The Most Beautiful Flower (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Born Ready

What a miracle.
Smile, Michelle.
Take that look off your face.
-Take that look off your face, Michelle.
It's a festival,
not your grandma's funeral.
Bite your tongue.
There'll be a lot more people
than this at my funeral.
Hey, Mich,
help me for a minute. Take this.
Be careful. Got it?
There we go.
Are you making me hallucinate
like Saint Juan Diego?
-Okay, the minute's over.
-So soon?
Son of a
-Oh, no.
Are you all alone here at your
Well the store belongs to my granny.
But this
This is my thing.
Light and sound.
My own business.
Do you like it?
-My business.
Oh! Yes, it's really nice.
I do weddings, quinceañeras
I even did a gender reveal in Coapa.
Wow, cool.
I've always wanted to sing at a wedding.
I don't get many of them.
But now I'm rehearsing for the party.
-Which one?
-They organized a bash for
some girls who want to buy their dresses
for The Most Beautiful Flower.
The pageant?
The girls go to your high school.
Didn't they invite you?
The party, of course! It's just
They invited me first I get invited
to a lot of parties, so I forgot.
-So I'll see you there?
See you there. Okay?
-Later, then.
-Later then.
Did you see the bear?
Oh, look how cute. It must be for Brenda.
-Here, take it.
-No, it's ugly.
"For Mich, from her biggest fan."
Mich? Who's Mich?
I'm Mich. It's mine.
Aw, sending yourself gifts
is an act of self-love.
-Congratulations. #Brave.
I didn't send myself anything.
It must be from her imaginary boyfriend.
I heard that.
I don't have an imaginary boyfriend.
These are going to look great on you.
I don't even have a boyfriend.
Fucking hell!
She's crazy.
Daniel Martínez,
we have to talk.
What is it?
You can't go out with Mich.
I don't want to go out with her.
I heard you the other day in the bathroom.
And no one rescues burnt teddy bears
from the trash.
And you know it's social suicide to go out
with the invisible girl at high school.
We all know what would happen
if it went official.
We'd be happy forever after?
You'd break her heart.
Because guys like you
don't go for girls like her.
So instead, who do you like
as a girlfriend or boyfriend?
They're a better fit for you than Mich.
Forget about her, Dani.
It's for her own good.
What a good joke.
He mocked you in front of everyone.
Well, yes, but
Imagine how I'd look
arriving at the party with Dani,
starting the dance.
First off, starting the dance
is like from the '90s, dummy.
More like the '80s.
Second, if your '90s stepdad
is your best friend,
-you'll never be popular, Mich.
-Fer isn't my best friend.
Well, he is,
but we're not talking about that.
Third, going out with Dani
isn't going to make you popular.
-You shouldn't use him.
-Even though he's a guy.
Do you really think it would be okay
to go out with someone who, I don't know,
has blue hair and works making copies?
Do you like Mati?
Who's Mati?
-No one.
-The stationery shop guy.
-You like Mrs. Elda's grandson?
The stationery shop guy?
No, girls!
An equation system
is a set of equations that have variables,
not the other way around.
It'll be super cool.
I think if I steal some things
from my grandma
A few light headdresses, flowers.
-How are you going to put it on me?
-You're not that bald.
-I think if we fix it here well
-Mich, I don't want to.
Come on, please.
It's our first party,
we're going to have fun.
I'll see you tonight at my house.
That's it. See you later!
Wanna go?
Of course not.
-Do you?
-No, even less.
But it's better than staying home.
See you tonight, okay?
Love you.
Don't touch that!
Grandma! I nearly swore at you.
-Are you trying to steal my photos?
-Oh, yes, Grandma.
I'm trying to steal your photos from 1300.
Or my marzipan?
How stingy, you have so many.
I was invited to a party
to raise funds for The Flower.
So I'm looking for something to wear.
That's all.
Aren't you going to participate?
