
long I I let everybody go.
That's okay. So, Audra
just stopped by my office.
Apparently, Maggie is going on
YDA to promote her fucking book.
And she just came by
asking for my blessing,
as if she wasn't gonna do it anyway.
Okay. Um, you know that this
book is going to come out
- whether Maggie goes on YDA or not
- I know it is. I know that, Chip.
You just gotta get me that book.
You want me to get you a
- How am I supposed to do that?
- Yes.
- They're not gonna give it to me.
- Oh, my God. What a shitty attitude.
- That's not a sh
- Honestly, you're back one week
- and then you can't do anything. Come on.
- I I'm being realistic.
Well, you should find it, because I bet
you're prominently all over that book.
Well, I'm sure I am.
- I'm sorry. That was shitty.
- That was shitty.
You know what, but whatever.
It's true. We have way
too much work to do.
- Can we just get into this, please? And
- I can't work anymore.
I can't work I-I gotta go home.
- I gotta get out of here.
- Well
Well, can you at least stick
around for a few minutes?
- Madeleine is stopping by and
- Oh, shoot.
I Listen, I would
love to, but I gotta
I honestly I fucked up my
back. Something's wrong. I just
I gotta get out of this place.
- I'm really sorry. Okay?
- Sure. Sure.
- Okay. Well, rest up, and
- I'm sorry. I will.
- I don't Happy Valentine's
- Happy Valentine's Day.
That's the last one. Think
you got everything you need?
I think we have everything, yep.
- Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?
- No.
Thank you for helping me. Really.
You could have chosen
to quarantine without me.
Why didn't you?
I like your company.
- I don't want you to think that
- What I'm
We We're not gonna sleep together.
That's not what I meant. I I Uh
Sorry, that's I'm not
I j I'm just I'm glad you're here.
I'm glad I can help with the
documentary. That's all I'm That's all.
I know that.
- This isn't about you.
- I know that.
You're a very beautiful woman.
You're a good person.
Kind, f-funny, smart, fun to be with.
I know.
I'm just pretty damaged.
I know.
Then why do you want to stay?
Uh, the damage thing, you
know, makes me feel at home.
You didn't say I had good judgment.
- Here he is.
- Thank you, Jasmyn.
- Oh, hi. You're here.
- Hello.
Sorry, give me a second.
So, this is TMS, huh?
Well, this is just debate
central. TMS is an idea.
Oh. Mmm.
Well, don't blow my mind before the
Alex Levy meet and greet you promised.
Oh, shoot. I am so sorry.
I I forgot to tell her you
were coming, and she had to go.
- Oh. Does she have Valentine plans or
- No, no, she She just, um
Shit got real today, and, uh
I can't believe she got me
to come back here. So, um
No matter what happens,
we'll figure it out, okay?
I will always teach, and you
You can raise alpacas and
make them debate each other.
Oh, okay.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Take me out tonight?
- Yes. Let me just finish up, okay?
- Okay.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, I chartered the plane out of
Teterboro for you tomorrow at 1:00.
You're scheduled to land
in Green Bay about 4:00.
- Uh, what's in Green Bay, by the way?
- Uh, it's a personal thing.
And you're the only
one that knows about it.
Um, you don't need a hotel, right?
Because I booked you
to come back tomorrow.
Yeah, no, I don't. Um, and
cancel all my Vegas travel.
Stella's gonna be
there. She can handle it.
- I got too much to do here.
- Yeah, no problem.
- Uh, itinerary's in your calendar.
- Good.
- Your juice.
- Thank you.
Oh, uh, hey, by the way,
you know who's dating?
Laura Peterson and Bradley Jackson.
No, they're not.
Well, I I don't know
if they're dating exactly.
It's unclear if there's any romance.
But my friend saw them walking
Nobody likes a gossip, Kyle.
Oh. Right.
- Got it.
- No, no, no.
No. No. Not that.
It's not true.
But also, nobody likes a
gossip, Kyle. Don't be a gossip.
Okay. Okay.
- Have a good trip.
- Okay.
No. No. No.
I don't have to go.
You cannot go bleary-eyed to
the board meeting, understood?
