The Murders (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Hey! This is a robbery! Hands in the air! - [SCREAMING] - Let me see those hands! Everybody, in the office, now! Go, go, go! Everyone, hurry up! Come on, hurry up! Hurry up.
Don't do anything stupid.
Don't do anything stupid.
Get over there! You wanna die today? Huh? Do you wanna die? Let's go, people.
Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Everybody on the ground now! Let's go, bro! Come on! The rules are simple.
You look up, you die.
You move, you die.
You even think about leaving this room, you die.
We're all clear out here! Phones in the garbage.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Cell phones, let's go.
Cell phones.
Let's go! Whoa, hey! Whoa, whoa, get up! Get up! Don't look at me! Hurry, get in the office! Go! Get in the office! Hurry up! Get in there! Do not look back! Get in there! - Go! - Come on, now.
Where is the security guard? I don't know.
Go! Move! To the vault! Go! Come on! Go! Go! Put your head down! Don't look at me or I'll blow it off! Do you understand me? I'm trying not to think about it.
It's okay to experience sorrow or even guilt.
Look, you lost your father in the line of duty and now your partner, that's a lot for you to process.
What do you want me to say? I have no agenda here except to support you, Kate.
Come on.
You're only gonna be happy if I cry.
Is that what you're afraid of? You ask a lot of questions.
Kate, you are what we call "well-defended.
" How about working with Detective Wells? You've shared very little.
How's that going? He's well-defended.
So what do you talk about? Outside of business, I mean.
Does he know your mother's running for mayor? Oh, God, don't even get me started about that.
Now she's on me to appear at her fundraisers and media events.
Well, maybe she's inviting you to share in something that matters to her.
You know what matters to me? Not speeches or photo ops or kissing babies.
- [GUN SHOTS] - [SCREAMING] Come on, come on.
I shot the guard, man! - Are you okay? - He shot me! He shot me first! - Idiot! - We gotta go! We gotta go, man! Let's go! [GROANS] Let's go, man! Let's go! Grab the money! Come on, let's go! We gotta go! Grab the money! Let's go, man! Come on! [GUNSHOT] Everything is fading Everything is fadin' No! Everything is fadin', fadin', fadin' Somebody call an ambulance! Hold it.
Hold it.
It's gonna be okay, okay? It's gonna be okay.
Help!!! Bank clear, perimeter secure.
Thanks, Connors.
What a start to the morning.
Rainy days and Mondays.
It's Tuesday.
It's a song.
Never mind.
I sure ain't messing with your head.
Two sugars? - One.
- Good, just testing you.
What've we got? Two armed men hit the place, a bank teller, Teresa Risen, is in critical condition.
A security guard, Stan Morris, is dead.
He fired off a shot before he bit it.
Trace amounts of blood at the front door.
They got away with just over a mil.
I didn't know banks still kept that kind of cash on hand.
It appears this branch is flush first week of every month.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Sprayed the cameras with paint.
That's original.
What's original is a hostage got one of their guns.
- Really? - Forensics is checking it for prints.
Alright, thanks for babysitting.
We'll take it from here.
This one played a lot of sports as a kid.
Never wore a helmet.
Ah, that's funny.
This is a bank robbery, Nolan.
I've got a homicide.
We need gangs and gun support, I'll let you know.
Seems like we have a little problem here.
Not me.
I'm all good, Paul.
That's not what I heard.
You two enjoy yourselves.
I can't remember the last time I saw chemistry like that.
We interview everyone.
They sounded foreign.
Maybe from one of those, you know, countries over there.
I only wanted to pay a bill.
You just never know anymore.
No, there were three gunshots.
Please tell me that Teresa's gonna be okay.
Last I heard she was in surgery.
She's a sweet girl.
She's kind, helpful, I don't understand why they shot her.
Why was she chosen to help? They needed a teller and singled her out, I guess.
I was too scared to look up.
She must have.
And where was the security guard? Stan has rounds that he does.
Or did.
He's not always up at the front.
