The OA (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Chapter 6: Mirror Mirror

Fuck! [SIGHS] Why couldn't we just have taken your dad's new car? Because we weren't supposed to drive across the fucking country.
We were supposed to go to the Good-fucking-will.
- The wagon breaking down was a sign.
- Don't start with this again.
Why are we even standing here trying to get reception for Triple-A, when we could be doing the movements and sending her to another dimension already? - We don't even know if that would work.
- 'Cause we haven't tried.
BBA's uncle's on his deathbed, Steve.
She has to say goodbye.
[SCOFFS] She's using it as an excuse not to jump.
- Dude - I mean, seriously.
Nobody cares about their uncles that much.
She's going to jump, just not right this second.
She needs to say goodbye to family.
[BETTY] Oh, my God! - Fuck.
- [BETTY] Oh, my God! [BETTY] Help! - [BUCK] Hey! - [BETTY] Stop! - [BUCK] Stop! - [BETTY] Please! Please, stop! - Hey! - [BETTY] Please! [BETTY BREATHING HEAVILY] Please.
- Do you guys need a ride? - Yes, please.
[SIGHS] Guys, come on.
Get your stuff! Buck, get in.
- Thank you so much.
- Guys! - My pleasure.
- [BETTY] Come on! You're a life-saver.
[GRUNTS, SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] How exactly are we supposed to send an old lady to another dimension if she doesn't wanna jump? Are we just gonna push her into the invisible river? I'm sorry you're not the chosen one.
What? I I know you're bummed about not going to her.
We'll be doing the movements anyway.
What difference does it make if I just jump at the last second? What the fuck is it with you? Rachel said only BBA.
[BETTY SIGHS] The mechanic said it might be the timing belt.
They'll bring it here for us when it's ready.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] What's everyone getting? So, uh, I've been thinking Well, really since, uh, since French found the books about her story.
You know, what was real and what was maybe metaphor.
Look, I I did a ton of research.
I looked up every copper mine in North America.
I couldn't find any abandoned ones like she described.
I I looked up Cuban guitar prodigies, schools for the blind, ER doctors with the last name Percy, but I I couldn't find anything to hold onto for certain.
Except one thing.
What? It's that OA said that when Homer told her about his NDE he described, like, a sterile space.
A suspended bridge, out the window, fog horns.
He kept hearing the name "Dr.
" And so I thought, "What if Homer was in a hospital?" Like an actual hospital.
And that might be where Rachel is or was too.
So, it's like, what hospitals have suspended bridges in the background and fog horns going off all the time? I found one hospital in the Bay Area.
- Fits all the criteria.
- What's your point, man? Uh Oh, just that we could go.
Right? We see if it's a real space.
It might make BBA more comfortable, knowing that something is certain.
And help her get to the right place and help her find the way.
Didn't you guys listen to her at all? Nothing is certain.
You can be hanging out in the subway and some dude can put you underground for seven years.
[BUCK] It's really cool that you did all this.
It's just Even if it were a real space here, would it matter? She's in another dimension.
[WOMAN] Everyone ready to order? - [BETTY] Um, I'll go last.
- No problem.
[WOMAN] What can I do you for? Um, uh, yeah, can I get the breakfast special, please? [WOMAN] Mm-hmm.
And the rest of you? - Same.
- [WOMAN] Okay.
Anybody else? [CELL PHONE BEEPS, VIBRATES] [FRENCH] Uh, could you give us a second, please? - It's okay.
I'm ready.
- No, we could really use a minute.
- Thanks.
- [BETTY] What's going on? Your phone.
Phone? "Don't everyone look at once.
AMBER alert on TV.
" [GASPS] Whoa.
[BUCK] My mom thinks we're in a cult, and you brainwashed me or [BETTY] When? When did this happen? I I don't know.
My phone was dead.
What about the rest of you? What did your parents say? Oh, my God.
