The Oath (2018) s02e04 Episode Script


1 [MUSIC PLAYING] She gave up Steve.
Almost got him killed.
I had no choice.
They had a gun in my sister's face.
One more slip, you're done.
I'm sorry I got you involved in all of this.
But you gotta stay quiet.
Protect us.
We have a problem with something Kraley's done.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
If you find him, tell him I'm lookin' for him too.
No, you're gonna find him, and then you're gonna come back to me and you're gonna let me know.
[CRYING OUT] COLE: Barry had a gun in his backpack.
I know he made a bad decision, man, but if he gets a record, he's gonna lose that scholarship.
Every time I look at you, you wanna know what I see? You're so-called father.
We're petitioning sole custody of Veronica.
and we'll win.
I'll need at least $30,000 as a retainer.
I don't have that kind of money right now.
Them I'm not interested in the case.
There's a turf war brewing, ya know? Innocent people are gon' get hurt.
I'm makin' moves.
You want a street war, huh? Because that's on you.
Then buckle up.
You get me out from underneath these charges, otherwise I am taking every one of you down with me.
You agree to stonewall the Police Commission don't tell 'em a damn thing.
You gonna answer any of our questions here today? No.
Your brother has no intention of gettin' your father back alive.
If he's not already dead, he's gonna be unless you can get your brother to pump the brakes.
- It was either him or us.
- [SIRENS APPROACH] STEVE: There were two of 'em both armed.
RAMOS: They were curb servers.
They dropped the dope and took off the second we pulled up.
- They shot at us first.
- CARL: Yeah? Yeah.
[SIGHS] Ya got anything? Exit wound in the chest.
- You sure it's exit? - Yeah.
It's at a slight angle, so it looks like he could have been spinning on 'em.
You ready to turn him over? Shit.
[GRUNTS] He had a gun.
I swear.
We were chasing the second shooter.
Someone from the neighborhood must have taken it.
- He was shot in the back.
- Yeah.
He was running away, but he was shooting back at us, like this.
- Right? - Right.
You're Hammond's kid, right? - Yes, sir.
- All right, that changes things.
We'll straighten it out.
Means we're family.
Are you a Raven? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [SPEAKING SPANISH] RICARDO: Papá? [SPEAKING SPANISH] Thank you for helping me with this.
Come see me tomorrow afternoon.
We will settle whatever debt we owe you.
What my brother just said is that you are owed nothing.
Lucky for you, he no longer has any say in those things.
Take a ride, take a ride with me I roll jewelry, no doubt it shine Since an early teen I been about my grind Work hard, play harder, that's my motto I live every day just like I hit the lotto BEACH: Five million.
All the money in the world is not gonna mean much if Steve can't get us away from the cartel.
Once they pay us, screw 'em.
We don't need anything from them.
- Yeah, I hope it's that easy.
- Yeah.
See any resemblance between me and this guy? DISPATCH: All units stand by for emergent traffic.
Unit 32-Adam, you have the handle, 32-Boy, you have the assist regarding gunshot victims at Harbor General.
RP says it appears to be gang-related.
Victims? 32-Adam copy.
En route.
We're gonna be buried in paper the rest of the shift.
[SIGHS] - What? - You got the assist.
Let's go! Come on, Beach.
I gotta go handle something.
- Be there in 20.
- All right.
[MUSIC PLAYING, NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] [MUSIC CONTINUES] Someone drops a bomb on this place, crime rate on two continents drops.
My gut's tellin' me this isn't a place we should be, Steve.
Ya feel me? [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] We're here to get paid, Pete.
When we do, we're out.
Have you come to terms with our plans for Veronica? Amigos.
[IGNACIO SPEAKING SPANISH] Do the right thing.
[WHISPERS] Where's Ricardo? Salud.
ALL: Salud.
No idea.
Maybe he didn't get an invite.
[IGNACIO CONTINUES IN SPANISH] What's the point of us being here? - Why let us see all this? - He thinks we're greedy and it'll suck us in deeper.
You two.
Come with me.
I want to introduce you to some friends.
Come on in.
I called that reporter and told him he couldn't use what I said, - so don't start.
- Is this him? Is this him? The sperm donor.
My so-called father.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] - NURSE: Can you hear me? - NURSE 2: It's not responding.
- Lenhart, how many victims? - Three.
One DOA.
Two not lookin' so good.
If you're here to take statements, you'll be waitin' a while.
[INDISTINCT MEDICAL CHATTER] I know you're upset, Amber.
I need to find out what out happened before I can do anything Fourteen.
She was fourteen.
Do you wanna tell me again how you and the other cops are doing all you can? She was just a kid, Cole.
