The Most Beautiful Flower (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Girl, Wake Up

Can I?
Don't judge me.
It was a dream, Baby Jesus.
This is the morning song
That King David sang
To the children
Five more minutes.
It's time to sing to the Baby Jesus.
But it's really early.
That's what happens when you sleep here.
Go back to your room.
-My room.
-It could belong to both.
If Mich sleeps in the closet.
What closet?
I mean,
I was dreaming about
About what?
-That I won The Flower.
-You dreamed that?
Yes, I can still feel the crown.
-The door.
Well, we're hosting the Christ Child,
he's a miracle worker.
Ask him for whatever you want.
-Yes, good morning.
-Good morning. Look how beautiful.
-Sister. I brought you this.
Thank you so much.
Hello, Baby Jesus.
I know you're super cool, but
I want to perform this miracle myself.
Without divine help.
I'm obviously going to be Alice.
See? You can't even find your name.
You're all the extras, dude.
Good joke.
Okay, you're Alice, but,
that's why there are understudy Alices.
I don't get why. I can do it alone.
And I'm not an understudy either.
But look, you're Guest Five
at the Mad Hatter's tea party!
Girl, wake up.
Yes, girl, wake up. The cast
for Alice in Xochiland smells like bleach.
Is there a problem with my cast?
Yes, look at your Alice.
And the two understudies.
All three are blonde.
Her name is even Karen.
She speaks in English
and thinks she's American.
What's your point?
I'm from Xochi.
And we all know Alice is white and blonde.
It's obvious.
She always has been and always will be.
Well, at least Majo defended Mich.
She said they're not going out,
but they're obviously into each other.
I think they are going out.
You know what? You're right.
This cast doesn't represent
the majority of the school.
-We're not all thin.
-Or white.
Okay, crystal generation.
You want diversity?
Fine. You'll be my fourth Alice.
-What about Mich?
No. Why, Miss?
I didn't even audition.
Way to go, girl.
Everything okay?
I'm obviously not
jealous or envious
that she didn't even audition
and she's Alice.
All good, it's fine.
Super cool.
-Are you okay?
-I'm great.
What really makes me mad
Is that they bullied Majo horribly
in her old high school.
It's so 2000 to bully someone
for being LGBTQ+.
We still need allies.
What is this?
The lesbian boat one was better.
These homophobes
don't even make good memes.
But no, what annoys me the most is
-That you're not Alice?
-That you feel things for Majo.
But Dr. Hilda would go nuts.
-No, what pisses me off most
-That Tania won't let you speak?
That she didn't trust me enough
to tell me she likes girls.
I don't know, I feel like
I thought we trusted each other,
I don't know.
Accept it, Mich.
You're into Majo.
Do you think Baby Jesus is an ally?
It's enough that I'm not Alice.
-Come and debate.
-That's enough.
Second lap!
Can we talk?
Sir, this exercise is horrible.
-Ouch, my rib!
-Now that's a human pyramid.
Go, Mich.
Oh please, I'm not that heavy!
Can I?
Mich, stop ghosting me.
I'm not ghosting you.
If it's about the musical, I'll quit.
No, you can't quit being Alice.
What, then?
the truth is that
Brenda, come on.
The worst group activity ever.
Mich, you have to talk to Majo.
This isn't sustainable.
We only have math,
literature, and chemistry.
I don't think there'll be a strange
encounter or an apparition or anything
Michelle! Come here!
See you later.
Did you take my lock?
-No way.
My stuff has been stolen.
Mom, what are you doing here?
What do you mean?
It's the last day
to take your measurements for The Flower.
You didn't tell me.
I didn't tell you?
I sent you an email,
two messages, and a voice message.
Come on! I brought Mrs. Lola.
-So they don't disqualify you.
Hurry up, sweetie. I don't have time.
We're late.
Here she is.
You got me out of literature
for this? Literally?
Look, this is very important.
I also had to cancel three appointments
to meet with Mrs. Lola.
Stop that.
What? Did they catch the thief?
They gave me a new locker.
Number four.
Not 44?
Four hundred forty-four?
-That doesn't exist.
Just one digit.
How did this happen?
But they're the cool lockers of legend!
-I'd rather enjoy it than investigate.
-They're by the entrance.
The perfect climate.
Your lunch will be fine in here.
There's even a plant for better oxygen.
And your whole life fits inside.
Will you fit?
-Hold this.
-Yes! It's a bit tight. But I fit.
-Is it cool?
-I hope there's no nagual.
-It's a bit dark.
