The Net (1998) s01e05 Episode Script

Death of an Angel

What do you think that's supposed to do for her? - What? - All that.
It's supposed to relax them.
College isn't relaxing enough? My old man sends me to college, I'm so relaxed I'm a freaking sleepwalker.
Well, at least now they keep their clothes on.
Twenty years ago, place was nudist colony.
- Is that right? - You didn't miss a thing.
It's going off again.
I think we got a breaking and entering.
Maybe somebody opened a wrong door.
- What do I do? - "Locate" then "enter.
" - Where's "locate"? - No, spell it.
Oh, man.
It's 3-18-53.
The wife's birthday.
Enter access code.
I think that's her birthday.
Try the 19th.
Find the manual.
Please reboot.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I'm wanted by the FBI for a murder I did not commit.
A worldwide terrorist organisation known as the Praetorians have been orchestrating acts of My aunt.
I hardly knew her.
She was 97 years old.
I can't believe she lived as long as she did.
And I'm going to miss the funeral because of some schmuck who stole my purse? No.
Without a credit card, I can't authorize the insurance.
But I have a credit card.
It was stolen.
But I have a credit card number, and I have a passport and I have a driver's licence.
Can you believe this picture? I mean, who looks like their driver's licence picture? Me, that's who.
I hate this picture, though.
It's not that bad.
So I just need the car for a day, and I'll bring it back with a full tank.
- I don't know, Miss - Bennett.
- Angela Bennett.
- I'm Clifton Bartz.
Nice to meet you, Mr Bartz.
So, what do you say, after the funeral I come back here and take you to dinner? Your aunt? Great aunt.
So sudden.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
If they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x05 "DEATH OF AN ANGEL" In the South, monsoon-like conditions continue to plague that region's inhabitants Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, seen here at the White House The car was rented earlier in the day by Angela Bennett an alias commonly used by murder suspect Elizabeth Marx.
Marx is wanted by the FBI.
Angela Bennett has been positively identified by Clifton Bartz Assistant Manager of Northwest Rental.
After her car was dragged from the Eugene River earlier this afternoon we spoke with Mr Bartz.
- What did you think of her? - She seemed nice not like she was on her way to kill herself or anything.
Thank you, Mr Bartz.
In other news Angela, what have you done? I finally figured out that no one was going to give me my life back so I took it back.
That's a mistake.
I am not the Lone Ranger, Sorcerer.
I am an innocent woman wanted for a murder that I did not commit.
I put everything that I know about the Praetorians on the Net.
Good luck.
Have a party.
I'm out of it.
Do you really think it's going to be that easy? Hey, I'm dead.
It's on the news.
- How does it feel? - It feels terrific.
I'm going to start living again.
But this time it's going to be real, in a real place with real people.
But, why there? Why that university? If you're starting over, it doesn't matter where.
Especially when it's the university attended by your father.
Stay out of my life.
I can't, Angela.
The Praetorians won't stop doing what they're doing.
Yes, but they'll stop doing it to me.
Kyle! God, man.
I'm sorry.
You know, I saw you and I couldn't help myself.
Well, help yourself to someone else because you just scared the hell out of me.
Angela, it was just a hug.
You know, next time I'll ring a bell or something.
- I'm a little uptight.
- A little uptight? It runs in the family.
My mother was a poodle.
Does this mean this qualifies this as puppy love? Oh, that's awful.
All right.
You know what? I want to be an attorney, not a comedian.
- That's a smart move.
- You miss me? - Since this morning? - I missed you.
- A little.
- A little? Take yes for an answer, would you? I still can't believe this.
I'm staying with somebody who I've known for a minute and a half.
I once dated a girl for six months who never saw the inside of my apartment.
I could believe that 'cause I've seen the inside of your apartment.
Has this ever happened to you before, I mean, this fast? Oh, yeah.
When I was 13, I wanted to run off with my biology teacher.
Did I read about that in the news? No, but I wrote a poem about it on my basketball.
What is it about Seattle? I don't know.
Maybe it's all that rain.
Do you buy it? The girl was a computer programmer, not a stunt woman.
Accident was too elaborate.
We were never going to stop.
She knew that.
So she drove off a pier.
She's dead.
I buy it.
No body.
That river flows straight into the Pacific.
Body doesn't turn up.
She was bait.
Angela Bennett was a big problem, sir.
Did she leave a note? More like a manifesto.
Put it on the Net.
We scrambled it to debris as soon as it hit.
Maybe we should have tried to stop her.
Sir, if we could have found her, we would have helped her do it.
Problem solved.
So far, it's a good day.
