The Net (1998) s01e09 Episode Script

Go Like You Know

No touching.
Keep your hands on your side of the line at all times.
No smile for your lawyer? Why did they kill the appeal? You tried to blow out the DOD's computers won't say how the virus operates.
The court can love my arguments and do.
They just don't like you.
I was doing the Pentagon a favour, proving they're vulnerable.
Their computer defences are I'm on your team.
What I was able to get was a promise from the court that, starting tomorrow, you'll be able to use the phones.
So call family.
Make it a little more human for you.
Getting out some documents.
Now, this will allow us to move onto the next phase of appeal.
How can I thank you enough? I'll come up with a way.
I'm handing her my pen.
Initial, sign, sign.
Are you going to be able to get me on a computer? You know that's impossible.
Even for me.
As long as you're inside, you'll never see a computer.
And when I get you out and I will get you out, Emma I'm going to sit you down in a room full of computers myself.
What's that? It's got all my numbers.
It's been cleared.
- Good morning.
- Hey, Ma? - At the tone, Pacific Daylight Time will be - It's me.
- 11:14 and 10 seconds.
- How'd it go with the doctor? Right.
- Did he write you a prescription? -11:14.
All doctors think they're gods, Ma.
You gotta rip them off the pedestal - before they roll all over you.
- Speed it up.
Come on.
Now, just tell this hack that you want him to write you a prescription.
You understand? Okay.
Time's up.
Yeah, Ma, just don't let him push you around.
I'll call you soon.
Let's go.
My mother says hello.
She's feeling better.
Buckle up.
My name is Angela Bennett.
I discovered a group of computer terrorists.
They erased my life.
They made me into a criminal.
I am not going to stop until I get my life back.
But if they did this to me, they could do this to you.
THE NET 1x10 "GO LIKE YOU KNOW" - Lobby.
- What? I mean, I'm a polite person, mija, but, you know, my fingers are all sticky.
It's already been pressed.
Well, you lose out, not me.
What? Well, you know, I smile at you, you smile back.
I'm not to blame if you miss out, okay, baby? Maybe you're just a rude person.
I'm rude? Okay.
Fine, take the stairs.
And I was just about to ask you your name.
- Oh, man.
- What? What did you do, mija? Now we're stuck.
- What? I didn't do anything.
- You pushed all those buttons.
That's what they're there for, to push.
Hey, I used that excuse when I was a kid, okay? And I got slapped for it.
Yeah, well, I'm not to blame for that or for this elevator so you don't have to take it out on me.
You know what? I'm going to call for help.
I called it in.
What am I supposed to do? Rescue you myself? Just be patient.
Why is it going to take three hours until you can get here? Nobody can- Listen, are you trying to reason with him? This is New York.
- I was talking.
- Flex, baby.
Listen, elevator idiot, let me tell you something.
You just threw my wife into contractions.
That's right, that's right, pinhead.
Her due date is today.
Well, why else would I be in a medical centre which I'm going to sue after I drain your bank account.
You understand? Okay, let's give Big Brother something that he needs to see.
I'm not going to do this! Hey, you want to be stuck with me for another three hours? I hear what you're saying, man, but Oh, my God, hija! She's having a baby on the floor, man! Come on, baby, do the breathing! The breathing! Her water broke! Listen.
Let me tell you something.
Baby, come on, breathe.
Give it to me.
Come on, baby.
Push! Push! Lamaze! Lamaze! You see? Come on, baby! Lamaze.
Push! Push! Push! Go! Go! No! Easy! Easy! Come on, man, call 911.
Man, I'm going to be a papa! Push, baby.
I must look like a beet.
Forget it.
You'll be telling the story when you're 70.
I can't believe I did that.
Hey, don't blame me, chiquita, if you're embarrassed.
I mean, I'm out what was supposed to be an easy $100.
I They told me to come to see some doctor who doesn't even have an office here.
- If it wasn't for me, you'd be stuck with me.
- What? They told you to come to a doctor who didn't have an office? What? Who's the doctor that you came to see? What, are you a cop or something? No, hardly.
It's just that I came here, the same thing happened to me.
