The Murders (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Queen of Hearts

You didn't say "please.
I gotta go.
You forgot something? Please [LAUGHS] [HANDCUFFS CLATTERING] Come on, just stay.
- I have a job.
- Call in sick! And tell them what? You're developing a witness.
Then I'd have to tell them what you've witnessed.
Everything is fadin' Everything is fadin' Everything is fadin' Everything is fadin', fadin', fadin' Long night? Do we investigate car accidents now? Little more to it than that.
Witness gets home from his night shift, takes his dog out.
Sees a black SUV chase a car down, run it off the road.
Car hits a ditch, flips, driver is killed on impact.
They're treating it as a homicide.
Tell me our witness got a plate number.
Driver's license says he's Kamal Sharma.
A sweet ride like that, tattoos What, you think gang related? Wouldn't rule it out.
[PHONE RINGING MELODICALLY] Hello? [FEMALE VOICE] Who is this? Who is this? No! No! No! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
No! No! He's okay, right? - No! No! - It's okay.
It's going to be okay.
[SOBBING] No, no! No! I want you to stay back, stay back.
[SOBBING HYSTERICALLY] Hey, hey, hey, easy.
Curious how you knew about the crash, Ms.
My name is Daria.
And I didn't.
I saw Kamal's his car was stopped here for hours and I I was worried.
How'd you know his car was stopped? Location tracking on his cell.
I liked to check in on him while he was doing deliveries.
Make sure he was okay.
He was working last night? He drove for Speedy Eats.
Was Kamal caught up in anything? Anyone have a score to settle with him? This wasn't an accident? We're trying to determine that.
No! Kamal wasn't in any trouble.
This app the two of you have, does it track his itinerary for the night? How long have you two been seeing each other? Six months.
He proposed to me last week.
The victim, Kamal Sharma, has no priors, no gang links, not even a parking ticket.
His fiancée, Daria Nichols, checks out too.
Speedy Eats is sending over the logs from his deliveries last night, let's go through them, and then do backgrounds on the customers.
Kid loved his car, drove it day and night.
Could be someone had car envy, road rage? Forensics are processing the fender scratches, they found black paint from the suspect vehicle.
Should be able to match it to make and model.
Now, the family hasn't ID'd the body yet, so let's take the lead on that, find out what they know.
Kate and I will handle it.
ID the victim? Yeah.
Is that a problem? No, I'm good.
It is important my son's body be returned to us today.
As soon as the autopsy is complete.
I told Kamal.
I warned him.
This path would lead only to terrible things.
He should have listened.
What path? That woman.
She poisoned him.
To us.
Our beliefs.
This is all her doing.
If he hadn't moved in with her, he would've been home at a normal hour.
Not driving around in that car.
Moved in with Daria Nichols? Do not say her name to us.
Kamal was devout, honourable.
But her corrupt values, those prison tattoos, she stole our son from us.
I promise you, we will find whoever did this.
That won't bring my son back.
[SOBS] [KATE] Well, that could've gone better.
You never promise to catch the killer.
All we can do is try to bring the killer to justice.
I've never ID'd a body with a victim's family before.
I figured as much.
Doesn't get any easier.
If it does, it's time to leave the job.
The fiancée, Daria Nichols, a lot of animosity from the father.
I'll bring her in.
You and Kamal's family aren't too friendly? They're pissed Kamal walked away from an arranged marriage for me.
Cut him off.
His parents planned it since he was a kid.
His father was set on bringing two families together or something.
Kamal's feelings about everything changed once we met.
And a few weeks ago they flew this Indian woman in from Denver, of all places.
Kamal refused to meet her.
His father lost it.
Gave him an ultimatum.
Said he had disgraced both their families.
You work at your brother Dylan's barbershop.
He's got quite the past.
Boosting cars, B&Es.
Maybe Kamal and Dylan got wrapped up into something.
Maybe the three of you did.
What are you implying? Evidence suggests that Kamal's car was run off the road.
We're just trying to figure out who may have had a problem with him.
