The Nine (2006) s01e08 Episode Script

Turning Point

Would you marry me? Ed.
Ed proposed me.
Excuse me.
After the bank crisis, I must say you've become quiet inspiration to a lot of people.
We have news.
You're back together.
No, no.
Lizzie is pregnant.
Why do you keep on coming here? You've become important to me.
Are we really doing this? "Turning Point" Hi, Mr.
Good morning.
You're early.
Am I? your message said 8:00.
I made a mental note.
Eight of us at 8:00.
I said 9:00 and it'll only be seven of you.
Felicia Jones won't be joining us these interviews for obvious reasons.
Right, right, of course.
I wish I had no memory of the whole thing myself.
Frankly, I have of.
been dreading this day And you are the first to arrive.
Yep, yep.
part of my new credo "go right at the fear".
but, my.
best foot.
forward so to speak.
I'm glad.
So, um.
What are you gonna ask us today.
If you don't mind, I'd like to wait for the others, so I don't have to repeat myself.
Oh, all right, uh well, I'll be right out here if you need me.
Mom, I do wanna see you.
It's just that I have a lot going on today.
Yeah, look.
I have get up and get ready now.
Okay, yeah, I'll try to call you tomorrow.
All right, bye.
She pressuring you? Yeah.
Trying to make up for lost time I guess.
well, we should get just stay in our bed all day.
tell me about it all day.
Pulling off a band-aid, better do it quick.
So are we taking the separate cars to this thing? I assume so.
You're not at all worried about being in a room with Lizzie all day and not being straight with her? I thought you wanted to wait and see where we were.
Well, we are something now, aren't we? I think facing today is gonna be hard enough.
without adding that to the mix, don't you? I will tell Lizzie.
I will.
just not today.
I don't get it.
I thought the mayor was taking you to breakfast.
You do breakfast, you don't actually eat breakfast.
I heard that Valerie Brooks is resigning from the police commission tomorrow.
so they need another skirt for the commission? They need a brilliant prosecutor with a high conviction rate.
it just might be the best male for the job.
Have you heard the mayor? He said so himself.
He's always had his eye on you.
Besides, when I'm elected to D.
, It will make it easier for me to make you head of criminal prosecution.
So, I'll see you this afternoon.
Commissioner Hale.
Certainly, District Attorney Nielson I love it when you talk dirty to me in public.
- See you.
- All right.
Kathryn Hale Where? - Ms.
Hale? - Yes.
- This way, please.
- Thank you.
I'll look forward to it, Senator.
Okay, thank you.
Sorry for the change in plans, counselor.
I had to be in D.
by 2:00.
I hope you weren't dying for eggs benedict.
I think I'll survive, sir.
I've decided to offer you my endorsement.
for District Attorney.
You, uh.
you want me to run for D.
? That's right.
But, Ed has been expecting this.
Expectations aren't guarantees, Ms.
Ed is a traffic prosecutor.
Don't get me wrong.
That doesn't make him a great candidate.
Politics is a moody game.
People like the flavor of the month.
And I'm the flavor.
Your courage inspires people.
You can't buy that kind of credibility with the public.
Sometimes, the best parts of us shine through during a crisis.
Your life is different now.
Your path is changed.
I mean one of the nine had put.
This is your moment.
I can't.
I can't.
I can't.
I understand how sensitive this is for you.
but you should know if you decline out of loyalty to him, the party will still back someone else.
Are you saying that Ed is out? Just tell me that you are not interested.
I will forget, this whole conversation never happened.
Good, good.
We'll talk more in a few days.
I look forward to working with you.
I know I difficult this is going to be.
to relive this event.
but I need to get the facts straight.
which means I may have to recall each of you several times to confirm your testimony or review, anything new that might come up.
So, we are gonna be here all day.
There is a coffee shop cross the street, plenty of waiting space here.
If you stay close and leave your cell phones on, that would be fine.
Detective Cavanaugh.
You still with me? Yeah, I know the draw.
done this thousand time.
Sorry, I'm late, everybody.
It's okay, Ms.
We're just getting started.
As you know, we are here to discuss the events that led to the murder of Tom Mitchell.
