The Morning Show (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

Strict Scrutiny

[CORY] I would like all you
summa cum laude needle dicks
to stop headfucking the deal
points and start closing.
Close, close, close, like
your life depends on it.
You're a primordial man
on the savanna. It's hot.
That antelope is faster, but you are
fucking ravenous, and you can smell it.
The antelope is getting tired,
and you've got a rock in your hand.
All that's left to do is
bludgeon that poor beast to death.
So, I don't want to hear any more about
preferred stock or debt assumption.
I want death in the afternoon.
Cory, I need a word.
I know you reached out to her.
And I'm not blaming
you, she is a legend.
- What are we talking about?
- [GROANS] Don't play coy.
This is a serious fuckup.
She's been calling the
Justice Department every day.
The IG is spooked now, and
[STAMMERS] if this doesn't stop,
they they're gonna
put us under review.
It's fine, I'll talk to her.
Shut her down. We don't need this
kind of scrutiny. Not right now.
- I said I'd handle it.
- Good. Do that.
Uh, your two o'clock is running late.
Uh, cancel my afternoon and
have my car pulled around, okay?
- Got it. Should I send your tux somewhere?
- No, it's a quick trip.
Oh, wait, uh, Bradley wanted to
talk to you. She's in your office.
Bradley Jackson, to what
do I owe the pleasure?
Hey. Uh, yeah, I just
wanted to see if you
got the text that I sent you about Hal.
I I I just didn't
hear back from you.
But needless to say,
it's all taken care of,
and he's really getting
his shit together
and, um, just really
focusing on being a good dad.
A-And you're, uh, Aunt Bradley now.
Yeah, that's right.
It's kind of amazing.
But I I just wanted to
say sorry about the other day,
'cause I know when he is here,
it can be a little hectic.
Hey, uh, I have to head up to
Connecticut for a quick meeting.
Why don't you come up with me?
We can talk about it in the car.
Uh, yeah, I just have to be back
here by 5:00 p.m. to do the news.
It won't take long. I'll have you back
in time for the news and the party.
what's in Connecticut?
Well, it's not a what, it's a who.
A political strategist
with connections to the DOJ.
She's making calls, uh, about
the deal, and we need her to stop
before she blows up
the whole goddamn thing.
- Whoa. Yeah, okay.
But why don't you just call her?
Uh, yeah, 'cause she
needs a little handling.
And if you're there, she will be on her
best behavior. We will be in and out.
There's a couple options, uh, for
breakfast that we can order from the
Okay, well, why don't you put that
away? I am making you a frittata.
Well, sh should I make some toast?
[CHUCKLES] Toast is already toasting.
Maybe some fruit. I'll cut up
a little bit of this cantaloupe.
Or, Alex,
you could just sit back and relax
and let me make you breakfast.
- Okay. Coffee's ready.
- [ALEX] Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Pretty nice, huh? [SIGHS]
Well, that's an understatement.
Did you know that you
talk in your sleep?
I absolutely do not.
[CHUCKLING] Oh, okay.
Okay. What What did I say?
Oh, you were saying
something about, um, Dana.
Ah, yes, Dana.
So, is that an ex-girlfriend?
- Favorite stripper?
Well, I could never
have a favorite stripper.
- My gosh.
No. Dana was the love of my
life. She could do no wrong.
Oh. The one that got away?
Yeah, you could say that. She was my dog
that I had growing up as a kid.
- Oh. [CHUCKLES] A dog Dana?
Hey, listen, I just wanted to
say that it has been a long time
since I've done anything like this.
[SIGHS] I don't date a lot of people.
Come on. I call bullshit.
- Divorced, workaholic, control freak.
How appealing does that sound?
- That sounds very, very, very familiar.
[CHUCKLES] Scared my
daughter all the way
back to England to live with her father.
So, that says a lot about
Well, I don't know. I
mean, 20 years of marriage.
You lasted a lot longer than I did.
No, well, it was over way before
we The divorce was final.
It was just I was afraid
of what people would think.
I just didn't want to
hear the noise. [SIGHS]
I think it's why I packed that
part of me away a long time ago.
You know, you do get used
to it though. Being alone.
I think it's why this is a little
terrifying. Just a little bit.
[ALEX] Right?
I get it.
Well [SIGHS] I don't wanna stop.
Do you?
[PAVLO] Hello?
Pavlo, you're a difficult
man to get a hold of.
- [PAVLO] I'm busy.
