The Nine (2006) s01e09 Episode Script

You're Being Watched

Previously on "The Nine" Fed tailed me to the diner last night, I spotted them after left.
The feds? Your bigger forces are at work here with me.
I've decided to offer you my endorsement for the District Attorney But Ed has been expecting this.
I've been in a line for this He told me you were out.
Of course that's what he told you.
So, are we done? I need some time to think.
Two years and we just flush down a drain with barely on conversation.
Why do you keep on coming here? You've become important to me.
How far were you from Tom when Randall shot him? About a foot? "You're Being Watched" HOUR 9 ¡¡ HOUR 9 11:22 PM I'm not interested talking to you anymore.
You know you used to be.
There, I got the blueprints.
I'm worried about Jeremy.
He won't talk to me.
He's gotta be in shock.
No one know what he saw.
You wanna play? Jen? What? You think they can see us in here? I can't make heads or tails of this.
I gotta take a leak.
You ok? Oh, yeah.
Military are in.
Army, marines.
What makes you think that? See the way we hold the gun, the way we handle these stuff? Yes, I'm military.
What's your point? My point is your war fed.
Your partner is ex-con.
It's gonna matter to trial.
It's gonna matter a lot.
What's gonna matter even more is you didn't kill the security guard.
He did.
What makes you think this isn't going to trial? Look, I know you feel some kind of loyalty to the guy, but if we end this now, you got 90 blue, they are gonna testify for you.
and against him.
Oh, yeah.
We all know that you wanted to get the security guard out.
You didn't wanted to go this way.
We find a way to end this, now.
You're gonna be much better off.
You, forget about it.
I'm not sending him out.
Now, get back down before I cuff you again.
Hey, somebody's gotta need to clean out the little girl's room.
awful, a lot of blood in there.
Hey, forget about that.
Take a look at this.
Why don't come and sit over here.
I just got out of a situation.
but I, I kind of like it if you stay with me there.
But I don't feel like sitting.
You can stand here, if you want.
Take Peter Pan, his own girlfriend, make a bloody hell.
Go on.
You two.
Come on.
- Why? What is it? - Let's go! toward the back.
Come on! L.
County Jail - Maximum Security Wing Hey, guys, he's all yours That's great.
Now give us a few.
Skeet McCormick says hello.
200 grand is missing from the money install.
What do you know about that? - Nothing.
- Really? - Why would I? - Maybe, it was a payoff - For what? - Someone who's supposed to help you that day.
- You're out of your mind.
- Am I? Yeah.
I want you to look at me in the eye and answer me this.
Was anyone else involved in the robbery? One of us? One Day Earlier Hey, Maureen.
Hear from Lizzie yet? No, and I'm not too busy trying to cover her case to track her down.
leaving a messages at home, on her cell.
Well, when you find her, tell her we need her here.
Hello? Hi, Egan.
No, I haven't heard from Li yet.
Nobody has.
I don't know what to do.
Lizzie? She's not here.
Her car is not out in front.
Good thing is newspaper is here.
Lizzie? Message received Tuesday, 11:04 PM.
It's Jeremy, Lizzie.
Will you Received Wednesday, 2:30 PM.
Lizzie, this is Maureen.
You haven't shown up work today, and you're not answering your phone Received Wednesday, 3:32 PM.
Calling you again.
Everybody work on where you are.
It's Jeremy.
Lizzie, we are really starting to worry.
End of new messages.
I don't even know what are we looking for here.
What is it? YOU'RE BEING WATCHED YOU'RE BEING WATCHED Treasure Cheast of Drama Season 1 Episode 9 "You're Being Watched" She missed two shifts at work.
and I tried calling her friends, even tried calling her parents who she barely speaks to.
Called Kathryn, Malcolm, Franny.
Nobody heard from her.
And I was phone with Egan again this morning, and we decided better come over here.
Is she ever disappeared like this before? No.
Three days ago.
How was the day we were all at the D.
's office? Yeah.
Something happened there.
What? She found out Franny and I've been seeing each other.
