The OA (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

Chapter 8: Overview

- She's smoking.
- Is that unusual? Have you ever seen her smoke before? She was only here for a few days.
I don't know.
I'd say no.
She breaks out of the facility and checks back in of her own free will.
Maybe she got your message.
She asked for you, Dr.
Who was she at reception? - You mean, OA or Nina? - Yeah, what name did she use? She said her name was Nina.
Are you thinking DID? It's what they're calling multiple personality disorder these days.
That is exactly what I've been thinking.
How come I didn't put that together sooner? Well, don't beat yourself up.
Proper diagnosis takes time.
I want you to go down there and bring her up yourself.
See if you can work out which personality we're dealing with here.
She could be pretending to be Nina to get discharged early.
What is it? I don't know.
I feel it.
I think.
Angie? We're going inside.
A tunnel the size of a coffin, a curved, double-sided staircase, and a rose stained-glass window.
That's not Michelle.
Michelle is still in the house.
The house is calling you.
You and only you.
Azarova? Hello, Dr.
I'll bring you to Dr.
Thank you.
For your help in therapy.
You were right.
About? You said I was caging Nina.
I was.
I figured out how to unlock that cage and let her out.
You do seem different.
At ease.
You're a good doctor.
I should have listened to you sooner.
What do the mafia and the pussy have in common? One slip of the tongue, and you're in deep shit.
I'll take it from here.
Thank you for coming.
You'll be glad you did.
Shall we? Ah, well, don't worry.
There's a backup generator.
I'm not afraid of the dark.
Homer! Because I can see.
OA! OA! Hey! OA! OA! It's the five-sided aquarium from Homer's NDE.
It's also a replica of Hap's underground prison.
What's it mean? I don't know, but Jesse was on to something.
We should've listened to him.
I should've listened.
I need your help.
All this time, I thought it was Theo haunting my dreams.
Theo, at the old rehab center.
But it was you, Steven.
It was you.
OA is here.
What? She's here? Oh, BBA can feel across dimensions.
We're in the right place.
It's just the wrong room.
Hunter have you forgotten? Uh, remind me.
We usually drink vodka when we meet.
Yeah, I don't I don't think I have any.
On the bookshelf.
- Behind the Anna Karenina.
- All right.
Ah, of course.
I brought it from St.
Petersburg for you myself.
I presume we sip? What's wrong with you? Oh, my memory recently.
I must be tired, or getting old, or both.
Do you remember the day we met? Yes, of course.
Uh - Pierre introduced us and - No! I introduced Pierre to you.
- Right.
- After I read Quantum Psychotic.
I read it in a single night.
I was at your office the next day.
I brought you Uh Those dolls.
- The dolls.
- As a gift.
- Hmm.
- For opening my mind.
For helping me to see the world in a new way.
Yeah, I love the dolls.
That's why I keep them there.
At the time, Pierre and I were struggling to understand something we had uncovered, an eternal object a house that wanted to show us something.
Your book suggested an openness to liminal thinking.
To certain metaphysical secrets that could be glimpsed inside the pain of madness.
I thought you might be able to help us understand why the construction workers restoring the house were losing their minds.
So, I hired you.
I'm glad you did.
I convinced Pierre we needed your expertise.
And then, when my father was murdered by his old enemies, and I left to attend to his affairs you betrayed me.
I would never betray you.
Pierre devised the game.
- I had - Access to his vulnerable unconscious in therapy.
You planted the seed.
All you had to do was remind Pierre of his love of crowdsourcing a problem, and then let him connect that idea to the house himself.
Presto! You let his moral conscience off the hook.
Dozens of teenagers, mostly young men, followed the game like the Pied Piper to the house.
To show us what the house is.
But we know what the house is.
It's a portal.
To open the rose window is to see the truth.
It's just that most people can't get to it, or can't stand to see what's on the other side.
No, no, no.
No, the house is a lot more than that.
Then I want to see what you have done with your time and my money, and I want to see it now.
This way.
OA! OA! Hey! Hey! Darmi! OA! OA! Hey! Darmi! Hey! Fuck! Renata.
Hap has OA.
He's going to do something.