I come for a Dr Dosca.
There's no Dosca.
There's no suite 1199.
Well, they told me to see a Dr Bezas.
No office either.
- No doctors, no offices.
- Yeah, I know.
Well, doesn't that say something? Dr Dosca, Dr Bezas.
Oh, Dos Cabezas.
Two heads, right? - Oh, you know Spanish? - Well, I know that we've been set up.
So what's your connection to the Sorcerer? Sauce who? The Sorcerer.
Obviously he wanted you to meet me.
Well, how do you know it wasn't so you could meet me? You have such a high opinion of yourself.
You don't even know who he is.
You've never even heard of him, have you? - Well, how do I know you know who he is? - What? You don't know, see? You don't know who he is.
Look who's talking about who's being stuck-up.
Give me my card.
Anyway, this guy Carlos at the newsstand flips me this card.
He says, "You know, you can make $100.
Come see a doctor.
" And I thought I was moving pharmaceuticals.
Anyway, everybody has a nickname, okay? Anybody can be the Sauceman, okay? You coming or not? Where to? To get a hold of Sorcerer and tell him he made a big mistake.
How the system protects itself is, in fact, its greatest weakness.
I hit a handful of the right grids and the whole system dominoes.
A new Dark Age.
The government should have listened when you showed them how vulnerable they were.
But instead they arrested you for hacking their military computers.
But now you're behind the wheel.
And now it's payback.
I'm doing this because I'm right and they need to see that.
I'm not trying to win you over, Emma.
Just help.
Guys like you always are.
If you don't want my support Don't get precious.
You show up one day, you want to represent me.
The next thing I know, you've got a way to get me out.
I'm not asking any questions, okay? But just don't get offended when I don't swallow your B.
It's a deal.
Now, which substation do I hit first? You start on top and then work your way down.
Among the city's riffraff, Mariano's a minor celebrity.
But he's never even heard of you.
The thing about celebrity is, more people know you than you know.
Yeah, that's a fact, man.
People always coming up to me, "Yo, Mariano.
" And I'm like, I never seen them before.
You're hard to miss.
So the elevator getting stuck, that was you? Guilty as charged.
Well, why us? Why now? Emma Roe was released.
Emma Roe? How is that possible? She got 30 years for hacking the Defence Department.
It's only been two.
That's some good behaviour.
The prison electronics and phones are firewalled so she must have found a way to tap into the release records from the inside.
You think she's in New York? It's where she's always lived.
Trouble is, you're new in the city.
If Emma wreaks havoc again you're going to need someone like Mariano to help you track her down.
He's right, you know.
The city's like a zoo in the summertime.
What do you think that Emma's planning? Well, we won't know until Emma lets us know.
Can I help you, ma'am? I'm supposed to check the transformers, make sure the CLEs are operational.
Right over there.
Yeah, I know it's some kid that said you should give it to Carlos so he could give it to me but who gave the doctor's card to the kid? Yeah, I know it's some fool called the Sorcerer, but who's he? What? Where? Hey, you there? You there? Damn hot phones.
You never know what you're getting.
Mariano! Hey, my beautiful brother.
It's a strange and marvellous thing, as fine as any wine.
One of your fans? Yeah, that's somebody I met before, you know? Man! So, you know, Mariano, you and I We're just like oil and water, you know? I'm oily to you? No, I'm the oily one, okay? Damn.
I'm the oily one.
Just You know, when we get to the station, you should go your way and I should go mine.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Well, this Sorcerer dude, he's your friend, not mine.
- Fine.
So it's agreed.
- Fine.
You know, even if I get lost, I can get a subway map.
Or you could, you know, ask a cop.
Do we know each other? - Power outage? - Hey, come on.
This city! - We're not moving.
- Yeah, I know that.
Man, you bring bad luck, man.
You think I caused this? Yeah, I'd never been stuck in a subway until I met you.
Love at first sight here, too.
I can't breathe.
Midtown East, down.
Upper East Side, down.
Gramercy Park, down.
All three boroughs went dark at once.
We're trying to hold the border grids, but - Greenwich Village, down.
- Mother, we've got a problem.
