The Murders (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

In My Feelings

1 The civic mayoral election is shaping up to be a close one.
Rita Gallo is currently polling at 36 percent, which is up 11 points since July.
Now if this trend continues, she will be the likely winner of this election, and she will be the first female mayor in our city's history.
We will find out if history will be made in seven days' time.
Hey, David.
Where is everyone? Out on a sign blitz what can we do for you? You can't do anything for me.
I'm here to grab a bite with my mother.
Not a good time.
Never is.
You don't understand it's E minus seven, every minute of this week is accounted for.
Well, take it up with the boss.
She invited me.
So, what's the candidate's position on the new steakhouse? [SIGHS.]
Sounds good.
If we can get a table with some privacy.
How's the speech coming along? So well she's taking a break.
Breaks come after the election.
We'll make it quick.
You're working her too hard.
Let the woman eat.
Rita wants to win.
I'm paid a lot of money to make that happen.
Remember how Dad used to say "When everyone tells you to go right, "but your gut says go left, you go left?" I need to finish this.
I I should have called to cancel.
I'll make her a sandwich myself, I promise.
That makes me feel so much better.
So, where are we at? Okay, I was thinking we should start with this.
Our city is a great one.
But it can be better.
A city of justice and equality.
I've devoted my life to Rita.
Sorry, there's a detective here with some questions about the death threats? Oh, I already talked to an officer about this yesterday.
Um, can you handle it? Yeah, no problem.
Um Oh, uh, you are the target.
I need to talk to you.
Okay, um Made more changes.
Come on in.
I've been getting death threats my whole career.
And if I took scare tactics seriously, I'd never leave the house.
Yeah, you'd feel like a prisoner.
Do you know why so many people want you dead? Pardon me? Well, you must be saying or doing something to make everybody hate you so much.
I didn't ask for your identification, Detective.
Would you mind? Ah, not at all.
How's that for ID? Everything is fading Everything is fading Everything is fading Everything is fading [LOCKED DOORKNOB RATTLES.]
Okay, okay.
(OPERATOR) 911, What is your emergency? [WHISPERS.]
Possible hostage taking at 1309 Renfrew.
Unidentified man with a gun.
Alert the emergency response team.
Please hurry.
It's my mom.
What is it you want? What's your passcode? 2911, that's your birthday? Makes it really easy to hack ya.
You don't remember me, do you? No.
That's because I was no one to you.
Just a stepping stone for you to get here.
Have we met? Uh-huh.
It's been a while.
But I'm gonna give you a chance to save face, Rita.
I'll even make it fun for ya.
We're gonna play 20 questions.
First question.
Go ahead.
(DISPATCH) All units report to on-seen commander, Cole Solomon.
All units on this call switch over to Tag 2.
Zulu 3-2 in position.
Zulu 16 in position.
I'm Cole Solomon.
I'm the negotiator for the emergency response team.
I'm going to do everything I can to resolve this situation safely.
Thank you.
Call me Kate.
I understand you saw the hostage taker? I need a description.
Come with me.
White male, 50s.
Clean shaven, Grey hair.
Approximately 5 foot 7, slight build.
I saw him holding David Johnson at gunpoint.
The layout of the office? Large main room with two smaller offices in the back.
Get me a map of the layout of the building.
You want anything? Water, coffee, something to eat? Just my mom.
This is her cell phone number.
Appreciate it.
Any idea who may have been making death threats to Rita? Death threats? She never said anything about that.
Um, she prosecuted a lot of cases when she was in the Attorney General's office.
Put away a lot of bad guys.
What is this guy's game? It's proof of life.
He's setting us up to negotiate.
What can I do to help? Just sit tight for now.
We're doing everything we can to get your mom out safe.
Sit down.
- Sir, this is for you.
- Thanks.
You're running out of questions.
Do you want money? Are you working for one of my opponents? Is this about the campaign? [PHONE RINGS.]
Ah, they got my text.
Right here.
You got one left.
Last question.
Are you gonna kill me? If you recognized me, you wouldn't have to ask that question.
I guess I didn't make a good enough impression on ya.
I'll do much better this time.
Good evening.
We begin with breaking news.
There is a major police presence outside of the campaign offices of Rita Gallo.
There are several police and emergency vehicles present on scene.
There are not a lot of details yet, but we are being told that a police spokesperson will be updating us shortly.