Please tell me you called your parents.
Oh, my God.
You have to call them now.
Right now.
What difference is that gonna make now? They'll probably just arrest you.
- [BETTY] Oh, my God.
- All right.
Everyone just calm down.
Just act normal.
We don't wanna draw any attention to ourselves.
[STEVE] This is good.
I mean, it's over for us here now.
Let's just go out there - and send her to the other side.
- No, don't listen to him.
- He's gonna jump as soon as the invisi - Shut up, Angie.
Do not say that to me.
[BETTY BREATHING HEAVILY] I feel I feel like I can't breathe.
Here, have some water.
[FRENCH] Holy shit.
And you're a minor.
We crossed state lines.
The FBI's probably involved.
[BETTY] I'm feeling I'm feeling dizzy.
My heart's beating too fast.
[PANTING] Does does traveling dimensions mean you die in the dimension you're already in? OA got shot in the heart, I feel like mine's about to give out.
Maybe that's how this works.
Maybe that's why Rachel said only I could go.
Because you're all too young to die.
[FRENCH] All right, we have to get out of here.
Okay? And we have to get rid of our phones.
Let's go.
[STEVE GRUNTS] [PANTING] I got all the cash I could, and I found a bus in Reno that goes to my cousin's.
Can we trust her? Well, we grew up together.
I'll call her from a pay phone when we get to Reno.
How come there's only five phones? - Jesse, hand it over.
- Why? - [STEVE] Dude.
- We know there's nobody looking for me.
[ANGIE LAUGHING] Jesse? [RETCHES] [GULPS] [STEVE] Jesse? Dude? It was only a car, man.
You should sleep.
Come on.
- Aw! - [BETTY LAUGHS] It's just so good to see you! Have any of you ever seen the ocean before? - [JESSE] How far is the ocean? - Right behind the house.
I, uh, I dug some tents out of the garage.
I thought maybe you guys might like to camp out on the beach.
- [JESSE CHUCKLES] For real? - [AMY CHUCKLES] Yeah! [JESSE] Cool.
[ANGIE] Hey! [FRENCH] Holy shit.
[JESSE] Whoa.
It's so pretty.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Yo, I need a fucking bath.
It's been too long, hasn't it? [CARL BREATHING DEEPLY] Thank you for letting Theo and I come and pester you every summer.
[CHUCKLES] You were our saving grace.
I just remembered.
I used to call your dad "Uncle Beach Ball.
" - 'Cause his beer gut was so round.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] That's right.
It's terrible.
You know what? Forget this.
How about this? Hmm? Right? Come on.
[CHUCKLES] [JESSE AND ANGIE LAUGHING] [STEVE] Jesse! - Jesse! - Yo! Come on! Jesse, get in! Jesse, come on! - [FRENCH] Jesse! - [CHUCKLES] [BUCK] How cold is it? - [STEVE] Do you wanna try? - No! [SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] - To Uncle Beach Ball.
- [LAUGHS] - To Uncle Beach Ball.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
[LAUGHS] Thanks for letting me bring the kids here.
[MOCKS RETCHING] I bet he's happy there's a full house again.
They seem like good kids.
Why are they here? You remember the last summer we came? Theo and I were maybe 16? Oh, sure.
[CHUCKLES] I remember the broomstick he threw through the aluminum storm door.
You can still see it.
There's a hole, like a bullet hole, clean through.
[CHUCKLES] I know.
Theo was hard to handle.
I really appreciate all those summers with you guys, is what I'm trying to say.
Our house, it [INHALES DEEPLY] It wasn't a good place.
Those two or three weeks every year was the only time we ever really got to breathe.
[SIGHS] Betty the sheriff called yesterday.
Michigan police contacted him.
They're looking for you.
The police.
There's an AMBER alert.
You You know that, right? What did you tell him? Well, I've known him my whole life, I told him the truth.
That I thought that you were probably in shock.
