The Murders (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Long Black Veil

1 I, Detective Kate Jameson, on my honour, will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust.
I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve, so help me God.
We'll clean it up later.
Nolan do this? You have to ask? It's tradition on your first day of homicide.
Are you hungry? - Starving.
- Let's go.
Nicotine gum.
Want one? - I'm good.
- [LAUGHS] Thanks.
Oh, $34.
That should leave $5 in change.
Not with tip.
That's exactly my point.
You forget I used to wait tables.
We didn't sit at one.
They pool their tips.
Tonight we thanked the line cook and the dishwasher.
Because this is your first week, I'm gonna let that slide.
Son of a Someone broke into the car.
[SIGHS] Watch your feet.
They get anything? Kate, what is it? They take anything? My gun.
[SIGHS] I was cleaning out the car and I put it in the back seat.
[DISPATCH] Attention all units.
Shots fired, 200 block Hornby.
Repeat, 200 block Hornby, shots fired.
Everything is fading Everything is fading Everything is fading Everything is fading, fading, fading [POLICE SIREN BLARES] All right, let's go, back it up.
Come on.
Come on, let's move back.
Let's go.
Bring him down the alley.
Thank you.
All right, let's go everyone.
Come on.
Let's back it up.
Thank you.
- I saw the guy.
- All the way down the alley, here.
- Thanks so much.
- He was black, wearing a grey hoodie.
All right, well then, you stick with me.
The rest of you move back, okay? Thank you.
Anyone seen this guy before? No? No one? All right.
That'll be one second.
Stay right here, thank you.
Well, looks like the vic's name is Dax Riley.
[SIGHS] I found my gun.
I'll file the report.
- Now, that would be a mistake.
- I have no choice.
[CLEARS THROAT] Put your gun away, Kate.
- I'll take care of it.
- I can't let you do that.
Besides, ballistics can ID the bullet.
This isn't the 10th precinct.
You're in homicide now.
What happened here is a career killer.
I said I'll take care of it.
[SIRENS WAILING] I got a witness.
Says he saw a guy in a grey hoodie with a gym bag.
[SIRENS WAILING] Holster your firearm.
Hey, fellas.
We got a Caucasian male, mid 30s, looks like he got shot.
It's all good? Yeah.
[SIGHS] Good evening, officer.
Was I speeding? You ran a red through the last intersection.
Pretty sure the light was amber.
We got a grey hoodie and a gym bag.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Hey.
- Please don't shoot! - Hands on the wheel.
- Don't shoot, please! Don't shoot.
- Sir! Right now! Please, don't shoot, don't shoot! - Put your hands on the steering wheel.
- All right, all right.
Keep them where I can see them.
Need cover with a possible suspect in shooting.
What are you what? I'm Detective Nolan Wells, and this is Detective Meg Harris.
How long have you known Dax Riley? I don't know who this is.
He's a drug dealer.
Shot tonight in an alley behind the Carlton Club.
You're a member there, right? Suspect was identified as a black male in a grey hoodie.
A witness ID'd you.
So, your witness saw a black man in a dark alley wearing a grey hoodie.
Are you kidding me? What happened? You two have a disagreement? Sorry, De Detective Nolan, is it? My client has clearly stated he doesn't know the man.
Where were you between 6:00 and 7:00 p.
? I was parked at Jericho Beach and fell asleep.
By the sailing club.
Fell asleep? Make any calls? Anyone see you? No.
Woke up around 6:30, and headed home.
That's some alibi.
He was taking a nap.
The problem is Sleeping Beauty, you told the arresting officer you were coming from the gym.
It was an easy answer to give, all right? I just wanted to get home.
Look, I didn't kill anyone.
I don't even own a gun.
I'm good.
Brent and Meredith insisted on coming.
It's some mistaken identity bullshit.
I thought we'd at least get to see you in an orange jumpsuit.
We're just glad you're okay.
- Thanks.
- I will give you a call later.
- It's been a long night.
- Thanks.
We'll sort this out, all right? Sid.
I really appreciate you looking after this.
Look, a hoodie and a gym membership is hardly evidence of murder.
There's a couple of things I can follow up on, and place his car at the pier.
- Pier? - Oh.
Hud drove out to Jericho after work, and uh, fell asleep.
I will make this go away, don't worry.
Okay? Thank you.
Let's go.
They're not actually gonna charge you? No.
Sid will take care of it.
- We're about to open two clinics.
- Brent.