On the surface, the case looks simple.
but because only one of you witnessed the crime, and because the crime scene was compromised after Tom's murder, we need to rewind to all the circumstances before and after his death.
I know it was chaotic in that bank.
that some of you did things under-stressed you normally would not have.
Tom's death changed everything for everyone in that bank.
That's what you'll tell the jury when it's time.
That's what I need to hear about today.
So, who wants to go first.
Treasure Cheast of Drama Season 1, Episode 08 "Turning Point" SWAT heard the gunshot at 10:19 p.
Let's rewind a little to 6:30 Nancy Hale had just been released, Malcolm Jones got the pizza from the plaza.
That was all I could think about.
the pizza, you know, 'cause I'm pregnant, but no one else was eating.
Thank god Tom went first slice.
We're all left with our own thoughts.
Lucas and Randall were whispering to each other.
They had asked for a helicopter but, hadn't heard from a negotiator in over an hour There were something going on between them.
We didn't know what they were thinking.
Hey, I said forget it! Are you deaf? Hey, I'm Lizzie Miller.
I'm a social worker, how mercy feels.
What's your name? Sorry, but can we just skip this? You got some place else to be? After I see the way these bastards handled my mother, I just need a little quit time Check out the Virgin Mary come to rescue lost souls.
I'm not a saint, girl.
I'm just trying to help.
I didn't even know where we were at, and had no right to say that stuff.
I thought getting to know each other would humanize us.
I was hoping that if they could see us as people instead of poker chips, that would make it harder for them to hurt anyone.
So, where was Tom in all of this? He was having a really hard time.
He kept on blaming himself.
I didn't see him coming.
I just didn't see him coming I just saw.
see him coming is that one a swan? Yeah.
It's good.
Where did you learn origami? Okinawa, I used to station there in the Marines.
I had a whole lot of time on my hands in this job.
So, you were in handcuffs the whole time? I was at that point.
So, you couldn't see what was going on.
I could hear.
I had a sense of it.
And what did you sense? That Lucas was trying to keep things on a control.
And Randall? Randall was getting off on him.
Are we having any fun yet? Come one, now.
Smile everybody.
Party's just getting underway.
We have to do something.
Like what? There's nine of us and two of them.
What are you suggesting.
We rush them? That's suicide, no way.
The way that, once he'd been drinking coffee, he's gonna have to take a leak soon.
We rush the other one.
We get control of this.
Are you an idiot? You are gonna get us all killed.
shh, he's listening.
You got a better idea? Let's hear it.
You sit tight.
follow bank protocol avoid confrontation, and let the authorities negotiate a solution.
They have been working great for us so far.
Everyone was sort of at each other's throats, you know.
And then, Franny came up with her plan.
And what was that? I trust you'll really get into it.
We are all here to discuss Tom's murderer.
I assure you any misdemeanors performed under duress will be of no consequence.
Turns out Franny had 30 hits of extacy in my purse.
- If we just find a way to dose the scary guy - What are you doing with 30 hits of extacy.
It's Melissa's, I was supposed to take it to a party tonight.
Extacy is a central nervous system inhibitor.
If we give him enough of it, he'll pass out cold.
Then, we can put it in his water.
What about the better taste.
I tried it in college.
Coffee? Would hide bitterness.
I hate to ruin your brilliant plan, but these are straight drugs.
Yeah, so? So, we don't know what's in them or how strong they are.
Let's just say I know people who tried this patch, and it works.
Hey! News' trappers show SWAT in the back alley.
So? Make the duck, big man, and the guard, block up the back door.
I'll stay here with the ladies.
What? Go on before they bust in here.
Lucas took Jeremy, Malcolm, and Tom to the back.
but Malcolm wouldn't go without Felicia, so they took her too.
It was first time I have been separated from Jeremy.
But, that's not exactly true.
Lucas had taken me to the bathroom couple of times, but it was the first time Jeremy had been taken from me.
Don't worry about your little boyfriend, sweetheart.
I'll keep your company.
Hear, great.
Stand up.
What are you doing? One you'd like to know, little piggy.
Good, good, good.
Now, spin around.
Hey! Spin around for me.
Whatever you doing, just let her be.
- Very, very nice.
