The Naked Chef (1999) s01e03 Episode Script


Naked's what I call my way of cooking.
What I cook in the restaurant isn't what I cook at home.
Cooking's gotta be a laugh.
It's gotta be simple - it's gotta be tasty - it's gotta be fun.
I suppose you could say it's stripping down the recipe to its bare essentials.
No way - it's not me it's the food.
You're early - what's this - the element of surprise - come in have a cup of tea.
What are you up to today Jamie? Well I've got my uncle Alan coming round - and he's bringing all my cousins with him, and he's popping off to the boat show, so I'm sort of left baby-sitting so I've gotta keep them amused - er - but they're gonna come back later and I'm gonna cook them some dinner so I wanna make a - we're gonna have a bit of a pasta feast - and I'm gonna make two different types of ravioli and a thing called semi freddo which is pretty much like ice cream but a bit more funky.
So I'm gonna go and see my mate Patricia who's got a really nice cheese shop cos the pasta's got quite a bit of cheese in it and she always really looks after me, so I'd better get cracking really - I've gotta get dressed - I'm gonna knock up a bit of lunch before I go out and er - get on with the day.
SPAGHETTI Right I'm gonna make this really fantastic spaghetti dish - it's like a real good munchie kind of lunchie snackie kind of thing.
Let me show you how to do it.
I'm gonna make the pangrattato - and we're gonna sprinkle it on top of the pasta afterwards and it's gonna give it a really, really pucker texture.
What it is is crispy bread crumbs - you can use fresh bread if you want but I personally - it's not as good really cos you have to fight for longer then - but er - dried stuff is idea.
So just cut most of the crust off - don't be too worried about it.
You can rip it up - chop it up - do what you like but I'm just gonna whiz it - whiz it in here.
Just pulse this right - And get some olive oil and get it like a four or five second lug - about four tablespoons.
Oil's getting hot - couple of cloves of garlic - just to flavour the oil - by the time they're coloured we'll be ready to put our bread crumbs in.
So anyway - we need some thyme now.
You can get it everywhere.
Just pick it at the end here - right and just whoop down like that - and it's really tasty - you know it's a really kind of earthy kind of herb.
Doesn't matter what you do with thyme - if you put it into oil it always spits so be careful, but it's not the end of the world.
Right - now these are in - put your bread crumbs in - stir them about a bit and this is - this is really quick - this takes about a minute to get really crispy.
You can see all that's getting nice and golden now.
I'd say this is just about perfect.
The littler bits are dead crispy and the bigger bits are quite chewy and that's - you know that's a nice thing.
That gives character.
So that's - that's hot.
Leave that to cool down.
Right - so what I need to do now - I'm gonna cook the pasta and make the sauce.
Water's boiling.
Right for this sauce I'm gonna show you how simple it is.
All it is is anchovies - I've got - I've got some dried chillies here - a lemon and what else do we need? - I need garlic.
Couple of tablespoons of olive oil.
Put your garlic in.
And just fire off the garlic - not until brown or anything - but just so it softens up.
These particular chillies are just fresh ones that I've dried at home and they're not that - they're not really that strong.
About five anchovies.
Jiggle it around a bit.
Then all you do is just get a nice lemon - I've taken most of the pips out.
Funnily enough it's the lemon that makes it work cos I never kind anchovies but you don't - when they melt away they don't really taste like that.
You get the lovely heat from the chillie - right just check this pasta again - yeah looks pretty well.
Mmm - perfect.
Right - I'm gonna drain this - and then when it's still steaming hot put it into that sauce.
And you just swill it about and take it off the heat now - I'll turn the gas off.
And like that's all coated in like all the sauce - it's shiny and it's just really tasty.
So just whack it in a bowl.
No mucking about - scrap out all the juice.
Get all these crispy bits and just er - look at that - oooh You know that tastes nice don't you? What are you laughing at? That's how you're supposed to eat it.
Actually I like these so much I'm gonna have some more.
And in cooking it won't be lost.
Very soft isn't it? Unfortunately - very very fresh.
I like fat men.
You like men with a bit of meat on? Absolutely.
Well give me six more months - I might be there.
FRESH PASTA This is strong white flour.
And so I do 500 grams.
Like everything there's different recipes but this is one that is very, very reliable and damn good.
So what I'm gonna do - 500 grams - you can make - you can make this by hand in a bowl.
It's just as easy.
I'm gonna do it in this cos it just takes a little bit of work away.
