The Morning Show (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

The Stanford Student

[LAURA ON TV] The deal between
UBA and Hyperion founder Paul Marks
moved one step closer
to completion this week,
with UBA's board of directors
formally recommending
that shareholders vote on the sale at
the company's annual meeting next month.
Critics are calling the deal
reckless, even dangerous.
And as a former employee
of UBA, I have to agree.
Should a billionaire with an
outsized aversion to the press
be handed the keys to
a legacy media company
at a time when truth
matters more than ever?
Everybody's jealous.
[PAUL] So, there's been a
lot of noise about this deal.
Big tech shouldn't be involved in media.
Guys like me have too much
influence, too big a platform.
We've heard it.
Honestly, I'm probably the last
person that should be standing up here
because I'm probably the only
person in this entire room
that doesn't have a high school diploma.
- But, uh [CHUCKLES] I want to be clear.
I know what you guys do is essential,
and I'm here to support that.
So, to that end,
I am here to listen, uh, be available,
and hopefully to start the conversation.
So, if anybody has any
questions, fire away.
Yeah. What's your take on the hack?
And do we know who's behind it?
- The operating theory right now is Russia.
But I'm happy to have my
forensics team drill down into that
and hopefully get to the bottom of it.
Rest assured that from here on
out, your data will be secure.
That kind of thing does
not happen at Hyperion.
[MIA] What about the people who
work here at The Morning Show?
In this kind of a situation, a
lot of times people are laid off.
Right. Well,
my intention is to expand the
news division, not to gut it.
It's probably a little too early
to get into the specifics of that.
But once the ink is dry,
we will review the numbers.
Yes, Alex. You don't have to
raise your hand. [CHUCKLES]
Um, Hyperion is a
multinational corporation,
and you have close relationships
with governments, oligarchs
I'm not sure I would
characterize it that way, but
[ALEX] Well, how can we be sure
that news stories about Hyperion,
or its associates, won't be spiked?
[PAUL] Such as?
Well, your company has contracts with
a number of law enforcement agencies.
Alex [CHUCKLES] this
is not a press conference.
- We'll save that for after the deal.
- We're just asking questions.
- It's o It's okay.
- [ALEX] Just asking.
Yeah. What? Was there a question?
There are concerns that
a police force in Arizona
was using your security
software to [INHALES SHARPLY]
- racially profile certain people.
- [PAUL] Um
Uh, Norma Rae is coming in
a little hot this morning.
Well, right. Well, I'm not exactly sure
how to respond to a rumor. [CHUCKLES]
I'm just saying it's a possibility that
there's a conflict of interest here.
Uh, you know, on a number of issues.
- [MOUTHING] Yeah.
- [PAUL] I've stated it before.
I have absolutely no desire to determine
what is and what isn't newsworthy.
That is Stella Bak's job, and she
is more than capable of doing it.
Does that answer your question?
Not entirely.
Okay. Well, why don't we
sidebar that for later?
Oh, God. Are you kidding me?
Alex [SIGHS]
if you could avoid
accusing our new partner
of racially profiling the good people
of Arizona, that would be swell.
We don't know what this guy does
- or who he does it with.
I personally just think it's
a reasonable thing to ask.
Legal will be happy to walk you through
- Paul's extensive business interests.
But whatever personal
thing you two have
[STAMMERS] I'm sorry. Personal?
I saw your Miss Saigon
helicopter arrival. We all did.
You mean when I single-handedly
brought him back to the table
and saved your little deal?
A deal you blew up in the
first place? No, no, no, no.
You-You can't set a fire and then
expect a cookie when you put it out.
Okay, I get it. All right? I get it.
I pushed him out of the boat.
Brought him back into the boat.
- And it might've all been a little hasty.
But now we have him back. So we
have to just do our due diligence.
I want him on my show.
I wanna interview him.
We're close to the finish
line on a negotiation
- that has taken two fucking years
- Two years.
and every Ivy League
lawyer from DC to Westchester,
so can we skip you steering
that little boat of yours
right onto the fucking rocks?
I want this deal to go
through just as bad as you do.
But there are a lot
of skeptics out there.
- I get it. I get it. No, I see. I see.
- Great.
You really do. You wanna be a partner.
You want that seat
at the grown-up table.
- But it's not your turn, Alex.
- Wow.
- I need you to cease and desist.
- Mmm.
It's over. We vetted him.
I haven't.
- [AMANDA] Knock, knock.
- Is this a bad time?
- Mm-mmm.