- Hey.
Leave her alone.
Excuse me? I went into the bank, thinking of killing myself that days, watching him humiliate Lizzie.
Part of me said why don't you just jump the guy.
I couldn't.
not that moment, not yet.
Why won't you say please.
Now, sit your ass back now.
Are you all right? Yeah.
I saw what he did to her.
And I knew that he could mess with any of us.
I wasn't about to let that happen to me, or my sister.
or anybody else.
I don't care what happens.
I'm gonna do it to that son of a bitch.
Who's with me.
Come in.
- Oh, excuse me, uh.
Ed, I was.
- Speak of the devil, Kathryn Hale, meet Andrea Williams, my campaign consultant.
Pleasure, heard so much about you.
Oh, you guys have been talking about me.
Ed has made it clear that he does not want his campaign to impose on you.
I told her how you feel about being arm candy but I'm making him ask.
Is there any chance you could do of few appearances.
Your image is a major asset for him.
I, I, can I just borrow him for a second? Mr.
Nielson, the D.
's on one.
Hold on, Kath.
Just take a second.
Hey, Bill! What's up? Really? Wow.
oh, obviously, this is a big disappointment.
Lunch on Tuesday.
I'll see you then.
Oh, Andrew, will you give us a moment? Oh, sure, yeah.
What are you doing? Ed, I came back here - to talk to you to try to figure this out.
- He's already set an exploratory strategy meeting for you with the party brass on Friday.
- Look, Ed, that is not what we talked about.
- You didn't say no, Kath.
- Ed, I, I was.
- I mean I've been in line for this.
for the last five years now.
He told me you were out.
Either way.
Of course that's what he told you.
- Ed, I don't know it.
I, I.
- Why weren't you there for all the photo ops? I will say no.
It's too late.
My blood's in the water now.
Bill's backing off.
City counsel chair, too.
All I did was take a breath, and think about it.
I'm doing court.
So, Ms.
Hale changed her mind, and decided to help you with her plan.
and Eva too.
we just had to find out way to get the E out of my purse without Randall knowing.
Hey, you got my helicopter? well, then stop calling, bitch! Sorry.
I need to ask you a favor.
One addict to another.
I'm having a really bad nick fit.
You wanna smoke? No.
I need um, I need one nicotine gum, it's on my purse.
um, you take that.
Bad time to quit smoking, sweetheart.
I'm sure you wouldn't knock a nice cigarette.
Look, I bet my sister that I wouldn't make it until Christmas.
Yeah, that's it.
Thank you.
You don't find any surprises.
Hey! Where is a dog.
No worry.
Thank you.
I really appreciate eat this.
It was wild.
I mean here was this girl.
I had just met.
Didn't know her at all.
When she grabbed those pills, snuck them right out underneath Randall's nose.
You said she ground up the pills with her hills? Yeah, but there was no way.
we were gonna get this stuff into Randall's mug, no way.
and just when we thought our plan was gonna fall through, Randall solved our problem.
This coffee taste like piss.
One of your employees needs to make me a fresh pot? I'll do it.
You do it.
So, you knew something was up? Yeah.
But, believe me.
I had no idea what.
and if you had? I would try to stop it.
Why is that? It was a stupid plan.
Randall had this slight suspicion they were trying to get to him.
He could've killed everybody.
Thank you.
Is it okay if I stretch for a second? My back is killing me.
Yeah, make it fast.
Randall! Tom! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Hey! I can't move my leg.
Oh, god, little children sit there hell back down.
Back off, duck! I ain't that stupid.
I can't feel my legs.
Nice try running, cop.
Showtime is over, get up! What are you doing? He's sick! hell he is.
You, take a look at him now.
It's Tom, right? Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom.
Head up.
Where are we, Tom? Where are we? - In the bank.
- Okay, good.
Where is Judith.
Where is Judith! What the hell is he talking about? Who's Judith? It's his wife.
Don't try to talk now.
I hoping to close the bank with Tom everyday for 8 years.
He was a devoted husband, good man.
You know, Tom's wife is very sick.
It says Judith who's suing the bank now.
He was always worried about her.
How they would survive if the bank would of cut staff, or if god forbid anything happened to him.