Start with his auto mechanics teacher.
At the uh, Pacific Technical Institute.
Guy's a racist.
He harassed Kamal.
Tried to fail him.
It was a big deal, he got fired.
Oh, one last thing.
Where were you last night? I was at home.
Like most people.
I told you already.
I woke up, I saw his car had been in the same spot for hours, he wasn't answering my calls.
How'd it go? There's something off about her.
She doesn't own a car.
I'm sure she has friends who drive.
Follow up with tech crime on Kamal's phone.
I'll pay the teacher a visit.
I'm Detective Nolan Wells, Mr.
I understand you were Kamal Sharma's auto mechanics instructor.
I thought this whole thing with Kamal was settled.
Not quite.
I was sanctioned by the Dean, the peer review board, they forced me to do sensitivity training.
I even apologized and they still fired me.
Why wasn't that enough? [DRILL WHIRRING] Let bygones be bygones.
Look, I failed a kid on an exam.
That's my job.
You called him an "elephant jockey.
" It was a joke.
Trust me.
Lesson learned.
But you failed him.
Yeah, because he only used my class to work on his own car.
Well that must've been frustrating.
You know, a guy like him getting you fired, ruining your reputation, making you look like someone you're not? And I can't do a damn thing about it.
I don't know.
You can run him off the road, teach him a lesson.
What are you talking about? Where were you last night? I was at home with my wife.
Why? Kamal's dead.
And you think I Look, I didn't kill him.
What are you, crazy? You know your way around a Slim Jim, easy access to cars, you could take one for a spin.
No look, I didn't like the kid, but I got the message loud and clear to leave him alone, especially after his dad threatened me.
Ravi Sharma.
Threatened you how? He told me if I didn't back off of Kamal, that bad things would happen.
Said he knew people.
Have a nice day.
Kamal! Stop! No! I Stop, no! Come on, put your phone down and dance with me! What are you doing? Move those hips.
- Come on! - Stop it! I'm not, I'm not, stop! I remember that feeling.
Early days, drunk on love.
It didn't last long.
This video is the only thing we found with Daria and Kamal's phone.
There's no contact number, photos, texts, nothing.
[MEG] But she was his fiancée.
[KATE] Exactly.
Do you think they broke up? The tracking app on their phones works both ways.
It shows Daria was at home when Kamal was killed.
Her phone was.
Doesn't mean Daria was.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you Will you marry me? Yes! Yes! Special delivery for Detective Kate Jameson.
That's no gas station bouquet.
Who's the guy? - - No guy.
My mom.
You want 'em? I never say no to flowers.
Is it your birthday? No, my mother used me for a photo op.
This is her grand gesture to get me to call her.
Anniversary or I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, and they're for Kate, who's not in a forgiving mood.
I sent a few of 'em, it'd be nice to be on the receiving end for once.
Here, we found texts on Kamal's phone between him and his mother hours before his death.
They were supposed to meet.
Kamal asked his mother not to tell his father, Ravi.
Ravi put a scare into Kamal's teacher, right? Threatened him? Said he knew people? He's a hothead.
Maybe we should talk to your friend in Guns and Gangs? Paul? No way.
Kamal's dad said he knows violent people.
That says gangs to me.
Did you not hear me? Pay the family a visit.
We leave in 15, rookie.
Homicide needs Guns and Gangs support, huh? Secret rendezvous, I like it.
"Secret" being the operative word, Paul.
We got a case with a young immigrant Indian victim, and we have reason to believe his father has dangerous friends.
Father leases his restaurant in Surrey at the Coral strip mall.
That's right in the heart of Little India.
And? Well, the mall is owned by a family with gang connections, so it could be he does know people.
Maybe the father was in deep to pay for this arranged marriage that he called off.
Deep enough to run his kid off the road if he didn't pay them back? It's possible.
It's a good way to send a message.
No, keep it.
You think of anything else, let me know.
You never know when I'll need a favour in return, or something.
Keep it between us, all right? Don't tell Nolan.
I don't kiss and tell.