I'm gonna tell them
that I'm not coming back
unless they rehire you.
I'm not.
I have leverage.
Do not.
I'm I'm better off.
- Can't you see?
- Mmm.
It's gonna be so weird
to be there without you.
But maybe it would have its advantages.
Well, then maybe being bleary-eyed
wouldn't be the worst thing.
So, this interview with Mayor
Pete just miraculously popped up?
Well, we didn't get to spend
Valentine's Day together,
so I miraculously called Mayor Pete,
and he miraculously
scheduled an interview.
Oh, fuck.
Do you have any Advil?
- You got a headache?
- It's my back. I told you that yesterday.
O Okay.
You wanna have it
looked at or something?
I have to moderate a debate.
I can send someone to the hotel.
I'm gonna make you work for it.
Oh, good.
What the fuck is she doing here?
- She works for UBA. I don't
- I don't care. Come on.
- She makes me so uncomfortable.
- Why? It doesn't
I don't know. She
doesn't like me, for one.
- Never has.
- That's not true.
She has never, ever, ever been
nice to me. And I don't know why.
- What is wrong with you?
- I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know. I just
don't Something's
I don't feel good. I don't feel right.
I feel stressed. I'm tired. And
I'm just, like, my back, it just
I feel like there's, like,
this monster inside of my body
and I can't I can't get it
out of me. I can't get it out.
It's just
That's why we need to
Just get me a fucking
Advil, please. Jesus, God.
Get it yourself.
What did you just say?
- It's coming.
- Just say Okay.
Thank you.
What makes you think it's
okay to just walk in here?
Oh, I, uh Apologies. Are
you not open, Mr. Shoenfeld?
- I'm Cory Ellison.
- I know.
- I am suing you.
- That you are.
And I just wanna say,
I do not wanna hear you telling
me what a great girl Hannah was
- and how sorry you are for my loss.
- I understand.
Well, that's fine, but you still
haven't answered my question.
What makes you think that it's
okay for you to just show up
and walk in here?
None of it is okay.
But I needed to talk with
you without all the lawyers.
Well, first of all, we may be on
different sides of this lawsuit,
but we're on the same side of the issue.
The network bears
responsibility in all of this,
and the network should pay.
119.2 million is a
rounding error for UBA.
You think rules don't apply to
you, showing up at my business.
We're gonna make you really pay.
Did you say "you"? "You"?
UBA, they're a company.
This is a corporation.
There is nothing to hurt.
Why are you here if
there's nothing to hurt?
Would you take the
fucking money? Take it!
It's not gonna make you feel any
differently, but it's all that's left.
- You need to take the settlement.
- Don't yell at me.
I'm not. This is not me yelling yet.
But I'm trying to drive
reason into your brain.
We're closed!
We said we'd settle if you paid us
what you paid that fuck, Fred Micklen,
just for him to go away.
I would I would pay
you if it was up to me.
But I have a board and
shareholders I have to answer to
who are not gonna agree to
pay you $119.2 million, period.
Well, what the hell is wrong with them
that they agreed to pay it to that fuck?
This case of yours,
it's gonna get thrown out, and
you're gonna get nothing. Nothing.
Please, take something. Take the money.
It's the best that you're gonna
get. Please. Take the deal.
Look. I'm almost 70.
The money is meaningless to me
unless I can use it to resurrect her
or buy her a better dad.
Mr. Shoenfeld, your daughter is
about to get smeared in the press.
- They're gonna try to
- Oh, "they're" gonna do it.
Not you, they.
Yeah, they, not me. I
didn't have to come here.
My interest is in trying to
do right by your daughter.
They're gonna try to make
it seem like she had problems
- long before she got to UBA.
- What kind of problems?
They're gonna say she was
a longtime drug addict
before she got to UBA,
before she met Mitch
Kessler and Fred Micklen.
And that your daughter slept with
people in order to get information.
Awful stuff, purposely awful.
They wanna make it too hard
for you to keep going with it.
They wanna make you go away.
Well, is it true?
Tomorrow you and Eric are meeting
with Deena Pham to get acquainted,
and then you're spending the
rest of the day doing a full mock.
You've got to get to bed early to be
up for TMS Monday at 4:00 a.m. here.
