The Morning Show (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

White Noise

- Morning, Mia.
- Good morning, Rena.
Well, well, well, America,
it's been a wild two weeks
for our friends at UBA.
Thousands of hacked emails.
It's like Christmas everyday.
I don't know about you,
but I live to search
for my daily drip-drop of
their embarrassments.
This is one day's worth of
our liabilities for the hack?
It looks like War and Peace.
Page 85 of the unreleased emails.
Well, Earl. You spoil me.
Just call me Tolstoy. Let me know
what you wanna do with that.
[PAUL] You're welcome, Cory.
[CORY] For what?
Boosting your stock price.
That tends to happen with companies
I'm rumored to be acquiring.
[CORY] Well, I'd say
it's more than a rumor.
Oh. That's news.
Well, here's more news.
Your original offer works for me.
At the price you first pitched.
[CORY] Let's get this done.
- What about your board?
- Leave that to me.
Pull the trigger.
- Guys, we gotta We gotta I'm sorry.
- Oh! [SIGHS]
We gotta rethink these selfies.
Look at I don't care what app
you're on. You're on Tinder,
420 Singles, Kingsnake After Dark.
We can't be doing this.
- Angles, people. This, really?
- Yes. Come on.
No one's hot for your under chin.
And why do guys think this works?
- I don't understand why they
- I have no idea.
Well, Chris how how did
your husband break through?
Uh, not on an app,
but you know, it's a long story.
Oh, please, highlights.
Give us the highlights.
You got a minute.
Oh, okay. Um, for you.
- Yes.
- 8:55 version.
I'm at my first Olympic trials,
and there's a guy.
He's cute, and he has these eyes.
And I'm like, "Don't
look at me like that,
you're making me nervous".
Anyway. He reps my nemesis,
who's competing with me for Nike.
[YANKO] Oh, wow.
And they only wanna sign
one American in track and field.
So, eh I'm in my hotel room,
and I get a surprise delivery.
Tiffany blue dunks in my size.
- Those are sneakers.
- Gosh.
And there's a note with Marcus's number,
and it just says, "You're it".
- Oh, wow.
- What can I say, the man can close.
- And
- That's ex So impressive.
- [YANKO] Yeah. Yeah. Or
Or he's just looking to connect.
And now it's time to connect you
to The Twist right after this break.
[JULIA] And we're clear.
[CREW MEMBER] Cut to commercial.
Great show, everybody.
- Connect, connect.
- I know you mean, like, as people.
- You know Exactly. Nice segue.
- I do. That's very sweet.
- We did that.
- [JULIA] Moving to The Twist package.
- Oh, God.
- [ASSISTANT] Here you go.
- Thank you, dear.
- [CHIP] You were right.
Those dating pics
were tragic. [CHUCKLES]
I know. [LAUGHS]
Not everybody can find love
in their boss's apartment.
I like that smile.
We just gained another 30,000 on YDA.
Shut up. Who knew getting hacked
would put us back on top?
Hey, Layla. Post these numbers
at the next segment meeting.
We could all use the morale boost.
- Layla, can you hear me?
- Look at Eagle News.
missteps of a top talent at UBA,
when the real drama
- is from their hate speech.
- Turn that up.
And the struggle for racial equality
at UBA just took another step back.
We've just received a cache of emails
and found a doozy.
Cybil Reynolds, legend of the industry
and UBA board president,
referred to The Morning Show
co-anchor, Christina Hunter,
as Aunt Jemima in an email
about her hiring.
- Yeah, you heard that right. Aunt Jemima.
Kyle, get me legal.
Call Leonard and set up a dinner
for us tomorrow night,
and then get me Chris.
Ugh. [SIGHS]
[STELLA] I found the email.
Cybil's talking to the rest of the board
about Q3 financials in 2020,
and she's pissed that UBA spent
so much money on
a two-year deal with Chris.
Somebody points out that
Chris would still be
making less than Bradley
when she was hired.
"We got her at a steal.
After all, Chris is popular enough
to be on cereal boxes".
- I don't see what's so bad.
- It's in Cybil's reply. She wrote back,
- "Aunt Jemima was on cereal boxes too
- [SIGHS] Oh.
and no one's buying her anymore".