-Oh, look.
-Of course not.
-Like it was made for you!
-Oh, Grandma.
No, come on, Grandma.
Don't you want to be as popular
as your cousin Brenda?
How do you know?
Who do you think brought me my marzipan?
The Flower is more important
than competing with her.
Damn Brenda.
Grandma, you never tell her off.
She's a gossip
-Your little sister is visiting.
Damn annoying brat.
Thirty-three joints, six bones, and over
100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
Very good.
You're so clever, you take after me.
-But I'm not your daughter.
-No? What then?
I'm your "ex-hasband's" daughter.
You know the joints in the hand
but you can't say "husband"?
And stop touching my things!
Hands only have 27 bones.
I was talking about feet.
I love it.
-Mom, what's she doing here?
-What do you mean? She's visiting.
For three months.
Where's she going to stay?
-You're going to share the room.
No, Mom. What?
Mom, no, get her to stay with Grandma.
Why should she stay in my room?
Share with your sister, come on.
Your dad and Candy
are going to conferences
all over Mexico
and he asked me to look after her.
Mom, he's your ex-husband.
Don't touch my things!
Aren't you supposed to hate each other?
Why would I hate him
when he gave me my most precious treasure?
Honey, I love you. Please.
Go say goodbye to him.
What? He hasn't left?
Don't fix it too well for me.
This is a temporary fix,
next time I'll repair it the right way.
-Remember you said that to me a year ago?
-Eleven months.
Eleven months, yeah.
Well, in 11 months
a lot of things happen, right?
Personally, a lot of things
have happened to me.
I've had a fuckload of work, you know.
-And all the patients
-Sure, I understand.
I have a boyfriend.
You do? A real boyfriend?
Or like when you said
you were going out with Juanpa Zurita?
No, a real boyfriend.
You know, like
Great, I want to meet him.
Hey, how are your friends, Ya
Yadi. Yadi and Tania?
-Yadi and Tania.
-They're great.
But I have a lot more friends now.
A fuckload of people, a ton.
Oh, I say swear words now, actually.
Like, "fucking hell," "shit,"
"fuck off," "dickhead."
All that.
But not in front of my parents.
I wouldn't.
Okay, I think I've finished with this.
What are you going to do?
Well actually, tonight is my first party.
I'll give you and your friends a ride.
We can catch up.
No, Fer always does that.
Don't worry about it.
Fer always takes us.
Okay. Sorry I'm leaving it kind of messy.
I love you, honey.
Tell me you're popular
without telling me you're popular.
#Blessed, #InfluencerLife,
I prefer the K-Pop ones.
The Mormon ones are great.
-Why do you watch Mormon videos?
-Did you see it?
-It's awful, isn't it?
-Super fake.
"Tell me you're popular
without telling me you're popular."
We can do this challenge better, 100%.
Oh you want to do it?
With cider instead of champagne.
It's the same brand, Celestial.
And with that big fork?
Instead of a knife.
It's Fer's.
Film me.
Let's see.
Tell me you're popular
without telling me you're popular.
Eggnog would be better, right?
-Mich, give up.
What did we agree on?
We said this would be
the dopest year of high school.
It's our chance
to let everyone know that I'm
That we're better and cooler than Brenda.
Who is Brenda, anyway? Do you know her?
I've never seen her.
She's your cousin, and we didn't agree.
We agreed on Tuesday, don't pretend. And
Remember this is going to be our first
Beauty pageants objectify women.
-They force us to enter into
The Most Beautiful Flower
isn't a beauty pageant.
It's tradition.
Besides, tonight is our first party!
Mich, we're not even contestants.
Do we really have to wear this?
Yes, we do.
The flyer said, "Fundraiser
for the Most Beautiful Flower."
Mich, honestly,
I don't think it's that literal.
It's super literal.
Does that mean
there'll be drugs at the party?
Hard drugs.
And cocaine.
