The Net (1998) s01e06 Episode Script

Kill the Buddha

Fifty-four wants a sparkling water, two Cuba Libres an 18-year-old Macallen and 56 wants a brewery micro.
- She wants what he's having.
- Got it.
Man, they are sweating it out as fast as they can order it.
Even at the end of the world, people will be dancing, and I'll be playing music.
That sounds like my kind of party.
Hey, I dreamt about you last night.
My two favourite people in the whole wide world.
Name a poison.
Yeah, you'd like us pushing up daisies, wouldn't you? - Do you guys want a drink or not? - Two beers and you, maybe after work tonight.
You know what? I'm busy for the rest of my life.
A real ice princess, huh? I'll bet I can melt you down.
We serve adult beverages.
I would like it if you guys would act like adults.
I'm a grown man.
You want me to prove it? No, I want you guys to stop sitting in my section every night.
- What's the problem here? - Affirmative action, that's the problem.
You think I didn't earn what I got? Well, I couldn't afford to get a loan to start a place like this.
Why don't you guys leave us alone? - I want you out of my place, now.
- I got a nasty surprise for you.
- Not like Ray Buduick, I hope.
- Pardon? Ray Buduick, the pilot.
Took a Cessna out for a spin early one Sunday morning out over Mamala Bay, Honolulu.
- What's Hawaii got to do with anything? - Pearl Harbour.
- Hey.
- Now that is a nasty surprise.
- This ain't over.
- Come on, man.
Yes, it is.
- And don't come back.
- Come on, let's go.
- Thanks, bro.
- Are you okay? Yeah, they insulted you.
Oh, that kind of stuff.
Holly's helped me with that a lot.
I know.
Hey, you promised you'd come over and meet her.
I'm gonna call her, tell her you're coming tonight.
- No, it's 2:00 a.
She's gonna be asleep.
- No, she waits up for me.
- She said she was going to make peach pie.
- With ice cream and everything? Whatever you want, baby.
Wow, it smells so good.
Honey, I'm home.
Hey, there she is.
- Hi.
You must be Angela.
- Hi.
I am.
- It's good to finally meet you.
- You, too.
Wow, your place is so different.
- Different from what? - From the club.
Well, two sides of the same coin.
Eric's my other half.
I prefer better half.
Pie? - Pie.
- Good.
Come on in.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x07 "KILL THE BUDDHA Hey, what is it about plants and dirt? I just love this.
It's roots.
You're feeling them grow.
You know what? It's the smell of it.
That's what it is.
It just smells so good and it's just all these little things quietly growing.
With a little help from some friends.
So you and Eric, huh? You're so You're different, yeah.
He's like end of the world and you're like life goes on.
Well, opposites attract sometimes.
It's true.
I know Eric can't grow mould on bread so he loves my flowers and sometimes I'm afraid of the end of the world.
He expresses that for me.
That's good.
So together you make it work.
Somehow together we blend.
Give each other hope.
When life gives you lemons, make lemon mango smoothies.
- That's right.
- Come on, girls.
Let's go.
Get them while they're cold.
There you go.
- That's amazing.
- That's my man.
So we got to find Angela someone to play with in the dirt.
No, no way.
Are you kidding? My life is complicated enough.
I'm okay without a man in my life.
Except for my dad.
You close? No, I never really knew him.
So, the only man in your life is missing? Yeah.
Funny how we can miss someone we don't even know.
- Your dad, too? - Mom.
She left when I was too young to remember.
So between us we're missing a complete set of parents.
- Makes us sisters, kind of.
- Yeah.
So, to all the parental unit showing up one day, us living happily ever after.
Here's hoping.
I've searched and there's nothing.
How can a person go so many years without a picture taken of him? Your father was secretive, Angela.
He played his life close to the vest.
Well, I think it's time we pried into those secrets.
I have to be careful putting any kind of trace on him.
- Why? Because he's being hunted, too? - And can follow my tracks.
I have to be subtle.
Is it too subtle to ask what he looks like? - Before the hair plugs or after? - Would you get serious? The physical details aren't as important as his actions.
What he did.
And in that regard, your father is an honourable man.
I assure you.