Move Angela Bennett's file to inactive.
Don't delete it, sir? You heard me.
Hey, come on, look.
I don't want you to miss this.
My uncle is like the best show in town.
I'm going to sleep through procedure.
spaghetti dinner in town.
With the best Tell me, Judge Mayall, if you are the people's judge why is there this growing recall faction? You would find, Councilman that if you vote your conscience, it goes with the territory.
Don't talk to me about conscience, Mr Pro-Choice.
Let's talk about lax immigration laws, shall we? Let's talk about policing the Internet, the Net Censor Chip.
Child care and Medicare and you don't care, Councillor and I haven't walked from a fight yet.
You know, it's unconscionable, your stand on a police-free Internet.
Now, who is going to protect our children? Who is going to protect the First Amendment, Councilman? And we are going to protect our children.
Us, the teachers, the parents, the community.
We don't let them play in the middle of the street and we won't let them play on the Internet.
You know, that sounds exactly like the same liberal hoo-hah you advocated about assisted suicide.
Please give that a little thought, Councilman, won't you? And what I advocate is the right to control our lives and our deaths.
And that includes the profound opportunities on the Internet.
So what do you think? I think I like your uncle.
Must be nice.
What? Family.
Hi, Dad.
So you have a dad.
How did you find me here? Oh, it wasn't hard.
I just searched every room on campus, called the hospitals.
Next stop was the morgue.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm going to need a little more than that.
- It's a long story.
- You missed dinner.
I waited for you.
I forgot.
Oh, forgot.
Man, do I feel special? What is it? When you get to ignore, that means you love me.
Right? I had something that I had to do.
Well, that's pretty impressive for an un-matriculated undergrad.
I am not trying to impress anybody.
Well, Sugar Ray, you know what? You're not the only one that didn't have a father.
- I don't have to have you understand me.
- Yeah, but I do.
I mean, there were plenty of empty seats in the T-ball bleachers, too, Angela.
Why is this so hard? Hey, come on.
This is the kind of stuff that's supposed to be hard, you know? That's what makes it special.
Right? Can I tell you when I'm ready? I hope so.
God you are a mystery.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Look, don't be sorry.
You know, it's unconscionable, your stand on a police-free Internet.
Now, who is going to protect our children? Who is going to protect the First Amendment, Councilman? And we are going to protect our children.
Us, the teachers, the parents, the community.
We don't let them play in the middle of the street and we won't let them play on the Internet.
You know, that sounds exactly like the same liberal hoo-hah you advocated about assisted suicide.
Please give that a little thought, Councilman, won't you? And what I advocate is the right to control our lives and our deaths.
And that includes the profound opportunities on the Internet.
Tape from this afternoon So this may not be the best in town, but it's the best I can do.
So is your uncle going to win? It depends.
You know, the Internet is a pivotal issue.
Is it freedom of speech, a world without borders a place to trade technology, meet new people, fall in love - or is it a wasteland? - Oh, I think it's all those things.
Like college.
That's good sauce.
Just click on "print" and then here and it downloads your story.
- Oh, cool.
- Very cool.
And you can design airplanes and race cars, play baseball.
What if I want to draw a dress? Don't tell your mom.
Is that a lie? Sin of omission.
Come on, bedtime.
Here we go.
The basketball player? Are you listening? Magic Sam, the blues man.
Died from a heart attack, age 32.
And how old are you? I'm an attorney.
I don't have a heart.
And then there's Little Walter, a knife fight at 37 and Otis Spahn, the big C.
Do you have any heroes that are still alive? Yeah, I've got my uncle.
You have any heroes? I'm still looking.
Come on, let's go.
Judge Mayall, FBI.
You're under arrest for the distribution of child pornography.
- What the hell is this? - You tell us, Judge.
Come on.
Get up, sir.
I'm sure you're aware of who I am.
That's why we're here.
- Oh, my God.
- Where the hell did that come from? That was my next question, Judge.
- Your Honour, do you have a statement? - No.
- What are the charges? - Whatever they are, they're preposterous.
- Back seat.
Watch your head.
- Sir please, a statement, Channel 9 News.
No idea how those pictures got on your hard drive? Congratulations, a firm grasp of the obvious.
They just materialized out of static electricity? You sound as if you know as much about computers as I do.
I know I've got a liberal judge who's not going to be putting the bad guys back on the street for a while.
You know, I was wondering why I was being treated with such respect.
Hey, is this sinking in? Stuff originated in Nevada which means it crossed state lines coming to you.
States where sodomy, bestiality, and child porn are still against the law, Judge.