- Buying her? What is wrong with Cybil?
- Did Chris leave yet?
- [MIA] Cory called her to his office.
You can go on in.
[SIGHS] Oh, Chris. Hi.
Never been up to this floor.
It's classy.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. Right?
The decor. Uh, top-notch.
- You want a painting? [CHUCKLES]
- What?
Oh. Uh Oh, God. Stupid joke.
- Sorry. How are you?
- I'm still catching my breath.
Yeah. [SIGHS] Listen,
I know you don't know Cybil,
but she has been a fixture here
for a long time.
But in any house,
fixtures need replacing.
I see.
You don't want me to sue.
Of course, we don't want it
to get to that point.
My team's already working on
how to make it right with you.
Favored nations with Bradley, of course.
A bonus in recognition of
your terrific work.
But I would love to keep this in-house.
We should do the news,
not be the news. Right?
We'll get back to you
by the end of the day.
Thank you for, uh, stopping by.
I just wanted you to know
how valued you are.
And I think I'm learning how much.
You're hiding.
Thanks for meeting me.
We'll have to make this quick.
Gotta get back to my full-time job
at the teacup.
Thank you for honoring your commitments.
Of course.
I'm wondering about how people
are reacting around the building.
Mmm. You mean what Cory's doing?
Well, if I had to guess I assume
he's having his lawyers
draw up a statement.
Yeah, I figured as much. So, just
You haven't heard anything else?
[CHUCKLES] I'm not
I'm not a spy, Cybil.
I don't need a spy, Alex.
I need an advocate.
I don't know what to tell you.
It's all right there in black-and-white.
Yes, I know how it looks.
I asked you here so we could figure out
the fastest way out of this.
Oh, I'm sorry. We?
Well, what if you interviewed me
on Alex Unfiltered?
I would like to speak on my own behalf.
I just don't think that
going on television right
now is the thing to do.
Are you telling me I need media training
after 45 years at the network
my grandfather founded?
I never said that. I'm just saying
this is a lot trickier
- than talking about UBA's stock price.
- I was thrilled when we hired Chris.
- Mmm.
Yes, she was inexperienced,
but it was the right thing to do.
[STAMMERS] This is This is
This is ridiculous.
It's a complete misunderstanding.
Yeah, well, whether it's a
misunderstanding or not,
I-I just I don I don't want
any part of it. I just don't.
You? [SCOFFS] Of all people.
What is that supposed to mean?
You know they all wanted you gone.
Cory, Fred. All of them.
I had your back, because
I know what it's like
when a bunch of men
decide a woman's sell-by date.
I had your back, and now
you need to have mine.
If I go down for this,
do you think whoever replaces me
is going to care about you
or what you want?
Let's face it. It'll be Cory
or one of his toadies.
And how has Cory
looked out for you so far?
Oh, yes. I know, Cybil.
I have actually felt your support
over the years. [INHALES DEEPLY]
It's funny how now all of a sudden
it becomes about sisterhood
and solidarity, because
now you need something.
Alex, this is how the world works.
- [ALEX] Wow.
- You know that.
I have no angle here.
I just want a chance to set
the goddamn record straight.
I've given my life to this place.
I won't be canceled over this.
[SIGHS] It happens to the best of us.
[SIGHS] You only breathe like that
[GRUNTS] when you're anxious.
Babe, it's gonna blow over, I promise.
But you gotta get your sleep.
3:30 is right around the corner.
[CHIP] Look, it's Cybil's
family's company.
You can understand why she'd try to,
like, use us to bail her out.
Come on. UBA's been a publicly
traded company for decades.
We don't belong to her.
Besides, everything on TV,
it gets canceled sooner or later.
I don't know why Cybil
should be any different.
She's not gonna stay quiet.
Well, let her get loud.
That doesn't mean we have to
put a resident daughter of
the confederacy on Alex Unfiltered.
Cory, trust me. I am not crazy
about this idea at all,
but that tired statement from the suits,
that just makes us look worse.
Cybil has an NDA.
She's not gonna be able
to tell her story to anyone,
and this has to be addressed and
we're the only ones who can do it.
- Period.
- Okay. How's Chris doing?
She seemed fine at the show today,
but I can't imagine she is.
I mean, from what I could see,
she was a total pro.