Thank you.
It means a lot to me.
Still, I could pass him on the street and never know him.
Somehow, that's just not fair.
Fair, Angela? I know.
I know.
Life isn't fair.
Nothing yet? - Not a peep.
- You're continuing the standard.
Standard sweep pattern for Internet access built to her characteristics and we keep a constant monitor on police wires.
Local, state and fed.
We'll turn her up.
It's not like Angela to stay out of sight for so long.
If she's hidden, she's gone deep.
- Where is he? - Over Ecuador, mid-flight refuel, sir.
- Get him.
- Yes, sir.
He's standing by on videolink now, sir.
Have you completed the analysis? Hearney crunched numbers.
Came up green light.
My idea might just get us that block of warehouses in Singapore.
I'll have to watch my back with you, Trelawney.
Why is that, sir? You're a young prince out to dethrone his king.
A prince? I'm flattered.
Surprising thing about power one spends so much of one's time holding onto it.
I'm perfectly happy where I am, Mr.
Maybe others have it out for you, not me.
I don't believe you.
Please do me this favour.
Admit you'd like to be in my shoes.
- I prefer my freedom, sir.
- Your what? You've been giving orders a long time.
You've forgotten the freedom there is in simply taking them.
That's very good.
Oh, the lady in the mink cowboy hat wants a gin and tonic, no ice.
- Mink cowboy hat? - Don't ask.
I'm just taking the drink orders.
Oh, which reminds me, the couple on 15, he wants a rusty nail she wants a silver hammer.
Maybe they're trying to build a relationship.
- Check.
- Thanks.
- Thirsty work out there.
- It's all those A-bombs.
Take over for a sec.
I got to get something from storage.
Pearl onions, bar napkins.
Bar napkins.
Pearl onions.
- Hey, you know what your place needs? - Pearl onions and bar napkins.
No, flowers.
- What? - Flowers.
- Your signal's breaking up in here.
- Oh, you heard me.
I said flowers.
You should have Holly bring some in here.
Brighten this place up.
Well, she sees the world her way.
I see it mine.
I know.
I know.
Two sides of the same coin.
Oh, Eric? Eric? So, lover boy, you're not so high and mighty now, are you? You're breaking the natural order of things.
It's time to make you aware.
Eric? Hey, gorgeous, the ice princess isn't gonna give you a second look once I've finished with you.
Every time you look in the mirror you're gonna remember us.
Suck eggs.
Eric? Eric.
Oh, no.
I mean, I didn't actually see Eric, okay? I was talking to him, and he was in here, and then he just went off the air.
I don't believe this.
Didn't he say anything? It just went dead, and then I found his broken headset.
Well, didn't you see anything when you ran outside? I'm telling you, no.
I ran outside.
I see the two creeps.
They look really angry, and then they drove off fast.
- Let's go tell this to Det.
- No.
- What? - Just you do it.
- Angela, just tell them what you told me.
- I can't.
I told you that things are really complicated and, well, they are.
- What are you talking about? It's Eric.
- Well, you tell them.
Just give them the car description.
And Sammy and Brett they bounced the same two guys the other night.
They can ID them.
- I don't believe this.
- I'm sorry.
Holly, I'll see you back at the house? I'm sorry.
Go find out who called it in.
I want to talk to her first.
Okay? Somebody turn this damn thing off, will you? Okay.
Thank you.
Angela? Hello.
Angela? May I have this? I'll get it back? Then sure.
Look, I don't know what happened to Angela.
She was supposed to be here.
Well, I can't make her come forward without a subpoena.
- Well, can't you get one? - There's no evidence of any crime yet.
Even your friend Angela.
You said she didn't see Eric get in the car with those guys.
Look, I got some guys from the club looking at some mug shots.
Maybe they can ID these guys.
We're doing the best we can.
I'll be back in touch.
Remember you said things happen when the time's right? You were here? You were hiding? I told you I had to do this on my own terms.
Your terms? Eric is gone! Why are you so afraid of the police? There are people after me.
If I go to the cops, then they find me.
He knows more about Eric by now than I do.
You're telling me.
Like that this isn't the first time that he's disappeared.