Which is why I wasn't worried at first because I figured she just needed a day or two to herself, but now three day, and now there's no.
You do remember that Lizzie is pregnant, and Franny just lost her sister.
You wanna pass judgment, Let's do with that later.
Right now, we all just wanna find Lizzie, right? How are you, Ms.
All right, sounds good.
I'll see you then.
So we have been in our separate corners for three days, and I'm wonderin' if you can come out.
Your life long amibition goes down the tube, she needs a few days to cool off.
I put in a call to the mayor, and when he calls me back, I'm telling him I'm not accepting his endorsement.
It's not worth it, hurting you, hurting our relationship, our future.
- It's just not worth it, I'm not taking it.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are, and I'll tell you why.
They ran the polls, Kath.
You're scoring 200points better than me across the county.
200 points better than any candidate that they can put up.
This is real.
I can't stand in your way.
You can't be this novel, and I can't take it.
I'm not being novel.
It's gonna be ugly, gonna be ugly and hard.
But if you pass on this, it will be part of you, you'll never forgive me.
No, that is not true.
Well, and part of me will never be able to forgive myself.
for standing in your way.
Now one way or the other bolt on us.
If I do become the D.
, I mean that'll make me your boss.
Well I've already called the head hunter.
and we've got 4 interviews lined up next week.
Big law firms.
5 times the money I make here.
I'll be fine, Kath.
I can't play if it turning out like this.
Maybe it's not my path.
Maybe it's yours.
You notice anything in here seemed out of the ordinary? Well, the cable TV.
How's that? She didn't have it before.
She reads.
Seen any clothes around? anything look like she packed.
Anything missing, any overnight bags, suitcases.
I've checked, everything I remembered still here.
What do you make out of the note? I love you.
You want us to have a mock robbery? It's called security training.
I don't care what it's called.
You're gonna be bringing actors in here, waving guns around? A month after two employees got killed in this place, Mary.
- It's cool.
- I agree.
I'm afraid you left us no choice when you made bank security matter of navigation.
So this is payback for the Tom Mitchell's lawsuit.
It is not payback, Malcolm.
And what about my quarterly bonus? what's going on with that? it's still under review.
and my application for original manager.
You can't be serious, Malcolm.
So you're just gonna cheap away of me bit by bit until I can't take it anymore? Is that the game here? Tom Mitchell died, protecting this bank and its employees.
Now, that is not entirely clear.
but what is clear is that you feel more loyal to this wife than you do to the company, so why would you expect the company's loyalty and return, Malcolm.
Hey, Coop.
This is Jeremy Kates and Egan Foot.
They're here to file a missing person, Elizabeth Miller.
She's a friend.
So whatever they need.
- Of course.
- And a.
Have Ferguson start the paperwork on the warrent for Miss Miller's cell phone and credit card record.
Katherine Hale in DA's office will expedite.
She's expecting the call.
I'll be back to you guys, just one minute.
- Vartak.
- Hey.
You've been tailing Lizzie Miller? You told me to back off last month then.
I haven't been even thought about it since.
- Why? What's going on? - She's missing.
Three days.
I think she's on surveillance.
Whoever is surveilling her knows where she is, right? unless she tripped to took off.
Why take off and not come to you.
I mean you pretty tie up with it, right? In a way, but I can't say how she ticks.
All right, I'll check Highway patrols hospitals for any Jane Does.
And uh.
would you run that for fingerprints on a QT.
Somebody was trying to spook her.
or to warn her.
She moved to LA when? 4 years ago.
She was in graduate school.
She transferred here USLA for second year.
How long she worked at mercy fields hospital? 3 years since she finished graduate school.
And you've been seeing each other how long? 2 years over 2 years.
Does she've been married? No.
Engaged? Any kids? She's pregnant.
about 3 months.
So she isn't showing yet.
Not yet, no.
You are the father? and she answered no? I gotta ask.
I'm the father.
We gotta get the damn cable guys out here already.
As soon as you can get away, yeah.
No, not here.
It can't be here.
