The OA (2016) s02e07 Episode Script

Chapter 7: Nina Azarova

1 - Room to room, guys.
- You guys go.
- Oh.
- Look up there.
Move back.
Go outside.
You all ready? This is the part of the house where shit gets weird.
What's up? I don't know, man.
I don't know.
Buck! Oh, you're awake.
How do you feel? You took me out of the house.
Why? Do you know how long it took me to get there? To get that far? You were dying.
- You were on the verge of death.
- Yeah, that's what you saw.
Oh, good.
Both of you.
Hi, I'm Dr.
I admitted you two the other night.
- I just got your toxicology back.
- Toxicology for what? You each have dangerous levels of mercury sulfide in your blood.
990 ppm for Mr.
Washington, and, for Ms.
Uzochi, approaching 3,000.
We were drugged? You were poisoned.
According to Environmental Health Services, it's a naturally occurring gas emanating in the area.
- It's been reported many times.
- Right.
And is that enough mercury sulfide to produce hallucinations? More than enough.
Any more exposure could be very dangerous.
You need to detox.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Ruskin must've known about the mercury sulfide.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe not.
He's deliberately poisoning kids.
This predates Ruskin.
There's a spring under the house.
It's been there for centuries.
It's where the vapors come from.
How do you know this? Anybody who's this far in the puzzle knows it.
Native Americans considered it sacred.
The Ohlone tribe wouldn't build on Nob Hill because of it.
Their priests use the vapors to induce prophetic trances.
And what? That's supposed to exonerate Ruskin, because the Ohlone tribe once got high there? Jesus Christ! No.
You know, even if he didn't know about the gas, he saw all those kids crackin' up.
You know, after the second, the third, he knew somethin' was wrong, and he let it go on, he kept luring them with his game.
He's crowdsourcing.
- He wants us to solve the house - So what? The house.
Figure out what it is, how it works.
Get to the rose window.
How do you know about that? Anyone who knows, knows.
I'm going back in there.
Are you crazy? Huh? Are you crazy? Did you hear the doctor? You're gonna die in there, or you're gonna lose your mind.
All those kids that cracked up, that was from overexposure.
So, what am I supposed to do out here, now that I know if I can get to the rose window, I can see the truth? Listen you're extremely intelligent, okay? There are thousands of young, smart people playin' that game.
You got further than 99% of them.
Okay, uh let's imagine I nab a cush tech job.
Then what? Then what? You know how many people would kill for that? I don't give a shit what they do.
What do I do once I get the job? Work my way up, bigger salary, find a life partner, settle down, have some kids, get old, die, and leave my high net worth to a kid who doesn't even know why she's alive either? Why don't you study philosophy or religion? That's what I'm doing.
Only not in churches and not in books.
I'm telling the doctor to keep you here until I'm back.
You're not goin' into that death trap.
Okay? No one is.
Azarova, this way.
All kinds of people have been here, looking for you.
Your boyfriend.
A tall man with dark hair who's not your boyfriend.
Another man with dark hair, not so tall.
Maybe also your boyfriend.
I only have one boyfriend, Al.
And I know he didn't come, because he's forgotten who I am.
Actually, I do have another one, but I haven't met him yet.
You're a lifesaver.
Thank you.
I'll be at my desk all day.
Call me if you need something Oh, my God, Nina! They must have come in at night when Bobby was working.
Who would have done this? They were looking for something.
For what? I don't know.
Something more valuable than pearls? My father used to say that the best place to hide something is in plain sight.
Things that are hidden out in the open are the most difficult to see.
Then it must be right in front of our eyes.
- I'm looking for Homer.
- He's upstairs.
Thank you.
Percy? What are you doing here? How are you feeling? Darmi said you called in sick.
I've been feeling a little bit off lately.
Well, I'm sorry to show up like this, but I don't think it can wait.
You feel up to sharing the details of your conversation with Scott? Okay.
Scott, tell me what happened when you died.
I was blinded by the bright lights.
The lights were everywhere.
We were in a warehouse.
I saw OA.
It was her and not her.
And Hap didn't call her OA.
He called her Brin, or somethin'.
He said somethin' to her, and she laughed and kissed him like they were a couple.
There were cameras in the air above 'em.
Hap called out to someone, but his voice was different.
He spoke with a a British accent.
And then, a older woman, heavyset, comes up behind me and says, "I'm here to give you the third movement.
" What do you think it means? Oh, uh I have a theory, but I'd like to test it first.
Rachel DeGrasso isn't at Perkins.
I called.
All right.