Damn thing hasn't been opened since Reagan was President.
This is getting claustrophobic.
If we could just get power for just two seconds to the train computer these doors would come open.
Where are we supposed to get power in this blackout? We could steal it from right there.
- Ma'am, please, let me handle it.
- It gets too hot in that thing, you know.
- Oh, come on! - Everybody, stay calm.
Hey, you know what? She didn't seem too excited to me, you know? She was just presenting an idea.
- Give me a break, man, okay, please? - Okay.
Central, this is 17.
Got a blocked egress, three miles down a tunnel to a previous stop in the dark.
Copy, 17, power's out across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn.
It's going to be a while.
Oh, no! You know, you really ought to listen to Dr Anders.
'Cause she knows what she's talking about.
Tell him.
Anyway, she wrote the book on electricity and trains and all that stuff.
MIT, Harvard, Yale.
You name it.
And she's been everywhere.
Take a look at her.
She's young.
I can't believe it.
There I was, an errand boy in the United Nations and they say, "Mariano, show Dr Anders the subway system.
" And the lights go out.
Only in this city, huh? But we got a guy here who doesn't want to listen to an expert.
I don't know about you guys but I, for one, would like to know how to get those doors open now.
- Yeah, me, too.
- Yeah, you got that straight.
Well this emergency light runs on a six-volt battery.
We could hook it up to the converter in your panel, step it down and then maybe the doors would open.
Everyday physics, man.
Standard procedure, nobody goes out on the tracks.
It's too dangerous.
Are you afraid of the dark? Mija Doctor, I will go out into the tunnels if you can open the doors.
- Come on, man.
We can't breathe in here.
- Come on, man.
Come on! - Who's coming? - I'm coming.
- Yeah? - Let's try it.
- That's what I like.
- All right! Yeah, man.
What you doing out here? What's the deal? What kind of grapes you drinking here, man? What's he got, man? I told you, man.
Hey! You wasting my time with this jive stuff.
Don't you know who you're dealing with? - I'll crush you out, man.
- Yeah! We're men of colour.
What's up? What's happening? Hey, where you going? Damn! Hit my leg, man.
I'm saying, if it's a virus, we've got to go independent along all New England or I'll shut everything else down.
Well, let the Governor declare a state curfew.
But if we shut everything down now, we stand a chance.
All right.
You're the boss.
Auxiliary overload.
I can feel the whole thing is just going to crash.
Chinatown, down.
Wall Street, down.
Whenever you're ready.
All right.
Let's give it a shot.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Hold on, hold on.
It worked.
Yeah! Watch your step.
Get home safe, you guys, okay? - The police say there's a curfew in the city - Get over here, folks.
- so head on home, huh? - Watch your step.
Helping you is hard work.
I think I deserve a back rub.
Well, I'll consider it if you get me to a computer.
You'll consider it? That's not considerate enough.
I think I want a definite yes or no.
Is that all you can do right now, is think about yourself? - This is not an accident, Mariano.
- But you can't deny the feelings.
Mariano, thanks.
Call me.
A blackout is more gradual than three boroughs snapping off at the same time.
This is a virus.
This is Emma at work.
I gotta get to a computer.
Mami, I don't think you noticed this, but there's no juice.
So what good is a computer? Well, there's a ground net, and it works during civil emergencies.
So somewhere in the city there is power and there's a computer, so can we go? Is that a yes on the massage? Maybe.
- I'm a free man! - Yeah, we're free! Be careful.
Oh, my God, maybe we should turn around.
I don't know, maybe they can help us.
No, they can't help us.
They're going to ask us for IDs and then they're going to fricking tell us that we should go home.
- I gotta get to a computer and- - Listen.
Act normal.
These people are too alarmed to be provoked.
- ID? You know there's a curfew.
- Yeah.
We were stuck on the subway.
We just got out.
It was Where's yours? Well, on the subway, my purse got stolen.
It was all dark, and Everything.
I mean, cash, everything.
- You reside with him? - Oh, she's not that lucky.
I'm at the Wiltern on 29th.
How come you're both headed in the opposite direction from where you live? Well, you know, my mother, she's at St.
