The Most Beautiful Flower (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

The Newcomer

Don't get me wrong,
but the rajas came out
-I won the lottery.
What do you mean, terrible?
-Hey Mich. Leave it, it's time for dinner.
Take this, go on.
-The tortilla basket?
-Here it is.
There we go.
What else is missing?
Let's eat!
Agua de jamaica.
Hey, guess what!
I have my own light and sound business.
I don't believe you.
I didn't ask you.
It's not actually just mine,
Mati and I are partners.
-Who's Mati?
-He's Mrs. Elda's grandson, isn't he?
-The little snotty boy?
-Can little boys have businesses, Grandma?
-Of course.
-Little girls too.
-Let's open a candy store?
-We're not talking about that.
He's not a snotty little boy anymore,
Grandma, now he's
-I think she likes him.
-He really likes how I sing.
-Is he your boyfriend?
-They're boyfriend and girlfriend!
You don't have to label
everything you feel.
When were you going
to tell me you have a boyfriend?
Leave her alone.
You were the same at her age.
I wasn't like that.
But Mati isn't my boyfriend, Grandma.
He's my partner.
So the light-skinned boy?
He's your boyfriend?
-Do you have two boyfriends, Michelle?
-You used to do that too.
-I was confused.
Confused? Right, confused.
-That's mean.
-Why? Don't be like that, Mich.
Dani isn't my boyfriend either, Fer.
His name is Dani.
-Not Daniel.
-Your boyfriend?
-Two of 'em.
You know what?
I'm not hungry anymore. Thanks.
-You did it now, Mom.
-Mich! Your taco?
Tell us.
Just my taco.
Without reproach I'm going to miss you
In the tempest
In spite of so many reasons
To give up
There's no one else
There's no one else
Don't you think it's a bit late?
-For what?
-The movies.
I told you I love movies, popcorn, sushi.
You said all that
so I'd take you to the movies?
V.I.P. as a surprise.
I thought maybe
we could go for a walk in Coyoacán.
Didn't you check the weather?
What if we go get pizza?
I'm gluten-free and dairy-free.
But your cousin told me
you like margherita pizza.
I don't have any cousins.
I thought Mich was your cousin.
Are you still friends with Mich?
Does it smell like something is burning?
What are you doing?
-Do you have tools?
Let's see.
Do you know how?
Do you think women don't know mechanics?
My grandma taught my aunts, and my mom,
and they taught me.
Did you grow up with her?
With her, my aunts,
with friends.
-My mom is a disaster.
-So are my parents.
We're better off separated.
That's why I came to Xochi
with my grandma Elda.
We learn how to survive.
You're cool.
But don't tell anyone.
Can I kiss you?
Without you taking a photo?
-Dani's not like that.
-Isn't he?
Take a good look.
Let's see.
-1,053 unread emails.
-Not that, stupid.
Dani's messages.
"I made you a playlist."
And with only Sebastián Yatra songs.
He's toxic.
That's more toxic than
-What the heck?
Why are you smiling?
I'm not smiling.
Of course she's smiling.
She likes the attention from Dani.
Well, attention in general.
Oh, please! I don't like
Well, yes. I like attention, and what?
I'm not used to getting it.
Believe me, I've spent months
hiding in the closet with Dani,
dreaming about him
making me a playlist, and
And now I can't stop thinking about
What's he doing at the fountain?
What's he doing here?
He doesn't go to this school.
He's a supplier, remember.
No way.
She converted him to whitexicanism.
Don't say that. No.
That can't happen, you know?
Their relationship is doomed to fail.
High school social rules would never let
someone like Mati be with Brenda.
What rules?
The social rules that
And who are you?
Nice to meet you. I just moved here.
I'm Mich.
Come with us.
Nice to meet you, Mich.
You too.
Whoa. What?
She just arrived
and she is already at the fountain?
No, come on. One word, Mich.
-Instead of competing with her, first
This isn't possible. I've been trying
for years, why is she there?
This isn't real.
We have to investigate her.
She can't be so perfect
that she just gets to go to the fountain.
-I have to do something.
Mich, we already know how this ends.
If she can, so can I.
My boob.
Axolotl, what are you eating?
Axolotl, is that you?
Maybe you're a thief!
Hello, Fer.
Mr. Fer.
-Do you remember me? I'm
Sorry for hiding behind your chamomile.
No. Houseleek, fennel.
Sure? This is chamomile,
I have a garden at home.
I'm a biologist.
So what do you want?
Do you want a tour around my garden?
Why aren't you at school?
I skipped a class, for Mich.
