The Newsreader (2021) s02e06 Episode Script


Helen Norville, will you do
me the honour of being my wife?
I-I can't.
I feel like the way I love
doesn't fit in anywhere
and I've been ashamed of
that for a really long time.
Had a bit of a conversation with the
biggest news director working today
and Vincent Callahan is keen
to have a little bit of a chat.
So you end your relationship with me
and right afterwards, Charlie
Tate is leaving messages?
It's got absolutely
nothing to do with us, Dale.
You stay away from my daughter!
I need you to cut me out
of the story. I'm so sorry.
Helen, 60 seconds!
What's happening?
What the fuck is happening?!
And with only five more sleeps to go,
royalty is about to
descend on Australia.
And by royalty, I of course
mean pop singer Cliff Richard.
my co-host for next Tuesday's
Bicentennial Spectacular
is, of course, News At
Six's very own Dale Jennings.
But you might have noticed,
we haven't seen a lot of the
golden couple of news recently, hm?
In fact, Mr Jennings has
been on the news desk alone
and just this week we heard Helen
Norville's heading to Washington.
What on earth is going on?
Well, only two people can tell us,
and one of them is here with us tonight.
So please join me in giving a
very warm Gerry Carroll welcome
to Mr Dale Jennings.
So, Dale, how was your Christmas break?
Slightly hectic, Gerry. Yours?
Absolutely no-one cares.
So put us out of our misery,
Dale. What is going on?
Are you and Helen OK?
Oh, well, look, Gerry, I'd
love to deliver a juicy drama
Well, yes, that's why we're here.
Helen and I are great. Thanks.
But she's been offered a new job?
She has.
What could possibly surpass
sitting beside you on camera?
Honestly, I'm doing it right now.
I can confirm, it's electrifying.
Uh, well, look, Helen's always
been riveted by US politics.
And so when the opportunity came
up to cover the US 1988 elections,
she couldn't turn it down.
But what does this mean
for the golden couple, Dale?
My wife's very anxious about it.
Helen and I love and respect
each other enormously.
But given the distance and
the demands of her new job,
we've both decided, with a lot
of love and a lot of sadness,
to separate.
Oh, I'm sorry. Um
Oh, Carla will be devastated.
Not so much our neighbour Debbie,
who I'm sure will want me to ask,
are you dating yet?
- Gerry, it's very recent.
- I know.
How insensitive of you, Debbie.
Shall I ask again mid-year?
Let's say Easter.
Very good.
And, ladies and gentlemen,
that was Mr Dale Jennings.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Nice to see you.
- It's good to see you too.
- How are you?
- Yeah, I'm really good.
- How are you?
- Good.
It's so strange being in
the office without you.
Oh, yeah. Boring.
I can't stay long.
No. Um, OK.
Alright, I'm sorry to put
this on you so suddenly.
But, um
you know that I'm flying
to Washington on Wednesday?
- Yes.
- OK.
So we're starting to put
a crew together and
and I've mentioned you.
To the execs.
As my producer.
- Oh.
- '88 in the US, it's gonna be incredible.
It's the election, it's
Reagan's last year in office.
He's going to be putting
immense pressure on Gorbachev.
- I'm contracted to News At Six.
- Yeah, but it's a shitty contract
and you'd only have to
give two weeks' notice.
We'd have limited
interference from the network,
we'd be able to pursue our own stories.
Noelene, it would catapult you.
It would set up your career.
Noelene playing hard to get.
Well, we have a number of
options for the producer role,
if you're in trouble.
- No, I'm not.
- Plenty of good people.
No, I am I'm I'm
pretty sure that she's a yes,
but she's just going
to need another week.
She's then going to need another two
weeks to give notice to News At Six.
Cutting it fine for Iowa.
I know, but I think she's worth it.
She's smart as hell.
She seems unassuming.
Helen, if you think she's
right, then we'll get her.
It's your choice.
I've received a few phone
calls from Lindsay Cunningham.
Four, as a matter of fact.
They started right after we
announced that you were joining us.
I'd recommend ignoring them.
Well, I've avoided him so far,
but he will get to me eventually.
Is there anything I
need to say or not say?
I might leave him
hanging for a bit longer.
Our top stories again,
the First Fleet re-enactment
leaves Botany Bay
for the final stage of
its Bicentennial voyage.
And Chris Evert advances to the final
- Why does he have to shout?