Thank God for Mr.
Leung for wrestling the gun away.
Who knows how many more people would have died? Hi, Ryan.
I'm Detective Jameson.
I need to ask you a few questions.
[CLEARS THROAT] Why don't you tell me what happened when you left the office? Uh I was on the floor.
We all were.
And I saw the gun land outside the door.
He had the money, grabbed the gun and fired.
At the bank teller? I didn't see.
I didn't even think about it.
I just ran at him.
And that's when you got the gun? I tackled him.
He dropped it.
We were both fighting for it, but once his mask came off he bolted.
You saw his face? Just for, like, a second.
- Can you describe him? - I don't know.
A white guy, blonde hair.
How old? Twenties, maybe.
Tattoos, scars? Not that I can think of.
The whole thing is a blur.
What else can you tell me? I saw the woman on the floor about 30 feet away, bleeding.
I just I tried to help her and [SIGHS] Is she going to live? I hope so.
What you did was very brave.
I need to go over the man's description again, okay? Yeah.
Our witness, Ryan Leung, seems pretty freaked out.
But he saw one of their faces, right? Not enough to sit with a sketch artist.
Next time you conduct an interview, maintain some distance.
You get too friendly, it clouds judgement.
Uniforms searched the neighbouring buildings they found nothing.
We've got three blocks under lockdown.
What's with the truck? It was parked here during the robbery.
We looked inside, everything checks out.
A postal worker was doing deliveries, she spotted two men run through the alley.
Let's canvas local businesses for security footage.
One of these guys has been shot, alright? He's not gonna walk into emerg looking for help.
He's gonna try to treat the wound himself.
Have tech crime coordinate calls with the surrounding pharmacies.
I'm on it.
Are you up for answering some questions? I understand you witnessed the men exiting the bank.
Uh, they ran down the alley.
Can you describe them? It was two guys.
They were Caucasian.
Did you see their faces? Approximate height? It happened so fast.
Um I'm sure that if I saw them again I might recognize them, but But they disappeared into thin air, hmm? - Thank you.
- Yeah.
[CRIES] Apparently the bank's silent alarm was triggered, but the security company thought it was a false alert.
They spent ten minutes trying to call the bank until the dialled 911.
Meanwhile, two armed men robbed the bank in broad daylight and escaped with a million dollars.
No sign of a getaway car, no match to the prints found on the gun, no clear description of the thieves.
So what do we have? Tech crime's pulling footage from all the cameras in the area.
We're reviewing the bank security footage from the weeks prior.
It was obviously well-planned.
I talked to Paul in guns and gangs, asked him to keep his ears open for any talk on the street.
Yeah, I'm not sure that'll be of much help.
How soon can we question the teller, Teresa Risen? Doctors can't say.
What I can't figure out is why they shot her.
By all accounts she did everything that was asked.
Maybe she recognized one of them.
They knew exactly when to hit the place.
They had to have been there before.
Chatting up the young teller, asking her about business? If they were good she'd have no idea they were playing her.
Let's dig into the teller's life.
See if there's anything to this.
You and I need to have a chat.
Come on.
What's with Nolan and guns and gangs? It's a common affliction known as SDS.
Swinging Dick Syndrome.
[WINCING] Joe's gonna be pissed.
No casualties, that was the agreement.
We got a bigger problem.
My gun was left behind at the bank.
What the hell are you doing?! - Chill out, man.
- Joe was clear.
Radio silence until tomorrow.
I'm just making sure our money's safe.
Stick to the plan.
That's all we've got now.
No more mistakes.
[WINCES] Watch it! You know, you worry too much.
I hit every camera.
There's no tape.
Pay attention.
My prints are on the gun, moron.
Yeah? I'd be more concerned about the guy who can ID you.
Just sayin'.
Pastor Carson? Yes.
Detective Jameson.
I understand Teresa is still unconscious.
Yes, it's quite a shock, all of this.
You're Teresa's emergency contact.
She's an active member of my church.
One of our volunteers.