I put two whole eggs in and then I'm gonna put 8 egg yolks and the reason that I'm putting 8 yolks in as opposed to 4 eggs is because the extra yolk I feel give it a certain richness which is just really beautiful.
It's really silky, gives a wicked colour and I just think you know it makes it what fresh pasta is really - that richness.
Right - so basically just gonna turn it out.
Doesn't look much like pasta now.
Looks like broken up biscuits? Yeah but then you squeeze it and then you start to work it.
And now you just put all your weight into it and just keep doing this and it'll come together as a quite dry dough.
Keep giving it some until it goes smooth and silky.
So that's done really.
So just warp it up - push it out and put it in the fridge for about half an hour.
Let it rest and then we can carry on.
Right so the pasta's had about half an hour to rest.
Er - it's softened up a little bit, it's - it's a little bit - you know it's gonna be a lot more pliable now cos it's relaxed.
Make sure you've got a nice clean surface.
I mean you only need about that much space but I'm lucky I've got a bit longer and you need one of these machines and they're about 20 quid and you can get them absolutely everywhere.
It's like a mangle.
But they've got little notches here yeah - that go up and down and that gets thinner and fatter.
So look - look at that lovely dough.
Right we're gonna divide this by four and basically put three back because we don't want these to get dry and it's nice and soft and if the air gets to that it'll from a skin and that'll be horrible to roll out then.
So just roll - wrap those up and with this one - you just wanna with your hand or rolling pin if you want just kind of level it out a little bit.
And then it's gonna be really easy to sort of put through the machine without too much grief.
Put it on its thickest setting and we just run it through quite slowly on the first time.
See - So now we'll start working down one by one.
Some people find it easier if you dust it.
I'm not a great lover of dusting it too much but if you just do a little bit and then right What does that do for it then? Well it - some people put loads on but I just put it on and wipe off the excess and it just stops it from sticking to this and then when it comes out of this end and it gathers up stops it from sticking at that end as well.
Right so if I leave it now - it's getting a bit thinner and it's kind of building up here.
So you wanna kind of pull it in a bit there and flatten it out - give it a little bit of tension.
And you can get a little bit there - see it's pulling in a bit there - so just pull it in this bit.
And there you go - lovely.
This is done basically now.
Normally I just - I'd make the ravioli straight away now but you know if time's not on your side then make it now in the morning, and er - you know I can do my fillings a little bit later and if you er - layer this up quite tightly like this on a plate - a little bit of flour - and er - cling film it tightly so the air doesn't get to it - it'll probably keep in the fridge for a couple of hours - really well.
I always make this amount - even if I'm just making it for myself because even if you're only using a little bit you can make some more pasta and I've got it like dried up there you know - just taglitelli - papadelli whatever you want.
PRALINE SEMI FREIDO I'm gonna make the dessert now.
It's a thing called semi freddo which at home is definitely the nearest best thing to ice cream.
It's very flexible you can do any flavour you like.
And I'm gonna do praline which is basically caramel and roasted hazelnuts which to me is just like the best combo.
So what I need is 200 grams of castor sugar - it's not a hot pan but it's heating up now and I need about 3 or 4 tablespoons of water.
And what this is gonna do is loosen up the sugar, make it a syrup and let me show you the hazelnuts.
I've just roasted them until lightly golden.
If you look at this sugar it's starting to colour round the outside very slowly.
And then you just splish it about a bit, so it's even.
Don't be too aggressive -just gently.
So what's Uncle Alan like who's coming round today? Uncle Alan? Everyone says that he used to look like Cliff Richard.
Cliff Richard! - But er - I don't think he looks that much like Cliff Richard but - well he certainly can't sing anyway.
No there's no way Alan could be like Cliff Richard cos Cliff Richard never got married and Uncle Alan's had three wives.
This caramel now is light golden - carefully pour them in.
And what we're gonna do now is just cook it for about another minute.
Slush it about a bit.
Cook it for another minute and then look at how gorgeous that looks - it's shiny and golden and what we're gonna - we're just toasting the nuts now and they're both kind of impregnating the flavour into each other really - the caramel's getting hazelnut and the hazelnut's getting caramel.
So I'm gonna put it on a metal tray but I mean er you can put it on a plate or anything that's not gonna melt really.
And just put a bit of sunflower oil on - just a little drib - rub it in and this'll stop it from sticking.
And that's ready.
Superb - so just pour it in the middle - try and get all the sugar out - be careful not to drip any on yourself cos that would be very hot.
And then just with the bottom of your spoon just push it out.
So they're all flat and then they'll cool down nice and quick.