Too bad it didn't come through California.
Contrary to everything I've learnt in 25 years of practising law I thought if I levelled with you guys you'd be smart enough to see that I was set up.
I was wrong.
Talk to my attorney.
I can't believe this.
Judge Mayall has been charged with distributing child pornography.
Judge Mayall has long been a proponent of free speech on the Internet.
What's going on? My uncle was arrested last night by the FBI.
They claim that he was distributing child pornography.
Justice Mayall, why isn't your family with you at this conference? Would you bring yours? I wanted to protect them until these allegations are proven false.
- Then you're denying all charges? - Absolutely.
- Who has access to your computer? - My daughter.
And how old is your daughter, Your Honour? Oh, give me a break.
That is not my uncle, Angela.
I mean, I have known this man all my life.
You know, he's never even told me, like, a dirty joke.
Well, then what's this all about? Politics.
You know, they've been trying for years to get him to step down from his seat.
Oh, man.
Can't he prove that? Prove it? He doesn't have to prove it.
It's true.
Well, I didn't mean that.
I just don't know your uncle so I was just asking.
I don't think you have to know him.
You know me, right? I mean, he raised me.
I'm going to go show a little support.
Can I do anything? Yeah, you can wait here and wait for the facts.
Okay? You don't have to be mean.
Don't be weird.
Back so soon? - This isn't about the Praetorians.
- Oh, so you just missed me.
Yeah, like a rash.
Look, this is the last thing that I want to do expose myself out here on the Net like this.
I need your help.
And I need yours.
State Supreme Court Justice has been set up with pornography on his home computer.
- He's innocent.
- How can you be so sure? Because his nephew believes him, and I believe his nephew.
Because you're sleeping with him? I believe him because he tells me the truth.
The truth? Let me know how you determine that, okay? I need somebody who can track porno websites for me.
Sorry, Angela, not my thing.
You do it.
I'm not getting back into the nightmare.
I'm just trying to put some kind of life together.
You didn't have a life before.
Why is having one now so important? Because before I didn't know what it could be like and now I do.
Are you going to help me? I'm not going to hurt you.
Of course, I'd rather not comment on something as sad and appalling as this.
Nevertheless, Judge Mayall has been my political opponent for many years but I never dreamed he was a man like this.
Child pornography! It is a cancer on the community that he has sworn to protect.
I'm afraid that all I can do is pray for the man.
I'm sorry.
I have no further comments.
If it was just me, I wouldn't care.
But something like this.
My family's tainted.
- You'll be exonerated.
- Eventually.
But I'll always be known as the judge with the pornography on his computer.
Exoneration isn't news.
It's a footnote.
Jennifer says to me "if the police are good and you're good, why did they arrest you?" She doesn't know.
She's a kid.
My wife's not.
She doesn't believe you're innocent? Come on.
- Do you? - What, are you nuts? Of course.
You answered the exact same way my wife did.
There's that slight look.
"Do I really know this man? Has he been hiding from me all these years?" I know you're innocent.
How? What you taught me.
Go with your instincts.
Campus three, campus three, what's your I see you got my note.
You left it in the fridge.
I couldn't miss it.
What are you doing? - Trying to help.
- And why? Don't be a smart-ass.
Human flaw is lacking faith.
Okay? We can't help it.
But it doesn't mean that we can't think straight.
Look, I backtracked the porno material on your uncle's computer and traced it back through a couple of intermediate satellite websites.
What's an intermediate satellite? It just means that it's not the original source or the sender of the material.
That would have taken me a lot longer.
Watch this.
Oh, I thought Copenhagen was famous for wooden shoes.
It looks like they're famous for handcuffs and feather dusters.
Hell How the hell can they do this? Gently and hopefully with a close friend.
So, when you go online to your favourite website, right? Like a sports page or something it asks you to click on open line so they can send you the latest updates, right? Even while you're sleeping.
Well, my uncle does that with the kids' sites that Jennifer uses.
So once the line's open, anything can be sent to the site.
- Can you prove this? - I can prove it can be done.
We have something.
Locate and enter, right? Enter access code.
Her birthday's the 17th.
- Man, long time ago.
- You have no idea.
Why do you need to use this computer? 'Cause I can't signature it.
Yeah, but why? Because somebody might find out it's me online.
So what? - It's a long story.
- Another one? Same one.
All right.
That's it.
Let's see some ID.
Hold it.
- Ange, Ange.
- Freeze.
That's a night stick, Colonel.
- Hey.
- I'm a security cop.
You're under arrest for obstruction of justice.
Obstruction of justice? I'm a law student, not the President of the United States.