- of the Ford Australian Open.
She will face Steffi Graf on Saturday.
And, of course, on Sunday,
Aussie legend Pat Cash
takes on Mats Wilander.
A week every Australian
will long remember.
Have a great weekend.
And carn, Pat Cash!
Hey! Well done, you. Young Dale.
- Good on you.
- Where are you going?
You're not going to hang out for Geoff?
Oh, turn it up.
- Before we commence tonight
- Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'll be taking a break next
week as we cover the spectacle
of the Bicentennial festivities.
And I'm sorry to say that I will
not be returning to this desk
the following week.
I've made the difficult decision
to take an extended break
from The Walters Report.
I've always maintained that newsmen
should never become the news.
But this country is in
the grip of a crisis.
And it is a crisis of drug addiction.
That crisis has now
reached my own family.
As you can imagine, this
is a deeply personal matter.
And I will not be
talking in detail tonight.
But I do feel compelled to
just say two things.
Addiction is an illness.
And it is an insidious one.
I hope that my honesty tonight
shows that it can affect
any Australian family.
And, secondly
I love my daughter.
Kay Walters is a
beautiful, intelligent
creative young woman.
And she will be facing this
recovery with her mother and I.
We will devote every effort to it.
Paddy Hewitt will be taking on
my position as Bicentennial host
and be commandeering
this desk in my absence.
I know he can look
forward to the support
of our many, many loyal viewers.
- To our first story tonight
- What does this mean?
look at Britain's
- It means
- official Bicentenary gift to us.
we are going to
win Bicentennial week
hands fucking down!
Royal Highnesses Prince
Charles and Princess Diana.
Would you like to do the honours?
Goodness. A lot of space.
Magnificent, isn't it?
You must be so proud.
Well, enjoy.
I feel like I'm in a museum.
Well, it won't feel so big
once there's furniture in it.
It's very modern, isn't it?
- I know it's not a family home, Mum.
- I didn't say that.
I'm sure you'd prefer something cosier.
I just want you to be happy.
That's all I've ever wanted.
You won't be lonely here?
So much space for one person.
I love it.
I never thought I'd step
foot in a house like this.
Let alone own one.
This is ABC News on the 25th of January,
Bicentennial eve, and crowds are
already gathering at Sydney Airport
for the arrival of the
Prince and Princess of Wales
who are expected to land any moment now.
The royal couple's stay in
Australia will last 10 days
- Hello?
- It's it's, um, Gerry.
Have have you seen The Sun?
No. Why?
I was arrested yesterday in Sydney.
The charge
um, the charge is indecency.
Hang on.
Listen, could you
could you come over here?
Before work?
Yeah, of course.
The network knows. I'm just not
sure how they're going to manage it.
I-I might need your help.
Yeah. I'll be right over.
Thank you.
Dale, hi! Dale!
Jennings! Mr Jennings.
Mr Jennings any comment on the arrest?
Have you seen the article this morning?
Is that reporter still out there?
There are at least
five that I could see.
You alright?
I think we need to get
Alison off to school.
No, let her stay at home.
No, I think it's important that the
reporters see you and I together
No, the other kids.
We keep smiling, we say nothing
and we never, ever apologise.
OK? That's how we get through this.
Yeah? OK?
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- You read it?
- Yeah.
I mean, it didn't go into much detail.
It said, "Arrested in
public bathroom." It's
It's enough.
Do you have a lawyer?
Yeah, yeah. We think we
can get the charges dropped.
What am I doing here?
I need I need you to fight
for me to stay on air, Dale.
People aren't answering my calls.
The sponsors have cut me.
I, um
If I disappear, I'm done.
Do you understand?
We've got each other's backs, don't we?
Don't we?
Of course.
Because, you know, um
if you were in this position
you know I'd do the same for you.
Of course.
Oh, jeez. Dale! Dale, come here.
Uh, are you across all this
Gerry business, are you?
- The Sun?
- Yeah.
And the Sydney Morning Herald.
Jean said she heard
it on the radio twice.
Did you know he was a poof?
I'm not drawing any conclusions.
Oh, come on. He makes Bernard
bloody King look like Tarzan.
Mate, he was sprung in a
public toilet in a park.
Could you imagine his poor wife?
Oh, she's alright, Robbo.
She's pretty switched on.
I'd say she'd know about it
because we've been hosing down
stories about this fella for years,
haven't we?