Right so this praline's been cooling down now for about 25 minutes and as you can see it's like a big biscuit - it's like - it's all completely solid.
But the really - listen listen - and that's the nice thing about the metal actually it's a little bit flexible which means you can kind of just whack it in here and then like pulse it.
You've got powder and you got bits of chunk in there which is ideal - loads of flavour - loads of texture.
So I can forget about this now - that's the nice things - flavour done - right - and let me just make the semi freddo.
We need four eggs yolks - I need 50 grams of sugar - okay - shove it in there.
Straight in there and just whish these together until they both pale.
Right now it's a bit paler - I'm gonna add some vanilla and a good one should be sort of soft - not dry - soft and slightly sticky if you're really lucky and you just cut it near enough the tip - all the way down the middle right - and then inside you've got all the beans here - you just get the point of your knife and just run it right to the end and you get all of that and it's dead pucker.
Just scrap it on the old whish.
To me vanilla pods is probably one of the most amazing ingredients - in the kitchen I just think it's stunning.
You wouldn't use vanilla essence would you for this? No, - it just smell so different.
Anyway don't chuck away these cos obviously 70p each they're worth quite a bit - pop it in a little pot of sugar and that'll infuse its flavour into the sugar then you've got vanilla flavoured sugar.
Just look at that.
All those black dots - I mean how funky is that? It is isn't it? But again just whisk like mad and it'll get slightly thicker and a little bit more paler.
Beautiful right - double cream - 500 millilitres.
When this cream gets like nice and thick - sort of ribbon stage - like that see? - Not thin anymore is it? We're ready to rock and roll with the egg whites.
Okay - the thing is with the egg whites - just a little pinch of salt - just before you start whipping and You can't taste that though can you? No you can't taste it but what it does is it - it does something to the eggs and it makes it capture the air more and be stiffer which is exactly what we want so - So look you can see it getting bigger and bigger already.
Not quite.
See - wicked.
Right we've got loads of air in the egg - got loads of air in the cream and we've made a lovely flavour right - so what we do is we just pour most of this praline - most of - leave a bit into the cream and just pour all these egg whites on top of that - and very gently fold it in - you're not being aggressive with it - do you know what I mean you're just folding in the flavours just to kind of gently mix it together.
If you bang it together with a whish or even with a spoon all that air that you've just been trying to put into the egg whites and the cream just disappears and you can hear it bubble and you don't want that so just fold it in and when you're just about there - and have a little scoop round the middle to make sure you haven't - there see that there - got a bit there -just scoop it in.
Now I'm quite happy with that now - there's some chunks of stuff there but I like - I like it quite marbled.
You could use that praline for all sorts of other things.
I'm sure couldn't you? Oh God - you use pralines for everything - and all you have to do is get some really nice vanilla ice cream - nice big ball of that and sprinkle it on top and it tastes wicked I tell you what I have done sometimes actually - er - got a couple of packets of Maltesers and this sounds really, really drab but you just whiz 'em up so they're like chunky powder and put them on top - and they're really nice - I tell you really, really tasty.
Scrap it all from the sides - yeah -just shake it so it levels out a little bit then with this left over praline just sprinkle it on top.
I know the kids are gonna love that - right up their alley.
Just chuck it in the freezer - bout - I suppose it will be ready in about 40 minutes.
Hello mate you alright? Nice to see you - looks like you've got the short straw today eh? Have a nice time at the boat show and you gonna come by for some food later? Take care - see you mate.
RAVIOLI FILLING How's it going girls alright? Right I am making the fillings for the ravioh and I'm making two fillings.
First one is potato, water cress and cheeses from Patricia which will be lovely jubbly and the potatoes are ready so I'm just gonna drain these and I've also put in four cloves of garlic which I've taken the outside off.
I'll show you one.
And when they're cooked with the potatoes - see how soft they are see - wicked.
Do you leave those in then? Yeah leave them in cos they've got no skins or anything like that but when garlic cooks like that it gets very, very mild and er - I think it just adds a good edge to the potatoes really - so let them drain for about three or four minutes - let all the moisture sort of evaporate off and - so I've got some really nice gorgonzola and some pecarino from Patricia.
Lovely - that's gorgonzola - it's really, really nice - nice and crumbly.
Really tasty - quite a strong flavour but when it's in with those potatoes it's going to chill out a bit - be really nice.
And I've got this pecarino which is I suppose you could say you shouldn't say but you could say it's quite similar to parmesan.