How are you holding up? I'm fine.
We've assigned the City's top negotiator.
I know Cole Solomon.
He's the best of the best.
The emergency response team is developing a list of recent parolees for potential suspects, and cross-referencing it with all of Rita's convictions.
I'm gonna continue to liaise with his team.
Anything you need from me? Support your partner.
Let's get another sniper on the roof.
Yes, sir.
Meg's heading into the office to help out.
Her wife can't be too happy about a late night at the office.
She got a free pass, just this one time.
Special circumstances.
We have all of these locked down.
It's me you have a problem with.
Let David go.
Why are you acting like you're in charge? Huh? Who's in charge, Rita? You are.
What's that?!! You're in charge.
Why do I feel like I gotta prove myself to you? You don't have to prove anything to me.
I wish I believed you.
Why isn't ERT going in? They know what they're doing.
Some nut job's in there with a gun and my mom.
They're the experts.
They're our best chance at getting her out of there alive.
I need to move.
What are you doing? [MUFFLED GRUNTING.]
Stand up.
Get down on your knees.
Kate, Kate, Kate! Wait, wait.
Zulu 14 what is happening in there? Zulu 14, VCB no movement inside.
Stand by to move in.
We don't know anything yet.
Hold tight.
It's my call, and we stick to protocol.
Cole, we storm in that door, more people could die.
We both know that.
ERT hold fast.
We are going to work this out.
From now on, you follow my lead.
Meg, what do you got? I'll ensure the log reflects that ERT is to hold.
Copy that.
No problem.
Ensure the log reflects that Commander Solomon has told ERT to hold their positions at this time.
Is she all right? She thinks her mother was shot.
We need her on her game.
Why aren't you going in? We haven't got enough information yet.
I won't jeopardize the hostages' lives.
Any decisions you make, any tactics you're taking, you inform me, not my partner.
Have you established contact with the hostage taker? He's not responding.
I'll keep you in the loop.
I want to know everything as soon as you do.
What did you do? Did you shoot David? Tell me you didn't shoot him.
What do you figure's your best side? Right or left? [WHISPERS.]
Please [GASPS.]
Get up.
Come on.
David! David? No Why are you doing this? Just tell me what you want.
Admit there was a conspiracy to convict me, and that you helped to fake evidence against me.
I had nothing to do with that.
So you do remember prosecuting me? Then, say my name.
Grant Alcott.
Yeah, that's better.
Do you remember what you told the jury about me? No.
You told 'em I was the worst kind of criminal ever.
I was irredeemable.
I'll take your word for it.
Now, there's the lawyer I remember.
This is the building in question.
Police have drawn their guns, and surrounded the building This after receiving calls of a possible hostage situation involving a gunman inside the campaign offices of Rita Gallo.
This situation is still developing.
If she'd just come to dinner.
Don't do that.
What? Look back.
There's nothing for you there.
Gotta keep moving forward.
Great philosophy.
Works for me.
Does it? Yeah.
My marriage is falling apart and I haven't talked to my dad in 10 years.
You know I never gave her a chance after the divorce.
Always took my dad's side, no matter what she said or did.
You were a kid.
I was 18.
Zulu 14, movement one side! We've got movement.
Go, go, go!!! I've got a visual on Rita Gallo.
She is holding a sign that says "David Is Dead.
" At least we know she's still alive.
I'll do whatever you want! I just want to see my daughter again.
I was wondering how long it would be till you played that card.
I'm not playing a card.
She already lost her father.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Detective Anthony Jameson.
Shot and killed on the job.
Tch, karma's a bitch.
And then you used his death to promote your campaign.
And you pimped out your kid too, who's probably standing out there right now, wondering what's going on in here.
Leave her out of this.
You wanna talk to her? No.
Here's a list of your mother's convictions and recent parolees with a history of violence.
Study it.
See if any of these names look familiar, or if your mother's ever mentioned them before.
Cole? It's a call from my mom's phone.
Don't make any promises.
If you get stuck, I can jump in.
Go ahead.
Answer it.
Mom? Is this Detective Kate Jameson? Yes, who is this? You're gonna have to come in here and find out.
There's a little family business to discuss.
Don't even think about it.
Whoever he is, he knows who you are.
Hostage takers ask for police because they're itching to kill a cop.