What is it with you two? You could not pay me to live out here.
Big yards for kids if you and Leah Never gonna happen.
What about you? I'd need a special guy for that.
No one in play? No one serious.
[PHONE RINGS] Put him on vibrate.
[CAR DOOR SLAMS] What is it now? I know this is a difficult time, but we have a few follow-up questions.
Why aren't you out finding my brother's killer instead of bothering us? Go inside! They need to leave us alone.
Go on! Mrs.
Sharma, I need to speak with you too.
My family is in mourning.
Have some respect.
No, it's okay, Ravi.
Let's, let's cooperate.
I understand you run a restaurant.
The space you lease is owned by a family with gang connections.
I know nothing about that.
Everyone in the community knows that.
Sharma, why did Kamal text you to meet? My husband doesn't know about that.
Kamal was upset.
He wanted to talk.
And when you met him? He didn't come to the café.
I waited over an hour.
Maybe you had some financial trouble.
Weren't paying your debt.
They wanted to put pressure on you, they went after Kamal to send a message.
I am a respectable businessman.
Who does business with gangsters.
What are you accusing me of? Are these the same people you were going to send to hurt Kamal's teacher? That man is a racist.
I lost my temper.
And when Kamal walked away from the marriage, were you angry about that too? The bride's family certainly had every reason to be angry.
The promises you made, your honour betrayed? Why did he ask you not to tell your husband? He knew Ravi would be upset with me if he found out I went to meet him.
But you did it anyway.
I would never shut my son out.
I loved him.
You're no longer good here, turn yourself around.
Don't make me come around the bar and throw you out.
That's all right, Joe.
Let me buy her a drink.
You put it on my tab.
Looks like you could use a whiskey.
Hey, Kate.
I dug up what I could on the Sharmas.
They immigrated here in 2006, been model citizens ever since.
But back home's a different story.
Paul was looking for you.
Turns out the father had a lot of press back home.
Does Nolan know you gave him a copy of the Sharma file? - I wanted to know - Ah, ah, ah.
I don't want to know what you're up to.
Paul had them translated.
Ravi Sharma was on trial for conspiracy to commit murder, but was acquitted.
No kidding.
It was an honour killing.
Teen girl ran away from an arranged marriage, family hunted her and the lover down, killed them both.
It happens to men, too? It's not as common, but Paul says there are documented cases.
Neither of them mentioned Ravi's past.
Just because Kamal's mom didn't say anything, doesn't mean she has nothing to say.
I need to speak with her again.
Hi! Did David recruit you to help? He stopped by the campaign offices to talk and he said you were out here canvassing.
Oh, did you like the flowers? Guess not.
So, you didn't tell me your event the other day was about diversity in policing.
Was that a problem? Yes, when I'm standing beside you like a prop.
"Look at my biracial daughter, vote for me.
" Honey In politics, you show people what matters to you.
And you matter to me.
Then you should've asked me if I was okay with being in a photo op.
[SIGHS] I asked if you supported me entering the race.
You said yes.
They can wait.
Never mind.
You've got a job to do, so do I.
Rita Gallo.
Oh, thanks so much for putting up my sign.
Thank you.
[SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] That's very kind, thank you.
You are not welcome here.
Niraj, I need to speak with your mother.
This is a time for family and friends.
Not the police.
I'll be brief.
My husband had to go to the restaurant.
Actually, I'm here to see you.
May I come in? I already told her no.
I'll handle this.
It's okay.
Thank you.
Ravi cutting off Kamal must've been so hard.
Not being able to see your son, have him over for family meals.
Our marriage was arranged, and Ravi wanted the same for our son.
But I had hoped eventually he would change his mind and accept Kamal's choices.
Now we will never know.
Did you know they had plans to marry, Kamal and Daria? No? Mrs.
Sharma, we know about your husband's past.
The murder of that young couple in India.
Is it possible that Ravi found out about Kamal's plans to marry Daria, and saw it as an act of disrespect? You think Ravi killed our son? How dare you? Based on his history, I have to investigate all avenues.