Look, I've got people to help so get out there and go do your job.
Go be a cop.
[NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] We're gettin' paid or not? Tranquilo.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] What my father says that we owe you.
This? - This is not five million.
- No.
Two hundred thousand.
Kraley cost you the rest when he sent that cop to rob our money house.
- He had nothin' to do with that.
- Of course he did.
And this money is the only reason he can show his face without being killed.
Just be glad that this is the only punishment.
Deal was, we get Ignacio back, you pay us, we're done.
That was then.
The circumstances changed when my father heard from Ricardo about Kraley's betrayal.
Look, I know that this isn't right.
And because of it, - I wanna make it up to you.
- How? Work for me.
In a more legitimate way.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, you paid for all that? Or was it donated? You need somethin'? G's makin' moves and I'm losin' runners.
And I can't do nothin' about it 'cause the Vipers got him covered.
So tell me, man.
What am I gonna have to pay to get you and your people to do the same for me? I don't know what you're talkin' about.
- People gettin' killed, Cole.
- That's because you killin' 'em.
I'm just defending my corners, man.
G ridin' on us.
Get rid of his ass, keep the peace.
- Take a walk.
- Come on, man.
Take a walk.
A'ight, man.
[COLE SIGHS] KRALEY: To hell with that! PETE: Both of you shut up and let him talk.
You haven't even been here! Cole's right, this is bullshit, Steve! What's goin' on? Kraley here decided to crawl out from under his rock.
They played us because they think we're weak.
I'm not steppin' down.
We both know why they played us, and it ain't about being weak.
- You're lucky Beach doesn't know.
- COLE: Yeah, back off.
'Cause you don't do shit but complain! Shut up, son! Men are talkin' here! Hear him out before you go off at him! I don't like it any more than you do, but they are blaming us for what Foster did.
All we can do is salvage what we can.
How you gonna salvage shit? I got some options for that.
[LAUGHS] He's got an option.
Let's not forget who's in charge here.
You wanna hear 'em, or not? We're under a ton of pressure right now, so our best bet is to go legit.
- This shit again.
- Let me finish! I get we need to keep earning, so we're setting up a security business.
You bein' serious? It pays good and we already have a client with multiple sites.
Takes time to set up a business.
We got bills now.
Yeah, we have a backer who will front the start-up costs.
- Who? - The cartel.
They have legitimate operations all over the country.
They're our initial clients, then we will expand the customer base.
This is the first time me hearin' this too, but it sounds good to me.
What? You idiots want to keep shakin' down curb servers and protecting gangbangers when we can earn legal money? How much we talkin' about, Steve? Forty an hour.
Do as little as ten hours a week, that's an extra 20 grand a year.
Think about it.
What, we're rent-a-cops to the cartel now? Cartel's temporary.
The business is permanent.
What about Price? The Police Commission? KRALEY: That ain't the way it happened.
Your daddy never jumped in front of a gun to save his partner.
He got a commendation for it.
Your old man had a big ol' line of bullshit, that's what he had.
And at the end of the day, we got tired of listenin' to it.
That's why he turned to the bottle.
One of you stop that before she kills him.
- Always.
University's across the street.
I'm guessin' you sell more booze than food then, huh? Pretty much.
That old guy over there.
Seems a little out of place.
Nah, he's a professor.
He comes in with the students a lot.
They seem to like him.
[MUSIC PLAYING] It's the cartel we're talkin' about here.
But Carmen's got legitimate development and construction sites.
They're just a front, right? Of course they are, but it gives us a base we can build on land some real clients, and then cut loose from the cartel.
It's a damn good payday for you.
I gotta run the bar.
I don't want any part of it.
- Meadow can run the bar.
- Really Before you say no, hear me out.
You'll have complete control.
You don't like somethin', we don't do it.
And I need you as the face of this business, Carl, 'cause I can't get out from under this shit without you.
And when you do, I'm left with the company? No.
At that point I want to run it.
But the only kind of luck I had lately is the bad kind.
It's time I got out.
About what? This is all I've got left.
My whole life, right here.
You're free.
Thanks to the intel I helped you feed the DEA.
You're welcome.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Yeah, you are.
Get in.
Steve says that you can be an asset.
I'm not so sure.
- What's in it for me? - CARMEN: Nothing.
Unless I see your value.
I have inside knowledge.
Investigative techniques, names and locations of informers and undercover agents.
Any friends left at the DEA and the FBI? If they're properly incentivized.
And you're willing to share information with my father? On an going basis? If I'm properly incentivized.
Do you understand that a relationship with us it's a one-way street.
