The Net (1998) s01e07 Episode Script


Hello, everyone.
I'm Helen Vaughn, host of your Super State Lottery where tonight's jackpot total is $5.
2 million.
Today's winning numbers are - Seventeen.
- Not seventeen! Six! Twenty-four.
Oh, no.
Not 24! 42! - Thirty-four.
- Not thirty-four! Fifty-one! - Twelve.
- Nineteen.
Forty-two, fifty-one, same numbers every week, Sam.
Same results.
Kids' birthdays, anniversary, years till the mortgage gets paid off.
Every one of them a steamer.
You know, Carl Jung said that numbers choose us.
We don't choose them.
Carl Jung? Who is he? Your boyfriend? Jung was the father of archetypal psychotherapy, you moron.
Jung loved numbers.
He said that they were sacred.
Sacred? These came from Satan himself.
Hey, Angela.
You don't mind doing the inventory tonight, do you? I mean, I do know the place is kind of a mess.
No, not a problem.
You know me.
I'm the girl without a life.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x08 "FIREBALL" That's luck in the air.
I hope you can smell it, too.
The winner's comin to claim his fortune.
Dear Lord, don't let it be a lawyer.
Please, let some other poor slob have his day.
Yeah, a prayer for the working class.
Turn it up, Izzy.
jackpot! And the winner is Nestor Buendia.
An unemployed machinist, father of three.
Nestor says he wants to travel the world with his winnings.
Thank you all for joining us at the Super State Lottery.
We'll see you next time.
Well, at least it's not a lawyer.
Cut it.
It's a wrap.
Come with me.
Way to go, folks.
Leave that there for tomorrow, would you? Mr Buendia, are you a citizen of the United States? Congratulations.
How long have you been in the U.
, sir? Do you have anything wallet-size? Please give the lottery commission my chairman's sincere appreciation.
We value the relationship.
Where did you get today's numbers? St Louis Browns.
Opening-day line-up in '44.
Only year they won the pennant.
Why not pay the front man? Then I'll motor, and you two can break out the oils.
That buys your silence and your disappearance.
Watch me disappear.
If anyone sees your face, that green card turns bad like old bread.
You know I won't be far behind.
How are you with faces? Well, I haven't been very lucky with yours.
I hide behind a mask.
I think that all faces are masks, especially when it comes to men.
Let's see what you make of the man behind this one.
- Right off I'd say that he is lucky.
- Twice lucky.
On both occasions he claimed anonymity a privilege granted all lottery winners.
I see.
Freedom, anonymity, money.
Does he need a wife? Two out of three, Angela.
His name is Daniel McCaslin.
What was that? I cracked a nail.
- You said Daniel.
- McCaslin.
Underground super hacker.
A cyber da Vinci.
Net buzz says he rigged the lotteries in Arizona and Ontario - although no one can prove it.
- He's a thief.
With an expanding résumé.
I believe his next target is Mississippi's Fireball Lottery.
The grand prize stands at $17 million.
If he succeeds, he's a dead man.
I think that's a bit harsh.
Not when you steal from thieves.
That money is already claimed by the Praetorians.
So why do you want me to save him? The same reason I saved you.
His skills can serve the cause and I believe you have the power to persuade him.
- Tell me you're tech service.
- Yes, I am.
We're wired into the state government's mainframe.
Upgraded hardware 18 months ago, and it's been drum-tight until this morning.
Our geeks ran anti-virals, but the system spat them back out.
It's like witchcraft.
Pure sorcery, but I'm your exorcist.
Then start the novena, Ms Young.
There's the main server.
Some lucky bastard could win $17.
9 million tonight and I need this system on-line to make it happen.
Some lucky bastard.
Running telnet trace app.
Can you at least just tell me what I'm looking for? A trace.
Doubtless, he's already infiltrated their comp sys.
And even da Vinci signed his work.
I thought you said that he didn't leave any evidence.
That any other hacker could find but I believe you're equal to the task.
What would be the best way to gain access to the state's mainframe? Telnet access trace.
Access trace in house.
From the inside.
Yes, of course.
Define time parameter.
Resolving network signature.
Signature locked.
Locating source.
Tracking source.
Source located.
Excuse me.
We need a print.
Thumb on the glass please.
Not likely, McCaslin.
I need to speak to you alone right now.
- I already took my break.
- Fake a kidney stone for an old friend.
Remember? The boys used to call me "Fireball.
" Let's go.
I can't believe it's you.
Here in front of me.
- I'm sorry if I threw you.
- I just don't think I've landed.
Thank God.
You look like a sweet memory.
Very smooth, McCaslin.