Well I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Rachel's dead.
What? After the incident the other day where you allowed Nina Azarova to interact with the other patients, and they elaborated on their shared delusion she cut her throat.
Uh Why didn't you tell me? Now, look the truth is I've been worried about you, Homer.
That you might be getting lost in the delusion yourself.
You have the same concern, yes? - Fuck! - No, no, no, no.
No, no.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're just having trouble navigating the line between what's real and what isn't.
It's an occupational hazard.
Because you empathize so deeply with others.
It's your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.
But I can help you.
Will you let me help you? Can you? Yes.
Try and clear your head, and then come by the office later on tonight.
- We'll work through this, okay? - Okay.
Karim! What happened? Where have you been? - I fell asleep in a park.
- I couldn't find you.
I came by your place several times.
I called your phone 20 times.
- Why do you always disappear? - Why are you so angry? - Did you find - No.
No, I haven't.
I'm sorry I lost you in the house.
I heard this sound.
I thought it was you or maybe But then it was a tree, and it just We were poisoned by vapors from under the house.
I think I found something important.
Nina We started in a pure place with your idea.
Listen to dreamers.
That's all I wanted, to listen.
But somehow This came in today.
I wish I never looked at it.
I'm out, Nina.
I'd like to think this isn't my fault.
But that's a lie I can't tell myself anymore.
Where did you get this? Nina had it.
I don't know how she got it.
She had it when I arrived.
What do you mean, Nina had it when you arrived? Arrived where? I know the person you call Michelle Vu, but as a young man, as Buck Vu.
- She's trans? - He is.
What else do you remember? It isn't what I remember from here.
It's what I know from someplace else, because Because? I'm from another dimension.
I traveled here from a different reality where Buck and his friends healed me, helped send me here.
That's when I arrived in Nina's body.
But my consciousness suppressed Nina's, so I haven't had access to her memories.
If I could just get Nina to come up, she knows things I don't know.
Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing, you know? Nina knows things.
Let me put my earlier question another way.
If Nina had the USB drive when you arrived, then how did it come to be in your hands now? - I I found it on a silver tray.
- You found it on a silver tray? Yes.
In my apartment.
Her apartment.
Why didn't you find it the first time we went there? I wasn't remembering her memories.
But you remembered the code to the closet.
I don't know how this works.
She comes out in flashes.
Oh, how convenient! Karim, listen to me.
I'm telling you the truth.
Get off my boat.
- We have to find Buck.
- We? "We have to find her.
" You know what I think? I think you know where Michelle is.
I think you know exactly where she is.
I think she's probably on a silver platter somewhere just waiting for someone to conveniently remember her, but you won't, because you're a coward.
You did something to her, or you allowed something to be done to her, and you can't face your own guilt, so you want me to find her for you.
I would never harm a child.
Not in this dimension, not in any.
You can't even face reality! You think you're from another dimension! You don't think I know that sounds insane? That it's difficult to hear? I'm asking you to imagine that reality is stranger and more complicated than you or I could possibly know.
And sometimes we get glimpses of it in dreams, or in déjà vu.
When you feel like what's happening now has happened before.
Well, maybe it has but a little differently and somewhere else.
What are you doing? I'm calling the cops.
I made a big mistake, breaking you out of that asylum.
If you won't get off my boat, I'll have you forcibly removed.
Until I find a body, I'm still on this case.
That's your problem.
You're looking for a body.
Azarova? Yes.
I'm coming tonight.
You can take the restraints off, Salvador.
It's all right.
I'll be fine.
Just take it and go.
Thank you.
You want one? What in the heck-fire is that? I'm gonna release you from the clinic, Scott.
Wh Uh What about Renata? Renata's not ready.
She hasn't made the adjustment well.
She's actually better off here, but you're fine, and truth is, I have no right to keep you.
You wanna keep Renata here because you need someone who knows the movements.
I'm done with the movements, all of it.
It causes too much pain.
I like it here.
And I'm I'm trying to make peace with the past.
Move on to something better.
There's interesting work to be done helping people.
Should have you processed and out of here by the end of the day tomorrow.
Oh! There was a favor I would like before you leave.
Help me with, uh, an experiment? Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.
And what would it take to tempt you? Go to the cops, turn yourself in for Rachel's murder.
Rachel's fine.
But when you're released, you tell them yourself.
Accuse me of anything you want.
I mean, you have a history of mental illness in this dimension, so I don't know how well that would go.
But go ahead and try.
So are we good? Let Renata go, too.
You let her go, I'll be your lab rat.
