The Morning Show (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Ghost in the Machine

- What the fuck just happened?
- [DONNY] I don't know.
- Find out!
- Cameras, stay on Yanko and Chris.
- [DONNY] Yanko, we lost picture.
Get me Hyperion Mission
Command right now.
- [BART] Camera two, stay on Yanko.
- [MIA] Keep it coming, Yanko.
[CREW MEMBER 1] Is it us or is it them?
- [MIA] I need that feed back up. Come on.
- Mia.
[CREW MEMBER 2] We have
multiple end points.
- Bradley, can you hear us?
- [CREW MEMBER 2] Checking with New York.
- Checking on comms. Standby.
- [MIA] Anything?
- [CREW MEMBER 3] Nothing.
- [CREW MEMBER 2] Comms are out.
- Is it us?
- [CHRIS] I know we can all feel that
- What?
- [MIA] What happened to our feed?
I don't know.
Damn it.
Hyperion one, can you
hear me? Do you copy?
You don't think that they
[STELLA] Oh, my God.
- [DONNY] Hyperion, do you copy?
- [CREW MEMBER 4] Moving to secondary
[DONNY] Hyperion?
- curve of the Earth
- Fuck yeah.
- [DONNY] Go Hyperion two.
- Thank God.
[SIGHS] It's so vast. I've truly
never seen anything like it.
Well, don't you love
when you go to the movies,
you're expecting a drama, but,
uh, instead you get a thriller?
That's edge-of-your-seat stuff, and
I'm sure Alex is kicking herself.
Your star was supposed to make
space look safe and appealing.
Instead, she is AWOL,
and people are blaming my rocket
for your transmission fuckup.
You have no idea how much this cost me.
They're here.
All right. Let's go eat it.
- [ALEX] Sorry, guys. Hi. So sorry.
- We're here. We're here. Sorry.
[CHUCKLING] Ah. We found a
flight Alex didn't want to skip.
So good of you to join us.
Did you get my message?
Oh, I got it. Loud and clear.
Okay, great.
- Hey. Are you okay?
- [BRADLEY] Hey.
Yeah, yeah. I'm okay. Did you see Luna?
No. The cops wouldn't let me in there.
- It was so fucked-up.
- [SIGHS] Goddamn it.
Okay, look.
[STUTTERS] Most important thing is
that you're here and you're safe.
That scared the shit out of us up there.
It was just crazy. [SIGHS]
- Paul Marks.
- Yeah.
He's an asshole.
- So, Cory wants to sell the network?
- Mm-hmm.
And Marks promises to
stay hands-off? Right.
- That's right.
- Okay.
I see why you've dragged
me downtown tonight.
Well, I just didn't think it could wait.
Listen, Cory's way out over his skis.
Billionaires like Paul Marks don't
give a damn about legacy media.
This is a money grab, pure and simple.
These men, they just think
they're masters of the universe,
and, um, it just it pisses me off.
Is that why you pulled
that disappearing act,
'cause you were pissed off?
You know what would have happened
if I went up in that rocket.
Yes, Procter & Gamble would
have sent me champagne. But no.
Now they're threatening to
pull their ad commitments,
because they can't trust
you to show up to work.
Oh, my God, Cybil. Are you kidding me?
That launch was a setup.
It was a promo for a deal that
would have killed our credibility.
Oh. We have credibility?
Paul Marks is gonna fold the
news division into an algorithm
or-or make it a mouthpiece for
Hyperion. Whatever it is, we're fucked.
Oh, and-and what if, God forbid,
they move forward with the deal,
and the FTC doesn't approve it?
You've thought this through.
you take this to the board,
I will go to talent in the news
division, I'll rally the troops,
and we'll just shut
this whole thing down.
Trust me, this deal will not happen.
- Keep this between us for now.
- [ALEX] Mm-hmm.
Give me some time to work the board.
[CHUCKLING] That son of a bitch.
Good morning. Today is March 17th.
Happy Saint Patrick's, also
known as the Day of Luck.
Mm-hmm. And I've got
my green on right here,
and I'm feeling so lucky today
to be a part of the UBA family.
- Punish her.
- Oh, I would love to.
Are we going to put Alex in
stocks in the town square,
- or are we gonna go straight to the rack?
- Suspend her. Fine her.
I don't care.
Isn't the point of having a dick
that you get to throw it around?
You're thinking of a Frisbee.
It was a fight to get Alex
back on TMS two days a week.
A suspension is a gift.
[CYBIL] W She has other shows.
Uh, that are carrying UBA+.
Hey, I like my nose. I've got
no desire to spite my face.
Is Alex Levy the head of
this network, or are you?
Because from what I can tell,
she thinks she runs this place.
