The Most Beautiful Flower (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

A Star Like Me

I hope you're holding onto your seats
because today
we're doing a very exciting experiment.
-Lava lamps!
Baking soda volcanoes.
We're going to measure
the pH of this cabbage!
Wow, cool.
-Right, ten milliliters of vinegar.
Can we talk for a second?
Did you read the letter?
What letter?
Oh, the anonymous letter
that came to my house?
No. I couldn't read it.
Hey, listen!
We can sign up now! Hurry!
-Where? I didn't say you could leave!
Baking soda volcanoes?
Hey, you're lucky!
This phenomenon only happens once a year.
You mean the play?
Every year Mrs. Juana chooses
a classic story to adapt into a musical.
And this year, evidently,
it'll be Alice in Wonderland.
Now called Alice in Xochiland. So gringo!
-Mich, are you going to audition again?
-Yes, why wouldn't I?
This is the only moment
in high school where
I can show that I'm here
and leave my mark.
And be remembered.
Mich, I don't want you to lose heart,
but your last roles haven't been
the most challenging.
Well, that was my first one!
In the second one
they got you to hold the umbrella.
Hey, I danced a bit too.
When the curtain came down.
But the third time
I played one of the gangsters.
You were a dead man on the pavement.
But what a man. Didn't you see my scar?
I don't want you to feel bad, Mich,
I just think you should focus on
the eyeliners Tania got us.
Look how good they look.
Look at those eyes.
But Mich wants to be in the play, so what?
Yeah, girl, and I wish colored leggings
would come back, but that's how it is.
If only we had both.
Mich, you have to fight for that role.
Alice has always been played
by blonde, skinny girls.
Imagine if you changed that.
Majo, please don't get her started,
she'll be disappointed again.
You can be the one
that changes everything.
There's never been a lead
that looks like me.
You can be Alice.
She's not listening.
Mich, wake up!
Were you dreaming
that you were at the Oscars again?
I was Meryl Streep's best friend.
You're right, I can show the world
there can be many types of Alice.
-Yes, Mich!
-Thank you, Majo!
-Come on.
If you want, after school let's go
to your house and we'll help you.
No, today's my battle, remember?
That's right!
It's a battle of super cool girls
who do graffiti,
and the best one wins.
-We already know who's going to win.
But look, that's at night.
We have time to rehearse and I'll see you.
-Sure? Promise.
-Yes, I'll see you tonight.
-Okay, then.
-But first
I won't give up, I will be seen.
Come on!
What are those?
I haven't seen these photos.
They're beautiful!
Who won first place
in The Most Beautiful Flower?
Who do you think?
Go on, guess.
You, ma'am?
-Which one are you?
-Take a look. Guess.
The one on top. Yes.
And who's the one underneath?
Your mom, Mich?
We were both The Most Beautiful Flower.
And my mom too.
My grandma, my great-grandma.
My mom made my dress.
-She was so good at embroidery.
Look at the flowers.
And the crown.
You have flowers on your head.
-That damn thing weighed three kilos.
-Three kilos?!
As you can see,
Hilda's dress looked a lot like mine.
Fer, how's the food coming along?
-Yes, doesn't she look wonderful?
Like your granddaughter.
Let's see what surprise our Mich gives us.
If I were you I wouldn't count on it.
She gets distracted
with those school plays every year.
You're such a rebel,
you remind me of your aunt Chabela.
I heard you, Mom!
Don't compare Mich with my sister.
she promised this year she'd focus
on the important things, which are
None of Mrs. Juana's nonsense.
Besides, the show rehearsals
always clash with The Flower ones.
-Do me a favor.
Can you bring me
all my albums from The Flower?
I want to relive beautiful memories
before my birthday this Saturday.
I can't believe
you've never seen a musical.
Well, now I have a reason
to see my first one.
To be honest,
I'm not a big theater fan, but
the musical is the coolest event
at school, so
Popularity doesn't maintain itself.
You have to keep feeding it,
and that's why I'll be Alice.
You still have to audition, don't you?
Have you seen the girls at my school?
None of them look like me.
But it's an adaptation.
Alice in Xochiland.
-Any girl could
-So, see you tomorrow?
Can I use your bathroom?
My hands are covered in ice cream.
No, my mom isn't there and she doesn't
let me have forbidden visitors.
Damn. Which ones are the forbidden ones?
-The ones that can get me pregnant.
-I'll be quick.
Washing my hands,
not getting you pregnant.
No, sorry.
Are you the famous Mati?
What are you doing out there? Come up!
Now I have to come up.
I feel like you need energy.
An Irish coffee.
Want one? I make them delicious.
We're underage.
When did you start making Irish coffee?
Bren, don't exaggerate,
it's just a splash.
I met an Irish guy on Facebook.