Can't hose down an arrest, can
you? So he's off air tomorrow.
It's a little premature,
don't you think?
It's an arrest for public buggery.
Tomorrow is the biggest
family day viewing
in Australian television history.
- He's gone.
- Look, Rob's going to take over the Fleet.
We'll get the royal watcher in
to help you with Charles and Di.
- It'll be simple.
- No, if you take Gerry off air
- that's just confirming he's guilty.
- He is guilty!
I just don't know how comfortable I feel
about being up there beside him.
Like, he does that kind of thing.
- Dale, morning update.
- Jean.
Gerry's the most popular
personality on this network.
I am not doing it without him.
He's turning into Helen.
20 seconds!
10 seconds!
And in six, five
Dale Jennings here with a morning update
on this sunny Bicentennial eve.
And today, we have already
seen a double royal celebration.
The Prince and Princess of
Wales have just arrived in Sydney
and Buckingham Palace has announced
that the Duchess of York
is expecting her first baby.
- The royal couple
- And we're out.
emerged from an
Australian Air Force 707
Vincent Callahan's on the line.
Oh, thank you.
2,000 well-wishers were
there to greet them.
Vincent, mate, how are you?
Lindsay, mate, sorry
I missed your calls.
Oh, that's OK. You're a busy fella.
You're doing well for
yourself, aren't you?
Now, I reckon I know why you're calling.
Uh, do you just?
Lindsay, I just want to say
that we didn't approach Helen
until well after she left News At Six.
- Honestly.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Mate, sorry. Did she say SHE left?
Well, she said there
was an editorial dispute.
Quite a heated one.
And, of course, we
know she walked off air.
Oh, mate, I hate doing this, but
that was no walk off, Vincent.
That was a breakdown.
And if you're going to hire this woman,
you need to know that she
has breakdowns regularly.
Well, I know she's volatile
and very passionate.
Do you know that she was
also in a mental institution?
A nut house.
And that some of the press know?
You've hired a woman
with real problems in her head.
Now, I don't know whether
it's manic depression,
whether the poor thing
has got schizophrenia,
but if Helen Norville
can't read an autocue,
if she can't manage to do that,
how the fuck is she going to
navigate a US election campaign?
I appreciate the candour.
Listen, Lindsay, I've got to go.
Thank you.
Fuck you, Helen.
Come on, baby, do the locomotion ♪
It's getting late.
- Oh, well, it can't go too much longer.
Also, I need to speak to you.
OK, I've got to be up at five, so
Hey, Jen, could you turn
down the telly? Noels.
Do the locomotion ♪
My little baby sister
can do it with ease ♪
You bring out the best in
everyone around you, especially me.
Um, and I want to spend
the rest of my life with you
and build a family with you.
Noelene Kim
- Yeah?
- Yes.
Yeah, I told Jen I was
going to do it tonight,
and then I couldn't find the right spot
and was getting panicky there.
- Yeah. Um
- Oh, yeah. Thank you, Jen.
Uh, yeah, Mr and Mrs Kim,
I wanted to bow for blessings.
Oh, let's take a photo.
Um, if it's OK,
I think I just want
one with the both of us.
- OK.
- Hey.
Sorry, should I not have done
that in front of your family?
They're fine.
I just thought it might
help with your dad,
but he still seems pretty suss on me.
It's not you. That was
actually a good reaction.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
Yeah. Come here.
I love what you did.
You've made me very happy.
How about one last drink?
It's late.
Please, now that I can relax.
Just one more.
I have one thing I need to tell you.
I've been offered another job
at another network.
Jesus, Noels.
You just had me shitting bricks.
For a second there I was thinking,
"You idiot. What else
have you ballsed up?"
That's that's great. It's good.
Of course other networks
are going to be chasing you.
What is it?
Helen asked me to be her producer.
For election coverage.
In America.
Over there in America?
How long for?
Until the end of November, at least.
And here I am, signed
for another two years.
So hang on, when do
you have to decide by?
- I said tomorrow.
- You said tomorrow?
Jesus. Uh
I made it very clear I
needed to speak to you first.
I don't know what to say.
I feel like I've been very patient
sneaking around for a
whole year, and then
Did you want to say yes to this?
I want to do what's best.
For both of us.
What what time is it?
- Too bloody early.
- 7 o'clock?
Oh. I hope I didn't wake you.
Could I have a word in private?
I understand you've
accepted a new position.
