The Newsreader (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


Now, it's come to my attention
that some Americans still
don't know where Australia is.
MAN: Australia is in the midst of
an unprecedented tourism boom,
with Paul Hogan's US commercials
tempting hundreds of thousands
of Americans Down Under.
Did he make you want
to come to Australia?
Oh, of course. (LAUGHS)
He's very good-looking.
And last night, to cap it off,
the entertainer was officially
named Australian of the Year.
I'm really pleased that the
committee picked me because
I myself could never
decide who to give it to
between Allan Border and Jeff Fenech.
But now at least
- Shit!
- We've got another copy?
Shit. Oh.
There's another copy of that speech.
Sorry, mate, I think
we've lost that grab.
That grab was the whole
point of the story!
Hey! Hey!
- I need to shoot a stand-up right now.
- It's five to six.
Can you to send a cameraman
and soundo, whoever's available,
tell them to meet me at the entrance
in front of reception.
Noelene, I need more Paul Hogan footage.
Can you get some footage
of him on a movie
or behind the scenes
wherever he's working?
- What movie?
- It doesn't matter.
As long as it says Paul Hogan,
movie star.
- On it.
- Thank you!
Tim, Camera. Mike, downstairs now. Now!
And we are on in six, five, four
Good evening and welcome to News at Six.
Hurry. Hurry up.
The new Australian of the Year,
the new Australian of the year.
And, rolling.
And the new Australian of the Year
has an even bigger 1986 in store
with the release of his very first
fleature feature, feature film.
It's alright. Just, like, try breathing.
And the new Australian of the Year
has an even bigger 1986 in
- Sorry, that was a bit high.
- That's right.
And the new Australian of the Year
has an even bigger 1986 in store
with the release of his very first
- Truck. Truck. Sorry.
Well, as Australia Day approaches,
communities across the nation
are preparing for parades,
carnivals and backyard barbecues.
The banks of the Yarra
will host a week-long festival
featuring everything from damper baking
to the annual cooee competition.
Noelene! Noelene!
The only footage I could find
was him at a movie premiere.
He's in black tie, it's in the
edit suite with Murray.
Fine, fine, fine.
MAN: the banks of the Yarra River,
Australia Day cel
Open up!
- You lost the Hogan grab?
- I've got another grab.
We can't do a story about
the Australian of the Year
without the bloody
Australian of the Year, okay?
This was all Dale's idea.
Australia is in the midst
of an unprecedented tourism boom
with Paul Hogan's US commercials
tempting hundreds of thousands
of Americans Down Under.
Did he make you
want to come to Australia?
Oh, of course. (LAUGHS)
He's very good-looking.
And the new Australian of the Year
has an even bigger 1986 in store
with the release
of his very first feature film.
Can the former Sydney Harbour Bridge
rigger conquer Hollywood?
Either way, it's shaping up
to be Hogan's year.
Fair suck of the sauce bottle, boys.
Dale Jennings, News at Six.
MAN: Scientists are calling it
the Greenhouse Effect
I actually think that ending was better.
Predictions are that
the polar icecaps
Yeah, good on you, Dale.
Paul Greaves reports.
Here we go.
Hey, wasn't I I thought I was
reading the Thatcher story.
That was a late change.
And three
To world news now
and British PM Margaret Thatcher's
integrity is under question
in the wake of a damaging leaked letter,
the latest polls showing
that nearly half the country
believe that Mrs. Thatcher
should resign.
It's been described
as the worst crisis faced by
You said it at the Christmas party.
- You said it four times in November.
- Christ, Helen!
You can't go off anything a bloke
says at a bloody Christmas party!
You said that we could look at
one story every week
and we would call it a special report.
Look at! Look at!
A very deliberate use of words. Look at!
You promised me that Thatcher story.
instead I'm doing a puff piece
You had a sit-down with Andrew Peacock!
What more do you bloody want?!
Did you even look
at any of the ideas I submitted?
Jean, hi.
Uh, I was pencilled in
for half past six with Lindsay.
I'd give it another quarter of an hour.
Uh, yeah, but if now is not
a good time, I'm happy to delay.
You're never gonna get a good time.
I mean, if he's not
in a good frame of mind.
You're never gonna get that either.
- You are not up to it, Helen!
- I'll just wait, I guess.
