The Newsreader (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

A Model Daughter

Kay, it's Daddy. It's Daddy, darling.
KAY: I feel like everything
that I do is insignificant
and you're both ashamed of me.
You sit here and attempt
to blame your mother and I
for your own drug addiction.
NOELENE: Rob and I have
something to disclose.
ROB: We're seeing each other,
mate. We have been for a bit.
DALE: Last year, something did happen
with a cameraman at work.
Did you want it to be more?
I wanted to be with Helen.
Helen Norville, will you do
me the honour of being my wife?
I I can't.
don't know. It's beyond me.
I'm just looking forward to my
Christmas break at the moment.
Uh, this year's happened very quickly.
I would never have guessed,
in my wildest dreams,
this would have happened,
especially in one year.
But, um, it has and
I'm very lucky, I guess,
and I've just been trying to
use it to my advantage, I s'pose.
You said that you would have liked
to have taken the hippie trail
after your HSC.
What did you mean by that, Kylie?
Oh, after HSC, which is
a pretty gruelling year,
most of us teenagers
would hit the coast trail
and just go up and sort
of dag around for a year
but, uh, I think I skipped that.
(LAUGHS) I'll do it at some stage,
go up and see the coast of Australia.
Well, good on you, Kylie.
You've had a terrific '87 and
all the best for the year ahead.
Thanks very much.
And tomorrow, the last in
our Stars of '87 interviews
we'll be speaking to
Aussie actor Mel Gibson.
And after the break, full weather
update for the Christmas season.
FRANK: And we are out.
(KNOCKS) I forgot these.
Uh, no, Jean. We can do
the rest of these tomorrow.
The boys have asked if
you'd present the awards
at the camera room Christmas
party tomorrow night.
- Great.
- Both of us?
I'll ask if the awards
can be early in the night.
Thanks, Jean.
Let's go. We can do this tomorrow.
- HELEN: 'Night!
- JEAN: 'Night.
- Goodnight.
- 'Night.
DALE: I think you should stay
here. I'll sleep in the spare room.
People are gonna notice if
you keep staying in a hotel.
Dale, I I just I want to make
it to the end of the year and
I mean, Christ, it's only two weeks.
And then what?
Then we can use the
summer to think about it
and I think it might be a good
idea if I go overseas and
We could say I got an international job.
And then, in a few months,
we can make a statement
saying that the distance got too much.
There's an entire ad campaign
running all of next year,
with us front and centre.
Are you more concerned
about the promos or us?
Why are you doing this?
Dale, you and I, as husband and
wife, behind a white picket fence
it's never gonna work.
This all looks very involved.
Something I do is get out all
the equipment the night before
chopping board, the
roasting tray, gravy boat.
I doubt Rob has a gravy boat.
I don't have a gravy boat.
Does it have to be in a boat?
JEAN: News at Six. Jean speaking.
Uh, well, I could transfer
you to one of our producers.
Who can I say is calling?
Kay Walters is on the line.
Hello, News at Six. Noelene speaking.
LINDSAY: Hey, Helen?
Noelene's got something for
you and it could be very tasty.
NOELENE: We had a
phone call from someone
who says she's Geoff Walters' daughter,
wanting to speak to you.
- What about?
- She just said it's a story News at Six
might be interested in,
but she wants to tell you in person.
LINDSAY: And the Walters just
cancelled their Christmas do,
so something's going on.
There could be something very
interesting in this for us.
Alright, well, I'll,
uh, find out what it is.
- KAY: Yes?
- NOELENE: Ms Walters?
It's Noelene from News at
Six. We spoke on the phone.
If you'd still like to chat,
I'm here with Helen Norville.
- Hi. Noelene.
- Kay.
Hi. I I'm Helen. It's
nice to meet you, Kay.
Do you want to come in?
Yeah. Yeah.
HELEN: So, you wanted to
speak to us about a story?
As you probably know, I've been
in the press a fair bit in my life.
But it's always been
this curated version.
