The Net (1998) s01e08 Episode Script

Jump Vector

Maelstrom Software is releasing a new operating system next week.
The Praetorians have embedded a virus giving them access to any computer running the system.
At least tell me why I can't see you.
There are more important things than our desires.
I need an answer.
Will you help? Yeah.
And what do you want me to do? There is a package being held for Maggie May at the counter.
Ask for it.
Hi, there was supposed to be a package left here for me.
Maggie May, as in the month.
Did it come? I'll check the shelf.
- Just sign here.
- Thanks.
Oh, man.
Wilderness survival? Billy, hey.
- Hey, Justin.
- I'm glad I caught you.
- Did you finish? - Yeah, I just finished.
That's why I called you.
I wanted to warn you.
All hell is gonna break loose tomorrow.
Thank God I'm just consulting on this one.
Anyway, I'm on my way to give the mook my report right now.
Who, Allen? No, the other mook, you know your boss, Jake.
So we got a glitch.
"Glitch" isn't the word for it.
You can kiss your bonus good-bye.
With what I found there's no way that Maelstrom is going to launch Pathways in time.
What are you doing? - So go around me, jerk.
- Excuse me.
- What? - Not you, this damn truck.
Look, Billy, I gotta go.
- Just tell me what the problem is.
- I can't, not on a cell phone.
All right.
I'll talk to you later.
Go around me.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x09 "JUMP VECTOR" Wake up, princess.
I'm not paying you to lay around.
You're hardly paying me at all.
Don't call me princess.
Just help me unload.
Why are you back so early? There wasn't much point in staying after I lost half my gear.
It was my own fault 'cause I hired somebody who said she knew how to load a raft.
Wasn't even through the first boiler when I lost my best cook stove, my tent and the ice chest full of steaks jumped ship and went down river ahead of me.
I'm sorry.
I guess I just- Oh, yeah, by the way, you know the résumé you gave me none of the references seemed to call me back.
- It's a couple of years old.
- Oh, yeah.
Hey, you think that I made up this résumé to get this wonderful job scrubbing pots and schlepping stuff twice my weight 14 hours a day? I don't think so.
If you want me out of here, just say the word.
It's not the pot scrubbing I'm worried about.
There's big water out there and I don't want anyone getting hurt 'cause you're not up to the job.
Well, you know I've never run this river.
Take me with you.
All right, I will.
- Good.
- But after that, no more excuses.
I don't want anything going wrong when the geeks get here.
- I need the business.
- The geeks? Yeah, we've got three computer types coming down on a company retreat.
They're paying top dollar.
They didn't even haggle.
I want them to go home and tell all their overpaid buddies to come on down.
- Which company is it? - What? What's the name of the computer company? What's it called? I don't know.
Look, in the meeting, you two leave the talking to me.
These marketing meetings are always a trip to the dentist.
I like the dentist.
You should be the subject of a documentary.
All right.
Let's stick together.
We have three days to go till launch.
Two we celebrate on the river.
Then we come back.
We take one last look before putting this monster to bed.
- So let's be happy.
- What if they ask about the exploit? - We talked about this.
- Who said exploit? It's a bug.
Okay? A rogue pointer.
We can fix it in the upgrade.
I don't know why you won't let me go after it.
I let you go after it.
Nadine went after it.
I even let you talk me into paying your hotshot buddy to go after it.
Yeah, I want to be an outside consultant.
You can pay me $10,000 to come up with nothing any day.
He came up dead.
You know, I didn't mean it that way.
See bottom line, we're out of time, and we are committed to this launch date.
Okay? Oh, God.
All right.
Let's go.
Keep it right.
Come on.
We can do it.
You can do it.
Keep it right.
All right, keep forward.
We're going down.
Keep it forward.
All right.
Keeping watch ahead.
That was real pretty.
I told you I was a little rusty.
If you want to call it quits and go home, just say the word.
Oh, no way, man.
I'm just getting started.
Bring it on.
Pathways 2000, featuring the fastest most comprehensive multimedia interface is the operating system for the new millennium.
Our goal is nothing short of putting Pathways in 90% of the world's PCs by the year 2000.
We'd aim for a 100%, but we don't want the government accusing us of having a monopoly.
Since we're coming down to the wire on the launch, I brought in Jake Randall and his design security team to answer any technical questions you have.
Can you guarantee the system will be ready to go on time? Absolutely.
We have a few interface tests to run, but the master disc is locked up in a fireproof, earthquake-proof, bulletproof strong box and it's ready for duplication.