When did you develop a way with words? Time is a teacher.
You know about the Fireball, don't you? And Arkansas and Wyoming.
Test runs.
Cleared less than $3 million combined.
- I want you to forget this one.
- What? There are people who control this lottery, and they are very dangerous.
I know because they've ripped up my life.
I have a friend, and he's helping me.
He wants to help you, too.
Help me? Yeah.
- You know what that reminds me of? - What? Our life together.
You were a thesis defence away from your masters.
I can't believe you dropped out.
I had a heart to mend.
I see.
So lost love drove you to a life of crime.
That was seven years ago, Daniel.
Who am I stealing from? Politicians who vow the money will go to feed and teach the poor? Damn.
The truth is half the money goes to pucker their pockets and the rest gets funnelled down to the mob.
These people who control the Fireball they make the mob look like the Sisters of Mercy.
I'm primed, Angela.
I'm evolution.
Hacker sapiens.
These people who chase you from town to town they won't even see my shadow.
I saw it.
So now you're going to stop me? You couldn't take me on my worst day.
Never could.
You're a remarkable woman.
You should be proud of everything you've accomplished.
It's quite remarkable, really.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
It's a job in itself.
So tell me.
Does he see his father? Read those numbers back.
We got four, nine, three twenty-seven, one, and eleven.
What's the front man's profile? He'll claim to be "Byron Snopes, a lumberjack.
" He lost a leg to the saw, and his house to the bank.
Wendy, you've got a sense of humour.
Your work's been invaluable to us.
I almost feel good.
Keeping your son's drug addiction under wraps? Supplementary firewall programme executed.
New firewall for the Fireball.
Three minutes to completion.
You're about to burn, McCaslin.
Secondary firewall access modified.
Internet firewalls isolated.
Installing firewall.
Firewall secure.
Super user account modified in primary group.
Sentry mode.
Sentry mode.
Sentry mode.
Hey, folks! Tonight some lucky cowboy or cowgirl is going to be a millionaire so hang on to your hats, and let's get ready to play Fireball.
Tonight's jackpot stands at $17.
9 million.
So stay tuned.
Don't go far.
Maybe you could be the winner.
I've got some strange activity on the network.
Trouble? The server is being upgraded.
From where? They're accessing it through the main server.
That's the woman from tech services.
We had a system-wide shutdown this morning.
She got us up and running in half an hour.
- A woman.
Can you stop it? - I'm locked out.
What? Angela.
Damn! Let's find her.
It's time.
And tonight's winning Fireball numbers are thirty-seven fourteen - Those aren't our numbers.
- eight We've been ripped off.
ten twelve and twenty-five.
Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the $17 million Mississippi Fireball Lottery Mr Jeremy T.
Daniel? Angela! Angela! You're here? What, are you insane? I trust your diagnosis.
Come on.
Let's cruise.
They are going to kill you.
Then it'll be a short ride.
Come with me.
He showed up at the studio a few minutes after Annie Oakley called the numbers.
He claimed anonymity and bolted with the cheque.
Not a single footprint in or out.
This isn't just good.
It's a hand of God.
What about the new firewall? It's designed like Monticello.
She set up a complete decoy network.
I can't believe he figured it out and hacked through it.
So Angela tried to stop our interloper.
Miss Kelly what are the chances that my enemy might suddenly decide to serve me? No chance.
She was trying to protect him.
We've been here for 15 hours.
It's not wise to linger.
Homie won't sit on his winnings.
He's probably spread out the deposits.
We'll monitor all transfers.
All transfers in European and Asian accounts.
He cashed the cheque.
He opened up an account two weeks ago with a bogus driver's licence.
The state bank has to honour the winner's request for a complete lump sum payout.
What the hell is he doing? Carrying $17 million around in a bag? You'd be surprised what fits in a bag.
It's a shame we don't have enough room for your toys.
Left them in storage.
Had to make room for new ones.
You're looking at 64 megabytes SDRAM stereo speakers, CD-ROM built in.
They're top-of-the-line.
Price? $4,700.
Plus $300 lifetime parts and labour.
Actually, their top of the line offers 12 gigs up to 228 megabytes, two PC card bays a 128-bit 3-D graphic accelerator, a hot swappable DVD-ROM drive and 15.
3-inch active matrix screen.
And retails for $1,000 less than you're charging him for this piece of retro-tech.
But at least you get to buy it from me.
And since we're in a hurry why don't you go buy yourself something pretty? I'll get your stuff.
Girls, help! Help! And I thought religion was the opiate of the masses.
Girls, help! I'm a little parched.