You come alone, right? All right, I'll see you then.
Sounds mysterious.
What's up? Well, you know how Jeremy said that Lizzie just got cable TV? - even though she was never much of a TV watcher.
- Yeah Well, I was at home last week.
You are home.
And the cable guy comes around, says he offering 2 months free service I don't know, we already have cable TV.
He says he'll give us all the premium channel.
So I got an executive decision.
And uh, told him ok.
The thing is, this guy was very pushy.
I didn't through much trouble at the time, I just checked it out.
Silver leg, woodland hills, different cable providers, but it was the same company in our house, and the Lizzie's.
I saw the pamphlet on the table at her place.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just being crazy? What is it mean? It means she's not the only one being watched.
BANK You two, let's go! toward the back.
So you want to tell us what we are doing here? He didn't want me to say anything until he gets in here.
Do you have any word on Lizzie? No, not yet.
Well, where is Nick? Ho, ho, ho, what have we here? Why don't you head inside, I'll be there on a minute.
You sure you don't need any backup? I'm sure.
How's going fellas.
what can we do for you officer.
I'm just wondering what business you might have here today.
Ah just some installation, on the a 24 there.
What are you doing sit in the car, not installing.
we were just getting our paperwork together.
We just got here.
mind if I take a look at the back? Why? What's your problem? You got a warrant? or probable cause? You're a lawyer? or cable guy? Go ahead, take a look.
It's unlocked.
Nick, what's with all this suspense.
I found a note, Lizzie's.
which said you are being watched.
Oh my god.
I don't think Lizzie saw that.
Maybe it was just lucky for us.
We went over there, found it.
That's why I asked you all to come here.
It's very likely that some of us being surveillant.
Possibly, bugged in our homes, maybe our offices, maybe our cars.
What? Did any of you had any surprise visits from cable company in a last couple weeks? Yeah, they came around last week offering me free movie channels.
No, I haven't What about pass control? gas company, any service people showing up unexpectedly? Actually, there was a plumber that came by, but he claimed it was for the whole building.
We just had a security system installed.
Could they do with that? It's possible.
Did you order it? or did they solicit you for it? He he ordered it.
No, wait a minute.
no, they called.
Naomi insisted to put it in.
So it's all of us.
I don't get why do we have to do this here, out of all places 'cause there is no way they can surveillance here.
Is this because of Felicia? because she went to see Lucas? Lizzie went to see Lucas, too.
Ok, so who was it? the police? I am not sure.
What if it's the bank.
Why would the bank do this? Tom's widow is suing the bank for 20 million.
The bank knows I blinded alongside her.
if she wins, who's to say we couldn't all sue? I mean that at least a hundred million in stack.
It could be.
They hired Pellicano typed, poking to our business, that way if we do sue, they got something to fight back with.
Maybe it was one of Lucas and Randall's buddies or something.
High tech stuff for those guys.
Lucas is in marine, and he did cut the video vid at the bank.
So what do we suppose to do now with these things in our homes.
I know some deep bugging test.
They'll sweep our places for us Excuse me.
I gotta go.
Jeremy said that he'd been falling out with Lizzie.
Does anyone know what that's about? It was me.
She found out that Jeremy and I've been seeing each other.
What are we doing down here? I didn't know there was emergency exit by the vault.
I need you for cover.
What was that? I had to tell them.
You all right? I just want to find her.
Why didn't you tell the group that FBI followed you last night? They were tailing for different reasons, plus I have no proof that it was happening this time, not yet anyway.
Do you think Lizzie being gone is related to this? I think this is the way they are getting Lizzie Miller.
I am telling you, you would send someone to my house this afternoon, and take that alarm system out, Do you hear me? No, not tomorrow, today! Hey, it's Lizzie.
If you can't find me at the hospital, you can leave a message here.
Have a great day.
Well, I was hoping that maybe she might have called you.
Yeah, I'm a friend of hers.
I'm really sorry to you bothered you Ok, well, if you hear from her, would you have a call Jeremy? Ok, thanks.
