The Murders (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Black and Blue

1 - [RAP MUSIC] - Hey, come on, Tyler, let's go.
Go back inside.
Get back in the car, DB.
Yo, you want some more? I said go on inside, Lil' Rex! DB, you need to leave now.
You know what I'm here for.
Your guard dog keep fighting your battles? We put him down.
Now go on.
I need to talk to Lil' Rex, alright.
Wanna get a drink? Everyone at home is already asleep.
I'm in.
[PHONE VIBRATING] I gotta take this.
Probably his wife.
Hey, let's pick a place, otherwise we'll end up at O'Houlihan's for fight night.
- Van Horn's? - Perfect.
Nolan'll hate it.
What're you talking about? So how's your week looking? It's good, my wife's got an art thing at Cathedral Square.
That's not true.
What kind of art? Installation pieces, contemporary stuff.
That's not what happened! Unbelievable! So, another time? Probably best.
[GUN SHOTS] Tyler! I've been shot! Tyler! Tyler! What's happening? Get back to the control room! Tyler! Oh, sh Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.
Stay with me! - Stay with me, bro.
- Tyler? Stay with me, Ty! Oh, my God! Stay up will ya! Hey! No police! He needs an ambulance! Get back inside in case they come back.
- Hello.
- Stay with me, Ty.
I need some help! Someone has been hurt.
Everything is fading, Everything is fading, Everything is fading, Everything is fading, fading, fading Hey.
The victim, Tyler McCraig.
Body guard to rapper Christopher Russell Green, AKA Lil' Rex.
Canadian guy from Jamestown Crescent in Rexdale.
It was a rough area.
Gun play, gangs.
Now he bounces between LA and Toronto.
Of course you know who he is.
Because all black people know each other? Because you're into music.
The song 19K to Doomstown blew up last year.
It was my go-to song when I'm having a bad day.
If you play your cards right I might let you take the lead on this one.
Admit it, you don't know the first thing about rap.
Forensics said first shot hit the wall there.
Vic took two bullets to the back, bled out.
My guess, he was on a smoke break.
Any witnesses? Lil' Rex and Ayana, his girlfriend.
She called the ambulance, he's not talking.
The CCTV cameras were both switched off.
[CAMERA SNAPPING PHOTOS] Where's Lil' Rex? Is he OK? This is a crime scene.
Get outta here.
How about a statement? I better not see any of these pictures in the tabloids or I'll arrest you for obstruction of justice, you got it? Hey I'm Sarah Torkiyan from The Real Scoop.
Give me an exclusive and I'll write something nice about you.
You take the girlfriend, I'll start with the rapper.
Don't worry, I'll get you an autograph.
I'm Detective Nolan Wells, this is my partner, Detective Kate Jameson.
I have some questions for you.
Of course you do.
Come with me please.
I understand you witnessed the shooting? I ain't telling you shit.
I was making tea.
When I got back down to the control room Rex was gone.
I thought he was sneaking a smoke with Tyler.
Did you hear gun fire? All I could hear was Lil' Rex shouting for him.
A member of your team was killed by someone trying to shoot you.
You wanna gamble they won't get your girlfriend next? I didn't see nothing.
There was a shot and then Tyler pushed me inside.
How many shots you hear? Who else was around here? Lawrence Kenzo.
He left early.
He's the producer of the new record.
Lil' Rex wanted to keep going.
OK, I will.
OK, yep.
I'll get back to you as soon as I know more.
Any idea who'd wanna shoot you? Lots of guys comin' for the crown.
Yeah, I'll bet.
Hey, Takira.
Lil' Rex's sister.
And manager, and you shouldn't be talking to Lil' Rex without his lawyer.
He's a witness to a murder.
We're taking his statement.
Uh, thank you.
That'll be all for now.
So where were you when the shooting happened? I was on a food run.
At 6:00am? Yeah, we work the rock clock.
The other 9:00 to 5:00 I understand Lawrence Kenzo left early? He probably went to score.
Guy's always high as a kite.
You're not a fan.
Label forced him on us, said he was a hit-maker.
You have any thoughts about who would go after your brother? DB Kane's in town for a gig.
He's got beef with Lil' Rex.
Enough to kill him? Lil' Rex was feuding with rapper DB Kane, and his producer left before the shooting, allegedly to get high.