Then what's this I keep hearing about a big glitch you people can't seem to track down.
You're probably referring to a glitch that occurs in one out of 300,000 boot cycles which is well within acceptable error limits.
This is old.
It's worthless.
The Sorcerer gave us several dozen false leads.
It took time.
Here's something new.
She was at a cafe in Portland.
Check it out.
Talk to everybody.
I want to know where she went.
Your so-called locator got us totally lost.
Billy, I'm sure there's an 800 service number.
- Would you talk to him? - It worked in the store.
Because I am not going in there.
Would you look at that? Did you ever see Deliverance? Oh, for God sakes, be a man.
- Excuse me.
Could you tell me where I- - You want a drink? - It's 9:00 a.
- This is a bar, not tourist information.
If you're not buying, just turn around and go back where you came from.
He gets a little tired of people coming in here in $300 sunglasses.
Asking for something without buying nothing.
Then maybe you can help me.
Now just what part of "get out of here" didn't you understand? Okay.
Easy now.
You never were a people person.
You got any decent tequila back there? Now Can somebody tell me how to get to Rusty's Raft Camp? What is it with you and that book? Some kind of romance? "Wilderness Survival.
" "How to make a bow and arrow.
" "How to build a dead fall.
" Can't learn this stuff just from picking up a book.
Everything I know I learnt from books.
- That explains a lot.
- What's with the bow and arrow? I thought I'd get a little target practise in before the geeks show.
You know, back there in the city they have this new invention called a gun.
Yeah, guns are for cowards and criminals.
Hey, why don't you show me how to use that bow and arrow? Why don't you just read it in a book? All right.
- Everything secured in the raft? - Yeah.
I'm gonna double check it.
You meet and greet.
And smile pretty for them.
What did he say? No, that cannot happen.
Listen to me, Toby.
You tell that weasel that if he touches my sequence, I will have his head on a spit.
Okay? No, no, no.
See, the boss may go for this Eddie Haskell routine, but I don't.
Why did I leave the office? I'm Angela, chief cook and bottle washer.
If we're gonna make camp today, we got to get moving.
Grab a change of clothes.
Come on over to the raft.
Rusty will show you the basics.
All right.
Stay alert.
If you're not sure which line to take, pull over and check it out from shore.
Got it.
The camp site's a quarter of a mile past the second series.
It's marked by a flag.
If you miss it, it's a long haul upriver.
- Okay.
- All right.
Oh yeah, be careful with strainers.
They're bad this year.
Go! What the hell is a strainer? Oh, my God, I'm gonna die.
That's the kid, Billy.
Tap his phones, email, the works.
What am I looking for? Maelstrom Software is about to launch a new operating system.
It will eventually run most of the world's computers.
But we will have access to all of them.
- Crackerjack.
- I don't follow.
- We put a surprise inside.
- Yes.
Aqua mirabilis.
In this case the sweet surprise will be a back door into any system running Pathways, passwords, user IDs, source codes will all be opened up.
- Seneca thinks this kid is onto it.
- What's Seneca? He's our sleeper at Maelstrom, Mr.
Hearney, the chairman's golden boy.
Groomed for this project most of his life, Stanford, MIT.
So this kid, I just watch him? The Committee's been working on this for years.
We don't want to attract attention unless we have to.
We wait to hear from Seneca.
Yes! Stay focused.
The fun part's coming up.
Oh, yeah, baby.
No, no, I changed my mind.
Dig in.
Keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
That's the most exciting thing I ever did in my whole life.
Screw computers, screw men.
I've had enough of both of them.
Maybe not men, but I love this.
I'm moving out here.
Get out of your wet clothes and hang them by the fire.
You made it.
Bet you thought you'd find me floating in the river.
No, I was actually more worried about the gear.
It's all there.
I'm starving.
Dinner's going to be ready in about 30 minutes.
In the meantime, step over to the bar and have one of Rusty's famous post-traumatic stress remedies.
What's that? You know if I have an orgasm before midnight, this will be the best day of my life.
You can tell me about it, you know? Tell you what? Why you're not somebody's girl? Why aren't you somebody's boy? Well, I mean, you seem relatively bright fairly attractive.
Boy, do you know how to give a compliment.
So, why are you out here in the middle of nowhere? Why are you here? 'Cause I'm an antisocial anarchist.
I have a fear of confined spaces.
Besides, living in the city just kind of drags you into other people's problems.