You parade around this place
like you're Barbara bloody Walters.
But you're not!
You're Helen Norville! And let me
tell you something, Helen!
I've got 20 girls just like you
ready to go tomorrow!
Oh, Jesus wept.
He's free.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, Lindsay.
- What do you want?
Oh, mate, yes, uh Dale.
Listen, mate, you may have
to walk with me. I'm running late.
Okay, sure. Yeah.
I just thought we could have a chat
about the rehearsal tape
I filmed for the desk last year.
- Did I watch it?
- Yes, you did.
And you said it went well
and perhaps I might get a crack
at some updates in the new year.
Did I tell you this
at the Christmas party?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
And you gave me some great feedback,
which I have been working on.
Yeah, I bet you have, mate.
- Night-night, Jean.
- Night-night.
I've been really working
on my presentation.
I don't know if you saw
my Paul Hogan yesterday.
Yes, mate, I saw it.
Look, the rosters are pretty full
at the moment
so why don't we say maybe Easter.
Even if it was just one morning update.
Just just one update.
Mate, newsreading, not for everyone.
- Right.
- It's nothing personal.
It's just when the camera goes on
a particular sort of person,
the viewer feels very secure.
Like, look at Helen.
You put a lens on her, she connects.
But other people, nothing.
Is it a vocal thing?
Because I have been working
with a vocal coach all summer.
He actually worked with Jack Thompson.
You want to get your money back, Dale.
You don't sound anything like
Jack Thompson.
Mate, how well do you know Helen?
Um we nod hello sometimes.
Then you know she's very, very set
on these special reports.
- Right.
- Yeah, so what I really need now
is a bloke with some chops
to go out with her,
help her shoot,
help her put the story together.
You do this for me on Monday,
then maybe I can give you a shot
on an update on Tuesday.
- Is that a deal?
- Deal.
But you gotta watch yourself
with her, okay?
She's going to hit you
with a lot of shitty ideas
about cross-eyed single mothers
and AIDS and Christ knows what else.
Your job is to bat her away.
Okay. Heh! Great!
Uh, thanks so much, Lindsay.
Um, should we meet again
after the update to ?
Hello. Jennings residence.
Hi. It's me. Um
I just got my first update
live on the desk next week.
When next week?
Tuesday morning.
I mean, it's just Tuesday
morning right now,
but if it goes well, there will be more.
- Am I allowed to tell people?
- Yes.
I gotta go. Bye.
(ALONG WITH RADIO) Kyrie Eleison,
down the road that I must follow ♪
Kyrie Eleison, through
the darkness of the night ♪
Kyrie Eleison, where
I'm going, will you follow? ♪
Kyrie Eleison, on a
highway in the light ♪
Whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪
Dale, it's your Uncle Cliff here.
Yeah, your mum just rang,
and we're thrilled for you.
- Um, anyway
- (BEEP)
Love, it's Mum again.
I know you told me, but,
was it the morning update
or the afternoon update?
- Give me a ring.
- (BEEP)
Hi, Dale.
It's Adam here from school.
I saw you on TV tonight, and, um,
I got your number from Ron Allsop.
I know I'm probably not
someone you'd want to see,
but even if I could just get
an address to write to you.
My number's 4361625.
Hope to hear from you soon. Bye.
Dale Jennings here
with the morning update.
Dale Jennings with the morning update.
This has been Dale Jennings
with the morning update.
MAN: Ah. She graces
us with her presence.
You wanna be a reporter, you know
what time reporters get here?
About an hour and a half ago.
Well, I just secured an interview.
- Uh-huh?
- Yeah.
It's a woman, uh, mother of two
Right, well, you can tell Dale all this.
He's got some options for you as well.
- I'm sorry?
- Dale Jennings.
He'll be producing you.
- Lindsay said I could
- It was Lindsay's idea.
All reporters work under a producer.
They also get here at 7:00am.
- Helen.
- Hi.
- So thrilled to be working with you.
- Mm-hm.
Looks like it's gonna be
a bit of a bumper day.
So, I'm sorry, I was under the
impression that this was gonna be
a special report of my choosing.
Absolutely. And I've got
quite a few options
I thought we could pick from.
Well, I already have an interview.
Okay. An interview with who?
Do you want to get a pen?
So, I have been in contact with a woman.