What? He's disappeared before? It was a long time ago, when we first moved in together.
Eric freaked.
He fell off the wagon.
I couldn't find him for a week.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know that.
But that's why you have to talk to the cops.
This isn't a binge.
Now they're, "Oh, let's wait and see.
" I should never have told them that.
I just don't know.
Well, I do know one thing.
I know that we're friends.
Sometimes I just forget, you know.
I get going so fast that I forget who I am.
- Hey, guess what I saw on the TV in there? - What? - Somebody saw us in the alley last night.
- An eyewitness? Yeah, a waitress.
Only she won't come forward.
No kidding? Hurry up and eat.
Our shift starts in half an hour.
A late-model vehicle.
I got a partial You wanna tell the sergeant we'll take care of it? A robbery homicide.
You can't keep me here.
You know that, don't you? Detective Barrow? So, you finally made it.
Yeah, I didn't want to get involved but I want to help find Eric.
So, should I look at some mug shots or something? Yeah.
Sit down, Miss McCarthy.
- Don't they give you guys computers? - Only if you want them.
Get the face books, Al.
So, in layman's terms, there were two guys in the car.
Both white males.
One big ugly guy and one not-so-big ugly guy.
Both mean.
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to lighten things up.
- I'm sorry.
- Here, look.
Just take your time.
Go through these at your own pace and I'll be over at the coffee machine, wasting taxpayer dollars.
You want some coffee? - What's going on? - That's them.
- It's the cops.
- Who? The people who got Eric.
It's them.
- All right.
I gotta get you out of here.
- Yeah, please.
No, I mean some place very safe.
- You're gonna be my witness in this case.
- No, no, I can't.
Listen to me.
I will not let these guys hurt you.
You got to trust me on this.
Let's put the stuff away and we'll just leave nice and quietly.
Just relax.
Come on.
I need to think this out.
What's to think about? Well, I came forward because I wanted to help you find who took Eric.
And you did that.
So exactly.
I just don't know why I have to go into hiding.
You're the one who saw these guys leave the club.
And you're the one I'm gonna put on the stand once I can connect these two guys to Eric's disappearance.
I want you to know something, young lady.
It's going to be my priority to keep you safe.
Okay? That's easy for you to say.
Look, Miss McCarthy, when cops bust cops it don't go too easy for the guy who's doing the busting.
You understand? Let's go.
Come on.
What do I got to do, arrest you? Come on.
- So where are we going? - I used to work Chinatown.
I've got a friend of mine here.
You can lay low at his place.
He used to be a partner.
I'm not gonna lay low forever.
I have a life.
Hey, I don't protect you here, you don't have a life.
These are two bad dudes, these cops.
AII I got so far is an eyewitness to an alleged kidnapping.
You've got a clean record.
You know the victim.
You know the perps.
You're a good witness.
But I need more.
Like what? Like solid proof Eric was in that car.
I'm going a long way to find him.
- Who is it? - Police.
Open up.
Just kidding.
Cop humour.
Hold on.
You said you were gonna be here an hour ago.
- I knew it was you before you rang.
- Angela, Greg Lin.
Look, I know you're scared but nothing's gonna happen to you.
This is the safest place you can be.
- Come on in.
- It smells good.
I've been cooking all day.
So, suppose you're going to tell me now that you knew this was coming down all along.
I didn't know till you called.
Maybe the vegetables, they knew, huh? I don't know.
Well, a guy's gut's gotta be right once in a while.
I know.
He's Chinese so he's branded.
Is that it? Oh, so now I'm a racist.
You see how everything is about him? - It always seems to come around to that.
- Always.
You understand.
Are you a cop, too? - No.
- Used to be.
Foresaw his own death.
And you resented it ever since I quit.
- It was just a gut feeling.
That's all.
- All right.
Let's not get into this.
Oh, he avoids anything that he can't reason.
But that makes him a good cop.
However, it's his honesty that makes him great.
I'm gonna blush.
So, you think you can keep an eye on Miss McCarthy and not get in trouble? Unless trouble finds me first.
Like it has Miss McCarthy.
Right? Angela.
- Sergeant Morris.
- Yeah? Good news and bad news on what you asked me to check into.