That's her boyfriend.
All right.
Thank you.
Good bye.
Ok, come on.
We were just through the R's.
Have you noticed anything calling all these people? What's that? Well, other than the friends she's made in here in LA.
She hasn't talked to anyone in years.
I never realize, but high school, college, graduate school.
She's got numbers for all these people, but she's not in touch with anybody.
It's like as soon as she moves on, she's makin' it clean break.
She didn't just pick up and leave.
That's impossible.
How do you know.
You got somethin'? Lizzie's credit card records.
No charges at all on the last 3 days, no intent through all transactions, or any contact.
What about her cell phone? Did you get anything on that? Nothing.
No out going call since she disappeared.
Lizzie, hey, it's Kathryn.
Listen, I know about what happened between you and Jeremy, and Franny, and I know that you're upset, but.
if you just could call me back, there is a lot going on here and everyone is really worried about you.
So just call one of us, and let us know that you're ok.
Alright, bye.
So? One in the phone, one in the cabinet, so far.
Rachel, where is that Miller warrant? Here, just came in.
Well, get it to detective Cavanaugh right away.
Where are you going? There's something I have to do.
If any one ask, tell them I'm in court.
Thanks for coming, John.
Sure, Nick.
Sound pretty urgent.
What do you about that? Looks like m24.
Is that pretty standard issue for the bureau? I'm not the only one who use it.
but yeah, sure.
Any idea why are these showing up in the homes and offices of my friends in the bank.
You know I can't talk about that.
Really, John.
I should recall several.
occasion, several ethically challenged situations where I went way out on a limb for you.
But anything I tell you, you didn't hear from me, ok? Scott's honor.
Everybody's on town went after Felicia Jones went to see Lucas Dalton in county.
but I thought that smoke had cleared, it was Stockholm, nothing more.
but the stink from that didn't stick to her father Of course the first thing we did was to get to the people inside the bank.
But there was a lot more tension paid to the tellers, employees didn't show up that day.
How about the Rios girls.
We know about Eva's criminal record and Franny's petty drug stuff, but as far as I know, they both on the clear.
So as far as FBI's concerning it was Dalton reasonin', that's it.
That's it.
Any chance you would know about this? What, surveillance? this extensive? I hope I could know about it.
Social Services What are you doing? I don't know.
You think the answer to where she is might be in her patient box? I said I don't know, Egan.
You know, I realized earlier when we were in Lizzie's house that in all the time that we were together, I stepped foot in that place maybe six times.
We always hang out my place.
She was somehow okay with that.
She was understanding of the pressures of my job and.
she never asked for much which made things easy for me, and let things be easy.
And now.
I'm sitting here, and I mean do I even know this woman who I spent two years with? whom going out of a child with? I spent 18 years with the same woman.
There were days when I knew her like the back of my hand.
and there were days when I felt like, woke up sleeping next to a stranger.
I never would know anybody, not completely.
Sit down, dog.
Move! Are you alright? What? yeah.
Did something happen in there? Did he do something to you? What? Who? No.
It wasn't him.
So what is the sign? not used to seeing you outside the annual stand for booze and schmooze.
I thought maybe we would catch up.
Come on, either you dump Nielson or getting me drunk so that you can make your move.
Not necessary by the way.
or you need a favor.
It's not a favor.
You want to marry Ed, but set me up in an apartment.
Well, I'll not be cab, Kathryn.
The Fidelity Bank law suit.
Not my case, you know that, right? I swore off from the word go, even I had my limits.
I do know that about you, Dickie.
and I also know that if you knew anything, any reason why they might be surveilling us.
Surveilling? Me and the other hostages.
They are bugging our houses, our phones, my office.
What? who do that? FBI hired by your law firm to kill the Judith Michel law suit or any other law suit.
They fear they're coming down the road.
That's very tough crucial Kath.
much sexier than my conservative partners would ever be, I promise you that.
if you here anything.
There was something about the robbery.
It won't circle back to you.
I swear it.
Well, I didn't think very much of it at the time until I realized that it was cab from the press.