And I want to tell my side of the story.
Can I ask what the story is?
I was a heroin user.
And my addiction was a
direct result of the pressure
of being in such a public family.
And just to be clear
I want to be compensated for the story.
You've called Helen Norville,
News at Six.
Please leave a message after the tone.
CHARLIE: (ON MACHINE) Hey, it's me.
Sorry to ring you here but
an opportunity's come up
and with the Christmas
break starting tomorrow,
I just thought it'd be
good to follow up soon.
So, call me back.
Or, better yet, come over.
It's less about the
celebrity angle for me.
It's hearing from someone
who doesn't fit the picture
- of a heroin addict.
- Yeah, OK. But 10 grand?
I think, given the story,
Lindsay will pay for it.
Yeah, I do, too.
You OK with it?
Uh, yeah, I mean, we've paid more.
But, I mean, she's an
addict. What if she relapses?
I believe her. I think that she's clean.
I think she really is just
trying to get back on her feet.
People are going to think this
is us taking a stab at Geoff.
No, not if we don't sensationalise it,
if we keep it about the broader
story about the actual crisis.
Kay, please! I know you're there!
Thank you.
FRANK: 20 seconds!
10 seconds!
I need to speak to you.
And in six, five, four
Bob Hawke's government is rocked
by the departure of two ministers.
State Government's move
to tighten gun laws.
And Frank Sinatra announces
he's returning to Australia
for the first time in 14 years
- to perform with pop diva Whitney Houston.
- Geoff Walters is on the line.
- I'm Dale Jennings.
- And I'm Helen Norville.
Is there a glass ready?
- On your desk.
- Thank you.
DALE: Bob Hawke now has a
second Cabinet post to fill,
as Tourism Minister John
Brown has been forced to quit
following controversy over
the Expo 88 tendering process.
Carl Madden has more.
CARL MADDEN: The Federal
Minister for Tourism
Geoff, to what do I
owe the, uh, pleasure?
Well, I knew you could stoop
but this is a new low,
Lindsay, even for you.
Mate, you're really gonna have
to be a little bit more specific.
Evelyn saw Helen Norville at
my daughter's flat this morning.
Noelene was with her.
So, please don't try and tell
me they were exchanging recipes.
Helen was there because Kay
called to speak to Helen.
We were not digging. We were
there on Kay's invitation.
Reporting on our own families now.
That's a line we've never crossed.
Your own bloody god-daughter.
Oh, no, no, Geoff, don't hold
me to that, please, come on.
You are her godfather.
You were blind drunk at the christening
and you've forgot every
bloody birthday since
Number one, Geoff,
Kay is a grown woman.
Number two
even if we stepped away from this story,
there's nothing to stop your little Kay
from passing the collection
hat around to other outlets.
You're paying her.
You pathetic
reptilian slug of a man.
Well, I don't mean to be
pedantic here, old cock,
but, uh, you can't be
a reptile AND a slug.
She has a drug addiction, Lindsay!
What do you think she's
going to do with the money?!
Well, I don't know, maybe pick
up some bloody birthday presents.
The take-out for you, Geoff, is
that payment was Kay's stipulation.
You stay away
from my daughter!
I'd get to the camera room,
eh? Us soundos got a head start.
Already on our third round.
Well, judging from last year,
I reckon you're gonna
need a bigger esky.
Ah, no, this is the vomit
bin. One of the vomit bins.
Why is Charlie Tate
calling you personally?
I'm sorry?
I was in your office,
and he left you a
message on your machine -
a very flirty message.
He's, um
been giving me some career advice.
Career advice?
Why didn't you mention that before?
I am now.
So, you end your relationship with me
and, right afterwards, Charlie
Tate is leaving messages
It's got absolutely
nothing to do with us, Dale.
But something is happening.
With Charlie Tate.
Obnoxious fucking Charlie Tate!
So what?!
I'll do the awards.
I'll say you have a migraine.
(MUTTERS) I fucking do
have a migraine, you shit.