Lovely girl.
Does she have any family that you know of? A boyfriend, a girlfriend? Her family's back east.
They're quite close.
She broke off an engagement and came out here to start over.
Anything unusual about her behaviour recently? What does this have to do with her being shot? We have to be thorough.
Well, I wouldn't call this unusual, but she has been attending services more regularly.
Maybe something was weighing on her conscience? I can't imagine the things that you see, Detective, but I'd like to think she wanted a closer relationship to God.
How long has he been here? A couple of hours.
He came straight from the bank.
Poor man's having a hard time.
He keeps asking if I think she's gonna make it.
Teresa's two months behind on her rent.
I'm with him.
Teresa has a nice place.
I should have been a bank teller.
The girl likes her nights out.
Looky here.
Cupboards full of perfume and prescription drugs.
I could use some of these myself.
Mood stabilizer? Vitamin D.
Demand letters from collections agencies, credit card statements payday loan receipts.
She's broke.
Desperate to keep her head above water, I'm sure.
She doesn't seem like the church going sweetheart her pastor described.
She's a novelist.
"Sinners and Saints".
It's about a European heist.
She was in on it.
Teresa's brother says she hasn't been in contact with the family in two years.
Yet her pastor was under the impression they were close.
Girl likes to tell her stories.
She borrowed $5,000 from her parents for an apartment rental then used it to travel to Europe to write a novel.
About a jewellery heist, not a bank robbery.
That explains the unpaid bills and debt.
We have her phone records? I'm still waiting on them.
Her computer's with tech crime.
I'll finish the rest of this.
I think we got all we need to know.
Let's call it a day, regroup in the morning.
You guys wanna grab a burger? Uh, I got the game taped.
If I don't make it home before the kids' bedtime again this week, they'll forget what I look like.
Rain cheque? Sure.
Mike! We got a big day tomorrow.
Go home.
Get some rest.
See you in the morning.
Nice suit.
Uh, where's your detective badge? I agreed to make an appearance, Mom.
I'm not gonna pimp my badge for you.
I'm glad you're here.
Come on.
Don't forget to smile.
Oh, Kate, you look fabulous.
You know what, this would be a great shot.
Let's get a quick one of the two of you together, okay? Sure.
- All ready? - Thanks.
I want to thank you all for coming out and supporting me and my bid for mayor.
[CHEERING] This is a special day for me because my daughter, Detective Kate Jameson is here, taking time out from her work in the city's homicide unit.
Thank you, sweetheart.
[APPLAUSE] Enough can't be said about the sacrifices made by the women and men who dedicate their lives to public safety.
Our family knows all too well the price one pays.
Two years ago my ex-husband lost his life in the line of duty.
- Sorry.
- Just take your time.
As your candidate for mayor, I plan to increase the number of new recruits in our police department by 20 percent.
- [PHONE VIBRATING] - And these recruits will reflect the diversity of our city.
[CHEERING] Because in my city hall all our first responders will be treated like family.
[CHEERING] That's quite the look.
Perfect for taking down some bad guys or getting a date with one.
Says the guy who never met a t-shirt he didn't love.
Hey, why mess with perfection? Our suspect, Kevin Wallace, lives in the apartment complex across the street.
About an hour after the heist he used his credit card to purchased enough gauze and supplies to open a triage unit.
A guy steals $1.
2 million in cash and uses his credit card? It's a brilliant mistake.
His only prior is a public intoxication at a hockey game last season.
Let's sit tight until the neighbours leave.
I was at an event for my mother's campaign.
The suit is for her.
Here's hoping Rita makes some changes in the city.
You'd vote for her? Yeah, why not? The city could use a shake-up.
Alright, let's do this.
I can't wait to park my ass in Jamaica, man.
Drink in hand, toes in the sand.
Check out the photo.
Wait, you wanna go to a club tonight? No, idiot, that's him.
That's the douchebag from the bank that got my gun.
What? No kidding.
He's a DJ.
His posters are all over the city.