- Okay, then I'll make this quick.
That That photographer, André,
did you get him out of
Mariupol two weeks ago?
[PAVLO] Who?
[IN RUSSIAN] The hospital bombing.
We paid you to get André
in and out, remember?
So, did you get him out?
get that footage. Do you understand?
don't know where he is.
So, find him!
Amanda, hi.
Paul looped me in on the
conversation you had last week
and asked that I deliver this in person.
Yeah. Um, about that. I'm gonna
need my team to look it over.
They can reach out to me directly,
but there are no surprises in here.
Thanks. I'll take a look.
Paul is very excited to be
back in business with you.
Wait, we're not going to an office?
Nope, this is it. [SIGHING]
All right, just one sec.
Okay, let's go.
Hi, Mom.
That's Bradley.
- Hello.
Oh. [SCOFFS] Where are you going?
Well [SIGHS] I thought
you said I had to, uh, scoot.
Well, that was a terrible idea.
- I think so too. [SIGHS]
- I mean Okay.
- So then I'll see you tonight.
- Yes. Yeah.
Speaking of, uh, you
and me and this whole
Mmm, terrible look.
Press will not like it.
Neither will the board. So, at
the party, we will be cordial.
Mm-hmm. Friendly.
- Yes. Not too friendly.
- No, appropriate amount of friendly.
Right, just appropriate.
[ALEX] Yeah.
- Too much?
- [ALEX] Feel like that's
- Just a Just a tiny bit.
- Too much. Okay. I'll go. I'll get going.
Hey, there. Still works.
I was looking through your SEC filings.
You love a bit of light reading,
don't you? What'd you think?
Surprised at how low your
content library's valued.
- You have very strong franchises.
- Well, that's the way the bankers play it.
They undervalue the library,
so the shareholders are thrilled
that Paul Marks is paying a premium.
Your business, it's all
smoke and mirrors, isn't it?
Media is politics by another name.
Mom is a genius. You wanna
win votes, you talk to her.
I'm happy that you
made the time to see us.
I know that you've got a
couple of things cooking in DC.
Please. You know I don't do much.
Just a little consulting.
[CORY] It's a lot more than that.
Hey, why don't you show
Bradley your office?
Oh, wow.
[CORY] Oh, yeah. Mom was,
uh, Ferraro's press secretary.
I loved her. She got a
little kooky towards the end,
but that's what happens when
you're a woman in politics.
It breaks everyone.
You'll see, when you get to
my age, how far you've come
and how far you have to go.
The current is so strong, you wonder
if you're swimming forward at all.
There. Honorary campaign member.
Are you sure? I mean,
she's such an icon.
[MARTHA] You're an
icon, Bradley Jackson.
True feminist. Cory was
smart to bring you in.
Well, we're all fighting the good fight.
It was a proud moment
for women everywhere
when you told the world on live
TV that you had an abortion.
Oh, thank you for saying that, Martha.
So many of us didn't have a choice.
Not that I don't love my boy
but it would have been
nice to have had a choice.
It's okay, Mom. I know that you
can hold both things in your heart.
Speaking of your illustrious
career, I wanted to bend your ear
- about something
- Oh, no, no. I'm not listening.
No more business till after we eat.
I bought some lobster.
Oh, wow. Thank you. Uh
Yeah, I-I'm not sure we're
gonna have time to have a meal.
Only because I have to do the news.
I see.
A short visit.
Well, we'll just have to make
the best of the time we have.
Will you excuse me for a moment?
Why'd you do that?
What about the money? It's
low for a Fortune 500 CEO.
I could quibble with the stock package,
but the fact is, you have no quotes,
and the base plus the bonus
comes to 14 million a year.
I feel like I'm in The Twilight Zone.
Like, this doesn't happen,
right? This isn't normal.
- It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
- And you think I should take it?
I think it's what you've
been working towards.
And you've always been
ahead of the curve.
Walk me through the timeline.
If I say yes, what happens next?
We counter by the end of the week.
Um, nothing excessive, but there
are a few places to come up.
And there are some protections
that we'd need to build in.
And then they would quietly start
to put together Cory's exit package,
and you would decide who at UBA
would stay and who to replace.
But we don't announce until
everything is ironclad.
Right. What if I sign
and the deal falls apart?
Ideally, no one ever knows
there was even an offer.
Okay, but what if someone finds
out? What if Cory finds out?
[CLICKS TONGUE] Things would
become untenable at UBA.
