The Most Beautiful Flower (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Code L

In silence I bury
My broken heart
And the absent memory
Of this place
Only the void remains
Suspended time
A cold winter
That has no mercy
You need a blue orchid headdress.
Blue, remember, Michelle.
Because everyone
wears pink or yellow ones.
Why didn't you ask Mrs. Lola
for more blue orchids?
Hello, great-great-grandmother Jacinta
and great-grandmother Ramona.
-How strange.
-That dress is too short, Mich.
Where's your traditional skirt?
You weren't going to go
to the contest like that, were you?
Well, this dress isn't for The Flower,
it's for Alice in Xochiland.
Or Alicia.
It's the first lead role
of many I'm going to have.
Alice, my foot!
By Our Lady of Sorrows, Mich.
You have to continue
with our most important traditions
for the women of your family.
Yes, Mich, why Alice in Xochiland,
and not The Flower?
No, it's not that.
It's not that I don't want to, it's that
Well, maybe I don't know
Is your back hurting?
-Here, right?
Right there.
-I see.
There's a knot here.
No, I'm still angry at you.
-Move, it's hot.
Well, being Alice Five
is better than being
Alice Zero.
And I'm happy because, honestly, I want
to work hard on the play and
Look, Mich.
Do you need an ahuejote tree
to keep you on the lake?
Do you know why
we're so important for the community?
Because we make the best bean tamales?
Because we're women.
Descendants of Coatlicue,
of Mother Xochiquetzal.
This very land was created
solely with female energy.
Without her, we wouldn't be here,
in this beautiful place.
And don't make that face,
it's not superstition, it's knowledge.
Knowing that makes me feel very proud.
It makes me feel very proud too, Mom.
I love being from here, it's really cool.
But I like the show too.
But why is that more important?
That nonsense with horrible costumes,
and that modern music,
over a tradition that's in your blood?
-They're different things.
-Of course they are.
Bring me a spoon, please.
The world of show business,
Michelle, it's
-It'll only bring you headaches.
-And what about what my heart wants?
My heart wants to be Alice.
No, honey, you don't understand,
you're obsessed with it.
Alice in Xochiland, what is that?!
It's a fad, it's a kids' thing.
It's not a fad, it's not a kids' thing.
You don't get it, Mom.
It's not about being Alice
for the sake of it.
It's more than that.
It's about being the lead.
Being seen, being applauded.
It's about someone like me being there.
Someone like you?
Michelle, you're beautiful.
The Flower isn't a beauty pageant.
I just want you to be there
because you're wonderful
and I want your wonderful voice
to represent us.
You can resist
from the most unexpected places.
That's the lesson.
I want you to think about that.
And about how I'm very upset.
About the lie above all.
And this spoon is for hot sauce.
It's like thinking if you WhatsApp
Baby Jesus, you're praying to him.
Maybe you are.
Does Baby Jesus have WhatsApp?
I think Dr. Hilda is right.
Life's about resisting, right?
-Mich, no.
What are you going to?
Did you know that big-mouths end up alone?
Hi. Why are you at the fountain?
-I don't know what you mean.
So who took my torn-up registration
to Grandma and my mom
and told them I'd auditioned for Alice?
I thought you needed help
with your Alice outfit.
And as Grandma and your mom sew so well
Are you afraid
I'll be a better Alice than you?
What a good joke.
What are you talking about, dude?
-I'm not talking to you.
-Don't be rude.
Attention, children.
This is an emergency.
Code L, I repeat, code L.
We have an outbreak
of head lice in the classrooms.
Go home and connect virtually.
You must be online with the camera on!
It's crawling.
-Watch out! It's in your extension.
-The lice are there.
You have lice.
There's so little space.
Do you think
anyone will connect to the class?
Shame on whoever connects.
-I don't think they can suspend us all.
See you at the dock in half an hour.
You can chip in for the boats.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-I'm going to the bathroom.
-But you are coming?
Are you going to the boats, baby?
Hell no! What for?
So you can ignore me
in front of your friends again?
No, thanks.
Come on, guys, go home.
That guy.
Hey, Mich!
Mich, the cold shoulder you're trying
to give Majo won't survive global warming.
-Come on.
-Talk to her. Now.
I wanted to know if we could
Come on, you'll be the first to get them!
Hey, wait!
-You didn't even ask me.
-I thought you'd be pleased.
I'm pleased
when Brenda gets spots on her face.
Don't exaggerate.
It's a way to make ourselves known.
Let me see if I understand.
We're going to play music on the boats
for the fountain kids.
And they're not paying us?