I'll bring you your lunch later.
-Just kidding!
-Hey, it won't open.
-Suck your stomach in!
-Let's see.
-Let's see, honey.
Mom, it's I'm not Jesus.
Can't it be shorter?
Can it be more like to here?
-Not too much.
-I'm not a nun.
You know what, doctor?
-I can't work like this. Goodbye.
-What Wait, Mrs. Lola!
-Your daughter won't let me work.
She's rude!
-Hey! What's up, Mich?
-Ah, Mati! What are you doing here?
I came to leave some panties
I mean posters for the principal.
Can you pass me my skirt?
Without opening your eyes.
Freezing, Alaska.
Hot, there it is!
There, thanks.
What are you trying on?
My mom wants me to run for The Flower.
-That would be cool, right?
-Don't look, Matías!
It's better to apologize
than ask permission.
-Okay, sorry.
-How do I look?
Shut up!
-But you look like a nun.
-That's what I said to Mrs. Loli.
-From The Sound of Music.
I want to be the only Alice.
you won't be able to handle all the shows,
that's why we have understudies.
Yes, but I'm the best.
I'm the right type.
I'm half Icelandic but could be English.
I can do it alone.
Do you trust me?
I'll give you the premiere
in our auditorium.
And the best showings.
Okay? Done.
-I'm Alice!
You and three others.
That aren't you.
-Shall we go celebrate at Bubble Tea?
Let's go.
-See you later, Mich.
-Excuse me.
Where's your mom?
She left, but,
I need a favor.
I need you to come with me
to the Flower office.
Of course.
It's illegal to enter private property.
If you want us to do something illegal,
first tell us why.
My mom signed me up for The Flower.
-Without your consent?
Well, no.
She thinks I'm living my dreams,
but they're actually hers.
Her dream is that you go to prison?
No, but if they disqualify me from
The Flower for an error in my registration
then I can be in the musical
without breaking my mom's heart.
Now go!
I owe you one.
Help me find the registration.
My registration.
-What do I do?
-Rip it, destroy it.
-Scribble on it so they can't read it.
-I'll give you all the registrations.
Did you eat already? Let's go eat.
Mrs. Lola is an institution
in The Most Beautiful Flower.
She agreed to dress you,
and you don't seem to care.
-I do care about The Flower.
-Sure you do.
-I do.
Anyway, it doesn't matter now.
I sorted it out, as usual.
You don't need to worry.
-I don't have to be in The Flower?
-Of course you do.
But I thought you could use my dress.
Which one?
Which one? The one I wore.
The one my mom made me so lovingly.
She won thanks to me.
-I don't know what to say.
-Try it.
Is the Baby ready?
The churros are waiting for him.
Hey, can one more person
join for the churros?
Or two or three, why don't we all go?
Or the churros will get cold.
I'll change and let's go.
-Try it on.
When we get back.
I'll pay you rent, let me live there.
And where will I keep my stuff?
I'll look after it.
And I'll clean every day.
I can join the music group now, actually.
The marimba, the mandolin,
the costumes, they'd all fit.
Tania, there's no marimba
in the music group.
And my cans, my oils, my paints, my
-Tania, not your paints.
-Why not?
It's my estate
and I have to look after it.
-What did you sell to Jimeno?
-Good afternoon.
Afternoon. What did you sell him?
He bought the smallest notebooks
and the skinniest lock.
-Did he tell you why?
-Something about lockers.
-He moved to a smaller one.
-I knew it.
I knew it.
Hey, that's premium paper!
It has the softest fibers
and the finest grade.
Direct from China. Ten pesos!
Mich, I'm outside your house.
And I'm not leaving until we speak.
Are you looking for Mich too?
No one's in.
And they'll be a while.
What's this?
Are you her stalker or something?
I know everything about Mich
but it's not enough.
I don't know how long to wait for her.
I can relate.
Why did she fight with you?
I think they're going to be too long.
-Want to go get a gummy beer?
-Gummy beer?
Yeah, beer with chamoy,
tamarind, and gummies.
What kind? There are levels.
-Bears, worms or fruits?
Spicy pineapple and mango.
No, I don't feel like drinking.
But the idea of gummy beers
does intrigue me.
Oh, no!
-You have a stain.
-I know!
-Not the red one.
-Yes, the red one. Die.
-I don't think we're going to Mich's.
-No, it's too late.
I'll take you home.
I'll take you home.
I'll take you home.
-I'll take you home.
-No, I'll take you home.
-I'll take you home.