Think you could spare a cup of that anger? You know people, mostly poor people, paid into that lottery.
Don't you think that the money should go to the rightful winner? You want to see the rightful winner? A month around the clock, writing code.
A code even you couldn't break, Mother Teresa.
Tell me I didn't deserve to win.
Tell me what I want to hear.
He IDed himself with a sham licence and paid for the truck in cash.
No credit trace.
We have ourselves a spender.
Just follow the green paper trail.
That was awful.
This is like the worst meal of my life.
You are so gross.
No, no, no.
You drink.
I'll drive.
As always, I admire your principles, Ms Bennett.
Admire this tortellini, Mr McCaslin.
It will melt your heart.
Do you remember the meals we ate at my place at school? Sundays, pasta.
We used to cook all afternoon.
No, no.
I would cook all afternoon, and you would be doing the wrap around.
And that kitchen.
It was a filthy petri dish, that kitchen.
As I recall, you did enjoy the tub in that place.
As I remember, I helped you enjoy the tub in that place.
Yes, you did, and I still thank you.
No, thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
You know, you haven't mentioned your mom.
How is she doing? She died.
Two years ago.
- Sorry.
- No, don't be.
I mean, it had to be tough, especially after your dad.
Don't be sorry.
Do something for me, Daniel.
We need your abilities.
You can help us stop a wave that is about to crash on all of us.
You want me? The lottery thief? You are evolution, Hacker sapiens.
Right now my head is in revolution.
This shiraz bites like paint thinner.
Let's go home.
I'm stabilising the image.
Print it out, Miss Kelly.
Are you getting this? Big as life.
Well, nice to meet you, Daniel.
I admire your taste in women.
No, no, no.
Over here.
Kick-starts my heart.
Yeah, I'll settle for the ignition.
Let's go.
- I can't believe you.
- So if I take your friend's offer would we stay together? Strength in numbers.
Oh, man.
How come you save shiraz for when I have to What the hell is this? They did it again.
I don't think they're trying to pass.
This guy's nuts! - Whoa, danger! Danger! - I know! I know! I know! Just hold on! Can you keep all four wheels on the ground? - I make no promises.
- Whoa! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Go, go, go, go, go! We're lucky those guys didn't kill us.
It's my fault.
I should have listened to you, but I am such a know-it-all which is why you left me in the first place.
It had nothing to do with you.
I told you that.
because of a design feature It's still my fault I got you into this.
I swear if anything happens to you Well, if we're lucky, we'll be across state lines by the time Local police aided by the FBI's computer fraud division have been investigating a case of alleged lottery rigging.
The District Attorney's Office in Cheyenne has fingered Daniel McCaslin as the cyber-thief who rigged Thursday's Fireball Lottery.
Oh, God.
Evidence links McCaslin to federal fugitive and suspected terrorist Elizabeth Marx suggesting intent to use the money to sponsor terrorist activities within U.
Liz Marx? It's who they've made me into.
These people.
They're called the Praetorians.
You forgot to mention that when they erased your life, they gave you a new one as a terrorist.
Well, I thought the less you knew, the better off you'd be.
Yeah, well, now I am worse off.
They control information, Daniel.
They can disrupt everything in our lives with it.
You should know better than anybody else because you've abused that power.
They can be everywhere because of it.
I let my guard down.
You okay? It's so peaceful here.
My little friends and you.
It's nice not to be alone.
Tell me something.
What makes the idea of life with me now more acceptable than it was seven years ago? I see.
You want honesty.
Be blunt.
I asked for it.
Well, you were a pompous ass.
But I think that recent events have cut you down to size, McCaslin.
That's all of it? What do you mean? The way I see it, nothing's changed between us.
I still have to yank information out of you.
Same Angela.
All the doors shut.
And if the boundaries start to fall between us, you going to bolt on me again? - Daniel.
- I need to know this.
There's a lot more at stake than the prom this time.
I was 20 years old.
What do you expect? - I wasn't ready.
- This is the perfect life for you, isn't it? Running.
You think I want this? What's inside? What is the fear? All these years, have you faced it even once? Or does living in that pain feel too safe to give up? That's not fair.
Neither was walking out on me.
What do you want to hear? You want to hear that I'm afraid? Is that what you want? I am so afraid! I am so afraid.
I have lost every single person that I love.
You want me to forget all that because you promised me something? I want you to understand that I am not like your father.
What the hell do you know about my father? I know I had a price to pay for what he did to you.
I know that you still pay that price every day.
And I want that to stop for both of us.
You still haven't told me how this works.
Firewall systems limit external connections to the network.
You're not on the guest list, entry denied.