- Her name is Caroline Gibson.
- Okay.
She has two children
and she is HIV positive.
I know Lindsay's thoughts
on AIDS stories,
but I see this as
more of a family story.
So, Caroline contracted HIV
through a blood transfusion
and there's actually quite
a few women in the same position.
Except none of them have spoken
to the media yet, so
Look, I
- I think just for the first report
- Oh, this isn't my first report.
The first in this particular series,
they were just hoping for something
a little more upbeat.
Still with substance, but
Like what?
Okay. Um
It's the first day of school,
so I was thinking we could actually
get you interviewing a prep class.
Alternatively Actually, this is
Um, the new Melbourne Zoo
butterfly house.
It's really world-class,
it's it's, um, innovative
and they're about to welcome
their one millionth visitor.
Have you been there?
It's quite good.
Lindsay very, very specifically said
Oh, God. Don't start having
a whinge with me now, okay?
that this was going to be
a special report of my choosing.
You are more than welcome to take
it up with him when he gets here.
This is a gripping family story
- I think I've got a good third option.
Uh It's about women and space.
Just being able to, um, see the planet.
I mean, you see it in pictures
but to be able to see that
in reality is gonna be wonderful.
So, she's a schoolteacher
and a mother of two,
and she's been picked by NASA
to be the first civilian
ever sent into space.
Great. I love it.
It's a US story.
Yeah. But I think we can get
some good Australian angles.
- Can I speak to her?
- Um
Well, no, no, no.
But we do have an excellent
space scientist at the CSIRO
who we've used before.
Plus, Hawke has made some comments
about Australia getting
its own space program,
so we could cover that as well.
Yep, I'd want to watch that. Well done.
I want to talk to Lindsay.
I want to pitch my story.
I think it speaks for itself.
I mean, if you go in there
and tell him that right now,
you can forget about these reports.
Don't worry. I'll tell Lindsay
you did your best.
You know, I would just appreciate it,
if you get the chance, to tell
Lindsay that I did my best too.
Okay. It might not come up but, uh
just in case it does.
You just do not know
how to put a sock in it, do you?
I have done a year and a half
of doing regional.
I spent two years as a senior reporter.
I've got blokes here
who've done 15 years.
- If you just look at the story
- They go out, they do absolute shit.
They don't mind because that's the job.
60 Minutes are sending
female reporters to war zones.
Anywhere you go is a war zone, Helen.
You're a war zone on two legs.
So, yeah, try your luck there,
see if they'll take you.
I will.
Well, let me tell you something,
though, sweetheart.
Other networks, they hear about the shit
we have to put up with from you,
they wouldn't touch you
with a ten-foot bargepole.
I'm not kidding, Helen.
I am not kidding.
Every day I have to back you up.
Every day people come
in here and they say,
"Helen Norville, she's a nightmare.
She's got a face like a slapped arse".
But I bat them all back.
But, you know what, Helen?
They are fucking right!
Oh, you take one more step, Helen.
One more step, you're gone.
I'm not kidding!
I won't just can your reports!
You'll be gone!
For good!
You! Noelene!
Amend the run-downs.
Remove Helen Norville's name!
You! Dale Jennings!
You are going to take over
Helen's space story
and you are going to take over
all her updates starting tomorrow.
DALE: (ON TV) And the
social studies teacher says
she plans to conduct
two lessons live from space.
Just being able to,
uh, see the planet in reality
is gonna be wonderful.
Dale Jennings, News at Six.
To sport now. And, Rob,
a difficult day for the
Australian cricket team.
Oh, that's right, Geoff. Dear, oh, dear.
Captain Allan Border
is again under pressure
as Australia was bowled out for
just 70 on a perfect batting pitch
in today's World Series Cup match
at the Adelaide Oval.
Walters residence.
You saw?
- Is she unwell again?
- No.
It all came to a head
this afternoon. She's gone.
- What? Permanently?
- Well, according to Lindsay.
Apparently, they had
another screaming match
and he finally drew a line in the sand.
- When will the network announce it?
- I don't know.
They need to say something quickly.
She'll give interviews.
She courts those women's magazines.
Geoff, you need to speak to Lindsay.
You need to make sure he abandons
the whole idea of the second reader.
No. I think I'll leave it tonight.
I'll speak to him in the morning.