But we'd find a safe
place for you to land.
So either Cory goes, or I do.
Hey, Mom, why don't you,
uh, come up and join us?
I don't think I will. Tell
Bradley I'm not feeling well.
She doesn't want to be
here, and neither do you.
That is absolutely not true.
I r-really appreciate you having
us over, and so does Bradley.
Do you remember the last
time you came to visit me?
I kn I know that it's been
a [STAMMERS] a while.
It was a few months into the
pandemic. My friend Thomas died,
and you came by, and we played
dominoes and listened to the rain.
That was such a nice night. It
helped me through a difficult time.
Hey, I'm sorry, Mom. I
I I've been really busy.
I know that's not an
excuse, but it's true.
And of course we can stay,
okay? We'll have an early dinner.
- All right.
- Great. I'll get started in the kitchen.
It's strange. You look just
like your father right now.
You're about the same age
he was when he left us.
We're staying for dinner.
What? No, no, no. You said in and
out. I don't have time for this.
- Bradley, this is important, okay?
- No. You don't need me here.
- This is garden-variety mom shit.
- We will leave right after dinner.
I gotta get back. I I'm gonna text
Gayle and tell her I'm gonna be late.
Don't worry about the evening news.
What? You know, my mom
went through a meth phase,
where she stole money
from my wallet and shit?
Your mom actually seems
sane, and she cares about you.
I emailed Gayle. Josh is
gonna cover evening for you.
You can't do that.
That's This is my job.
Hey, and I'm your boss.
If you've got a problem with
it, you can talk to HR tomorrow.
In the meantime, there's a
bottle of wine in the fridge.
Why don't you open it, okay?
- Alex, just
- Yep. Oh Sorry. Yes.
I haven't been to one of
these things in forever.
Hmm. This is gonna be a fun one.
Raise a million dollars
for the Fashion Institute.
And it's a good photo op, right?
Paul Marks and UBA's news anchors,
showing the world how excited
we are about this deal.
- Someone doesn't sound that excited.
- [CHRIS LAUGHS] Yeah, I don't know.
There are studies that show power,
it actually changes the brain.
It erases the ability to empathize.
It makes me wonder, what does
Paul Marks really care about?
I [STAMMERS] Listen,
just talk to him tonight.
See what you think. I think he's
[STAMMERS] kind of interesting.
Yeah, I'm a little nervous, though.
- Why? Because of the carpet?
- [CHRIS] Yeah.
Interviews? Those people? The vultures?
Oh, s Fuck 'em.
- Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em. [CHUCKLES]
- [ALEX] Fuck 'em.
[BRADLEY] Martha, is there
anything I can help with?
- I feel Okay.
- [MARTHA] No, no. You just sit tight.
This is an old family tradition.
Cory always does the honors.
- They scream. I find it very unsettling.
Mom, that's just the, uh,
steam escaping, you know that.
Do you always have to boil them alive?
- Yeah, it's the only way.
- [BRADLEY] Mmm.
Just think of them as bugs.
Sometimes they thrash a little.
But Cory doesn't mind. He never has.
Uh, Mom, we've had this
conversation before.
It is a little barbaric. Poor
things. Powerless to fight back.
Now, Bradley, I don't want to pry,
I d I don't even know
if I'm allowed to ask,
but what happened with Laura Peterson?
Oh, of course you can ask.
Um, well, actually, during the pandemic,
Laura and I had a bit of a rough go,
but [STAMMERS] my mother passed.
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah. No, thank you.
Um, but we've just decided that
we're gonna give it another go.
Oh, that's wonderful. I see.
When you showed up with Cory today, um,
I thought Well, a little part
of me hoped that he was going
Mom. Bradley and I are colleagues.
I just thought you two would
have a lot to talk about.
Of course, of course. I'm sorry.
I just wish I could convince
him to bring someone home.
I haven't met a single
woman Cory's dated.
- All these years.
I guess the right one
just hasn't come along yet.
- [PHOTOGRAPHER 1] Over here!
- [PHOTOGRAPHER 2] Fantastic. Thank you.
perfect. Thank you.
[PHOTOGRAPHER 4] To the left.
[REPORTER 1] Yanko, you know
I gotta ask about the hack.
Oh, yeah, the hack.
Yeah, of course, the hack.
Yeah. I mean, look, I could explain
my my proclivity for women who
who are predominantly, uh, Slavic
in in in origin. I could do that.
Should I have to? Absolutely not.