Tall, big.
Did you know the "poke" button
is for hooking up?
Facebook is a whole other world.
-Did you pay the electricity bill?
-Was that today?
I wrote it on the Post-its.
Look at the time! I'm very late,
I have to be somewhere.
When you get a chance,
can you dry the dishes, honey?
You washed the dishes?
No, Bren. Wash them and then dry them.
Matías, give me a hug.
We finally met today.
Welcome to the family.
That's enough.
Goodbye, Matías. Take care.
Bye, honey.
Behave badly.
Hey, sorry about that downstairs,
it's just,
my grandma has a UTI.
I mean, it's bad,
but then we talk and talk and
What are you talking about?
Your mom and grandma are lovely.
And your traditions too.
Yeah, they're
They're cool, right? But, sometimes
I feel like they're an imposition.
Like they don't let me
be 100% who I am, you know?
This is cool.
I don't know,
I wish they'd let me be myself more.
Well, Mich, I think
you need to make them your own,
I don't know, give them your touch.
The traditions.
Oh, I was like, they have their own touch.
I know what you mean, but right now
I feel like doing something more
my own, you know,
like shine with my own light, right?
Yes, girl.
Let's create Alice.
-Yes. Now?
-Can I?
Of course, I also want Yadi and Tania
to see I can shine with Alice.
Hey, nice!
They came in a pack.
-Show me, please.
-Ten bucks.
Here it is.
-This one?
It's like for baptism, but
It's going to look great.
See? You look beautiful.
Stop. My eyes feel heavy.
It's the fake eyelashes.
You'll get used to it.
Do you know what you're going to paint
for the battle?
Hurry up or we'll get stuck in traffic.
We were preparing
for our triumphant entrance.
Yes. I need to learn not to blink.
You look great.
What I don't get is why you're going to an
event where bums are scrawling on walls.
Well, if you knew how good Tania is at
passing out the event's flyers.
You'd realize I'm not a bum
like those who scrawl, Dad.
Let's go.
Yes, Dad.
I know I'm not complete
I don't know where I'm going
For certain
It's going down
I'm always Enough!
I have to rehearse
and go to Tania's battle!
Now I'm mad!
I told you, this is my room.
This isn't a joke.
You're annoying me.
I need to rehearse, for real.
You're not letting me. This is my room.
This is my room too.
-Oh, yeah?
I saw this in the movies
and it always works.
-Let's split it.
Here, hold it.
I'll hold it.
Sorry, I didn't want to make you
wash dishes, but my mom can be
too much.
Don't worry.
I think I even enjoyed doing it.
No, seriously.
I enjoyed spending the afternoon with you,
and getting to know another part of you.
Another part of me?
Why do you say that?
Well, the part of you that sings
while you clean up the dishes.
And your mom.
Remember what Mich said
when she went psycho?
The place I come from isn't as hip as me.
I don't have a full,
noisy house like hers.
Well, her family is your family too.
You even share talents.
Why do you say that?
Because you sing, Mich sings.
I sing because of my dad,
it's nothing to do with Mich.
-I thought you didn't have
I do.
He lives in Iceland. When I finish school
I want to go live and study with him.
All the way to Iceland?
When will I see you?
It's a long time before I graduate.
How many kisses do I have left?
Enough. Bye.
I'll call you later.
-What's up?
-This is super cool, Tania.
Do you always come here?
But anyway, as we were saying,
I understand stuff
that has to do with Xochimilco.
And the backwards comment he made
when I went to eat at your place, but,
I don't know, a good start might be
to tell him you're competing.
For him urban art doesn't exist.
Nor does feminism,
or anything else I identify with.
Well, show him.
What you do is incredible.
-It's art, Tania. Look how talented you
With you girls,
I have all the support I need.
Hey, I haven't seen Mich.
-Do you think she's here?
-I don't know.
How embarrassing.
It's impossible to get any privacy
in this house.
It's really hard.
I'd love for my house to be this full.
-That's not true.
-It is.
Half my family are in Chiapas.
Why did you come here?
Tell me more about Chiapas,
I know you have
the Sumidero Canyon and animals,
I suppose.
I'll take you there.
-That would be cool.
-We'll have pozole.
What are the guys like over there?
Are they cool or not?
They're okay.
And you? Are you with anyone from school?
Well, yes and no.
I'm all ears.
-No, nosy, why do you want to know?
-Why not? Tell me.
-Tell me.
-No, nosy.
Okay, fine, I'll tell you.
She's not answering
and hasn't seen my messages.
That's that then.
If Mich doesn't care, I care even less.
Let's do it.
Hey, how are we doing, ladies?
How are you, girls?
I'm so excited to see you all here
at our Battle of the Amazons.
I will mention that
our sponsor tonight is Benjamin Moore.