He'll have another girl in the wings,
some game show girl
Why don't you pick out a nice bottle
of red? I'm leaving now.
- I love you.
- I love you, too, darling.
It's Dale Jennings from work.
I've got your, um
your bag and your book.
You left it behind.
Sorry, Helen, I just wouldn't mind
if you'd let me know you're alright.
Can you hear me?
Emergency. Police, fire or ambulance?
Yeah. Emergency.
Okay. The ambulance is here. Alright?
They're coming now.
Yes! Yes!
I can't go to the
I can't go to the hospital.
I can't
She's just this way.
- She's conscious?
- Yes.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
We might just take a quick look at you.
Do you remember what happened?
I just think that I took too many pills.
You know, from before.
- You're boyfriend? Husband?
- Oh, no.
A work colleague.
If you could just focus
on my finger, please.
Anything like this has happened before?
I wouldn't know, sorry.
Any reason to think it was intentional?
Oh, I'm not sure.
I'd prefer it if she came
into the hospital,
but she's very resistant to that.
- She's a public figure.
- Yeah.
Anywhere else she could stay?
She's uh, says there's no family.
I'm sorry. I don't know.
I mean, I could stay here for a while.
We want to get her away from here,
away from any medication
she might have lying around.
Can you think of anywhere else?
How are you feeling?
I'm fine. I'm just gonna do this
and then I'm gonna get out of here.
Oh, you're welcome to stay just
for the day, for a bit of rest.
I'm fine, Dale. I just had a mix-up
with my pills. That was it.
Okay. But why don't you stay?
You know, I've got tea, coffee.
Um Uh
Chicken loaf, bread, cheese.
The tape player's set to record
if you don't mind just
watching the telly, but
The midday movie is The Music Man.
I'll call home during the day,
if you promise me you'll answer.
And then I will bring home some dinner
and we can come up with a plan.
What kind of plan?
To get you home.
Better get ready.
Don't know why I did that.
You're not a captain. (CHUCKLES)
I kind of liked it.
Good morning.
A very busy news day today.
The News at Six.
Dale Jennings.
Dale Jennings.
Dale Jennings, the News at Six.
Is that future Gold Logie winner
Dale Jennings?
Yes! Look out!
Making your big move, are you, mate?
No. Just broadening experience.
- Ah, he is!
- Ahhh!
Look at him, he's got
a little spark in the eye.
- Don't hide it, mate.
Don't listen to Robbo.
He said 'expecially'
instead of 'especially'
for his first year on the desk.
Um, I'm imagining that Thatcher's
going towards the lead?
And we'll probably do, uh,
Dire Straits arriving in Australia.
- Are you right?
- Yeah.
- Sleep okay?
- Yep.
Maybe, uh, give yourself a little
bit of extra time in make-up, huh?
Oh fuck!
That's not about the update, is it?
Nah. Last night's ratings
fell off a cliff without Helen.
Good luck.
Can I just do a white balance check?
We're starting with Dire Straits.
- Can you read it all clearly?
- Uh-huh.
There's water under the desk,
if you get dry mouthed.
Just relax into it, mate. Yeah.
And remember, there's only, what is it,
three or four full MCGs watching.
- Just hold still for me.
How is he? Have you spoken to him?
No. I'm sure she's nervous enough
without hearing from me.
Come in. Come in.
Might need to pump up the bass
a bit for Jennings' voice.
- And we are on in 15.
On my hand
(QUICKLY) Good morning. Dale Jennings
here with the latest news.
UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
is steadfastly refusing to resign
in the face of the
Westland helicopter crisis.
The embattled PM poses an emergency
debate in the House of Commons.
is often stranger than fiction
Yeah. You need to slow down, fella.
Ask me these questions
of course I will reply them.
He's so handsome.
They must reply to them,
first to members of parliament
We are back in
- and to the House of Commons.
- Three
I will do my best to get
precise answers to them.
The biggest rock band
in the world, Dire Straits
have commenced their Australian tour
amidst a ticket scalping controversy.
with $27 seats fetching up to $400.
Come on. Slow it down.
Lead singer Mark Knopfler advises
fans not to spend that kind of money.
MARK KNOPFLER: Just don't do it.
The other thing that I'll say is that
You need to slow down
or there'll be dead air at the end.