What're you gonna do? Joe's gonna track down an address then we are gonna make our eye witness problem go away.
What the hell colour is that? Cappuccino Bronze.
[KNOCKING] Hello, Kevin.
I'm Detective Jameson.
My partner, Detective Wells.
Mind if we come inside? Uh Won't take long.
How're you doing, bud? [WINCES] Ah, jeez, you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
A lot of bandages on the table.
You hurt yourself? Either of you know Teresa Risen? She's a bank teller at Pacific Savings.
It was robbed yesterday.
The security guard was shot and killed.
You didn't hear about it? Where were you yesterday morning between 9 and 11? Just throwing the football.
Just me and my brother.
In the park.
I suppose that's where you got hurt.
Must have been some injury, huh? What's this about? Yeah, you guys got a lot of questions.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Raise your hands.
Calm down, there's no need for guns.
- Let's go.
- Just take it easy, alright? Take it easy.
What the hell's going on? What's this about? Hmm? Your mother never teach you to clean up after yourselves? You're under arrest for armed robbery, the murder of Stan Morris, and the attempted murder of Teresa Risen.
Ballistics matched the bullet in your apartment to the security guard's firearm.
We also have your brother on a drugstore security cam purchasing items to treat your gunshot wound.
You help pick out his new hair colour? $1.
2 million is a lot of cash.
Where'd you stash it? We didn't steal anything.
Well, I've gotta commend you, the job was well-planned.
Impressive, actually.
It's too bad about the credit card.
Using it to buy your bandages? Even Kevin admits it was a mistake.
Your prints showed up on the gun left behind at the crime scene.
Your best play right now is to return the money.
We have everything we need, including your inside man.
Come on, no one pulls a job like this without help.
Was it her idea or yours? Steve, it's over.
Things will go easier if you cooperate, so who's idea was it? Hers.
How is it you two know each other? What's your connection to Teresa? I want a lawyer.
You were pretty much out the door with a million dollars.
Why shoot her? Was it to cut her out? I don't know, I I want I want a lawyer! Okay? I want a lawyer! Uniforms searched their place, still no sign of the money.
For the most part these guys have stayed out of trouble.
Kevin's a line-cook at Irvan's Diner and Steve works for a moving company.
Parents divorced when they were kids, raised by their father.
Steve admitted it was Teresa's idea, but then he clammed up and asked for a lawyer.
She's still in ICU? Yeah, we're hoping to talk to her in the morning.
Medical examiner completed the autopsy on Stanley Morris, the security guard, he thinks he might have something.
Doesn't it bother you to eat in here? Why would it? Uh, you-you found something in the autopsy? Pretty straight forward, two gun shots to the chest collapsed his lungs.
- But I thought they - The victim in the hospital is another story.
I saw the police report, it doesn't match the emergency clinician's assessment of the wound.
The width of the abrasion caused from the bullet entry suggests that Teresa's shooter was a few feet in front of her, not 30 feet away as reported.
Witness got the distance wrong, it happens all the time.
Wait, you're saying the shooter was standing right in front of her? Directly.
Someone fires a gun that close, I'd say it was an execution.
I mean, Ryan seemed pretty certain where the shooter was.
The guy looked at him right in the face, couldn't give a description.
Ryan was in there four times in the last ten days.
That's a lot of personal banking.
Yeah, most people I know use apps.
But here's where it gets interesting.
They knew each other.
Okay, so if Teresa's the insider and the brothers are the muscle, what the hell is Ryan Leung's role? Alright, kids.
Tech crimes found this on Kevin's phone.
Ryan Leung is a DJ? They're either fans or they know him.
We still don't have evidence tying Teresa to the brothers.
Okay, well if she can't talk maybe the DJ will.
It's gonna be a late night for you two.
He said "you two" not "you three", right? This club is a zoo on Wednesday nights.
You ever been? Sat outside the place in my car for five hours one night.
Stake-out? Waiting for my wife.
So you're not much of a dancer? I can dance.