There's no goin' back.
This isn't my first rodeo.
Could you give us a moment, please so that I can talk to Steve in private? Thank you.
So she's your enemy first, and you bring her to me now.
Why? Because she's still a danger to me if she's out there, and hungry.
But if she's working for you, I know exactly where she is.
So you don't trust her [LAUGHS] but you expect me to? Because like everyone you deal with, she's greedy.
Not stupid.
If we agree to do this, Steve, you understand that she's your responsibility.
Have mercy Oh, Lord, have mercy, mercy, mercy on me I'm tryin' to be the best I can be I gotta step away, Steve.
I'm putting in for a transfer.
It's the only chance I got of keeping contact with my daughter, is to step off this rollercoaster.
Victor works for the cartel, right? What if we get Ignacio to lean on him about the custody arrangement? - [PHONE BUZZING] - Jesus.
What's up, Pearl? PEARL: You know I hate to bother you, Pete, but I really thought you should know there's a strange man at your house, - and he's carrying out boxes - I'm on my way! [HONKS HORN] - PETE: Shit.
- [TIRES SQUEAL] What's goin' on? This is my house too.
There's stuff I need.
Well, you coulda called and at least let me know.
I don't answer to you or your schedule.
TITO: Why don't you leave and let us finish doing this? STEVE: If you're trying to push his buttons, know if he goes, I go too.
[LOURDES SIGHS] I'm doing everything I can to show you that I care.
Yeah, too little, too late.
- What, does he talk for you now? - Can we all stop? I just need to get some stuff.
Leave it, Pete.
[DOOR CLOSES] [STARTS CAR] [TIRES SQUEAL] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Perhaps I could recommend the Honda for propping yourself up? This is about to be unavailable.
You Professor Michael Everett? Last I checked.
May I? Name Abigail Beach mean anything to you? No.
Do you mind? She says you raped her.
Thirty years ago, so don't worry.
The statute expired a long time ago.
Then what do you want? For you to tell me whether my mother lied to me.
Did you rape her? I-I never raped anybody.
I don't remember anybody named Beach from 30 years ago.
Is this some kind of shakedown? That's my cell and address on the back.
You decide you want to talk about it, get in touch.
But I'm not letting this go until I know the truth.
Your paperwork is incomplete.
I recommend you speak to an attorney - before we proceed.
- [SCOFFS] I'm willing to allow supervised visits.
I mean, on the condition that I set the times.
- What the hell happened to you? - Excuse me? You used to think for yourself, now he does it for you? I'm done with this mediation shit.
I'm filing for full custody.
You don't want to push this to trial.
Dragging this out will only hurt Veronica.
More than never seeing her father again? You'll be lucky not to see the inside of a cell after the judge hears about all the dirt in your life.
Go ahead.
Burn my house down, Victor.
And I'll burn down yours.
- You're just as dirty as I am.
- Pete.
Remember, we have the same employer.
So come after me.
And you can explain to Carmen why you're slinging shit that's gonna blow back on her.
You guys are killin' me here.
Quit your whining, Carl.
The place is good.
I'm not complaining about the office.
What's the problem? It's the first day and already we got no-shows.
[SIGHS] Who didn't show up? You didn't show for your shift.
You gotta be reliable or we lose the jobs.
Babysitter canceled on me.
Last minute.
This is my sister.
- Dani.
- Hi, Dani.
After what happened, I just can't leave her.
You shoulda had a backup plan.
I'm taking you off the roster.
She's still so terrified.
Those cartel goons scared the shit out of her.
I need the money.
It won't happen again.
Please! You're quiet.
It's 'cause I don't like working two-man cars.
And I hate talkin' to you.
Then let's start shakin' some shit.
'Cause right now it feels like I'm trapped in the Uber ride from hell.
You wanna know what I'm thinkin' about? I found my biological father.
You're screwin' with me, right? Am I allowed to ask about it? No.
I'm gonna anyway.
It's G! Run! [GUNFIRE] [GROANS] - [TIRES SQUEAL] - [HORN HONKS] Shit! Cole! 32-Adam is requesting backup and rescue unit on a 245 now.
What the hell? I know this kid.
[CHOKED UP] He was a good kid, man.
It was G.
Now you gonna do your damn job? They gonna testify to that? Probably not.
But you were there.
You saw it.
We didn't get close enough for an I.
[WOMAN WAILING] That woman worked three jobs, and still had time to put this kid on the right path.
And now everything she did, everything he did, to get away from this, was for nothin'.
[MOTHER SOBBING] STEVE: You gotta take this shit seriously if it's gonna work for us.
You gotta show up for your shifts! Sittin' around a construction site for hours, it's boring.