Wow. You are coming in hot today, Cybil.
Since when do you care about talent?
If you go rogue, you
are going to pay for it.
I don't care how powerful
you think you are.
What if Alex had to
spend more time on TMS?
Ratings go up when she's on air.
We could sell the bump at upfronts.
[CHUCKLES] I like it.
[STELLA] Okay.
Fine. Let's chain Alex to the teacup.
[SIGHS] What now?
- [GROANS] More of your cost cutting?
[ALEX] The way everyone
jumped in for me yesterday.
- [CHRIS] How are you feeling?
- [ALEX] I feel so much better.
I really do. And I'm so
grateful to Bradley Jackson.
- [CHRIS] Talk about ride or die.
- [ALEX] Oh, my goodness.
Bradley is as ride or die as they come.
In fact, here's our evening
news anchor, Bradley Jackson.
- Hey, y'all. [CHUCKLES] Hi.
- [ALEX] Hi, you.
Oh, boy, did you have
God. We keep this up, I'm
gonna need some insulin.
Uh, it's fucking great,
and nobody asked you.
And if you keep stress eating like that,
you're gonna need some for real.
Yeah, but how am I gonna fill
the hole where my soul should be?
So Bradley, what was going
through your head when they said
that you were going to be
taking that ride instead of Alex?
- Absolute terror
just to be honest.
Uh, but the Hyperion team
walked me through every step.
And once we were up there, I
could just enjoy the experience
- [ALEX] Mm-hmm.
- you know?
And I have to say, that view
really does blow your mind.
- [ALEX SIGHING] Yeah. I can Oh.
- [BRADLEY] I mean, wow. Yeah.
- Only imagine.
- Yeah.
And zero gravity, I mean, we
were only weightless for about
- What's happening?
- We lost prompter.
Now, that's really interesting.
- [DONNY] Why can't I see prompter?
- It's okay. Just hold on.
[STAMMERS] And you know, these, um,
short-term flights really are the key
to making the long-haul space
travel possible. So this team
- Reboot the promp
- Reboot the prompter.
[CREW MEMBER] Rebooting.
- Wow.
- Sorry.
What would you say was
the most exciting part?
I would say the view as
I was reapproaching Earth.
- [ALEX] Mmm.
- It made me cry.
Oh, my God, Bradley Jackson,
are you going soft on us?
- Maybe a little. Maybe.
- [DONNY] Rolling without the prompter.
- [ALEX] I don't believe it.
- What was that?
- Think the door just locked.
- [ALEX] Please.
- [BRADLEY] Will you cook?
- [ALEX] Will I cook?
- Yes.
Oh, you wouldn't want me I love
you too much to do that to you.
[DONNY] Ready on three.
[BRADLEY] It could be an adventure.
Can't believe Fred's last directive
was to change the fucking lock system.
[BRADLEY] Well, then Chris
will have to bring some wine.
[CHRIS] I can do that.
[DONNY] Mike, Andrew,
John, can you guys hear me?
What the f
[CHRIS] We have to celebrate.
You're the first female journalist
Is this protocol if there's, like,
an active shooter or something?
- What?
- Should we call security?
[DONNY] They lock it down
automatically if there's a shooter.
- Line is dead.
- [CHIP] We should
- Donny, let's cut to commercial.
- The comms are dead.
I mean, we can't be on the air if
somebody's in the building, so
Stella's not picking up. So, uh
Okay. I think we're
gonna need a lot of wine.
- [RENA] Why don't we just
[CHIP] It's fine. It's fine.
[ALEX] What the fuck,
guys? What's going on?
[JULIA] I'm trying
to get through, but
- This is crazy.
- [ALEX] Ugh.
- [CHIP] Donny, try the comms again.
- [DONNY] Camera one, can you hear me?
- [DONNY] Camera two.
Maybe it's a fire!
[MIA] Just calm down!
- [DONNY] Julia, come in, come in!
- Get the talent out of there. Um, Julia?
Alex? They can't hear us.
- What's going on?
- We're off the air. We sh
- Can we get out of here?
- [BRADLEY] Yeah. Come on.
- Julia, what is this? What's happening?
- [JULIA] Not sure.
We might have a security situation here.
- What does that mean?
- I don't know.
I've been trying to get a
hold of building management.
Remember when they sent that pipe
bomb to YDA right after the election?
[RENA] Open it! Open it!
- [MIA] Get 'em out!
[CREW MEMBER] Oh, shit!
- [ALEX] What the f
Mu, can you take care
of the staff, please?
We're gonna go to our
dressing rooms now. Okay?
We're just gonna lock the doors.
We're gonna get behind something
heavy, preferably not me.
Watch the glass right
there. Watch the glass.
- [ALEX] Jesus.