More than I got.
Rex was standing right next to the vic, said he saw nothing.
You mean Lil' Rex? Yeah, I'm not calling him that.
I think he's lying.
It doesn't seem possible he didn't see anything.
OK, let's run it.
You be Tyler, I'll be Lil' Rex.
Alright, we're smoking here, you're facing me.
The shooter comes in from this direction.
The first bullet hits the wall here.
I turn and look.
I grab your head, push you down, and propel you towards the door.
Two more shots are fired and I push you inside like the hero I am.
You see the shooter? I would have had a clear view of the street, but it happened fast.
And you're a terrible bodyguard.
It's daylight now, it was darker then.
Harder to see.
He was pumped up on adrenaline.
It's possible he's telling the truth.
But still not likely.
Let's get Rex's producer, Lawrence Kenzo, down here.
I'll have Meg locate his rival, DB Kane.
You knocked off early from your session with Lil' Rex.
I went for breakfast at 4:00 and then got a pedicure.
Where exactly is this 24-hour nail salon? Never heard of that one.
You can get anything any time if you pay for it.
We'll need to verify that.
Tell us about your work with Lil' Rex.
I turned in his record after he first got signed, it was garbage.
Nothing like the tracks he got noticed for.
The label asked me to step in, make something that might actually sell.
I thought he was the new king of rap.
What's the problem? He's distracted.
Unfocused, on edge.
I came in yesterday, this is what he was working on instead of the album.
My little league, small fry, Holding me down, I'm done with you, D, I'm keeping my crown.
I take the D is for DB Kane? Yeah, he used to produce Lil' Rex.
And then DB made his name as a solo artist on diss tracks about Lil' Rex.
Yeah, their feud is popular online.
DB has some strong words for his old friend.
"Take a look down the barrel of my .
44, "turn-coat, sell-out, you're not my D-Town no more.
" Boom.
A big record deal is an opportunity of a lifetime.
And instead he's wasting his time with this other guy? The label thinks it's just growing pains.
And besides, these two kill each other, there's a thousand other kids waiting to take their place.
[CHUCKLES] And we get to the corner and she goes [HIGH-PITCHED SINGING] [LAUGHING] David Bishop Kane.
I'm Detective Nolan Wells.
This is Detective Kate Jameson.
We have some questions about where you were last night.
Yeah? You and your momma.
Tell her I got an all-access pass for the show later.
Oh good, this guy's got jokes, too.
Why don't you guys find another table while we talk to DB? Can't a guy have lunch with his boys? Let's go, fellas.
Beat it.
So, you have a history with Christopher Russell Green.
Why'd you come in here sayin' that? Diss tracks, feuds, you two can't shut up about each other.
He's nothing without me and he knows it.
When was the last time you saw him? He was acting like a punk at the club last night.
I sent him champagne to celebrate the best mistake he ever made.
And what mistake was that? Cutting me loose after he signed with Stray Voltage.
My work producing got him that deal.
Said the label made him clean house.
Look at me now.
I guess he wasn't too happy with the bubbles, huh? Sprayed it all over me and my boys.
I did what I had to do.
That how you wound up with that cut? He did what he had to do.
No hard feelings.
Lil' Rex's bodyguard, Tyler McCraig, was shot dead this morning.
Where were you at 6:00am? Riding with my crew.
Blue Light Studios? No.
Hangin' in that big ass park.
Any people in your crew not on your payroll see you? All I need.
We'll see about that.
His crew are just boys riding his coattails.
These guys bring up their friends when they make it.
Not Rex, he cut and run on DB.
DB made him a star and Lil' Rex left him behind.
DB's acting fine but I bet those wounds go deep.
Ah, man.
Bad blood, run-in at the club, a fight breaks out, emotions high.
The question is, what does DB do next? Take the high road or take a shot at the guy who betrayed him? We gotta look into DB's story.
But what I still don't get is that if Rex knows that DB tried to kill him, why is he covering for his rival? In '96 a shooter put four bullets in Tupac outside the MGM Grand.
First responder was a bike cop.
Keeps asking Tupac "who shot you?" You know what his last words were? Hmm.
I can think of two.
One started with an F.
Yeah, he took the killer's identity to the grave rather than help the police.
But if he lived He would have handled it himself.
It's gone far enough.