It's Vegas. 4:00 a.m.
is when the party starts.
Ugh, no party. Work.
Let's get out of here.
- I know. I know. Okay.
- I'll see you guys in 25.
- Bye.
- Listen.
- Everything's gonna be okay.
- I know it's gonna be fine.
- Okay? This is all doable.
- All doable.
- Nothing bad's gonna happen.
- Nothing bad's gonna Shit.
- Shit. Fuck me.
- Shit. Shit.
Did she see me?
- Is she still What's she doing?
- Um, I don't No. Not Hold on.
- Just keep your head down.
- But don't look.
Okay. So I should maybe look
like I'm looking for something.
- She Don't turn. Don't turn.
- Thank you.
She's gone. She's gone. See? It's fine.
You just said nothing
bad could happen. Oh, God.
Get it! Wha! Fido! Wha!
Very good. Here. Take. Take.
Take. Take. Take it. Take. Ta
Oh. Oh.
Hey, take your virus and
go back to China, huh?
Hey, don't give me your
China virus, ching chong.
You don't know what you're
talking about. Go educate yourself.
Go fuck yourself,
you slanty-eyed bitch!
Stop giving everybody your bat virus!
The fuck's your problem, man?
You fucking ignorant asshole.
And she's Korean, you fuckwit.
Why don't you go back
to your shitty country
and stay the fuck out of ours, dickhead?
Get your fucking hands off me!
Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Relax! Stop.
All right, all right. Come on.
Thank you, Senator Sanders.
That concludes tonight's debate.
Our thanks to my fellow moderators,
to the candidates, and
of course, to all of you,
the audience here and at home.
The Nevada caucuses are this Saturday,
with the South Carolina
primary just one week later.
Then the big prize, Super
Tuesday, on March 3rd.
We'll be following it all for you.
Um, for now, from all of us at
UBA, I'm Alex Levy. Good night.
Great rehearsal, everyone.
- That's a wrap for today.
- Oh, God. Can I have an Advil, please?
- I know we're in Las Vegas
- Yeah.
but let's not get too
crazy. Be in bed by 11:00.
We're back here at 8:00 a.m. after
Alex wraps TMS. Enjoy your night.
It's good.
- It's good?
- Yeah, yeah.
Wanna get a drink?
With you?
Uh, I don't see anybody else here.
- All right.
- Come on. I know a terrible place.
- It'll be fine.
- I'm sold. Just help me.
- All right. You good?
- Just don't mind being my wheelchair.
- Yeah, I got you.
- Jeez.
Have you heard from
Professor Viola at all?
No. I hope he's okay.
He's been very present in my
life every day since, you know?
I've been watching that
interview over and over.
Admiring your work?
No, not at all.
I mean, I get more bummed
out each time I watch it.
- It's really good.
- I don't know.
All I see Yeah, it's great.
Sorry. It's great.
But all I see is missed opportunities.
- You know?
- It is great.
You're very new to this.
But even if you weren't
new, it would still be great.
I need more practice, you know?
- I need
- Once this COVID thing is over,
you're gonna have all the
practice you can handle.
Gonna be up to your
eyeballs in this stuff.
Let me interview you.
Let's not.
It would be so helpful.
I appreciate that.
But the last time I was
supposed to be interviewed,
it didn't go well.
I understand, but in this
case, it would be just for me.
Just for practice.
Come on. We're going to be
stuck here for two weeks.
Okay. I understand.
All I can think about is
what's in that fucking book.
I So, I get it, man.
- I'm worried about it too.
- What do you think is in there? Come on.
I don't know. The Vegas
stuff for one, for sure.
Yeah, but if that's in there,
who would have told her about that?
I don't know if it's in there,
but as far as who,
maybe Mia talked to her.
She's clearly not thrilled
with me right now
- Mm-hmm.
- and I kinda don't blame her.
That was the same night that Mitch
asked me to take her off his team,
and I just fucking did it.
That could be in there.
I mean, you were talking about how
you didn't want Mitch's garbage.
Wait, what? What?
What What do you mean? That's
what you said. Remember? We were
No, I didn't.