- Wait, what's going on?
I don't know, but Mia
wants us all out of there,
so that's what we are doing.
[ALEX] Okay, well,
what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna try and figure
out what's going on.
But look, it's gonna
be fine. Lock the door.
This is just standard procedure
if there's an intruder.
- Come to my room, guys.
- Okay, yeah.
- Wait, I'm gonna go with you.
- No, Bradley
If that door closes, we're locked
out of the building. Come on.
[STAMMERS] Where are
y Where are you going?
I don't know. Take the elevator?
Really? We're gonna take the elevator,
- while the electrical system is
- I don't know. You have a better idea?
- It's working.
- Okay. All right.
- [CHIP] Up, up.
- [CHIP] Okay.
- [SIGHS] All right.
- Yeah.
- [CHIP] Whoa!
- Fuck!
- Oh, shit. Okay. All right, uh
- Okay. Okay. [PANTS]
- press the, uh the bell, the alarm.
- What [STAMMERS] It's not working.
- [CHIP] Do you have service?
- [PANTS] No.
- Oh, my God. This was a bad idea. [PANTS]
- Uh, it's okay.
- Okay.
- We're good.
- [MARCUS] Hey.
- [CHRIS] Hey, babe. Listen
Uh, okay. There's something
going on in the building.
- There's some trouble?
- And we don't know
- No, no, no, we don't know what it is yet
- Okay.
but, um [STAMMERS] And
it's probably a false alarm.
- I'm just glad you called.
- Yeah, just in case.
[CHILD] Daddy!
- Naima, say hi to Mommy.
- Mm-hmm?
- Hey, sweet pea.
- [NAIMA] Mommy.
- Hey. Are you having a good day?
- Pancakes.
- You had pancakes? [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah. It was yummy.
Okay. Well [SIGHS]
Mommy loves you very,
very, very, very much, okay?
[NAIMA] Love you, Mommy.
- See you soon.
- [MARCUS] Hey, I'm here.
- Okay. Love you, Daddy.
- Love you too, baby.
- I'm a little [SIGHS] Jesus. Jesus.
- Oh, I know. Come on. I know.
I'm, like, a little
- You know? [SNIFFLES]
- Yeah, of course. It's okay.
We're okay. Whatever this
is, we're gonna be okay.
- Still can't access any of the pre-tape.
- I'm shut out.
- So am I. Everything's frozen.
- Affiliates are fine.
- No one's reporting anything.
No police presence, no
power outages with
- [STAMMERS] Whoa, whoa.
- Is it over?
- I hope so.
- YDA's still on.
- [DONNY] Switch is on.
What the hell is that?
This isn't a shooter.
Someone's in the system.
Secure the control rooms
and let affiliates know they'll need
to fill time until further notice.
And don't say "cyberattack." Not yet.
- Where's our CISO?
- Five minutes out.
Clear the bull pen. Send him and
his team up when they get here.
And get that music turned off!
Believe me. We'll work
as quickly as we possibly can.
I understand. But if we
can't broadcast, we're dead.
How soon can we get back on the air?
Whoever's doing this has most of
the building systems locked up.
- It's gonna take some time.
- What was the attack vector?
- How'd they get in?
- We're running diagnostics.
Was it a phishing email?
Are our devices compromised?
We just got here. I'll have an
We just got here. I'll have an
hour-one hypothesis in an hour.
Any idea who's behind it?
Russia? North Korea?
All I can tell you now
is they're sophisticated
and the penetration is deep.
Uh, well, maybe the
French then. [CHUCKLES]
[STAMMERS, SIGHS] I'll update
you soon as I know anything,
which would mean actually getting
to work instead of standing here,
- talking about things we don't know.
- Fine. Got it. Thank you. [SIGHS]
This is bad.
[DONNY] What the fuck is this?
- Looks like performance reviews.
- For everyone?
Yeah, and there's some kind of
grading system. Tier one, tier two.
- [DONNY] Where'd it come from?
- Corporate. I got it too.
We're definitely not
supposed to see this.
- [AFLAMU] Uh-uh.
- I'm tier three.
- That doesn't sound good.
- [RENA] No.
- No, it's not.
- Can you see my file?
Apparently, I don't show initiative,
and I don't respond to criticism well.
Fuck them and their HR bullshit.
Do I not show initiative?
[STAMMERS] Look, this is
some Hunger Games shit.
They're basically
deciding who they can fire.
This is bullshit.
[BART SCOFFS] Where are you going?
[DONNY] Call me if we're
gonna do the show tomorrow.
Are we doing a show tomorrow?
I need to know exactly what they have.
Uh, Victor, this may
come as a shock to you,
but I can't read your mind.
Internal databases, at a minimum,
and some degree of email access.