- [CHUCKLES] Not at all. Please, come in.
- Yeah, I was just leaving. So
- Okay, thanks, Cory.
- Thank you, Alex.
Good to see you again, Alex.
Nice to see you.
[GRUNTS] Okay.
- What was that all about?
Uh, well, welcome to the wonderful
world of talent management.
- Hey. Hi. Sorry,
- we're, uh We're early.
- [SPOUSE] Hey.
- [BRADLEY] First time for you.
- You must be Cheryl. Hi, hi, hi, hi.
- Sorry. [GROANS]
- [CHERYL] Mmm.
- It's so great to finally meet you.
- Okay.
- It's nice to meet you too.
- [SIGHS] You're even prettier in person.
Oh, thank you. [CHUCKLES]
- [GASPS] And this must be Taylor.
- Yeah.
- [BRADLEY] Taylor, hi. Oh, h Okay.
- Why don't you say hi?
- Hi. Oh, it's okay. It's okay. Yeah?
- Hi, I'm your auntie Bradley. [CHUCKLES]
- Hmm. Look at her.
- She kinda has Mom's face a little bit.
- That freaks me out a little.
- Oh, yeah.
- I mean Dada. [CHUCKLES]
- I'm a dad.
- That's me. I did it.
- Wow.
- Okay. Come on in, you guys.
- Thank you.
Make yourselves at home.
- Wow.
Cheryl, I don't know how to deal with
- that pack-and-play thing.
- No, no, no, no.
- Don't worry. They're impossible.
- Oh. That's how you do that.
- That's how you do that.
I can't wait to see you do the news.
- Oh, right.
Oh, uh, hey.
I-I don't know if we're gonna have time
with the size of your to-do list, babe.
[CHERYL] Oh, really?
- [HAL] Uh, maybe next time. Right, Brad?
- Yeah.
But your bedroom's straight ahead
- Thank you.
- and I'll be right there.
- Hey, Brad. Are you, like, a prepper now?
- I'm not gonna let you starve on my watch.
All right, I am gonna
go help your lovely wife.
[CHERYL] I'm gonna send you
some stuff from your mom's house.
- Her Hummels would look perfect in here.
- [BRADLEY] Oh. I don't really Hummels?
- [CHERYL] Mm-hmm.
yeah, that that would be nice.
- [GLEN] Great to meet you.
- [PAUL] Indeed.
- [PAUL] We'll see the next time.
- [GLEN] Yep.
- Glen.
- Love that guy.
- Stella Bak. There she is.
- What's up?
- You're running late?
- [CHUCKLES] Sorry. Yeah.
Sports wants to build out programming
based on my Formula One team.
- They had a lot of ideas.
- Yeah.
- They've been banned from staff retreats.
Look at you [SIGHS]
running a major news division.
Look at you, buying
a major media company.
I always knew you'd end
up at a place like this.
I remember you telling me
that I wasn't cut out for tech.
And you ignored me, and
you built your own start-up.
I've been keeping my eye on you.
You're one of the reasons
I'm interested in this place.
So, UBA News. What's on your wish list?
Cutting right to it.
- Well, I am running late.
- Yeah.
I want more political coverage,
starting with midterms.
Even Gen Z are watching network TV
when democracy is a cliff-hanger.
- Okay.
- And we're missing huge market shares in digital.
UBA could piggyback on your search
engine and create a hybrid site
with curated headlines
based on search histories.
So you need resources to go on
the offensive using my technology.
Why are you here?
And And don't tell me it's
to save the fourth estate.
This place has been treading water
since Cory took over. Don't you think?
We've had our share of challenges.
Why are you covering for him?
- Paul. It's time.
- It's time. [SIGHS] Okay.
- Amanda.
- Stella.
- Great seeing you. We'll talk again.
Let's get a drink.
What is next?
- [CHERYL GASPS] This view!
[SIGHS] Wow. Wow.
They don't call it the
"Summit" for nothing.
The Empire State
Building looks gorgeous.
All I can think of is
Sleepless in Seattle.
Yeah. Which I have now
seen, like, 20 times.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I've never seen it. Is it good?
- You would love it.
- Yes.
- You would absolute
- Really?
- No, you would not love it. [CHUCKLES]
- Uh-oh.
- Hmm. Oh.
- Uh-oh.
[CHERYL] Aw, it's all the excitement.
[HAL] I think she's hungry, babe.
[CHERYL] Just give us a minute. Mmm.
It's okay, baby. Mama's got you.
- I love her.