It's good money.
Maybe for you it is.
How much is goin' in your own pocket? He ain't takin' anything for himself.
Ten percent goes into the pension, the rest goes to the Ravens who actually show up for their shifts! It comes out to forty an hour for you what's the problem? All he does is judge.
- Jesus.
- That's not a leader in my book! Every day I reach out to Tom, begging him to come back, but he won't! Not while he's still criticizing his every move.
He ain't here because he don't care about anybody but himself! This is what's in the pension right now.
I'm gonna split it evenly between every Raven.
That's a starting bonus for every Raven who wants to buy into the security business and do the job.
Anybody want out? Make a decision now, 'cause after tonight I don't wanna hear any more complaints about how I run this program.
Carve it up, Pete.
Sit down.
Answer it or shut it off.
[BUZZING STOPS] You gonna finish that bottle, too? Maybe.
Maybe that'll help.
Most people drink themselves stupid, but being how you started that way What do you mean? She's a Raven.
She deserves her piece.
She almost got me killed by running her mouth.
She'll get it when she proves she deserves it.
Christine! Hold up.
Thank you for trying.
That's half my cut.
Just take it.
Steve has to be able to trust you.
We all do.
That's how it works.
Thank you.
You got it.
[STARTS CAR] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Left you five messages.
Ya ever answer your phone? Did you see him? Yeah.
Did you kill him? Was I supposed to? Want a drink? You're not still drinkin' that wine cooler shit, are ya? BEACH: Not since I was 15.
He doesn't remember you.
And obviously, he says he's never raped anyone in his entire life.
So he doesn't believe you that you're his spawn.
- You believed him? - One of you is lying.
Wake the hell up, or get out.
'Cause I'm not the one who's lying.
[MUSIC PLAYING] All right.
Roll your ass out.
We're closing.
You've had enough.
Be safe.
Put your hands up, G.
Come on.
You lost your damn mind? - He's drunk.
- I am.
So try me! - So you takin' me in? - Yeah.
And you need to walk, or you're comin' with.
- Walk! - It's good.
Call my damn lawyer.
Put your hands up.
Come on.
Get up against the car.
Come on.
[HANDCUFFS RATCHETING] What's the charge? I'll think of somethin'.
Come on.
Gonna be sorry when you're sobered up.
Come on.
In you go.
Look, this is just one more example of how out-of-hand the media has become and and no offense to those of you who are here today.
But I think there's one thing we can all agree on: there's been an enormous lack of journalistic integrity here.
The author of this article promised to expose gross corruption in the department, and then failed to deliver.
His sources have retracted their statements, and much of what the article offers is speculative, anyway.
The department did its own investigation and found these broad accusations to be without merit.
These are just social clubs a part of the station pride, if you will.
No different than, say, a marine getting a USMC tattoo.
All right, drinks on the house! [ALL CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] Uh, no thanks.
Any more and I might take you home.
Do you even know where home is? - Funny.
- [MEADOW CHUCKLES] It's from her.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] - How old's your daughter? - Ten.
Maybe she and Dani can have a playdate.
She ever talk to you about boys? Look, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but, um I'm kinda alone for a reason.
No shit.
[SIGHS] ANDREWS [ON PHONE]: Tell me what you got.
Are you in? Yeah.
They trust you yet? They don't even trust each other.
But you laid eyes on Ignacio.
No, just the daughter.
So where is he? They haven't shared that with me yet.
It's about time I meet these people myself.
- Start layin' track for an intro.
- [DISCONNECTS] [SIGHS] [WOMAN CRYING] I know we're blockin' traffic, but these people need to mourn.
I'm here to pay my respects like everybody else, brother.
Damn it, I asked him not to come.
I'll handle it.
Now's not a good time for you to be here.
Man, just 'cause we sling don't mean we don't give a shit about what happens in our neighborhood.
Do you see these people? They're mourning.
And right now, you're just a reminder why all this shit happened.
Yeah, I feel ya.
Look, man, just tell the pastor that I'll pay for the burial expenses.
It's the least I can do.
I'll let him know.
Heard G got arrested.
Outside the motel sign Flickers deep red As shadows start to creep I cannot sleep Oh, won't you come to me My darling Rose There's a specter in our bed And I must know So strange when love Grows old Strange love is cold My hands grow possessed I will Have my vengeance yet So strange when love Grows old Strange love is cold My hands grow possessed I will Have my vengeance yet See, this is why we can't have nice things.
Son of a bitch.
[CAR LOCK BEEPS] [SECURITY SYSTEM BEEPS] I hear you like to talk.
So let's talk.