Yeah. She was great.
She came in, she did her job.
She didn't wanna talk about it,
which I completely understand,
- because it's our mess to clean up.
- It's not her mess.
- Uh, the mess is already cleaned up.
We issued a statement. I'm not sure
why you guys wanna chum the waters.
I'm not excusing what Cybil did,
but I understand the ask.
Sounds like she wants a chance
to defend her reputation.
What about UBA's reputation?
Let her go on Eagle News.
I I don't care about the NDA.
I'll waive it.
This is not gossip. This is newsworthy,
and everybody is talking about it.
If we ignore it, how do we look?
- Also, Cory, isn't this, like, your thing?
Like, the ratings, the whole circus?
I I don't like being leveraged
by someone who I know
is gonna be playing shuffleboard
in Boca in a week.
She is a dead man walking.
Her own board won't even talk to her.
Sorry, Cory, but there
is a solid argument here.
An interview on Alex Unfiltered would
show that we're taking this seriously.
And given how UBA covered up
Mitch Kessler's behavior,
not to mention the racial issues
around that behavior,
our best move is to get
ahead of this ourselves.
Fine, but I'd like to see first cut.
And, uh, if it's a circle jerk,
we're not airing it.
Wha Circle jerk? Ex What?
Is it just me, or is he in a hurry
to bury the body?
The fuck?
Rena, come here.
- What am I looking at?
- Salaries from the hack website.
It's not just Chris being
lowballed, it's all of us.
Well, maybe not all of us.
Hmm. So, you're saying it's a pattern.
Wait, what? Seriously?
I've been digging through the data dump
from the hack. It ain't pretty.
- [RENA] Oh, my God.
- This is crazy.
All the junior staff have had racist
shit said and done to us forever,
but now everybody cares
because it's Chris?
[JOEL] This is bullshit.
I swear to God, what's the
point of even working here?
Layla, can we review copy
for tomorrow in my office?
- Whoa.
- I'm gonna
Here's a copy for tomorrow.
Forget the copy.
What's going on, Layla? Help me out.
First those god-awful performance
reviews, and now this?
It took the leak of an email
about a famous person,
a rich and famous person,
to make anyone care about the inequality
that's baked into this place.
- And we're pissed.
- How pissed?
You might not have a staff by tomorrow.
Okay. Thank you for your honesty.
- I-I appreciate it.
Hey, Stella, we need an all-hands.
All right, everybody.
Thank you for coming.
We know that Cybil Reynolds' email,
and some unfortunate pay inequities
have made a lot of you upset,
and rightfully so.
[STELLA] We've all been through a lot.
We just wanted to get everybody
together and talk about it.
Talk about what The Morning Show
can do to make things right.
They're all looking at me, aren't they?
Hmm. Well, they're not
not looking at you.
Yeah, so anyone, anyone can talk.
Talk about how you feel. Um
- You're free to say anything
- That's right.
without fear of reprisal.
Management will not retaliate, okay?
Right, this is a completely safe space.
All right, fuck it.
you can't fire us for speaking out.
But you know what you can do?
Ice us out of assignments,
pass us over for promotions,
make it so unpleasant
that we'll quit on our own.
That way you stay clean.
Okay, Layla, I am not going
to let that happen to you.
But where's Cory? Where's Cybil?
[INHALES SHARPLY] They're not here
because they don't have to be here.
Look, they're betting that we're either
going to just shut the fuck up
and, you know, remain in our place.
All the talent that comes in here
who's Black and vocal,
they either quiet down or they leave.
remember our place?
Really? [STAMMERS] You're
amazing at what you do.
[STAMMERS] Why would you play
into the hands of people
who want you to see
yourself as a victim?
I mean, you don't see
how disempowering that is?
I don't think I was doing that, Yanko.
All right, look. Guys [STAMMERS]
bottom line, race
[STAMMERS] First of all,
it's a fiction, okay?
[STUTTERS] And it's being weaponized,
okay? We all know that.
Uh, do we? Do we all know that?
I'm not sure, uh
We're having the wrong
conversation, okay?
- [MIA] Well, we're
- Can I speak now?
- I mean [STAMMERS] is it safe?
- Uh [STAMMERS] Go ahead. Yeah.