All right. What about
the film slate and pilots?
Maybe? Come on. That's a
billion-dollar maybe, Victor.
I need to know what kind
of damage we are looking at.
If they have medical
records or subscriber data,
we have to call the FBI.
Then you're looking at
employee lawsuits, class action.
You know, every time
that you start to speak,
things feel like they're getting
worse. That's a special gift.
- Check your email.
I think [STAMMERS]
Yeah, I don't think I'm
supposed to check my email.
You need to see this.
[BRADLEY] Hey, Laura. I
know you're out for a run,
so I figured you could use a
little motivation on your way home.
I'm gonna be waiting for you
in the bedroom just like this.
Uh, get Bradley Jackson up here.
And call, uh, Laura Peterson.
What do you think is
happening out there?
I don't know. I can tell you
what's happening here, though.
It's extreme regret for the
venti coffee I had an hour ago.
[GROANS] That's disgusting.
[GROANS] Alex is gonna be pissed, man.
She hates it when she
can't get in touch with me.
[SIGHS] What does it feel
like being her whipping boy?
I don't know. What does it feel
like being annoying as fuck?
Sorry, that was
[SIGHS] a little
I'm just a little, uh,
claustrophobic, and
Is this what the shuttle's like?
Uh, no, no, no. Like, out that
window is just vast, infinite
Trippy. How was Del Rio?
Not that. It was a shit show, honestly.
Mmm. I wish I could've been there.
Yeah. You and Alex in the field,
more Cagney & Lacey action.
Or Woodward and Bernstein?
You know, we could use another
set of eyes on the footage.
- Would you be up for looking at it?
- Okay. Okay, okay. Okay.
- [GROANS] Oh, my God. Oh, God.
- [BRADLEY] Get me the fuck out of here.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That was crazy.
- Uh There it is. Nineteen messages.
- This is what I'm talking about.
- What are they saying?
- There you are. Where have you been?
- [BRADLEY] Hey.
- We were stuck in that elevator.
- In the elevator for an hour.
What's happening? Are we being hacked?
God, it's a nightmare.
That's what they're saying.
Is it just the building,
or is it our emails and
- I don't know.
- text messages?
- Oh, shit. Oh, my God, Chip.
- What?
My home office, it's
connected to the servers here,
and that's the computer Lizzy
uses when she comes to visit.
Don't worry about it. I will
grab Isabella. We will handle it.
- Don't worry about it. It's good. Yeah.
- Thank you. All right
Bradley, Mr. Ellison wants
to see you in his office.
- Okay. Did he say what it was about?
- [RJ] Nah, he didn't.
- All right. Um, uh
- [CHIP] Uh, stairs. Stairs.
Stairs. Yes. [GROANS]
Hey, is he in there?
[DISTORTED] Bradley.
I'm so sorry. I can't imagine
how you're feeling right now.
I told them that you sent that
video when we were in Montana.
The good news is it hasn't gone wide.
As far as we know, I'm
the only one who got it.
I'm sorry, but we really need to know.
Did you record that
on your personal phone?
[NORMAL] Um, yeah.
Okay, is your phone connected
to our wireless network?
They have access to everything,
anything that's connected
to our network servers.
So all my data's been compromised too?
- If they're singling you out
maybe it's because of
our January 6th coverage.
- Uh They want
- 50 million within 48 hours.
- Okay [STUTTERS] is that even possible?
- [CORY] I'm getting another message.
[STELLA] They have access to everything,
anything that's connected
to our network servers.
[STAMMERS] Everyone, give me
your phone right now. Come on.
I'm fine. [SNIFFS]
You can talk to me.
Look, no one else was supposed
to see that. You were violated.
You don't
You don't have to be strong.
You don't have to
pretend everything's okay.
Just tell me what you need.
To be alone.
I just need to be alone.
All right. We need this place
locked down, security cameras off,
anything with a microphone gone.
And try to make sure
nobody does anything stupid,
which I know is a tall order, but
Our stock price took a swan dive
into an empty pool after TMS went dark,
and the bad news isn't even out yet.
- What bad news? What bad news, Stella?
- What?
This hack, it proves UBA
is a beacon of democracy.
We'll be all over the headlines.
"An award-winning
network, a beloved network,
targeted by the shadowy
enemies of free speech."
We're gonna use that ransom email
for this year's Emmy campaign.
Cybil reached out. There's
a board meeting later today.
Of course, she called you and not me.
I'll speak to the talent.
If you need to reach me
- I'll send a carrier pigeon.
- Yep.
[KYLE] Uh, the FCC's been calling.
Ask me about my day.
[PAUL] How was work, dear?
Yeah, about that
So you fuck with my rocket, and
then you get taken off the air?