Geoff and I spent two
months in Washington
in the wake of the Kennedy
What do you want to talk
about, Evelyn? Why are you here?
I'm aware of what you did.
With Kay.
I wanted to thank you for your
decency in a troubling situation.
Well, that was for Kay, not for you.
Uh, also, Geoff heard
something last night.
Something concerning. I
felt I ought to warn you.
He's had several calls in the
wake of the Gerry Carroll business.
Last night, Donna Gillies specifically
mentioned Dale, repeatedly.
She mentioned something about
a tryst with a news cameraman.
Geoff said nothing, of course,
but she proposed that was the
real reason for your separation.
- Well, I think next time
- I think you should answer.
I think you should answer
and you should deny it firmly.
I think a denial from
Geoff Walters would go a
Thank you very much, Evelyn.
I asked you to stay in that room!
- She's the last person in the world
- Helen!
that I would want to know
about whatever the fuck this is.
Helen, it sounded like
a crisis. Jesus Christ.
- I just didn't
- Alright, alright, alright.
I'll grant you, we've never
exactly had a conversation
- about Dale before.
- What?
- We've never spoken about Dale.
- A conversation about what?
- A conversation about the fact
- What are you trying to say?
We both know what team
Dale bats for, Helen.
Get dressed.
Get your shit
and get the fuck out of my house!
- Hello?
- Dale, it's Helen.
Can you please stay at
home? I'm coming right over.
- I'm already late.
- No, I need you just to stay there.
- Hi.
- Hi. Thank you for, um
Thanks for staying.
Um Oh. OK.
Dale, I need to tell you something,
and I just need you not to
not to freak out.
But, um, Evelyn Walters came
to my house this morning.
- What?
- And, um, well, uh
- What, Helen?
- No, no, it's
So, Geoff, Geoff's been getting
phone calls from from Donna Gillies
about, um, information
that she might have
in regards to you and a male cameraman.
She called me too.
She called me yesterday twice and
left messages, which I ignored.
Geoff's made no comment.
Dale, has something
happened since, um
since we separated that ?
OK, well
I mean, that means it's it's just
It's just Geoff and
myself that she's called.
And nobody else knows, do they?
Gerry knows.
I told Gerry.
What do I do?
You know what? I still think
that there's a really huge chance
that this will just blow over.
Just go in. Just do your job.
Act confident.
Just it's what you do.
Come on, get up.
Get your bag.
You go in to work and you
act like everything's normal.
And I do I do think
this could blow over.
I just
I just needed you to know.
- Happy Australia Day!
- Thanks.
We're putting Rob on with
you right from the start.
Then Gerry will take over for
the Royals and the ceremony.
Then it will be you
alone for the fireworks.
Oh, Dale.
You've had several messages.
A former cameraman.
You remember Tim Ahern?
Oh, of course.
He stressed he wants you to
call him as soon as you get in.
- Hello?
- Hi. It's Dale.
Just returning your call. Dale Jennings.
I don't know any other Dales, Dale.
Hey, are you somewhere quiet?
So I've been getting a couple
of calls from a gossip columnist.
- Donna Gillies?
- Yeah.
Yeah, she's been asking a
lot of questions about you.
And me.
And I said nothing,
obviously, and hung up.
Well, great. Thanks.
I-i-if she calls back, could you
just could you clarify ?
I won't answer again.
If you could just say we were
in a professional relationship,
that would be appreciated.
I'll ignore her, but I'm not lying.
I'm past that.
Did she say who fed the story?
Look, I, uh
I know you're going to deny everything.
And I didn't expect anything different.
I got to go.
Good luck.
But no-one wants to hear Steve when
the Princess of Wales is 200m away.
- But we've got to fill a gap.
- It's a waste of an OB.
What do you want?
Upon reflection, I've been thinking
about what you said about Gerry.
You're right. He should be off the desk.
Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, Jesus Christ.
We said this yesterday.
Yeah, well, I'm hearing more
and more about his behaviour.
- Ooh, fuck me. What?
- Well, I don't know specifics,
but for such a landmark broadcast,
- it's not worth the risk.
- Jesus, we said this yesterday, Dale!
Just ring Gerry. Tell
him not to come in.
Well done, mate. Music to my ears.
Well done, you.
Now, listen, you do realise that
you're signing up for
14-hours-plus on the desk.
I can handle it.
Good morning.