I'll try to move the autocue
a little slower.
- Try and follow me.
- Sorry.
- is is that
- We are back in
we're gonna make a limited
amount of tickets available.
(SLOWLY) To sport now, and Australian
cricket captain, Allan Broader
Border, has threatened to resign
in the wake of Australia's
worse worst ever
World Cricket score Series score.
BORDER: put it to the blokes
He's finding his rhythm, I think.
should have a better
performance level
Okay. You're gonna need
to pad out to the wrap up
because you're still 10 seconds ahead.
good performances,
not necessarily winning
We're back, in
just the performances
have been very, very poor.
And I've just had enough
To weather now.
Fine today with a top of 28.
This has been Dale Jennings
from the newsroom.
- We'll have more updates
- Poor bugger.
for you throughout the day.
Thank you.
We're out.
Perhaps tomorrow it might be worth
coming in a little early?
We can do another practice.
Mate, if it's any consolation
you could really have a future
calling horse races.
- Huh.
- (CHUCKLES) Chin up.
Just so you know, Lindsay didn't
see it. He was in some meeting.
I don't know what happened.
The rehearsal tape was fine.
It's different live.
You'll get there.
Anyone else?
You've reached Dale Jennings.
I can't take your call right now,
but if you leave me a message
with your details,
- I'll get back to you.
- (BEEP!)
Helen, if you're there,
can you pick up the phone?
Helen, you promised. Just pick up.
Come said the boy ♪
Let's go down to the sand ♪
Let's do what we wanna do ♪
Hi! I'm so sorry.
I've taken over your kitchen.
Hey, I called the girls on reception
and they told me about the ratings.
They said that they had about
a hundred phone calls.
- Did Lindsay say anything?
You promised me you'd answer the phone.
Yeah, but I I wanted to make
dinner just to say thank you.
I rang four times.
Yeah, I was only at
the shop for an hour.
What's wrong?
Did my first update on the desk today.
It just didn't go very well, that's all.
You What?
Good morning. Dale Jennings here
with the latest
I said don't, um, touch the VCR!
Why didn't you tell me that
you were on the desk today?
You weren't in any fit state
to tell you that.
Can I watch it?
The first time that I ever read,
I froze for like a solid ten seconds,
and then the second
time I kept stumbling
over the word 'phenomenon'.
Took me three goes at it.
Let me watch it.
It's really bad.
The biggest rock band
in the world, Dire Straits,
have commenced their Australian tour
amidst a ticket scalping controversy
with $27 seats fetching up for $400.
- Lead singer Mark Knopfler
advises fans not to spend
that kind of money.
- Just don't do it.
The other thing that I'd say is that,
quite apart from the fact that
our shows are not worth $400
It's a little bit fast,
but we can work on that.
is that
GEOFF: Is he in?
Oh, Christ.
Lindsay, I need a quick word
about the numbers.
- I am on my way out.
- Are upstairs worried?
Mate, they're not thrilled.
Well, they were always going to dip,
but they will go up again.
- Yeah, mate
- Now, we used to have a huge audience.
- We still do.
- A serious news audience.
And we lost them because,
at a certain point,
- and I'm certainly not blaming you
- Big of you.
we started serving
them glamour instead.
Now, we can get those
viewers back, Lindsay.
- Let's get me back into the field.
- Yeah.
When I was a reporter
in Vietnam, Lindsay,
people were riveted, riveted!
No, yeah, Vietnam
was terrific for telly.
But, mate, you and I both know
the numbers, they go up, they go down.
Probably all change tomorrow.
Whatever happens,
you and I must stay the course.
Mm. Of course.
- JEAN: Just taking some time out.
- Hi, Jean.
She's perfectly well,
she's just having some time.
I can promise you, Helen will be
back on your screen very soon.
She's absolutely still part
of the News at Six team.
Thank you. Thank you for calling.
Uh, newsroom. Noelene speaking.
DALE: (LOW VOICE) After two decades
of rule, Philippines
(GRUMBLES) You're doing
something to your voice.
I speed up if I don't try
and control the sound.
Okay, well, just try one
just in your normal voice.
After two decades of rule,
Philippine strongman
Phil Ferdinand Marcos
- Yeah, but you've got to talk to me.
- Sorry.
You've got to impart
the information to me.
I'm the audience.