That feels like, uh,
cosmic justice to me.
[CORY] Karma's overrated. I'm
more of a chaos theory kinda guy.
So what do you think,
this was some kinda hack?
Yeah, something like that.
Any idea who's behind it?
Well, you're the cybersecurity
genius. Why don't you tell me?
[CHUCKLES] What, do you think I did it?
To hold my network hostage
until I meet your price?
How much do they want?
- [CORY] Fifty.
- What did you go back at?
Come on. At least just don't tell
me you're paying sticker price here.
[CHUCKLING] No, of course not.
Would you at least tell Alex
she missed a beautiful flight?
Why don't you tell her
yourself, sweetheart?
Get me Victor.
On it. [GRUNTS]
Hi. Thank you.
We need you all to
surrender your devices.
Laptops, phones, tablets, smart watches.
- What?
- Put everything in the bags
- and take them to the fly team.
- [MIA] You're kidding, right?
- Because it's now evidence of a crime.
[STELLA] Replacements
will be issued on Monday.
Are you fucking kidding me?
So we're not getting our
phones back, like, ever?
Anything that accessed UBA's secure
network is probably compromised.
We're a news organization running 24-7.
How are we supposed to work
without our cell phones, laptops?
We're just gonna give
our shit to those guys?
- They're gonna look through our shit?
- Half my staff is still remote.
[YANKO] What do they have,
like, texts, emails, photos?
- What do they have?
- We We don't know what they have,
but we'll have more
information in the coming days.
I know you're all probably
concerned with your private data.
UBA is committed to protecting all
employees from any kind of exposure.
- [LAUGHS] Right. You're all protected.
- Fuck.
- Thank you. We're gonna get through this.
- [CHRIS] Can you pass me a Sharpie?
My daughter's wedding
pictures are on my phone.
It'll be on the cloud. You're fine.
I'm not on the cloud, Yanko.
- My husband's cell.
- [STELLA] Devices in the bags.
Alex, is there a problem?
No, no, no. All my shit's
already aired to the world,
- so I'm good.
- This conversation isn't over yet.
- Alex.
You blew off an incredibly
important live broadcast
that took us months
to set up and promote.
I'm putting you on TMS five
days a week until after upfronts.
[CHUCKLES] Okay. Um, yeah.
I'm happy to pull out
a copy of my contract
- Hmm.
- if you don't remember my deal points.
Respectfully, Alex, actions
have consequences, even for you.
Does Cybil know about this?
Yeah. She and Cory both signed off.
Oh, okay. [CHUCKLES] I see.
So, um, you're putting Bad
Alex in a little TMS time-out?
Is that what's happening?
No, it's not.
It's not gonna happen, all
right? Doug will be all over this.
I'll be happy to show him how
you breached your contract.
TMS, five times a week. Thank
you for being a team player.
Wow. Oh, my God. Just fuck off, Stella.
Just fuck off.
- Thought you'd forgotten about me.
You know I wouldn't do that.
What's wrong? Something's up.
Our system has been compromised.
Some kind of a cyberattack.
Shit. You think it's Russia?
Who knows? But back up all your
files. Don't email any UBA accounts.
Got it. I'll figure something
out if anything comes up.
Uh. Are you still in Kyiv?
Oh, wait, don't tell
me. This line isn't safe.
Let's just say I'm still in the shit.
Trying to lay low for a moment.
It's ugly, but I'm glad I'm here.
Yeah. Just one second, please.
They're about to confiscate my phone.
You're telling me a badass,
world-traveling executive producer
can't find her way to a burner phone?
Am I a badass, world-traveling
executive producer?
Fuck yeah.
Then I guess I'll figure it out.
[SIGHS] Okay, I gotta go. Um, stay safe.
Bye, Mia.
- [CORY] It's Cory.
- Yeah, come in.
- Uh, you want it open or closed?
- Closed.
Your devices?
[SIGHS] Um, they're
there with the cyber guys.
You, uh You wanted a word?
Hey, I can have a hundred
deepfakes on the web by tonight.
- Messy, amateur. No one will even look
Or we can go on the attack.
Any site that wants to host your
video, we'll do a denial of service.
No, that's not what I
wanted to talk to you about.
I was thinking about, um last year.
[SIGHS] Yeah, um.
Did you ever tell anybody?
Are you sure?
I am sure. Are you?
Yeah, I'm sure. I mean,
I'm as sure as I can be.
I didn't
I didn't expect this.
You should pay the ransom.
I'm working on it.
But it's up to the
board, and I'm not exactly
in Cybil's good graces right now.
[WHISPERS] You have to pay the ransom.
I'm terrified.
I need that damage report.
I asked for it an hour ago.
- Oh, my God. I I need to talk to you.