All we're doing, Mia, right now
is checking boxes.
We're checking boxes,
we're scoring diversity points
on some spreadsheet, for what?
So that we can all feel better?
I mean, the thing that
we were railing against,
adjudicating on the basis
of skin color
I mean [STAMMERS] and if
that thing alone isn't screwed up
on so many levels,
then we're also being forced to choose
one racial identity when we're all mutts.
Look at me. No, I mean, I pass
for Sephardic Jew, I pass for Persian,
I pass for Armenian.
But because both my parents,
they're from Cuba,
you're gonna tell me now
that I'm just brown?
Yanko, aren't you
third-generation Cuban?
Yes, but you're missing the point.
- No Laugh all you want.
It's true. You're right,
it's funny, but
I'll get you a better example.
- Alex.
- What?
No, let's say that,
that you spit in a tube,
and you find out that your
great-grandfather is Black.
Okay, would that all of a
sudden make you Black?
He's got a point.
- [YANKO] Hmm?
- Oh, my God.
- Hmm?
If you were to send your DNA
to one of those places,
and you find out today that
great-grandfather's Black,
all of a sudden, Alex Levy,
she's Black? Is she Black?
Yanko, you're turning this into a stunt.
I'm pointing out the absurdity of this.
You don't see that? Wh
- Come on. You know it's not helping.
- What? No.
- [ALEX] At all.
- It It's the wokeness.
- That's what's not helping, Alex.
Would you do Take this
over, and I'll be right back.
- [STELLA] I'm worrying
- [MIA] Yeah. Keep talking.
[STELLA] We're, uh, getting
ourselves derailed here.
We are all well-meaning and, um
Chris, wait.
What was the point of that back there?
I thought it would help for everyone
to talk it out in the open.
Before you put Cybil on Alex Unfiltered?
Show what a friend she
is to brown people?
That decision's above my pay grade.
Mmm. Sounds like we both
need higher pay grades then.
Don't let Cybil or this
whole corporate machine
make you doubt your worth.
I never doubted my worth.
I just didn't know other people did.
I'm not one of those people.
Then why haven't you found me
a new anchor producer?
It's been hard to attract
high-level producers.
I can't imagine why.
What happened to the meeting?
I ended it. We weren't getting anywhere.
[SIGHS] How's Chris?
How would you be
if you were her right now?
Yeah, we're gonna have a lot of
shitty days until this goes away.
Will it, though? Go away?
Wringing our hands
over one email from Cybil
is like trying to put
a Band-Aid on cancer.
And, Stella, by the way,
it was our fucking job to know
that Chris and a hundred other people
were being lowballed
in the name of budget cuts.
And I'm the one who has to look at Julia
and Layla and everybody else
who's overworked, underappreciated,
underpaid on my watch.
But yeah. No, don't look
over there, you know?
Keep the show lean and mean.
Do more with less. Get creative.
Win the fucking ratings war.
Sleep in your office,
if that's what it takes.
'Cause that is what it takes
to keep the lights on during a pandemic.
To literally keep the lights on
during a hack.
How fucked up is it, Stella,
that I'm supposed to be
running the machine,
and I am a goddamn cog?
Maybe UBA is a plantation,
just with dental insurance.
- Yeah, you're right.
- I know I'm right.
But what does that say about me,
that I'm still here?
We're getting out of here.
We're getting drunk tonight.
- Stella, no. I don't have time.
- Do not make me pull rank.
That's an order.
We're getting out of here,
and we're drinking until
we can't see straight.
And I'm expensing all of it,
and we're inviting Chris.
- Now tell me, what color is it?
- Red.
[GASPS] Red. Good job, Naima.
Here, here. There you g Hey!
What color is this?
- [NAIMA] Orange.
- Orange! So amazing. Mmm.
Wh Oh, you know what's
next, huh? [CHUCKLES]
- You getting ahead of me, huh?
Oh, wow. Look at this. Green.
What's that? Hey! High-five, high-five.
Okay, you're being ridiculous.
Get off the floor.
"How has your week been, honey?"
"Well, I had to read
a racist email about me,
sent by someone I met exactly once.
Then our CEO offered me ho money
- to stay quiet.
- [MOUTHING] Stop.