After two decades of rule,
Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos
- is facing an election challenge
- Take a little sip of your drink.
After two decades of rule,
Philippine strongman
Now you sound like you're attacked.
Well, I actually feel a little bit
like I'm under attack.
Where did you grow up?
So imagine that you're there
and you're talking to your parents.
It's just my mum.
Okay, so imagine that you're
talking to your mother
just calmly and clearly.
You're imparting the information.
You want her to understand it.
And she loves you.
And she wants to understand
the story too.
After two decades of rule,
Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos
is facing a fierce election challenge
from a political novice, Corazon Aquino.
Keep going.
Ms. Aquino, the first woman to run
for president, has accused Marcos
of being merely a front man
for his wife, Imelda,
declaring, "May the better
woman win the election".
Keep going?
I'd really like to get my hands
on your hair.
Like, just just just to kind of
shape it a little bit.
- Okay.
- Okay, so subtle, nothing too much.
You know, 80% of what people
actually see is your hair.
What kind of statistic is that?
- They've done studies.
- What studies?
You know, um, Geoff actually spends
more time in the make-up chair
than he does behind the actual desk.
And I gotta get a two hour
dye job once a fortnight.
- Really?
- Yeah.
See? Go take a look.
I think at least 15% more attractive.
I'm getting very suspicious
of your statistics.
Actually, more like 20%.
for Wednesday, 29 January.
The highly publicised NASA mission
Challenger has ended in disaster.
At approximately 3:30 Australian
time, the Challenger Shuttle
- Shh!
- exploded soon after take-off,
killing everyone on board.
It was the first space mission
to carry a civilian
school teacher and mother of two,
Christa McAuliffe
Oh. Is this ?
I was after Dale.
Uh, he's still asleep.
Um, can you tell him
that it's Noelene from work?
Tell him to turn on
the ABC Radio right now.
- The Shuttle, with the teacher
- Who is it?
- exploded.
- Can you turn the radio on?
Uh, okay, we're doing it.
Thanks, Noelene.
NEWSREADER: The disaster was watched
live by millions of Americans
and the families of the mission crew
who had assembled
at the Kennedy Space Center
- You still on the updates?
- Uh, I think so.
- Yeah, so you should go!
- Right.
- Is the comms in yet?
- Comms feed will be in any minute.
I reckon I've got
four good library stories.
I've got the NASA training videos,
the interviews with the family
Have you done something to your hair?
- Jesus.
- Gel?
- Are you doing the updates?
- Yes, I am.
- And I'm very well across the story
- Rob! Where you going?
- Uh, VFL Morning Show.
- No, you're not, mate.
Get yourself into make-up
you're doing the first update.
I understand I struggled
the other day
Dale, I saw it. It was a train wreck.
You are a very good producer.
You're an okay reporter.
You're not a newsreader.
It's just not you, alright?
Comms feed is in!
of the 25th Space Shuttle mission,
and it has cleared the tower.
Houston, Challenger roll program.
MAN 2: Roger roll, Challenger.
MAN 3: Good roll program confirmed.
Challenger now heading down range. 94%.
Engines throttling up.
Three engines now at 104%.
Challenger, go at throttle up.
Roger go at throttle up.
- Look at that.
- They're the parents.
- Oh, bugger me.
- Jesus Christ.
Flight controllers here looking
very carefully at the situation.
Major malfunction.
What else you got there, Murray?
There's profiles with the
astronauts, and some other stuff.
- Alright.
- Uh, look, I'm
I'm a sports reporter.
I've never done breaking news.
I know this story. I've reported
on it. I know it inside out.
Walters Residence.
Yeah, I'm just wondering
if, uh if Geoff is there.
No. It's his golf morning.
Can I assist in any way?
Well, um we've got
some breaking news, Evelyn,
and we need to extend the updates.
Well, I could get the club
to dispatch a groundsman
they're usually very efficient.
Well, how long will that take?
He'd be with you before midday.
Well, that'd be great.
Thanks very much, Evelyn.
You know this story inside out?
get me Helen's home number.
B-but she's
at your place, isn't she?
Yeah. Um
I'll call her. I'll get her in.
- Hi.
- Uh, Noelene will be on the autocue.
I'll be on the floor beside you.
We've got three minutes
of the launch footage,
we've got the US story
about the astronauts,
we've got the story from
the other day about the teacher.