LINDSAY: Mate, make sure
everyone stays nice tonight
and make sure that bloke
who does the weekend weather
stays off the drink, alright?
DENNIS: I can't control that guy.
Hey, here he is!
Here's to the skin off
your dick, young fella.
Now, uh, Dale, we are going
with the Kay Walters story.
It's going to be our last big
feature for the year, airing Monday.
Uh where's, uh
where's Helen, mate?
Of course she's got a migraine.
Dale, listen to me, son. I
want you to interview Kay.
Dennis, Dennis, I want
Dale to interview Kay.
Uh, well, Kay was pretty adamant
she wanted Helen to interview her.
Mate, they can do it together but
I don't want Helen doing it alone
because she's gonna make the
whole bloody thing (FADES)
Mate, we've paid 10 grand
Are you hiding somewhere
behind those eyes? ♪
It's your father. (CLEARS THROAT)
If you're in there,
open the door, please.
Kay, your mother and I
want you to come home.
I haven't always been there but
you're my daughter, Kay.
There's no need to turn on
us. We want to support you.
(KNOCKS) Open this door!
As your father, and landlord,
I'm demanding you open
this door immediately!
Alright, if you're determined to
betray and humiliate your own family,
I'll have no choice
but to have you evicted.
To help announce the awards for 1987
- our very own Dale Jennings!
Righto, up first up first
the award for Most Out-of-Focus Shot
goes to
Uh, election day, 1987,
he waited four hours for
Hawke to cast his vote
and then buggered the focus so
badly, the shot was unusable.
The winner is Damo!
- ROSS: We've all done it.
- MAN: I haven't done it!
Righto, up next is the award
for Most Idiotic Injury.
And the award goes to
Dale! Whoa!
Doesn't work without
an autocue, this guy.
uh, so, most idiotic injury.
When rushing to cover
the World Peace Vigil,
he knackered himself
so badly on a barricade
that he couldn't walk
or talk and had to be
treated for an hour
by a medical officer.
Uh, so, the winner is Brian!
- Thank you.
- Don't worry.
The old stick shift can still drive!
ROSS: It does It really doesn't.
Hey, here's to News at Six, yeah?!
(CHANTS) News at Six! News at Six!
ALL: News at Six! News at Six!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Dale? How you goin'?
Timmy! Look at us. The
Russell Street gang!
We're back together again. I miss this!
I missed you. I missed you, too
Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!
Whoa Oh, careful!
- Alright, I'm gonna go over here and drink.
- OK.
- OK.
- I'll come and join you. I'll come and join you.
I'm sorry about that. That
Hey, uh, congratulations.
You know, uh, wherever
I walk in the city,
I see billboards of you and Helen.
And then, whenever someone
finds out I worked here,
it's all they ever ask about.
The golden couple.
- I'm happy for you.
- Hmm.
You got what you wanted.
So, you're working in doco?
Yeah. Yeah.
Pay's terrible but, um
there's no office.
And I kinda like that, you know?
- Great.
- Yeah.
I'll leave you to it.
So who was that?
What are you doing here? (CHUCKLES)
Well, the show's finished
and this is, famously, the
worst party with the best drugs.
So, um
That wasn't THE camera man, was it?
The one you told me about.
No, it's just a guy.
Well, he's clearly
still interested in you.
We spoke two words.
Yeah, but the body
language was very obvious.
What's his situation, personally?
I don't I don't know.
Do you want me to want me to ask?
- No.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- You know what? I think I'm gonna ask.
Yeah? OK. No worries. See ya.
- CHARLIE: Hello?
- Please don't leave messages
like that for me at work.
- Messages like what?
- Any messages.
Listen, what's the job
you were calling about?
It's nothing, really. Just, uh
had a bit of a conversation with
the biggest news director working today
and Vincent Callahan's keen
to have a little bit of a chat.
How keen?
40% more than News at Six, plus perks,
so it's car, petrol,
overseas travel, the works.
And Vincent Vincent Callahan.
That's right.