- [STELLA] Get in line.
W No, well, there's something
that might come out about me and
That you had a matchmaker?
What? How'd you know that?
- You told Donny, and Donny told everyone.
- [STAMMERS] Fucking Donny.
Uh, give us a minute.
You have 60 seconds. What?
Um, I
- Yes?
- I have certain preferences
- Uh-huh.
okay, that if they come to light,
it might compromise my
ability to anchor here at TMS.
Yeah, okay, so you can't
report on the housing market
because you're into what, strap-ons?
- No, it's not strap-ons. [MUMBLES]
- Yanko, I don't care.
Okay. And also, I have, like
I have a little running thing with
some of the other anchors about you.
It's just, like, a little joke.
Mm-hmm. Okay, go on.
Uh, sorry, I called you, uh, CBS.
CBS. You mean I'm too network?
It stands for "child bride of Satan."
This-This was after you suspended me.
Did the C really stand for "child"?
- No.
- I appreciate your candor.
Okay. Thank you. Sorry again.
This is such bullshit.
I'm not gonna do five days on TMS.
[DOUG] Alex, I know,
but my hands are tied.
Oh, my God. What the actual fuck, Doug?
- You said you were going to fix this and
- Hey.
C-Can I come in?
Yes, come in.
You know what I'd like you to do?
I would like you to
read my contract again
and keep reading it until you
find a way to fix this shit.
- All right
Wow. A-Are you okay?
I'm great.
- Okay. Um, listen, I need your help.
Why? You okay?
Yeah, Stella isn't telling
everybody the whole story.
The hackers sent a ransom
demand for $50 million.
- W-Whoa, um
- Yeah.
And And the board
is meeting right now.
And I need you to talk to Cybil,
and I need you to just tell
her she's got to pay it.
I'm not going anywhere near Cybil,
as she won't be listening to me.
What are you talking about?
Y-You've been here for 20 years.
You're the biggest star on this network.
If you talk to the board,
- they're going to listen to you.
- No, they're not gonna listen to me.
Trust me.
Cory and Stella just
kneecapped me for
for ditching Hyperion One. Okay?
- No one's listening to me.
Well, I mean, we have to do something.
[STAMMERS] This is This is bad.
No, I'm staying out of it.
UBA did not protect my privacy
when Maggie Brener aired
all my shit to the world.
You know, this isn't just about you.
There's other people here
that are really scared.
Okay. You know what?
You're gonna be fine.
You're like a Girl Scout, okay?
And honestly, let it all
come out. I don't give a shit.
Let all the secrets,
the corporate bullshit.
I-I'm so Fuck this place.
There's a lot of people
around here that have stuff
- that they want to keep private.
- Wait, did you fuck a predator?
No, you didn't. I think if
I think you're gonna be fine.
This whole place is gonna be fine.
- You know
UBA didn't protect you, but I did.
Oh, God. I know you did, Bradley.
- Bradley, come on. [STAMMERS]
- Forget it.
- I didn't Mmm.
Okay, so I'd like to paint a picture
of what we're about to face, actually.
You have to think the Fukushima
tsunami is headed our way,
and it's already radioactive.
Because when news of the hack comes
out, our stock is gonna drop 15%.
Carl Icahn is going to
call you. Do not pick up.
When he sends you a fruit basket,
do not bite into the apple.
People are going to quit, and we're
not gonna be able to replace them.
Departments will be short-staffed,
and the ones that stay will be
overworked, and angry and scared.
Actors, directors, producers,
they're gonna refuse to work with us.
The ones that do, they're
gonna break deal precedence
and squeeze us for points.
And if we're lucky,
we will face a single
class action lawsuit
from our employees for negligence.
And so far, folks, good folks,
gentlefolks, we've not been so lucky.
Also, all of our internal
communications will be made public.
The way we do business.
Our plans for the future.
It will be back to go,
and believe me, we will
not collect two $200.
This hack, it is nuclear.
Yes. What do you suggest we do?
Pay the ransom.
We have no guarantee they'll
stick to their side of the bargain.
- Fifty million? That's ridiculous.
- The insurance will cover part of it,
and there's something
else. We've made contact.
I think I can negotiate them
down to 25 million, maybe less.
- Would our cash reserves cover that?
- Wouldn't that be nice.
Those reserves were
plundered to fund UBA+.
Is there any unreleased material?
They've got some pilots
and the Chris Pine thriller.
How much do we lose if that gets leaked?
Estimate is a quarter of their
projected box office, so 60 million.
What about UBA+ subscriber data?
We use a third-party vendor.
[CYBIL] What exactly are we paying for?
A summer movie which may or may not hit,
some stock turbulence,
a few resignations.
How about the goodwill and
the dignity of our employees,
not to mention the company brand.