Let me guess.
It was Brenda's idea.
-It's part of her promotion strategy.
-Oh, great.
-Hey, Mich.
You're pretty when you're angry.
Don't change the subject.
Come here.
We have a weekday gig.
That's never happened before.
Don't get confused.
It was the lice, not your girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.
Come out. Follow him, please.
Be careful, don't trip.
The good ones are over here!
-Do you need boats, boys and girls?
Or gender-neutral kids.
What do we say now?
Nowadays with your "exclusive" language
and crystal generation.
Here we have Xochimilco,
Valentina, María Inés.
-Which one do you want?
-That one?
That's Crazy Tania.
Inspired by my daughter.
A foal that's hard to tame.
You know how women are.
Complicated from the start.
-Which one do you want then?
-Tania, for sure.
Great. Follow the guy in blue.
Take them to the boat, please.
-Watch your step.
-Is that why you didn't want to say hi?
Mischievous Light and Sound.
Here we are, Mati, Brenda
Mich is missing, that's me.
Printing error. Light and Sound
I've put the speakers on the boat.
I'll plug them in and you can warm up.
What's this? Did Brenda dress you?
What do you think?
I didn't know it was
a costume party, my friend.
I like it.
Brenda says it's aesthetic, but cool.
-It's what?
-Aesthetic, like beautiful.
-But cool?
-But cool.
Will you give him back to me?
We have to board.
"Board"? Honey, you're not in Miami.
You're in Xochimilco. This isn't a cruise.
Anyway, hurry up, baby.
Come on, let's go.
Why Brenda and not me?
-No, wait, everyone calm down!
Wait, dude. Lice come out with shampoo.
Move it, ma'am! Are you okay?
Wait, ma'am.
Relax, dude!
Mati, no!
Come on, jump, you can do it!
-Can't we go back?
Ask the tourists.
We'll be back for you.
Oh, Bren.
No, Pipo!
No, come on, it's okay.
Don't go, no, Pipo!
Pipo, hold on! No, come back.
No! No, Pipo!
No, Pipo.
You gave your phone a name?
Enough, Pipo, no!
-You named it "Pipo"?
Why wouldn't I call it Pipo? It's my life.
I can't let it go! No!
No, Jimeno, I don't think you should
go in, it's really dirty and
It's filthy.
I don't think they'll be back for us.
They left us.
They left me.
You weren't even invited.
-How much to take me to my friends?
-A hundred.
What? Would you rather stay here?
This isn't our boat,
it's full of Americans.
Hey, when can we go back to the dock?
Whenever they say.
Tania, get your dad to send a boat to us.
My dad? Why would he?
Isn't your dad the boss around here?
Come and dance with us!
-Are you sure it was this way?
I think.
You think?
-You were there too.
-It's always the same with you.
-Why didn't you look where they went?
-Why didn't you?
-Who invited you? You shouldn't have come.
-They always let me.
-This was my business, and suddenly
Yadi, imagine how cool it will be
if the lice attack goes viral.
And they get loads of likes
and there's a film called
The Saucy Attack of the Lice.
But, listen. I have an idea.
Why don't
we wait for
the girls together?
We can chat, we won't get bored.
I only have ten pesos,
but please play as loud as you can.
Everything okay? Yadi?
-I don't even know what you're doing here.
-And now we're lost.
Thanks to you, because you can't remember.
I won't search all day
for a hundred pesos.
Get off here.
I'm not a sailor
I'm not a sailor
For you I will be
I'll fix your phone if you shut up.
Okay, right.
Sorry, I'll shut up.
Hey, isn't the view beautiful?
For real, it really reminds me of Canada.
I went with my family two years ago.
Do you know Canada?
You don't know how cool it is.
It's really amazing, for real.
It's not that they're the same.
Not exactly the same.
But especially the plants,
the colors,
that bridge over there
-It looks like a video game called
You know Fable?
Where are we?
On the Island of the Dolls.
Grandma Conchi says it's haunted.
Well, she also says the menstrual cup
is a thing of the devil,
so, I wouldn't worry.
Miraculous Child
Deliver us from evil
Miraculous Child
It's okay, Tania.
-Maybe you should call your dad.
-Why's everyone talking about him?
Tania, we all know your dad
has a monopoly on all the boats.
It's okay, Tania.
sometimes it's hard
for parents to understand
who we are, and to accept us this way.
But it's out of fear.
That something will happen to us.
I love him a lot.
But he doesn't understand anything.
It's like he lives in a different century.
Tania, we all know your dad is macho,
you don't have to hide it.
Like you hiding what you feel for Mich?