You don't like to get involved.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What's your story? Aren't you two the least bit curious? Isn't that why we got into this business? Yeah, it started out like that.
Now I do it strictly for the cash.
- Anybody for a toasted marshmallow? - Yeah, thank you.
Listen, Billy.
We've been through everything a dozen times over.
Okay? There's nothing wrong with the PDC.
Have you checked the Flash BIOS? What? I was just wondering, I overheard.
If you'd put a logic analyser on the Flash BIOS.
Yeah, I did.
Zip, nothing.
Well, have you checked the server app? Wait a minute.
You don't know what you're talking about, all right? I lived with a hacker.
He was really, really good, right up until the day they put him in jail.
This kind of knowledge is not exchanged with bodily fluids.
Just stick to the pots and pans.
Ease up on her, Jake.
So you're talking about an alternate data stream? All right.
Wait a minute.
Even if she's right, which she's not it's just a database access problem.
We'd still patch it in the upgrade.
Yeah, but if she's right, if it is in the server apps, then you could log on change privileges and then redirect the output to a common area.
And create an open source for connection strings, user names passwords, IP addresses.
Even credit card numbers from every website.
You're talking about a back door.
An intentional exploit.
No, what we're talking about is a conspiracy.
It's ridiculous.
Conspiracy theories.
I'm going for a walk.
Does anybody want to help me make this a perfect day? You are such a romantic.
Romance is usually a delusion and always too much trouble.
Well, I'll walk with you.
It's good to get out of the city every once in a while.
It helps put things in perspective.
Yeah, I suppose.
I just- I don't know what to do.
AII I can think about is getting back there.
Well, I wish I had some fatherly advice for you.
But I don't.
Well, the only advice my dad ever gave me was, "Always wear a condom.
" Actually, I wore one for almost a month before I realised he meant only during sex.
So what made you think of it? The server apps? Just a lucky guess.
Hell of a guess.
Billy, you need to find the key.
The extension that unlocks full privileges.
Do you have any beta sites running? Who are you? There's a ranger station.
It's about three miles away.
I'm sure that you could talk them into taking you into town.
- Hello.
- Congratulate me.
I did it, man.
I got it.
- And you are the first to know.
- You did what? I figured it out.
It's an exploit.
Sort of a jump vector.
You're not going to believe it, man.
- I'll be right there.
- No.
No need.
It's patched in.
We're clear to launch.
But that's not the best part.
I put in a fix.
If somebody tries to put the jump vector back in it's just gonna spit it right back out.
Good job.
You did good, Billy.
Look, man, I can't take all the credit.
Angela, the girl from the raft she put us on track.
She did, didn't she? Billy, why don't we keep this between you and me and I'll see you in the morning.
Yeah, sure.
Who are you? Your code, please.
Seneca 0812997-4.
I need someone in security.
Sir, someone with a high-priority code has asked for security.
I've been instructed to contact you.
Code name is Seneca, access sequence verified.
Then patch him through.
Roger that, sir.
What can I do for you? You don't know me.
I was told to contact you if I ever needed help.
So you have.
There's been a security breach.
My entire programme is compromised.
How many people are we talking about? Just two, I think.
One of them is Well, I thought she was just some nobody but I found her name in the database.
Share it with me.
Well, she calls herself Angela Ryan.
But her real name is- Where is she? Where is she? That tape goes out for duplication tomorrow.
You make sure the kid puts the programme back on before then.
- What if he doesn't cooperate? - Then we'll need Angela Bennett to do it.
That river is seven hours by car and another three over the Maelstrom headquarters.
No, that's cutting it too close.
Well, now look.
There's a lake near the river camp big enough to land a float plane.
I want it ready in 20 minutes.
That lake is 30 miles from the raft camp.
- So hire me a car.
- There aren't any rental cars there.
It's the biggest roadless wilderness in the lower 48.
Then I'll just have to be creative, won't I? You have to have her out of there by 7:00 a.
m or you won't make it to Maelstrom on time.
I need some information.
I got beer and I got hard liquor.
I need directions to the raft camp around here.
Special on whiskey tonight.
Buy one get another at regular price.
If you're not drinking, move on.
I asked you a question.
- Hey, is this nancy-boy giving you trouble? - Hell, yeah.
Get him out of here.
Now where's that raft camp? Hello, Angela.
Get dressed, sweetheart.
We're going out.
- Quietly.
- Where? First you're gonna undo that little fix that you put into the Maelstrom system.