Those young people in India, Ravi had nothing to do with their deaths.
The family came to him and said the young girl was missing.
He tried to help.
Then why did they involve your husband? He was a policeman.
All he knew is that the young girl had run away.
And so he searched, found her, and returned her to her parents.
That was his job.
By the time he knew the whole story, it was already too late.
People wanted revenge.
Do you have any idea the guilt he felt knowing his actions caused their deaths? My husband is not a killer.
The articles were written in Punjabi.
The idiot who did the English translation didn't mention that Ravi was a cop.
What? Walk me through how you even got to all this.
All right, everyone.
Listen up.
The Sharma family's lawyer is accusing this department of bias.
Called the chief to complain that we've been harassing the family.
Profiling them based on their race.
Ravi Sharma was tied to an honour killing in his home country, and I And he was exonerated.
Now, you made the man a suspect based on half the story.
And you overlooked the cornerstone of good police work.
The evidence.
Do you understand how damaging this will look if the public thinks this department is racist? Are you kidding me? Now, are we working the facts here, or speculating? What the hell do we have? Kamal's splitting time between school and driving for Speedy Eats.
But some of his shift times don't add up.
How so? Well, there's about a dozen instances where his Speedy Eats log show him making deliveries at the same time he's confirmed to be in class.
What if Daria was making deliveries as well? While Kamal was in class.
It's possible.
The software tracks the driver's itinerary.
Where they made deliveries, how long they were parked.
A lot of the time when Kamal was in class, the car was stopped at the same address for hours.
She works at her brother Dylan's barber shop.
773 East Cordova.
The Wolf.
That's no barber shop.
It's a dive bar.
Sketchy as hell.
Let's question the brother, find out what Daria's been up to.
Let's leave the Sharma family alone.
[SIGHS] You guys cops? Your sister Daria? We were hoping to speak with her.
Haven't seen her since yesterday.
I sent her home early.
Kamal's death hit her hard.
I can imagine.
I understand they were engaged? Yeah.
He took her up to Lynn Canyon last week with a bottle of champagne.
He proposed on the Twin Falls Bridge.
They socialize much? Hang out with friends? Part of any groups? Kamal was murdered.
If your sister and him were into something, she could be in danger too.
They weren't into anything except each other.
Did anything happen between them recently? Before Kamal died? He erased her from his phone.
They had a fight.
She wouldn't say about what, but he walked out on her.
I chocked it up to be a lover's spat.
Usually, someone doesn't end up dead.
How long has Daria worked here for? A couple years, on and off.
How'd she meet Kamal? He came in here one day, and the two of them hit it off.
It was crazy.
How so? She dated losers before she met Kamal.
Then it was love at first sight, if you believe in that.
I'd never seen her happier.
She liked to hang out at The Wolf? Not anymore.
Daria gave that up, joined a group.
Got her act together.
She was an alcoholic? I got work to do.
Have her call us.
The brother hasn't heard from Daria Nichols since she left work early yesterday.
Okay, well, forensics matched the paint left on the car to a black Porsche Cayenne.
I'll follow up with The Wolf, see why she was there.
- Yep.
Nolan's going to The Wolf.
What do you know about the place? Yeah, he won't get anything there.
They run an illegal poker game in the back, it's a magnet for gang members.
They're not too fond of cops.
Her brother said that Daria stopped going there, joined a help group.
Daria had the four card suits tatted across her fingers, and may have been talking about a gambling problem.
- You have a contact there? - Bartender.
He's not going to talk to this guy.
Sounds promising.
Take him along.
I can handle a bartender, Sarge.
Oh, okay.
Good luck with that.
Go to the bar.
And take Paul with you.
Guns and Gangs can help.
Figure it out.
Are you sleeping? Do you mean solo, or I mean whatever you think I mean.
These sessions are for you to talk, Kate.
I've been thinking about ending it with the guy I've been seeing.
How's the sex? Hot.
So what's the problem? He's getting serious.
And that's not something you want? I like to keep things casual.
It's better that way.