- It won't float.
- Why not? I'm a registered student using the university's facilities.
Then why did your friend run? I don't know.
What's going on, Angela? You scared me.
Scared you? Oh, I see.
I get it.
'Cause you take off like a deer in hunting season, and then you disappear.
You keep giving me the yak yak about the "long story.
" I mean, I'm sleeping with someone who could stab me in the middle of the night with a pair of scissors, but I'm scaring you.
- What did you tell the police about me? - Police? Those guys weren't police.
They're majoring in doughnut shop management.
Night shift.
They're rent-a-cops, Angela.
They couldn't get arrested as real cops.
Why did you run? I'm stupid.
It was a stupid move on my part.
Panic anxiety.
Oh, yeah, that's pretty funny.
Let me get you a microphone.
Kyle, they caught me by surprise.
With what I'd been doing all day and being on the Internet and- Stop.
Okay? What are you running from? I honestly don't know.
If you want me to help your uncle, I need to get back online.
Kyle I haven't killed anybody.
I'm not a hooker or a porn queen.
I don't own any scissors.
You're just going to have to trust me.
Okay? Why couldn't it be like Vietnam or Nixon or something? Free love, be-ins? But, no, I've got to go to college and it's like "Confusing categories for a thousand, please.
" Nuts.
- I need a computer.
- Yeah? Well, can you please use mine? That way, at least I'll know where you are? A mayor, a university president a bishop a baker, a candlestick maker and a councilman.
- Korry.
- Miss Korry? - So far.
- I have some information about that pornography you found in Judge Mayall's computer.
Who is this? That's not important.
I think that it's a ring involving the mayor, Councilman Ayres, and Bishop Nelson.
You mean Father Nelson.
That's right.
It's Father Nelson.
We've got one, boys and girls, and it is a big one.
Have Broadcast send a team to Rainier University and Saint Mark's up on Third.
Henderson, come with me.
We're going to Councilman Ayres's office.
I want you to find Judge Mayall.
He has to be behind this.
This is madness.
He's the pornographer.
Yeah, maybe you guys can get a room together and leer.
No, I heard you.
A cat.
Yeah, that talks.
No, thanks.
Wrong paper.
- Korry.
- What? What what? I'll tell you what.
What the hell is going on? I'm going to need a programme here, Coach.
I've got, like, naked kids on my computer.
- Whose? - Who the hell knows? Not mine.
Hey, Johnson, is this your wife? Oh, gross.
This is really gross.
We put Judge Mayall on the front page as a pornographer and it was an Internet set-up, a joke? - I don't think this is a joke, Mr Kline.
- It is.
On us.
Print a retraction.
Above the fold.
Headline it.
And call the broadcast guys.
See how they're going to deal with this.
Mr Trelawney, you wanted to be kept apprised of the Supreme Court issue in Oregon? - The Net Censor Chip.
- Yes.
Judge Mayall has changed his mind.
He's voting for a censorship.
He's always so liberal.
I was hoping we could count on him.
We were counting on him until somebody downloaded pornography onto his home computer and did the same favour for a number of community leaders.
All in 24 hours.
Well, that's very good.
Who do we know who's that good? Judge Mayall, how do these recent developments affect you? Well, I think it's obvious.
Someone has shown us how easy it is for these slanderous acts to occur.
We're all at risk.
I've known Bishop Nelson and Mayor Joyce for years.
These men are not pornographers.
- Do you feel exonerated? - Of course not.
Councilman Ayres was victimized by the same tragic events that victimized me.
I find no joy in that.
It's that easy? I didn't say it was easy.
I just said I could do it.
Some people play the piano.
I got a knack for computers.
But it was easier than it should have been.
I've come out the wiser man.
We're all vulnerable.
Especially where the Internet is concerned.
This could have happened to any one of us and it's certainly changed the way I've been thinking about the Internet.
I'm changing my position on the Net Censor Chip.
I think we need to police the Internet.
- That's it.
- What's it? Well, this is not about your uncle, the judge pornographer.
This is This has all been just a way to get him to change his vote on the Net Censor Chip.
Yeah, but why? If policing it becomes law whoever develops the technology for the censorship is going to become very, very rich.
Dr Wayland is dead.
Evan Bennett hasn't been heard from in years and Angela Bennett drove herself off a pier.
- So my best guess was Sorcerer.
- It has to be more than a guess, Hearney.
It is.
I traced Internet transmissions from his rover-base to Rainier University.
- Where? - Rainier University.
She's alive.
I beg your pardon, sir? Angela Bennett's father was a professor at Rainier University.