- Do you wanna see the footage?
- No, no, no. I'll watch it on air.
I wanna react the same time
as the audience does.
Good on you for coming in, Helen.
We really appreciate it, don't we?
It's fantastic.
Okay, so, I think that this should
be more than an update
I think that we should
stay with it for the hour.
Uh, we don't have the footage.
No, we just rotate the same footage.
People have been listening to
the radio, calling their friends
they're gonna to be heading
to their televisions
and we need to be the ones playing it.
We will be, Helen.
There's a report coming in
apparently, Reagan's made a speech.
Okay. So
would it be safe to call this the
the worst disaster in space history?
- Uh
- We're on in 15.
How many died in the Apollo explosion?
Uh, I think only three?
So, yes, it's the worst.
In ten.
- Thanks, Cheryl. (CLEARS THROAT)
(UNDER BREATH) Okey-dokey.
And five, four
Good morning. I'm Helen Norville.
We interrupt our programming
to bring you breaking news
from the United States,
which has just seen the worst
accident in space history
the tragic explosion of
the Shuttle Challenger
just a minute after launch.
All seven astronauts aboard the Shuttle
are believed to have perished
in the disaster.
The mission attracted special attention
because it involved
the first civilian sent to space
schoolteacher and mother of two
Christa McAuliffe.
- (ON VIDEO) Lift-off of the 25th
Uh, the next story's
gonna be about Christa.
cleared the tower.
Houston, Challenger roll program.
Roger roll, Challenger.
Engines throttling up.
Three engines now at 104%.
Challenger, go at throttle up.
Roger go at throttle up.
We are back in five
- What are her parents' names?
- Um Uh
Grace and Ed. Grace and Ed Corrigan.
Watching there
Grace and Ed Corrigan,
Christa McAuliffe's parents.
Just months earlier,
the McAuliffe family were jubilant
when Christa was selected
from over 11,000 teachers
for an opportunity that seemed
like a dream come true.
- And we're again in 30 seconds.
- Okay.
Can I grab some water, Noelene, or ?
- Noels, can we get some water?
- Thank you.
So, the next story's uh,
story's about the six astronauts.
Thank you. No, no, no, no.
We we wanna show the
the footage of the explosion again.
We don't wanna ever go more than
a few minutes without showing it.
Can you give me something ?
Give me another intro.
- Like, something about the, uh
- Uh uh I think the
- explosion?
- the main fuel tank exploded.
- In five
- Uh, yep, yep.
The-the flames coming from
a defect in the booster.
The flames couldn't be seen
from the observers on the ground,
but they were picked up by
slow-motion footage from the launch.
Okay, thank you.
Official sources have now confirmed
there is no hope the Shuttle's crew
survived the fireball explosion.
It was the main fuel tank that exploded,
with the flames appearing to come
from a defect in the booster.
The flames couldn't be seen
by observers on the ground,
but they were picked up
by slow-motion footage.
Aboard the shuttle were
Mission Commander Dick Scobee
Breaking children's television
to show the deaths of seven people.
Well, we have, uh, broken into
children's programming before,
- when there's been a bushfire or
- Yes. Yes. For public a service.
CFA warnings.
But we would never, ever show
footage of people dying, Lindsay.
Yeah, the kiddies wouldn't
really understand it.
Well, you've got her out there
explaining it in very basic terms.
excitement for Christa McAuliffe
Does just means she's reinstated?
and parishioner, who had become
I don't know, mate. I don't know.
It's, um
We dropped again last night.
A social studies teacher
at Concord High School,
- Mrs. McAuliffe taught
- Badly.
American history, law, economics,
and a course that she designed
herself The American Woman.
Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
has sent a telegram of condolence
to the United States President,
Ronald Reagan.
The telegram read,
"We partake of your grief"
Uh, so, Reagan made a speech.
He spoke directly to schoolchildren,
saying that the tragedy was
part of the process of exploration,
and he pledged that the Shuttle
program will absolutely continue.
I've always had great faith in
and respect for our space program.
- cut out for 30 seconds.
- Cut out for 30.
What happened today
does nothing to diminish it.
- Okay. (LAUGHS) Okay.
- We don't hide our space programs.
- We don't keep secrets
- And, back in five
and cover things up.