And what you went through, honey.
Come on, that's just too much.
- [SIGHS] - I mean, when I heard that there was, uh, an active shooter at your school, the things that ran through my mind [SIGHS DEEPLY] I knew you'd protect those kids.
But I think that you're confused now.
I think I think that somehow you think that you're still protecting them.
Is that right? Oh, see now [SIGHS] I was supposed to call Owen the minute you got here.
Betty, you have to help me.
I'll be out of your hair by morning.
What What do you mean? What are you gonna do? No, see? You're scaring me.
Is it true what they're saying that you're in some kind of a cult with that woman? No, it's not true.
It's not the way they mean it.
I mean Bef [EXHALES] Before I met OA I had resigned myself to missing certain things in life.
Certain emotional things like Theo's funeral.
And like Well, lots of things.
I thought life was too much for me.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] But I was wrong.
OA showed me that Wait, OA is the blind girl, the one who was killed? - Yeah? - She wasn't killed.
Not really.
She She - All right, I can't - Amy, please.
- You know me.
- I thought I knew you.
Please, don't call the police.
It'll just make things worse.
All right, well let's just get everyone settled in, and I'll sleep on it.
Okay? [BETTY SIGHS] Do you really think she can do it? She ran into the cafeteria for you all, didn't she? [GIGGLES] Theo? [CHUCKLES] [JESSE] like being encased in a cloud.
Warm, fuzzy all the weight lifted, not a care in the world.
And my dad was still around, and go visit his family in Canada, but just across the bridge.
I don't remember any of the names.
They had some land, a pool, always a crazy long day.
After dinner the grown-ups would smoke and talk for hours.
I'd fall asleep in front of the fire, listening to their talk.
I didn't really wake up when it was time to go.
All the same, I could feel my dad lift me into the air.
I'd float out to the car in his arms into the backseat.
The quilt would come out of nowhere, warm and heavy.
I was sleeping and not sleeping.
The car moving down the highway.
Streetlights flowing over me through the window.
That's what it'll be like.
That's what heaven will be like.
[BETTY] Let's let Uncle Carl sleep, Jesse.
[AMY] That was lovely.
[JESSE SIGHS] [BETTY SIGHS] I guess maybe you are doing something right with these kids.
We'll talk more in the morning.
[BETTY] Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
- It's so quiet here.
- [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] It's just the summer people.
They won't start coming out for a few months.
Uncle Carl's one of the few who still lives here year 'round.
Is he gonna die soon? Yeah.
He seems like a nice man.
It was kind of you to spend some time with him.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I guess.
I mean, I should I should get some sleep.
Me too.
[SIGHS] Um Tell Steve we have to get up early.
I want my last view of this dimension to be a good one.
[SIGHS] Also, we have to do it before Amy wakes up.
She thinks I kidnapped you guys.
It's kind of the other way around, isn't it? Yeah.
Please, help me! [GRUNTS] [WHIMPERING] [PANTING] Where Where is Jesse? [STEVE] What time is it? Where is Jesse's tent? [BUCK] He's in the one on the end.
- Get up! Jesse! Jesse! Jesse, what the fuck is this? Dude! - [ANGIE] Is he okay? - [STEVE] Jesse! [BUCK] What's wrong with him? [STEVE GRUNTS] - What the fuck is this? - [BETTY] It's Uncle Carl's pain meds! - [STEVE] Dude, wake up! - [ANGIE] What happened to him? - What is that? - [ANGIE] Fentanyl patches.
[GRUNTING] [SOBBING] I don't feel anything, French.
- French.
- [STEVE] Why are you stopping? - Dude, what the fuck? - [ANGIE] He's cold.
[STEVE] Come on! Dude! - [BUCK] Steve.
- [STEVE] Jesse.
[SOBBING] Someone, please.
Come on.
Jeez, I think he's dead.
[STEVE] Shut the fuck up! He's not dead! He's not dead! Jesse, dude.