And then we're going to talk about your future.
You're driving.
Move it.
So you a partner? Are you on a salary or do you just get paid by the murder? I give up.
You know, I can't beat you guys.
- That just occurred to you? - Yeah.
It's the money.
You must get paid lots of money, right, working for the Praetorians? - If I rewrite the jump vector for you - Yes.
it could be worth something to you.
It can make you millions.
Something here doesn't make any sense, but we'll get to the bottom of it.
Anybody hurt? Somebody's got a headache at least, huh? But it was empty when I got here.
There's nobody down the road.
Well, Simon reported it stolen this morning, and he said an FBI guy took it.
I guess he's lying low somewhere.
Well, I'll go take a look around.
You shouldn't have run, Angela.
There's no way to get you back in time to help us with our little problem.
Do you hear me? Your time is up.
Your life is absolutely worthless.
- Billy, this is agent - Madison.
He's from the FBI.
He'd like for you to show him what you found.
Have a seat.
You see, right there.
Randall, what can you tell me about this, even off the record? Nothing, really.
We ran across a glitch during one of the test runs and it never reoccurred.
So you ignored it? Well, we made an effort, but since it was thought to be harmless You know, we have a schedule to keep.
Any idea about who might have tried to put a rogue programme in the system? No.
Any ideas? Things may go easier for you if you help us.
You think I put- You are in charge of the security team.
Think about it.
Put it back up.
You want me put it back on the master disc? Yes.
I need to have it in place in order to find and prosecute the culprits.
No, see the disc goes out for duplication tomorrow.
It'll be on a system- Are you trying to tell me how to catch the bad guys? Don't say another word to this guy, Jake.
He's not FBI.
Seattle, main number, Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Somebody! Hello.
Hey! We weren't really friends.
We just worked together.
- Jake Randall, Detective Nance.
- What's going on? She'll be all right.
Randall, where have you been? I've been home.
What is going on with you? Jake, Billy's dead.
Then where did you go? What? Nowhere.
You didn't go anywhere else? - Yeah.
No, I didn't.
- You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
I went home.
I wasn't feeling well.
Miss, you can go now.
We'll be in touch.
There's half a kilo here.
A judge issued us a warrant.
We found another three at your condo.
Same stuff that they found on your friend's body.
Give me your hands, sir.
I said, give me your hands, Mr.
- What is this? - What do you think? - You're under arrest.
- For what? For that? That's not even mine.
Yeah, I know.
Let's go.
You lose something, Angela? You stay where you are.
Now, I thought you wanted your life back, Angela Bennett.
Now, you pull that trigger, you're never gonna get your life back.
You're always gonna be a killer, a real criminal.
You seem to live with it all right.
I have no conscience, a distinct advantage over people like you.
I'd be lying if I didn't admit I've been looking forward to this moment.
You and me alone together in the great outdoors.
Listen, friend.
You're making a mistake.
Ease up, Rusty.
Sheriff I'm with the FBI, Sheriff.
This man here is aiding and abetting a criminal.
Yeah? Then why is it the FBI over in Portland says they never heard of you? They said they don't have anybody out this way.
Forget the phone.
Check your computer.
I guess I'm gonna have to learn to use that thing some day.
In the meantime, you come with me.
Several folks are looking forward to talking with you.
What about the girl? - You're my attorney.
- That's right, Mr.
That's an expensive suit for a court-appointed lawyer.
Now you should calm down.
Are you feeling all right? I'm in jail.
Well, perhaps I should come back later.
No, no, I'm sorry.
It's just a nightmare.
I have such a headache, and they won't give me anything and Your secretary he sent these over for you.
You're from Maelstrom? I thought for sure they'd fire me.
Now, listen.
I'm gonna get you out of here, okay? So don't worry.
Shall we get this over with? This is important.
What have you told them? Who? The police? Yes.
Well, everything.
I just I went home and I You're not from Maelstrom.
Did you tell them about the committee, Mr.
Randall? Guard? Guard? I'll see you later.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
- Yeah, thanks for coming by.
Anyways, I got to go.
Congratulations on your promotion.
Excuse me.
Could I have a moment with you? I was just leaving.
What do you want? No, it's really what you want.
I'm an attorney.
I represent an international software concern who's very impressed in particular with your work on the new operating system.
Yeah, you're knocking them out.
It's getting rave reviews.
- Thank you.
- Could I walk out with you? - What's your name? - My name's Loring.
And this is your lucky day.