And some reporter asked me
what I was gonna do about all of this.
And then my Black boss told me
that I should keep calm and carry on".
- So you wanna quit?
You know I don't quit anything.
I mean, you've put in enough time.
The Morning Show wasn't
supposed to be forever.
Come here, come here. [GROANS]
You know, we were fine.
We had enough in endorsements
to tide us over,
and I let you talk me into this job.
Whoa, whoa, I didn't talk you into this.
I told you I felt like
they were lowballing me,
- and you said we shouldn't push it.
- No, no, no, no,
I'm not gonna let you blame me for this
because these white folks
have lost their minds.
We should've taken them
for every dime they had.
- And now we can.
- No.
You sue once, you are forever
the woman who sues.
I'm sorry.
- If that's a reporter
- I'll handle it.
[SIGHS] It's Alex.
[CHRIS] Yeah, okay. [KISSES]
Mommy will be right back.
This better not take long. [SIGHS]
I'll take care of her, baby.
- Alex.
- Hi.
I'm sorry to drop by unannounced.
I actually did try to announce,
but you weren't picking up your phone
or answering your texts.
- It's fine. Come in.
- [ALEX] Oh, great.
Hey, Marcus.
Hey, Alex. Good to see you.
[CORY] Mmm.
Veal marsala, amazing.
I do feel bad for the baby cows,
spending their all-too-short lives
caged up,
never knowing the hellscape
that awaits them.
It tugs at the heartstrings, really,
but here, the veal marsala [CHUCKLES]
it tests the limits of my sympathy.
Let's cut the shit, Cory.
Why am I so far uptown?
Leonard, you know there's a world
beyond the Upper East Side.
Yes, which is why I live on
the Upper East Side.
We needed a little privacy,
away from prying eyes and
the hot takes of, uh, reporters.
So, what's the board thinking
about, uh, Paul's offer,
now that Cybil's email has been leaked?
[SCOFFS] We're over the moon.
I mean, racial scandals.
Great for business.
Point taken.
Let's dispense with pleasantries.
I opposed your appointment as CEO.
Since then, you've had some wins.
But you thrive on chaos, and
I don't and neither does UBA.
With that said, of course, I would, uh,
support Mussolini if he brought me
a deal from Paul Marks.
Never took you for a fascist, Leonard.
But you don't have the votes yet.
I can't publicly support you.
Do you really think Cybil
is the best the board can do?
Well, that non-answer
is all the answer I need.
And if Cybil is gone,
someone will have to take over.
Nature abhors a vacuum.
I've sat on a lot of boards, Cory.
And if the headache you'd give me
is half the aneurysm you've given Cybil,
then I'm not interested.
Did you know my father was a binman?
I'm sorry, a binman?
Oh, whatever you call them here.
worker, rubbish collector.
I watched him spend
his entire adult existence waist-deep
in the putrid detritus
of other people's lives,
and he did it without complaint
so that I wouldn't have to be a binman.
I have never been a binman.
I won't start now.
So, Cory, either you
clean up your own mess,
or you get the fuck out of the way.
- [MIA] Another round? Yeah!
- Hell yeah.
- Uh, your chest is blowing up.
- Your bra. Someone's calling your bra.
- I bet it's Chris.
- Tell her to get her ass down here.
[SIGHS, GROANS] It's Bradley.
Oh, does she want her
white guilt assuaged?
I know she means well, but
after Yanko's genealogy lesson
[STUTTERS] I can't do another
after-school special with the talent.
Sorry, Bradley Jackson.
Oh, Yanko.
Remember when he punched
that guy in the street?
Yes, I do.
Okay, I know I'm not allowed
to say it because of toxic masculinity,
but that was hot.
It was kinda hot.
Yanko can be problematic
- and also hot. [GASPS]
- And also hot.
- Did we say that out loud?
- Oh, no.
Is my phone listening?
I'm getting more drinks.
Hi, can I Yeah, thanks. Uh
- Wait, is that is that Kyle?
Oh, God, it is.
I'm gonna go talk to him
and find out what Cory's up to.
- No! You can't
- Yes.
- [GASPS] Kyle? Oh, my God.
- Stella? [CHUCKLES]
- Come on. Bring it in.
- Hi. Hi.
- Hi, uh
- What's up?