- Yeah?
Oh, my gosh. Yes, she's amazing.
Don't mess it up.
Yeah. I'll, uh I'll
try not to mess it up.
Hey, I [SIGHS] I
didn't mean it like that.
- I'm proud of you.
- Hey, can I-I tell you something?
I'm turning myself in for
what I done at the Capitol.
- What?
Two days from now,
I'm gonna send Cheryl and the baby home,
and I'm going into the FBI field office.
She doesn't know anything about it yet,
so I'd appreciate it if
you didn't say anything.
[SIGHING] Oh, my God, Hal. [SIGHS]
You don't need me to tell you
how stupid that is, do you?
They are going to find me.
Are you cra They're
going through the footage.
- They're pulling in everybody.
- Oh, my God.
But they go easier on you
if you turn yourself in.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I do not need the FBI kicking my
door in, pointing a gun [STAMMERS]
No, Hal. Just no.
Brad, I'll I'll keep you out of it.
How are you gonna keep me out of it?
Five minutes after
you confess to the FBI,
they-they are gonna charge
me with destroying evidence
and-and making a false statement.
Both of those are felonies, Hal.
No, I'm sorry. You can't do that.
We have to put this
behind us. This is
[WHISPERING] This is already behind us.
I have already made up
my mind. I am doing this.
I just wanna let you know.
- [PAUL] Hi.
- [ALEX] Hi.
- You summoned me. Is this our sidebar?
Yes, it-it is. Come on in. Have a seat.
What can I do for you?
[SIGHS] Well, I I have a request.
You wanna meet my favorite oligarch?
Mmm. No.
Well, uh, I would I'd
like to interview you.
- I'd love you on my show.
- Hmm.
I know. I know you don't
do interviews. I know.
- But people are skeptical.
- Yeah, so you say.
And I think it's a legitimate
concern for the shareholders.
And this would be a
beautiful opportunity
for you to tuck them in and show them
- why they should support this deal.
- Yes.
I also think it would be a
great opportunity for you.
[STAMMERS] I said yes. Happy to do that.
- Yes. Oh.
- So [SIGHS]
No questions in advance.
That kind of thing?
- That's how your show works, right?
- Mm-hmm.
And I-I assume you don't
have a problem with that.
Okay. How's Thursday?
Thursday. This Thur This Thur
- This Thursday, Thursday?
- Yeah.
I have to be in Texas
next week. So, sorry.
No. Um, yes, Thursday. That's
great. Thursday it is. Perfect.
Do you have a residence
in this time zone?
We can certainly use my
place in the Hamptons.
- I can have Amanda set that up.
- Oh, great.
Did you think I was gonna say no?
Yes. Uh, kinda. I d [CHUCKLES]
Well, I think you're right.
I don't want there to
be any misunderstandings
about what's going on here
- Mmm. Yeah.
- with the deal.
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. [INHALES DEEPLY]
Um, right. So there. That's it. Great.
I mean [STAMMERS] Thursday it is,
in the Hamptons. So nice. All right.
- I'm really looking forward to it.
- Me too.
Great. Okay.
- Uh, you know, this is your dressing room.
- [SIGHS, MUTTERING] Oh, fuck.
Shouldn't I be the one to go?
I say we splurge. It's our anniversary.
What? It's not until June.
No, it's not. It is April
30th. Don't you remember?
When we secretly held hands in the park
while we were covering the
mobile morgue? So romantic.
That's when you're counting from?
- Well, when do you count it?
- Our first kiss. Like a normal person.
Come on. Niagara honeymoon package.
Bottle of champagne.
Cascading waterfall.
Honeymoon package?
I mean, that's just
what they call it, but
- Okay?
- Okay.
Hey, so Very subtle.
I need background on Paul
Marks. I'm interviewing him.
Wait, what? Uh, I thought
that guy had a camera allergy.
Well, he just got over it.
Okay. And Cory signed off on this?
I don't need Cory's permission
to interview him, all right?
I want the world to
know we're an open book
and we have nothing to hide.
Okay? It's happening. It's
happening. And in two days.
- [STAMMERS] What?
- What?
- What?
- [CHIP] No.
You see, I can't prep
an interview in two days,
especially for someone like him.
That's not possible.
Well, you're just gonna have
to put your social life on hold.
[GASPS] Wait a second. You
are each other's social life.
Oh, this will be fun.
You're just gonna get to
cuddle, read press clippings.
- You love that joke so much. Yeah.
- [ALEX] I do.