United States President
Ronald Reagan there
putting into words some of
the horror that we all feel.
The impact of this tragedy
will be felt for months, years.
But right now, our thoughts must be
with those children tonight,
going to bed, having
tragically lost a parent.
For the McAuliffe family,
their beloved daughter,
wife, mother, Christa.
When that Shuttle goes,
there might be one body
but there's gonna be 10 souls
that I'm taking with me.
Thank you.
This has been Helen Norville.
We'll return now to our
regular programming.
Geoff Walters will be back
with the next update, on the hour.
- And we're out.
- Whoo! Whoooo!
- You're incredible.
- Thanks.
You're incredible!
I just Oh! (LAUGHS)
- Thank you.
- GEOFF: Helen.
Well done, pulling all that together
so quickly. Quite a feat.
Oh, well, I mean, it wasn't just me.
But, um working up emotion like that.
I wasn't working up anything.
Oh, we both know you were.
Look, some people will
probably applaud you for it,
but I think, uh
most would prefer that that
sort of thing is preserved for
soap operas, not the news bulletin.
We'll see.
Thank you, guys. Thank you.
- Brilliant, Helen. Brilliant.
LINDSAY: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Well done, you. Well done, Helen.
Uh, would you, uh, consider
staying for the evening bulletin?
I'm sacked. Aren't I?
(LAUGHS) Oh, well, you know,
you did walk out on us.
- I'll consider it.
- Hm?
If you let me do an extended
update at 5:30, solo.
And then I'd like to read the lead
at the 6:00pm bulletin.
And I'd like to alternate
the lead story every other day.
And then, every Monday, I'd like to do
the special report of my choosing,
with Dale.
So, you put that in writing,
and, yeah
I'll consider it.
What's going on there, do you reckon?
Dale Jennings?
Who knew he had it in him?
God, Helen, did I forget
to lock your door?
- It I don't care.
- I'm so sorry.
It must've been in the rush
of everything,
- and I just
- No, it doesn't matter.
Do you want to make sure that your
jewellery and your electronics ?
Dale, I don't care.
- Sorry.
- Ugh.
You're apologising for
for leaving my door unlocked
after you saved my life.
Thank you.
Why did you take those pills?
- It wasn't like I
- No, I know.
You know those nights
when everything horrible
that anybody's ever said
to you, or about you,
and all the, you know, awful things
that you've ever done,
just keep playing
over and over in your head?
And I just wanted silence.
You know, you're incredible?
- Wait till you get to know me.
- No, I mean it.
And I could never do what you do.
Yeah, you could.
I think that ship has sailed.
You know, I am a fucking disaster.
But I'm also relentless.
And I'm loyal.
I think we can make you a newsreader.
- So, come on, pick a story.
- No.
Yeah. Pick a story, read it.
Ugh, Helen, I have been up for 17 hours.
Well, it's breaking news. You're on. Go!
- What story would you like?
- Any one. Just pick any one.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
"It's the toy line that's sold out
all over the country
the Cabbage Patch Kids are"
Okay, so
you sound dead.
- Well, I feel dead.
- (CHUCKLES) Just go again.
"It's the toy line that's sold out
all over the country
the Cabbage Patch Kids are"
And now there's judgement in your voice.
- Okay. Should I try it again?
- Yeah.
"It's the toy line that's sold out
all over the country
the Cabbage Patch Kids"
(CHUCKLES) " the Cabbage Patch"
- That was it. That was good.
- Yeah, okay.
Well, let me try that again.
I'm not quite sure what I did.
Just relax.
"It's the toy line that's sold out
all over the country
the Cabbage Patch Kids"
You and Helen, eh?
Have you been getting people
making comments about us at work?
People like to gossip about Helen.
I just don't like people
talking about me.
HELEN: Are you sure that
this is just about the gossip?
Is this your way of trying to tell
me that I'm a little bit too much?
Geoff's 60th. You going
as Mr. Helen Norville?
Are you going? 'Cause my
invite was "Rob and guest".
Halley's Comet is returning,
and Australia is being
gripped by comet fever.
Geoff's not gonna be on
the desk for much longer.
Are you saying that I
should consider my position?
EVELYN: If you or the network
mistreat my husband in any way,
I can assure you, the public response
will be utterly devastating.
Next Episode