- This is crazy.
- Yeah.
Cory's meeting with the board right now.
He doesn't give a shit
about reforming UBA.
He's at war with Cybil, and we
[CHUCKLES] We're just pawns.
- What?
- I am a pawn. You're in the game.
What? What is that supposed to mean?
Cybil is your girl, right?
Or, I don't know
Wait, what?
You think that I'm
protecting her, that I'm
that I'm complicit in this?
Stella, I'm confused, why
are you taking her side?
It's like you're attaching yourself
to power wherever it is.
That's not my style.
Cybil may have issues,
but at least she's not trying to sell us
to Paul Marks like Cory is.
Well, Paul may be another overlord,
but at least he's writing checks.
Aren't you tired of everybody
in the C-suite crying poor?
What aren't you saying?
Paul and I, we used to work together.
We have a history,
and it's not a good one.
- Did he Did he do something
- No, no
[STAMMERS] it's nothing
like that. He's too smart.
If there's one thing about Paul
he's ruthless.
- Did you tell Cory?
- He doesn't care.
And who can you trust in that building?
The only way UBA can sell trust
is by putting it in all caps under
Alex Levy's face on a billboard.
[MIA] Oh. You came.
Looks like I missed a fun night.
- Hey.
- Hey, Chris, how are you holding up?
Yeah, I look like I'm in
the witness protection program, so
Do you want to duck
into someplace quiet?
- I mean, there's a
- I'm done with quiet.
I want to interview Cybil on TMS.
- Really?
- Alex and I talked about it,
and it should be me.
[MIA] Okay.
- Only do this if you are sure.
- [STELLA] Yeah.
You don't have anything to prove here.
[CHRIS] I know.
And trust me, the last thing I wanna do
is talk to Cybil, but I'm gonna do it.
Hey, imagine the ratings.
The ratings, yes.
Absolutely not. She's not doing it.
Alex Unfiltered is one thing,
but nobody is tuning into
The Morning Show's version
of Obama's "Beer Summit".
If he couldn't make it work,
we sure as hell can't.
I love the Hail Mary, but no.
I love Hail Marys too.
I especially love a Hail Mary
where a network's CEO leaks
an embarrassing email
to knock out his board chair
and, you know,
casually weaponizes 400 years of racism
to close a deal with a billionaire.
That's quite the accusation, Stella.
Before you tell me I'm wrong,
just know that your left eye
twitches when you're lying.
You let this get away from you, Cory.
No, no, no. Nope, I can't do it.
I cannot go on The Morning Show.
Cybil, you have to do this.
It's what Chris wants, and she
deserves to have her say too.
It's time for you to stop behaving
like some fragile white woman.
I'm fragile?
Could you have survived the '70s?
We are aware that you're formidable.
I keep running it back in my mind
over and over and over.
I can't believe I wrote that.
[CYBIL STAMMERS] I I would never
undermine another woman at work.
- Why would I do that?
- I don't know.
And I think you're just gonna have
to answer that on TMS.
Why? They've They've
decided who I am.
And you watch, after-after I'm gone,
they'll all pretend that
[STAMMERS] solved the problem.
And they'll still just cross
to the other side of the street
if they see a person of color.
I would [STAMMERS]
I would not say that part on air.
Oh, God.
[SIGHS] I made a joke.
A tasteless joke.
And now that joke is my legacy?
My family's legacy?
Eighty years of all that we built
is just wiped out by a
by a thoughtless email?
Cybil, it's so much more than one email.
You paid a Black woman
less than a white woman
for the exact same job.
And I understand that you don't think
that this is reflective of who you are,
but this is your chance to own it,
and you're gonna redefine it.
Still to come, we'll follow up
with Marge and Kathy,
identical twins reunited
after a chance run-in
at the Cider Days pie eating contest.
Can you imagine that?
You're just sampling
a slice of strawberry rhubarb and then,
- wham, your twin.
- [ALEX] I know.
It's competitive eating,
it's full of surprises.
[SIGHS] Up next,
a conversation about race
in corporate America
with UBA Board Chair, Cybil Reynolds,
and our very own Chris Hunter.
We'll be right back after this break.
[JULIA] And we're clear.
- Oh, my God. Fucking tough pivot.