Didn't you see Euphoria, Fer?
Yes, I saw it.
-You know what, Mich? We're going home.
-There are going to be drugs!
-Don't listen to them.
They just don't want to go to the party.
Mich, are you sure you're ready for this?
I was born ready.
Wait, I think it's here.
Where are you going, Mich?
Who are those lowlifes?
-Fer, they're from school.
They look like they're in college.
Or worse, grad school.
They're a mess.
It's all going to be fine.
In fact, it's all going to be perfect.
-Or maybe not.
-No one's wearing a shawl.
-Or a headdress.
-Wasn't it about the Flower?
-I told you it wasn't literal, Mich.
-Fer, let's go home, please.
-Yes, let's go.
No! This is our first party.
Nothing's going to ruin it, okay?
We're going to have fun, and anyway,
our shawls aren't that noticeable.
-No, you can't come in.
-I know the DJ.
I told you, you can't.
I bought elastic bands at his store.
We're friends.
Halloween came early.
That's why you always need
to check the dress code.
What's your name?
-I already told you.
"Macarena"? This isn't a dance.
Look, Mati!
Mati? The one she likes?
I don't like him.
Gross, you like the copy guy.
-Anyway, let's go. See you inside. Bye.
-If they let you in.
Hi, how are you?
What if we just have a sleepover
at my house?
No way, dude. It's
It's my first party.
I have an idea.
Doctor, it's your husband.
He says it's urgent.
Bring it here.
What is it, Fer?
I can't leave her here on her own.
Wait a minute. What happened?
Mich. The party.
Didn't you see Euphoria?
We saw it together. Come on, Fernando.
I'm in the middle of surgery.
She's not a child.
Sort it out.
I can't believe it.
Hey, Ramiro, what's up with the speakers?
-Are you drunk or something?
-It's really heavy.
-Want some?
No, cocktail wieners.
Yes, thanks.
You're welcome, Fer.
Sir. Young man?
-You know me?
-Yes. I mean, no.
I mean, I've seen you in photos.
Do you know Mich?
A bit. I mean, the usual.
And if I ever
If I ever dreamed about kissing her
in a closet or doing everything with her,
it would be out of love, sir, young man.
What are your intentions with my daughter?
In the closet?
I saw this in a movie.
You make copies and you're a DJ.
Cool, huh?
Do you want a song, or?
No, I was just coming to talk to you.
Do you know my cousin?
Who's your cousin?
She's fat, not very pretty. You know her?
Let me out!
Well, it doesn't matter,
she was looking for you,
but I think she had to go.
Better for me. That way we're alone.
My sciatica!
Who is she?
It's hot, isn't it?
I work with Mati.
As a cashier?
We're leaving now, Mich.
-Let's go.
-No, Fer.
I can do it.
Trust me.
Oh, love me a bit
But don't let me realize
And don't let anyone know
Take care of me
But make it look like you're hurting me
Tie me up
Pretend you don't like me
Give me a look and then become distant
And accidentally
Look for me and leave me
Call me but don't speak
Kiss me and drown me
Tie me up
Go, Mich!
Cure me
And make me ill
Bit by bit by bit
Cure me
Make me crazy bit by bit
Tie me up
That's my daughter!
Go, Mich!
I know it wasn't the same
as singing at a wedding, but almost.
Thank you for helping me
make my dream come true.
You did it yourself, girl.
Hey, should we do the wedding thing?
What, ours?
No, dummy.
Weddings, quinceañeras, baptisms.
Everything, with light and sound.
What do you say?
You mean
like partners?
Yeah, you and me.
I have to go.
Like Cinderella,
but with a boat instead of a pumpkin.
-See you, Mati.
-See you.
Hey, Mich.
I was thinking.
I don't know if you could
-Maybe you could.
-I think so!
I wanted to know if
you'd give me your cousin's number?
Subtitle translation by: Bridget Ochocka
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