I'm Dale Jennings.
10 seconds!
And five, four
Good morning. I'm Dale Jennings
and wherever you are in Australia,
thank you for joining us as
we celebrate our 200th birthday
as a modern nation.
And what a spectacular
day we have ahead of us.
- Isn't that right, Rob?
- That's right, Dale.
And the centrepiece of it
re-enactment of the arrival
Jean speaking.
First Fleet.
It arrived back in 1788
Apparently Gerry's down in makeup.
What? Fuck!
Sydney Harbour today.
Why don't we cross to the air right
now for our first live pictures?
As you can see, it's a stunning day.
And there has been a massive
spectator fleet out there
on the water all morning.
Hey, there he is.
Gerry! Hang on a tick, mate.
We've been trying to call you.
Oh, well, we've taken the
home phone off the hook, so
- But I'm here and I'm ready.
- And we appreciate that, mate.
But, you know, just on reflection,
we were thinking it
might not be a bad idea
if you rest off air just for now.
And who's 'we'?
Yeah, well, you know, it
It's a combined decision,
isn't it, Dennis?
Yeah. Yeah, like, like,
administration, publicity.
You know, just until this
whole business blows over.
Yeah, it has blown over.
Story peaked yesterday.
No, no, no, mate. Just worthwhile
letting the dust settle.
What is this?
Look, I want to talk to Dale.
Dale's on air, and he will
be for the next few hours.
Well, I'll wait till the break, then.
He wants to speak to Dale.
Dale is behind this decision, mate.
Dale Jennings came to us and he said,
"Listen, you know, it's
an unfortunate situation."
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Unfortunate situations happen
in this place every fucking day!
- Do they?
- Camera boys touching up makeup girls.
- Execs doing drugs in boardrooms.
- Oh, yeah.
I haven't done anything like that.
I've done nothing like that.
I haven't hurt anyone.
Well, I don't know whether
your wife would agree.
You don't know the first
thing about my wife.
Or me.
Well, I know a hell of a lot more
about you than I want to, Gerry.
Listen, mate, I didn't think
you were a bad sort of a fellow,
and I couldn't give a rat's toss
bag what you fuck or you suck.
But you broke telly's golden rule!
You got caught with your pants down!
Mate, this is going to end one way.
You can either walk out of
here under your own steam
or get drop-kicked out of
here on your filthy arse!
But you're gone!
By you.
Come on, Gerry.
Oh, fuck!
To the aerial shots
there. What a sight that is.
And now we can see the
crew climbing the ma
The crews climbing up there
on the mast of the ship.
It's just hundreds of thousands
of spectators. Right, Rob?
And millions more tuned
into the telly too, Dale.
And look at all those spectator crafts,
from yachts to ferries to
families piled into dinghies.
They're all feeling that
same sense of excitement.
You know what that
looks like to me, Rob?
It looks like a birthday cake.
And what an awful lot of candles
glittering on the ocean today.
Isn't that beautiful, Rob?
That is a sight to behold, Dale.
Gosh, it's hard not to feel a sense
of that Aussie spirit, isn't it?
- What an absolute ripper.
- What a ripper, indeed.
Now, let's go again back to
those gorgeous aerial shots.
Magnificent. You can see the
station sponsor there.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Listen, mate. I'm nervous. I'm
still nervous. I'm still nervous.
You you keep an eye on things
here. Keep an eye on things here.
- Yeah, OK.
- OK?
Yeah. OK. I got it.
summer day.
And here we are.
Another glorious view of the tall ships
with the News At Six exclusive
helicopter of Sydney Harbour.
I hope we haven't interrupted
any of your Bicentennial celebrations.
No. I promise you, no.
Um, so I have Alan confirmed.
And Noelene I should hear back
from tonight. I think she's a yes.
I'm sorry it's taken so long.
We actually wanted to discuss the
producer position just one more time.
Because Walshie reminded me
that we have a great
candidate that I'd overlooked.
Bill Macfarlane.
Covered Washington for us in the '70s.
He's been back recently
doing some exceptional work
on the Iran-Contra affair.
Really strong.
There's no Australian who
knows the terrain better.
- And he's a major fan of you.
- Huge fan.
Um, I mean, for me, it's really
more about energy and tenacity.
And Noelene's hungry, and I
Well, from our perspective, it's
The US campaign trail
is incredibly stressful.
It's a marathon and we just feel
that having a more experienced
set of hands would help.