Nobody gets disappointed.
Nobody gets disappointed, or you don't get disappointed? [SIGHS] Are we done? If you wanna be.
I had it out with my mother over that diversity in policing photo op.
I'm guessing from your tone it didn't go well.
Did she say why she invited you? Oh, something about how in politics, you show the voter what matters to you.
And you think it's because you're a biracial cop and it's good for her mayoral campaign.
What if she was speaking her truth? That she was showing her voters what matters to her? I don't know about that.
It's my experience that things are seldom as black and white as we make them.
[HEAVY ROCK MUSIC] Hang back here.
He's not going to feel comfortable with you.
It's my case.
Where you go, I go.
Hey, Kimmy.
What are you doing, Paul, you're not supposed to come around here.
Nice to see you too.
I just need a favour.
Always a favour.
Who's this? Don't worry about him.
So, how many at the table tonight? What table? I can invite some more of us if you want.
Look, we have a deal, and you coming in here isn't part of it.
You don't have a deal with me.
I don't see a casino license on your wall.
Look, I got this.
Yeah, he's really cooperative.
We just need to know about a girl.
If she's been coming in and playing.
Seen her before? Nope.
Figured as much.
Why don't you take a closer look, or our little agreement goes south.
You're a real prick.
Yeah, she's been in here.
Playing cards? No, she likes the wine list.
Look, she's a terrible player.
A real mark.
Stopped showing up here a couple weeks ago.
Why? She got in deep with a guy named Bags.
Couldn't make good on her loan.
This guy Bags drive an SUV? Where is he at? Bags, where is he at? His real name is Duane Kenny.
[DOOR SLAMS] You're gonna want to put a BOLO out on this Duane guy.
He's probably got a record, address in the system.
If I need your help, I'll ask for it.
Your partner's the one who gave me the case file, I'm not the only one who sees you need help.
I think you've helped enough lately.
Look, what happened with me and Leah, I didn't go looking for it.
[GRUNTS] Go ahead! Throw it, throw it! It's not gonna get your wife back.
Know the source of this tattoo? - Do you know? - I don't know.
Kate! I'm gonna get some fresh air.
You got your revenge killing theory from Paul after I told you not to talk to him? We were looking at gang connections, - Paul works in gangs.
- I told you no.
And you went behind my back.
I was doing what was best for the case.
You want to work in homicide? You respect my decisions.
If this is gonna work, you and me, I need to be able to trust you.
You can trust me.
We'll see about that.
Well, you got out of there fast.
Think I wanted to get sucked into that mess? Your mistake was talking to Paul.
Yes, I know that now.
What is it between them? Anyone's guess.
They used to be tight.
Nolan needs to put the case first.
You don't know what Nolan knows.
You have to take the long view.
Paul gave you a solve, but you're in the car with your partner every day.
Partner comes first.
Duane Kenny is coming in for an interview.
That's an invitation, and the closest thing to an apology you're going to get.
It's a rookie mistake.
He'll get over it.
Should I call my lawyer? It's up to you, Bags.
You need one? I don't know, you tell me.
Ooh, sexy.
If you're into that.
You know what I'm into? I'm all ears.
Taking guys like you down for murder.
We talked to your parole officer, you skipped a few appointments.
And that behaviour could land you back inside.
You recognize her or not? [SIGHS] So I know her.
- Stake her some money recently? - Stake? No, see, that's that's against the law.
All right.
You loan her some cash.
Sure, like friends do with friends.
But she, she liked to test her luck.
And when she lost, she got in deep with you and couldn't pay.
Maybe you chased her down to get your money back.
She got a little bit behind.
Then she went on this crazy hot streak, and I got paid.
What I heard, she got in this high-stakes game.
[LAUGHS] Threw the keys to her car in the pot.
What car? Some flashy yellow number.
What happened? When it came time to pay up, she bolted.
Took the wheels with her.
[LAUGHS] Man was that guy she stiffed pissed.
You got a name? Alex Gallant is your guy.
No coffee? I'm already five cups in.