I don't know what, but he'll harm her.
Are you Homer? Or Dr.
Roberts? Both.
I'm both.
Now, you remember, huh? Havana.
You lured me into my cage.
I did.
I'm going to break you out of yours.
The house seems to trigger something in people.
I don't know how it works, just that it does it.
Something blooms inside their brain.
Something dormant.
A seed, maybe.
What you see in there can be very challenging.
Are you sure you're ready? Okay.
Every human mind contains the multiverse.
An actual garden of forking paths within us all .
just waiting to be fertilized.
"We shall not cease from exploration.
The end of all exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
" "Where we started.
" She's in here.
And so are you.
No human being had ever run a mile under four minutes.
It was thought that was the limits of human speed.
And then one day, an Englishman did it in 3'59".
That was it.
Six weeks later, someone else did it.
Then another and another.
Now, a strong high schooler can do it.
It's our inability to conceive those things that holds us back.
These flowers offer a glimpse into other dimensions.
I've made a crude map of the multiverse.
Grown it, really.
All we ever had to do to was to be able to imagine it to travel there.
Like you did when you thought of Homer as you jumped.
Don't overreact.
I understand.
I know.
I know it's shocking.
It's hard to get used to, but think of the bigger picture.
Thank God! I know this is hard to see, and it is a terrible sacrifice, but just remember, Scott is alive and well in other dimensions.
These flowers are a destination in the multiverse.
And think of what he's given us.
With this discovery people won't have to jump into the dark ever again.
Just try it.
All you have to do is eat it to glimpse the destination.
I didn't do this.
The house did this.
I'm just taking the opportunity to learn.
Steve! Steve! Steve! Prairie.
Prairie, we can do this together.
This is just the beginning.
Roberts was right.
In some ways I am like you.
I caged Nina inside me, smothered her to exert my will, to take what I wanted, to be in control.
I was afraid of her jealous.
Maybe that's what you felt - about Homer - No.
Scott, Rachel, Renata, these boys.
I got to see another version of my life here.
One in which I was given everything: money, fulfillment of dreams, my father who loved me.
As Prairie, I had none of these things.
My life was one hardship after another, and then I met you.
Nina saw the whole world.
But I saw underneath it.
I was pressed down like coal.
I suffered.
That's what an angel is.
Dust pressed into a diamond by the weight of this world.
You crushed me before I had the chance to become anything.
You crushed me.
But you didn't destroy me.
I died and came back to life with something you'll never have.
You have violence, and terror, and loneliness.
I have power.
We have faith.
In exactly this place, in another dimension your bodies are here, but they're locked in a sleep.
She's gone.
She left the room.
Then let's follow her.
She's here, and she's not alone.
She's in danger.
There's something surrounding her.
I can't make out what it is, but she's right here.
She's right here.
I'm sick of fighting with you, Prairie.
There's too much to do.
So, I'm stopping it now.
I can never understand what Scott's NDE was all about.
Then it clicked.
Scott's journey made sense.
And now I see that I've been incited, and I'm gonna take us there where you don't hate me where everyone calls you OA, but you yourself don't.
I would never forget myself.
Oh, you'll remember.
You just won't believe.
Now we have to move.
We have to move.
Open the invisible river.
I'll take us back to the dimension where we're both dead.
You wouldn't.
- Oh, my God! Call a medic! - Call an ambulance! OA.
I remember.
I remember.
Hold that.
Hold it tight.
Hold on for me.
We're gonna jump.
It may take us to a place where I don't know myself, where we don't know each other.
You come find me.
I'll follow you.
No, no, no.
Hey, hey, Prairie.
Hey, we jumped.
We're here.
Are you okay? Hey, can you hear me? Brit! Oh, my God.
Brit, don't move.
Don't move.
We need an ambulance.
- The medic's here.
- We need a fucking ambula Mich Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! Come! Yeah, come.
A little further.
That's it.
Give me your hand.
Michelle! Michelle.
Ready? One, two Ready.
Hey, whoa! Where are you going? I'm Jason Isaacs.
She's my wife.
Sorry, sir.
What the fuck do you think you doing? Hello, Hap.