So this is about me.
This is about who would
best compliment you.
And that's no longer my choice?
Could we have a minute?
Of course.
- Walshie?
- Sure.
I mean, I was pretty
clear in our first meeting
that I don't work well under
older, rigid sets of hands.
It's the reason I left News At Six
and it's the reason I
wanted to work with you.
Is that the only reason
you left News At Six?
You've been talking to Lindsay?
Anything he says, I take
with a grain of salt.
Well, what did he say?
That campaign trail would test anyone
physically and psychologically.
So we'll get back to
you with our decision.
Have a great flight.
Thank you.
Can you send Walshie back in, please?
And coming into view right now,
the Prince and Princess of Wales.
And isn't the princess looking stunning?
Both elegant and festive
in a beautiful aqua-green
ensemble with cream trim.
Reception's on the line.
- Helen's here
- What?
asking for you. She's
been calling as well.
- Well, just tell her I'm not here.
- She knows you're here.
Apparently, she's already on her way up.
Oh, Jesus Christ. I
better make myself scarce.
What a day for my
bloody gout to flare up.
Hello, Helen.
I know what you've been
saying to Vincent Callahan,
and I want you to stop.
We're done, we're out,
and we never have to
see each other again.
Fair enough by me.
But, you know, it's not just me
who's been talking to Vincent.
Everyone has something
to say about you, Helen.
I mean, everyone in this office
has a Helen Norville story to share.
Oh, and you think any of them have
anything nice to say about you?
Everyone fucking hates you.
Even fucking Dennis
had a knife out for you.
Do you know that?
He had it all set up with Charlie Tate.
And they don't even
know the worst of it.
What is the worst of it, Helen?
- You really want to go there?
- Oh, why not? We're both here.
What's the worst of it?
I don't have any friends.
Boo-hoo fucking hoo!
I don't need these
people to be my friends.
They fucking work for me.
I mean, whatever you
think I've done to you,
whatever you think
anyone has done to you,
it pales into insignificance
to what you've done to yourself!
You're all over the place
like a mad woman's shit.
What happened to that
ambitious young woman?
Do you remember her?
She came here and she would
do anything to get on the desk.
And she did everything.
And more.
And she got there.
But when she got there,
she didn't use her talent
or her integrity, and
certainly not her looks.
Did she, Helen?
You remember?
And she had it all.
And she threw it all away.
And now she's all alone.
No-one to clean up after you.
No-one to cling to. Alone.
And off to America. Ooh!
How's that gonna go
for you, do you think?
Best be careful, Helen.
'Cause you might come
home in the cargo hold.
But, you know, Helen,
good luck in America
Helen Kaasik!
Or whatever you're
going to call yourself.
You make sure, Helen
you pack lots of Valium.
You're gonna need it!
And not least in the United Kingdom.
Well, what are you looking at, you bunch
of raggedy-arse gypsy bastards?
Nothing to do?
There's a 1-in-200-year news event.
Nothing to do?!
Get on with it!
get Dennis.
Ah. OK.
That was Noelene. Says you better think
twice about going back to the office.
You need to go after Helen?
Oh, I feel like such a dickhead
for saying all that last night.
Well you didn't say
anything I wasn't expecting.
A year's a long time.
Well, I woke up this
morning and I just thought,
"You absolute wanker.
I mean, you had one
dream in life, right?
To play in a grand final team.
And you got it.
But Noels hasn't had that yet."
You really want it?
The job?
And for those of you who've
been with us since early morning,
what a fitting crescendo this is.
Sydney Harbour alight like never before.
What are you doing in here?
Rob's been looking for you.
Jean's been looking for you.
Now, Dennis, tell me,
are you hiding from me?
No, no, no, no. I was just coming out.
Well, after midnight.
Now, mate, I realise
this is coming from Helen,
which means it's about
eight times removed
from even a skerrick of the truth.
But are you doing deals
with little Chuck about me?
- Jesus Christ!
- Look, look, look, look.
I met with Charlie. It was only
brief. There's no deal, Lindsay, OK?
You hear from the CEO, you
come to me. I'm your boss.
He owns the network. He
owns half of Australia!
He owns fuck all, Dennis!
Jesus, mate, you do not
realise how lucky you've been.
There is no other bloke
in Australian television
that would have given you
the chances I gave you!
A piss-weak, half-arsed coffee
boy in a bad acrylic vest.