- Can we talk? - Yeah, it's clean.
There is money missing from the bank.
Where did you get this.
Friend of mine works for law firm representing the bank.
I asked him, but the Pellicano theory and he left in my face, but then he coughed up information about'em, missing 200 grand.
Wow, that would explain the bugging.
Someone thinks that one of us took the money while we were inside the bank.
Well, that cash, Lizzie certainly wouldn't need to use her credit cards or ATM.
Oh, come one.
She found out Jeremy and Franny sleeping together, it's good time to boat.
How could you've possibly gotten the money out of the bank.
She stashed it some place, came back to get it later.
Are we really thinking this? No.
No way.
Right? Right.
Malcolm Jones Malcome, hey, it's Nick.
How are you doing? Well, I just went ballistic on my new security guard because he looked at me fully.
Any word on Lizzie? Nothing yet.
but I've got to ask you She'd ever been back to the bank? - No.
- Sure? Well, not while I was here, certainly.
Someone would've told me if she had, they would recognize her, why? Because there is money missing.
I assume you don't know about that.
I would've thought the bank would've told me.
Yeah, me too.
So what is this mean? I don't know yet.
Let me call you back later.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
She's never been back there.
- Um.
- It's alright.
I got hid on that note, figureprint's belong to Sam Blackwell, ex-con, he's still in LA.
Thanks, man.
It's the best news I've had all day.
I better check on this.
I'll go back to work.
I'm not hungry.
You haven't eaten all day, come on.
Thank you.
Thank you doing all of this.
Of course.
No, not of course.
I mean you barely know this really.
I think we all know each other better than you think.
I found this, buried in a drawer.
There is this image I can't get out of my head.
What's that? Lizzie sitting at a bus stop.
She was 14 years old.
Her parents just told her they were getting a divorce.
So she packed up little nap sack.
broke up her piggy bank and thought one way to get into Chicago.
And of course her parents found her and took her home, but.
that image of her, sitting there alone.
whine to escape.
No, I don't.
ok, thanks.
It was Cooper, she just got charge on her ATM card a couple hours ago, gas station outside Tucson.
That's great! That's great news! Yeah, if it was her using her card, but whoever used the card would've to put in a pin numbers so.
So, it was hers.
It's gotta be her.
She doesn't know anybody in Tucson.
No idea what she might be doing there.
We'll figure it out.
Tucson, Arizona Wait a second, this is from girls' summer camp.
It's from Montana.
Yeah, I don't see any numbers from Arizona in here, been through three times.
Somebody did something to her, took her pin number.
I think I know where she might be.
You said she got gas in Tucson, right? Yeah.
Well, she told me something while we were in the bank.
Yeah? She was engaged once.
Her first year on graduate school, to one of her professors.
and he broke up with her, and that's why she decided to transfer to DC, LA.
She's never told me about this.
I don't think she ever told anybody.
I don't think she would've said anything to me if we weren't stuck in that bank, thinking we would never gonna make it out of there.
talking about her regrets.
Well, who is this guy? I told you.
He was her professor and she never told me his name, she just said that he lives in Sedona now.
There was a guy, in here with a university address, it was Wisconsin number that would've been disconnected.
maybe he moved.
You seem happy.
I am, Lizzie.
Shall we sit? Why did you break off our engagement? Well, there's no wastin' any time with pleasant trees Why don't we get right to it.
I'm sorry.
I've driven 800 miles.
I've slept total of 4 hours and I haven't changed my clothes in 3 days, so I thought we might get to the point.
Well, I told you then.
I was too busy packing my bags to hear words you said.
Remember? What is the matter, now? I pushed you away.
That's what I do, right? I push people away.
What's all the urgency for.
after all this time.
Why don't you just answer my question.
You um.
You always kept up piece of yourself from moved, and often I felt alone, even when I was with you.
You were young, Lizzie.
I don't know how much I've changed.
I saw you on the news.
I know what happened at the bank.
You must be very dramatic.
I have family, now.
It's probably my wife.