One last time.
Hap, it's, uh, wet in here.
I don't like water.
Don't worry.
I'll talk you through it.
It's a puzzle.
We'll solve it together.
Fuck me.
This is Mo with Data Analysis Solution.
Leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Mo? Mo, I need you to pick up.
Marlow Rhodes is dead.
Please call me.
You know what? Fuck it.
I'm comin' over.
- Mo? - Holy shit! I'm trying to have a baby.
Give me a minute.
Oh! - Seriously? - Okay! Seriously? Yes, Karim.
Seriously, I'm in labor.
How we doin', Momma? Eight minutes apart.
- Who's that? - My doula, Ruthie.
What's a doula? A birth coach, Karim.
Listen, I'm goin' to Ruskin's tonight.
This has photographic evidence of the murder of Dr.
It also has a video of the missing girl, Michelle Vu.
- Both track to Pierre Ruskin.
- Really? That's - Oh, shit! Seven minutes! - I'm comin', Momma.
Oh, you must be Karim.
Um, he's just dropping something off.
Well, good news.
Park says she'll be up - from San Jose in about an hour.
- Uh-huh.
- Can you wait? - Um, it's not up to me.
Don't worry.
I got this.
Do I look worried? Yes.
Nina! Your performance.
Aleksei is so mad about the octopus.
I'm more upset than he is.
Listen, Victor, you knew I was in the hospital.
Exactly, yes.
But my memories are coming back to me slowly.
That's why I came tonight.
Can you help me remember? Tell you about yourself? Yeah.
You are a pain in the ass.
You enjoy drinking too much.
You enjoy smoking too much.
You used to dance on my tables and break them.
But when you started making performances from your own dreams, you bring me many customers.
You make this place a sensation.
So I cannot be too mad at you.
You even enjoy sex too much.
Not my place.
Can a woman really enjoy sex too much? It's a little macho to say that.
You're French? Mmm I've traveled a lot in my life.
Victor! - Excuse me.
- Oh You're the one Dr.
Percy loves.
How long have you known Dr.
Percy? Long enough for him to send me to the hospital, but that's Hap.
Who are you? You know.
Think of me in any way you like.
An adviser, a guide, a resource a messenger.
Can I have another one? But you're a traveler, like me.
Can I ask you something? When you travel, can you remember the memories of the body you're inside of? Of course.
I don't suppress the consciousness of the body that hosts me.
That would be vicious.
I integrate.
Integrate? I share in the experiences of all the bodies that hold me.
I think that Nina knows things I have to understand to expose Hap, so Homer will come to his senses, and we can get You can't escape him.
Wh Why not? Why do you think the bonds between some people are so powerful? It's because they exist across many dimensions, like a cosmic family.
You, Hap, and Homer, you belong within the same constellation.
You're traveling together.
- I don't want to travel with Hap.
- Some part of you does.
That's why Nina, Dr.
Percy, and Dr.
Roberts are connected, too long before you arrived in this dimension.
When did you first meet Hap? Seven years ago at the Oyster Bar in New York.
I bet that's around when Nina met Dr.
So, the events in one dimension Affect the other dimensions around it.
- They echo.
- Oh.
When people meet, and the story between them is strong, it echoes in nearby dimensions.
Events will conspire to bring these people together.
So, when I met Buck in the abandoned house and started to tell him the story of my life in another dimension, Michelle begins playing the game that will lead her to Nina's house.
- Everything is connected.
- Mm.
So, how do we escape this echo? To leave an echo is very dangerous.
You could find yourself inside a life completely unrecognizable to you.
You would shatter yourself.
Not to mention, you and Homer may not even know one another in a dimension outside an echo.
You need Hap.
He's a murderer.
He's your shadow.
Who has no shadow has no will to live.
I have plenty of will to live, and it doesn't come from him.
I have given Hap something.
I only gave it to him so I could give you something.
I'm a creature of balance.
But I think you're too stubborn to receive it.
I'm sorry.
I'm listening.
If you want to rescue Homer, you must first free Nina Azarova.
Why should Dr.
Roberts do what you yourself will not? You came out to the club to find her, but she has always been within you.
If you integrate with Nina, you will become whole.
You share the same beginning.
You must get back to the time before your paths split.
How? You must face your fear.
You have to go back to the moment of your greatest trauma.
I have high hopes for you.
Is the girl in the dream your childhood self or Nina Azarova's childhood self? I think they're the same person.
Then are you and Nina the same person? I don't know her.
I don't want to know her.
Then aren't you just like Hap? You've put Nina in a box, too.