So I'm just supposed to leave my mom in there with him? Go back to the list.
See if any of those names mean something.
We find out who he is, we figure out how to appeal to him.
That makes my job a whole lot easier.
(NEWSCASTER) Police are responding to a hostage situation.
According to reports, an armed man is holding two people hostage.
This police incident is described as active.
Witnesses reporting that gunshots have been fired, but there are no confirmed reports of injuries at this time.
Nothin'? No, I don't recognize any of these names.
What do you need? I could use another coffee.
Just this once.
Really? Get me Large Americano.
Room for milk.
I know you.
And you're getting regular drip.
- Zulu 14, we have movement at the front.
Guard, go, go!! Get into position!!! Get her outta there!!! What the hell? Kate! - [DRAMATIC MUSIC INTENSIFIES.]
- Don't do it.
Hold your fire! No one moves.
Hold your positions.
What the hell's she doing? Get her out of there! Hold your fire! Such a good daughter.
Come on, up against the wall.
Where's my mother? I want to see my mother.
Well, that's too bad.
You don't always get what you want, do you? Come here.
You wanted me to come in, so here I am.
Where is she? Sit down.
Come here.
Other one.
Kate has compromised the whole operation.
A guy like that wants to kill a cop.
Look, her dad, and her first homicide partner, both died on the job.
She wants to go out like they did? She'll be damned if she lets her mother die the same way.
She left her phone behind.
Were you in on this? Will it make a difference if I had been? Detective Meg Harris narrowed down the suspect list to three guys who were just paroled in the last three months.
Grant Alcott, Joe Franklin, Luke Beaudin.
All three of them were prosecuted by Rita.
All three did time for murder.
Cruisers are out on bed check.
Guys like that fantasize about evening the score.
The worst of them do it.
We've already got one fatality.
It's time to take care of a little family business, all right? Sit down.
Who is this guy? Grant Alcott.
I prosecuted him 10 years ago for killing his wife.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
It's Cole Solomon.
I'm the chief negotiator.
Who am I speaking with? Did you tell her? Go ahead.
You're on.
I want to hear you say my name.
Do it.
Uh, Cole, this is Kate speaking.
I'm in here with my mom and Grant Alcott.
Thanks, Kate.
Grant, I want to help you.
What can I do? Inform the media that there's going to be a livestream in 30 minutes with Rita Gallo on her campaign website.
Rita has an important announcement to make.
Grant Alcott.
AJ and Huntley were the arresting officers in this case.
AJ charged him, Rita convicted him.
Sounds like a motive.
Learn that.
You're gonna make a public statement about how you put me away using false evidence.
I'm not doin' that.
Aren't you? Okay.
Okay, I'll do it.
Yeah, I thought so.
What do you hope to accomplish? Kate! No, it's a fair question.
I want her to publicly admit that she was part of a conspiracy to convict me.
What good will that do you if it's said under duress? It's still true.
Uniform searched Grant Alcott's place, and there were news clippings about Rita's campaign.
Meg found a dozen fake social media sites where he was sending the death threats from.
He's been planning this for weeks.
An angry ex-con looking to settle the score.
Turns out he stabbed his wife to death, did 10 years.
ea A real piece of garbage.
Yeah, his 12-year-old daughter was at a sleepover that night.
Now, he told police that when he got home, he found his wife dead on the kitchen floor, and there was a bloody knife recovered at the scene.
My Detective Meg Harris, tracked Alcott's daughter, Eden, down.
She said that Alcott left a voicemail earlier in the week, it sounded like some kind of goodbye.
Any other insight into this guy? Kate's father, AJ, was the arresting officer.
Her mother put him away.
You gotta be kidding me.
A psychological profile from Alcott's trial said that he was controlling, you know, insecure, with an explosive temper.
Neighbour said he doted over the kid, not so much the wife.
Neighbours also said they heard them arguing on the night of the murder.
Our best chance of reaching him is Eden.
Get me Meg Harris on the phone.
We need to talk to the daughter.
Who found the murder weapon? I don't remember the details of your case.
You locked me up for 10 years, you can't remember how you got that conviction? It was a long time ago.
Who tampered with the evidence? I don't recall that anyone did.
The police did! They tampered with the evidence, and you used that tainted evidence to convict me, didn't ya? I didn't know.
She No, no, no, no.
No!!! Rita! You knew! Rita? I knew.