Hold on, please.
It's for you.
Kathryn Hale? Kathryn? Lizzie? How did you find me here? We've all been looking for you.
We've been worried and sick.
Didn't you get our messages? um.
I'm so sorry, I didn't know.
My cell phone ran out of power, and I gettin' out of my charger.
Lizzie, I I know about Jeremy and Franny.
What are you doing? You're running away? Leaving? I don't know.
I That's what I was thinking I guess.
I wasn't really thinking, I just reacted.
I drove about to Jacob's letter and stared into space for 16 hours, slept in my car.
drove some more.
and then I saw roadside for Sedona, and I thought of my fiance.
Wait a minute, how did you even know about him? You told Franny about him in the bank.
and she told Jeremy? What are you doing out there, Lizzie? I was in my car, and I was thinking about back then.
When he broke it up with me what I did, I mean, transferred schools because I couldn't deal with the rejection.
or trying to work it out.
I ran.
never spoke to any of my friends again.
I just took off.
Guess I thought I could get answers from him now.
about what I do to make people run from me.
You don't do anything, sweetheart.
People hurting each other.
feeling scared, that's just life.
Why don't you come home, Lizzie.
There's a lot that we need to fill you in on.
- Sam Blackwell? - Yeah.
You're being watched? What? Oh, come on, man.
Your prints all over the note.
You're a cop? I ain't Santa Clause.
Come on, what's the deal? Who put you up to? I'll tell you, will you leave my pro officer out of it? Why do you think we are doing this out here, not the station.
Buddy of mine.
- Skeet.
- Skeet? Skeet McCormick.
He just got out of county.
I guess he wanted the other inmates us someone to do it.
He paid my grand for the job.
Skeet was too nervous to do it by himself so.
he offered me $500 if I do it.
You said he just got out of county, when? - Exactly.
- Like 2 days ago.
Did he ever mention Lucas Dalton He's the guy from that bank robbery, isn't he? Yeah.
Bragging about being in a cell next to him.
guess he's big celebrity in there.
Did he do something to you? What? Who? It wasn't him.
Target is in sight.
You gotta shoot.
What is that? Everybody get down! Hey! Egan.
What are you doing here? Cooking dinner, what is it look like? It's 4:00 in the morning.
Jeremy would've been here.
He's trying to give you a little space, really wants to talk to you though.
Three days.
We know.
That how long I knew I was pregnant.
3 days and I didn't tell Jeremy.
We slept together, we ate dinner together, we went to work together, and.
I kept it to myself.
If I would've told him.
before we went into the bank, everything would've been different.
Well, you're right, but uh.
you never would've met us.
Hey, you were the one who make sure we all stayed connected, remember? Yeah.
What are you making? Indian, which I know is your favorite.
I was gonna go vegetarian, and I remember that, now you've been through some changes since the bank, so.
Kathryn said that you guys had somethings you needed to tell me.
Let's just sit.
Let's eat first.
Okay? Go.
That's great.
Now give us a few.
Skeet McCormick says hello.
Why did you send the note? I wanted to warn Lizzie.
and how did you know she was being watched? My lawyer got a tip.
He told me, so I'd stay from her.
Tip from who? Some fed.
FBI? Who else? Did you know that they were watching all of us? I had no idea.
Why would they do that? I was gonna ask you.
I just figured they were all over because of me.
She came to see me here.
Couple of times at the hospital.
200 grand is missing from the money install, what do you know about that? - Nothing.
- Really? - Why would I? - Maybe it was a payoff.
- For what? - Someone who supposed to help you that day.
Help me with what? I'm not sure exactly.
You think Lizzie was a part of robbery.
Maybe you sent her the note because she know she'd tell everyone else.
either way, you accomplished the tip-off.
You're out of your mind.
- Am I? - Yeah.
I want you to look me in the eye and answer me this.
Was anyone else involved in the robbery? One of us? Don't you think you would've figured that out in 52 hours? You haven't answered my question.
It was just me and Randall.
Treasure Cheast of Drama I don't believe you.