What're you gonna do? Talk to him.
He's never gonna forgive you.
The sooner you accept that the sooner you can ignore him.
I know how he thinks, OK? He'll listen to me.
He tried to gun you down outside the studio.
That's not someone who can be reasonable.
And if I don't take care of this, who will? You go there, Rex, and this ends one way.
One of you dead.
How'd it come to this? I don't know, but you gotta let it go.
Ambient sound Hey.
DB's story about the fight at the club checks out.
Still trying to figure out where he went afterwords And you found something.
Lil' Rex recently served DB with a Statement of Claim.
He's suing him for ownership of old songs they worked on.
That gives us a why now.
DB gets pissed off, settles it with a gun.
Any headway? Diss tracks, legal threats.
Lil' Rex and DB really hate each other.
Legal threats.
Wow, hip hop has changed.
- Add money and stir.
- Yeah, right? I mean, all these guys do is trash each other, especially in the media.
It's part of the game.
It's not unheard of for these things to escalate to violence.
Or shooting Tyler is a publicity stunt.
Sells records, right? It does happen.
DB seemed genuinely hurt that Lil' Rex cut him loose.
OK, let's figure out if this beef is for real before we waste any more time on it.
We need to find out who would want to shoot Lil Rex or his bodyguard.
There might be another way in on this, but it involves talking to paparazzi.
I don't care where the information comes from, just don't pay for it.
What's your angle? Sarah Torkiyan at The Real Scoop.
She's all yours.
I'll give it a go.
I read your coverage on the Lil' Rex DB Kane feud.
Aren't those things just a publicity stunt? Something to sell records and papers? A lot of them are, but not Lil' Rex and DB, those two mean it.
How can you tell? You ever watch someone's eyes when you interview them? You get used to the look of a lie.
Don't get this view from the interview room.
This is nice, Detective Harris.
But I was hoping for a scoop.
Suspect lists, imminent arrests, you gonna help me out? I'll see what I can do.
But I'm gonna need something from you first to take to my boss.
Kenzo is notorious for using a gun to inspire his artists.
Are you saying Lil' Rex's producer killed Tyler? All I know is a gun went off in the live room at the studio shortly before the bodyguard was found.
Who told you that? I pride myself on my discretion.
How about telling me who fired the gun? You got your one freebie.
Are you working the murder of that rap artist's bodyguard? You know I can't talk about my job.
Your father used to confide in me all the time.
Just be careful.
Careful about what? I know they don't have any love for cops.
Did your father ever tell you what he went through? How other black people saw him as a police officer? He warned me there would be challenges.
Things haven't changed all that much.
I know it's not always easy for you.
I just do my job.
I worry about you.
That's what mothers do.
Mom, just because you married a black man doesn't mean you How's the campaign going? The poles have us behind three points.
So it's close then? Mmmhmm.
I have to go.
I'll see you later.
- [PLAYING GUITAR] - Detective Wells.
You should know I'm no longer working with Lil' Rex.
Creative differences? Yeah, something like that.
[TWANG] That's a $25,000 instrument.
So maybe hands off.
I heard there was an altercation in here last night while you were recording.
News to me.
I left early.
There was a shot fired in this room.
I know nothing about that.
Let's go get a drink in the lounge.
I'm on the job.
Lucky for me drinking and working aren't mutually exclusive in my field.
Do you usually keep your speakers facing the wall? Listen, man, if you could just keep your hands off the equipment that would Wow.
Look at that.
A bullet hole.
What'd I miss? You look like you could use a drink of water.
Where's the gun, Lawrence? No idea.
We looked into you.
You have a reputation as being an impulsive guy.
One who likes to turn off CCTV cameras.
See, word has it that you like to swing a gun around to inspire creativity.
Those are just nasty rumours.
Than explain us the CCTV.
My creative process doesn't involve being spied on.
While I'm working.
We're talking about a missing murder weapon and right now you're our top suspect.
What's your story gonna be if ballistics matches the bullet in your amp to the ones from the crime scene? The gun belongs to Lil' Rex, OK? I had the audacity to critique his latest track and he pulled it on me.
He shot at you? No, I grabbed the gun and it went off.
I calmed Lil' Rex down and then I stashed the gun in my desk.