I think my personal life
is my personal life. Right?
No. I'm, um I meant more generally.
Oh. [STAMMERS] Generally. Y-Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Of course. Yeah.
- Chris Hunter. You look stunning.
- Aw, thank you.
Can you tell us what
tonight is all about?
Yeah. Well, we're partnering
with Valentino, um, to support
the Fashion Institute of
Technology's scholarship program.
We wanna give a voice to people
who do not always have one.
[REPORTER 2] You have been
doing a lot of that lately.
Any follow-up from your
conversation with Cybil Reynolds?
Has UBA achieved your equity pay goals?
They're working on it.
So, that's a no.
I would not be here tonight
if I did not have faith that
UBA would do the right thing.
Something we're all
very passionate about.
Over here! Alex! Over here!
[CHRIS] It was nice speaking.
Likewise. Enjoy your night.
Mmm. You good?
Yeah, still trying on
- this whole Social Justice Warrior thing.
- [MARCUS] Mmm.
- [PATRICK] Alex! Wow. Wow.
- Patrick. Hello. How are you?
- I'm so great. You look amazing.
- Thank you.
We've seen the promos for your interview
with Paul Marks on Alex Unfiltered.
What can we expect?
Well, I do not take it easy on him,
if that's what you're getting at.
- [PHOTOGRAPHER 1] Alex! Over here.
- [BOTH] Thank you.
Paul, can we get a photo?
- [PAUL] Hello.
- Hello, Mr. Marks.
Wow, did Cary Grant
just walk in the room?
I didn't think I'd see you in a
tie unless you were in a coffin.
[CHUCKLES] I'm actually
planning on being composted.
- You look fucking amazing.
- Thank you.
- Ms. Levy. May I?
- [ALEX] Oh, yes.
Oh. [STAMMERS] You know what?
- Chris, get in this photo.
- Aah!
- Don't wanna hog the man of the hour.
- Wow.
- That's quite a dress.
- [CHRIS] Thank you.
- [PHOTOGRAPHER 2] Closer together.
- Sure. Don't know where to put my hands.
You're vibrating.
- Oh, uh, yes, I am. Sorry about that.
- Mr. Marks.
- [PAUL] Sure.
- Wow, this Thanks, guys. This was great.
- Thank you.
[REPORTER 3] Can you tell me
about Hyperion's upcoming launch?
You're still on track for an
August launch of Hyperion Two?
Yes. Yes, we are. In fact, uh,
we are sending a few astronauts
up to the International Space
Station to conduct some tests at NASA.
[MIA] Where's your suit? Huh?
[ASSISTANT] I'm gonna
go change right now.
Gayle says Joshua's ready to
broadcast downstairs at 6:30.
Have you heard from Pierpaolo
about tomorrow's show?
- Got a couple of FIT students lined up
- No.
- so [SIGHS]
- Um, but I'll let you know.
- What's up, Stel?
- No, it's nothing. It's
It's just your run-of-the-mill
existential crisis.
Talk to me.
Do you think things could
be different around here?
- Different how?
- Better programming.
More resources for stories that matter.
Younger voices. Less overt racism.
Is that what Paul Marks wants?
Not exactly, but he does want
things to change at the top.
The very top.
You mean Cory?
Oh. Wow.
It's crazy.
And we are not having
this conversation. [SIGHS]
Would you take that job?
Wanna run the news division?
Wow. Stella.
Cory's been good to me.
- [STELLA] For the most part.
But I have to do this. Right?
Ask me how I felt when Chip got fired.
Failure for Cory means a big, fat check
and another turn in the grand game of,
um, corporate musical chairs.
There are only so many jobs at the top.
White men don't give them up willingly.
No. They don't.
But do I wanna be like them?
Please. You already stepped
over a few bodies to get here.
I think the only difference
between us and them
is that we let the ghosts torment us.
They don't.
- Pierpaolo.
- Hey. Ciao, Alex. You look beautiful.
Aw. Well, thanks to your dress.
- I want to talk to you
- [ALEX] Yeah.
- about the scholarship.
- Ah, okay.
I think we can do much
more for the students.
This is something so close to my heart.
Yes. Let's do it. Let's go talk it out.
Yanko told me his date,
um, canceled last minute.
- Is that the same girl?
Oh, God. That poor guy.
Oh, he can hang out with us, right?
I mean, we'll keep him company.
Right? I mean, he'll he'll be fine.
But whatever you do,
no talking politics.