Hey, Dale?
- Hi, Cheryl.
- Hey, is Helen here?
Uh, she's sick.
Hey, is everything,
like, OK with us now?
Like, she hasn't been
very chatty in the chair
and I think she's still angry with me.
- You're fine.
- Oh (LAUGHS) Phew!
Oh, good.
I'd be so devastated if, um
if you chose someone else
to do her wedding make-up.
Oh I spoke too soon. (LAUGHS)
Merry Christmas.
I like your costume.
- Thanks.
- You you make it yourself?
Open your eyes up ♪
You don't want anyone ♪
You don't want anyone ♪
Don't tell me this is paradise ♪
Open your eyes up ♪
- Tequila?
- No.
Speak of the devil.
I was just saying to Tim, here,
I've had about as much
warm beer as I can handle.
I'm gonna kick on, if you want to join.
Oh, no, I don't think
he'd be interested.
- I wouldn't underestimate him.
- It's not his type of venue.
What's the venue?
Club 397. It's
uh, discreet, it's relaxed, it's, um
I'm just gonna meet a few friends.
A last hurrah before Christmas.
I'm gonna order a taxi. You guys
- OK.
- talk about it. I'll be back.
Just so you know, Club
397 is it's not relaxed.
Have you been there?
I have.
Every Saturday, after work, till close.
Yeah, it's not your sort of place.
I don't have a sort of place.
I shouldn't have had that punch.
Great news, taxi en route
and I found some actual alcohol.
There you go.
Cheers. Good health.
OK, let's do this.
No, hey, hey, I'm gonna stay
'cause I'm gonna catch up with Ross.
You guys go ahead. I'll leave you to it.
Ross won't care.
Come on. I'll pay.
(LAUGHS) Someone's in the mood.
- Look, come on.
- No, mate.
You only live once. You know
how important this is. Come on.
TIM: Hey, we should probably
go out to the front bar.
- It's a bit more private.
- GERRY: No, it's all fine.
I've come here many times.
It's discreet. I promise.
Hang at the bar. I'm just
gonna see some friends.
- Vodka.
I'm fine, thanks.
What's goin' on?
To being single.
Is that recent?
I bet you thought it was inevitable.
- Didn't you?
- Dale, come on. Come on.
Some shots, gentlemen.
- For you.
- It's OK. It's OK.
For me.
Dale and I are gonna go and
have a conversation outside.
I think he needs, uh, some air.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I want to dance.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, let's dance.
- Come on, dance. Come on!
- Enjoy yourselves.
Searching for some company ♪
Feel the rhythm, dance with me ♪
Them beat boy blues
seem out of place ♪
Now they want to
party pace, party pace ♪
Dance, dance, on the floor ♪
Dance, dance, move some more ♪
Dance, dance, feel the heat ♪
Hit that perfect beat, boy ♪
Hit that perfect beat, beat boy ♪
- I've got that feeling ♪
- Hey, uh
- Sorry to interrupt. Um
- What's wrong?
He's not doing too well.
Can you look after him?
He'll be fine. He's
just had a bit to drink.
Just just look after him.
That perfect feeling,
that perfect feeling ♪
All over me ♪
Beat boy, beat boy ♪
Hit that perfect beat, boy ♪
- Beat boy, beat boy ♪
- GERRY: Dale?
Hey, Dale? Why don't we
go and just get some air?
Hit that perfect beat, boy ♪
I've got some people I want
you to meet at the bar. Come on.
Come, come, close to me ♪
I want this to be ♪
That perfect feeling ♪
All over me ♪
Come, come, close to me ♪
I want this to be ♪
That beat boy feeling ♪
All over me ♪
Too close for comfort,
too close for joy ♪
Boys in the back room,
their hearts destroy ♪
Touch and kiss a
stranger if all else fails ♪
Hiding from the danger ♪
- That's been sent from hell ♪
I've got that feeling ♪
Them beat boy feelings ♪
I've got them feeling
that perfect beat ♪
I've got that feeling ♪
That perfect feeling ♪
That perfect feeling all over me ♪
Beat boy, beat boy ♪
Hit that perfect beat, boy ♪
Beat boy, beat boy ♪
Beat, beat, beat, beat ♪
- NOELENE: Oh, is it OK?