But you waited until now to tell us this? If I talked to you about what goes down in the studio you think any artist would ever wanna work with me? What happens in that room stays there.
Well, it's too bad you turned off those cameras.
Now nobody can corroborate your story except the man you're accusing.
Turning off the CCTV is bad but not enough to lay a charge.
So we like the producer now, what about DB Kane? The gun.
What about it? Ballistics matched the casing in the live room to the ones at the crime scene.
If it was already at the studio before Tyler's death it rules out DB Kane.
Someone in Rex's entourage must have fired it.
Guys, Sarah just tipped me to a Real Scoop video.
Tyler was my brother, you know what I'm saying? He was a protector in every sense of the word.
What was going through your mind when you heard the shots? I remember thinking this is it.
It was three guys.
We had no chance at all.
Our only eyewitness tells you that he didn't see anyone but he tells her that he saw three guys.
If I took a bullet for you, I hope you cooperate with the police.
I would unless I had something to hide.
I mean, think about it.
I wanna kill my bodyguard so I shoot him on a smoke break and then run inside and sound the alarm.
Yeah, and then he stashes the gun, cops arrive, claims he didn't see anything.
It's a good cover.
Maybe Lil' Rex wasn't the target.
What if he shot Tyler and has played us this whole time? Ambient sound It was good having you over the other night.
You brought me lunch? Abby.
Abby asked me to bring those in for you.
She put my name on it? She's worried you're not eating right in that motel.
Tell her I'm fine.
Did I mention that we have department resources if you need them? Substance abuse treatment, counselling Not necessary.
There if it is.
We've got about five minutes left and you've unpacked some big things with me these past couple of weeks.
You left your firearm in your car unattended.
The gun was stolen and used in a murder.
And then your ex-partner tampered with evidence and then died in your arms.
How are you feeling? It's a relief to have someone to confide in, but it doesn't absolve me.
It's incredibly vulnerable to let someone else hear our secrets.
No matter what you share I'm here to support you.
What's up? Hey.
I have a theory.
Can I run it by you? Sure.
I've been trying to figure out your own protection.
Why not just fire him? But then I realized these guys know everything.
A big part of their job is keeping their client's secrets or covering them up.
Help them score drugs, get them women, protect them from said women.
Do we have any dirt on Tyler? Yeah.
He was fined two years ago for insider trading.
A tip from a CEO he was protecting.
So he's not above making a quick buck off a professional secret.
The tabloids live off this gossip.
Are you thinking our friend Sarah at The Real Scoop? You got it.
I'll see what she knows.
- Thanks.
- HmmMmm.
You lost, girl? We need to talk.
Give us a few.
So this is how it's gonna be after everything you two have been through? What're you talking about? This has gone too far, OK? I know you're hurt but you have to work this out some other way.
Of all people I can't believe he'd send his girlfriend.
[KNOCKING] Where's your brother? He's out.
He didn't say where.
[DING] Stop! [GUN CLATTERS] Don't move! Raise your hands! You wanna kill a brother? Now's your chance.
Go on.
Kate! He's unarmed.
It's your move.
You enjoy working for the man? My dad was a cop.
Must be real proud then, huh? He's dead.
Killed on the job.
Let's go.
Have a good one.
You buy information.
What's valuable? Anything that destroys a brand.
Family man with a side piece, Christian pop star with a meth habit, America's sweetheart caught in a nasty sex tape.
Monetizing shame.
The more sordid the better.
I got a suspect with a pair of handcuffs in his future.
How'd you like to be my first call? - What do you want? - What do you got? A week ago an anonymous source offered something big about Lil' Rex for $250K.
They went silent before my publisher signed off on the money.
That's something.
We tie the gun Rex had to the murder? At first blush it looks like a match.
Forensics is checking it against bullets recovered at the crime scene.
I should do this one.
Tyler was a lot like a cop.
He risked his life for you.
You're looking to make me good for this.
Lawrence Kenzo says you fired a shot in the live room.
- That it was your gun.
- He's a liar.
But that gun killed Tyler.
And your prints are on it.
So are Lawrence's.
He doesn't have a motive.
Tyler knew everything about you, all your secrets, realized he could make money on the side but you found out.
That didn't happen.
That would never happen.
Tyler wasn't that guy.
You were carrying the murder weapon.
I never shot anyone.
The gun belonged to DB.