- God.
- No shit. [SIGHS]
- Holy Jesus Christ.
And Chris has Chris has got
a lot of guts, taking this on.
Yeah, she does. She sure does.
[LINDA] Okay. We're three minutes out.
You're gonna stay on point.
Remember to breathe, right?
[GERALD] Remember,
it's a four-minute segment,
- and they might go just a little longer.
- [LINDA] Mm-hmm.
Well, the great thing about a live
broadcast they have to cut away
- to commercial at some point, so
- Gotta pay those bills.
It'll be all right.
Just wanna do a touch-up
before you head out there.
Those lights can be harsh.
I was thinking we'll do a quick contour
right at the cheekbone.
- Mm-hmm. Thank you.
- A little color. Don't wanna wash you out.
[LINDA] And listen,
you control the answers.
She does not control the answers.
- Hey. Hello, babe.
- Mmm.
This is not a race.
You're gonna be great.
You were born great.
What if I embarrass myself?
What if I do this and all anyone sees
is an angry Black woman beating up
on a defenseless little white lady
- That's not gonna happen.
- and
You got Mia in your ear
and me right offside.
- Mmm.
Come on, girl.
- Oh, dear, would you hold this?
- [GERALD] Yep.
- Ms. Reynolds, come with me please.
- Thank you.
- [STAFF] Okay, watch your step.
- [CYBIL] Thank you.
[WHISPERS] God Almighty.
Let's make sure we don't have
any audible delay.
[CREW MEMBER 1] Copy that. No delay.
Good to go for audio. No delay.
Check. Okay, everyone,
let's keep this tight.
Jim, I want you to stay closer.
You got this, Chris.
And in five, four, three
Welcome back.
A few days ago, a racially
insensitive email surfaced
from UBA board president,
Cybil Reynolds.
The email contained comments about me.
I haven't spoken out in public until now.
And here to join me as I do so is
the woman who wrote those comments.
UBA board president, Cybil Reynolds,
thank you for being here.
Thank you for having me on.
Now I know there was some furor,
well deserved,
over the statement that UBA
issued some days ago.
Um, it was inadequate,
to say the very least.
The mistake was mine and mine alone,
and I'm here to apologize in person.
Chris, I'm I am deeply
sorry for what I said.
Even in the heat of
a contentious hiring decision,
nothing can excuse what I said.
You mean calling me Aunt Jemima?
I didn't exactly call you Aunt
Um, I-I wanna set the record straight.
Uh, you know that Aunt
Jemima was on boxes
of pancake mix and not cereal, right?
I guess I know that now. [CHUCKLES]
[CHRIS] But this is about more than
just an offhand comment.
The irony of your joke is that
the Pearl Milling Company
used the image and likeness of
a Black woman to sell a brand,
I'm sure, with no profit participation.
My question is what brand am I
helping UBA to sell, in your eyes?
Look, words matter. Actions matter more.
And UBA has been sorely inactive
when it comes to equity and inclusion.
Now, the board isn't involved
with day-to-day operations.
We leave that to the capable
leadership of our CEO.
But when that leadership falters,
I have a duty to step in.
Don't you fucking dare.
She firing shots at Cory?
Oh, he deserves them.
[CHRIS] I'm not sure you're
answering my question.
[CHRIS] But let's talk
about stepping in.
What would that look like?
Do you even think it's possible
to win back the trust
of UBA's employees?
You know something? [SIGHS] I do.
I do think it's possible.
And it'll start with a dialogue
between UBA employees and the board.
From now on [STAMMERS]
you all will have a voice
at every single board meeting.
Now is the time for transparency.
That's great to hear, truly.
In the interest of transparency,
was I hired for a permanent
anchor position because I am Black?
Obviously not. No.
[CHRIS] But you see my confusion, right?
Because you used a clumsy
racist comment [CHUCKLES]
to complain about my hiring.
Did you think I wasn't
qualified, was that it?
Well [STAMMERS] now
in point of fact, at that time,
I did not believe you were qualified.
Uh [STAMMERS] let me rephrase.
[CLEARS THROAT] You were untested.
[CHRIS] Well, that's not exactly true.
Were you aware that I was
cue tested [CHUCKLES]
more than any other person who
has ever anchored this show?