Buried her somewhere deep in your mind.
She wants to come out.
She's knocking at the door of your dream.
Nina! Nothing is holding me back.
It's great to finally meet you.
Pierre Ruskin.
- I know.
- You're short of breath.
You should try meditating.
It's much more effective than nicotine.
How do you know I smoke? You're a superb investigator.
But you must know that.
You didn't do anything the way I thought you would.
But when you broke Nina out of the asylum, not only violating your professional code of ethics, but committing a felony, I thought, "This man will do anything.
" What do you want, Mr.
Washington? You came to me.
It's your meeting, as we like to say.
I've seen that video many times.
Yeah, what happened to Michelle Vu? Honestly, I don't know.
There's a boy, Liam Burks, cracked up, jumped out a window.
God knows how many other kids - How many other kids have gone mad.
- Yeah, and you didn't stop it.
You kept your fucking game online to lure them into a poison house where they destroyed themselves.
- You freely admit it? - Yes.
And I'll assume you're wearing a wire.
You have quite a history of doing that, don't you? It's fine.
I acknowledge everything that you're saying.
I've had lawyers on this from the start.
They assure me that I'm safe.
- They put a disclaimer - Yeah! It's fucking professional bullshit to scare off the victims.
They can't give you legal permission to harm them.
Then let them sue me.
Lots of people have tried to take me down before.
Let's see how they handle a trial - that drags on for years.
- Yeah.
Could you handle it? Having the whole world find out the Prophet of the Valley's no better than some cheap sweatshop foreman? - Okay, Mr.
Washington - Poisonin' little kids, killin' any employee who gets in his way.
Could you handle this video all over the Internet? Huh? Late-night comics makin' jokes, - prosecutors feelin' the heat.
- Come with me.
Tell me if you think a jury can handle this.
Rhodes sends Nina hard evidence exposing your crimes.
A few days later, Nina's confined to a mental ward, and Dr.
Rhodes is dead.
It's pretty simple, right? Speak up.
I want to be sure I get this part.
It was a tragedy that Dr.
Rhodes took her own life.
Brilliant people are often troubled.
That's funny.
'Cause when I left her house, her body was still warm.
How exactly do you know she killed herself? A sweatshop foreman is desperate to improve his margins.
What are my motives for these crimes? You don't have the why, Mr.
That house.
Ah, the haunted house on Nob Hill.
Your hypothetical jury's gonna love that.
Come with me.
I promise, I'm not one to waste a man's time.
Our ancestors, the hunters, the gatherers, they looked up at the moon, and they saw a goddess, something to be worshiped from afar.
We looked up at the moon and wanted to land there.
The entire space race was all about who could put a man on the moon first.
We were obsessed.
But it wasn't until after we landed there that we realized the true prize.
Turning around and looking back at the Earth.
Seeing that living blue planet, it cracked open quite a few minds.
A single spot of life surrounded by darkness.
Every astronaut who's had that perspective described the Earth as a miracle, a dazzling overview.
It changed human consciousness forever.
That helps Michelle Vu how? How many people died getting a man on the moon, Mr.
Washington? Yeah, but they chose to take that risk.
They weren't tricked into it.
That seems naive, but let's assume that you're right.
Does it really matter? Or does it matter that we gained that perspective? It matters how we got there, or else nothing matters.
Good God! - Can you hear me? - Oh, God! - Call a medic! - Call an ambulance! I Are you all right? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hurry! Huh? You set me up.
You said you'd find my granddaughter.
Your granddaughter's right here.
That's not Michelle.
Michelle is still in the house.
You said you'd find her.
That's all there is.
That's the end.
I'm sorry.
Just one more thing.
You're not used to people just walkin' away, are you? And that's why you killed Rhodes.
'Cause she had the fuckin' nerve to walk away.
Did she tell you the story? CURI's very own fairy tale? The dreamers all dreamt of four things.
- I thought it was three.
- Yes.
A tunnel the size of a coffin, a curved, double-sided staircase, and a rose window.
But after a while, all the dreamers that dreamed of those three things began to dream of a fourth thing.
Do you know what it was? It was a man's face.
But it's hard to describe a face from a dream.
So I flew in all the best police sketch artists from around the world, brought them to CURI.
In the end, we had 20-odd sketches.
And they were all the same face.
The house is calling you.
You and only you.
And I don't know what it wants to show you, but I have a feeling it's akin to what the astronauts saw when they looked at Earth from the moon.
It's an overview.
Tell Dr.
Percy Nina Azarova is here to see him.