The hackers specifically targeted
the private communications of Bradley
Jackson, our evening news anchor.
She just won a First Amendment
Award. She's up for a Peabody.
Then she should have known better
than to make herself vulnerable
to attacks of this kind.
Why would we hand over millions
to the criminals who
just broke into our house
when we can spend a fraction of that
to make ourself safe
against future attacks?
I agree, but I think we can do both.
Ah. Then there's the issue of the money.
Can we assume these hackers are Russian?
Uh [STAMMERS] the signature
of the, uh, hack suggests that.
- Yes, but
- Yeah, well, we already know
that Putin sanctions cyberattacks
against Western news outlets.
So we may be contributing to
Russia's war against Ukraine.
I don't want that on my conscience.
And I can't imagine any of our
advertising partners would either.
I certainly don't.
[CYBIL] Look, I think
we should move to a vote.
All those in favor of
paying the ransom say "aye."
Those opposed.
Uh, Leonard, dear, would you connect
with our institutional investors?
[STAMMERS] Mercedes,
would you please reach out
to those majority shareholders
who weren't able to join us today?
Let's send a clear message.
UBA is standing strong and refusing
to negotiate with terrorists.
Anyone needs hand-holding,
send them to me.
Thus spake the Iron Lady.
- Tell them who's driving, in some ways.
- Hey, how'd it go?
- Hey.
Well, it was
I sure hope everyone here is comfortable
with their private
communications going very public.
I think we'll weather the storm.
I have to say it was refreshing
to get stabbed in the stomach
instead of the back, so thanks.
Perhaps your friend Paul Marks
can help stitch up the wound.
For future reference,
all merger and acquisition offers
run through the board, of course.
But I wouldn't worry about that for now.
I'm sure you'll have your hands full
proving to our shareholders that
you can still run this company.
Well, I will be fully embracing
UBA's new era of radical transparency.
Everything that ever was
and will be, out in the open.
I think it's gonna be fun.
Privacy. Come on.
That's so 20th century.
You just don't ever
stop spinning, do you?
You are CEO because you staged a coup.
That's not leadership.
That's opportunism.
You walk through these halls
with this unswerving belief
that you, and you alone, can fix it.
I've seen quite a few
men come to this company
with that same God complex.
Eventually, you all fail.
[SIGHS] People are
gonna talk so much shit.
So what?
I mean, they already think I'm a joke.
Director of Development?
What is that even?
You're taking pitches on scripted.
You're Got a raise, you
know. It's It's legit.
Yeah, well, people take you seriously.
Well, they take Alex seriously.
You have an Emmy. It
has your name on it.
We should tell her, right?
I mean, she's gonna find out.
Yeah, yeah. Probably, yeah.
So everything's gonna change, you know.
You scared?
I mean, yeah, a little.
But you're worth it.
- You ruined it.
- Nah.
[STELLA] So I just had a call
with the president of NBN,
and they're going to release
the hacking story in the morning.
I can't blame them
- with Laura wrapped up in this
- Yeah.
but it means that we have
to break the news tonight.
And once that ransom deadline passes,
they may release the
data that they have.
Which means your video
I I understand.
Hey. Do you Do you want maybe
one of the weekend anchors to sit in
if you need to take the time?
No, it it's my chair. I'll do it.
Okay. [SIGHS]
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
we can explain.
Oh. Chip, shut up.
Oh, my God.
Have you learned nothing from Mitch?
Oh, my God. Okay. Isabella.
Isabella, you just
You just tell me honestly.
No one's No one's in trouble.
- Did he pressure you in any way?
- No.
- What?
- No, of course not.
Really? You think I would pressure
her after everything that happened?
- Jesus.
- I don't know what the fuck to think!
I just walked in on you
fucking my assistant.
- We were not fu Yeah.
- Director of Development!
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- [CHIP] All right. We're coming out.
- We're coming out, okay? Okay.
- Oh, God. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay.
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, my gosh. [MOANS]
- [CHIP] Shit. I'm sorry.
- Okay.
So how long has this
how long has this been
happening? [INHALES DEEPLY]
- We Look
- Oh, God!
- we we told HR a few months ago.
- [BREATHING HEAVILY] A few months?
We We just didn't
know how to tell you.
We've been together for almost a year.
Almost a year?
- A year?
- Yeah.
Oh, my gosh! This is gonna
be great for my trust issues.
Whoa. Oh, I need a drink. Oh, God.
- [ALEX] I got this.
- I'm gonna go.
- I'm gonna go.
- No, no. Come on.
No, it's okay. It's okay.
- Hi. Uh
- Mmm.
just so you know,
this was not planned.
This was [STAMMERS]
almost an accident really.