For Mich?
my heart.
And I wrote her a letter to tell her,
like in the old days.
I need her to know
that she's the love of my life.
"The bat that flew in the sky"
What's her secret?
Oh, yes.
Come here.
That's Majo, okay?
She's from Chiapas.
-She grew up in San Cristóbal.
-She's Ch'ol, she likes traditions.
-So do I.
She likes to cook pork
with her grandparents.
But she also likes pop culture
and video games.
She has good taste.
It seemed like she was going
to spend all of high school in Chiapas,
but there was a change of plans.
What happened?
Oh, I don't know.
You mean she's popular
because she plays video games
and cooks pork with her grandparents?
Well, that's all there was
on social media, but
if you give me cash and time,
I'll even get her birth certificate.
Get over it already.
-A hundred and fifty.
-Two hundred and fifty.
Get a life.
Two hundred?
-Because you're a friend.
-When did all this start?
-A year ago.
-And why didn't we hear about you?
I'm stupid.
I can tell.
I asked Mich to go out
in secret.
I'm sorry, Fer.
Mr. Fer, sorry.
It's the first time I've been in love.
And I made a mistake.
Haven't you ever been
in love against all odds?
Like Romeo and Juliet?
Imagine this.
I'm several years younger than my wife.
When I met her, she'd already had Mich.
What a woman.
An amazing doctor.
And me?
I was a 20-year-old kid
who she didn't take one look at.
How did you get her to notice you?
You say you have a garden?
What do plants need to grow?
And not being left in the dark.
If you hide them so no one sees them,
they die.
I put my feelings
in good soil and sunlight,
without caring what anyone said.
Okay, in the next class
I'll check your assignments.
-Which ones?
It's 25% of your grade.
Steve Jobs,
the man who changed our generation.
Seriously? Steve Jobs?
The computers
already assigned your partners.
-How? When?
-Now, in class.
Who are you?
Sir, we've always had the same teams.
I have a friend with social anxiety,
and it would be a lot easier
if we did the work together, like always.
Let's see if technology agrees with you.
I'm going to say your names
and team number and you come up, okay?
Team number one, María José,
and Mich.
It's an assignment, girls.
So mean.
Can we talk for a minute, please?
The teams can't be changed.
If you want, we can go to my house.
There are boxes and suitcases, but
-No, don't worry.
-Exactly. I won't work with Mich.
Nor will I with Brenda.
Okay, but
I'm on a team with both of you.
So, how do we do it?
What's up with you two?
-Nothing. I couldn't care less about Mich.
You don't know how much less I could care
about you. What's your name?
-I never cared less more
-Great! So there's no problem, right?
Your house?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I refuse to be on a team
with someone else.
I refuse to even speak to him.
The pedagogical techniques
of collaborative work are outdated.
But it's 25% of your grade.
I'd rather write an essay on the era
of connectivism and regulated learning.
Yadi, there'll be time yet
for you to hide behind a keyboard.
In the cyborg era!
Right now I don't think you have a choice.
Hey, man. Do you know someone named
-Dude, do you know Yadi?
-No, sorry.
Are you Yadi?
I'm Regina.
Your ex-girlfriend, idiot.
Say hi to your parents.
These social norms
are completely obsolete.
-Do you know Yadi?
Good luck.
She only speaks to cyborgs.
Yadi, we're on a team together.
I'm Jimeno.
Family, no one bother us,
we have group work to do
-Hello, Mich.
-How embarrassing, my whole family's here.
-How lovely, may I?
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
-Dani, what are you doing here?
-Fer invited me to eat.
The tortillas are burning!
What are these?
-Have you heard of axolotls?
-Daniel, what did you say to him?
-What do you mean nothing?
-I swear
-Hey, why didn't you wait for me?
Get the good china out!
-My beautiful blonde has come to visit!
-Her favorite granddaughter, perfect.
Let her sit down, honey.
I didn't say anything.
What are you doing in my house, Daniel?
He invited me to eat.
And you came, shamelessly?
After everything?
I met Fer at the party.
-No, Daniel, there's no excuse!
-Mich, please.
Dani, can you teach me?
-He'll hurt himself.
-Daniel, no!
And what does
my beautiful girl want to eat?
I don't know but I'm very hungry.
-Do you know him?
It's the miraculous Christ Child.
It's finally our turn to have him.
You moved in across
from the Ramírez family, right?
With the gold van
and the black and white dog?
The gold dog and the black and white van.
That's it.
Let's not bore Majo
with our family stories.
I'm not boring her.
I'm telling her about the Child.
She hates it
when I talk about her private life.