I'm just saying, a murder charge isn't something you can spin.
Can you not make this about you for one minute? - [CLEARS THROAT UNCOMFORTABLY] - Sid's gonna handle it.
[LAUGHS AWKWARDLY] At 21st and Oak.
Yep, no, I've I've got it.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
Chen, I'm in court today.
Should I put everything on hold until you return? [CLEARS THROAT] A suspect was detained last night for the 200 block Hornby shooting.
Everything you need to know is in there.
Welcome to homicide.
Check the alibi, call me if you have any questions.
[WHISPERS] Uh, Mike? You get the print I left you? Uh, I got someone on it.
[SIGHS] Brent was such a prick this morning.
Shouldn't have called him.
I didn't call him, I called Meredith.
She's my best friend.
Well, they questioned me for murder.
That sort of thing makes people nervous.
Why were you out at Jericho? What? Sid said you were parked there.
I was stressed out, I needed some fresh air.
What were you stressed about? Work.
The expansion.
Paying for this house.
What is this? - I'm worried about you.
- Sounds like the third degree.
That isn't fair.
Fair? You seriously want to play the "fair" card right now? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I interviewed your suspect last night.
Do you have a thing for confetti? Just be glad it wasn't baby powder.
[SCOFFS] I suppose you did me a favour then.
Yeah, I guess I did.
You've had a lot of favours lately.
I knew your Dad.
Oh, I get it.
You think I made the unit because of him.
It certainly wasn't because you put in the time.
Do you have something to share about your interview? Your suspect lied about his alibi.
I called the Jericho Sailing Club, they have cameras in the parking lot.
His car wasn't there.
I don't see him for it.
An audiologist, no priors.
Doesn't fit.
He attends the gym next door to the crime scene.
He was ID'd by a witness, he lied about his alibi.
It's a slam dunk.
Forensics did a sweep of his car.
Take a look at the timestamp on the gas receipt.
7:03 p.
911 call came in at 6:59.
Station is 10 miles from the murder.
Puts him in two places at once.
He's hiding something, rookie.
Easiest way to get him talking is to lay a charge, but hey.
It's your call.
I hate to see you screw your first case.
Detective Jameson.
You must be Hud Williams.
What is it? I have a couple of follow-up questions to your interview last night.
You got a moment? Not without my lawyer present.
You gave a false alibi.
We can do this at the station if you like.
What do you want? I want to know why you lied.
You weren't parked at the sailing club, we've confirmed that with the security cameras.
That's reason enough to charge you.
Then why don't you? If you don't start answering my questions, I will.
And my next call will be to the press.
You want that sort of attention? I had a meeting at the Newbury.
- With who? - It was business.
Talk to Curtis at the front door, he can verify that I was there.
That's all I'm saying without my lawyer.
[DOOR CLOSES] Thanks for helping us with our investigation, Mr.
No problem.
Four o'clock, just as our bellman said.
Murder suspect, huh? Go figure.
Looks like somebody has a room.
You know, whatever indiscretions take place in the room is not our business, but you would not believe the stuff we see in the elevators.
You have to think the guests want to be on camera.
Between you, me, and these four walls, there's a highlight reel floatin' around.
[LAUGHS] That's the rumour, anyway.
Not that I've seen it.
I'm not interested in your collection of public porn, Mr.
Walker, although I'm sure Vice would be.
There he is.
Guessing that's not his wife.
That's his alibi.
Can you hear that? Because it's driving me crazy.
Unfortunately, I can't.
No more than I can hear your thoughts.
And you wouldn't want that.
- [LAUGHS] - Some things no one needs to know, right? Why don't you just wait in my office? I will be one minute.
[SIGHS] I didn't expect you in today.
Look, about the police thing.
- I owe you an apology.
- No, no, no.
The Timing couldn't be worse.
I'm getting a defence attorney, we're shutting it down.
I thought you already had a lawyer.
Well, Sid's a family friend of Lisa's.
He was just there helping out last night.
Whatever you need.
- Okay? - Okay.
Just let me know how I can help.
All right.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
Hey, police didn't contact you, did they? No, are they supposed to? Just curious.
Is there something I should know? Just tell 'em the truth.
You haven't told me anything.
'Cause there's nothing to tell.
- All right.
- Right.
[PIANO MUSIC] Thank you.
So, how's work? You seem upset.
[CLEARS THROAT UNCOMFORTABLY] I know when something's bothering you.
What is it? [SIGHS] I've made a mistake, and I don't know how to fix it.