- [STAMMERS] Okay. Well
- [CHIP] I mean
I'm really I'm actually
really happy for you. [CHUCKLES]
But nothing's gonna change.
- Like, we're still a team.
- The three of us. Just us.
- [CHIP] Still your people.
- No, no, no. I'm honestly It's good.
I'm okay. Really.
I mean, the world's just been so
fucked-up the last couple years.
- Yeah.
- I mean,
you just gotta grab love
where you can find it, right?
Yeah. Uh, yeah? Hmm.
- Mmm. Hmm.
- And that's what this is.
It's beautiful. [STAMMERS]
It's just It's amazing.
It's just, you know
Uh, thanks.
- Let's hug it in, you lovers.
- [CHIP] Oh.
- Come on, seriously.
- Oh, Isabella. [CRIES] Chipper.
- [CHIP] Mmm.
[ALEX CRIES] Oh, guys.
- You know what?
- Mmm.
We should go to dinner.
We should celebrate.
We should order a big
bottle of champagne.
- [STAMMERS] Yeah. Okay
- Maybe not tonight. [STAMMERS]
- [ALEX] We don't have to tonight.
- No, we'll rain check it.
- Okay. Yes. Yes, of course
- Totally.
- but I wanna do it.
- [CHIP] Okay.
- We should go now.
Yes, um, we
- We, uh, packed up all your devices, so
- Yes.
- The Lizzy. Thank you.
- [CHIP] Yes, all that stuff.
- I don't have to think about that now.
- [CHIP] And, um
- Yeah.
- So that's good.
Um, and if you need anything
obviously you just
- Just call.
- [ALEX] Of course.
- you call us.
- [ALEX] I'm not kidding.
Seriously, I'm so happy for you.
- I really am.
- [ISABELLA] Thank you.
- [ALEX] This is beautiful.
- [CHIP] Okay.
- [ISABELLA] Great.
- Just Yay love.
Oh, boy.
Oh, God.
What the hell just happened?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. What the fuck?
Earlier today, we learned that UBA
has been the target of a cyberattack.
Multiple live
transmissions were impacted,
and we are still learning
the scope of the breach.
Here at UBA, we pride ourselves
on being transparent
with all of our viewers.
We consider you part of our family.
Which is why I need to let you know
that certain things may come to light,
personal things that were
never meant to be shared.
While all of our lives
are increasingly public,
each of us has the right to our privacy.
And this network will continue
fighting for that right,
no matter the cost.
UBA has made a decision
not to pay the ransom
demanded by the individuals
who have stolen the private data
of thousands of dedicated employees.
In this era of misinformation,
where journalists are
intimidated on a daily basis,
where truth is increasingly politicized,
UBA will not give in to
blackmail just to save face.
Because once we lose your
trust, there's no going back.
We will continue to update
you as this story unfolds.
[JULIA] And we're out.
Isn't this nice?
No phones or computers to distract us.
Just kick back, relax and converse.
Like a couple of prehistoric
men in a dark cave.
The embers of the fire warming us.
Listening to the mournful
cries of a woolly mammoth.
It's not even Cybil's money.
Who doesn't like spending
other people's money?
Most companies don't pay.
Oh, okay. Did she give
you that cockroach speech?
She gives it to everyone.
It's like it's on her
fucking family's coat of arms.
- Yes.
- Yeah. She did. A couple of times.
Look, you do things
your way. I respect that.
And I don't expect to be
looped into every meeting.
But these tech guys,
they're a different beast.
I know.
I'm just saying. I'm from that world.
Paul Marks, he's tricky.
So if you're going to war, make sure
you're not fighting it on two fronts.
I gotta prep for tomorrow.
[GROANS] It's gonna be a bloodbath.
It'll probably come out in my emails.
I was dating Blake Griffin last year.
Wouldn't have guessed he's your type.
He wasn't.
Anything of yours gonna come out?
Guess we'll see.
Knowing you, it'll
probably help your cause.
[PERSON] Hello?
- Earl?
- Yeah.
Let's work up a document with deal
points for a merger with Paul Marks.
Viable numbers, timeline,
profit projections.
And leak it early tomorrow
and let the street lap it up.
I'm on it.
- [ALEX] Hi.
- Hey.
[SIGHS] Laura called me.
Why did you not tell me about the video?
I'm sorry, did you fuck a predator?
- Yeah, not my finest moment.
- You were kind of being an asshole.
I was such an asshole.
Just so much going on. [SIGHS]
Honey, crisis management
is my specialty.
Let me help you through this.
- Aw. We're gonna be okay.
- I don't know what I'm gonna do. Okay.
- We've got this.
- Thank you.
- [STELLA] Yeah?
You're good to go.
Ah, thank you.
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