Listen, I have the whole
research department on it.
It's gonna happen, and we
can do it. You can do it.
All right, fuck it. Let's do it.
Okay. You put out feelers,
find out anyone who's related to him or
has slept with him. God willing, both.
- Maybe somebody goes on the record.
- Yep. I'll get into it.
- Okay. Great.
- [ALEX] Mm-hmm.
You know, he has bought or built dozens
of companies in the past 20 years.
There's gotta be somebody
who knows something, right?
Or hates his guts.
Okay. [SIGHS] Okay, here
we go. We're gonna do this.
- You got a sec?
- Yeah. Come in.
- Great.
crossed paths with Paul
Marks in Silicon Valley, right?
Briefly. Why?
What was he like back then?
Mmm, I don't know.
[STAMMERS] Same as now.
- Charming. Tall. [CHUCKLES]
- Right.
Um, you ever, like, hear any
shit about him or anything?
What do you mean exactly?
You know, "shit." Like a
hit-and-run, dead strippers,
blood transfusions
from a 12-year-old boy.
- That kind of thing, you know.
- Oh.
barely knew him. I was still in school.
- Right, okay. I just figured Maybe.
- Mm-hmm.
Why do you wanna know?
Well, he and Alex are going to
sit down and talk on the record.
So, obviously, if you
think of anything
Yeah, yeah. Sure.
Okay. Thanks.
[CHERYL] I wanna hit all five boroughs.
And there's a ferry to Staten Island
that takes you right past Lady Liberty.
- How much is that?
- It's actually free.
- [CHERYL] Really? It's free?
- Mmm.
Definitely adding that to the list.
And don't forget, babe, we have to
hit FAO Schwarz for the munchkin.
What do you guys think
about swinging by UBA?
Wow. Could we?
Yeah, I'll give you the
whole VIP experience.
You can watch me pre-tape a
segment for the Evening News.
[CHERYL] Uh, yes, please. Yes.
It's my pleasure. It'll be fun.
Thank you. This is so exciting.
I can't wait to tell everyone back home.
Hal, this is great. I
don't know what to wear.
[CHERYL] I think you look
incredible sitting up there.
- [BRADLEY] Oh, thank you.
- [CHERYL] Don't you think, babe?
- [HAL] Yeah.
- Yes, I know you've been here before.
Yeah, it was a while ago.
Hal, good to see you again.
And you must be Cheryl.
Yes. Thank you so much
for the VIP treatment.
Well, it's not as flashy as The
Morning Show, but we do all right.
Bradley, this guy's
having some tech issues,
so the signal might drop.
Yeah, no worries. Thank
you for organizing it.
I know it was a bit of a scramble.
I still think we should hold this
one until the hearings start in June.
We can discuss later.
[STAMMERS] Is this gonna
be on the news tonight?
It will indeed.
- Do you guys wanna step back here?
- Oh, all right.
- [BRADLEY] We're good to go?
- [GAYLE] Counting you in now.
- [BRADLEY] Thank you.
- [FLOOR MANAGER] In five, four, three
[BRADLEY] Ryder Flynt, thank
you so much for joining us.
You are currently awaiting trial
for assaulting a Capitol
police officer on January 6th.
Is that correct?
[RYDER] I-I didn't think he
or anyone else had the right
to keep us out of the Capitol.
It's the people's house.
The people were screwed.
So, the people, they needed to respond.
Did you believe the 2020
election had been stolen?
Hundred percent.
And after everything you've learned
since, do you still believe that?
No. No.
[BRADLEY] If you had known then that the
former president's
claims were baseless
[RYDER] I would've stayed the hell home.
I, uh
I lost my job. [SNIFFLES]
My family, they won't talk to me.
I wa I wanna just
pause right there. I
The loss of your family, do
you feel like it was worth it?
What the hell do you think?
[BRADLEY] I think we don't
pay enough attention to
the collateral damage of all of this.
Take your time.
So, I was thinking that
TMS could cross-promote
- Alex's interview with Paul.
- Yes.
Drive up our numbers, help UBA+.
I love it. I'll get a shit ton of
B-roll while we're at the house.
Great. So, if you get us
footage from that interview,
we can cut together a sneak peek.
Capitalize on all the noise
out there about the deal.
Perfect. Yep.
[MIA] Stella, what do you think?
It's your show. Just do what you want.
I'm just saying, we
have to walk a fine line.
It can't look like an ad, like
we're rolling over for him.
Come on. You know
that's not Alex's brand.