It's slightly softer, nice and sweet - not sweet sweet but sweeter.
Just chuck in there - the garlic will go to you know to a paste and mix in really well.
While this is hot I'm gonna get all these flavours in there so they're all kind of melting and all the flavours are happening.
So I'm gonna use about half of this to start with - just gonna break it in there.
And this pecarino just take skin off - That pecarino does look a bit like parmesan.
Yeah but it's - it's softer - it's hasn't been aged as long - I really like it actually.
What I need to get now is some butter.
I'm just gonna use about an ounce just to enrich it a little bit.
I've got some really nice watercress - er What makes it really nice then? Well just look at it - it's really green - big fat leaves and it's really mustardy and I love all that - it's really pucker I've dumped it in water like I do with basil - shaken it about a bit so it's nice and clean.
So let's put that in there - this is gonna start tasting really good now.
At this stage I mean it looks like mashed potato doesn't it? You imagine that with maybe some more butter in it you know - er with a nice bit of roasted cod or like you know fish and lovely.
I'm really happy with that - so that's one filling done I've got to check on the next filling - so I'll go and see what the girls are doing with the broad beans.
Alright - so I've got my lovely broad beans.
First things first - get the broad beans - gonna go straight into boiling water.
And then absolutely no salt in there because salt actually makes the outsides of the broad bean get tougher so we can just season it later - not now.
Now whereas the base for the other ravioli was potato and that was lovely jubbly and it's finished, this one is gonna be ricotta - it's a very, very crumbly kind of light cheese and you know it's very very young.
It's not got loads and loads of flavour but it's kind of fresh - it's got like a real milky taste and I like that.
So make sure it's really, really fresh cos it does go off quite quickly compared to other cheeses.
So I'm just gonna put this ricotta in a bowl - these have been in for about a minute so - gonna pour those in there.
Drain it off a bit.
I'm gonna try and finely chop some and then leave the other quite coarse and what happens then is that you're kind of getting lots of texture and you can see what you're eating which is nice.
Also you're getting loads of flavour in there as well and you want that.
What I'm gonna do is pour this into the bowl - you can put as much mint in as you like but I just do it to freshen it up - so you just keep tasting.
And it's funny cos this herb actually makes the dish a lot lighter really tasty and it goes with broad beans so well so I'm just gonna chuck this in with the broad beans - it's still a little bit hot - I can put a pinch of salt in now - and a little bit of pepper cos we didn't season that in water.
And give it a good little lug of olive oil cos that'll get all the flavours happening And just toss it over a bit.
Bout half a lemon.
What we've gotta do now is grate some parmesan.
You only want a little bit - about a handful.
Right so nice handful of that.
Get a fork and just fork it through and you can see how crumbly and light this ricotta is - it's a wicked base for this.
And this is what I do - is this mixture just pour it all into here.
And just fold it in.
Fold it in and mash it up - do whatever you have to do to get it stuck in there and you can see it's got a brilliant colour now.
Just taste a bit.
Mmm - that's perfect so basically we've got two fillings done - and what I've gotta do now is show you how to make a ravioli.
Just brush off the excess flour right - and you get a little bit of your filling and you want about a dessertspoonful and then get a little bit of water - brush round the edges - all four sides and once you've done that - look at the corners - cos it's the water that's gonna stick it all together and that's really important so don't forget it - just fold it over, push it together there so this side's now sealed.
Come over here and push that side together cos that sides now sealed.
And then put your two little fingers - curl your thumb round and just do that and just - and then you've just got one bit left.
Don't just b it cos you'll get a bit of air stuck in there - you don't want that.
Start from one end, and get rid of the air.
And there you have it - perfect ravioli - no cracks, no nothing and then just take with a cutter, just trim it off and what that does - it doesn't just cut a pretty shape in it it kinds of pushes the pasta together.
So it means it's not gonna burst open.
Could you use a knife? Yeah you could use a knife - in actual fact it's - it's quite cool to use a knife as well cos this is quite an obvious thing to do, so I just chuck this straight into boiling salted water - give it about two minutes for that sort of size and then just fish 'em out - shake 'em off on a plate.
Come on girls give us a hand then.
Grab a plate and grab a spoon.
You watching.
This is like Blue Peter this is.
Grab a bit of filling about that much and then put it in the middle of one side.
Not too much water though - just brush round the outside of it.
What happened to your one? Fold it over like that.
And then - then squeeze all around it.
So yours are wicked.
I think I'm gonna employ you - bit of cheap labour.
Had a good time.
You haven't destroyed the place then?