Tyler took it off him at the club.
What's DB got to do with this? Nothing.
We were tight once.
That was a different life.
That's over now.
But you were carrying his gun around? I didn't know it was the murder weapon.
Tyler's dead.
I figured someone's trying to kill me.
I need it for protection.
Why did you tell us you didn't see the shooter yet you told a reporter there were three guys? I told her what she wanted to hear.
So you really don't know who did this? Entertain Rex's story for a second.
You said it was DB's gun.
Rex and DB get in a fight at the club.
Tyler takes DB's gun to save Lil' Rex.
Then Lil' Rex takes the gun off Tyler and goes to the recording studio.
Lawrence Kenzo trashes Lil' Rex's work and it sets him off.
He points the gun at Lawrence in the live room, Lawrence tries to take it from him, the gun goes off.
Then Kenzo hides it in a drawer.
Like a hot potato.
Nice catch.
Whoever killed Tyler knew where Kenzo stashed that gun.
The only two people there that night were Takira and Ayana.
I pulled security footage from DB's hotel.
You're gonna wanna see these.
What's Rex's girlfriend Ayana doing with DB Kane? Maybe she's cheating on Lil' Rex.
Is that a story we're selling? Sarah says a high profile love triangle is gold.
So Tyler tries to leak the information, Lil' Rex finds out and gets pissed at the betrayal.
Maybe Lil' Rex and DB's beef isn't professional, it's personal.
You coming after me now, too? Do you need some water for that That'd be great.
There's a glass in the bathroom.
I got it.
It's a nice place.
You like it here I mean you and Lil' Rex? Yeah, it's fine.
[SNAP] How far along are you? Thirteen weeks.
How do you know that? My wife took these pills for morning sickness with our first kid.
So you just started telling people then? Last week.
Our families.
Someone tried to sell a gossip item about Lil' Rex around the same time.
It's worth a quarter of a million dollars.
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's Takira's job to manage the press.
Tell us about your meeting with DB.
We know you met with him at his hotel.
Is he the father? You're kidding me? You think I'm with DB? Secret meetings with your boyfriend's rival? You tell me.
Lil' Rex isn't just my baby daddy.
He's my partner.
We tell each other everything.
Then why is DB Kane's ring on your bathroom counter? That's Rex's.
What's the "D" stand for? Doomstown.
They go way back.
Grew up in the same hood.
DB says it stands for his name.
That's because they don't get along anymore.
It's complicated.
If Takira manages the press she'd have gotten wind of the story for sale.
Yet said nothing to her brother.
Which means she's either protecting him or hiding something.
Did you see Ayana's reaction when I mentioned the rings? Mmmhmm.
Hey, uh, DB Kane was wearing the exact same ring when I saw him at the restaurant.
D for Doomown.
Something's going on.
What're you thinking? One of them's lying.
But why? I don't see a pregnant Ayana killing Lil' Rex.
That only leaves Takira.
Took us 20 minutes from the 24-hour diner and back to the studio.
Well, Takira called in the order at 5:50 as she was walking out the door.
Tyler was shot at 6:03 and she was paying for the food by 6:14.
That's 11 minutes.
Not enough time for Takira to shoot Tyler and make it back to the take-out counter.
Her alibi is good.
You know what this burger needs? A beer.
We're on duty.
Yeah, it's a real problem.
There's no traffic at 6:00 in the morning.
It's a straight shot from the burger joint to here.
You're right.
Takira could have made it back in time.
But how'd she get the gun back in the office? Walked it right through the front door.
We need something to crash her.
Any idea? They've had Rex's sister in holding for an hour.
Ur We had the right motive, the leak, but the wrong person selling the information.
The question is why would she try to sell out her brother? She's had quite a checkered past.
In and out of juvie Rex has been bailing her out of trouble for years.
Tech crimes found a voice memo on Takira Green's phone.
I didn't believe it at first but it confirms your theory.
Wait 'til you hear it.
Lil' Rex is the only family I got.
We take care of each other.
He's starting a new life with Ayana.
How do you fit into the new family? Me and my brother are tight.
I'm happy for him.
Until you found out he was planning on letting you go.
I understand he's looking for a new manager.
We know Rex was unhappy with his record deal.
He also has a new family to look out for.
Suddenly, you're feeling left behind.