How's prep? Did you find
anything interesting?
Um, no. There's not a lot
of lead time on this one.
So, nothing?
Let's just say I'd have a better
chance of digging up Jimmy Hoffa
than finding this guy's yearbook photo.
Yeah, but does it matter? I mean,
w-we want this to be
a victory lap, right?
- Well, I think we're good here.
- Yeah. We are.
Okay. All right.
[MIA] So, were you guys [INDISTINCT]
Hey, Chip.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Uh, yeah.
[STAMMERS] Is there something
you wanted to [STAMMERS]
We need to talk.
[CORY] Take your family to work day?
Hal's wife wanted to see the studio.
Interesting choice to
do that interview today.
It had been booked for weeks.
do we have a problem?
Because in my experience,
Hal doesn't show up unless things are
about to get fucked six ways to Sunday.
Look, I am handling it.
Like you did last time?
Just stop interfering, Cory.
I know you think you're helping,
but you're just making it worse.
Fix it, or I will.
- Hey.
I'm sorry I'm late. [SIGHS]
Oh. [CHUCKLES] I missed you too.
- I need a drink. Can we get a drink? Yeah.
- Okay. Yeah.
- Did I tell you? I think Audra's pregnant.
What? [STAMMERS] Really?
Yeah. I walked past her dressing
room, and all the lights were off,
and she was sitting in
front of the mirror
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
rubbing her belly.
Well, maybe she was meditating.
[CHUCKLES] Audra meditating?
She talked through our
9/11 moment of silence.
- [SCOFFS] Yeah.
- So, how's it going
with all the craziness over there?
Wh What craziness?
Paul Marks. What's he like?
Oh. Uh, yeah. I-I don't
think the deal is done.
And who knows if it'll go through.
- Right.
- Yeah.
What are we doing?
What do you mean?
We meet up at Cory's party.
You invite me to dinner and then cancel.
And then tonight, you call me at
the last minute. Suddenly we're back on.
And I don't know where your head
is, but I know it's not here.
Well, I-I really [SIGHS]
I wanted to see you.
Did you really? Or did
you just need a drink?
Look, Hal's in town with
Cheryl and the kid and
Right. [SIGHS] Hal.
No, it's not like that.
I I know you hate him.
- I don't hate Hal.
- Yes, you do.
What-Whatever. It's fine.
I don't wanna get into it.
- Would you just talk to me?
I feel like we're on a bad first date.
I should probably go. I They're
gonna be wondering where I am.
Bradley, it's me. You
can tell me anything.
I'm a mess, okay? [STAMMERS] And I
don't want to drag you down with me.
I'm sorry.
I think I should get the check.
I really, really, uh really
loved that Scared Straight interview.
- Oh, yeah?
- I just wanna say, message received.
- All right.
- Meant a lot to me.
- You don't want to get locked up, Hal.
- No, yeah.
You think you're tough, but you're not.
Listen to me. I need to do this
for my family, for my sobriety.
- For your sobriety?
- Yes!
Oh, my God. Please do not weaponize your
addiction to prove some fucking point.
I mean, that is just a dick move.
Have you even thought about
what this is going to do to me?
Oh, my God. You're right.
I haven't thought about
what's gonna happen to you,
except for the fact that, like,
you could have deleted
that footage, right?
- All of it. You could have deleted it.
- That's a
That's what I thought that
you would do when I left DC.
And then I saw it on TV, and I thought,
"Why the fuck would she use
this?" And then I reali No.
Because then I realized that you
will do anything to get ahead.
- Me?
- Yes.
You are gonna ruin our
lives. You know that, right?
Well, you know what? I
learned from the best, right?
You turned in Dad. That kind
of fucked us all up, right?
- Wow.
- Except for you.
You've come out on top, haven't you?
Are you kidding me? Like, you think
this was some sort of long game
I was playing to get to New York
City and somehow end up on the n
What the fuck are you
even talking about?
I know what it is like to look
at my father and have no respect.
I don't want my daughter
to look at me like that.
[SIGHS] That would fucking kill me.
You think your daughter's
gonna respect her dad
who's locked up just
like our fucking dad?
You're gonna ruin her life. You're gonna
ruin Cheryl's life and ruin my life.
You know what? You-You're drunk.
I think that you should have
some water before you go to bed.
Oh, you're Jesus Christ on
the goddamn cross. Really?
- Mmm.
- [BRADLEY] Hey.
- [ALEX] Hey, you.
- Hey. [SIGHS]
You're here early.