John's Hospital and we're heading up there.
She's dying.
We've got one with no ID.
Other says he's gotta go see his mother at the hospital.
- She's dying.
- Yeah.
- What's your mother's name? - Elsie Fuentes.
And she's in room 419.
There's a lot of other patients there, so you might not get her.
Anyway, are the phones working? - Name? - Matthews, Angela Matthews.
- From where? - Oklahoma.
Long way from home, huh? Alpha Team.
Alpha Team.
Come in, Alpha, over.
This is Alpha, over.
Yeah, I don't know.
Relax, mami.
You're with me.
Okay? - I'm more worried about you being with me.
- Hey, I don't mind it.
Listen, you've got to flex, baby, and when you do, you fly.
Just like in the subway.
- I'm not much of a show-off.
- Hey, so what? Everybody's acting.
Like right now, you and I, we're letting each other see exactly what we're seeing, right? That's acting.
- Anything less isn't going to save you.
- All right.
There's an Elsie Fuentes at St.
John's and there's an Angela Matthews registered at the Wiltern.
- But your last name's not Fuentes.
- Well, I mean, my mother remarried, man.
Anyway, she's dying and I'd like to see her before she does.
The hospital's only handling emergencies.
- Well, this is an emergency.
- You can go to your residence or to jail.
Which do you want? I was just really close with his mother, and she helped raise me, so- I don't want to have to arrest you, Ms Matthews, but there's a curfew.
If I don't get to say goodbye, I'm gonna freak out.
Hey, man, the doctors have her on Valium, Percodan, Paxil, man.
She's falling apart.
Good God, man, come on.
Give us a break.
If I take you to the hospital, you'll have to sleep in the shelter next door.
You can't be in the streets.
- And get her something to relax.
- Yeah, of course.
Hey, can I ask you something? Does the shelter have emergency power? - You'll find out when you get there.
- Okay, thank you.
This is St.
John's Hospital temporary shelter.
If you are not registered, please report to the administration desk.
"Mrs Grimaldi" was all the guy at the door said.
If there's a computer here, she's going to know where it is.
That was pretty fast, saying that woman was your mother in the hospital.
Well, you know, I hit enough baseballs through Mrs Fuentes' window.
I'm like a second son.
Right, with the chutzpah of the seventh son.
Excuse me.
We're looking for Mrs Grimaldi.
- Oh.
- But, you know, I didn't lie.
I just didn't tell him the test came out benign.
Mrs Grimaldi.
What can I do for you? The generators downstairs will provide the electricity but I can't vouch for this computer.
It's got to be 20 years old.
This will do.
I don't understand how, if there's no Internet, how you'll get us online.
There's a ground net that works during this kind of breakdown.
I can jack you in if you want.
You can know what's going on all the time.
Where's the best spot? We're against a clock, sir.
The Feds are getting their bearings.
Once they do the math, they'll know it's Emma.
As long as we get what we need from her.
Electricity is like a drug, isn't it, Mr Trelawney? No living without it.
Once people feel how vulnerable the system is, they will be afraid.
Chaos makes people demand simple solutions, and that's where we come in.
We have the fix for Emma's virus.
Out of chaos comes order.
We've picked up on a communication on the ground net out of New York.
It's encrypted, but the footprints are familiar.
Sorcerer said that Emma's going to keep panning substations all down the grid to keep the blackouts rolling.
So what do we do? Well, the only way I can trump her is if I get to the Regional Control Station.
- Which is where? - Across the river.
- Jersey? - Yep.
You know what? Curfew's going to be over in a couple of hours.
- Yeah.
- Better get some sleep.
You think maybe now would be a good time for that massage? - I'll be stronger when I get some rest, okay? - I'll wait.
- Which side of the bed would you like? - Oh, I'm not picky.
Sweet dreams.
A little less than 24 hours ago a total blackout hit the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.
This has had a domino effect in sections of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and it's a brownout as far north as Boston, folks, and as far south as Virginia.
We've got Connie from Ohio on the line.
Connie? Well, my brother lives in Manhattan, and so anyway we haven't heard from him, not a word and I just want to tell Jim, if you're listening, we love you.