But I didn't find out until after the trial.
Yet, you didn't come forward.
Why not?! Because I was protecting my daughter.
The truth.
An important update now to our Breaking News sstory Rita Gallo will be making an announcement on her campaign website.
We are being told that it will be live streamed in about five minutes time.
As we wait for Gallo's statement, we will continue to monitor this active hostage situation.
I do not feel good about this.
Eden, this is the command centre.
These guys will explain what's going on.
I know this must be very difficult for you, Miss Alcott.
Thank you for coming down.
My last name is Khouri now, but call me Eden.
I'm Cole Solomon, negotiator.
This is staff sergeant, Bill Chen.
Head of the homicide unit.
Are you up to answering a few questions? Please.
When was your last contact with your father? My adoptive dad raised me.
Grant Alcott is not my father.
I understand Alcott called you since his release.
Please have a seat.
I never picked up.
He backed off for a while, then started up again.
I finally told him if he kept calling, I would get a restraining order.
Then he called from a blocked number and left a voicemail.
I still have it.
It would be very helpful if you played it for me.
(ALCOTT) Eden? Uh, it's me again.
This is my last call, I swear.
You're the best thing that ever happened to me, I just want you to know that.
Eden, there's an opportunity to save two lives today.
You're the best chance we have.
We need you to talk to Grant.
The man killed my mother.
I'll be right there with you, the whole time.
Right by your side.
Can I think it over? I'm afraid not.
We're running out of time, Eden.
I'm sorry.
That's not the Rita Gallo I know.
Probably not the one you know, either.
I know her.
You think you do.
You're on.
My name is Rita Gallo.
As a former lawyer who prosecuted many cases, I believe in a strong criminal justice system.
However, sometimes this justice system fails, especially when those in power choose to ignore the truth.
As a member of the law society, I have taken an oath promising to honour and protect the rights of the people of this country.
I have broken this promise.
Years ago, I was involved in a trial where mistakes were made.
I failed to speak the truth, and remained silent about crucial facts during the criminal investigation of a case I oversaw.
In their zeal to convict Grant Alcott, homicide detectives cut corners.
This'll blow back all over the department.
It's time this became public knowledge.
The fact that steps were taken to influence the outcome of the trial is the biggest concern to me as a former officer of the court.
As a wife and a mother, I have a more personal regret for my behaviour.
My former husband, Detective Anthony Jameson, the lead investigator on the case, crossed an ethical line.
He stood by as his partner relocated the murder weapon.
It is my life's biggest regret that I did not come forward with this information as soon as it came to my attention.
Okay, we're ready.
Everyone quiet.
We need complete silence.
Eden? Hi, Dad.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Now that I'm talking to you, yeah.
It's so good to hear your voice.
Such a long time, I've really missed talking to you.
I left you messages, did you listen to them? Yes, Dad I have.
I've been thinking about your voicemail, Dad.
We can work things out, but we have to talk.
Face to face.
I can't do it, I can't do that.
Do it for me.
I'm really sorry about everything.
You'll always be my father, no matter what happened.
Come out and talk to me.
Wait What? Where are you? Grant.
Grant, are you still there? You dragged my daughter down here? She loves you, Grant.
She wants to work things out.
Grant, you still there? That's a lie.
You've been coaching her.
It's all a lie.
This ends now.
What's happening? Zulu 14, I've lost visual contact.
- No movement out back.
- No movement inside.
Stand by for my order.
Copy that.
Can't confirm suspects.
They pulled my daughter into this.
If you do this, there's no turning back.
You're coming with me.
Think about Eden and how this will affect her for the rest of her life.
If you go through with this, it'll only end one way for you.
She's lost one parent to a violent death.
Don't make her go through it again.
Just go and talk to her.
It's a trap.
She wouldn't have talked to you if she didn't care.
Sit down.
Say goodbye.
I love you.
Remember what dad said about following your gut? I do.
Shots fire, lights are out.
This is bullshit, we're going in.
- No, hold back fast.
- Visual contact broken.
No movement out back.
Hold your positions.
And get some lights back on, now! Copy that.
Get up.
Get under the desk.
Get under the desk.
Stay underneath the desk, don't move until the police come.
Grant? Come out and you won't get hurt.
Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! [FIGHTING GRUNTS.]
Zulu 14, there is movement in the front room, but I can't confirm who's who.