That I had to have eight different
approval meetings
in addition to the strategy
discussions about my hair?
I was unaware.
And I still found time to, uh,
spend weekends with four former anchors,
developing my on-air skills.
Well, now that-that is impressive.
[STAMMERS] That's very admirable.
That aside, I don't understand
why you used
a racialized image when discussing me.
Is that how you see me?
Is that how you see us?
Would you want your entire career
reduced to one unthinking,
bone-headed thing you said in an email?
Haven't you ever said
anything [STAMMERS]
that later you came to regret
when speaking casually?
[CHRIS] You're in a leadership
position at this network.
And on your watch,
you let employees of color
be systematically devalued.
Is that something to be casual about?
Donny, tell the camera
to push in on Cybil,
- and keep pushing until I see her pores.
- We're supposed to break.
- You want me to cut
- No. No.
Okay. Camera two, push in. Closer.
I was careless, and
there isn't any excuse.
But you-you have to understand.
We don't just give this
opportunity to anyone.
Anyone who sits in that chair
has to be grateful
I sh
There it is.
I should be grateful?
Well, that-that your job
is so very hard to get.
I want to say, as for
UBA as an institution,
going forward, I think we've
We should move on from this climate
where racial divisions are exploited.
But that's every climate though,
wouldn't you say?
But yes, we will move on
from institutional racism
right after this break.
Keep it here.
And we're out. [MOUTHING] Wow.
Is that, um
Right. Of course, of course.
- Ready?
- Thank you.
[GROANS] Oh, my God.
[SIGHS] Let's go.
That was a crash and burn.
Mia, it's Cory.
- What? Seriously?
- I'll take it. It's fine.
What can I do for you, Cory?
Well, I just wanna say congrats
on that great segment.
And by the way, we'll eat
the cost of delaying that break.
I'll make it up to the advertisers
at upfronts.
Yeah, I have no doubt.
[CORY] Just let me know when
those ratings numbers come in.
- Layla,
aren't you gonna congratulate
Chris on a great segment?
Me? Why?
That's what anchor producers do.
Now get going.
You're not serious.
It's long overdue.
- You got it. Congratulations.
there are train wrecks and then there's
whatever that was on The Morning Show.
Cybil Reynolds didn't just step
in it, she danced a foxtrot.
[LEONARD] Uh, with that, I call our vote
of no confidence to order.
All those in favor,
please raise your hand.
Kyle, get me Paul Marks now.
And I don't care if he's
back on that rocket,
and I don't care if that rocket
has reached Jupiter.
You will charter me
transport to Jupiter.
You'll get me [STAMMERS]
an UberComet,
whatever the hell that is.
My friends in the assistant mafia
say he's in SoHo.
Oh, well, that's closer.
Yeah, I'll get the driver.
[AMANDA] Hey, thank you
so much for coming.
Well, enjoy your evening.
- Cory.
- Amanda.
- You got some pep in your step.
Recharged after sleeping
in your coffin all day?
[CHUCKLES] You and your
power suit never disappoint.
Uh, this event is private.
While I'm intrigued by your new, um,
bouncer cosplay, but Paul's expecting me.
If he were expecting you,
I'd know about it.
I know that you're paid
to be Paul's guard dog,
but don't toy with me, Amanda.
I'm not a fidget spinner.
- [PAUL] Cory.
- Nice to see you, Paul.
[SIGHS] Do we have
something on the books?
- No.
- Cybil's out.
We got the votes. Path is clear.
- Hmm.
- I'll take it from here.
Uh, look, Cory, I appreciate
you coming by,
but does this-this deal
have to be this hard?
Are you telling me you got to
where you are by doing easy deals?
I wanted to buy a legacy media company.
Legacy media means brand safety.
UBA is no longer safe. It's a shit show.
UBA is number one again, Paul.
Yeah, well, any car crash is
gonna gather a lot of eyeballs.
But here's the thing about
car crashes. They're fuck ups.
They're mistakes. They're accidents.
And I know you look at your
fuck ups as opportunities,
but I got an idea for you.
Maybe you don't fuck up
in the first place.
Where else are you gonna go?
NBN, is that who you're
meeting with in there?
I have options. UBA,
no longer one of them.
Thanks for coming by.
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