Hey, Hey! You need to see this.
That's cerebral spinal fluid.
When you hit him, you ruptured his blood net, so and his brain.
You don't get him to a hospital, he will die.
I gotta get him out of here.
Listen, we can't let him die.
No, you listen, no way, no way, no way, no way.
The only thing we got on our side is them, and I ain't let anymore of them go, and I'm calling to shots from here, and you don't like it, you can walk out that door, right now.
I'll be just fine! What the hell would you wanna do then? huh? He dies in here, that's a felony homicide, you get the death penalty.
- Both of you will get the death penalty.
- Shut up! Shut up! Everybody shuts up, so I can think.
I couldn't see the damn thing, but I new that Randall was freaking out, scared which is not how I wanted him and Lucas was ready to go up against the man.
So, what did you do? Again, I was little limited.
I just meant what happened next.
Randall wanted Tom off the floor, so we made Jeremy help care him into the bathroom.
There's ambulances and EMT is right out on the plaza.
get him out there! No! No way! There is gotta be something you can do in here.
You are a doctor.
You fix it! He needs surgery, or he's going to die.
I'm telling you.
You get the sick eye out of here, they're gonna go much easier on you later.
I need to go in there.
I, I need to help Jeremy.
I can't let you do that, sit down.
I'm begging you.
Just sit down! It's gonna be okay.
I'll be all right.
You are gonna fix him here! You're a doctor.
You fix it! He needs surgery, or.
There is nothing I can do! Do you understand me? I can't save him! Oh.
Long day, huh? kind of like being hostage again.
Going over all this moment by moment.
I remembered when Randall took Jeremy and Tom away.
I was a stranger to you, and you were really kind to me.
I thought Jeremy had been killed that I'd lost him.
turns out I was right.
just not the way I thought.
Now, the ME's report said it was a subdural hematoma.
He had a bleed on the dura.
that out of membrane of the brain.
gradually blood fills the gap between the brain and the skull, nowhere to go pressure builds on the brain.
so, the symptoms may not appear for minutes or even hours? Maybe small headache? that gets progressively worse.
So, once these symptoms appear, you have to do something fast, or brain damage or even death can result.
I told Randall.
You have to relieve the pressure.
His pulse is down to 50.
But listen, he's still with us.
You can still save him.
There's ambulances and EMT is right out on the plaza.
So, all you gotta do is get him out.
No! No way! You're going to fix him here.
You're a doctor.
You fix it.
He needs surgery, or he's going to die! I'm not sending him out there, you fix him right here! I can't! I can't here, not like this.
He needs a hospital.
There is nothing I can do! Do you understand me? I can't save him! Everybody stay calm.
Don't panic.
No! - What the hell did you.
- I told him to fix him! I told him! just take it easy, tell me what happened.
take it easy! The FBI is gonna come now to find out what's going on.
You have to answer.
Randall, just tell me what happened.
Randall! tell me what happened! I told him to fix him.
He shot Tom.
He's dead.
so, how far were you from Tom when Randall shot him.
about a foot? away, maybe two? Death was instantaneous.
He didn't suffer.
He didn't suffer.
Kates, do you need a moment? It's okay.
I'm fine.
I said I'm fine, okay? It's alright Dr.
Kates? Yes, I'd like a moment.
Kates came out of the bathroom, covered in blood and told us that Tom Mitchell had been murdered.
That was pretty much it.
And what was Randall Reese state of mind? He was off his chain.
I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid.
- I'm so stupid.
- Hey! It's gonna be okay.
I need you here with me.
Randall! Listen to me, listen to me! It's always been you and me.
I can't do this without you.
You and me, you and me.
ah huh? Kkka!!!! Hey.
You gotta get him on your control.
Look at Randall if I can.
I've never seen him like this before.
Look, the phones are not ringing.
They are not calling to ask if anyone's hurt because they are assuming the worst.
They are coming.
That's a fight you can't win.
I know that.
Does he? Hey! What are you two whispering about? I gotta get on the phone.
I gotta tell them not to come in.
Hey, let the dogs come in.
We'll shoot it out.
Go out with our boots on.
- Is that what you want? - Of course not.
Then let me make the call.