What's the word? Well, the witness seems to be this chick who was- Yeah, yeah, a waitress at the club.
What's her name? - Man, I can't get nothing.
- Well, why's everyone so closed-mouthed? That would be the bad news.
Guess who's running the case? - Do I look like I want to guess? Just say it.
- Barrow.
He was on that night.
He wasn't supposed to be.
So it fell to him.
- He's stashed the witness.
- Find out where he put her.
We'll have the department therapist give you a call, okay? Will you talk to her? All right.
I've got some uniforms here that will take you home.
Stay with her till she feels safe.
Go ahead.
Even if you catch these guys I'm still going home without Eric.
I know.
I don't want you talking to anybody but me.
You understand? All right.
Go ahead.
We're gonna need your witness.
- Forget it.
- What do you mean? I'm not telling you where she is, not even you.
Look, IED has had Bluth and Morris under glass a year.
Drugs to money laundering.
They're the backbone of the white supremacists on our force.
And now they're murderers.
Your witness is the best chance we've got.
It's not your case anymore.
Bluth and Morris beat Eric within an inch of his life.
The coroner said he had a heart condition and that put him over the edge.
That's murder, and my witness can help bring these guys down.
- Till then, nobody gets to see her.
- Barrow Internal Affairs tells you how it's gonna be.
I'll bring you up on charges.
Follow me and you're the last one I'll let her talk to.
Well, I worked for I don't know how long on the streets below us.
I was born in Hong Kong, grew up all over, though.
What you're saying is you still feel like you're an outsider, though.
That's right.
See, to the Chinese, I was white by association and to the whites Well, anyone not like them is less than.
That's not true.
Not all of us.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Present company excluded.
- Sorry to be so rude about that.
- Oh, don't hide your feelings for my sake.
Gee, I thought I was hiding them.
Now let me ask you this.
Am I prejudiced to believe that all whites think that they're better than everyone else? I don't think that I'm better.
Just ignorant of who you are, and that's the heart of prejudice.
Come on, let's bridge that gap, huh? Tell me everything about you.
How do you mean, like where I grew up and stuff? Well, those particulars don't tell me much.
Stuff like, what do you think? What do you feel? For instance are you worried about what's been happening to you and why you're here? - Right now, I'm just worried about Eric.
- The man who's missing? Well, you see, I just learned something there.
You don't put yourself first.
I think when it comes down to it, what we all want is someone that we can trust or someone to come through for us.
The voice of experience.
You see that emotion tells me something.
Such as? You've been hurt.
Hasn't everybody? And you'd like some peace and a place to rest.
You know, it takes a lot of energy to tell yourself you're fine when in fact you're in danger.
- I thought you said I was safe with you here.
- You are.
Why are you asking me so many questions? - No reason.
- Okay.
I'm just kind of private.
I don't like to talk about myself.
All right.
No more questions.
You'll remain a mystery.
I am exactly as you see me and nothing else.
Okay? Okay.
- Have you found Eric? - Maybe we should go inside.
- Greg, would you get her a glass of water? - No, I don't want a glass of water.
I want to know what's happening.
Well, we found Eric's body.
Holly ID'd him.
- Well, I need to go to Holly.
- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Have you arrested these cops? No, you gotta find the murder scene first, tie it to them - a murder weapon would be nice.
- I saw them drive away.
Hold on a minute.
Did you see them take him? Did you see them kill him? Maybe these guys just drove him around and then dropped him off.
You know he's gone missing before, don't you? Did you know he was a drunk? Maybe this was just some drug deal that he got involved in and went bad.
Did you ever think about that? Did you know your friend Eric has a police record? Did you know that? Five years ago.
Petty theft.
Now, how do I know he's just not running around with the wrong guys again? - Listen.
That's bull.
- Now, how do you know that, Angela? How do you know it's bull? You told me yourself, you don't even know the guy.
Does he do drugs? I got to go about this thing from all the angles.
- I get your point.
- Good.
I'm sorry I had to give it to you like that.
- I brought you some clothes.
- You need anything? - I need to see Holly.
- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Don't you listen? I just got done telling you it's not safe! Now, please have a seat, please.