Call us, please, when the lights come on.
Better write a letter, Jim.
Never thought I'd get shoot-to-kill orders, not in Pennsylvania.
It's not shoot-to-kill, Meyers, not yet.
And anyway, that's only looters.
It's shoot-to-kill in New York.
Well, New York's a long way from Erie.
Identification, please, ma'am.
- You headed up to the substation? - Bombs and bullets, they call you.
If it's computers, I'm the best man for the job, Sergeant.
I do believe you are.
Now, just be aware we've had some minor problems in the area around food stores, scuffles.
Really? Thanks.
I wouldn't want to get into any trouble.
Look how scared everyone looks.
It's just like everything is falling apart.
A little deprivation never hurts.
- Are you glad that this is happening? - No, but look what we got here.
A city in which nothing works.
No lights, no phones, no medical, no school.
Kind of like where I grew up, you know? Oh, I see.
You had it bad so now you're glad that everyone else does, too.
How noble of you.
In my world, the practical man is king.
Oh, okay, my king, then why are we still on this side of the river? I'll get you there.
Come on.
- What are you doing? - Following your magician's orders.
This will get us off the main road.
I don't exactly think the Sorcerer wanted us to get arrested.
Hey, you want to argue or get to Jersey? Okay, curfew's in two hours.
You see, time to go.
Are you always this cheerful when you're stealing something? Helps me relax, baby.
- Hey.
- Hey, go, go, go.
What are you doing? That's my bike! - Wait! - Hey.
For those with children, daycare is provided in the front hall.
I'm sorry.
You startled me.
We like to see this kind of personal involvement.
Forgive me.
Sean McCormick, Deputy Director, State Emergency Management.
- Mrs Grimaldi, is that correct? - Yeah, am I glad to see you.
We're at capacity here.
We have people sleeping in the hallways, the cafeterias Oh, by the way, we're short on blankets and we only have 12 more hours' fuel for the generators.
We'll take care of it immediately.
We're looking for this woman.
Right now it's very hush-hush.
Extremely urgent.
She's a cyber-terrorist.
Computer terrorist.
She's leading the attack on the electrical grid.
My God! I let her use my computer.
Excuse me.
She was searching the ground net.
- If we could find Angela - She could find Emma.
Angela couldn't do us any harm without direct access to the Regional Control Centre.
That's where she'll go, then.
That's where we'll find her.
We already ran diagnostics up and down the whole system.
Get lost.
I can't.
They gave you my terminal.
That's neat, how that execute file is unfolding like that.
Hey, wait a minute.
It You can't do that.
I already have.
Hold on.
We've got a situation here.
Converter overload.
Governor, we've just lost another huge section the eastern grid's two-thirds in the dark and our perimeter power is gone.
It'll take us hours to hook in auxiliary.
You in the van, step out with your hands in the air.
We should double back.
- Double back to where? - Just go.
Go, go! You two stay there.
Move out.
Look out! Back it up.
Come on.
Do you even know where the Regional Control Centre is? - Yeah, but we got other problems.
- What? You got a lot of nerve coming near this barrio, man.
Well, you know me.
No passports, no borders.
I'm la migra in this neighbourhood, bro.
You know, we're trying to find a place to lay low for a while, you know? I'll lay you low, like six feet under.
Unless you pay me that money you owe me.
- $50, right? - $65.
$65? Angela, this is Paco.
He says I owe him $65.
You want me to pay him? Yeah, if you want to live to see the sun go down.
Angela? Knowing you is expensive.
Hey, Angela, come on.
Flex, baby.
I apologise for my husband and his friends.
They're just trying to protect me and my chivito.
Is he sick? Oh, he's okay, I guess.
He just got an ear thing again, his temperature's up.
And we can't get his meds 'cause nothing's open around here.
There's gotta be a shelter close by.
No, it's not so close.
And he doesn't like the checkpoints.
All they're going to do They're just going to hassle me, mamita.
There's cops and troops all over out there, man.
- It's better if we stay, mi vida.
- No.
We've got to keep moving.
Look, it's not safe.
They're out there looking for us.