- It's not gonna end well
- What I miss? Here you go.
- [CHRIS] Nothing.
- [YANKO] Alex. Hello.
- Oh, thank you.
- [YANKO] Hey.
- Sure. Cheers, babe.
- Cheers.
Babe, you think I can
pull that suit off?
- Oh, yeah. Pink all day.
- Oh, gosh.
- Pink all day.
- I think you can.
- Excuse me for one second.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah. Well, I wanna know.
Because I want it taken care of.
- [ALEX] Hi.
- Okay, yeah.
- [ALEX] Hey.
- Hi.
You don't seem okay.
Yeah. Uh, sorry. [CHUCKLES]
Just tell me what's going on.
[STAMMERS] I mean, you don't
have to, but talk to me.
The Vault has a picture of us.
And it's pretty clear
that we're together.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah, no. I'm I'm on it.
I'll I'll fix it. I'll get
rid of it. I'll take care of it.
I've got people on it, but, uh
Um Have you s Have you seen it?
- Yes. Yes, I have.
- You have?
- Yes.
- Can Can I see it?
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God. How did they even get this?
- I have no idea.
Fucking Vault. They're
the ones who outed Bradley.
- They don't give a shit. [SIGHS] Wow.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah. [SIGHS] Yeah.
Well, the way I see it, there
are two ways to handle this.
- [ALEX] Okay.
- Um, one is that we
we release a statement,
saying that we are [SIGHS]
[ALEX] Hmm.
- happy and [CHUCKLES]
- [ALEX] Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- we're adults and we are
- Mmm. [GROANS]
We can't do that.
The, uh, board, it it will
not exactly celebrate this.
So, option two.
Option two is money. All
these people want is money.
So, we pay for it, we buy it, we
kill it. And this never happened.
Yeah. It never happened.
Okay. Never happened.
[MIA] Hi, Paul.
- Alex.
- Yes.
Uh, Alex. Pierpaolo needs a
quick word with you. Is that okay?
- Will continue that with you later. Okay.
- We will. Of course, we'll talk.
Look, of course I'm thinking
seriously about Paul's offer.
So, let's go back at them on a couple
of deal points, but you're right,
this is a once-in-a-lifetime
I just need a little more time.
- [JIMBO] Was she expecting you?
- [KATE] No, she's not.
- Sue, I gotta go.
- [KATE] I'm an old college friend.
- [JIMBO] I'm not sure where she's at.
- [KATE] There she is.
Surprise. [CHUCKLES]
Uh, Ms. Bak. She s
She says she knows you.
Yeah, yeah. It's fine. Sorry.
[JIMBO] Sure. Uh, no problem.
Hey. Uh, sorry, I
guess I'm underdressed.
Hey, Kate. How are you?
Um, well, I just got
fired. So, I'm great.
Um, can we talk?
I I mean, I know you're
busy. I-It won't take long.
Of course. Let's talk.
So, what happened at Hyperion?
Paul and I had a, uh
philosophical disagreement.
Been there for 12 years. You'd think
my opinion would mean something.
And then I just walk in one day
and my badge stopped working.
I called you.
I know. I was gonna call
you back. There's just, um
There's been a lot going on.
Yeah, that's the thing with the
news, right? There's more every day.
I saw the, uh the
promo for the interview.
Yeah, you should watch
it. Alex didn't hold back.
[CHUCKLES] So, it's
actually happening, huh?
He's buying UBA? That's fucking crazy.
Mmm. Yeah. Well, uh, the
DOJ still has to approve it.
The shareholders have to vote. So,
you know, it's still a ways off.
Stella, what did he offer you?
Must be pretty fucking good if
you're running cover for him.
I'm sorry, "running cover"?
[SIGHS] You should be investigating him.
You should be looking
into what he's doing.
But you're never gonna
do that now, are you?
Our legal team has peeked at
every piece of paper, every asset.
If there was anything to worry about
Jesus, Stella. Listen to yourself.
The man just walks in here and makes
you do whatever the fuck he wants.
This is how you are with him.
This is how you're always gonna be.
He owns you. You just
can't fucking see it.
He's down the hall right
now. Let's go talk to him.
- Sorry you lost your job. I really am.
But you need to stop blaming
everybody else for all of your shit.
There's nothing I can do for you.
I guess maybe you two
do belong together.
Maybe you should take over
the world together, you know?
Who gives a shit if the rest of us
get fucked over in the process, right?
- Kate.