Yeah, I just had some stuff
I had to clean off my desk.
What's going on? You okay?
Yeah, I-I'm, um You know, I
I really appreciate you [STAMMERS]
just always supporting me an
and having my back since I've been here.
It just It means a lot.
Okay, well, that sounds like a goodbye.
Is NBN trying to poach you?
No, I just forget to say it sometimes,
and I I know what you've done.
Yeah. A-And you didn't have
to do all that, you know?
I know. Okay.
- Oh, God. Honey, I have to go.
- Yeah.
Um, I'm interviewing
Paul Marks later today.
- Oh.
- I know it's just been, um [SIGHS]
Chip found out some information on him,
and I know I'm gonna have
to go at him really hard.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Well
- It's just not good.
The deal could possibly blow up,
and I hate the idea of
doing that to people.
- But if there really is something
- Mm-hmm.
- isn't it better to know now
- Yes.
- than too late?
- I know. I know.
It's what we do. We hold
people to account, right?
That's right. That's what we do.
That's what we do.
- Yeah.
- Okay. I'm around.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Okay.
- Have a good interview.
- Thanks, honey.
[ALEX] God, that was a long drive.
- Yep. [SIGHS]
- [ALEX] Okay, let's do this.
Should we just go in?
- [CHIP] I mean, yeah.
- Yeah. Let's do it.
- Oh, my gosh.
[PAUL] Sorry. Oh, he's friendly.
- [ALEX] Oh. Hi, there.
- Good. You found it.
- Oh, you're not dressed.
- The turn-on can be a little tricky.
- Excuse me?
Turning onto the road. It's unmarked.
Oh, right. No, we actually
[STAMMERS] We got it.
So, this is quite a beautiful
hidden gem you have here.
- [ALEX] Wow.
Uh, listen, I know it's probably
gonna take you guys a couple minutes
to get set up and whatnot.
Um, help yourself to whatever
you want, and I will go get ready.
Let's go. Buddy, come on. Let's go.
Okay, okay. Hi.
- Oh. No, no, no. That's fine. Thanks.
- Hmm.
So, uh Sorry. What are the rules?
What do you mean?
Well, do I know you? Do I not know you?
Oh, yeah. Just think
of it like, you know,
we're just meeting for the first time.
- Nice to meet you.
- [PAUL] Nice to meet you.
All right.
- All right. Everybody ready?
- [ALEX] Yes.
- All set.
- Let's do this.
Let's roll cameras, please.
So, why don't you do interviews?
- Well, I don't want to offend you.
- Oh, please, offend me.
Uh, I think they're a
waste of time, honestly.
Uh, I think people
come in with an agenda
and wait for the other
person to prove them right.
And I would literally
rather do anything else.
I would rather go
hunting with Dick Cheney.
I would rather stand in line at the DMV.
Well, then why did you
agree to sit down with me?
Because I think this deal is
important, and, um, you asked me.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Well, w-when
someone with your resources
acquires a company like UBA,
it raises a lot of questions.
So, why do you wanna add a
media empire to your portfolio?
Well, I don't have one.
Oh, so we're your trophy?
No. I think there's tremendous
profit potential at UBA,
and I hate fake news.
Says the guy from big tech.
Right. Okay. Um, sure. I get it.
I think we can all agree at this
point it's probably healthier
to smoke a pack of cigarettes
- than it is to log on to Twitter, right?
- Mmm.
But good luck keeping
people from scrolling.
I think the news can be fixed.
And I'd like to give it a
try before it's too late.
And you think you can fix the news?
I don't see anybody else with
their hand raised. [SIGHS]
And what makes you think
you're qualified for the job?
Well, the bar does seem
to be set pretty low.
Sounds like you don't have a lot
of respect for people that do the news.
Should we be concerned about that,
partnering with someone
that doesn't respect us?
I could ask you the very same question.
You thought I was so bad for UBA that
you ditched the Hyperion One launch.
Should I be concerned about you?
I mean, that is what happened,
right? And this is Alex Unfiltered.
Well, that might be what happened,
but it had nothing to do with respect.
There were, and there are still,
concerns about you buying this company
and I believe that
the jury is still out.
Oh, I I certainly hear that. That
You've made that very, very clear.
Is that why you were
hanging out outside my hotel?
You know what? Why don't we, uh
Why don't we just take a quick break?
- Okay. Sure.
- [PAUL] That okay?
- Be right back.
- Okay.
- Are you doing okay?
- Yeah.
Okay. Uh, are you gonna ask
him about the Stanford student?