I used ID spoofing and a few other tricks, and I'm through.
It's that simple.
Little more time, you would have stopped it.
Brought down a month's work in a day.
No one else in the world would have come close.
Take it.
It's yours.
The money, too.
Take it all.
Buy apples and Viagra for the poor or whatever you want.
- Daniel.
- No.
Fireball was it for me.
I was out, just kicking it on some beach.
I wasn't cut out for running, Angela.
Gave up my life for a stunt.
- No, no.
You have a life.
We both do.
- Yeah, but separate.
We're together now.
What, live for today, huh? You sure have changed.
Still waters.
Blah, blah, blah.
The other thing I liked about you always is that you're fearless.
I mean, not with people because there we both fell down, but when it came to doing what was right, you always stuck to your guns.
There's hope for you yet.
Isn't that the part we're screwing up? I hope he gave up liver and onions.
Liver, eggs, onions, eggs Benedict, hollandaise on the side.
Jerky? - No thanks.
- Saltlick for humans.
- Enjoy your dinner.
- Thanks.
Hope Angela slept well.
Take short breaths.
Breathe too deep, and you'll pop your spleen.
Two propositions for you, Daniel.
One involves this bucket and this pick handle and the other I actually think you're going to like.
How's our thief? - Don't call him that.
- That's passion I hear, Angela.
Has he considered our offer? What? You mean He's jumpy.
Not everybody takes to life on the run the way that I do.
Time is short.
Thanks to the Praetorians, Mr McCaslin is a popular figure.
You're both too exposed.
Right, I'll be sure and explain that when he gets back.
He's not there? Where the hell is he? He went out for some food.
There's a restaurant down the road - but the truck is here.
I have keys.
- Get out of there.
- What? - You think he's out for food but he could be joining the other side while you sit there waiting for eggs Benedict.
- He's not like that.
- Money changes people.
Daniel? Oh, my God! - Daniel.
- Angela.
Room service, Angela.
Breakfast, lunch, and we brought dinner.
What is this, Daniel? It's okay.
It's a way out.
I give them the CD-ROM and go with them, your debt is paid.
Lies, Daniel.
You've seen what they do.
I'm done.
My crime is real.
If it's not them, it'll be the cops.
This way, you'll have your life back.
Now, that is gospel, Angela.
That's bull.
Where's the CD? Start the truck! Let's go! Daniel! Daniel, get in! Daniel, let's go! Let's go! Oh, my God! Daniel! No! No! - Should I go after her? - Let her go.
I got what I came for.
Throw him in the car.
I hate to make a mess on such a beautiful day.
Down link confirmed.
Com star four.
From deep in the heart of Tennessee it's time once again for your Green Clover Lottery where tonight's lucky jackpot is $52 million.
I understand, sir.
- We're still waiting on confirmation, right? - Yes.
Going up right now.
- How's the wing? - Angels get two.
I'll make it.
I've got the chairman on the line.
He's questioning your decision against paying off the lottery commission.
Tell him we no longer require control of the middlemen.
McCaslin's programme will bypass even their fix and all the coin will land in our coffers.
You tell him to remember that come bonus time.
We initiate when you're ready.
Kelly, how soon till the balls fall? Seven minutes.
Why wait? I'll watch your monitor on the big board.
Downlink com star six.
Welcome to the Wyoming state lottery, where tonight's big jackpot is - $26 million.
- Wait for it.
We've got some peculiar activity on the network.
Supplementary firewall programme executed.
Firewall access modified.
There's our girl.
Flush her.
Give me a minute.
I'm tracing the route.
You're wasting time, Angela.
The kid was too good, even for you.
Installing firewall.
Something's wrong.
We've been locked out completely.
We planned for this, Miss Kelly.
Now try the back door.
Fireballs isolated upgrading.
Account modified.
It's not happening.
She's got that covered, too.
The drawing started.
They're announcing the numbers.
Damn it! Find her! Secondary firewall access secure.
Internet firewalls secure.
Where the hell are you? forty-two.
And the final number is twelve.
Twelve? Twelve! Five numbers.
I got five numbers.
And remember, it only takes a moment to make your dreams come true so keep watching.
Five numbers! What's five numbers worth? - $22,000, you putz! - $22,000! Can you believe it? The numbers found me! Hand of God.
Regenerating nerve tissue.
We'll keep him on GM1 gangliocyte.
- He's a lucky man.
- Yeah.
What about the face? It was unfortunate.
Once he's strong enough for rehab, I'll approve reconstructive surgery.
Well, that's good news, Daniel.
I'll pass it on to Angela when I tell her about our new agreement.