You know that night
when you got your stomach pumped?
I just sat in that waiting room.
I kept thinking over and over and over,
"Please don't let my best friend
die. Please just let her live.
'Cause I just wanna go back to
us being in our dorm rooms
and playing video games
and being stupid with each other."
And then, after all that, you
just stopped talking to me.
You even blew me off in Texas.
So I don't have a fucking clue
why I'm still trying to help you.
[SIGHS] You will always choose him.
Goodbye, Stella.
- Cory was so shy.
- [BRADLEY] Mm-hmm.
He really had a hard
time with other kids.
And I had to remind him,
"You're smarter than they are.
You're too smart for them.
You're surrounded by kids who
will become insurance salesmen
and accountants and middle management,
and you're not going to do that.
You have my fire. You're
gonna scar the world."
You know that phrase,
"The world is my oyster"?
- Shakespeare.
- [BRADLEY] Mmm.
People forget the second half is,
"Which I with sword will open."
You have to open the oyster of
the world with a fucking sword.
And you should have seen Cory.
He took one of those light-up
swords and started smacking
- the bushes in our backyard
and the next day,
he walked into class
and he punched the first bully he saw,
- and he got suspended.
We had to have a talk
about strategy after that.
He has fire. He always has.
Well, it's very clear where
he gets his superpowers from.
You must be so proud of
everything he's done at UBA.
I am.
Um, Cory, wasn't there something that
you wanted to talk to your mother about?
What's that, dear?
Right, yeah.
Um, I heard you made some
calls for us to the DOJ.
Yes. Well,
I still have some tricks up my sleeve.
I'm having lunch with
Ed Mundy this week.
He's really the one
who greases the wheels.
I didn't want to tell
you until I had good news.
Wow. Well, thank you.
I saw the headlines.
It's not clean, this deal.
The optics are very tricky.
Yeah, I so appreciate it, but you don't
need to use your connections for me.
Why else do I keep up with these people?
[CHUCKLES] Well, right. Yes, of course.
It's big tech swallowing
up a legacy media company.
And Paul Marks, with all
those government contracts?
Of course the DOJ is
gonna scrutinize it.
We just don't want there to be any
question of impropriety or undue,
uh, influence.
You know. And our attorneys,
they're all over it.
We're gonna get the approval. [CHUCKLES]
Well, I guess I'll
cancel my lunch with Ed.
Saves me a trip to DC.
Yeah. Okay, good, thank you. I'm sorry.
No, no, of course, of
course. Um, I'm sorry.
I hope I didn't mess anything up.
You don't need my help.
Not at all, Ma. I really appreciate it.
Look at this table. What a mess.
- Can I help with anything?
- No, no. I've got it, really.
Should I just clear some of the
Let me do that, Mom.
- No, no, that's my job. I'm the hostess.
Cory, please.
- I just wanted to see you, that's all.
And I'm here, Mom.
[MARTHA] It's so interesting
what happens when women get older.
We carry this wisdom, but no one cares.
And, uh, we've survived the
death cult of capitalism,
but, really, you just want us
to get out of the way, don't you?
You want us to be silent,
quiet as the grave.
Remember the day I set you free? ♪
I told you, you could
always count on me, darling ♪
And from that day on, I made a vow ♪
I'd be there when you want me ♪
Someway, somehow ♪
[BOTH] 'Cause, baby, there
ain't no mountain high enough ♪
Ain't no valley low enough ♪
Ain't no river wide enough ♪
To keep me from getting to you ♪
No wind, no rain ♪
Or winter's cold ♪
- Can stop me, baby ♪
- No, no, baby ♪
- [MARTHA] 'Cause you are my love ♪
- [CORY] If you're ever in trouble ♪
[BOTH] I'll be there on the double ♪
- [CORY] Just ♪
- [BOTH] Send for me ♪
- Oh, baby ♪
- 'Cause, baby ♪
[BOTH] There ain't no
mountain high enough ♪
Ain't no valley low enough ♪
Ain't no river wide enough ♪
To keep me from getting to you ♪
[CORY] Hey, you okay? [STAMMERS]
- Did I Did I do something?
- No, no, I'm fine.
I was just thinking about my
mom. I wasn't there when she
Yeah. Um, I'm sorry [STAMMERS]
and I was gonna call you when I
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.
No, it's okay. You don't
have to say that. [SNIFFLES]
He does. Because he's managing
you. That's what he does.
- Mom.
- He's been doing it since you arrived.