- ROB: Yeah.
Look at the spuds.
Um can you finish setting the
table. They'll be here in a minute.
What's that?
Your last will and testament, is it?
(LAUGHS) The chicken and the
stuffing and devils on horseback.
There were so many overlapping times,
I needed it in one linear document.
She's done a run sheet for lunch.
- Don't tell your brother.
- Why?
Shows you care.
Hey, they're gonna love you.
OK. You right?
- You ready?
- Yeah. Do I look OK?
- Yeah.
- Good. OK.
Carollers carolling ♪
Sound of snow ♪
- Hey!
- Ah, g'day, Rob.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to
you. Oh, the trifle
Hello. You must be Noelene. I'm Kerrie.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is my husband, Glen.
- Hi, Glen.
- How are you?
- Um, I'm good. Good.
- Um, how are you?
- Yeah, good.
Jeez, smells like a restaurant in here.
Oh, mate, Noelene's outdone herself.
She's read that roast
recipe back to front.
Um, it's actually my
first time cooking a roast.
Oh, you shouldn't have!
We would have been more
than happy to eat your food.
Yeah. I'd eat Chinese
every night of the week,
if Kez wasn't on my
case about cholesterol.
Uh, there's no, um, MSG
in the stuffing or
Oh, uh, no, um
there's, um, lemon
rind, onion and thyme
Noelene's Korean.
So are you going to
the Olympics next year?
KERRIE: Oh! Sport
That only took a minute.
Uh, well, I don't
know if they'll send me
- but, um, we'll be covering it.
Anyway, enough about
work. Who wants a drink?
- Moi.
- You'll have one. Yeah.
Kerrie, are you allowed,
like, a shandy or something?
Yeah, yeah, I will. It's Chrissie.
- GLEN: Just a few.
Appreciate you letting me
have the first go of this, bro.
ROB: That's alright.
Bloody lines on the telly.
Wait, no, no, the
Judy's knitted three sets of
matching cardigans and booties.
Oh! (LAUGHS) Their mum sounds lovely.
Mm. She means well.
She's let her boys get away
with a lot over the years.
I've had to work very
hard to keep Glen in line,
which is why I'm so glad Rob's
brought someone like you home.
- Oh, really?
- Yes, you just seem so sensible and smart.
And can I just say,
your English is amazing.
The girls he used to date were bimbos.
- Oh.
It's OK. I'll get it. Sorry.
No, that's fine. I can take over.
Oh, thanks. Hello. Noelene speaking.
JEAN: Noelene, it's Jean.
We've had Kay Walters
ringing all morning,
demanding to speak to Helen.
She's asking to speak to you now.
- So, could I pass on her number?
- Uh, yep. OK, shoot.
Yep, got it. Thanks. Bye.
Oh Sorry, I just need to
make a quick call.
- Hello.
- (ON PHONE) Hi. Kay, it's Noelene.
Where's Helen?
Helen's not available right
now but can I help you?
The interview has to be today.
And you'll need to send
a car to pick me up.
And I need to be paid in cash.
Oh, I'm so sorry but that
can't happen right now.
You must be starving, are you?
Yeah, but
We've scheduled you in for Monday.
It's today or I go to another network.
I might have to
Let me make some calls and
I will ring you right back.
ROB: Who was that?
Um, I just need to pass
on a message to Helen.
- Oh, yeah.
- It won't take long.
ROB: Mate, you, uh,
finished with that beer?
- GLEN: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
- Here, got this wine.
What have we got here? Red.
- Thank you.
- That's alright.
You've reached Helen Norville
and Dale Jennings.
We're unable to take your call right now
but, please, leave us a
message after the tone.
- Oh, hi, Helen. It's Noelene.