I bet you're one of those guys who causes injury to innocent bystanders.
Arms and legs flying everywhere.
I can dance.
This boy's got moves, alright? [DANCE MUSIC] Club is full.
We need a word with the DJ, Ryan Leung.
I got a couple cops out here looking to speak to Ryan.
Front door.
You guys can wait out here.
He'll be out in a sec.
You're just not wanted in there.
[STARTS CAR] [TIRES SCREECHING] Yeah, Ryan Leung was in here a lot.
I helped him move his banking from the West End branch to ours about a month ago.
I'd have written him off as entitled if it wasn't for what he did.
Taking the gun away from those men.
Entitled how? Explain that.
Sounds like he was high maintenance? Tons of appointments.
He asked questions about every product on the planet.
Mutual funds, loans, line of credit you name it, we discussed it.
But he never signed up for anything.
What was his relationship like with Teresa? I wasn't aware that there was one.
You never saw them together? No.
And Teresa, did she seem like herself the past few weeks? Well, there was one day that was out of the ordinary, but we all have those.
Plus, she's in her 20's.
I caught her hung over in the bathroom.
She had been crying.
She kept saying that she was in over her head and didn't know what to do.
When I asked her what she meant by that she wouldn't say.
It was clear she had been out all night so I sent her home.
So you two were close? Not really, no.
She seemed pretty embarrassed afterwards.
She avoided talking to me.
That was a week ago.
Thanks for your time.
How's Joanne making out? Oh, she finally took some of her precious vacation days.
She seemed pretty shaken up by the robbery.
I can't imagine Joanne being shaken up over anything.
Nerves of steel, that girl.
Now, I was clicking out my barrel just to see If it was loaded Checking out it's bullets just to make sure It won't explode this Hand around of the handle of my snub no skill I must be for real in the procedure for a kill Stood around the corner while I cased out the bank Busted in the door and stuck the guard wit' a shank Ran up to the counter pull the gun Out wit' the quickness Shot the bank teller so it wouldn't be a witness Fled out the door with the money in my left hand Still in my right hand running like a wild man Ran to the hide-a-way knowing they was after me [PHONE RINGING] You've reached Detective Wells, VPD.
- Leave a message.
- [BEEP] [KATE] Hey, Nolan, can you run a background check on our postal worker, Joanne Devries? Well, you were right.
Joanne was married and divorced three times.
Her first husband, one Robert Wallace, the father of the two bank robbers.
Joanne is Kevin and Steve's mother.
She played us from the jump.
What made you suspicious? Let's just say she's not the frail woman we thought she was and it got me thinking.
[KATE] Her truck was parked in the lane and conveniently blocked the view of the side door to the adjacent building.
Joanne has keys.
I think her sons escaped through that door, unloaded the money, stripped off their jumpsuits and masks and disappeared.
[NOLAN] Leaving the cash behind.
No, they gave the money to Joanne.
We didn't check the boxes on her hand cart.
[NOLAN] The money was under our noses the whole time.
[KATE] Yep.
I just issued a BOLO for Joanne Devries, we have uniforms en route to her house.
You know, I still can't connect Teresa to the two brothers.
It has to be the DJ.
Ryan's gotta be the connection.
He's the go-between.
Then what went wrong? And Teresa's manager says she was upset days before their heist.
Said she was in over her head with something.
She was having second thoughts.
The guys could have been worried she'd start talking.
Yeah, makes sense.
I found a numbered company with a PO box in Ryan Leung's name at the main post office.
The company is attached to a property in Squamish.
It's less than an hour away.
I bet you he's hiding out there.
Okay, I'll meet you at the station.
Hello, Ryan.
Picked up the mail from your PO box.
You're behind on your property taxes.
His passport.
Ryan's trying to leave town.
Don't do this.
I'm not gonna say a word.
- That's a promise.
- Shut up! - Please - I can't let you ID my son.
Please, don't do this.
I won't ID him, I won't say a word! - Ryan, it's not personal.
- Please.
- It's not about you.