All this, the lobster, our little song,
it's all an act for him. It's not real.
He's so good, though. Sometimes
it's hard to tell the difference.
You should stay away from him. He's
alone because he should be alone.
I know, because I have tried
and tried and tried with him.
I want you to leave now.
you know I care about you,
and you know I always will.
You only came to see me
because you wanted something,
and you won't come back until
you need something again.
You really are just like your father.
There's something very wrong with you.
We should go.
Don't worry, I won't
call the DOJ for you.
[BRADLEY] Are you okay?
Did she say stuff like that
to you when you were a kid?
She's been through a lot.
It's hard.
She's, uh She's been
on her own for so long.
[SIGHS] What she did, no
one really appreciates it.
You know you're not a bad person, right?
We really don't need to talk
about it. I'm fine, thanks.
Well, we're friends. It's okay.
This is what friends talk about.
We are two people who use
each other, Bradley. That's it.
I don't believe that. And I don't
think you believe that either.
Oh, my God. There's been
a Supreme Court brief leak.
Oh, my God, they're overturning Roe.
Gayle needs to know if we have the
go-ahead to break into prime time
to report on this leak.
- Is that okay? Okay.
- Yeah.
- [MIA] You're not gonna even believe this.
- They're overturning Roe.
I can't understand this.
What? That ruling isn't until June.
It's a leaked Supreme Court
brief. Politico just posted it.
- You think it's real?
[SIGHS] Well, Alito
writing for the majority.
Amy Coney Barrett saying something about
"domestic adoption needs" being met,
which doesn't sound creepy at all.
And they're quoting medieval
law to justify this shit.
I'm gonna clear tomorrow's show.
Look for a new lineup in a few hours.
I'm going home, and
I'm gonna get to work.
[MIA] Okay. Can you believe this?
- [AMANDA] What do you want me to say?
- That you fucking handled it.
I offered to buy it. I threatened
to sue. They're not budging.
Then buy the company,
shut the whole thing down.
You really want that out in the world?
That you bought some
gossip rag to bury a photo?
You fucked up.
The pretty girl smiled,
and you let your guard down.
Right. So, that's it? That's all
you got? I pay you to fix things.
You pay me to tell you the truth.
Pull your pants up, and get
your fucking head straight.
[GUEST 1] We went to St. Barts and
I brought the wrong color bikini.
- [GUEST 2] I hate it when that happens.
- [GUEST 1] Blue is not my color.
- [GUEST 3] Did you see her dress?
She looked absolutely gorgeous.
[GUEST 4] We have to fly commercial.
I'm sorry. You all right with that?
- [GUEST 1 CHUCKLES] Play it by ear.
- [GUEST 2] Okay. Yeah.
[CHRIS] What am I even doing here?
What the fucking fuck?
[SIGHS] They're overturning Roe.
[GUEST 5] Who?
Roe. Abortion rights.
Huh. Oh, wow.
My body, my choice.
At least we're in New
York. We'll be okay.
That's your take. Really?
Women are gonna die
of ectopic pregnancies
while doctors get sued
trying to save lives.
Rape victims will be forced to
carry their assailant's child
and the maternal mortality
rate will skyrocket.
Mostly for women of color because
that is how shit rolls in this country!
[GUEST 5] Jesus. Get me out of here.
- [GUEST 3] I know, right?
- [GUEST 2] What the fuck is her problem?
[GUEST 4] Triggered much?
What is that? Why is she mad?
No idea who leaked the draft.
Roberts hasn't put out a statement.
They think it'll come tomorrow morning.
Got it. [SIGHS]
- The crew's waiting for you.
- All right, let's do it.
[BRADLEY] In a leaked draft
labeled "Opinion of the Court,"
Justice Samuel Alito writes that, quote,
"We hold that Roe and
Casey must be overruled."
- [SIGHS] Hi. Do you have a minute?
For you? Always. Come in.
[BRADLEY] to the people's
elected representatives.
It's crazy about this SCOTUS
leak. I guess it was legit.
Yeah, sounds like it. Women
are gonna be glued to the news.
It's a funny thing about misogyny,
it's always good for business.
Why is that?
Chris posted something.
It's gonna get complicated.
[CORY] I saw that. I'm
gonna have a word with her.
Who decided a button wasn't good enough?
A button does the job. But no,
there has to be jewelry involved.
[BRADLEY] federal constitutional
protection of abortion rights.
- There's one more thing.