You said Mitch could shit where
he eats. You didn't want his trash.
- I know you didn't mean it like that
- No. I didn't say it.
Hey, I'm not judging you
You should judge me if I
said something like that.
I just didn't say it.
- O-Okay, fine. You didn't say it.
- No, don't do that now.
- What?
- Now you're just being a jerk.
- Okay. What do you want from me?
- That just sounds condescending.
I want you to know
that I did not say that!
You do this thing. You
There are a lot of things
that you conveniently forget.
And it's frustrating.
Oh, my God.
I see you remember everything.
Did you
talk to Maggie Brener?
- Yes, but not on the record.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't It's not It's not
- Oh, my God.
I can't believe you came back to
work for me and did not tell me
you spilled your fucking
guts to Maggie fucking Brener!
- No, I did not spill my guts, okay? I
- Oh, shit.
I helped you. I didn't have
to. Let's not forget you got
- You got me fuckin' fired, okay?
- How I did not get you fired.
- I did not get you fired. Shh.
- What How is that not true?
And what do you mean you helped
me? What's that supposed to mean?
- What do I mean?
- Yeah.
I mean despite all of this
- shit that was going on between us, I
- Mm-hmm.
- I did your PR.
- My PR?
- I didn't mean it like that.
- My PR? You think I need PR?
- Come on.
- Got it.
So you think I'm a really
horrible person too.
Wow. Okay, great. So, um, I
don't have an ally in the world.
This is amazing.
- Where's my fucking room? Fucker.
- Okay. Oh, hey.
- Take it easy, okay?
- Goddamn it. Hold on, hold on. Ow, ow.
- Are you all right?
- Yes, just Oh, just give me a second.
- I think I'm back this way.
- Okay. Listen.
I'm not saying you're
some horrible person, okay?
- Oh, fuck.
- I'm just Here, let me
- Get off me. Don't touch me.
- I'm just trying to
- Oh, shit. I'm sorry.
- I wanted someone to
know that I was not a horrible person.
- Okay? Fine, I admit it.
- I see. I get it.
I wanted people to know
I leaked the story. Okay?
Mm-hmm. I see.
- Okay.
- Okay?
So, you wanted to look like a hero.
And, um, what does that mean
for me? What do I look like?
You are just gonna look like you.
- Hmm.
- That's it.
This fucking book. I just
fucking can't stand it.
Can't fucking stand this
fucking book! Ow! Shit!
Story's killed everywhere but The Vault.
Oh, fuck.
Well, if they publish, is
Shoenfeld gonna back down?
I mean, that's what Fred's after, right?
No, he's gonna soldier
on, and he'll lose the case
or it'll get thrown out, but
that's not really the point.
The point is keeping a dead woman
from being dragged through the mud.
I don't wanna screw up my
paycheck, but does anybody care?
Her dad doesn't.
I care.
Is this personal to you?
Do not.
Well, as far as The Vault goes,
I don't know what to tell you.
As soon as they can confirm
what they've got, they'll run it.
The only thing that moves the
needle at a place like that
is an even more salacious story.
I'm having so much fun.
And to think I wanted
to moderate the debate.
Then I wouldn't have gotten
to spend this time with you.
I wouldn't get to relax
and eat 15 different kinds of
weird foods that don't go together
and put it all on UBA's tab.
By the way, did you see Alex's face?
She looks like she swallowed
a lemon ever since we got here.
I feel kinda bad for her.
Is there something specific
that happened between y'all?
I feel like you don't like
her, but I don't know why.
You don't seem to love
her. We bonded over that.
Well, I know I've said
some things, but
I don't know, there's something about her.
I just always end up feeling for her.
Well, just wait.
You don't have to tell
me if you don't want to.
I'll tell you.
Okay, but not because I
made you or I, you know,
- twisted your arm or anything.
- Ugh, I will tell you.
No, I will. I have nothing to hide.
I was anchoring at YDA.
I was doing really well.
And I had a small group of friends in
the business who knew who I really was.
And then Alex came to town.
She was in the class behind me.
And, um, she made friends
with some of my friends,
started to hang out.
I can't get her to hang out with me.
Yeah. She presented herself
differently back then.
