The Most Beautiful Flower (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Fountain

Here, right?
I have three minutes to show you
I'm the absolute best.
Are you ready?
Hi, baby.
Hi, I'm Mich.
I'm glamorous.
-I'm fabulous.
I'm popular.
Shine, baby.
And five, six, seven, eight.
And I'm talented.
No, enough. For me?
No, come on. Really?
Everyone follows me.
The best-looking guy in school
is my boyfriend!
Okay, I'm not all that yet.
But I'm almost there.
Don Quique, how are you?
Hey, Mariano,
get some alegrías with chamoy.
I know it sounds odd
but they're really good. See you.
Hey, thanks for the pencil yesterday,
it was a big help.
Hey, did you guys do the math homework?
It was really hard, right?
I didn't want to do it, but I did.
What's up with derivatives?
Who needs them?
Hey, guys, let me know
if you need the homework, I have it.
But don't tell anyone
I'm giving it to you. Excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
I told that joke yesterday.
-No, it's not the same.
You can't go live in Fortnite, Yadi.
-Not for the time being.
-What are you talking about?
What country would you like
to move to? What's this?
I don't know
I don't know, I'm fine here in Xochi.
In what other country
can I get to school by boat?
In Venice.
Yeah, Venice is cool,
but there are no molletes there.
Here we have parties,
friends, messing around.
What are you talking about?
We've never been invited to a party.
We're no one in this high school.
Of course we're someone. We're
We're cool, supportive,
super funny, super pretty.
-I have a plan.
-No, Mich, please.
Last time you had a plan,
we ended up cleaning a stranger's puke.
It was for a good cause.
You thought the puke guy
was a reincarnation of Juanga.
Who knows Juanga these days?
Hey, everyone does!
Let's not get distracted.
I just want the whole world to know
that we're super cool.
The world isn't ready
for chicks like us yet.
-Maybe in
Go ahead.
in 2040.
Wanting to prove you're someone
in this zombie land is lame.
I don't know why you'd want that.
Because of Dani?
You urgently need to deconstruct yourself.
I'm going to the cafeteria.
I'm coming!
Thank you.
It has cilantro.
Look, here comes the queen.
Brenda! Bren!
Hey, how are you?
One day we're going
to have breakfast with them.
With Dani and Brenda?
At the fountain?
That's whitexican territory.
What's so special about being with them?
You know what would happen
if we went over there.
Any student who dares
to go to the fountain
will suffer the punishment
of being baptized in it.
And will never be seen again.
You don't want to be fish food.
Oh, please.
The legends about the fountain
are pure lies.
Are you sure?
I think.
-Go ahead.
-We had
-Go on.
-You're in a hurry.
So that's how Columbus discovered America
without knowing it in 1942.
Very good, Dani.
What the hell? That wasn't the question.
We're talking about Calderón de la Barca.
It's okay to be dumb
when you're that good-looking.
Settle down, kids.
Respect your classmate.
You know it's not easy
to do a presentation.
Anyway, Dani, I have a serious question.
Are you going to go out with Bren,
or do the others have a chance?
Only questions about the class.
Do you want to go to the office?
Want to go to the office?
I don't want to go
for the second time today.
Do you want to go with her?
I'll send you both there.
Yes, what I think
about Calderón de la Barca is
"In this world's uncertain gleam
that to live is only to dream,
experience teaches me that
the man who lives
only dreams
until he awakens."
-You see?
Very good!
You see? Very good.
Round of applause. Very good, Dani.
That's the kind of participation we need.
What did it mean, miss?
What's he talking about?
-Where did you get that?
-It's literature.
Where did you get that? You googled it.
No googling!
You're the only girl I know
who believes in me.
-Even though I'm dumb.
-No, Dani!
You're not dumb, you're
really cool.
I love you.
"In the ventures of love,
he who speaks less says more."
-You want me to shut up?
No, I said, "He who does not dare
cannot say he has love."
Dare to do what?
Dani, you have to read Calderón
or you'll fail literature.
It's good that you love me.