I figured as much.
What does that mean? You don't belong in homicide, Kate.
It's a boy's club, and with more problems than you know.
I mean I I can't tell you how many headaches they cause our office.
The incompetence, the egos.
I spent 20 years watching your father flounder down there.
Dad loved homicide.
It ruined our marriage.
And it'll consume your life.
I mean, you want to have a life, don't you? You're a politician, what life do you have? So, what are you gonna do? Ask for a transfer? No, I'm not leaving homicide.
But you just said it was a mistake.
- Forget it.
- Okay, - now, now I'm confused.
- Just forget it.
[LOUNGE GUESTS APPLAUD] There's something I've been wanting to share with you.
Something I've put a lot of thought into.
Mayor Kelly, as you know, hasn't been well.
He's decided not to seek re-election and has offered to endorse me.
For Mayor? You sound surprised.
Over the past year as deputy mayor, I've helped council pass more legislation than Kelly got through in the first two years of his term.
My work on the police board hasn't gone unnoticed either.
Your department's going to have a lot more civilian oversight.
I accepted his offer.
I'm gonna announce my candidacy next month.
Can I count on your support? Yeah.
Of course.
[GLASSES CLINK] Well, looks like Hud Williams delayed our investigation for a day with a false alibi.
[SIGHS] To hide his affair.
The only thing he's guilty of is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
As it turns out, he was with his business partner's wife.
We should charge him with obstruction of justice.
Well, we have more important things to deal with.
[CLEARS THROAT] Darrien Wake.
Age 27.
White male.
Spent years in and out of juvie.
B&Es, charged with assault as an adult.
Known drug addict, and a positive ID on your print.
Wake stole your gun and killed our vic, Dax Riley.
So we can make an arrest? In due time, yeah.
Well, how do we do it without a gun? We can't tie him to the murder.
Don't worry.
Your print will tie Wake to Dax's murder.
Likely a drug deal gone bad.
When I know more, I'll let you know.
Cocktail hour already? You okay? I thought the police took away your phone.
They did.
So you have two phones.
That's a replacement.
I can't even look at you right now.
We need to clear people out and lock this down.
These people are doing their job.
A black man is hanging from a rope.
[SIGHS] Okay, if you're not with FIU I need you to step outside the house.
This is a closed crime scene.
Let's go.
Wife came home.
Found him hanging.
- Where's Mike? - He's an hour out.
Asked me to cover for him.
She's in shock.
He was having an affair.
Maybe someone found out.
So he commits suicide rather than face his wife? This isn't a suicide.
Your lead murder suspect is now a murder victim.
The rope fibres were pointed in the wrong direction.
[SIGHS] He was hoisted up.
And no fibres on his hands.
Whoever killed him wanted us to think he hung himself.
His business partner is Brent Singer.
Best friend since college.
They played varsity lacrosse together, vacationed together, opened a hearing clinic together.
Well, best friends until Hud hooks up with his wife.
The question is, did Brent know? I mean, Lisa only discovered the affair yesterday.
Anything on the cell phone? There are two of them.
I've requested the logs.
How does someone get inside the house and hang him without any visible signs of a fight or an injury? Sorry about that.
I could find no fractures or dislocations of the cervical vertebrae typically seen when a body is suspended.
Venous congestion above the ligature wasn't prominent.
There are petechial hemorrhages in the larynx and trachea, obvious signs of asphyxia.
However, given the number of inconsistencies, can't rule out foul play.
Evidence at the crime scene suggests the same.
There's a small bruise on his left shoulder, could be a needle mark.
We'll have to wait for the toxicology before I can say more.
Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he was drugged.
All right, well let's get the business partner and his wife in for questioning.
- Thanks, Doc.
- Yep.
The petechial hemorrhages? Bleeding into the skin from broken blood vessels.
I'll let you know once I see the toxicology, Detective.
Call me Kate.
Okay, Kate.
Are you related to Anthony Jameson? Yeah.
Ah, I knew AJ when I was starting out.
He was a good cop.
Yeah, I hear that a lot.
Not all of 'em are.
Did Hud have a falling out with any of his patients? No.
Was it suicide? What makes you think that he committed suicide? I don't know, you had him under suspicion for murder.
Did he do something? What kind of drugs do you have at the clinic? Do you do you have anything that could knock a person out? No, we don't perform surgery or prescribe medication.
And your wife, did she notice anything out of the ordinary with Hud? Outside of his recent arrest, no.
I understand that they were close.