- Same.
No confirmation.
- No movement out back.
Zulu 14, VCB that reflection is killing us.
- Zulu 14, do you have a shot? - Negative.
Let's walk outta here together.
There's nothing out there for me.
That's not true.
You're tired and afraid.
You're not thinking clearly.
If you thought your father took your mom away, would you ever forgive him? If he spent the rest of his life trying to make it up to me.
But I did kill her mother.
There's nothing I can say that's ever going to change anything.
Don't do it, Grant.
Don't do it, Grant.
Don't do it.
I knew walking in here, I wasn't walking out.
Zulu 14, I have a clear shot.
I have the shot.
Take it.
Take the shot.
Go, go!! Move in! There he is! Down on the ground! Down, down!!! All clear, suspect is in custody.
VHS roll in.
Confirmed, suspect is in custody.
Confirmed, suspect is in cuffs.
- I'm not a perfect person There's many thing I wish I didn't do Get me a unit in here.
Get victim services in here too.
I never meant to do those things to you And so I have to say before I go.
Mom! That I just want you to know.
Are you okay? Yeah, are you? Yeah.
I've found a reason for me To change who I used to be Mom, why didn't you tell me? You loved your father so much.
I couldn't do that to you.
But I blamed you for the divorce.
Oh honey, you weren't wrong.
I wanted it.
Your father didn't.
What Dad did with that evidence could've destroyed your career.
That's the thing I couldn't forgive.
And all the pain I put you through Okay, the officers are gonna take your statement.
Then I'll talk to them.
It may take a while.
Do you wanna come by my place when you're done? - Of course.
- Okay.
It's good to see you.
You too, Bill.
Glad you're okay.
Go get yourself checked out, give a statement, and I'll take care of your mom.
Where's Nolan Just stick around until you finish your debrief.
You'll be okay.
You wanna go for breakfast? Like friends do? You wanna go, or not? I do, but I gotta stop by my mom's.
See how she's doing.
Rain check? Next time I'm feeling friendly.
I won't hold my breath.
You still owe me a coffee.
That was a one-time deal.
You all right to drive? Probably not, but I don't want to leave my truck here.
Your baby.
It's a one-time deal.
Not only did you jeopardize the entire operation, you put yourself and your mother at risk.
I wasn't thinking about the repercussions.
I was thinking about my mom.
I'm well aware of that.
You know I've always been in your corner, and man, you show a lot of promise.
But I seriously question your judgement.
No, no, no.
Don't bother with the "take my badge" theatre.
Word came down from above.
The media saved your ass.
And if the public gets their way, the chief will be giving you a commendation.
I hope you'll give me the chance to earn back your trust.
How's Rita doing? She's gonna win.
Of course she is.
That stunt you pulled your old man would've done the exact same thing.
That story about my dad, and Huntley, and the evidence All that died with them.
Your dad was a good cop.
That'sow I choose to remember him.
I suggest you do the same.
No more theatrics, okay? I thought you were supposed to win the election before you start packing for the mayor's office.
You got my message.
You sounded upset.
I'm dropping out of the race.
What? Mom I don't have it in me anymore.
You're five points up in the polls.
Sympathy votes, because my campaign manager was murdered.
David would've wanted you to win.
Yeah, well, he's not here to share that opinion, is he? First your father, now David.
I can't.
I don't want it anymore.
My career has been at the expense of everything else in my life.
My marriage, friendships, my relationship with you.
I can't let that happen again.
But you also can't stop being who you are.
Your whole life has been about public service, about making a difference, and now you've got a chance to have an impact on the whole city.
Look, the election is only a few days away.
Let the voters decide.
Next time on The Murders.
Your daughter's remains were found in a box on a trail in Deer Lake Park.
Who did this to our daughter? Do you have any idea why a tape of songs would be found with your daughter's remains? Pretty Polly, Frankie & Johnny.
Wait, they're all murder ballads? Our killer is referencing Walker's murder.
Whoever created the cassette knows Evan.
Evan Walker was right.
He gave us everything.
What are they teaching you in Serial Killer 101 these days? This guy's a predator, and would stalk his victims before killing them.
Your personal safety's in question.
You're off the case.
What? Did you know that sound travels four times faster underwater? You're drowning, Kate.
But I am gonna save you.
The killer thinks I understand him.
Maybe you do.