Done making friends with Fer?
You'd better go check the tortillas.
-What are you doing here?
-I brought some copies
-Come, I need to tell you something.
-Excuse me.
-Oh, no.
-What are you doing here?
Dani's my partner,
he told me he'd be here.
He planned everything.
Who wants to see photos of Mich
when she was still in diapers?
-I brought you a snack, Mother-in-Law.
-Shame on you.
-Pork rinds.
-Delicious, Fer, thank you.
You have no idea. We had to change her
so often. She was always urinating.
You did it.
You're not invisible now.
And this is her mom.
Well, my Yadi?
Okay, my Yadi, let's do this,
you can do the biography.
I'll do the interesting facts.
It'll be easier that way. Faster.
Or not.
There's a challenge
Well, not a challenge. More like help.
Well, I see it as a help.
Adopt an introvert.
It's not that hard.
Someone like me,
popular, you know?
I mean, it gives an opportunity
to someone else,
to be just as cool,
go out with us, whatever, you know?
It's interesting, actually.
We give opportunities to you people.
Do you want me to adopt you?
Only two tacos? Give him another, my love.
If they want more, they can ask for it.
Still, we should be generous.
Take this to the boy in blue.
-Give him another one.
Hi, I'm Jessi.
Are you my sister's boyfriend?
-I'm her business partner.
-He's my boyfriend.
Oh, okay.
Take this to him.
Are you my sister's boyfriend?
No. But I'd like to be.
-Why, did she say something?
-No. I just know she has several like you.
You have to earn it.
Go out and play, thank you for helping.
You're welcome.
Go and play.
Can I give you this letter for?
Me? Yes, give it here.
Okay. Go and eat.
Enjoy the food.
Since when are you Dani's best friend?
Hey, guess what arrived, Mich? The mail.
-The mail?
-Yes, the mail, look. Anonymous.
Is it 2002?
Isn't it supposed to come
with a stamp of Paris or whatever?
I told you it was with the mail.
It's anonymous.
Just read it.
There we go.
Geek meets cool #SchoolProject.
They're hashtags. It's informal. What?
What's up with you? Don't erase it! No.
I just wanted everyone to see
how pretty you are, my Yadi.
I'm not your Yadi.
What are you doing here?
I was looking for the bathroom.
-Well, it's not here.
-It's not here?
-Where's the bathroom?
Like all bathrooms,
it's at the end and on the right.
-So it's not here?
This is my bedroom.
My room.
I didn't know you draw.
No, Tania did that.
-So Tania is the cool one.
All right?
Welcome to the National Auditorium!
Introducing Mich!
Hey, why don't I bring the dry ice
and some speakers from work?
You handle the karaoke
and we'll have a party?
Sure, a huge party here.
The whole group is in the living room.
I know.
You'd think I was giving out money.
Well, Fer is giving out food.
The last thing I want
is everyone to stay longer.
-I really don't know why they're all here.
-I do.
We all like being close to you, Mich.
Hey, Mich.
I have something to tell you.
I was thinking
Well, I don't know, maybe, maybe not.
I have been thinking too.
-But maybe, maybe not.
-You thought it too?
I guess.
You and me. You want to?
No, of course, I mean, I
-Do you think
I think so.
you and I could
-Partners with Brenda.
Look, I'm thinking we need a third partner
to help us with social media,
so I asked Brenda.
This was our thing, Matías!
I don't know
You did it on purpose, didn't you?
Don't talk to your cousin like that.
We're family.
What family? That's why you're a bitch,
because they always defend you.
-No, apologize to your cousin.
Know why they defend you?
Because they feel sorry for you.
-No, it's true.
-They feel sorry for you and you think
-Let's take a walk.
Leave her, don't worry.
-Sit down, let's keep eating.
Except the avocado, it'll make us sick.
I'm in big trouble when I get home.
No, they really love you.
You'll see.
But honestly, I don't regret anything.
We should never regret anything!
How did you do it?
You're new and already at the fountain.
I don't know, I guess
I don't care what people think.
But are you aware that you sit
with the most popular kids in school?
Well, I'd rather sit with you.
-You're cooler.
-Oh, yeah?
Obviously not, you liar.
Obviously yes.
Of course not, why?
It shows.
You're fabulous.
I know, right?
It's what I try to tell everyone
but they think I'm crazy.
Aren't you the one in the memes?
-It's her, right?
-Yes, it's her.
It's the girl from Chiapas.
Let's go.
-Aren't you from Chiapas?
-I'll explain later.
Subtitle translation by: Bridget Ochocka
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