He was my best friend.
Yeah, I can see that.
[CLEARS THROAT] That is your best friend and your wife at the Newbury Hotel.
What are you doing? Well, it sorta seems to me that they were more than just friends, so.
Maybe you found out about it, did something You son of a bitch! Sit down.
We know all about your relationship with Hud, the afternoon hookups, your sexting.
As a matter of fact, Lisa already discovered the second phone.
What we haven't figured out is if your husband knew.
Why does that matter? We think Hud's death had to do with your affair.
What?! Uh, Brent didn't know.
What do you think your husband would do if he found out you were screwing his best friend? I am not going to apologize for my relationship with Hud.
Who else knew about you two? No one.
No one knew.
Hud received a text from Meredith at 1:30 p.
So sometime between 1:30 and the time of death, he had a visitor.
He downloaded a file onto his phone at 1:45.
What kind of file? It was 3 megabytes.
So, that that's what, a photo? Yeah, could be.
All right, have tech crime look into it.
She wants to cook a roti your father loved, have you over for dinner.
All right, Friday at 7:00.
I've asked for Hud's patient bookings.
How's, uh, things coming along with everyone's alibis? So far they check out.
Look, our Darrien Wake problem will be handled tonight.
What's happening tonight? A little housekeeping to make sure it sticks.
Your gun will be cleared for good.
Focus on the Hud Williams case.
I'll get on this.
[SIGHS] [POLICE SIRENS BLARING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [POLICE SIRENS BLARING] Every appointment over the last 12 weeks.
Anything stand out? No.
Mind if I look around? Go ahead.
She cheated on me before.
Did Meredith tell you that? No.
I thought we had worked things out in counselling.
How long ago? Couple years ago.
Thanks for letting me know.
Yeah, it's Jameson.
Where are we at with the file that was downloaded onto Hud Williams' phone? Uh, it's an MP3 file.
What song is it? Long Black Veil.
This record has been recorded by a hundred different artists.
Everyone from Cash to Jagger has had a go on it.
[SIGHS] Columbia released this first version in '59, by Lefty Frizzell.
How's your mother? She's running for mayor.
Rita? Running for mayor? Ah, you're kidding me.
That stays between us.
Bloody hell.
I'm serious, Floyd.
- Hey.
- She hasn't announced yet.
Secret's safe.
I'll have slept with the mayor.
Seriously? Sorry.
How about you play the record? [LAUGHS] Okay.
['LONG BLACK VEIL' PLAYS] Ten years ago On a cold dark night There was someone killed 'Neath the town hall light There were few at the scene What's this song about? A man wrongfully accused of murder.
Can't give an alibi, because he was with his best friend's wife.
So, they hang him for a crime he didn't commit.
It's one of the great murder ballads.
The judge said son, what is your alibi If you were somewhere else Kate, hold up, Kate.
Your toxicology report came in.
Hud Williams had Propofol in his blood stream.
It's an anaesthetic used in medical settings.
So whoever administered it had access to a hospital.
Or ambulatory care clinic.
- We're making the calls.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Meg, you seen Mike? - No.
- You got a minute? For I had been in the arms of my best friend's wife She walks these hills in a long black veil It's life imitating art.
Or it's a coincidence.
There are no coincidences in a murder.
All right, let's take it for a walk.
The infidelity, that's common.
Covering it with lies goes part and parcel.
But the same man wrongly accused of murder.
And someone was obviously inspired to end Hud Williams' life like the song.
Or Hud knew the song and simply downloaded it.
That would make sense if he committed suicide.
But Propofol proves he was murdered.
Who else knew about the affair? Hud's wife, maybe his business partner.
The song would have meaning to both of them.
Brent Singer's your obvious suspect.
We confirmed he was with clients all day.
[SIGHS] Hud used the doorman at the Newbury Hotel as his alibi.
So, the staff at the Newbury knew about Hud's infidelity.
And they have access to his phone and address.
Could be something there.
Nobody knows but me Okay, yes, thank you, bye.
Evan Walker.
Security manager at the Newbury, knew about Hud Williams' infidelity, had access to his personal information.
I ran him.
Turns out, he did a year for assaulting a prostitute.
She testified he tried to kill her.
Come with me.
We got a bigger problem right now.
You pulled Darrien Wake's info from the DMV? IT contacted me, they have access to all of your session activity.
The sites you visit, the names you pull.
How many times you wipe your ass.
You know that.