It's time to tell everyone we're together.
Tomorrow's the day.
Tomorrow marks a year.
-Of what?
-Of you and me.
And we said that after a year,
-we were going
-We were going
-to say
-to say
-that we're together.
-that we're together.
We're coming out of the closet.
you're going to take me with your friends
to eat at the fountain.
It's cold.
I'll wear a sweater.
Drops of water splash on you.
An umbrella, then.
You won't like it.
-My friends are idiots.
-Oh, Daniel!
I don't want to hide anymore.
At the fountain.
With drops of water and everything.
Do you love me too?
Tomorrow, at the fountain.
Tomorrow at the fountain. Yes.
Mich, Dani isn't your boyfriend.
Everyone knows
he and Brenda like each other.
Hang on a minute.
If Dani isn't my boyfriend,
who gave me this hickey?
Chocolate and hairs.
Wanting a boy to validate you
in high school is so lame.
I don't want anyone to validate me. Why?
If you want to eat at a fountain so much,
let's go to the mermaid one, it's close.
We'll be there in five minutes.
Mich, we three are cool.
-We have been since kindergarten.
All right, whatever.
It smells good!
It tastes even better. Come and see, Mich.
-Let's see.
-Try it.
How is it?
More chocolate.
Less salt and a bit more chili.
Which chili?
I don't know, pasilla, I guess.
Mole has ancho, mulato,
pasilla, and chipotle chilis.
I love you, brother. But don't start.
When was the last dose?
Ah, very good.
And did the fever come down?
We'll have to increase the dose, then.
Yes, they're a size three.
No, not to three. To 40.
-Try them on.
-Try them on.
Yes, do that,
and if you need anything, call me.
-Bye, take care.
Why did you throw my sandals away?
What? That's mother's love.
And they stink.
-My feet don't stink.
-How are you, my love?
-Fer, do my feet stink?
-A bit.
Hey, more salt, and less chocolate.
-More salt, less chocolate?
-And less pasilla. What is this?
-The pasilla tastes horrible.
-See? I told you different types of chili.
-Finish your homework.
My love, you're so beautiful.
You have to make the most of it.
Dress up, look pretty, do your hair.
I do look pretty.
Mom, people are going to remember me
because I'm cool,
I have very good vibes, Mom.
It doesn't cost you anything
to wear heels.
No, I have a plan.
All the girls wear heels, Michelle.
Are you scared I'm not like other girls?
Okay, who wants to taste it?
What do you think? I love you, honey.
-Do you want?
-Whatever the lady says.
Gil, do you want to taste it?
I told you.
-You forgot.
-Take a photo.
I feel like I look.
Hey, look who's coming.
Oh, shit.
Are you okay?
Yes, thank you.
Who is it?
Name and homeroom number?
It's me, Principal López.
From homeroom B.
I babysat your son once.
-Jimeno, is she in your class?
-Is she in yours?
-What's she saying?
No, wait. Yes, I know you.
You're the one who sells marijuana, right?
No, that's not true.
No, he knows me. Dani!
-Why is she saying she knows you?
She's making a face at him.
Daniel Martínez
is my boyfriend.
-And he loves me.
-What is this?
And today is our anniversary.
And we planned to eat molletes
here at the fountain.
-That's embarrassing.
Another admirer, Dani?
She's pretending.
-No, I don't know her.
-Me neither.
Why did he leave?
-Come with me, young lady.
-What's going on?
You're Tania, right?
-Isn't it Yadi?
-Are you sure?
How could I not be sure?
They're my friends.
I'm Mich, and I'm fabulous
Do you see?
Well, if there's no record of you,
you're more free.
So what?
So what if I want to be fish food?
Why can't I sit at the fountain,
eat and do everything they do?
Because they're horrendous fat-shamers.
Yeah, and racist.
The whitexicans think they're better
because they're tall, thin, and white.
That's not you.
You're not a blue-eyed blonde,
not a size zero, and you're beautiful.
Mich, I did it for your own good.
Pretended I don't exist?
It's better than being in the spotlight.