- Drop your weapon, now! Drop your weapon! Back off! There's no move here, Joanne.
You're both coming with us, the only question is how.
Enough people have been hurt.
Drop your gun.
Your sons have confessed.
Let him go.
So a government pension just wasn't gonna cut it for your retirement plan? Every day I walk that route.
Do you know how that makes me feel? I hand deliver letters to houses that I can never afford to step foot in.
I saw an opportunity and I took it.
Pretty smart sending your sons in there, guns blazing, while you waited outside with your cart.
That was the only mistake that I made.
Sending those two idiots in there.
You ruined their lives.
No one was supposed to get hurt.
I made that very clear.
They did that to themselves.
It was you who shot Teresa.
Now I have a good idea why.
I found this in the trunk of your car.
Love and Vinyl.
All night dance parties, drugs, sex, hanger-ons.
And at the centre of it all, a DJ.
Teresa wrote about you.
A story of the classic manipulator.
One who loved the thrill of the chase.
Someone like Teresa, she was an easy target.
Guarded, slow to trust after having her heart broken.
The ultimate challenge for a guy like you.
You know the kind of guy I mean? I know the guy.
So she dumped you.
That wasn't something you were used to.
She beat you at your own game.
This time you were the one being manipulated.
What are you doing here, Ryan? You're gonna get me in trouble.
I'll call you later, I promise.
No, you won't, that's why we're talking right now.
Please? I've already had one warning.
I can't lose this job.
Well, you should have thought of that before you started ignoring me then.
[NOLAN] But you wouldn't take no for an answer.
You started stalking her.
[KATE] Moved your business to her branch, fabricating reasons to be there.
[NOLAN] The landlord placed you at her apartment.
Even then, after knowing how she really felt about you, you couldn't let go.
You went back to the bank again to talk to her.
But this time things went sideways.
Hey! Hey! Stay there! Don't move! Do not move! [GUN SHOTS] Son of a bitch shot me, man! We gotta go! We gotta go, man, let's go! Go, go, go! Oh, my God.
Hurry up, man.
Let's go! Come on! - Let's go, man! - Go, go, go! Are you okay? Stay away, get away from me! - What? I'm trying to make sure that - Leave me alone! Don't touch me! Get away! [GUNSHOT] Someone call an ambulance! Help! I love her.
[WHISPERING] But if you couldn't have her, no one could.
What do you mean? What does he mean? You're under arrest for the murder of Teresa Risen.
[SOBBING] Guns and gangs found the cash inside her apartment along with three tickets to Jamaica.
So much for the family vacation.
[PIANO LOUNGE MUSIC] Well, I thought I had you pegged, but I never thought you'd hang in a place like this.
My father liked the music.
He used to bring me here as a kid and have me sit in with the piano player and sing.
Any chance of that tonight? Not a hope in hell.
[LAUGHS] So how's it going with Nolan? Don't take any crap from him.
Look, he thinks you got the gig because of nepotism.
- You'll be fine.
- [MESSAGE ALERT] It's late.
I should go.
Wife's had a rough week with the kids, could use a little TLC.
You okay? Yeah, I'm gonna stay and finish this.
No, I got it.
Thanks, Kate.
[PHONE VIBRATING] I was wondering when I'd get you alone.
You've been hard to reach.
I've been busy.
You look good.
So do you.
I brought my handcuffs.
Next time on The Murders Driver's License says he's Kamal Sharma.
Sweet ride like that, tattoos what, you think gang related? Kamal! Kamal! This wasn't an accident? We're trying to determine that.
That woman, she stole our son from us.
Father leases his restaurant in Surrey at the Coral Strip Mall.
The mall is owned by a family with gang connections.
Keep it between us.
Don't tell Nolan.
Why aren't you out finding my brother's killer instead of bothering us? - Shh.
- Go inside.
They need to leave us alone.
Do you understand how damaging this will look if the public thinks this department is racist? - You know what I'm into? - I'm all ears.
Taking guys like you down for murder.