The best paint is premium,
by Benjamin Moore.
As you know,
tonight's theme, which I love,
is sisterhood!
Let's get to it!
Come on!
Listen, "I know you love me from afar,
but I wish I knew how to quit you."
That's from Brokeback Mountain.
-I know. An original poet.
-He outdid himself.
And do you still love him?
Even though he hid you?
sometimes, I guess.
I like someone else.
And it's true that
I don't ever want to be hidden.
And you?
Did you leave a boyfriend back there?
-Come on.
What's all this? You're shut in.
Don't you want sincronizadas or molletes?
We just ate, Mom.
Look at the time.
I'm going to get your sister's bed out.
-Help me please, Michelle.
Tania's contest!
They're going to hate me!
And the winner
of this Battle of the Amazons is
Come here, girl.
Let's take the photo.
Let's see.
The winner.
The panel decided it was the piece
that best represented what
we were saying about female friendship.
We can see it here.
The piece will be displayed
for several months,
so bring friends and family to see it.
See you next time.
Thanks, let's hear it for the girls!
I don't know if they're here.
There they are.
No way, that would be awesome.
I'm so sorry!
Honestly, it wasn't on purpose.
I was rehearsing.
-The audition's today.
-Cool sweatshirt.
It looks like one of Mich's.
The one you mean is the green one,
this is polyester, it doesn't stretch.
Tania won, thanks for asking.
Yes, dude!
Since when do you say that, "dude"?
Let's go.
I knew it.
Ready? Fight!
Not in the face, I have an audition! Dude!
I don't get it.
Why does she prefer to hang with Majo?
I have a theory. I think
I found out something about Mich and Majo.
I was investigating,
and I found a picture.
Guys, stop.
The bell broke again,
class finished ten minutes ago.
What? No, the audition!
It didn't ring.
If you're coming to audition,
we finished five minutes ago.
I know, but the bell didn't ring. I swear
I swear it wasn't my fault, Mrs. Juana.
All day on your phones
and you can't see the time?
Exactly, it stunts our brains
and we can't think.
-We're really stunted.
-I can see that.
Please let me do this audition,
I swear I'll be incredible.
If you don't let me,
what will happen to me?
I'll live under a bridge,
smoking marijuana
with Matías's friends. Please!
Tomorrow at 10:00. Here.
But tomorrow is Saturday.
Do you want to audition or not?
-Tomorrow. At 10:00.
Hi, Alice, I'm Mich.
Jessi Mom!
Jessi ruined my dress!
From now on I'm sleeping in the living
-Hello, Mich!
You can sleep on the rooftop
if it makes you happy.
Thank God she ruined your dress,
it's horrible.
Did you congratulate your grandma?
Of course, because today
is Saturday, and
her 70th birthday.
Very good.
-I'll get her present.
-Dressed like that?
-Give it to her later.
It's a big present.
I'm going to
sign up for
The Flower?
Mich, you're going to sign up
for The Most Beautiful Flower?
Mom, she's going to sign up!
You're going to do that for me?
I guess.
How lovely.
It's the best present!
-Don't say that!
I'd better go and sign up!
-Save me some!
I'll be right back!
I won't be long.
Have some cake for me!
I love it.
I had the best stylist.
Let's go.
The night full of beasts and promises
I don't worry anymore
About being what they expect
I feel as if it's a hallucination
The flowers dance to the sound of my song
I care for me, I care for you
Nothing else
I'm the best version I can give to us
How great that you came.
-Did you see me? How was it?
-A bit late, but
It's called karma.
We chased the white rabbit.
In this version it's not a white rabbit,
it's an axolotl, but,
you'll see it and you'll love it!
It's super cool!
Hey, honestly, sorry I didn't come.
-I swear I tried
-Hey, all good, okay?
Anyway, now we understand
why time flew with Majo.
-We support you.
-We were rehearsing.
-Listen to her.
-What are you talking about?
-We were investigating her, and
And we know.
-That you're going out with Majo!
-It's perfect.
-It's fine. We support you.
No, I'm not
-I loved it!
You were incredible!
Great you could see it.
A call. What a coincidence.
Right on time.
Where are you, Mich?
Where's here?
We left your grandma's birthday party
to come and cheer you on.
And take photos.
-It cut off, or something.
-Cut off?
-I think it's this way.
-Let's go.
Everything okay?
Take me to the square, quickly!
This is fine, sir, thank you!
-Thanks very much, ma'am.
-Thank you.
There you are, honey. What happened?
I wanted to fix myself up to
sign up.
Breathe, don't worry. It's done.
We signed you up already!
Who's gonna be the next Flower?
-I'll take a photo.
-Who's it gonna be?
The Flower!
Thank you, my love.
Subtitle translation by: Bridget Ochocka
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