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Hey, nail his ass.
I know. I know. I'm on it.
You ran an incubator in Palo Alto,
mentoring young innovators in tech.
I did. I started it
during the dot-com boom.
A lot of great ideas
came out of that project.
But then you stepped away.
Yes. Uh, our aerospace division
started, uh, gaining traction.
I was spending a lot more time
in Texas, so I handed it off.
Hmm. Any regrets?
Not sure what you mean.
Well, a former Stanford student
who was in that incubator
claims to have written a code.
A code that evolved into
the data analytics system
that you sell to
governments around the world.
Right. Well, that software
took years to develop
and went through hundreds of iterations
before it became what it is today.
Yes. But the initial idea was theirs.
Well, the initial idea was,
if I recall correctly, uh,
a GPS blocker for activists
- and dissidents
- Mm-hmm.
which we took to several
VCs, all of whom passed.
So then you bought it instead.
A billion-dollar idea at a
bargain price of 50 grand.
- Is that what you paid? Fifty grand?
- I bought quite a few ideas
out of that incubator.
Uh, all of those deals were,
at the time, industry standard.
Mm-hmm. Well, it also used
to be industry standard
that a director would fuck an
actress on a casting couch, so
Or a news anchor might have a button
underneath his desk to lock the door.
Are you rich because you
stole someone else's idea?
I never forced anybody
to sign any contracts.
That That person sold
their idea on their own.
But you did make them sign an NDA
and then took a progressive idea
and converted it into a
predictive policing tool.
Well, I mean, we both
understand the concept of an NDA.
One person wins and the
other person is silenced.
So, is it fair to use them
against young college students
when they might not
be experienced enough
to understand the implications
of what they're signing?
Now, everybody involved in this
transaction was an adult. [STAMMERS]
Well, this student did not
feel very good about it.
And, in fact, suffered
debilitating depression
as well as a suicide attempt.
Well, I'm-I'm s I'm
sorry. I had I had no idea.
Well, do you have any response?
To this former student?
To the people watching the interview?
Well, I think that,
You know, I used to sleep
on the floor of my factory,
sometimes for weeks at a time.
When we were developing the
first prototype for Hyperion One,
my engineers and I would work
18, 20-some-odd hours every day.
When I focus on something, I
tend to block out everything else.
So when I I finally
went home, my wife had left.
She had taken everything that was
hers, and the house was a blank.
I don't even know how long she'd
been gone. Could have been weeks.
I had to take a pretty
hard look at myself.
The way I treated other people.
The cost of what I was doing.
And I have since changed
my company's policies
as well as my own personal
behavior and beliefs.
So I think I probably owe that
student, at the very least,
a conversation.
Next question.
While the President says he'll work
towards a solution to
the current impasse,
congressional leaders continue to
push back on several key points.
- And when we come back
When we come back
Bradley, what's up?
- [GAYLE] Bradley!
When we come back, we'll take
a closer look at homeschooling.
We'll meet one mother
who, during the pandemic,
decided her kids would never return
to their traditional classroom again.
[GAYLE] And we're out.
Um, Brad's not here. She's
I know. I came to talk to you.
Can I come in?
I made a lot of assumptions
about you before even meeting you.
[CHUCKLES] That sounds about right.
I think [SIGHS]
I think I made Bradley choose
between us when your mom was sick.
I-I think that's how Bradley
felt, and that wasn't fair.
And I m I may have encouraged her
to cut you out of her life.
So you could have her all for yourself?
I'm sorry. [CLEARS THROAT] I'm sorry.
What I mean is that
I think Bradley wants to be
with me, and I want that too.
But we had dinner the other night,
and she seemed really anxious
about starting things up again.
And I think that had
a lot to do with you.
I mean, how I judged you.
She doesn't talk to me
about those kinds of things.
- [STAMMERS] I don't
- Well, I think she's scared to.
- Because whenever she brings you in
- I fuck it up.
- No. No.
- Yeah.
You see her in a way
that no one else does.
She can't hide with you.
If you could just support us, I think it
would mean a lot to Bradley and to me.
If I just had a chance,
I know I could I know
I could make her happy.
I'll I'll think on it. [SIGHS]
I'll think on it, okay?
- Well, that was fun.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, when's it gonna air?
Uh, next week. We're actually
gonna be editing this weekend.
So, Alex, you heading back to the city?
Uh, yeah, in a minute. Thanks, Chip.
Okay. I'm having some ideas
on the shape of the show,
so if you wanna talk while you
drive, cut the trailer tonight.