Gee, why use a feather when a sledge hammer will do? - You want to give Confucius a rest, please? - It's not Confucius.
I made it up.
You're very narrow-minded.
Greg, would you get her a glass of water, please? Thank you.
All right.
Look, Angela I'm sorry.
Are you comfortable here? Is everything Look, Angela, I'm a cop.
I can't afford to let this get personal.
I got to be aloof.
That's how I can do my job.
But I do care.
- That's why I do this job.
- I know more about you than you think.
Well, you're a mystery to me.
Here's your water.
Take my word.
You're gonna need it.
You're gonna lose a lot of fluids crying tonight.
Why don't you try not saying anything more tonight, okay? What? It's true.
It's what my father used to say.
He's from Red Hook, Brooklyn.
He used to be a beat cop, Fourteenth Precinct.
"Was a mongrel amongst the micks," he used to say.
An outsider from all sides.
- How about you? Where are you from? - Are you trying to make conversation? No.
Just trying to be nice.
I'm going to bed.
Thank you for dinner.
I put fresh sheets on.
I'll be outside here - all night, if you need anything.
- You've got to learn to trust me.
I'm the only one you can trust.
- Nice work.
- Perfect.
She's not a criminal, you know.
It's a gut feeling.
I'm not gonna blow this case with no hinky witness.
I have a positive match coming.
Looks like you got yourself a live one.
It's not even my case.
I'm just helping a pal.
- Wrong information anyway.
But thanks.
- Sure.
But you're thinking too much.
- I'm trying to remember the moves.
- You know the moves.
- It's no defence against a nine millimetre.
- The Western world calling.
The most amazing and incredible thing has happened.
- You arrested Bluth and Morris? - Well, that was the original plan.
But something even crazier than that happened.
- What is this? - Hey! - Stay out of this.
- What's going on? Well, you want to tell him or should I? What we have here is federal fugitive Liz Marx.
It's not me.
- This isn't you? - No.
I took your fingerprints off the glass last night.
It's you.
- Come on.
- It's not even worth explaining.
You won't believe me.
If you don't use me, Bluth and Morris are gonna go free.
Well, usually a terrorist doesn't make a very good eyewitness.
- I've got to turn you over to the feds.
- I can still help you.
What if I made them an offer and they paid me off for my silence? Wouldn't that be proof enough that they murdered Eric? That would do it.
That could wash out the sewers in your department.
Bust Bluth and Morris, and the rest will fall.
I mean, look, she's no criminal.
Okay? I mean, are you gonna believe a computer printout? We don't know what the truth about her is.
Don't be narrow.
Knock on the sky.
Listen for the sound.
- What, did you make that up? - Confucius.
Use me.
Use me as bait.
Then they don't get away with murder.
You need to prove that they killed Eric, and I am the key.
- I could be out there by late this afternoon.
- I don't want to raise any flags.
This is not routine.
This is a real bite, the first we've had in a long time.
If it's real, the feds will step in.
We can pick it up from there.
Yeah, but what's the point in that? The information is that a Podunk police department made a hit on the Liz Marx file.
No one's arrested her.
No one's issued a warrant.
No one's even said that they've seen her.
Now, if you stick your nose in this, sniffing around we may show our hand when we don't want to.
I hate having to explain things to you, Mr.
Then I'll just monitor it.
You make sure the airport guys are on board.
Just make it happen.
No, not on board the plane, dufus, on our team.
I got to get off.
My other line's going.
Just make it happen.
- Sergeant Morris.
- It's your ice princess.
- Your who? - The ice princess.
Look, what do you care? I ditched him and now I want to ditch this city.
Look, I know you're cops.
I saw you take Eric.
And now he's dead.
No one ever knows that you killed him.
All you got to do is just meet me, give me the cash and I'm gone forever.
Okay? Where are you now? Well, I'll let you know when you can meet me and then we'll talk.
Just get me the money.
- Yeah? - Good job.
AII I know is Barrow pulled it up, said it was nothing.
Remember me at Christmas.
For you from now on, every day will be Christmas.
You won't believe what I got.
- Shut up, man.
- What? The witness.
She dodged Barrow.
She knows we're cops.