If you don't, he's gonna take everyone with him.
Do you want everyone here to die? Hey! Are you gonna listen to him? Are you gonna listen to me? This is Detective Nick Cavanaugh, who've I got.
Steve Bartlett, FBI.
Now, listen to me.
Whatever you heard, the hostages are not in danger.
So, stand down.
Do not come in.
Is anyone hurt? No, no one is hurt.
A shot was fired, but it was an accident, so stand down.
So you lied to SWAT.
It was our only option.
Why is that? They barricaded the back doors.
The front door was the only way in.
Randall had the perfect defensive position behind tellers' counters, leaving the rest of us exposed cross fire.
He was willing to take all of us with him if he came to that.
SWAT came in in the end, then it worked.
That was a very different situation, we were a long way from it.
There is no gun to my head.
If you don't believe me, put my CEO on the line.
Pete Burton, will help you be able to read me.
We believe you Nick.
SWAT's on code yellow, we are standing now.
So, you talked to Pete? Yes, Carole, we're hearing for source code the FBI that.
What the hell is this? That would cut the life feed.
Why the hell would they do that? They are coming in.
You get into a situation like that and you don't think about the rules.
All you think about is how to survive.
And with Randall, the way he was, the last thing any of us wanted to see was SWAT come through that door.
I'm not going back to prison.
I'm not going back to prison.
I'm not going back! You're gonna have to kill me! Killed all the circuits.
You gotta get him on your control, unless you want another Waco on your hands here.
Can we get to SWAT? Can you call them off? They'll never pass me through the SWAT directly.
I don't even know if I can trust the negotiator beyond the same page with the guy that sensed the army in.
What can we do? Covered, Go! Moving on the door! Stay back.
Stay Back! I'm Kathryn Hale.
Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Hale.
They have everyone lined up against the window.
I told you we were okay in here.
Just do what she says! If you do this, you will get innocent people killed.
Do you hear me? Stand down! They say they're standing down! Give me a signal.
I want a signal that everyone is standing down.
and what happened next? Nobody said anything for.
really long time.
We were alive, and Tom was dead.
and why did Tom get moved from the bathroom? That was Ev.
That was Eva.
She said we couldn't.
leave him there like that.
No, wait a minute.
Just wait.
I had worked with the man for years.
I couldn't just drag him away like a garbage bag.
Dear Lord, None of us can explain why this man, our friend, Tom, has been lost but it is in this time of darkness, we know we have a choice to believe that we are all here for reason now.
or to believe that the universe is a cold place.
and our lives ain't no meaning.
Today, we attempted to only see the darkness.
So, in this time, Lord.
when nothing makes sense.
show us the light.
and welcome Tom home.
and that's where we laid him to rest for the time.
I think that will do it for today, Mr.
I certainly appreciate you taking the time to do this.
Lizzie, it's me trying you again.
Call me back, okay? She won't pick up.
What should we do? Let's go home.
I got Kates and Rios, heading your way.
Hey! can't see you all day.
I was in and out a lot.
oh, well, but I waited.
I have something for you.
Tom made it.
Last thing he did, I think.
and you held on to it? but you do hardly knew the man.
I came to your bank, feeling.
pretty low about myself.
I couldn't do things.
I didn't do much at all but when you spoke that day over Tom, it uh.
lifted up part of me.
Really? Yeah, you had to gun on in.
The marching orders were: take Tom away.
you stopped, you said no, I wanna memorialize my friend, you did that.
You did it.
gave me, gave me hope.
and you spoke quiet beautifully, by my say You have a real gift, Malcolm.
Thank you, Egan.
Thank you.
I'm starving.
You want something from the diner? - Yeah.
- Sounds great.
Sounds funny I have the strongest hankering for a cup of coffee.
My name is Kathryn Hale.
My name is Eva Rios.
Franny Rios.
We are sisters.
in case you hear us fighting.
I'm Egan Foote.
Nice to meet you all, under the many circumstances.
I'm Malcolm Jones.
I'm the manager of this bank, and uh - this is.
- Felicia Jones.
His daughter.
Hi Nick Cavanaugh.
My name is Jeremy Kates.
I'm Lizzie Miller.
I'm with you.