Sh-sh-sh-I should not call
No, no, no. Don't call
anyone. Give me a hand.
Come on.
Dennis, you never apologise
for a good punch in the face.
It is better than a head
job to give you focus.
What did you get in your deal?
Come on, tell me. Tell me. Tell me.
$50,000, Lindsay.
50 grand?
You'd have never even
got anywhere near that.
Oh, Dennis, you're not
very good at this, are you?
You poor sausage.
But you are good at your job.
I'll give you 60.
a cascade of light
spilling into the Harbour,
setting in the city, and indeed
the nation alight.
Of course, the Bicentennial
commemorations will continue
as we look towards the
rest of the royal tour,
the cultural and sporting highlights
and, of course, to World
Expo '88 in Brisbane.
I'm Dale Jennings.
This has been News At Six.
Goodnight, Australia.
And we're out!
Great job, Dale.
Good job, Dale.
That was great, Dale.
Good stuff. Well done, mate.
Come in.
Sorry I'm late.
Please take a seat.
Can I get you something?
Like wine or a water or a tea or?
- I'm fine, thank you.
- OK.
OK. Hm.
Rob and I got engaged.
He asked me last night.
I had to tell him about
your offer straightaway.
It took him a moment
but today he said he
would support my choice.
That he would wait for me.
But I've decided to decline your offer.
I'm so sorry.
I really appreciate you thinking of me.
And I know I would
have loved the job.
It's OK.
I totally understand.
I know this isn't the
choice you would have made.
But the landscape
looks different for me.
- Helen
- Mm-hm.
you're going to be incredible.
And I'll be watching.
Let me walk you out and
thank you so very much
for taking the time to tell me
all that in person.
Congratulations again.
You've reached Dale Jennings.
I'm unable to attend
the phone right now.
Please leave me a message.
Dale? It's Geoff Walters here.
I just wanted to offer my
sincere congratulations.
We watched the entire telecast.
Geoff. Sorry.
I'm here.
Stellar job, Dale.
You left the competition in the dust.
Oh thank you.
It means a great deal.
I feared
as I left the desk the, uh
there was a dearth
of great newsmen left.
I underestimated you, Dale.
The, um, golden couple was
clearly just a stepping stone.
If I was in PR, I'd brand
you the king of news.
You've earned it.
Good job, lad.
When's your flight?
I'm I'm not going.
I've got Donna Gillies
coming over today.
And I'm just
I'm going to give her the story.
The story about why I'm not leaving.
I'm going to tell her that, um
that I couldn't pack yesterday.
That I
that I watched you on
the television all day.
And realised
how much I missed you.
And then you came over,
to say goodbye and
and I just couldn't leave.
Because I
I don't function without you.
I don't have, um
I don't have a ring
or anything like that.
Dale Jennings
will you marry me?
Helen, I love you.
But we can't do this.
What do I do, though?
You do your job.
Uh, sorry, I
Helen's not here. Would
you like to come in?
I'm aware of the story
you're pursuing about me.
I know who you've been calling.
Obviously, I was going to
approach you for a response.
And and I can take a
comment now, if you like.
If you print that story, you
will sell a lot of copies.
For one edition.
I can offer you so much more.
You see, Helen's left.
Geoff's stepped back.
I'm the face of the news now.
Millions of people turn to me
for stability and assurance.
Because they trust me.
And that relationship
is very important to me.
It could be very valuable to you.
Because they are going
to keep turning to me
every night for decades.
For the rest of your life, Donna.
Because a great newsreader
is forever.
if you print that story
all that's gone.
if you don't
I'll remember.
And I promise you
it will pay off handsomely.
please make your way to Gate 12.
And five, four
Well, it's the morning after,
as Australia and the world
reflect on some of our nation's
biggest ever celebrations.
Record-breaking crowds watched
the spectacle on the Harbour,
as protesters filled Sydney streets.
The re-enactment of the First Fleet
was cheered on by hundreds of thousands,
among them Prince
Charles, Princess Diana
and Prime Minister Bob Hawke.
And the international media
covered all of it extensively.
For a complete Bicentennial roundup,
as well as highlights
of all the key events,
you're in exactly the right place.
Our reporters around the
nation are standing by,
and soon we'll be
crossing live to Melbourne
as the Prince and Princess of
Wales continue their royal tour.
I'm Dale Jennings.
Welcome to News At Six.
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