That's why you wanted to blow up his life.
That's why you recorded him.
I can't believe you'd do this.
After everything he's done for you.
You took my phone? This would destroy him.
It's not what you think.
That reporter asked me about a story on the market.
And you, you of all people.
Give me my phone! Why can't you accept the fact they're out of your league? Rex is tired, OK? He needs a break.
He's hired a new manager, Takira.
He's the new king of the six.
He needs proper management.
I'm the only one who understands him.
He can't just drop me.
You know what? It's time for you to leave.
Tyler It's over.
You're done.
You're gonna tell Rex you're in way over your head.
And that you agree he needs someone with more experience to manage him.
And then you're gonna be on your way.
You do that, this goes to the grave with me.
You don't, I'm gonna tell him everything.
Your choice.
And I emailed a copy of that to myself.
We found what you were going to leak.
A new chain? You like it? You make it look good.
I've been thinking about that time we hid out in the cabin, working on your demo.
Hey, hey! What're you doing, D? You want me to leave? Just say it.
I love Ayana.
You know I can't hurt her.
I know.
But I miss us.
I still love you.
Your brother and DB Kane were a couple.
And when Tyler found out you were trying to sell their relationship to The Real Scoop you knew you had to get rid of him.
I'm outta here.
Nobody pulls a gun on me! Aye.
Aye! Yo, let's just take 15, eh? Yo, you mind if I grab a smoke? Yeah.
You want me to make a food run? Yeah, grab me one of those bacon and egg things I like, huh? We know when you called in your food order and we know when you picked it up.
You used that trip as your alibi but we retraced your steps.
You had enough time to shoot Tyler, do your run, and come back in through the front door.
And you had to delete the email off his phone so there would be no evidence.
[BANGING] Tyler! [BANGING] Tyler! All you could see was Tyler lighting a cigarette.
Lil' Rex wasn't supposed to be outside, was he? He quit smoking when he found out Ayana was pregnant.
You were so obsessed with getting rid of Tyler you nearly killed your brother.
Tyler was gonna tear us apart! You did that all on your own.
I need another story Something to get off my chest My life gets kinda boring Need something that I can confess Til' all my sleeves are stained red From all the truth that I've said Come by it honestly I swear Thought you saw me wink, no I've been on the brink, so Tell me what you want to hear Something that will light those ears Sick of all the insincere I'm gonna give all my secrets away Ayana.
What're you doing here? I thought about what you said and you're right.
We almost lost him.
I can't fight anymore.
I want you both to be happy.
I want Rex to be happy.
They're releasing him right now.
Misdemeanour gun charge.
He still love you.
But he chose you.
Maybe we all need each other.
I'm gonna give all my secrets away This time, don't need another perfect lie Don't care if critics ever jump in line What is he doing here, baby? I was trying to make it work.
I'm gonna give all my secrets away All my secret's away.
Tell me what you want to hear Something that will light those ears Sick of all the insincere I'm gonna give all my secrets away There's some out underground rappers.
There's Cakes Da Killa, Rose, iLoveMakonnen is probably the biggest name.
Yeah, but iLoveMakonnen didn't come out until he was famous.
Same with Frank Ocean.
Frank Ocean's not hip hop, it's more R&B.
Give it time.
Lil' Rex might be the first out rapper at home in the top 40.
I thought these two guys hated each other.
Who's cheating on who in this scenario? What if no one is? Lil' Rex is with Ayana.
But he's also with DB Kane.
How does that work? Kids do relationships differently now.
Especially queer kids.
They're just figuring out what works for them.
See you tomorrow.
My marriage suddenly seems a lot less complicated.
Leah and I have been having problems.
I've been staying at the motel.
I suspected as much.
I think it might be over.
I wasn't exactly the perfect husband.
You should tell her that.
I probably should.
Remember that case we had with the dead audiologist? Evan Walker.
Sent a murder ballad to his victim.
I've received a few weird texts with audio files.
One with music, another one of me with a guy I was seeing.
A sex tape? You tell this guy you're seeing about the Walker case? I never talk about work.
Walker's locked up.
He can't get to you.
It must be some sort of weird fluke.
You need help straightening this guy out? No, I took care of it.
Thanks Are you good? Yeah.
I'm good.
See you tomorrow, Nolan.