You know, she was a
little bit more easygoing.
- Hmm.
- A little more sunny.
But she was always a careerist.
by knowing my friends,
she eventually found
out that I was a lesbian,
and, um, she seemed
fine with that, you know?
But then pretty soon after she found
out, Your Day, America found out.
What? Are you saying that she
- How do you know?
- I don't.
But what I do know
is that she definitely
was one of the people
who did not show up
for me when it happened.
I stopped getting her
calls and her invites.
And then I remember,
one day I was walking down Fifth
Avenue, and I saw her on the next block,
coming toward me.
And she saw me
and looked away and crossed the street
so she wouldn't have to run into me.
I never forgot that, and I never will.
Wow. Did you ask her about that?
What's there to say?
I don't know.
No. I'm not gonna waste my time with
people who bring me nothing but chaos.
Life is too short.
Life is chaos.
But that's what this is for.
Clearly, your family has a
different relationship with alcohol.
Who is texting me?
Oh, it's Cory. He wants
to know if I'm in bed.
"Dear Mr. Ellison, I was
asleep until you texted me."
I think he likes you.
No, he just doesn't trust
me to follow instructions.
Okay. I'm gonna go and let you
text your boyfriend while I
- I'll just
- He's not my boyfriend.
I'll be right back. Yeah.
- Hey.
- You know the phone didn't ring.
Oh, well, that's weird. I had 'em
put me through to room 735, uh,
- west tower, right?
- Oh, shit.
I was kinda surprised you
could sleep through all that.
Oh, uh, well, you know, I'm
on TMS early in the morning,
and I have four hours
of analysis after that.
So I just thought I should
get some extra sleep, but
I even turned down tickets
for Thunder From Down Under
Yeah, okay, I don't care.
Okay, well, if you don't care,
then let me go back to bed.
No, please, I I
really need your advice.
- Is something wrong?
- Hey, Bradley.
- Bradley.
- It's Cory.
- Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
- Um
I'm sorry. Are you still there?
I Yep, sorry. One second.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Ow, ow. Oh, God.
Oh, fuck.
Okay. Fuck this.
So, there's this story still out there.
And her dad didn't care?
I wouldn't say that,
but he's a tortured soul.
He's not interested in
the settlement, so
if I can't find some way to keep
this story from being published,
it is gonna be published.
This is the one thing she asked,
that her name not get out there.
And And it's already out there, but
this is a million steps beyond that.
Uh, Jesus. I mean, this
would have killed her.
To know at the end of this she was just
portrayed as some
unscrupulous drug slut.
What a fucking world.
I know.
So, why don't you go to The Times
and just tell them that Fred
is trying to libel Hannah?
Or do you not wanna do that
because you'll get fired
because it's not in
the network's interests?
No, of course not. I'm trying
to do the right thing, Bradley.
Why is that where your mind goes?
Hannah told you her story.
She confided things in you she
didn't confide in anyone else.
And, well, for better or
worse, you're my Jiminy Cricket.
So, I'm I'm asking you,
as a moral center of mine,
as the person
who's more concerned with what's right
or wrong than anyone I've ever met,
if I can find some way to contain this,
to keep Hannah from
being publicly denigrated,
should I do it?
I will do whatever you say, 'cause
I know it'll be the right decision.
Should I do whatever it takes to
keep the story from being published?
Yes. Absolutely, yes.
And And I'll try to think
of some way to stop it too.
Okay, thanks.
I really, really appreciate it.
Now, I'm gonna let you get some sleep.
Won't be calling up
to your room anymore.
Okay. Good night.
All right.
Take your time.
Uh, um
You asked what I thought I did wrong.
I fucked up, obviously. I
shouldn't have done any of it.
I didn't want to be this person.
I didn't want to hurt anyone.
I didn't want people to
think I was the kind of person
that could hurt someone.
And now one of those women
is dead, Hannah Shoenfeld.
And that should have never
happened, obviously. That's just
I was just self-absorbed and ignorant,
and I thought it's what she wanted.
And if she had just
been able to tell me
It's easy to say right now, but
if you don't believe me,
then why waste a fucking
second talking to me?
That guy is a monster.