So sorry to interrupt your weekend
but Kay Walters has been calling,
adamant that we do the interview today.
Can you call me back?
Thanks. Oh, I'm at Rob's.
- Yes.
- Kay wants to do it today.
- What?!
- I can't get a hold of Helen or Dale.
Can't we just get another
reporter to do the interview?
No, Lindsay was specific.
He wanted Helen AND Dale.
For 10 grand, he wants an event.
The way Kay just sounded,
if we don't do the interview
right now, we'll lose her.
That is bullshit, Noelene.
She is not gonna find
another network today.
Um, please, start.
ROB: OK, yeah.
You know what? It is Saturday.
Yeah? The week before Christmas.
Everyone is sliding into the holidays,
which is what I intend to do
as soon as I get off this call.
Uh, sorry. This is
the last call, I swear.
- Must be important.
- Mm.
Hello. Hi, Kay. It's Noelene again.
I've tried to get a hold of Helen,
uh, but I can't get in contact with her,
so I am sorry but we can
really only do Monday.
I can't wait that long.
There are two other networks interested.
If you hang up, News at Six
has officially lost the story.
It's OK. I understand. Um
If you change your mind,
the offer still stands.
All taken care of.
I'm SO sorry!
- How is it?
- Mmm! So good!
- I'll be having seconds.
It's cooled down a little bit
but, no, it really is lovely.
I'm sorry.
That's OK.
Rob did say you were a real career girl.
It's it's not normally
like this on days off.
You usually use your days off to
watch all the things you've taped,
read all the papers you've missed.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
KERRIE: Well, your work
sounds very exciting.
I just left my job.
I was a secretary at the primary
school, just typing and filing.
GLEN: She quit and blamed me.
I was counting down the days
to becoming a full-time mum.
And they offered me
maternity leave but
I told a white lie and
said Glen wanted me at home.
Which is true.
Yeah, but I didn't tell you to quit.
- ROB: No, it's alright, I'll get it.
No, no, it's OK. Um, I'll, uh,
take it off the hook, I promise.
Hi. Noelene speaking.
Hi, Noelene. It's Dale.
I got your message. Sorry, we were out.
Uh, have you made arrangements?
No. I told Kay Helen
couldn't do it today.
DALE: Well, it will be both
of us. How long ago was that?
Uh, a few minutes.
Call her back right now and tell
her that the interview is on.
And then can you call the office
- Yep.
- get a crew and arrange a location?
- Um, OK.
- I'll call Helen.
- GLEN: Very busy?
KERRIE: Very busy. At Christmas?
Hey, guys. Morning.
- You ready?
- Pardon? Uh Yeah.
Can we just go over the
questions before we go in?
- Um, I wasn't
- Hey, Dale, you OK?
Dale, you stink of alcohol.
You're in no state to go
interview a recovering addict.
- Well, Lindsay said he wanted both of us.
- Dale, I'm gonna do this on my own today.
Get yourself home.
I just checked Kay in. She's waiting.
Brian? Ross? Let's get set up.
- HELEN: Alright. What do you reckon?
- Five minutes? Ten?
- Uh, we're almost ready.
I thought you and Dale
could be sitting over here.
- Uh, it's just me today.
- Hey.
- Lovely to see you, Kay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much for this.
- No, thank you.
So, um, Kay, I know that
you're familiar with the media
but my questions are
gonna be pretty frank.
I'm gonna ask you about your
drug use and about your treatment,
and I'm gonna talk about your
family history, family dynamic.
- OK.
- Great.
Oh, wait. I've brought some
old photos that you asked for.
And these are all fine to go to air?
Yeah, they're fine.
I'm not the only person
that you're speaking with.
No, the final story will include a range
of perspectives on the heroin crisis.
Could we do the money before we start?
Uh, we're going to pay you on
Monday, when we check you out.
I made it clear that I needed
the money before I spoke.
We can write you a cheque today but
the banks aren't open until Monday.
I could, um I could
get some cash for you,
just to get you through till Monday.