What are we doing? We can still save him.
- Oh, my God.
- [HISSING] What the fuck, Betty? Jesus Christ! I'm sorry, honey.
Yeah, it's Amy Allen.
Get the sheriff.
- Amy, wait.
I know it - There's a kid on the beach - Please, wait! - I think he OD'd.
Come on! We have to hurry, guys.
[ANGIE] I don't think it matters anymore.
Shut up! It's gonna work.
It's working.
[BETTY HISSING] [STEVE] Come on, Buck.
Don't stop! Why are you stopping? - I feel like it's it's not working.
- What? No.
What? What do you mean? Homer and OA did them all night for Scott Brown.
All night into the morning! This is Jesse! - What the fuck.
We can't we can't - It - [STEVE] He's a baby.
He didn't know! - [FRENCH] Steve.
Look, it's okay.
Look, the police are gonna get here and they'll arrest BBA.
Jesse's gone.
But we need you right now so we can help OA.
Okay? We can't move without you.
And we won't.
Right? But if the cops get here, everything's over.
So we need to move.
Okay? Come on.
Come on, Steve.
Let's go.
We gotta go.
- We gotta go.
- Shit, man.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Here we go.
- Buck, help BBA, please.
- [STEVE] It's my fault.
- [FRENCH] Come on.
- [STEVE] It's my fault.
[FRENCH] It's not.
[ANGIE SNIFFLES] [AMY] Owen! Come here.
Listen I don't know! Oh, no, no.
No, right.
No, no, just call him! [FRENCH] Oh, shit.
[SIREN WAILING] Steve! Steve! Where are you going? [BUCK] Steve! Steve! - Steve! - Steve! Just let him go.
Just let him let him go.
[CRIES] It's okay.
I'll be back.
Gonna go grab a soda or something.
He wanted to be alone.
We need five.
We can't do anything without Steve.
- Maybe we should go back and get him.
- No.
We can't.
Cops are on the lookout for Amy's car.
Guys I was talking about Jesse.
He needed help.
We all knew it and we just ignored him, because he was easy to ignore.
[SIGHS] This is the place he was talking about.
The, um, the clinic from Homer's NDE.
- I'm going to Treasure Island.
- [BETTY] No.
We can't just keep going on, not after I, uh I let this happen.
I gotta make it right.
I haven't been in my right mind, not about any of this.
I think I think something's wrong with me.
[INHALES] I'm feeling, um confused.
But I'm gonna say a short prayer then I'm calling the police to turn myself in.
You can't get in trouble over this.
I won't let you.
[WHISPERS] French.
What are you doing? Alfonso? You called? [TURNS OFF TAP] [TRIMMER WHIRRING] [FRENCH] Um and then, uh Amy went to go call the police.
So, there was nothing we could do.
We had to get out of there, so we took Amy's car and, uh, Steve leaped out.
We still don't know where he is.
But, um that's how we got here.
And you're expecting me to help you with this? I don't know.
You remember where we met? Yeah.
You never asked me what I was doing there.
- At OA's house? - Yeah.
- So why were you? - Why was I what? Why were you at her house? Okay.
Um What is a house? - Wait, what do you mean? - What's a house? I don't know.
Yes, you do.
[SIGHS] It's just, um I don't know, space? Space.
What is a space? A house? A school? A church? Motel? A clinic? Part of you knows.
Part of you has always known, hasn't it? I saw something in the TV.
Something I was afraid to admit.
We were in that room, but others were, too.
Even right now, I can feel the truth of it.
We are not alone in this room.
That's how they're connected, isn't it? The dimensions.
Through spaces.
[RAHIM] Now you've got what you need.
I thought I was losing my mind.
You're not.
You're just finding new rooms inside it.
[BETTY] We are meant to go to Treasure Island.
Why are you helping us? I've been sent to help her.
She's gonna need it.