I'm starting to think she's my little ice princess.
You got that right.
I'll be damned.
Well, she'll shut up for $30,000.
- We can pull it out of evidence.
- We don't got to do nothing.
Luck's on our side.
We got a federal fugitive.
It's weird how today when it's so hard to get anyone to help anyone you got a witness willing to risk it all.
Well, I guess there are still some good ones out there.
AII I know is that you're lucky you saw reason and brought her to us.
- Well, you're usually right, aren't you? - You're just trying to butter me but I got you figured, Barrow.
Don't you worry.
When this is all over, he's never gonna let me walk.
I mean, no matter how well-intentioned you guys are I'm just not convinced I'm gonna get to tell my side of the story.
You don't know the future.
The thing to embrace is you count your blessings before you ask for more.
- Confucius? - Hank Williams.
You're really quick to judge.
Angela, a door will always open for you because you know who you are.
That's Confucius.
- Until we meet again.
- That could be a while.
Hang in.
So after the bust, you gonna arrest me? Well, I got a little confession to make.
Nobody else in here knows who you really are.
I couldn't do this thing if Internal Affairs knew the feds were looking for you.
- They still think you're a Good Samaritan.
- I am, was, am.
You know something? You don't look like a terrorist.
- Is that a compliment? - Oh, come on.
Give me a break.
You have this image of me, and you just can't shake it.
And here I am right in front of you, and you can't trust it.
Why? Well, I don't know.
Maybe you don't know me either.
- They're on their way, Det.
- Okay.
Let them show you the money.
You take it and go.
I'm gonna be right back there.
You're gonna be okay.
By the way, I'm trusting you.
You understand? I am not going to run.
Don't worry.
Couldn't wait, huh? Looks good.
I thought I thought that you weren't gonna come alone.
Oh, you mean He's just outside.
You want to say hello? - Why can't he come in here? - He's got to smoke and restaurants are so uptight these days.
He wouldn't want to break the law, would he? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
He'll live a lot longer if he doesn't smoke.
Have him come in here.
We can't open your present in here.
So either you come outside right now, or the deal's off.
We'll go outside, just say hello.
Yeah, just say hello.
Liz Marx, make a move and I'll kill you right here.
- Freeze! - Hold it right there! Move! Move! Look at this.
Look at that.
Come on.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Open the door.
Get in there.
Get your butt in the car.
- Watch your head.
- Come with me.
- Ma'am - It's all right.
I'll take care of her.
Hey, you got a real pretty case here.
That's you on tape with the witness and the cash you paid for her silence.
- Let's get him out of here.
- Get your butt in the car.
Get him out of here.
If she wants, he can protect her till the trial.
Till she testifies.
Although with this we won't need her.
We got those two crooked cops dead to rights.
That's what I was thinking.
The thing about you, Trelawney, which is unique, is your patience.
- It's his own reward, sir.
- The false humility, however I don't buy.
At least we understand each other.
I just wanted to congratulate you on your acquiring that warehouse in Singapore.
Tell me, Mr.
Trelawney, do you like precious stones? As a business.
The East Asian market's ripe for exploiting.
A bit of advice.
Get a woman in your life.
Someone who can teach you to appreciate the beauty of things.
I guess I'm one of those who knows the price of everything the value of nothing.
It's why I hired you, Trelawney.
The Liz Marx situation has come up negative.
The cops down there secured a witness in a hate crime but they cut the witness loose when they caught some crooked cops in a sting.
But it might have been her.
Hearney, was the witness going to testify? - Yes.
- It wasn't her.
- You're right.
- Keep looking.
I'm so sorry.
Gosh how are you doing? Better, seeing you.
I turned around.
I saw it was you.
Well, seeing a face that's not really there happens a lot these days.
I wanted to thank you but Det.
Barrow said you didn't leave a forwarding address.
I figured the less that the boys in the blue know where I am, the safer I am.
You did a brave thing standing up.
You're the one with the hard part.
Are you going to be all right? The only man in my life is missing.
But, you know, there's hope.
- I'm pregnant.
- Really? Yeah, doctor confirmed it this morning.
There is hope.
Come on.
Give me a hand.