If that's OK.
Yes, thank you.
I mean, I'm just gonna
go and get her 100 bucks
- because what's the alternative?
- OK.
OK. Um she won't be long.
- That's OK.
- Um, I'll just
HELEN: How much were you spending?
Hundreds of dollars a day.
What makes it so addictive?
It's like
your problems don't exist.
But heroin wasn't some
kind of escape for me.
It was a life raft.
Do you still feel that way?
I'm committed to staying clean,
whether I have the support
of my parents or not.
You know some people would find
it pretty hard to understand
why someone with your
kind of life advantages
would need that kind of life raft.
Addiction doesn't just
come from nowhere.
It's a symptom of other
problems, usually from childhood.
it's true, I grew up in a big house
rode horses, travelled
overseas as a child.
But it was drilled
into me that what we had
was only because my father
was famous and well respected,
and if I did anything
to compromise that
even the slightest thing
I was a disappointment and I was shamed.
I didn't want to be a failure.
I don't think I was ever
what my parents had
imagined for their life.
So, I tried to be this
version of myself
how they wish I'd turned out.
The model daughter.
Smooth, perfect and
no rough edges.
Worthy of pride, I suppose.
Do you love your parents?
Do you think your parents love you, Kay?
I think they do.
But there are two types
of families in this world
the families where the
parents choose the children
and the families where they choose
each other over the children.
Rehab is
it's full of the latter.
REPORTER: (ON TV) As sport-lovers
look towards the 1988 Olympics,
one of the most highly anticipated
events is the men's basketball,
thanks to the surprising
strength of the Soviet team.
- Prominent commentators
- Got the story?
- Yeah.
- that it's one of the best sides
ever assembled for an Olympics,
and that they are taking
training very seriously
in the lead-up to Seoul.
The defending gold-medallists
are, of course, the United States,
who won in Los Angeles
Am I uninvited to Christmas lunch?
(CHUCKLES) They were fine.
They just kept telling me that
I'd better not balls it up.
an unreasonable handicap.
Hey, Noels?
How long do you see
yourself working like this?
I haven't I I don't know.
'Cause you know I love
that you're a career girl.
I mean, you know that, but
I do wanna get hitched one day
and, uh
and and have kids.
if you don't wanna do that
No No, I do.
It's it's just
I wouldn't want to stop work.
Would that be OK?
Yeah We'd work that out.
Just, then, you might
find you become a mum
and all that changes, but
either way, I'll be earning
plenty, so you'll have options.
I love you, Noels.
I love you, too.
KAY: the families where the
parents choose the children
and the families where they choose
each other over the children.
Rehab is
it's full of the latter.
HELEN: Previously dismissed as a problem
for cities, gutters and alleyways,
the heroin crisis has now found its way
into some of Australia's wealthiest
and most powerful families.
(CHUCKLES) Bob Hawke. Christ.
Like any father, I
I love my daughter.
I trust her.
And she was completely exonerated
by the processes of the law.
And with the Drugs of Dependence
Ordinance coming into effect
in the ACT,
time will soon tell whether
being referred for treatment
or incarceration
will prove most successful
in rehabilitation.
This has been Helen
Norville, News at Si
LINDSAY: Right, you
lose the Hawke stuff,
you lose the rehabilitation claptrap
and you go out on, uh, "One of
Australia's most beloved families."
You put a lot of footage of Geoff,
maybe Evelyn.
Make sure it's Geoff at his peak,
when Kay was a little kid.
This was never supposed
to be about one family.
For those of you who
might be interested,
this is why I didn't want
Helen doing this story alone.
We've got 30 years worth of
Geoff footage and it is going in.
OK, Noelene, get a copy to promos.
You know, Kay would never
have agreed to this interview
if I hadn't assured her
that it would be just me
and that her name would
be left out of the promos.
Oh, Helen, that's all fine.
It's OK. All the promos are
taking the mystery angle.
So, her name won't be anywhere.
Until tonight.
What did you think of the story?