If they saw you, you'd be bully-bait.
And would you be one of the bullies?
Instead of hating me, you should thank me.
'Cause if I don't notice you, nobody will.
And you'll survive high school.
I'm not invisible.
Why does everyone insist I'm invisible?
Hey, being invisible
is the best superpower.
And I gave you that because we're family.
You're lucky.
Not everybody is my cousin.
Our new biodegradable packaging
is the perfect partner
for the light taste of Soft Pure.
For us, light mind, light body. Soft Pure.
I don't give a damn what they say
If I don't know how to brake
So what?
If I don't have flow
So what?
So what?
Can I have your autograph?
Nobody asks for autographs anymore, Fer.
A photo with my favorite star, then.
Stars shine.
You've shone ever since I met you.
Since you were this small.
Before I was filled with flaws, right?
They're not flaws, Mich.
They're superpowers.
My belly's a superpower?
Look, Mich.
In a few years, high school will be over.
And everyone will realize
how amazing you are.
You're super cool.
Look, you're brave,
you're intelligent,
and a lot prettier than the rest.
I'm not like the pretty,
popular girls at school,
or the ones on TV.
I'm different.
You're different.
You're special, Mich.
You should make the most of it.
I'm going to give you some ancient advice.
Advice my grandfather gave to me.
When everyone is against you,
tell them all to go to hell.
Good afternoon.
Mrs. Elda?
What an exotic look, Mrs. Elda.
Her grandson?
Little Mati?
I grew up.
-Do you want copies?
-Oh, yes. Sorry, I
I forgot Yes.
Well, I was thinking
about starting a revolution,
but everyone says
it's better to be invisible.
But what do you think?
I think if the revolution needs copies,
I can do them on credit.
I need 491 copies.
If you do 500 copies,
I'll throw in this paper and fabric.
And it'll be cheaper.
Great. Can it be in color?
Because I was thinking
of putting a yellow background
"Heaven is merciful,
it doesn't send hurt without remedy."
It means that whatever your pain is,
only you are capable of fixing it.
Calderón de la Barca is awesome.
And "dreams are only dreams."
How much is the fabric?
-Two and a half yards by one.
-Ah, yes.
One, and in color, please.
You got it.
-Don't call me Fatty.
-Not Shorty, either.
-It's a term of endearment.
-I'm Mich.
And you do know me, asshole!
You know I love you.
Put your head in the toilet.
Do you want me to forgive you?
Go on. Put your head in the toilet.
-Wouldn't you prefer an ice cream?
-It was our anniversary, Daniel!
We were going to eat molletes
at the fountain.
-You don't get it.
-You'd rather be with Brenda?
What? No. She's disgusting.
I want to be with you.
I love to hear you sing.
And your constant jokes.
Seeing how you even chat
with the taco guy.
And you're beautiful.
This isn't personal, Mich.
It's how things work in our school.
happen to be popular,
-And I'm the freakin' bomb.
The whole world will see me
how I see myself.
I don't need to go out with you.
No, Mich.
I can put my foot in, look.
Mich! I put it in!
I'm Mich. From the photocopies.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
-Give me a fucking break.
-About us.
About most of the people at this school.
I don't know what you all think,
but I think we're all the same.
Well, no, I mean
We're all different.
People are tall, short,
fat, thin, fair, dark,
vegan, gluten-free,
some eat mayonnaise by the spoonful.
And that's fine!
But valuing some people more than others
because of the way they look?
Whoever said that deserves a slap.
I, in prehistoric times,
would've been a Venus.
Paleolithic, but a Venus.
And that's why today,
I want to invite all of you,
the invisible ones like me,
to conquer the fountain.
See you there.
Don't even think about it.
-Very good.
-Watch this.
What's up with you two?
Poor girl.
How embarrassing, Mich.
What did you call me?
Mich, that's your name.
Did you hear?
This guy knows my name.
-Crazy girl. I'm glad she doesn't go here.
You'll never be like me.
You're right.
I'll be better.
Subtitle translation by: Bridget Ochocka
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