That could be a coincidence.
No, never believe in coincidence, Hearney, or luck, or God, or the lottery.
Random events never collide in convenience.
If the Sorcerer was communicating with someone at Evan Bennett's alma mater Angela Bennett is alive.
Patch me into the local authorities.
FBI portfolios, DC Bureau.
Put the press on it.
Hey, so when do you take off again, streaking into the night? - Do you want me to? - Yeah, sure I want you to.
Can't you tell? I'm a real tough guy.
I like everything black and white.
No, you don't.
Okay, so Okay, now what happens if I tell you, like Well, that I'm sort of, like On your way to trying to finish that sentence? falling in love with you.
No, well, look, don't get me wrong.
I mean, not, you know deep in love or anything like that.
Just, you know, sort of maybe "Sort of maybe"? Yeah.
What would you say? I would say that, that is the nicest thing I've heard in a long, long, long time.
But I wouldn't hear an echo back? I love you back? No, just not yet.
You have something against attorneys? Well, yeah.
I just have something that I have to do.
How am I going to know when it's done? This thing that you- I won't go streaking off into the night anymore.
- Promise? - Yeah, sort of, kind of.
If I stay in this, I'm going to be right back where I don't want to be.
But if you quit, what has been happening to you will just start happening to everyone else, but just a little sooner, little by little, until the wrong side wins.
What is so wrong with saving myself? I never asked to be a hero.
I've held some life in my hands, and I like the way it feels.
You knew it was doomed before you began.
It's not your fault.
But it's also not a real life.
It was to me.
What you did for Judge Mayall is all over the papers.
Take some satisfaction in that.
He's reversing himself on the Net censorship.
We don't want that.
It was never about censorship.
It's about palace walls.
They were used to keep the kings inside, not to keep the peasants out.
The Internet is a new kingdom looking for a king.
Our job is to help make sure that it's a good king.
Are the Praetorians behind all of this, too? Maybe not yet.
Then who? Follow the money.
Kyle! Kyle, wake up.
- What time is it? - You have to call your uncle.
It's 5:00 in the morning.
Look at this.
Look, I pulled this off the Internet.
It's the Articles of Incorporation of Deon International.
They're going to get the contract if the Net Censor Chip is approved by law.
Councilman Ayres is a major stockholder of Deon International.
- I think I better wake up my uncle.
- I think you better.
If your uncle was smart enough to raise you the way he did he's smart enough to make the connection.
Check it out.
The Net Censor Chip is going to make Ayres a billionaire.
That's why he set your uncle up.
That's why he got him to change his vote.
Are you going to listen to me, or you going to eat? I'm sorry.
I'm listening.
So, I think you should get him to reverse his decision and go with his instincts - because he was right.
- Well, it runs in the family.
Well, I hope so.
In other news, it has been confirmed that terrorist Elizabeth Marx did not commit suicide as previously thought.
Her rental car was dragged from the Eugene River two days ago but Marx, presumed to have drowned in the car, was never found.
The FBI believes that Marx is still alive and in hiding somewhere in the Western States.
I have to go to the ladies' room.
At large, she is presumed armed and dangerous.
- You're not hungry? - No, help yourself.
If you see this person, contact your local FBI office immediately.
The FBI has announced that Marx faked her death.
She was last seen Thursday afternoon.
Police are warning people not to try to apprehend this fugitive.
Elizabeth Marx, alias Angela Bennett, is on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
- Hello, Kyle.
What is it? - Hey.
I think I'd read that.
And I wanted you to meet somebody but she's I'm just going to check on something.
Angela? Angela? Ange? She was right inside, she was just sitting there.
She was auditing classes.
I don't know anymore than that.
We have eyewitnesses placing you with Liz Marx just prior to when we got the call.
My nephew has no further comment.
Excuse me.
Your Honour, you may want to get out of here.
We're going to have press climbing through the windows on this thing.
Thank you.
May I help you? Yes, I'm Kyle Lockwood.
I believe I have an appointment.
Hello, Mr Lockwood, it's nice to meet you.
They're waiting for you.
Please follow me.
I'll take you in.
Mr Loring, Mr Lockwood.
- Mr Lockwood, thank you for coming.
- Well, thank you, sir.
The honour is ours.
Your transcripts are quite impressive.
And I'll cut right to the chase.
We'd like you to clerk for us this summer.
And who knows, next year we may have an office for you.
- I don't know what to say, sir.
- Well, we would hope it would be yes.
Well, of course.
My partner, Mr West.
We're delighted and please say hello to your uncle for me.
I will, sir.