I think you handled the interview
sensitively, as you always do.
And I think you're trying
to convince yourself
it's some big, complex
story about a drug crisis
when, really, it's
a juicy story about a
famous family torn apart.
That's what it is.
That's what it always was.
It's gonna be huge.
What would you do?
The updated script.
I checked and Kay's name's not mentioned
but they've gone hard
on the mystery reveal.
(READS) "They're famous,
wealthy and respected
but, tonight, News at
Six can exclusively reveal
which beloved Australian family
has been devastated in the
exploding heroin crisis."
- I mean, I
- Oh, sorry.
- That's OK.
(READS) "The only thing more
shocking than the shattering details
are the names of the people involved."
Yeah, I can't I can't read that.
Do you want me to
change it on the autocue?
I don't even know what I'm gonna say.
JEAN: Helen. Could I
have you for a moment?
- Why?
- Kay Walters is here.
She's asking to speak to you.
Jesus Christ.
Thanks, Jean.
Kay, hi. Are you OK?
I need you to cut me out
of the story. I'm so sorry.
That's OK. What's happened?
Can you just focus on
the other interviews?
I I mean, Kay, I'm
sorry. It's it's too late.
You've got hours.
I've got hours until
the evening bulletin
but I'm about to go and do
the afternoon update now.
I can't stop thinking
about everything I said,
and them seeing it.
They'll they'll
never recover from this.
FRANK: Helen, 60 seconds!
Helen, please take the money back.
Please, please, please
I mean, you can give that
back to me but it's, um
it it's not gonna change anything.
I'm sorry. It it
really is too late, Kay.
I'll show you out.
FRANK: 10 seconds!
In six, five, four
Good afternoon. I'm Helen
Norville, with the afternoon update.
Prime Minister Bob Hawke has
vowed to crack down on gun laws.
He's called for a ban on
sending firearms through the mail
as well as an enquiry
into television violence.
Minister is about to chair
a national conference on gun laws.
He will be hoping to persuade
the states and territories
to implement a range of measures,
including the banning of automatic
and semi-automatic weapons
and the restriction of
excessively violent videotapes.
While the Prime Minister
can count on moral support
from Victorian Premier John Cain
FRANK: And we're back in five, four
Motorists seeking to distance themselves
from Australia's 200th birthday
will, next year, be able to
remove the Bicentennial logo
from their numberplates,
in a change to state law.
REPORTER: But the move
has drawn criticism
- from the Shadow Attorney-General
- FRANK: We're back in five, four
REPORTER: seen as one nation,
and objected to any group
separating themselves
from the community.
LINDSAY: What's happening?
What the fuck is happening?!
Studio Studio! Studio!
FRANK: Helen?
Frank, what the fuck is she doing?!
- Don't know.
- Where'd she go?
You're not a fucking red
setter, Frank! Don't point!
- Where'd she go?!
- I don't know!
Murray, I need the Kay
Walters interview tapes.
I haven't finished cutting it yet.
What are you doing?
What are you?
LINDSAY: Noelene!
Noelene, did promos have
another copy of that interview?!
- No!
- Oh, fuck that!
- DENNIS: Come on, come on, please.
- Dale
DENNIS: There's gotta be
a back-up, in the truck.
- Was this planned?
- I have no idea.
Yeah, well, she can forget
about the evening bulletin
and every other bulletin
for the rest of 1987!
GERRY: Put us out of our misery,
Dale. Are you and Helen OK?
Helen and I love and respect
each other enormously.
VAL: You won't be lonely here?
It's so much space for one person.
DALE: I love it.
You know that I'm flying
to Washington on Wednesday?
I've mentioned you as my producer.
Did you want to say yes to this?
I want to do what's best.
Thank you for joining us as we
celebrate our 200th birthday.
Geoff heard something last
night, something concerning,
and I felt I ought to warn you.
Dale, it's Helen. Can you please
stay at home? I'm coming right over.
- DALE: I'm already late.
- I need you just to stay there.
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