Why did you need his address? What were you doing at his place last night? You were following me? Look, I screwed up.
But the last thing I need you to do is make things worse.
You screwed up? You screwed up?! You broke the No.
1 rule in policing! You left your firearm unattended! And as a consequence, a man was shot dead with your gun.
So I don't think it gets much worse than that.
There was a gun placed in Wake's apartment that matches the bullet we have in evidence.
You switched the bullets? You said it yourself, ballistics can tie your bullet to your gun.
I didn't sign up to plant evidence on people.
- That's not what we do.
- Well, we do what we have to.
Mike, I can't, I Everyone crosses the line in this job.
There's no shame in that.
And no one understood that more than your father.
Stick to the Hud Williams murder.
Stay the hell out of Wake's case file.
You trying to boost my stuff? I'm not stealing anything.
- Slow down.
- Drop your gun.
Mike? - I'll kill her.
- You don't want to do that.
I swear, I'll kill her.
Think about it.
She broke into your apartment, you didn't do a thing.
Why are you here? Lower your gun and let's talk.
What the hell is going on? I said put your gun down, Darrien.
How do you know my name? I need you to lower your gun.
- How do you - [GUNFIRE] [RINGING SOUND] Mike? [GROANING] Mike? Mike! Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.
[PANICKED BREATHING] An officer's been shot.
Uh, apartment 15, 200 Connor Street.
[ECHOING AUDIO] Apartment 15, officer down.
Mike, Mike, stay with me.
Stay with me.
[ECHOING AUDIO] Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Come on.
Come on, Mike.
Stay with me.
Stay with me, Mike.
Come on.
Come on, Mike.
Stay with me.
[POLICE SIRENS BLARING] What a shit-show.
How's she doing? How's anybody doing? Let me ask you something.
If Wake was her chief suspect, how come the rest of the team didn't know? She's not qualified.
Just because AJ was her Dad doesn't mean Okay, enough! You repeat that again, you'll be working in another district.
Got it? Her score from the academy was the highest in a decade.
[SOMBRE MUSIC] What tipped you off with Wake? His name came up on the street.
The shell casings match the Riley murder.
Ballistics is checking the gun.
Do you need to talk to someone? Okay.
Go home then.
We have your statement.
Let's convene in the morning.
[SOMBRE MUSIC] So, how's your first week back? I've got a new partner.
Nolan Wells.
And? I don't think he's too happy about it.
After following up on with your work with Meg, we investigated Evan Walker and his known associates.
We found a connection to a private clinic that reported a theft of Propofol in Montreal six weeks ago.
His girlfriend lives there.
She's a nurse.
She administers anaesthesia during surgical procedures.
Police brought her into custody, she admitted to sending Walker the drug.
They were going to sell it on the black market.
So we know Walker had access to Propofol, but why kill Hud? Turns out he was obsessed with murder ballads.
He had a record collection of hundreds, including a dozen recordings of 'Long Black Veil'.
What do you think the most stressful part of a police officer's job is? This may sound surprising, but the greatest stressors officers faced come from within the organization itself.
So he saw an opportunity to live out the song? Yeah, it fell right into his lap.
A guy cheating on his wife wouldn't give an alibi.
Walker spent time for attempted murder, it's not like he didn't have an in.
It's the worry that the department and their colleagues won't support them if things go awry.
It's a new partnership.
It takes time to build trust.
Evan Walker.
You're under arrest for the murder of Hud Williams.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
So, you mentioned last time your mother's running in the mayoral race.
How are things between you two? Well, she doesn't want me in homicide.
A lot of it has to do with my father.
He died on the job, right? Well, your mother blames the department.
And here you are, following in his footsteps.
I miss him.
I just want to be a good cop, you know.
I just want to be a good cop, that's all.
I do have to ask you about Detective Michael Huntley.
You want to know if I still feel responsible? That's never going to change.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS] Next time on The Murders.
Hands in the air! - Let me see those hands! - Don't look at me! Hurry, get in the office.
Go! Two armed men robbed the bank in broad daylight, and escaped with a million dollars.
I agreed to make an appearance, Mom.
I'm not going to pimp my badge for you.
Two years ago, my ex-husband lost his life in the line of duty.
You know, you worry too much.
I hid every camera.
There's no tape.
Pay attention.
My prints are on the gun.
That's quite the look.
Perfect for taking down some bad guys, or getting a date with one.
So, how's it going with Nolan? He thinks you got the gig because of nepotism.
Mike?! Breathe, Mike, breathe.