- Uh, can it fucking wait a second?
No, no, I can do it. I can do it.
- [BRADLEY] After President Donald Trump
has appointed Neil
Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh
- and Amy Coney Barrett.
Stand still.
[BRADLEY] overturned landmark
decisions of this magnitude.
The last time being the Brown vs
Board of Education ruling in 1954.
Do you ever get tired of this
place? Putting out all the fires?
Uh, no, I fucking love it.
When I sleep, I dream
of being at the office.
Stella, what?
After the deal goes through,
Paul's gonna push you out.
He offered me your job.
[LAUGHS] This day, it
is full of surprises.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What did you tell him?
I haven't told him anything yet,
but there is an employment
agreement sitting on my desk
that Amanda is waiting for me to sign.
Well, you should sign it.
[SCOFFS] What?
If he came to you with
an offer behind my back,
it's because he thinks
he can manipulate you.
Let's let him think that.
It won't be the first time you
were underestimated around here.
And what happens after I sign it?
I don't know, keep an eye on him.
Build some trust.
And then we see how it plays out.
I should get back to it.
It's gonna be a crazy week.
Ah, I've been looking for you.
Apparently, you were out all day.
- Have you handled your little problem?
- Excuse me?
I'm still getting calls from board
members regarding this DOJ fiasco.
They should be hearing
directly from you.
Not everyone is tucked
in on this deal, Cory.
You need to give them assurances
that you've got it all in hand.
Let's not talk about what I need to do.
Here's what you need
to do. Get off my back.
You're You're a little
out of line tonight.
Dear Martha did quite a
job on you, didn't she?
Hey, I did my job. Your
job is to placate the board.
That's the reason I picked you.
I'm sorry?
Oh, God. Apparently, I
need to repeat myself.
Get the board in line, right behind me.
It sounds like we need to
clarify just what your job is.
I won the fucking war with Cybil.
I choose to share the spoils with you,
but I have no problem moving you out
of play if that's what's required.
What the hell is wrong with you?
All I'm saying, Leonard, is
history can repeat itself.
Fred and Cybil didn't get the
memo, and their heads are on pikes
in the armoire in my office
where I keep my extra shirts.
In the meantime,
I'm heading downstairs to the
party to have a canapé or two.
Why don't you take the stairs?
Oh, my God.
- Fuck.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Guess you're gonna miss
the after-party, huh?
[CHUCKLING] Oh, that
after-party is so over.
It's back to coat hangers
and dark alleys, my friend.
Can you fucking believe this?
- What the fuck, man?
- I don't know.
Look, I'm gonna sit with the editors,
work up a video, history
of the court on abortion.
I say we run it first thing
tomorrow morning, yeah?
Oh, and can you please pull the
clip from RBG's confirmation hearing?
- It is essential that women be
- That women be the decision-maker.
Yes. I already pulled the
clip. I already sent it to him.
'Course you did.
I've been reading your mind for
20 years. It's like my superpower.
[SIGHS] Oh, gosh.
- You know what I totally forgot?
- What?
The original decision in '73
That was leaked too, remember that?
The highest court in the land
They can't even keep a secret?
- I know.
- Well, it's all in there.
- Oh, great Thank you.
- So, call me if you need anything.
Yeah. Maybe just a red
robe, and, oh, a bonnet.
Maybe we change your name to "of Chip."
- Too soon?
- I think a little.
- [STAMMERS] I just, uh, heard the news.
- It's insane.
Uh, yeah. So much for Kavanaugh
calling Roe settled law.
I mean, we knew this was coming,
but can you believe this shit?
This is the world that Lizzy and
her generation get to grow up in.
- It's so
- Look, I know you're slammed,
but we should probably
talk about this photo.
Well, let's just do it
when we get home, okay?
I-I just have a few things to do here,
and then, uh but I'll
meet you right back there
- Yeah, I can't.
- Right
I gotta be on a plane in a few hours.
- Texas, the engine test
- No.
[SIGHS] That's right.
[WHIMPERS] Oh, gosh, this
is all happening really fast.
Yeah. [SIGHS] The
timing couldn't be worse.
- Mm-mmm.
All right, well,
when you get back, maybe we
can have another lost weekend.
I want more than a weekend.
Hey, Mia. What do you need?
[MIA] Hey, can you ask Alex if she
wants to anchor from DC tomorrow?
I can get her on a plane.
Uh, yeah.
Just give me, uh, one second.
I'll call you right back. [SIGHS]
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