Who's Mich?
Mich is the prettiest, sweetest,
most talented, coolest girl.
Someone's got a crush.
That's great, girl.
How are we going to get back?
Well, Fer really likes tutorials.
Once we watched one about how
to make rafts with pieces of wood and
-Uh-huh, and where will we get rope?
-Do you have another plan?
-No? Well then?
My mom always says,
"There's always a way, Mich!"
And, "Stop picking at the tinga."
So maybe
Oh my God!
Protect me.
You know what?
If we collect enough doll parts,
I think we can make a raft.
The video said
something hollow and that floats.
If we sink, I'll kill you.
-Start collecting and stop whining.
-Yes, I know.
Mich, look.
We could use this.
Let's suppose your piece of wood works.
You think we'd both fit?
Let's be honest,
no one's going to miss Guest Five
at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.
They didn't tell you?
I'm not Guest Five anymore.
I'm an Alice now, like you.
And how many understudies
have to fall for you to go on?
-The principal wouldn't allow it.
You're only in the musical
because I like musicals.
And you never would've talked to Matías
if I didn't like him.
-Oh, you like my boyfriend?
-No, excuse me.
A, he's not your boyfriend,
and B, I saw him first.
Hey, Mati isn't a thing.
And you know what? I'm crazy about him.
I'm great, Mich.
And I don't have half the things you do.
Your talent, Fer, Aunt Hilda.
And Grandma desperate for you
to inherit The Flower
even though you don't care!
Are you jealous of me?
Obviously not.
I can't believe it.
You do know I'm the best Alice!
-You're jealous!
-Shut up!
Goddamn asshole, dude.
It's not my fault, idiot!
Jealous idiot!
-Give it to me!
-I saw it first!
-Let go!
Goddamn jerk.
You're the worst in the world!
Get off!
I'm sick of you!
I wish I could
I wish I could stop feeling like an adult
in a kid's body.
And have fun like you do.
I don't want to look after the house,
or my mom, or anything anymore.
Go see who it is.
I'm sure it's nothing.
-I don't want to die.
-We won't die, we're too good and pretty.
It'll all be fine.
Do you remember when we were little
and we got away from a coyote?
It was Mr. Melgar's dog.
I remember it as a coyote.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
It's delicious with beans.
I won't complain about the beans,
they're really good.
But I'm going to put salsa on it.
Let's see.
-I'll put salsa on it.
-Done. Take it.
You can see if we went viral
or whatever you want.
Yadi, thank you.
-Oh, yes.
-You're welcome.
You're welcome, thank you.
If there's anything I can do.
Anything, really.
Just sit down
and be quiet for five minutes.
Yes, I'm going to sit down.
Thank you.
I'm going to call the dock
for a boat to come for you.
Thanks very much, sir.
I always knew
we'd be all right, because I'm with you.
Thank you for saying that, Bren.
That's cool.
I also knew when
you saved us from the coyote.
Don't be mean.
In my memory it was a coyote.
Gross, Dani! Shave your head!
It's not lice.
I made a decision.
I'm giving up being
an understudy for Alice.
For you.
So you don't have to be number five.
You can be four, or three, but not five.
But I don't want you to give me anything,
I just want to be
your friend.
I'm not upset with you about that.
I'm upset because
Well, I got Yadi to research you.
Nothing creepy. Cool research.
-I just wanted to know
what your secret is for being so amazing.
I see.
you found the memes,
the lesbian boat, right?
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't mind people knowing
I'm bisexual, Mich.
But I would've liked to tell you myself.
I'm sorry, it's just,
I don't know
how to ask about these things.
-I didn't know
I'm very proud of who I am.
Are you proud of who you are?
Did you know there used to be manatees
in the lake?
The lake was infested with lilies
and they brought them in to eat them.
But that's not the amazing bit.
My grandma says that if you still see
a manatee playing out there
among the ahuejotes,
beside someone you like,
you'll be with that person
your whole life.
I think I just heard a manatee.
I think I did too.
What happened, Michelle? Where were you?
I went to the boats with my classmates.
Brenda was there too.
And, well,
we got lost and ended up on Doll Island.
-No, everything's fine.
everything's wonderful.
Let me look at you.
Come here, to the light.
Let me see you up close.
Dilated pupils.
-I didn't take anything.
Your pulse is agitated, Michelle.
-What is it?
You're in love, honey.
I don't know!
Did you meet a boy?
-I knew it.
We're going to have
to have "the talk" again.
Mom, not the books.
Which one shall we start with?
Subtitle translation by: Bridget Ochocka
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