And as bad as it was,
sleeping with her wasn't my real
Wasn't my my worst mistake.
A year ago, during the unpleasantness,
I was out of my fucking mind.
I was like a scared little animal
just trying to claw my way back.
So, my back was to the
wall, and what do I do?
I ask Hannah to help me,
which is unbelievably stupid.
But I did. I showed up on her
doorstep, and I asked for her help.
And she told me how she felt.
And she told me how the
situation had hurt her.
And it was so obvious,
the amount of pain she
was in in that moment.
But I still couldn't see.
I didn't understand
why she felt that way.
And I pressed harder
and I said horrible things.
And that is to me
That's my real crime.
I can't write it off as ignorance.
I knew what I was doing,
and I did it anyway.
I need to talk to you.
Fuck. Ouch.
- Ow.
- Jesus.
- Oh, fuck.
- Alex, are you okay?
Oh, God. Please don't waste my time
asking me questions
you don't care about.
Wait a minute. I don't
want to see you in pain.
I don't care. I don't care
that you don't want to see me in pain.
You have to.
You can't just write a book about me,
say whatever you want and cause me pain,
follow me across the country to
torment me, and act like you care.
Okay, first of all, I didn't follow
you. It's a presidential debate.
Yeah, one that I'm supposed
to be fucking moderating.
And I didn't say whatever I
want. The book is fact-checked.
Mm-mmm, not by me.
Whoever claims to know anything
about my life is full of shit.
Alex, I reached out
to you multiple times.
I did my very best to be
fair to you and to everyone.
Fair to me? Fair to me would be
you don't write a book about me.
Okay? Who cares?
Alex, it's a little late to
be storming into my hotel room,
stamping your feet.
What What is it you even want?
I would like to see the book.
I don't have a copy on me.
That's such bullshit. That's bullshit!
The thing comes out next month.
You Where is it? Come on.
I'm telling you.
- Come on. Where the fuck is it, Maggie?
- I'm telling you.
- I don't have a copy on me.
- Okay, I don't buy that.
- That's not it.
- We'll see.
Oh, my God!
"The Wrong Side of the Bed.
Corruption, cover-ups, and
a crisis of culture on Amer
America's number one morning show."
What is this? What is this?
What the fuck is this?
It's a mock-up of the cover.
What's in the book?
There's nothing in it about
you that you don't already know.
Tell me what's in the book, Maggie!
Come on, I know I don't come off well.
- You don't like me. You've never liked me.
- That's not true.
- Which part?
- That I've never liked you.
Is there something
specific you'd like to know?
- Laura Peterson implied
- Oh.
The part about you sleeping with Mitch.
That's what you're worried about.
So, it says that?
It does.
Well, it's not true.
I don't Who told you that?
- Alex.
- Oh, my gosh.
That is libel. Okay?
Maggie, you better fix
that. You have to fix that.
Otherwise, I swear to God, you
are gonna feel the wrath of God.
I'm not kidding.
Sue me if it's not true.
The book is done, and
I'm not changing that.
And I'm not going to
include this little epilogue,
so don't say I don't care.
I have to moderate a presidential debate
while you're making up salacious shit
about unimportant people
doing unimportant things.
I have to go out there
and speak on behalf of all
womenkind or some bullshit.
And that includes you, okay?
Do not do this to me, Maggie.
Do not associate me
with him in that way.
Honestly, Maggie, if you fuck
me up, you're gonna Ow! Shit!
You're gonna fuck up our whole
country. Jesus. Fuck. Fuck.
- Alex, do you wanna maybe
- Ow.
lie down for a little bit?
Oh, God.
- You spoke to Mitch. Did he tell you that?
- I did.
Briefly. All off the record.
I can quote him to you.
He said, "Fuck off."
I'm gonna go now.
Ow. Fuck. Fuck.
Oh, my God.
Good evening everyone. I'm Eric Nomani.
Welcome to Las Vegas.
Here with me on the stage tonight,
chief political reporter for
the Las Vegas Weekly, Deena Pham,
and my former partner,
co-anchor of UBA's The
Morning Show, Bradley Jackson.
We want to send our
best wishes to Alex Levy.
Get well soon, Alex.
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