-No, I'll take
We could go on all night.
We're in a time loop and we can't escape.
-Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
All good.
-I'll take you home.
-I'll carry your backpack.
-I'll carry your backpack.
-Let's go.
-That way?
-That way, yeah.
If you can't cope with it all,
it's okay to ask for help.
Baby Jesus?
It's me, dummy!
For Christ's sake, Gil,
you just scared the life out of me.
What are you doing awake?
No, what are you doing awake?
Do you know the story of when
Dr. Hilda signed up to host Baby Jesus?
Yeah, she was pregnant with me.
And now you're 16.
We waited all that time to have him here.
Well, you and I weren't
really waiting for him, were we?
Not really.
Half that time you were thought, action,
then a baby.
The point is the Baby Jesus
has heard a lot of locals,
generation after generation,
for hundreds of years.
It's okay to ask for help.
Thank you.
Can I get some privacy?
Thanks, Gil.
We won't debate about Majo, okay?
That's beside the point.
I wanted to talk to you
about Alice in Xochiland.
Which is an adaptation
of a beautiful story about a blonde girl
who loves doing mushrooms
and tripping out
I started badly.
Let's go again.
The lead, Alice,
wants to see a more interesting,
more fun world without fears.
Just swap out the forest for school.
And instead of the Queen of Hearts
it's the drama teacher.
But Alice and I are basically identical!
We both want a world with more magic,
more colors, and more hope.
A world with its own rules.
Can you imagine?
-Thank you, Baby Jesus. Amen.
Have you ever spoken to time?
I guess not, but time
tempo of the music runs through my veins.
Okay, stop. What's going on today, Brenda?
You're doing terribly.
It's Mich's fault. She's the worst guest,
she's distracting me.
-What did I do?
I'm asleep, I'm feeling what
I don't know,
it's my interpretation of Guest Five.
Honestly, I just wanted to do you a favor.
It's just a favor. Don't be like that.
For real? You put this shit in my locker?
Brenda gave it to me. It's awesome
Okay, if you have to
If you're gonna be like this,
I'm sorry. Okay?
Bullies don't get forgiven.
They get cancelled.
Okay, let's start with Alice Two.
I'm Alice.
I ran into an axolotl and followed it.
-I fell into
-No, thank you.
Okay, that's enough. No.
Thank you, next.
Alice Three.
I was very scared
and didn't know what to do.
I yelled and no one heard me.
But then I entered a world
You are Alice.
Look, Fer.
It's a bit scuffed.
Is that dirt?
Where have you been going off to?
The Christ Child has been very busy
making miracles.
Haven't you?
Such pretty booties.
And then
The tempo of the music
runs through my veins.
Five, six, seven, eight.
I feel like it's some kind
of hallucination
The flowers dance to my song
I'd like for you to be where I am
Sharing our destiny, just you and I
If time runs, I'll teach you to fly
If you're water, I'll sink in the sea
I care for me
I care for you, nothing else
I'm the best version I can offer
You have surprised me now, Mich.
I'm surprised too.
I feel I was born to be Alice, I swear.
When I was doing those moves,
I felt like Alice was
Hang on, breathe.
You'll be Alice Five.
The main Alice is still Brenda. Okay?
No, yes, perfect.
Alice Five is five times better
than Alice Zero.
Thank you so much.
Aren't you in The Flower?
I'm warning you.
The Alices have to be available 24/7
because she's the main character.
There's no excuse. No other commitments.
-Because I can't
No, I'm 100% committed.
Actually, I'm so committed that
Look, here's my
This is my registration for The Flower.
Look. Mich.
100% committed to being Alice.
I'll sign up for The Flower next year.
-Come on.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Yes, I will. Thank you.
Have you seen my boat?
Want a ride?
No, I want my boat.
Yeah, I'm going to fix it,
Majo told me it leaks.
-Since when are you friends with Majo?
-Sure you don't want a ride?
Might as well.
-Did you put it up there yourself?
Well, Axel helped me.
Only Axel?
And his dad.
Did you read my letter?
About 17 times.
Maybe even more.
Dani, what's up?
You did it again, didn't you?
You don't want to be seen with me.
Let me out here.
-Daniel, I want to get out.
-What do you mean, "what"?
I always feel
like I have to prove something.
That I'm too much or not enough,
and you know what?
That's lame.
It's lame that it has to be like this
with you.
-Give me my boat back later.
What is this, Michelle?
Did I tell you I'm Alice in Xochiland?
Subtitle translation by: Bridget Ochocka
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