Hey, you two.
Nice work with Duane Kenny.
Meg got a hit off of that name you got from him.
Alex Gallant drives a black Porsche SUV.
Did five years for aggravated assault.
Guy like that doesn't erase a debt.
A guy like that kills over debt.
Daria was in a gambling addictions program, stopped showing up a month ago.
Daria starts back at the tables, goes on a hot streak, loses her fiancé's car when her luck runs out.
That's why Kamal left her.
Gallant goes after Daria, looking for in the car he won.
Spots it on the street, but it's dark out, the windows are tinted.
He's focused on the car and doesn't realize he's chasing the wrong person.
That's when he drives Kamal into the ditch, but the person who owes him is still alive.
He's still gotta be looking to collect.
Daria knows that, and that's why she's in the wind.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Gallant didn't show up for work today.
That means he and Daria are now both MIA.
If he killed Kamal, mistaken identity or not, intentional or not, why didn't Daria come clean with us? Because she blames herself for his death.
Enough to hide the truth? [PHONE RINGS] Wells.
Where? We're on our way.
Meg got a hit on the BOLO for Gallant's car.
Park ranger spotted it up at Lynn Canyon.
That's where Twin Falls Bridge is.
[LAUGHTER] Daria! Get away from me! I know you feel hopeless right now, like you've lost everything.
But you can't give up.
You've so much To live for? Kamal's dead because of me.
It wasn't your fault.
You didn't drive him off the road.
I may as well have! I was the reason it happened, it's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
We know it was Alex Gallant.
It wasn't your fault.
[CRYING] I tried.
I tried so hard to stay away from the tables.
Kamal walked away from his family.
He gave up everything for me.
He wouldn't want you to do this.
He wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
I couldn't stop.
Even though I swore to him I would.
When he found out what I'd done, he was destroyed.
I broke his heart.
[BREATHING RAPIDLY] Gallant will be held responsible for Kamal's death, I promise you.
I already made my peace with him.
With who, Gallant? What do you mean? What did you do? It didn't have to be this way.
[SIGHS] I I think we can agree we're both at fault here.
What are you doing? Tape your wrist to the wheel.
You're not serious.
Your wrists.
To the wheel.
Hey, hey, wait.
I I didn't mean to kill anyone.
I thought it was you in the car.
I was just trying to scare you.
I I swear.
[GUN FIRES] [GLASS SHATTERS] What happened, Daria? What did you do? He took Kamal from me.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] He killed him.
How could I ? How could you what? Make up for what I've done.
Send the car off the cliff.
But I I wanted him arrested.
[SOBS] Come down.
Come down, please.
[SOBBING] It's okay.
[THE CALLING'S "WHEREVER YOU WILL GO"] So lately, been wondering Who will be there to take my place When I'm gone you'll need love The light the shadows We owe the Sharma family an apology.
I'll write the letter.
And between the sand and stone Could you make it on your own If I could, then I would I'll go wherever you will go Way up high or down low I'll go wherever you will go And maybe, I'll find out A way to make it back someday To watch you To guide you through the darkest of your days If a great wave shall fall And fall upon us all Then I hope there's someone out there [KNOCKING] Hi, everything all right? I thought it would be best if I delivered these in person.
I had another look at that photo in the paper, the one from your event.
Yeah, about that We look good together.
Runaway with my heart Runaway with my love.
Next time on The Murders.
Drop your weapon, sir.
Put your weapon down.
- Is he dead? - Yes, he is.
I want to talk to Briggs alone.
- I can't let you blow it again.
- I won't.
Every day I fantasize about killing that guy.
There is a sleeping bag covered in blood.
I think our work here is done.
- You're firing me? - Your coping strategies work, you function well on the job.
What are you doing to me?! We sleep together a few times and you think it's okay to record me? - What? - When we hooked up, - you recorded us! - Ahhh! You're hurting me! Call for backup.
I'll handle it! Call it in.
I thought I'd apprehend him first.
Backup is there for times you need it.
Cops wind up dead.
Get away from me.