- You know how Mia's always hounding us
- Yeah, good.
Sure. I'll call you from the car.
Chip, let's go.
- Uh, yeah.
- Okay. Yeah, sorry. Let me walk you out.
Uh, just be careful on the turn.
- Thanks, Paul.
- You know it, guys.
- Have a good one.
- [CHIP] Thank you.
Well, you survived that.
Well, you didn't pull any punches.
Oh, well, that's the idea.
I'm curious though. How
did you find out about her?
This, uh, Stanford student.
Oh, you know I can't tell you that.
And honestly, I don't know who it is.
Well, it's fair game
that you did that. [SIGHS]
I like that you went there.
- You liked that?
- Yeah.
Most people in your position
wouldn't come after me
like that, but you did.
Well, UBA has certain standards,
and this deal doesn't change that.
Even if it does happen,
it's, uh, you know it's
not like we're in bed together.
- I mean mean it metaphorically speaking.
- [CHUCKLES] Right.
You know?
And literally.
No. We're not in bed.
- We should keep it that way.
- Mm-hmm.
We're in furious agreement.
I've never been more furious.
I don't think we should do this.
Right. Never happened.
- Um, I'm gonna go grab my
- Mmm.
I forgot my, uh
Forgot my coat over here.
No, where where's
My coat's right in my
Did I forget anything else?
Did you forget anything else?
I don't think you forgot anything.
I don't think I did.
Let's get married in Niagara.
- What?
- Let's do it.
Let's get a justice of the
peace and some witnesses
and some weird outfits
and just fucking do it.
Is that a yes or-or
- No.
- No.
- I'm sorry.
Uh, I thought this was what
you wanted. So, what is
What? Hold What? Did I
totally fucking misread this?
Uh, you are the one who's
been dropping clues for, like,
three months now, and-and-and
you talked about a ring.
[STAMMERS] I mean, maybe I didn't,
you know, propose in the best way.
We were planning a huge interview.
Just tell me what you
want. That's what we'll do.
I mean, tell me what you want. We can
I want you to ask because of me.
Not because of her.
[SIGHS] That's That's r
That's ridiculous. [STAMMERS]
Come on. [SIGHS]
[ALEX SIGHS] Wow. That was
a really nice way to wake up.
- [GROANS] Good morning. [GROANS]
- [SIGHS] Good morning.
Oh, there you go.
- Oh, God.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay. Okay.
[CORY] Hey. Too early?
No. No, never.
Listen, whatever interview stunt
Alex was up to, don't worry.
We won't use it unless it works for us.
Went well, actually. I think
it'll be good for perception.
Well, that's great to hear. Alex is
She's passionate about her work.
Well, she was, uh, phenomenal.
Uh [STAMMERS] stunning, really.
Kinda blew my mind, if
you wanna know the truth.
[STAMMERS] Well, um
[STAMMERS] you can see why she's
such a key asset to the company.
Sure do. Um
Hey, listen. I know marketing
is pushing for a new logo,
but I don't think Hyperion needs to
be so front-facing in the branding.
Keep it simple, right? The
less friction, the better.
Good. On that, we are simpatico.
Okay. I will talk to you.
Perfect. I
- [PAUL] Wow.
- Wow.
- [PAUL] Wow.
[BRADLEY] Laura. Laura.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry about dinner the
other night. I I was awful. Um
And [SIGHS] It And it was fine.
Hal is fine.
It was nothing.
I just miss you. I really miss you.
You know, I used to sleep
on the floor of my factory,
sometimes for weeks at a time.
When we were developing the
first prototype for Hyperion One,
my engineers and I would work
18, 20-some-odd hours every day.
[PAUL] How does it play?
When I focus on something,
I tend to block out every
You come off well.
You could've talked to me.
I had no idea you felt that way.
I wasn't sure how I felt.
How about now?
I'll have my lawyers reach
out. I can leave quietly.
I don't wanna make this
transition any more uncomfortable.
So, you're gonna quit?
Yeah. I think it's for the best.
Stella, come on. UBA
is stuck in the past.
They need someone with a vision
to move this place forward.
I think that person is you.
- Cory might disagree.
- Cory won't be here.
I'm sending you an offer of employment.
As soon as the shareholders
agree to this merger,
you will take Cory's job.
That's a big leap.
There's gonna be a lot of pushback.
Well, what did we always say?
We don't play by the rules
- We make them.
What do you think, Stella?
You wanna run this place?
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