Emma is going to continue to spread the virus.
The whole country is gonna go down.
I understand if you want to stay here with your friends, I don't blame you.
But I have to keep moving.
Okay, okay.
You win, baby.
You win.
- Okay.
- Anyway, it always turns out she's right.
We're gonna need some luck to dodge curfew tonight.
Luck's for those who have it, baby, not for those who need it.
Now you have it.
How the hell are we going to get in here? - You don't have a plan? - How would I have a plan? - I've never been here before.
- I don't believe you.
- What are we going to do once we're inside? - I don't know.
Find some great, big, giant "on" switch.
Damn, woman.
Electricity's out on the fence, right? I don't know.
- It's them.
- Who? I can't explain it right now, but it's the people who made this happen.
They're after me.
Now you're in it, too.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You know what to do, baby.
Remember, huh? Take a deep breath.
What do you say? Flex, baby.
That's it.
That's it.
Now I'm going to leave you alone.
Mariano! Mariano! This could be a ruse.
Stay here.
Find Angela.
Is it coming in through the phone lines or is someone injecting it into the system? Mother station's not saying what they think.
AII I know is that my perimeter's going to be secure soon and everyone here is going to heave a sigh of relief.
And if anyone tries to get in here, they're gonna light up like a Christmas tree.
- Sector Six, down.
- On your go.
Sector Four, down.
Sector Seven, down.
Miss, hold on there.
Your ID, please.
It took hell and high water to get me here.
Capacitors at minus Level 2 Washington sent me.
- I hear things are pretty bad out there.
- Oh, yeah.
I need a terminal jacked into the ground net so I can bypass the electrical grid.
Do you have anything like that? - That'll be right over here.
- Okay.
Converter overload.
- Converter overload.
- Okay.
All right, Emma.
Where are you? Let me just sniff around and find these key strokes that you're calling your own.
Not so many rocks to hide under.
Got you.
Internet bot recognition.
Greenspan Switching Station.
System alert.
- She's downloading the virus.
- I'm going to call the police.
No, no.
By the time they get there she'll already have rolled the blackout to the West Coast.
Unless I can isolate Ohio.
- Why don't you cut her out of the loop? - Right.
Reroute all the power around Greenspan.
Reroute executed.
Antivirus system in place.
Download interrupted.
Blocked counterattack.
Population, 6, 000, 000, 9, 000, 000.
Come on.
Come on, I'm losing it! Blocked population, 14, 000, 000.
Download resumed.
She's trying to break my reroute links.
Yeah! This is the problem with the ground net.
We're both so exposed.
Emma blocks every move that I make as soon as I make it.
Blocked population, 9,000,000.
Maybe I can deke her.
You know, fake one way and then go the other.
Four million.
Reroute executed.
She's like a stubborn kid.
Every time I say yes, she says no.
Four million.
Five million.
- So if I say no - She'll say yes.
- Right, and switch herself off.
- Better hurry.
Two million.
One million.
Shutdown in place.
Launching Trojan horse 54 virus.
I'm getting it.
Virus counteracted.
Trojan 54 accepted.
Network isolation proceeding.
I don't know what you're doing, but I like your style.
Systems at 90%.
All systems have been activated.
All operations 100%.
Yeah! What do you mean, it's in the mail? I mean, Emma, we saved you 18 years of your life, but you failed us and now you want the money, too.
That was the deal.
"Was" is the operative word, Emma.
I'm right, Trelawney.
You're wrong.
You'll hear from me.
Where'd you learn how to massage, a mortician's school? Stop whining.
- Oh, man, you are one of a kind.
- You think so? I mean, here you are.
You come out of nowhere, you save the entire Eastern Seaboard.
If it had been me, I'd want my face plastered all over the billboards, the buses you name it.
That's not a good idea for me.
What are you running from, Anna? You don't need to know, okay? What's Something You have these knots the size of golf balls.
You're killing me, baby.
You're killing me.
- Is that better? - It's better.
- So how long are you going to be in town? - You miss me already? I missed you before I knew you.
I missed you when we were running around in the city.
I miss you now.
So serious.
Flex, mijo, flex.